Episode 165: Andrea Zsapka - The Dancing Economist

your next stop Sep 22, 2022

Guest Bio:

Andrea Zsapka is originally from Hungary, and now lives in Malaysia. She is an online event organizer and the founder of the Global Empowerment Hub. She has a background in dance, which she says has given her confidence and determination. In her role as an economist, she has also gained a global perspective. The Hub is now in its third year, and has grown to include over 200 speakers spanning five weekends.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. Andrea's background as a dancer and her transition into becoming an online event organizer
  2. The evolution of the Global Empowerment Hub Summit, from a four-day event to a six-week event
  3. The importance of consistency and determination in any endeavor, whether it be dancing, business, or something else

You can find Andrea on Instagram as well as her business and her website.

Remarkable Quote:

Without practice, without doing the things, without action steps, nothing will happen. So basically it's the same in business.”


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Hello, this is Juliet Hahn with your next stop. In this episode, I interview Andrea Zsapka. Now, let's see if I got that right. She pronounces it in the episode. Let's just see because you know how I am with the pronunciation of words and that is a hard one.



She's originally from Hungary and lives in Malaysia. And what I love about this episode so much is I connected with Andrea a couple of years ago and was one of the speakers at her Global Empowerment Summit. She had over 100 speakers last year. It was a six week summit this year, which is her third year, it's going to be over 200 speakers and it spans over five weekends. Really cool episode.



I can't wait for you guys to dive in and hear about Andrea's story so you can also andrea lives on LinkedIn and on IG. Her LinkedIn is Andrea Zsapka and it is spelled Andrea like Andrea and then Zsapka. You can find Andrea on LinkedIn. IG Andrea Branding and then Global Empowerment. Hub is also IG.



She is an online event organizer. She has a background in dance. It's just such a cool episode you don't want to miss. Don't forget to follow me. I am Juliet Han on pretty much all the socials.



LinkedIn is Juliet Hahn. Facebook is Juliet Hahn. You can also go to my website. I am Juliet Hahn. You're going to enjoy this one and we will see you guys soon.



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If you're not picking cherries, are you really listening to podcasts?



Hello, everyone. Welcome back to your next stop. I say it every time and every time I go to record, I go, I'm not going to say this, but then I do. I'm just so excited for you guys to meet. Andrea Zeppica.



Did I say it right? Yes, it's all right. Thank you.



So my listeners know that I mess up names all the time and I was getting it perfect behind the scenes right when I was just testing. So andrea zeptka. So it's a bit different. Japkapka. Perfect.



Oh, my gosh.



And a little laugh there, right? Of course. Well, starting your Thursday morning with some laughs is always nice. So Andrea is an online invent organizer. She is also the founder of the global Empowerment hub.



She hangs out most on LinkedIn. And I will spell her last name because I mean, really? Right? If I can't say it, I'm not going to be able to spell it. It's Andrea, like we spell in America and then it's Zsapka.



Am I correct? Yes. Perfect. And Andrea is on Instagram. Andrea Branding and then also at Global Empowerment.



Hub and again, she hangs out most on LinkedIn. But I am really excited about this for many different reasons because Andrea, when did we met? Has it been two years, a year and a half? I think more than two years. Yes.



I think we are knowing each other for a while. And we met on LinkedIn. We did, we met on LinkedIn because I was going to say it was in the beginning of the clubhouse days. It was like right when I started my podcast and it was really wasn't it? How many global empowerment seminars like Summits did you have?



This is the third year that I'm organizing. So we had two already. Right? So I met you when you were doing the second one and I spoke, I met some amazing people and I can't wait, you guys are listening, going, wait, what is this all about? Andrea's going to get into it.



But I met some amazing, amazing people through Andrea, which is really fun. And we've been saying, we have to get you on the podcast. We have to get you on the podcast. And it just kept for whatever reason, we both kept evolving. You kept doing more stuff and it was like, okay, now is not a good time.



Now is a good time. Now is a good time. So this is the perfect timing because you are organizing the third Global Empowerment Hub Summit, which is amazing. And so I just would love for my listeners to get a little bit, a little background. Because you're a dancer.



