YNS Live with Juliet Hahn: What Gives You That Edge

Jun 23, 2022

Listen to a new solo episode of Your Next Stop recorded live on Fireside with Juliet Hahn where she talks about qualities to give you an edge in life.


Success is never easy and sustained winning in your career over a 30 to 40-year span is incredibly hard. However, the most successful people seem to get there effortlessly every time. 


We’re told that the secret to success is hard work. But the truth is, hard work alone doesn’t always pay off. We can’t let people’s stereotypes or their views of our faults or limitations, right or wrong, hold us back. Instead, we have to focus on finding our “edge”—the unique qualities that set us apart—and take strategic steps to make other people see our value and open the doors that will take us where we want to go.


When it comes to having that edge and achieving success in any field starts with knowing yourself, and finding that space where you most feel productive, comfortable, and fulfilled.


Remarkable Quote:


You have to find a way that you work best and you’re most productive.


“Do not limit yourself. Just start, take action, move forward, and keep taking consistent steps to achieve your goals.”


“Consistency is what's gonna keep you moving forward. That's the challenge.”


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Episode Transcript


Juliet Hahn  00:00:05 

What gives you that edge?

What gives you that edge?

Hey, Jason. We're gonna start in two minutes.

Hey, Dave. How are you?

I'm starting in about a minute.

Of course, there to be a

a pause on the on the music.

Okay. This will be, like, a nice cozy room. So welcome to y live. I am Juliet Honda the host, and the host of your next stop and why live Y live with Nfl thread, why live with Nfl thread pivot, which is our new show, and you guys stay too because we have some really exciting guests coming up on that show as well. So I wanted to jump in and kind of just, you know, in a lot of conversations of me coaching people

coming back from pod fest. I spoke about the importance of storytelling.

And just, you know,

pretty much the busy of the world right now and where we all are in life,

kept coming back of what gives some people the edge that other people don't have. So the more started of talking to, you know, talking to people, the more I've been coaching people through kinda of finding their passion and really, what are the essential things to be successful?

And one thing that we come back on all the time is really...

There's a little bit of a routine that a lot of people do that are successful, and it kind of it seems sometimes it's cliche. Sometimes people say, oh, you know,

you don't have to do it, But my way, I approach it this is especially what I approach with clients is you have to find the way that you are the most productive, but also the way you work best. So if you guys have, you know, if you're tuning in here from


Youtube, Facebook,

twitch, or if you're here live on Fireside or if you're listening to the replay, I think one of the things that's really important is to think about how you work best. So we talk about on online five and your next stop about day dreaming. Some people call it's


I call it day dreaming, and day dreaming to me is finding that space

that you can create. You can think about what you want. You can think about

how, you know, if you have an idea of, like, how that's gonna play out, And for me, I can't sit on a mat indeed. Like, I can't sit on a Mountain daydream dream or meditate. I think about, like, the laundry and all the things that I have to do in the house, and I I don't wanna do that. I don't like to do that. So for me,

walking is really important. That's when as my husband says, my squirrel brain kind of gets under control.

So if you guys are like me, think about, oh, you know what? Because we've... I just had a couple clients that this is like a very moment for them because they were really

trying to meditate. They were really trying to, like, clear their mind and sit on a mat in a quiet room. And I said to them, oh, about. I can't do that. And they said,

I know but everything I read, you know, everything, you know, where I am, people always say that you have to find, you know, some space, you know, some quiet time, which I do think is really important, even though I am a Go go go person,

I do need that time just to kinda have clear mind and that isn't when I'm in the flow working best is when I'm am able to do that more often than not. So we sent to... You know, my clients. I said,

No. You know, you need to find the place that you're gonna do work best. Just like, you know, when people say you should be writing affirmations or you should be writing journals of you're following.

