Your Next Stop Live with Juliet Hahn - Do You Know How to Share Your Story?

your next stop Dec 22, 2022

Listen to a new episode of Your Next Stop Live recorded live on Fireside. Juliet Hahn is a storyteller, consultant, keynote speaker and content creator.  Her mission in life is to give Women and Men a stage to share their stories.  She believes deeply that everyone has a story and we all can learn from each other.  We just need to listen.  Juliet helps her clients be able to articulate their stories. She helps connect the dots so they can share and connect with more people. #storiesconnectus

Your Next Stop Podcast and YNS Live highlights people who have followed a purpose/passion and made it into a career. These shows are inspiring and will get you thinking! YNS live with NFL Thread a series within YNS Live dives deep to understand who NFL women are and what motivates them. YNS Live chips away at the perception of NFL women and showcases their talents, initiatives and missions.  PIVOT dives into the players & spouses as they share transition out of the league. Through these conversations, Juliet guides people to explore their past in order to connect the dots to their own story. Everyone has a story and it is through sharing, active listening (and sometimes laughing) that people connect and learn from one another.


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“Stories connect us. When you hear someone’s story, you have a deeper connection.”


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Juliet Hahn  00:02:02 

Hello, everyone.

Welcome to an episode of your next

stop live, Hope everyone is doing well, and they are enjoying this

holiday season. We... I can even believe it tomorrow is December first.

In insanity. I don't know where and how things have gotten so fast.

And if you guys are new to Fireside, welcome Welcome. If you are new,

to this platform. I am streaming right now on Linkedin.

Youtube Twitch, and I believe Facebook, I know we're working out some stuff with Facebook

But one of the things I do this on my computer, I used to do it on my phone, and I love that

Fireside has made this bigger. So now I'm not like squint like an old lady.

So welcome welcome. I am really excited to jump into this topic.

I've been

doing this on other platforms like Instagram. I've been doing lives

I have clients that I talk about this? A lot of my podcast guests know that I do this, but

I have not really gone out and talked so much about

how I am a consultant

and I actually help with people

be able to share their story. So whether you're a brand, you're an influencer

you are a a a podcast. You are a small business.

Whether you're in the business world, I help you be able to formulate your story.

And the reason why that's so important is we all have stories.

You've heard me say this a thousand a million times.

Stories connect us. When you hear someone's story, you have a deeper connection with them.

Whether it's a good connection or not so good connection, You know, not everyone is everyone's cup of tea.

But you get to know someone a little bit more about them.

On how they share their story how they talk, how they are able to articulate it.

And many people that have small businesses or

on the podcast circuit or doing media or writing you know, getting there

there are, like, stuff out and articles and newspapers and in magazines,

they don't realize that they're sometimes there's little parts of their story

that are actually important

and that are actually gonna connect with people on a deep deeper level.

And that is what I do. So I help people do that. And it's with

years and years of

interviewing people, and it's one of those things of I've always been good at of of

always been good at kind of asking questions when people are talking that, Like I I can't tell you how many times people will say, oh, no one's has ever asked me that. Thank you for us

give me that, and then they get really excited. I am able to pick

up with slight cues on things that make people excited. I can tell if it's

passion of theirs, and then I'm able to formulate the story and help them be able to

say, okay. I'm going to a podcast or I'm doing a talk show or something. I have thirty minutes

what parts of my story should I talk to this audience?

I help them be able to formulate it and when they start booking things, I'm also able

to help them say.

Okay. This is the podcast on or this is the media outlet you're on.

This is the audience that's it's gonna reach this is what you're gonna talk about. This is

you're gonna share your story in this format, and we practice it so many times.

That the person can go out and really just be like, okay. This is what I need to know.

Sometimes they only get fifteen minutes again. I help with kinda of formulating that

The other thing I help with, which is really fun is

one of my one of my favorite clients. She we were we were doing a our

our session, basically, and she's doing this.

She's talking, but she's moving all around.

And I'm like, chuckle in my head because I'm like, if she was a guest,

on my podcast, I would be like, oh my gosh. You're

audio going in and out this is gonna be so weird when it goes out, you know, on on the podcast players.

So I also give tips, and that's what I'm gonna do.

In my next week, I think it's next week. If you go if you go to my page here at

you're next to stop live, you'll be able to see I have a couple different things.

Scheduled to be able to help with this series because I'm kinda doing a

series here. This is what I do with my clients. Thank you, Chris, But I give you tips on what to do, whatnot.

