Episode 159: Antonija Pacek | Composer, Creativity and Innovation Practice Leader

Jun 27, 2022


 Antonija Pacek, Creativity and Innovation Practice Leader at Global Success Advisors and MEA Business Group, holds a master's degree in Psychology from the University of Cambridge, UK, and an honors BA degree from Webster University in Vienna, Austria. Prior to co-creating the IMAGINO® for Global Success Advisors and MEA Business Group, she was an HR consultant with Hewitt Associates and the Center for Creative Leadership, working on soft skills training with major international corporations. Antonija is an adjunct faculty for Duke Corporate Education, a number-one-ranked provider of executive corporate education in the world. She also teaches various psychology courses at two international universities in Vienna. In her academic career, Antonija has taught Industrial Psychology, Social Psychology, Personality Theories, History and Systems of Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, Psychology and Film, Personal Development, Leadership Development, and Learning Strategies. On several occasions, she was invited to co-lecture with the legendary Dr. Phil Zimbardo during his guest lectures in Vienna.


In her free time, she enjoys composing piano music and has published five neoclassical piano albums (Soul Colours, Life Stories, Il Mare, Forever, and Seasons of Life). She has a music publishing contract with Warner Chappell, a publishing arm of Warner Music. Antonija is popular in Italy and has performed in 2018 and 2019 in a number of famous Italian venues such as the Auditorium in Rome and Teatro dal Verme in Milan. In 2020, she signed a record publishing contract with an American classical music label Parma Recordings that published her fourth album “Forever” in Oct. In 2021, Antonija signed a contract with Yellow Rose Records, which published six singles and her newest album, “Seasons of Life” in 2022.


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Remarkable Quote:

When you are withheld of something that you really love, that you crave for, that you hope for, it accumulates into some kind of craving and hopeful feeling inside you that will find a way to go out.”

“Stress is not always a villain. You can shift your mind and take the best out of it to actually work for you.” 



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