You know, very,

you know, people that are super successful in the world. There is a lot of people talk about the morning routine and what they do. And that is great. I mean, I have a morning routine, but my morning routine is not gonna look the same as someone else, but I am still successful

in how I play my day out and how I planned my day out. So I think that's something that, again, is really important. And if you guys, you know, David Jason,

you guys are welcome to kinda jump on in, you know, a couple minutes if you wanna kinda share any thoughts here. But

I think it's you know, I just got this new microphone and it's interesting because I'm like, is my hair of it's saying this no. This is not a microphone. It's literally

it's so sensitive that me moving

in my chair, Can you guys hear that clap if you can hear my

moving or is it just me praising

which good which day.

So I wanna take you guys through what I do.

And I talk about this on my podcast but other podcast. But what I do kind of in a seven day pattern

to set up my success. So

for a very long time, I always wake up before the kids and my husband. And I... It really, I'm just an early person.

But for me, that's my quiet time. I don't need a lot of space. I can have the kids even when they were little, like, literally living on me. Hey, Stephanie they could, like, live on me, and that was not a problem.

But I did notice that I do not like to wake up exactly when they were waking up. So I always would get up you know, whether it's a half an hour to an hour before

my family and the world kinda wakes up, and that's when I do. I catch on some emails. I catch them little laundry. I do some of those things, but that's where I just have my quiet space, and then I go

literally for five days. That's how I... I wake up every morning. I either walk the dogs at five thirty or i workout out, and then get the kids ready.

They go and they get off to school, and then I either work out or walk the dogs at at nine. So it depends on what I do in the beginning there, and I've just recently kind switched my routine

because I felt like it was a real stagnant. And I think that's another thing people,


they try

to do things that are not working for them.

And, you know, if you're not a morning person,

try to just get up a little bit earlier than the house if that works for you, but if you realize you don't need that when the kids go to school, then you have your alone time or when you're driving in your cards to the office that's your alone time like, you have to find where you feel that that center. And so... And then I start my day and I literally am interviewing doing live shows talking to people doing my work that is gonna move my business forward. That's gonna move my, you know, remove the needle.

Networking, doing all those things preparing first, you know, talks if like, when I was at podcast, that's my

time when the kids are school, and it's not very long. So it's like, from nine to two, that I like kinda cram that one them sorry. Not knowing because that's when i'm... Walking dog so from, like, ten thirty to two, that I'm really getting that working

and answering emails and doing that, and then

I go five days. Like, I go balls to the walls five days, and then on the weekends, really when I ran back in, and it's funny because I was on a podcast when we were talking about it. And the my person that was interviewing me said they need to do, like, two days

where there balls walls but they need that third day where it's a little bit more relaxed, and then they do two days, and then they need to relax day. Where I need to go five days because I'm really, like an all or nothing person.

So, again, it takes us back to how we work best. And then what moves the needle in our business or what we're doing whether it's, you know, a a a passion, whether we have a corporate job and it's a passion that we're you know, showing up every day to do. Because that's another thing I talked to my clients about that's so important to have that passion that thing that really lights you on fire. If you're in a corporate role or have a job

whatever it is that you really don't love. But at the moment, you don't know how to get out of. It's really important to find that

passion that thing that light you in firing passion. You know, some people really go, I hate that word,

But really, that thing the hobby, the thing that you love,

you know, it can be gardening. It can be fixing a car. It can be, you know, getting on zoom and talking to people. There's so many different things that you don't realize

that light queue up because you're we are all just moving in such a fast paced world, and we're not kind of sitting back and being like, okay. What is it? I think during Covid,

people were able to kinda ship that and realize, Okay. I really hate what I'm doing and I'm miserable day that I wake up. I need to switch that I really do things that a lot of people did that, but then

