Your next stop with Juliet Hahn


Juliet Hahn grew up in Moorestown, New Jersey, a quaint town just outside of Philadelphia. She had a fulfilling childhood and her parents, Marc and Barbara, showered their five children with love, support, and humor. Juliet enjoyed being active which led to her year-round involvement in sports. Despite her dyslexia, she brought her love of athletics to Rowan University where she starred as a two-sport athlete. After graduation, she moved to New York City and began a career in advertising. Juliet embraced New York City’s culture, diversity, and energy and made it her home for fourteen years. It also happens to be where she met her future husband, Dan. Currently, they reside in New York with their three children: Montgomery (17), Truman (15), and Penelope (13) and two Boxers.


Juliet helps small business owners shorten the buying cycle and increase sales by helping them establish & articulate their story.

In 2021, Juliet decided to pivot away from health and fitness coaching and into helping people connect to their passions and be able to tell their stories.  Juliet helps her clients be able to articulate their stories. She helps connect the dots so they can share and connect with more people. #storiesconnectus  Juliet also offers a workshop called “Your Next Stop” that empowers people to find their creative passion and turn it into a business which she believes everyone has the ability to do; they just need the correct tools. In addition to her workshop, she uses her Your Next Stop Podcast and Your Next Stop Live to highlight people who have turned passions into careers. This platform shares inspiring stories from people all over the world.

Through these conversations, Juliet guides people to explore their past in order to connect the dots to their own story. Everyone has a story and it is through sharing, active listening (and sometimes laughing) that people connect and learn from one another.

Combining these two paths has led to a partnership with NFL Thread to create a series that explores the lives and stories of NFL spouses and partners. This series chips away at the perception of NFL women and showcases their talents, initiatives and missions. YNS Live with NFL Thread PIVOT dives into the players & spouses as they share transition out of the league. Stories connect us.


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