That's really what your passion is. And this is kind of how this whole thing evolved. Am I correct? Yes. I evolved into what I call the dancing economist, because my background is economist, bank management and stock exchange.



So serious. But since I was six, I was also a dancer and I could never stop. I'm still doing it actively. And I think that background helped me to be more empathetic with people, to understand people more and to see how I can support them. And that is actually what is helping me to organize the summit on the way I do, so that it stays heartfelt.



It stays heart centered. And all the people just like you, they are high integrity people who are coming and volunteering for all these crazy things that I do in the last two, three years. So I'm really thankful for everyone who's joining this journey. Yeah, I mean, I love it. As I said, I met some really cool people.



It was such a beautiful thing. And then again, we're going to get into your background. But I do have a question before we start the first summit was how long versus the second summit was how long? Because I know when you first were doing the second summit, it was supposed to be a certain length, and then you're like, no, it's going to be I feel like it was a month long, but I want you to kind of clarify and then how long is the third summit? Yeah, actually, you're right.



So the first ever summit, two years ago, it was four days long, and it was 108 speakers who joined me volunteeringly to come on board and empower people just by sharing knowledge. And then the second summit, I went crazy. It was six weeks long, and it was 220 hours of live streaming in a row, which was kind of like really crazy. Even for myself. The first time, it was already crazy because my hobby was, like, sleeping next to me.



We were in a big exhibition center, and for four days we didn't come out. But the second one, we did six weeks next to just like this in front of my computer. Well, yeah, don't do it. I don't advise to anyone to do that. Right.



Well, I mean, that's what's crazy. What is this year? How many weeks is this? So this year I'm trying to make a bit more reasonable. So it will be five weekends.



It's from Friday until Sunday. So basically it's not the whole week like last year. So even people were asking me, like, andrea, no one is as crazy as you watch the summit. But for six weeks in a row, I was like, oh, yeah, you have a point. Right?



So that's actually brilliant. This is what this podcast is about. It's really about learning and getting knowledge from other people. And that's why we connected so quickly and so wonderfully, because we both had such similar passions and similar way we wanted to express them. So I love that each year you're learning and you're just getting better and better.



It's the same thing when you start anything, right? I mean, anything that you start, when you first start it, you're going to be like, oh, wait, I wish I learned that, or I wish I did this. But it's one of those things that you're like, no, it's not a wish, it's okay, next year I can implement that because I learned that because I took a chance, I pushed fear aside and I jumped right in, which you 100% did. And I think I would love to ask, do you think that for your dancing background? Because you're from Hungary.



Am I correct? Yes, exactly. I'm from Hungary, the capital. But I'm from southeast of Hungary. Okay, but you live in Malaysia.



Yes, for six years now. Right. So that's what I want the listeners to get a little bit about a little background. So you were born and hungry, you danced, and I'm going to lead back to that question. Do you think dance gave you that kind of grit where it's like, you know what, I can do anything, I can try anything.



Or do you think you were just born with it or is it something that you feel that your parents kind of gave you and then you can go into your background. So we'll take that question and then lead into that. So basically the question back to the question is I think it's a multiple thing. What's behind all these? Like my parents are very active.



Even my mother was leading like a community in my little town and they are also very active, they also love to dance. So I have to say that I was inheriting something from there. My grandparents was super, super positive. So I guess all the positive energy is coming from there. So I have that background, but only the other side.



When dancers are going on the floor, especially at the beginning, we are very shy. Like we are not born with all this confidence and all this so all those practices for the 30 years now that I'm dancing, it just gave me the confidence that most of the people are missing and also it gave me the knowledge that without practice, without doing the things, without action steps, nothing will happen. So if I didn't step into the practice room for one week, my results got worse. So basically it's the same in business, it's the same how I organized some, it's the same way. I think I can make these things a little bit better.



But there is one more I think it's a secret thing that is behind is that I was not so thankful for my mum because she was redirecting me for becoming a full time dancer into an economist. So the dancers don't earn, so I have to be an economist. But at the end when I see what the big picture it gave to me that next to my dancing background. The artistic. The humility.



All this determination next to it I get the word view. I get the understanding of how the world. Business and people work and all this together. I think that's the magic soup like all this put together in a pot. I think that's a wonderful combination and I'm thankful for that.