I don't know if it was enough time for people to kind of

kinda switch that and make that their paycheck so they had to go back to something else. But just as long as you find that thing, some people call the side hustle, and love that word that term. But you can. It's a something that you do that light you on fire and a lot of times, which people don't realize. And when I'm, you know, consulting clients, it's I loved getting this moment from them. I love getting this aha moment from them is when they

really are, like, okay. I love this. Now I've been doing it for this much. And now I actually see where I can turn that into a workshop and get paid and actually make money. And it can be a simple you know, you garden, but you know how to garden all different trains or you live in a certain area and you have a successful garden, but you don't realize that you have any talent in it then all your neighbors are like, oh, I can't do it because, you know, we have more sand or accept etcetera. There's so many different things that

you can do that you actually can make money and if you just stop and just consistently kinda show up and do that thing that you love because then you get out of bed and you're excited to do it, even though you have to go to that corporate job, you know when you get home or before. The kids wake up that you have that twenty minutes to do that thing that really lights you on fire, whether it's writing, you know, screenplay something


excite you. And, you know, we've talked about this so many times in all my podcast

is that I truly believe we all have a path whether it's god or the universe, whether you believe in both, of you believe one, you know, I believe in god, and I do believe we all have a kind of a a path and a purpose.

We all don't find it because we're all at, you know, going speed speed speed, and we don't sometimes realize, oh, I met that person for this reason.

Oh, you know what? I kinda started doing this, and I didn't realize

that every time I, you know, put consistency and I took steps to

what I was doing,

something else would open up a door would open up a person would come in my path, and we don't see that and they kinda just let that person go. But if we're more intentional in our... Daily interactions with people,

storytelling you guys know if you've listened to anything I do, I'm am passionate about storytelling.

But if you just listen and see,

there's so many different things where your mind can open up and you are put on this earth for a reason and if that reason is not what you're doing,

you need to kinda shift because it is so important to live one life, the best that you can. Now do I wake up every day and I'm like, in a great mood? No. I have my shit.

Actually, June

has been a shit show.

Can't even tell you, clark and

flat tires. Like I mean, just everything. And I'm like, okay. I know I'm being tested. I know it's probably god telling me to slow down and just take it in. I can't do everything. I have graduation.

You know, dances, the kids

schedules are insane, and I'm trying to continue my business. I just need to take it back a little bit. I need to be like, okay. I can't record as much as I was.

Two months ago, and I need to know that, but those are the things that I need to prepare next year. And remember,

don't go crazy in June.

Because your june is crazy.

And we all have those Right? I've been, you know, the this this podcast had had since twenty nineteen and I forget every year when June comes,

not the best time.

And I'm sure you guys do the same.



Again, I wanna kind of anyone that's jumping in wherever you are on on certain platforms.

What this... What I wanted to jump on and kinda talk to you guys about is that we are all busy. We're all going crazy some of you on summer breaks review were not. Some you, you know, are in jobs that you don't love, and

you ask the question. What gives people the edge? What gives certain people

the success, how are there certain people that are successful in certain people that are not, and they put the same kind of work in. And if you look at it, it's different work. And again, it's really important to find that routine that you have in the morning and throughout the day, you know, some people work better at night my daughter is totally... Her brain works so much better at night, and she knows that. So she'll wait to do her homework until a little bit later. I'm terrible and night I need to go to bed, so I know I wouldn't record a podcast at night. Have I done it? Yes. Do I rally? Yes. But that's not something I wanna do all the time. So I know when I am best,

when I, you know, certain times that I'm invest, certain days of the week on best at the end of the week, I know I don't wanna put anything really big on my schedule.

If I don't have to, because I don't work as best because I go go go. So these are the things and I ask my clients. I tell you know, write these things down. And you guys are listening.

And you're thinking, oh, you know what? Every time I do that, it doesn't feel as good. Like, when you're in the flow,

it feels good. You you... Your brain opens up, your meeting people, you're getting ideas, you're taking those ideas and you're running with them. You're not just having the idea not doing anything. You're doing something with the with those ideas, and that's what's really important

to kind of think about your day to day. And then take a week week a month a month and kind of think, okay, this is where I wanna be in two months, not just living the day and running with it because, again, you can do that, but you're not gonna be as intentional. If you have a goal or something set, you know, you're gonna work towards that. So, again, I'm gonna kind of recap here and title it together.

