Episode 176 RERUN: Rimi Chakraborty - The High Achiever Who Found Happiness in an Unlikely Place

your next stop Jul 26, 2023

With an MBA from MIT Sloan and nearly 25 years of experience and certifications in yoga and meditation, Rimi Chakraborty has successfully translated the ancient teachings of her Indian roots to the corporate world to align company mission with purpose. Her passion to lead mindfully stems from leaving a prestigious management consultant gig in Boston to owning and operating a retreat center in the Azores, Portugal. In addition to teaching chakra-based yoga and meditation practices, Rimi consults with Fortune 500 companies like PepsiCo Global as well as the University of Toronto to lead both group and 1:1 leadership sessions.  Rimi holds various certifications in Forrest Yoga, Yin Yoga, Energy Healing, Energy Medicine, and Yoga for Trauma.

In this episode, you will learn:

  1. How Rimi Chakraborty's upbringing influenced her definition of success
  2. The EQ factor and how it is important in achieving success
  3. The pivots that Rimi Chakraborty made in her career that led her to a place of happiness and contentment


You can find Rimi on LinkedIn and check out her businesses Minuvida and RimiChakra.


Remarkable Quote:

“In my life, with all the pivots that I’ve made have led me to where I would say is a very successful, happy and content place. My life is really the balancing of not always trying so hard, doing what I love, and doing my best."


“We co founded a framework that helps us bring together these physical symptoms with our emotional health, like how we're feeling and some of the feelings of, am I enough? What do I reach for? Is there more? And also with our leadership behavior, like, how are we showing up? As are we strong in ambition and grit, or are we strong in compassion and empathy?”


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