Episode 178: Allison Kaye - From Dietitian to Celebrity Makeup and Hairstylist

your next stop Dec 12, 2022

Allison Kaye is a professional makeup and hair artist based out of South Florida. She has been featured in VOGUE, Allure, The New York Post, Good Housekeeping, Women’s Health, Brides, Forbes, Real Simple, Pure Wow, and countless other publications showcasing her expertise and celebrity client work. Allison is specifically known for her celebrity work with the NFL, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, TV personalities, and top influencers. Allison left her job as a registered dietitian and personal trainer in 2016 to chase her lifelong dream of hair and makeup styling and has never looked back. Allison also has a second location in Cleveland Ohio where she spends a few months a year.

You will learn:

  1. How Allison's childhood passion for hair and makeup led to her becoming a celebrity makeup and hairstylist
  2. How Allison's experience working in a hospital led her to realize that she didn't want to pursue a career in dietetics
  3. How Allison's experience styling pageant contestants led her to start working with brides and other clients


You can find Allison on Instagram.


Remarkable Quote:

“I now have this great portfolio of these celebrity clients that I have been able to style. But it truthfully always stemmed from that NFL draft in 2021."



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Welcome to your next stop. This is Juliet Hahn. In this episode, I speak with Allison Kay. Allison is a celebrity makeup and hairstylist, waiting to hear how she got into this. She actually went to college to be a dietitian, got a job right out of school in a hospital, and then decided that's not what she wanted to do.



So you have to hear the pivots and turns and then how for something that she loved her entire life since she was seven years old, old became her profession, you have to hear about it. She works with many NFL spouses and girlfriends, and then she also works with a number of celebrities. You guys do not want to miss this. You can follow Allison on her Instagram account where she hangs out the most at Allison, A-L-L-I-S-O-N-K-K-A-Y-E Glam, and you can find out a little bit more about what she is doing. Really fun episode.



Loves the twist and the turns in this. If you guys have not heard, because you might not, I do consulting for people that are in the podcast space, media circuits, people also in the business world that are going to networking events, I help you be able to capture your story in a very concrete way where you can connect with people at a deeper level. So if you're in corporate America and you are going to networking events, I really help you kind of fine tune that story. If you are an influencer, a brand, a business, you're an entrepreneur, and you want to get your message out, the best way to do that is really to go on the media circuit and the podcast circuit. But you need to be able to tell your story.



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Hello. Welcome back to your next stop. This is Juliet Hahn. I am so excited for this episode, you guys. You know, I always say it and I'm going to say it again, but I can't wait to dive into the story.



Welcome. Allison kay. How are you? Awesome. How are you doing?



I'm good. So I always let my listeners know kind of where we've met. And the thing that I think is really fun is from an episode of my live shows, YNS Live with NFL Thread. One of your clients is Carly Teller, and so you reached out to us, reached out to me after you heard that episode, and we're like, oh, wait, I kind of have a really kind of cool story. I would love to talk.



And you and I connected that way, and then we were like, okay, let's do this. So now you're on your next stop. Yes. So I've actually never had the opportunity to work with Carly. We almost worked together before, but we had some plans change, so hopefully in the future.



But I have had the opportunity to work with a lot of people in the NFL. Right, okay. So that is how we connect. Sorry. Right.



It was through that episode of hers on that episode. Yes. Right. Which is so cool. So this is what we do.



We start kind of with your backstory, where you grew up, if you went to university, if you didn't, kind of where you went through after high school and all that kind of stuff. So I grew up in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. The suburb is called Broadview Heights. It's kind of small, so people may know it or not, but I grew up there. And then I went to college at Ohio University, and I actually studied dietetics and got my degree in dietetics to become a registered dietitian.



I no longer do that anymore, but that was my path about ten years ago. Okay, now, so what made you when you went to University of Ohio, what made you kind of go in the path of dietetics? When I was in high school, I really loved learning about all things food and nutrition related and health class, so it inspired me to want to do something in that field. And when I saw the things that you could do as being a dietitian, it wasn't just working in a hospital or it wasn't just helping people in a certain category. There were so many opportunities that really inspired me to want to do that.



I have danced my entire life and was always very active playing sports and things like that, so it made me already interested in that kind of topic, as that's something that I was already interested in my entire life. Truthfully. No, I love it because the thing that people don't really see or understand, especially if you're in athletics, it's really important when you feel like what works with your body or what doesn't work with your body. And it's really cool because when I played sports as well, and now that I'm older and I still work out pretty rigorously, I can feel like if I didn't have enough protein or if I didn't drink enough water the next day. I mean, sometimes it's annoying, right?



I'm like, oh, my gosh. Okay, I wasn't on point, and my workout is not as good, or I'm a little bit more sore, but it is so many different things that food can really heal you or it could really mess you up. Absolutely.