I love that in the soup and really that's such a beautiful way to describe it because people can really imagine that all those different things married together in one pot really created who you are and who you're evolving every day to become. Okay, so you went to university, you became an ecommerce economic, right? I'm like, is that an ecommerce? But we all say things different. I love that.



And you continue dancing through I mean you never as you said, which I love because it always brings it back to sports that's another thing that we connected on is really like the discipline of being you're a dancer. I played sports in college but it was one of those things that right. If you do not practice, you see where you lack. And it's really cool raising children and then realizing that on their own, right? And it really isn't until their teens.



I mean, how many times like okay, you have to really practice. You have to practice or you have to kind of put yourself out there. Some of us are blessed where we cannot do. My sister used to in off season, she used to always run and keep up her fitness. I never did.



I was like, I'm taking off. And then because I'm such an all or nothing person and then at the end, like right in the beginning I would jump in and she used to get so pissed at me because she would be like, how can you do that? How can I train all the time? But you jump right back in and you are at the same level. However, I used to have more injuries and I think now as an adult, that's what I see it was I could keep up because God built me the way I was built.



However, I would then be injured midseason because I didn't give my body that I didn't give. I didn't respect my body and what it is and that you need to kind of ease into things, stay consistent so your body doesn't break down. Do you find that very similar with dancing as well? I mean, if you take as you said, if you take a couple of weeks off, how is it to get back? I think it's really like with everything in life, it's the same in diet, it's the same one this year.



Your thing that people are doing today, I think it shouldn't be like something that you do periodically. It should be something like a lifestyle with everything. Like you keep up your business the same way you have your routines. That's the business part. You keep up your healthy diet and it's your lifestyle.



You are dancing then that's your passion. Then you keep up dancing as much as you can. Of course we cannot do every day. Sometimes we are tired, sometimes there's something happening but it's just a regularity and all these things that is coming back to you all the time and you're keeping it up and you keep your body healthy enough. I think that in sports we can agree that that's the most important thing.



And if you open up the big picture, then in life that's the most important thing to keep ourselves healthy. Because without that you cannot do business, you cannot have a family, you don't have a future. So basically that's the core. And dancing taught me that too. Because whenever I didn't pay attention, of course the competition didn't go well because I didn't have the energy.



So in this way it gives somehow the strong core, whether it's the muscles, whether it's the brain, the mindset, whether it's the healthy eating, the very strong core that is needed for life. So sports and dancing could be anything, but that's something that comes from the sports, I believe. Oh, I love that. It's so true. Okay, so we're going to segue back to you went to university, and then when did you as you said, your family really gave you that background, right?



You saw your mom kind of being a forward thinker and doing different things. Your grandfather with his positive energy and positive affirmations. When did you decide in your kind of in your business career, I want to do more, I want to reach more people? And then how did the global empowerment hub kind of come about? And were you really so this is kind of a two fold question.



Were you really planning this for years and saying, okay, this is not the right time, this is not the right time? Or was it one of those things that it came to your mind and you were like, okay, I'm in it, and you just build this quickly? I think for this, it's two four story. The first part was my multinational carrier, because in my multinational carrier, I was working for an American company at the end, and I was going from customer center service center to team leadership. And then after I ended up in lead management, which is also very systematic and it's a lot of determination.



So this brought me closer to people. As more as I worked, I realized that I'm very good with people, so I have to be somewhat in that field coaching, teaching, training, or organizing people together. And then the big move came, and I moved to Malaysia. And as a white person, I must say I became someone else. And I got into a situation that it's something that I always took granted that, okay, I have this in Europe.



They treat me like this. I'm a woman. It's normal. And then I arrived here, and everything turned around, and no one was talking to me. When I was talking to someone, they answered the question that I asked to my husband.



So I was like, what's happening here? And it was all about this story of, okay, and what's about them? Because the ladies and the women who live here, they have the similar situation, and they look up to us white women, because we are, like, having a status. But at the end, we didn't have a status because I became a dependent wife living with the husband, and I was independent before. So it all turned up, my system and turned around everything.



