Episode 170 RERUN: The Power of a Mother's Love - How Zareefa Arije Turned Tragedy Into Triumph

your next stop Aug 02, 2023

Born to a Bangladeshi family, raised in NYC, Zareefa Arije was raised with the idea that self-love and self-care were one and the same. Growing up with a close relationship to her mother, Ammu, Zareefa’s earliest memories include seeing the world through her mother’s holistic healing and natural remedies for almost every ailment. Raised with the mentality that our bodies are our temples, natural remedies always resonated with her. After the sudden passing of her mother,  Ammu, Zareefa started her skincare line as a way of grieving, with it eventually turning into something extraordinary - Ammu Beauty. Channeling her mother’s expertise, and her father’s entrepreneurial spirit, Ammu Beauty became a way to bring Ammu’s recipes to life and share them with the rest of the world. All the love she still wants to give to her mother is now hand-poured into each and every product.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. How Zareefa Arije's mother's death inspired her to start Ammu Beauty
  2. What it was like for Zareefa to grieve her mother's death
  3. How Zareefa used her mother's homemade cosmetics to launch her business

You can find Zareefa on Instagram and check out her business, Ammu Beauty.

Remarkable Quote:

“I grew up seeing my mom take care of herself. But also, I was always fed, my house was always clean, and my dad was always happy. So to see that she was able to do that and still take time for herself, I wanted women in this world and in this Western world to also feel that as a new mom.”


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