Really important to find that space to daydream. Some people call it meditate. I call it day dreaming.

I do it when I'm moving. I cannot sit on a mat, and I cannot meditate, like, the traditional way of meditating. I've tried it for years

because it will be, like, you know, if I like, hey, let's go do this. And I literally sit there, and I... My mind just goes like, don't try not to think of anything when someone tells me not to think of anything. I think of a thousand things. So finding that space that you can do, your day dreaming, whether it's in the shower, whether it's before the kids wake up, whether it's in the car, whether it's moving when you have to, you know, exercise some people do it when they run, it is really important to find that. Now I walk the dogs, and that's when my my best that's where my brain is can just kinda think and flow and go, but I also do work out. So I do lift weights I don't

do it when I'm lifting weights because I need to focus on lifting weights. I don't let my mind daydream dream when I'm lifting weights. So when some people tell me, oh, I daydream when I'm driving,

You're not truly day dreaming because you're paying attention to driving. I hope.

You're not, and you need to.

So it is important to kinda find that space where you really

can let your mind though, where there's nothing else. There's no other distractions when I'm walking the dogs.

It is just you walk the dogs with nature, and I know that I have that hour

with them, and it is the best when the house isn't woken up since five thirty right now, as I'm finding is the best because they're less distracted. It's a little bit cooler,

and it's just my favorite time. So finding that space to daydream,

and then thinking about


lights you up in the morning. Right? What excites you. What makes you want to get out of bed, whether you're in a job that you don't love whether you're staying home with your kids and your kids are getting a little old dark even if you're you're staying home with your kids, you know, that was my favorite thing. I loved being or being saying home mom, but there was a point where I needed more. My brain needed more. And so kind of thinking about that, what's... You know, what's exciting Are you an artist? Do you wanna draw do you are you really good at making greeting parts? I have a really good friend that makes greeting cards because she loves them. And she started an Etsy store and she sells greeting cards. She's a teacher. Didn't love love love being a teacher, but she enjoys it, but she loves doing her greeting cards. And so that gives her the power to day kinda churn up and be a better person because she's happier because she's doing something that God kinda gave her the ability to do. And so that's, you know, again, really, really important. For you guys wherever you're listening whatever you're thinking about to think about that thing that excites you and now I have so many clients that will be like, I don't know what it is. And I said, okay. So your job is to go out and daydream dream and think about things, and then sometimes people don't realize this is what's so important.

There's feelings that you got, like, you get feelings where you have memories of feelings or you get a feeling in your body. So there's two different things there. And that's what I coach

my clients.

You might be thinking, okay, Am I good at this? Do I like that? I don't know. But you're talking to someone and they mentioned that they are,

you know, they've created this product. They've always wanted to

create a stained, and they have this really good formula. They've always done it. It's natural. They don't like the other scenes sticks because those stay sticks you have chemicals and it doesn't really work. And they've been using it. So they decided I'm gonna make this and puts this out in in the market.

And you're hearing this and you're getting excited, you're feeling like

some of like butterflies or something in your stomach.

And what I say to them is

because that's exciting you. Your interests did in what that person saying, and that's where you need to explore. So you need to explore when you're having a conversation whether it's, you know, at work, whether it's at a, you know, you're play date with the, you know, another family, whether you are

on the train and you're here someone else's of conversation,

whether you're lying at the grocery store, you're at a cocktail party, you're friend's house wherever it is,

I want you to intentionally talk when you're talking to people, I want you intentionally to listen.

And think about the feelings that you're getting when they're talking, and it is really important and it's not. It is hard when you've stuffed things because a lot of people think, okay, this is my life. I I have no business starting a new business or I have no business writing a book or, you know, creating that product or

doing a workshop or starting a podcast,

so many people say I have no business doing that. And I always say that the why? Why do you have no business? Or like, who wants to hear my product or? I don't even know where to start.