And I have to search again, like, okay, what will I do? How will I get back by status? And how will I do something for others? And then start the what we mean one workshops. That was the name before 2019.



And I did, like, trained around 100 women just for free. I started my dance parties where I was teaching people just to get a little bit of community feeling here in Malaysia. And then they were asking, what else? And then I started some weekly entrepreneur elevator motivation and meetups. And then, okay, what can I give to the community I created?



Okay, let's do summits. I have never done it before. And the hybrid events in 2020, they were not available yet. There were no, like, this Riverside. I don't even know whether Riverside existed because everything was offline, right?



So we created this hybrid summit and then the second summit, and there it goes. It was not something that I planned. I think I got into a situation where my situation made me realize that I just shouldn't take anything for granted and I shouldn't complain anymore because I met with so many amazing stories and I wanted to feature these empowering stories. I have many plans how we will feature them in the future. And then I met all of you guys, all these hundred.



Now it's like 330 speakers who already have been through my platform. And then I was like, I still can't believe in humanity. There is still some good and together we can empower a lot of people. And that's the short story, basically. It's not about me.



It's about us giving knowledge, resources to other people through the platform. I love that. And I think there's so many messages in what you just said, and I think the way you said it is so beautiful and so many people connect. I mean, how many times do I say this on my podcast? Stories connect.



So someone is listening to this and going, I had a similar story and maybe they didn't do anything with it, right? And they're sitting there being inspired by you. Or maybe they had a similar story and they took it upon themselves to better other people because they were in a situation. So I have two questions. So one, is your husband Malaysia?



Is that why you ended up in Malaysia? Or it's just for work while he's. There, why are you guys yeah, both Europeans. He's French, so we moved together. It was a last minute decision.



He got an assignment. I moved with one suitcase because I didn't know that I would end up in Kuala Lumpur. It's a story that was just the story of our lives. And then we are here for six years now, and we are enjoying Asia. I love the experience and what it gave to me and the humidity it has teaching me and all the different cultural differences that I learned and how people see life.



I think it's a beautiful addition if you live a little bit outside of your own world and comfort zone. Oh, I 100% agree with you that and so it's interesting. So in the culture, men are looked at as, okay, we're going to go talk to so that must have been right. You're coming from Europe, you're coming where your voice was heard you're coming from. Like people listen to you to stop and be like, wait a second.



What in the world is happening? Can you take us through a little bit? Because again, there's going to be so many people that really connect with that. As you said, you can see in your face that it took you back. Did you ever get in a sad space or was it more of like not anger because I don't want to use it as a negative word or more of a like, wait a second, I have something to say and now I'm going to be more bold.



Or was there somewhere in between with that? I would say the first year was a realization and it was set like the first week already. My husband left. I was alone in a flat that is not even the flat that we were living in. I didn't know anyone.



It was kind of a restart reboot. So from that perspective, I had one year to adapt and to even figure out how we will live together like this and how I deal with this, that we are not together. But he's traveling all the time and I'm at home. But then there is another component, which is the power that is coming from that loneliness that a lot of people don't do it intentionally. Like, I didn't do it and some people stuck in it.



But for me, what it created, it was not the anger, but it described that, oh, come on, I will show them there is nothing like you are in this situation. And show them that you can do and show yourself, make yourself visible so that they cannot really not answer you or not. And now they are asking for me. Now they want to talk to me. Now they want to feature me and all these things.



So I was like, yeah, let's show them. I love that. Another thing that I think is so interesting and so cool is that you and I are so similar. Even though we come from different countries and different cultures, there's so much of people. And that's when people will say everyone is different.



There's so much likeness within people in different parts of the world. But a lot of times, people don't take the chance to get to know someone, right? They don't ask questions. They are just hearing a story. But they're not really listening to a story and asking those curious questions.



Because so much of what you said, I was like, I got the chills because I was like, yes, that totally would be me. I would be that same person. I would be sad at first because it would take me a second to adjust, to be like, wait, what in the world is happening right here? And then I would have gotten pissed. And then I've been like, oh no, you will answer me.