Nowadays, with all of the different allergies to foods that people have, especially here in the United States, it fascinates me. When you go overseas, you go to Europe. It's funny. We spent probably two summers ago, we went over to Europe. My son played soccer, and he was playing, actually, at the Gothia Cup.



So we took a kind of family trip and toured around. But we started in Italy, and I remember just the pastas and the wine, and I was like, oh, my God, I'm on vacation, so I'm not going to be keeping myself in check. However, I'm thinking, I'm eating so much food, but it's so good. I got home and I had lost £7. It was so insane.



I mean, we did a lot of walking, but I wasn't doing my crazy workouts. But what I learned was that the food is so much cleaner overseas. So, like in Italy, everything is so much more pure that it's not like here in the United States, which is a little bit frustrating. You think, well, I don't understand. Why can't the United States or certain regions I mean, it does there's so much more to it.



It's not just the way United States runs versus Italy. But so when you went to school and studied that, what was your plan kind of exiting out, and then where did that take you? So after I graduated with my four year degree, you had to do an internship for a year. And I did that in a hospital in Chicago. And it was at that point I realized I really didn't like doing this.



So I knew that I did not want to do anything in a hospital. I then moved back to Cleveland and worked in a gym, and I was one of the managers in our training department as the dietitian. I also then ran metabolic testing. I ended up getting a personal trainer certification and also doing personal training with people, and then that was much more my thing. I like to work with people one on one.



I like for people to be happy and in their best self. So I felt like being in a hospital is obviously very tough. However, when people were coming to train with me or wanted to meet with me one on one, when I was working as a dietitian, they were there because they wanted to be there. So that was more intriguing to me and was definitely a better fit. I love that.



And I love that you figured it kind of out before you got into it, where you were like, oh, my gosh, I went to school for this. Now I need to stay because so many people do that, and then they kind of live this life where it's like, I'm not really inspired getting up and going to work, and it's kind of like this whole dredge thing. So I have a friend that is a dietitian, but she worked a lot with patients in the hospital that had cystic fibrosis. Yes. Is that kind of the path that you could have done something like that as well?



Absolutely, yes. So the year that I spent in the hospital, I was just working with all different types of people in the hospital. So I had definitely come across with cystic fibrosis patients, just like you mentioned, and I was on every floor, whether it was ICU med surge ortho or I would end up in the bariatric clinic or the diabetes center, the cancer center. I was able to work with everything. So I got a taste test of every single spot in the hospital, but I just wasn't feeling that that was right for me.



Right. And I mean, I think because I know this friend, she worked there for many, many years, and it took a toll on her. She said, I've lost so many patients, and, yes, I was able to help them through a certain part of their journey, but then it just ended, and it was just too much kind of emotional. So I love that you saw that. Okay, I don't love this hospital setting.



Let me see what I can do. And then you started working in the fitness world, in the gym, which I think is so great. So after you did that, how many years were you in that position? So I worked in the gym, I believe it was for two years. So that would have been yes.



From 2014 to 2016, I worked in the gym for two years, and then that was when I made the whole shift to what I do now. Yeah. So I'm excited to get into that because it's so fun what you're doing. And if you look everyone, you can check out, and this will also be in the beginning of the episode, you can take this out, Allison, just so you know. But if you guys want to follow Allison, you can follow her on her Instagram, which is Allison Kaye, and that's K-A-Y-E Glam.



And you can kind of see what she is going to start talking about now. So please take us through that journey, how you landed doing hair and makeup. So, my entire life, I loved doing hair and makeup, and I actually ran like a salon, I feel like, out of my neighborhood as a kid, so I would do everybody's hair, everybody's makeup. Probably started this at age six or seven. It was very young back then.



We didn't have YouTube. I didn't have we had dial up Internet. Okay. So I wasn't learning anything on the Internet, I was learning everything just myself. So I very vividly remember teaching myself how to French braid hair on a Barbie doll.



So that was what I was doing my whole life. And I do remember telling my parents that I wanted to do I wanted to be a hairstylist. And my mom was I assume it was my mom, she was like, you need to go to college and get a four year degree, so whatever. So in my head, that was always what I needed to do. But at the end of the day, you know how they say the truth will always prevail?



I know this is not a truth, but it's similar to that kind of thing that we would say. So I was doing that my entire life. And then I actually come from pageants as well. So I competed in pageants my entire life, and I started styling people for pageants. And I figured, if I could do pageant girls, I can do brides, I can do all these other people.



And so I kind of just did it for fun. Every so often when I was working at the gym, people would always say, oh, your hair and makeup always looks so nice. Can you do my wedding? And this was a girl that was a trainer with me, and I was like, you want me, who's never worked a wedding, to do your wedding? And she was like, yes.