To do how to, you know, if you are gonna be doing the podcast circuit,

what equipment you can get that's not expensive, but that your host will be

thankful for. Sometimes a host will not

have you on their podcast in less

you have a professional microphone or something. So

I really help with all of that and help you walk through that.

How did I kind of fall into this?

Get that question a lot, and so it really is one of those things I started

you know,

for those of you you do not know my story. I started my podcast in twenty nineteen. It really was a

passion project of mine

I was feeling a little stuck. My kids were getting a little

older. They didn't need me as much. And I was like, I just

would go out taking my boxers for a walk. Again, if you know me, you know that I'm obsessed with my dogs.

Taking my boxers for walk and kinda just day dreaming. Right? Like, thinking,

Okay. What do I wanna do? And podcasting, I've always listened to podcaster.

Kinda just kept coming up. I kept like, you someone would tell me, hey, Have you listened to this podcast or

you know, the were podcast would just come come to my mind. And I was like, you know, I need to explore that.

So I decided

in twenty and nineteen that I was gonna start a podcast.

When I started it,

it was

more of a personal journal stories because, again, I was doing this as the passion project

didn't think anything of it. I just thought it would be something that would kind of scratch a creative

need that I had something that I was felt like was missing as the kids got older and didn't need me

as much. And so I

was really fine. I went home. I told the kids. I told my husband. I'm gonna

create a podcast. I said, oh, that's interesting. Do you know how to do that? Do you know anyone

has on nope nope nope. I'm gonna Google it figure it out myself. That's something I do. I figure things out myself.

And and I I did it. So I got a website

I named it. It was called next stop crazy town.

Crazy town is like something very enduring to my heart. My life is kinda crazy town.

My dogs, my kids, it's like a happy thing for me.

So I did personal journal stories so you can go back

I mean, any podcast player and you can see my beginning ones

I mean, they're short. Some of them are good. Some of them are not

But that's how, you know, when you first start

kinda learned. And

quarantine happened.

And I started interviewing people kind of around the world

because it was like, okay. I I really kinda run the gamut at

my my funny stories of my life, raising kids,

boxers living in the city, kind of, you know, all the different things that I talked about and next out crazy town.

And I started interviewing people, and I named that

quarantine stories. And so it was like, a little series within

your next... I mean, in within next crazy time. And

I fell in love with interviewing. I basically

interview people from around the world to find out what their quarantine looked like.

I would, like, skip down the stairs. I would say to the kids, oh my gosh. If we lived,

in England, you couldn't even go out and they call, you know, their yards or their gardens.

You can't even go out of your garden only like one time and there's police in some neighborhoods and

you only get to walk the dog once and then go to the grocery store. I was, like, insane.

So I would go and tell them and they would be like, oh my gosh. Could you imagine in

so we would really, like, bring these conversations up of what

parts of the world was different how we were lucky and

fortunate that we were in the situation that we were in and

it just really was... It was kind of just a a great

time to to talk about things and hone in my

skills of interviewing, but also storytelling and then connecting with people on a deeper

deeper level. So from there, and

If again, if you guys are new to Fireside or you're listening

to me on a different platform. Welcome. Welcome. My name is Juliet at Han.

This is your next stop live. I also on Fireside have a few other segments

why, like your next stop live with Nfl thread. It's an Nfl series that I do. I'm gonna be a

super Bowl again this year, the whole fame, the draft, We interview the ladies and the guys

with our pivot series, and it's really about their stories.

Connecting deeper finding out what it's like in that whole world of the Nfl.

So if you are, like, I I've never heard of this

segment. This is my solo segment, but I also do interview people on here.

So if you are in the audience, welcome. Welcome. I can't

see memes because I am mobile bit blind, so I'm not gonna shot everyone out. But I do

a a bunch of people here. I do see a bunch of people on Linkedin, So welcome.

If you guys have a question, put it in here, I'm happy to answer, but also,

if you can cook those two little lines at the bottom, where you can

then broadcast to the world share with your followers. Someone might out there might be like, you know what? I am.

Gonna be doing the podcast circuit or... I have wanted to, you know, start

putting of my brand out there and connecting you with people a deeper level.

They might need my services. I do a thirty minute consultation

for free to see if it is something that is you necessary for them.

And if you know something we can connect and

it is

it's important because

even if you're in the business world, Like, if you're like, oh, I'm in the corporate business world. If you're a Linkedin and you're like, no, I love my job.