And I love that. You said that. And it's just so interesting. That's why I love doing this podcast, because it's connecting people like you and then sharing your story out to my listeners who I know are listening in the car on their walks, whatever they're doing, and they're going, yes, I love that answer that Andrea just said, because either they see something similar in them with you, or they're like, you know what? I don't know that I would do that or I'm in a similar situation.



You know what? I am going to get pissed and angry and do something with it. Not something negative, but I want to empower other people to be able to do that. So I love that you took your experience and turned it around and made it a positive experience. Yeah, basically, this craziness actually, what I realized is me, that was the inspiring thing for other people to do similar things.



Because, like, if Andrea can do that, sit here for four days and do this, all this with 100 speakers, maybe I can do it. And then next year, six weeks, 220 hours, she did it, maybe I can do more. So I get a lot of lot of responses from the ladies around me, from the people around me that, oh, okay, I got inspired by what you do, that you are actually doing what you say. Because what I feel missing in the world is that people are not walking the talk. So when they see someone who is walking the talk and doing the steps and they are like, okay, then maybe I should do the same.



And this is the trigger that I want to give to people, that life is short, so act on it and then just walk the talk. And then although it's hard at the end of it, it's much bigger. Well, it is, and I love that you said that, because it is. But that's what is beautiful about life, about this crazy life that we all live, is that we all have opportunities. It's what we do with them.



And we can create like you created something in your mind and you're like, I'm going to do it, and I'm going to actually put this in tuition. And then as it you started kind of putting the steps down. I would love for you to talk about. Like. The doors opening.



Because I know for myself in the position that I'm in when I started my business. And it was really interesting to see those doors just open up before I even got to that. Before I even got to knock on the door. It was like. Oh.



That door just opened up. You're going to make a left, and this is who you're going to meet in that time. And then that door is going to open up. And it was really cool to see that I was doing what I was meant to be doing. Again, my listeners know I really believe that we all have a path.



I believe in God, whether you believe in God or the universe. But it is really interesting when you're in what God has kind of created for you, those doors just kind of keep opening. So can you take us through a little bit of that? What opportunities open to the people that you met through the global empowerment hub? Where did that lead as everything is evolving.



So the main thing that I got through the platform is basically love from the people. That's something that I think I'm thriving on. So when I have a good feedback or I have something that I made someone's days or even when I was talking to you guys by organizing all the speakers together, they were cool. Thank you. Sometimes I was like a psychological help.



Like someone had a breakdown and I was like, no problem, no problem. If you talk another time, if you want to talk to me. So all these human connections, I think it's something that everyone forgets they are connecting, but they are forgetting the love. The love part. Even online when I meet all these 330 people, I feel for you.



I mean, I know that someone broke the ankle and I brought them. Someone had something then I always like, okay, according to my knowledge, I am always saying a good world and my time and how I'm available. But that's something that I got from this. And then the next door was maybe all the collaborations, all the initiatives that we started together. I organized a fashion show at the very first part.



I just got to know the designer and now we are working together for the third year, empowering models from all sizes and shapes. And we are doing this together now with a big bank already. So it's something that just started then with that big runway in an exhibition center that no one there to do. And we did it for any kind of collaborations. Common projects, coaching programs, mentoring programs, a lot, a lot of things.



And I think when you have an opportunity. If it's aligned with you and you believe in the values of the collaboration like I believe in your podcast. I believe in sports. I believe that you are amazing what you are doing on your own. Building up this podcast and you are so passionate about.



Then I'm willing to support and willing to help you to live your passion because that's life about I mean. They're not like lonely people sitting on a planet like Little Prince. It's just all getting lonely. It's not our style, not human. So I love to work with people and I think that's the biggest thing that I got.



Plus I became an event producer in the end because everyone was saying, oh, Andrea, that's good for you, you can do this. And then I'm like, why not? Well, I love your boldness and your grit. I. Mean, I think that's one of the things that comes across and the one thing that I love too, is that you are so determined.



But if someone met you just listening to this when this podcast first started, they're like, oh, she's so sweet and lovely, but there's a fire inside of you. And I love that. I love that there's this fire that you are, like, unstoppable, and you project it in such a beautiful way where it's not intimidating, it's not scary. You're so open and just welcoming. And so that's why I think you are so successful at what you're doing.



