Your Next Stop Juliet Hahn Cynthia Zordich Gina DiStefano
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Your Next Stop Juliet Hahn Cynthia Zordich Gina DiStefano
Your Next Stop Juliet Hahn Cynthia Zordich Gina DiStefano
Your Next Stop Juliet Hahn Cynthia Zordich Gina DiStefano

Your Next Stop

As president and founder of YNS Juliet Hahn LLC, Juliet is the creative voice behind the Your Next Stop Workshop and Your Next Stop Podcast. She is also the founder of YNS Live, a live interview format audio broadcast on Fireside.Ā In 2021Ā Juliet was recognized as a top podcaster in her field by podcast magazine, making both the hot 50 list (#27 overall) and the top 50 moms in podcasting (#12 overall).Ā 

Juliet started herĀ consulting career in 2015 helping women become healthy and fit. In 2020 she pivoted her consultingĀ to helpĀ small business owners shorten the buying cycle by helping themĀ establish &Ā articulate their stories.Ā She helped small business owners increase sales by helping them connect the dots so they can share and connect with more people.Ā Ā 

Currently, Juliet serves as the Chief Communications Officer (CCO) at FetTech.Ā They develop products that revolutionize medicine and enhance healing. FetTech MTPĀ® products are currently used in hospitals throughout the US, and are frequently found in Burn Centers, Trauma Centers, Wound Centers, and Operating Rooms.Ā Ā 

InĀ 2019 Juliet developed the Your Next Stop Podcast, where she interviews women and men from all walks of life. The podcast provides a platform forĀ them to discuss how they leverage their life's passion into a fulfilling business and career. Juliet has developed a partnership with NFL Thread to give the women of the NFL a platform to share their unique and inspirational stories.Ā Ā In August 2023,Ā Juliet developedĀ  another podcast series called Word Blindness: Dyslexia Exposed, with co-host, Brent Sopel, former NHL Stanley Cup Winner and Founder of Brent Sopel Foundation.

Your Next Stop Juliet Hahn Cynthia Zordich Gina DiStefano

"I am so honored to be working with NFL Thread and the women of the NFL. It is a passion of mine to give women a voice to be heard. Living life with a passion and purpose just makes us better women! I want to use my platform to share these inspirational stories and showcase these amazing women.  Empowering women empower more people! And that is what the world needs right now."

NFL Thread

Cynthia Zordich is the founder of (a private platform for NFL women), editor of the playbook (an off-season playbook for NFL families), and co-author of when the clock runs out (25 NFL players share their stories of hardship and triumph in letting go of the game).

Cynthia is passionate about arming NFL families with a strong network, opportunities for engagement, and resources. She is married to former NFL safety Michael Zordich, now a defensive backs coach for central Michigan. Cynthia is always looking for ways to help NFL women share their voices and platforms, to promote their businesses, and grow their networks.

"There are so many dynamic NFL women just lighting up the world. I am so pleased to bring on guest after guest - to tell their stories, share their journey, offer insight into the NFL experience and help Thread members and all of my NFL circles - grow! For more information about Cynthia and Thread visit