That's a limiting belief and so many people have that limiting belief. And what I say to that is you need to... You need to change that. Thank you, guys. You need to change that that thought and you need to then go with it. So when you're at a party and someone's talking and you you get excited,

I want you to go with that. Like, why are you said then you question yourself and ask? Okay. What about that conversation really

lit me up? Some people you know, it's politics and they wanna change things in their town. Some people, it's, you know, getting on the board bed, these are things that, again, they don't have to bring you in income but a lot of times, when you all sudden get into the path,

that god or the universe wants you to be in,

it kind of starts opening up. And and there's times where you might start something.

I've had with this one client, it was really cool. She had this idea for so long

and she finally... I coached her throat, and she got, you know... And gonna say the balls to start it. And it has morphed into this, like, crazy amazing business

completely different than the things she started.

But because she started and put action and moved forward and kept taking consistent steps into to create...

Sorry. I gotta a call creating something

she was able

to then build this business that god intended her. The universe intended her to build

So that's what where so many people kinda limit themselves because they don't allow themselves to do that day daydreaming because they're either scared

they don't know, you know, they they they don't they don't know how to do it, and they just don't have the balls to kind of go and do it. That's where I want you guys to kinda change your mindset and share and it really does start with, okay,

whether you're a morning person or person kinda getting up before you're woken up. I mean, the worst thing is, I think when you get woken up by your kids and you have to go right away, but whether low little, whether they're big or whatever it is, if you set your own schedule. And, you know, again, I have people in my house that are not morning people. I am a morning person. So I wake up without an alarm.

Usually at five.

And so what it is is if you can just give yourself, and this is why I wanna kinda challenge you guys for the next two weeks to set your alarm for five minutes earlier

and do something in those five minutes for you, whether it's

taking the walk around your house because in five minutes you wanna have a long time, but doing something where you're moving your body,

you're you're doing something that's gonna get your adrenaline

excited block up and down the stairs more times. Because that's the other things as I said, if you guys are just tuning in, I walk my dogs and I work out. I also have a lot of energy, but I need to do it from my brain. So if I don't, and it's more my brain than really health for me, even though it was healthy to do it, I need to do it for my brain because my brain needs to say after my brain needs that

adrenaline that, you know, that working out. And so finding that where you can take a walk around the block, taking, you know, walking up and down,

taking your laundry your baskets and moving around, But doing something where you're getting your heart rate up a little bit, is just gonna make you start feeling a little bit better. It's gonna give you a little bit more energy.

And, again, I just want you to do five minutes increments a five minutes. So every day for two weeks, you wake up for five minutes earlier than you normally do. It becomes a lot easier. So that is what I always coach my clients where that they're, like, I wanna get up, you know, before the kids get up, but I don't know how I can't do it. Like, I... I tried to do it, You know, thirty minutes and I'm so tired. I'm like, no. Let's break this up. That's one another thing. People sometimes take two big of chunks when they try to change routine or try to get into something.

Just break it up five minute increments one day at a time. Right? That's what you hear people saying the time You're not gonna change the world

in, you know, in in a day. It takes time, but the consistency

is so important, and it is so... What is gonna keep you moving forward?

And so that is what... That's the challenge. I want everyone that listening that right now is feeling stuck is feeling aggravated in their life. I want you to find that time where you're gonna wake up a little bit earlier. So for two weeks, do that, I want you to find that time for gay dreaming.

Meditating whatever you wanna call it where you can let your mind explore. You can think about the life you've always wanted or you can create something. That's where I created my podcast. Literally walking the dogs. I created my podcast because i love storytelling.

If you guys don't know my story, you can find here on Fireside.

I literally talk about my story. I think it's called my story.

So you can check that out.