So I said, okay, but you can't be mad if you don't like it or whatever. I'm warning you that I have never worked a wedding before. And she said, I don't care. I want you to. So a girl that I was living with at the time who also did pageant, her and I went to this wedding, and we did ten people's hair and makeup, and everybody loved it.



And it was that moment that I realized, okay, wow, I can actually get something put together here. And that moment, I created an Instagram for my business, and I started posting all of the work that we did. And it was not long after that other people at the workplace started asking me for hair and makeup. Hey, I heard you did so and so's wedding. Can you do this for me?



And from there, I just started to get clients. So that was kind of how it all took off. I love that. And you know what's really fun? Because this is what I love about storytelling and how stories connect us.



A lot of times I will ask someone that has a path, a certain path, what they did as a kid, like, what was something that inspired them. And a lot of times, what inspires us as kids are things that we really loved as kids. If you go back and really dive into and think about it, it sometimes can be what you're supposed to be doing. I had one of my guests, and it was really funny because she always loved she was like a latchkey kid. It was years when both of her parents worked and she would come home and watch The Brady Bunch.



She would watch certain shows, and she said, I always was fascinated with that side of Hollywood. I always thought it was so neat. I always wanted to know those people, but in a different way. She was like, it wasn't just like my friends that were like, oh, I love this guy. She was like, I know.



I want to know their life. I want to know what's behind them. She actually started a celebrity agency, but it took her, like, so many times. She was in PR for a while, and I was like, no, that's not what I want. And then she kind of jumped to another thing.



Jumped to another thing, growing what? She kind of was thinking, okay, I'm growing this, not realizing it. And then started her own celebrity agency. But she said, I go back. And I always wanted to do this.



She was like, literally as a kid, I was like, this is what I wanted to do. But there was really no job or kind of a situation or it was like a parent that said, well, no, you got to go to college. Like, stop. You're not going to be working with celebrities. That's a pipe dream.



But so many times what we dream about as kids is really if we let ourselves do that and then tried to go after that dream, it could really come out to be something more than we ever think. And a lot of times as adults, we take those dreams and are like, oh, that's just silly. But so I loved that. That was something that you were doing your whole life. And we're like, yeah, I love this.



This inspires me. Because it was a passion, right? It was something that you were good at, something that you were meant to do. So that's like, really cool how that kind of just evolved. Absolutely.



And I do think about that all the time, about how I was obsessed with doing that as a kid and how I just taught myself everything. So people always ask me, they're like, oh, well, where have you learned everything from? I'm like, I have never spent a day on YouTube learning things, how a lot of people learn how to do makeup. I never even went to a professional makeup school. Everything I've done was self taught, trial and error.



And I think that is one of the things that is cool about me, is that I've just truthfully taught myself from age seven and so now I'm 31, how to do all of these different things. And like you said with these pipe dreams, as a kid, I never thought I would be working on celebrity clients. But as a kid, I always wanted to be famous. So I come from pageants that kind of tells you a little bit about my personality. I am a Leo as a zodiac sign, so those types of things make sense for me.



But now my focus is I myself am not interested in being that red carpet famous person like I would have been when I was seven years old. But it's really cool that now everything has come together where I'm able to work on those people and style them. Right, which is so cool. It really is, obviously as a gift, because not everyone has the gift where they can just do hair and makeup. I mean, I am the worst, and I really have no desire.



I'm like, okay, I know I could do a few things to make myself look presentable, but it's not something that excites me. But there are things that excite me that maybe are not going to excite someone else. So I love that. That was like something when you were seven. It was like, okay, I'm just going to keep testing and trying and doing different things.



And what does your mom say now? Do you guys ever laugh about like, okay, I said this is what I wanted to do, and you steered me in this college direction, which you learned things in college, you learned what you didn't want to do. Right? Which I think sometimes is more important than what we want to do. It's like finding out what you don't want to do in trial by error, but so take us through a little bit of that, like what your mom says.



Absolutely. So my parents paid for my college, and then I was always worried that I had let them down since I wasn't using the degree that they paid for. However, they are both probably way more happy with what I'm doing now than what I would have been doing for multiple standpoints in terms of the goals that you can reach. Working for myself, I obviously have more flexibility than I would have had if I would have continued to work in a hospital as a dietitian. And those are all things that they get to benefit off of and enjoy from me as well.



But my mom always says she knows it's not about that. It's about all those lessons I learned in four years of college and living alone and having to really spend for myself and be on my own. So their $100,000 went towards that rather than me specifically leading that career my entire life. But my parents are definitely happy. I would say that they are happier with what I'm doing now than what would have been the case had I stuck with that.



Right? I love that. So another question that I'm always curious about. So when someone has natural talent, I feel like if you can keep practicing and get better, right? So that's what you do with your clients, you get better.