Is what I do. But you might need to start going out to networking events because you might want

to get, you know, that that job that is your dream job, and you wanna be able to connect

with people on a different level. I help you do that in the networking world as well.

So Frankie, J, you asked do you ever do interviews with people about sensitive topics

I only asked because I've started recently to do that, and it find it.

And find it to be another element.

I definitely have

talk to people with sensitive topics.

It's not something I go out and, like,

look and be like, okay. That story has a sensitive topic. I'm gonna put it on

but some of my guests do have some sensitive topics, and

I just kind of feel the person out or if they're ready to talk about it.

Great I'll ask question about it if they I feel that they're closing up

Kind of swing it the other way. It really really depends

because I don't... When I when... I have a guest on my podcast.

I do a little bit of betting before

so I either do, like, a fifteen minute call with them, or I have them send me some

you know, some video or podcast they've been on because I wanna

feel their energy here. Their energy. I have a lot of energy so I need someone on the other side.

To they don't have to match it exactly. I know that that's not always possible.

But I do want them to be able to go with the flow. And if there

super low energy, super super slow talk. Is not something that

really fits on my podcast, and that's just mine. So I do do a little bit of a vetting before

but we don't get deep into the person's story until they're on the podcast because

I work best learning about their story as it unfolds. That's when I asked

of my curious questions, but everyone has to know how they interview best.

Some people like to do a lot of research. That's how they feel they do it best.

It's just not the way I do it. So Chris,

you have to be quick on your

feet during interviews You hundred percent have to be quick on your feet. If you're not quick on your feed, it's kinda sn.

You have to be very quick on your feet, and that's where I also teach my clients

about listening because I'll have so many people say to me.

Because, again, I am high energy. I go go go. They're like you listen. Like,

like, no one I've ever

like, known. And I do. I have disability, but these are the things I'm gonna teach in this

series that I'm doing. I do do things to be able to get my brain kind of like,

Okay. Your focus now.

So it is it it's interesting. It's not, like, you some people can be good on it.

Some people also need to work on it.

It's one of those things. It's it's Scott's given gift or it's something that you want on, but you can work

on it and I teach you how to do that. So I'm having a lot of fun with

test. This is again, really fun. So I'm gonna take it back really quickly how it kind of evolved

to where I am. So as I said, I had the podcast

our crazy town quarantine stories, and then

from there, I rebranded

and I rebranded to your next stop

and that really was because next time crazy town. I was started to interview

people that were in the space that I was in, they were creating something in building it growing it, and they

created out of their mind. It was a passion that they made into a business.

So I was interviewing people that were doing just that. So really, it made sense for me

to rebrand. It wasn't just gonna be personal journal stories anymore.

And that's where I went to

you know, your next stop and then created the whole live series, then

my cohost cynthia ordered on the Y live stuff.

She was a guest on when I first rebranded your next

stop. So that's where it happened, and then I just

i've had people other, you know, podcaster people have been on my podcast or people that

listen to my podcast, reach out to me and say, hey, I need a little help with this

do you do that? And for a while, I was doing it for free. I was like, yeah, of course, I can help

and then I realized oh, this is actually taking more time. And so then

I... You know, my hope

consulting business that I really had in behind the scenes because I have a whole work

shop and you can go to my website if you're interested it's called I am,

joy dot com.

Then then it just evolved where I started taking clients one on one and doing that

And then also, Gina who is in the audience gina,

she and I have this project that we're doing where we're working with

recruiting and Hr companies and stay tuned and kinda watch us

because we are bringing what my expertise in the storytelling and her

expertise in the business world, we're putting them together for a really awesome

awesome kind of compilation. And so stay tuned because we're just fine tuning that.

And we're gonna get that out to businesses and stuff. So

Oh, I think Chris, I'm sorry. I lost you and you had a question.

Let me say if I can still see if he left, We can all do better. Yes.

So that's kind of where it involves. And then as I

was getting more clients and helping them with their story.

You just fine tune and you just get better at what you do. And so that is what I offer

you guys know people that are out there that are looking, you know, for help

because they don't know how to formulate they their story or

there's two different ways too. I have people that have, like, they're like,

I don't even know my story is not that great, and then we come

up, like, as they tell bits and pieces of it,

I helped them really kind of elongated it, and then

pick out those parts that I'm like, that actually is important and very interesting in they like

and Never really thought of of it.