And the other thing is that's really important, and I'm good at sometimes, and I'm not good and sometimes,

but really cutting the shit out of your diet. Like, if you're eating fast food and greasy stuff all the time, you're gonna feel sluggish, If you just every day,

kinda cut one little like, one little bad habit if you eat after dinner,

try to, like, you know, three days a week, not do it, start with one day a week, not doing it, then you go to two, take it in little things if you drink soda, and you wanna cut that just one day, start diluting that photo with a little bit of water. I'm telling you that I've helped clients completely kick

and, you know, soda addiction that they've had for years, and they feel so much better. If it's, you know, that you

wanna cut out certain foods in your diet again, cut that food in half, don't cold turkey unless you know that you're really good at the cold turkey.

Some people are really good at that cold turkey others

need to do it consistently and do it in small increments. So that's what I want you guys to do. I want you to think about that. You can find me my

Instagram is here. I am Joy Han. If you're looking to, you know, find a coach that can kinda coach you through this, I have an online that helps you find your creative passion. And I also work with people one of one very small amount of people

because I do, you know, podcasting is is what I'm doing and running with and loving and creating these shows. But I do have time that I do help others find that. So I know some people here

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Daniel, I think you have asked a question.

Let me see. I gotta now scroll

Give me one second. I gotta a scroll.

I'm fine. And if anyone wants to

i daydream dream while I washed this as Oh, Chris, That's amazing. Exactly. Because you don't need to really pay attention to washing the dishes. And I think that's such an important thing.

To do. And you're getting the dishes done. That's kind of maybe I need to to start to me a little bit them because I hate doing the dishes.

If then anyone wants to jump up, we have about

five more minutes. I'm happy to, you know, have anyone jump up and

once to ask a question or if they have a comment they wanna bring.

And I know I think it's always interesting. I think we've... Dave and Mark have been in the audience before and I think Daniel too where everyone that works, so they really can't. They're just kinda listening. Oh, here comes Kris.

So if anyone else, if you guys... If you go over it should be...

You can request to act Chris, do you wanna be on

video or you just wanted not to be on video?


Chris Rossetti  00:27:09 

Not video today. I'm just too gorgeous. I don't wanna

affect people.


Thanks for letting me come up great information as always. And my question, I think I know the answer, but maybe I need to hear it again.


Juliet Hahn  00:27:16 



Chris Rossetti  00:27:23 

When trying to change

whatever method you're using cold Turkey or the five minute earlier methods or many others that you've suggested

when not


You tell your clients you detail yourself?

Just try it again. In other words,

are are there any any limits to the to the redo? We used to call it? You know, I wanna read


Juliet Hahn  00:27:45 

Yeah. No. I mean, again, I think it's really important to know yourself. There's some people


if it's not working,

and they keep trying, then it does, like, where they cut it back a little bit, you know, say say it's trying to cut soda. And the half of cutting the soda is not working so they do it a little bit less in a little bit last and then they can move past that half and do it that way or some people are, like, okay, the water's is not working. But what I say is you have to give it enough time because that's what some people don't give it enough time. So trying it for, like, saying, okay, for two weeks.

I'm going to do this five minute earlier and see where I am. Same with Soda. I'm gonna try to cut that soda for two weeks by cutting it with water. You have to give yourself time, and I'm just gonna give you a little example when I started my podcast,

I said, okay. I really think I'm gonna love this, but I don't know because I've never podcast, but I'm gonna give myself one year.

And at that year mark, I will then look and say, okay.

I'm meant to do this or not. In a year, some people are, like, wow. That's really long wine year. And I'm like, because we're gonna go through, especially if you're, you know, you have family,

you, you know, have kids whatever. You're gonna go through ups and downs. So at that entire year. I was just... I think before you got here. I mean, June is like, I I literally wanna crop up on a ball and

just wait until it's over.

And it's sad because I have birthdays and graduation, so many really fun exciting things, but too much that I can't even keep my head straight every week weekend my daughter and I own the road for the cross tournaments.