And every year your speakers grow because people feel comfortable around you. They know that you're going to make them just better. I know that when I first spoke to you, it was like, I had no time, but I was like, I'm going to figure this out because I want to help this woman with her mission, because I truly believe in it as well. But I also just love what you kind of just project and put out there. So thank you for doing what you're doing.



Thank you for being part of the game. I think that's all about I now chose a tagline which is we empower you and you empower others. So I'm really trying to build a digital ecosystem, which is a win win situation for everyone who is in it. Let it be a speaker, let it be the audience, let it be anyone coming as a partner. I think that's the future.



And if we all understand it and this is my artistic side. That artists should rule the world because we are kind of like human enough. We have the humidity to understand what humanity is going through. And we need all these business kind of relations and all this to support us and push a little bit further and get all those money related things that artists are not as good about to come in place. So that it's really changing.



It has a really big impact. And whenever I see artists doing such things, it's always very powerful because it's all driven. We are not corruptible because our art is much more important, our passion is much more important than anything else. So I believe that's the future. I think that's so beautiful, and I 100% agree with you.



So can you tell in the beginning of the podcast, I shared with everyone where they can find you? I even do it in the beginning, beginning in my intro. But if you can remind people again where to find you if they want to speak, is there still time for are you still taking applications for speakers? Kind of just give the audience a little bit about that so they can find you? Yes.



So basically, as you said on Instagram, on your branding, if you want to reach and send me a message, I'm very active on Instagram too, or otherwise on LinkedIn we were spelling my name so you can find me there. Andrea Jovka. And then yeah, I have two websites, the Dancing Economist, which is more about the event management. And then I have the Global Empowerment hub that we are talking about. So it's global empowermenthub.com as easy as it is.



And you can find everything about the summit. I'm still accepting speakers until the end of September. It's a bit closing, so in one week you still have time to fill out the application and set up a talk with us or chat with me. So that's the other crazy thing. I'm interviewing every single speaker before all my thing happens because I want a profile, I want high integrity people, heart centered people, as I said.



So that's also something. But anyone can come. The basic virtual summit, the five weeks are free, so all the weekends. But this year I'm trying to make itself sustainable because not everyone knows that in the first two years I was investing my own capital as a brand investment into this Global Empowerment hub. And now I'm trying to figure out a way that really I can again walk the talk and make itself sustainable so that other impact hubs can use the model to work like this.



So we have a boot camp experience with eight speakers who are volunteering to do 2 hours workshops on every Sunday of the summit. And it's a real transformation because we go through from business growth, personal growth, leadership, sustainability and also digital wealth. So it's every area. I love holistic approach. Many people are asking why is it so about everything?



I'm like, look at the villaflife. You cannot just fix one part, the other part goes with it. So I want to provide the information and then people take whatever they need. So that's the summit and it's happening from the 28 October this year until the 28 November. I think it will be amazing.



Again, already 100 plus speakers volunteered. As I said, I'm looking forward to it. Always in the drive, always excited about what's happening next and waiting for ideas and people to come on board. Well, I love that. And I love that you're always growing and always learning and always making it better each year, which I think is just fantastic.



So Andrea, thank you so much for joining your Next Stop. It's been such a pleasure. I mean, really being connected to you, your energy, your light, your love, it really comes across and I'm just so happy to be a part of what you're creating and being able to give a little time to help in that aspect. So thank you again for joining your Next Stop. Thank you for empowering money by your podcast too.



That's also something that I always appreciate, so keep it up. Thank you guys. You know what to do, like share rate review. What do I say every single time you might be listening to this episode I'm like, oh, that's fun, but there's someone in your world that needs to hear it. Someone that actually maybe would be Andrea's next speaker or someone that wants to get involved in the summit by being a participant because they need a little inspiration in their life.



They may be stuck. Maybe they're having hard terms and this story will empower them just to make someone else's life a little bit better, but also to make their lives better. So like share rate review follow Andrea and all the socials. Don't forget to follow me again. I am Juliet Han on all the socials or Juliet Han and we will see you guys next week.



Thank you again, Andrea. Thank you too. Bye bye. I hope you liked this episode of your next stop. Please subscribe to my channel, share with your friends and join in each week.

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