As interesting because it happened to me, and then I have the clients that have

the stories that it's

literally every chapter of their life, something huge happened.

In they're like, how do I condense that into something small? If I'm

on a podcast for thirty minutes. And, again, that's where I come in after we've kind of

honed in practiced, got all the different segments of the stories together.

That's where I help. Okay. This is the podcast you're gonna be on.

Let's do a little research. This is the audience because of my expertise in podcasting.

I can really help my clients do that and then say, this is the part of the story. Let's practice it once.

Before you go. But the other thing is when you're on a podcast,

you don't know what questions the interviewer is gonna ask

so you also have to be kind of oh, you know, that's why it's so important to know your story and

know how you're gonna answer questions because you don't want it to be too scripted. You want it to be authentic?

So those are kind of all the

the wonders that I that I teach. But if you guys, again, have anyone

you think would be interested or you're interested You can email me at info

at I m Juliet, and that's J l

i e, h a h dot com.

I've also gotten a lot of questions about how come you're just not juliet at hon. How come your

I am Joy, and all the social pretty much not Linkedin.

And Facebook, it is my name, And it is because there is a professor

I think she at the citadel. I always... I know it. And for some reason I'm blank right now,

but it's a really prestigious college. She is Korean, and she's

way older than me, but her name is Juliet Han. So when I

first got married.

I remember saying to my husband. I'm gonna do something with my name so I'm gonna go and try to get

Excuse me. I'm gonna go get

you know, the my Url.

Gonna secure it.

Because I know I'm gonna be daring something in my life. With

my name. And when I searched it, I was like, up,

who this? She's got all the julia dot com and all of this and all the socials and

all on Instagram. It was, like, really crazy. I I think I got married before Instagram.

But she had it all secured before I was able to.

And so that is where

I became I am Juliet at Han because it just made sense

with not, you know, not putting my whole name in there because it was confusing. So

those are the kind of fun stories that as you build businesses,

as you build a brand, you run into these things that you don't think of. And you're like,

god. I didn't think about how am I gonna figure it out.

And that's where you do it. And I... You know, a course, did not change the

the little fortune cookie here, and I can put my websites

and so you guys can find it, But you can also find my website on

on my profile here at Fireside, and I will be doing

these series

hold on one second. I'm typing, and I can't say That should be spelled. Right?

Can't see it as far. But I will be doing this kind of storytelling speaker series

I have three scheduled. This was one, two three

for the next three weeks. And, again, one of them, I'm gonna be

teaching you the the... You know, how to kind of take those parts of your stories and

and condensed them to fifteen minutes, you know,

versus an hour podcast, and then I'm also gonna be

teaching those kind of tips on, like, what to do if you are on a podcast,

little tips that you can kinda take and just like, you know, like,

run with them, things that I know


if I have a guest and they do them, I'm like, oh my gosh. I need to, like, tell them. Okay.

Is not. And I don't have that often, but every once in a awhile, get guest that

definitely has not been in this world and doesn't know the things to do and not to do.

We all learn We all have to start somewhere. So it's important that they're just getting out there and sharing their

story. And so that is what is most important, but I can kind of give you those tips before. So

you don't do them. And so the... You know, the person on the other side is appreciative

you kind of kinda know that interview style. So, again,

find me at I am joy dot com. You can email me at info at

I am Julia Han. You can also find me on Instagram.

Tic tac. I'm not on as much.

But I am... It is. I am Julia Han i'm also on Facebook.

And Linkedin is another place that I hang out a lot and linkedin. I

see you guys. I see all of you watching for the live

one things that I love about Fireside is that this is streamed

so it's streamed. I am live on my Youtube channel. I'm live on my linkedin channel.

I am streamed as I said, Facebook, we were working out the glitches

and then Twitch, which is, you know, just great. It just gets your audience out there. So also, if you're

thing and you do have a podcast and you're not on Fireside.

You need to reach out because you need to be on Fireside. Alright, guys. Make it a great lens

day, and we will see you guys soon. I'm gonna bring mister Weight up. Let's see. What kind of music. I was kind of

love to enjoy that. But thank you again for joining.

My gosh, of course, has to be a slow slow slowly.

Thank you for joining your next stop live. I am

at Han, and I will see you guys next week.

My focus is entirely on helping you follow your passion, even when you feel like you've got stuck in crazy town. There is a way out, its me helping you. You don't have to ditch everything in your life that is making you feel overwhelmed and stuck, you just need some help to navigate it.


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