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One on One Consulting

I help small business owners (online businesses, marketers, brands, coaches, consultants) identify the parts of their story that need to be told so they stand out in this noisy digital world. I help them shorten the buying cycle by making key connections and helping them understand how these parts of their story help them identify with their target audience.

I help clients see the bigger picture and connect with their ideal audience.  I give them the confidence to share their narrative on podcasts, in media, on social media and networking events which results in growing their client base and shortening the buying cycle. 

Click email me to send me a note and I can send you a 1 sheet with more information.  I also offer a 30 minute free consultation.

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Juliet Hahn Focused Passion Life

Corporate Opportunities 

  • Keynote Speaking
  • Customized Workshops and Seminars
  • Team Building Activities
  • Storytelling, Empowerment & Mindset 
  • Tax Deductible Opportunities 
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Juliet Hahn Focused Passion Life

Your Next Stop Workshop

Your Next Stop Workshop is a compact course that can be completed in one week!  I will help you follow your creative passion and turn it into a money-making business.  I will share what I have learned on my journey through this interactive workshop.  I will get you thinking, creating, working hard, and holding yourself accountable!  AND... we are going to have a lot of fun! 

Below is a short summary of what to expect in Your Next Stop Workshop. *included in the course is a 1 on 1 discovery assessment call.


Juliet Hahn Focused Passion Life
  • Success Accelerator 
    • We will dive deep into 9 exercises to help YOU create a plan.
  • Module 1: Begin to get unstuck
    • We will explore what makes you tick.
  • Module 2: Change comes with growth
    • I will give you my best practices with my morning routine and how I live a healthy life.
  • Module 3: Jumpstart yourself
    • In this module, We will be taking ACTION!
  • Reflection and Affirmation
    • Here is where we CELEBRATE! You will receive a certificate of completion.
  • What's Next
    • 1 on 1 coaching option for additional support.


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Podcasting 101


In this Webinar I am going to take you through how I started my podcast journey.  I will take you through all my set backs and ALL my wins.  I will start with: equipment, hosting platforms, recording options, interview vs solo episodes.  I will share where to save money and where to invest money, and so much more!

Juliet Hahn Focused Passion Life
  • Equipment 
    • We will dive into what I use and other affordable options.
  • Hosting Platforms
    • We will explore free platforms vs. paid.
  • Recording options
    • I will take you through what I use and free vs paid options.
  • Interview vs Solo episodes
    • We will discuss these two options and how I prepare for each.
  • What's Next
    • 1 on 1 coaching option for additional support and or my Workshop.


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