You can hear my voice. I'm like, you know, I'm I'm run down, and I know I am and I'm trying to. Okay. Let me... Oh, I can't sleep this day because I have to do this. So I know for myself that, you know, I'm going to bed some days, like, the other day, I got back from across. I went to that at eight thirty at night. And I've never owned about eight thirty night since I probably was a child, but I needed that, and I knew I needed that. And I was, like, okay. I'm sorry. Guys. I can't watch... you know, we were gonna do movie. I I can't do it. I gotta go to that. I had to sacrifice some stuff. But so it's giving you


time to say, okay. I know that no. It has not worked, and it's not gonna work. I'm not gonna be able to change that.

And knowing yourself or... You know what?

I need to give it a little more time because I do feel like it's working. I am excited when I'm trying to change that I just need to be more consistent

because consistency again, is so important. I hope I answered your question there.


Chris Rossetti  00:30:03 


I I've experienced a something similar with the soda issue. I tried for years to quit. And I did all these different methods. You know, I only have soda on this kind of a meal. I only have sold on this type of a day

or for this occasion,

nothing worked. I I had a miraculous

thing happen. It simply left my body the desire to drink it left.


Juliet Hahn  00:30:26 



Chris Rossetti  00:30:27 

Cold turkey

I call it a miracle because it was. I mean, I was drinking soda for

pretty much forty

forty five years of my life every day, nothing but so four leaders, by the way, four leaders a day.


Juliet Hahn  00:30:38 



Chris Rossetti  00:30:39 

That's horrifying.


Juliet Hahn  00:30:39 

So, and Yeah. Well, I mean, now, you know, and you know that's not good for you and, you know,

like, did you how did you feel so much better when you finally did? Stop it or was it a gradual, like, feeling good?


Chris Rossetti  00:30:51 

No. It was an instantaneous

reaction because my heart was racing and on and on on all the other issues. That that you encounter when you we have a unhealthy type of diet.


Juliet Hahn  00:30:54 



Chris Rossetti  00:31:01 

And so, you know, miracles do happen, but I I really like your approach. I'm gonna try that

starting today that five minutes just five minutes, man, it could change your life. You know? I'm really excited about that because I have I have mobility issues. And I'm afraid to walk. I can't really walk stand for more than five minutes. But you know what? I'm gonna walk stand for the five minutes. So let's Let's try that today. I thank you for that.


Juliet Hahn  00:31:12 



Yeah no worries. And then that's the thing If you do it a little bit because what's gonna happen is your body's is gonna get a little bit stronger instead of or I have clients that you know, need to lose weight, But every time they jump into the gym,


hurt themselves.

Because they they still things that they're younger, and they're like, oh my gosh. I... You know, I thought i could do it, and then it sets some back even more. But I'm like, listen.

Walk or do something because sometimes walking is like ride of bike or do a saturation bike or something that you know, is gonna be able to strengthen

where you need, but don't jump into it. So

aggressively. And I'm I mean, I'm the worst. I'm like, you know, I totally still think I played college sport. Body.

Doesn't. And so I know like, if if you jump into something, it is... You have to really kinda take it, especially as we get older.

Slower and slower. But if you just take those steps every day to cut something out or to add something to your life, it's going to gradually

do it. And so I love it. So even if chris, even if you did, you know, with the five minutes, but did it three days a week or two days a week.

And then the next week, you do three days a week, and then the next week, you do four days a week and you stay with the five minutes,

but you gradually add that five minutes, and then after those, know, four weeks, then you go up to seven minutes, and you do

one day a week for seven minutes, and then, you know, you continue with the five. And then the next week, it's two days with seven minute. Do you know what I mean? So if you take it and build on that and really write it somewhere or somewhere or however you learn best, you're gonna get stronger, and you're gonna realize that your mobility is getting better.


Chris Rossetti  00:33:02 

I love it. And let me just say one more thing and I'll I'll I'll leave the stage. Thank you so much for the time.


Juliet Hahn  00:33:07 

Yeah. Of course.


Chris Rossetti  00:33:08 

I've been married for thirty five years, and people ask me,

how did you do it? And I say,

I just tell myself I can make it five more minutes.

Thank you so much for your advice


Juliet Hahn  00:33:20 

I love it.

Course. Of course, thank you for jumping up. And now, Daniel, I know some of you... I'm gonna... I gotta look here because then I gotta a scroll. I know

I felt Dave and something funny.

Oh, okay. So Daniel said, oh, whiteboard board helps me daydream. Okay. Love that, Daniel.

And then Dave said seriously, Julia, I just picked up my lunch and Rv.

But that's good. Now, dave, if you love fast food, okay. You can have everyone's anyone well that's the thing you can have in every once in a while. Don't have it every day.

Yeah. Because some people can handle it. I'm not the best to know. And if you're eating it all the time, it's gonna catch up on you, when. Don't know how old you are. But what you can do is, again, okay. This week, I'm gonna have it once a week, you know? Or three times a we. I do depends on how many who you're having. And then you you cut back from there. And it says I have poor quality. I hope you guys can hear me.

How do you know when it's time just quit something Daniel says?


it's time to quit something when you are feeling crap.

So, like, if you're staying up too late in your in the morning and you feel like, oh, my god. I'm so sluggish.

You need to start changing. Now here's another thing, which is very interesting. So someone that's been, like, drinking,

cocktail for, you know, five, six days a week. I used to have glasses of wine, You know, my husband I loved going out to dinner. We probably would have cocktails five sixties days a week. And I remember when I went to stop doing that because I was like, okay. I need stop. This is now becoming where I'm, like, sluggish in the morning or I'm not feeling sluggish in the morning anymore, which is a problem itself,

then it actually hurt worse. Like, I felt shit. Stopping the cocktails. But then once I did, and I'm like, okay. I'll have talk tails two days a week, three days a week, You know, then I felt better. So if you're eating consistently, you've been eating fast food, you know, every day for ten years.

When you start cutting it out, you're gonna feel crappy, and you might not realize you feel crappy, eating it. Because you... Because that's what your body knows.

So... But thinking about things that are healthy versus not healthy, you know, so, again, some people

like, they feel like, when they stopped because the caffeine, they feel like death, and you're almost going through, like, Detox because sugar is more addicted,

than some I like actual drugs. So there are some things. And, again, this is like, what, you know, I talk to clients.

I I do not health stuff sometimes, but I am.

Before I started my whole podcast, I did use to do some health and fitness coaching because I have a background in it.

And so I do always add that wherever whatever I'm doing when I'm helping people finds their passion, kinda changed their life. I always add a little bit of the


the, you know, oily morning routine and the the moving your body. But, again, in small little

increments because it's really important not to just

dive in. You know, some people, like, myself, I am all or nothing and that worked for me for a period of time, but then you kinda hit a wall and you have to, like, then kind of do it slower.


thank you guys for joining why live, and I do have to say,

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again, this episode,

I did say I didn't say that because of allison us.

Oh, I love your show. Oh, Dave, Thank you so much.

You cracked me up. And I know I still... I still need to be a guest on yours, but that the time is always it kills because as I if you were here in the beginning at night, I am not myself.

Ready for bed.

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I was with Nfl, and it's not not bad today, but also, you guys will be scheduling a lot of shows

with the pivot, which I'm really excited about, and thank you guys for being here and have a great...

What say.

Today is Wednesday.

This is the longest week ever.

And I think I say that maybe, like, seven times a year, but this is the long week.

And another slow exit.

I'll see you guys later. Bye.

My focus is entirely on helping you follow your passion, even when you feel like you've got stuck in crazy town. There is a way out, its me helping you. You don't have to ditch everything in your life that is making you feel overwhelmed and stuck, you just need some help to navigate it.


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