Do you think, like, if you went to Cosmo to polity school and they tried to like, change what you were doing, it would have messed you up a little bit, you know. So if you can kind of touch on that because I always feel like in sports, right, when someone is a natural and I don't know why I'm saying baseball, but like a natural pitcher and the coach tries to change how they're throwing, sometimes it really messes that person up. And they are not as good unless they do their little quirk. And then that little quirk is what it's about. So what are your thoughts on that?



Absolutely. So from the people that I know that have gone to either an esthetician school or cosmetology school, they have told me that they are taught the bare minimum. So I do think that if I would have done something like that, which I did, I have looked into but realized it was not worth it because they're just teaching you basics. And I know so much more beyond basic that I don't think that it would mess me up necessarily if I went to that. It's just that I would be very bored and I would already know everything that's going on because I have already taught myself all of those things.



So I figured, save $20,000 and let's not go that route. Right. Because experience to me, sometimes experience is more important than especially the way people learn. Sometimes people learn better with the hands on experience. And I know when you go to Cosmopolitan School, like, you are doing hands on stuff, but sometimes it's just like you got to dive in and just get to it and learn.



So you're not only learning the hair and makeup, you're also learning the business side of how to create a business and what to do. So I would love to jump into a little bit about that when you realized, okay, I have something I can do weddings. What was the first kind of thing that you did to create the business, to establish yourself? So that was probably around 2016. So 2016 was when I worked that first wedding.



And that wedding gave me all of the confidence, truthfully, to be able to propel myself to where I am now. And I feel like my defining moment and this sounds so silly, but this is so very 2022. What I'm about to say was creating that Instagram account and being able to showcase my work on there, because me putting my work out there proved that I can do this. And it was very mental for me. Now I'm just posting because I need other people to see what I'm capable of, so they hire me.



So we're past that aspect of it. However, at the time, it was like, wow, okay, you're really doing this. So I did end up quitting my job as a dietitian and personal trainer. My now husband, he was not at the time, but he had encouraged me to do that. And he said, you have these other things going for you.



All else fails, I got you. And we were just dating, and I was like, wow, okay. And I just trusted it and went with it. And I will easily admit this. He's never wrong, and he always knows what's best truthfully.



So the fact that he told me that and that was what I did, I wouldn't be where I am now, business wise. I watched my dad run a landscaping business my entire life. He was the owner and had people who worked for him. So I had that as a role model growing up, and my husband does commercial real estate, and even though you work for a company, you technically work for yourself. And so I watch him also run his business.



So those are all things that either from being younger or even currently now I watch others around me run things, and that makes what I would like to say makes me a great business owner as well. Right? Well, because I always think that it's true. There's people that are made to work for themselves. They're true entrepreneurs.



And then there's people that it's just not what they would do. They're like, I have no desire to run my own business, and I do think it's a personality type. I've been doing podcasting now since 2019, and I talked to three or four people a week, so I've talked to a lot of people, and I would say there was maybe, like, one or two people out of all the people. I have hundreds and hundreds of episodes that didn't have the entrepreneur background. Someone in their family, whether it was a grandparent, aunt, uncle, parent that had it, and they kind of were, you know, it's like a gene.



It was kind of like a chromosome. Right? They have that there. But the two people, it was interesting. They kind of fell into it and were super uncomfortable.



I think one of them, their dad was a professor, and one the mom was like a doctor or something, and it was not a normal thing. Like, this is not normal. What are you doing? And it was really kind of an uphill battle for them because they didn't have that support of someone being like, yeah, I understand. I've run my own business, or I've done it.



I've had that entrepreneur kind of background. And so I do think you seeing your father doing that kind of would give you a little bit of like, okay, I understand it. Right. I understand the goods and the bads, and you're able to go talk to him, like, what do I need to do here? So take us through after that first wedding and then the other weddings, how did you then start doing stuff for the NFL and that angle?



How did that come about? Yes. So in 2021, I got an email, and it was an inquiry for hair and makeup. And it said, my boyfriend is getting drafted in the NFL and I'm looking for hair and makeup. The NFL draft was in Cleveland.



I currently have two homes, one in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and one in Cleveland. I am mainly in Florida, but we still have our place in Cleveland. And I was down in Florida, and I said to my husband, I was like, who is this guy Mac Jones that she's talking about is getting drafted in the email? And my husband's like, are you kidding me? He just won the college football championship for Alabama.



Everybody knows who this guy is. And I don't follow college sports. So I was like, oh, wow. He's like, yeah, that's a big deal. Yeah, you're going to go do that?



So my husband said, tell her, yes, you will go and style them and go book yourself a plane ticket. So I did just that. I ended up styling his girlfriend, his mom, and his sister for the NFL draft in Cleveland. So that was April of 2021. And that was the moment where I was like, okay, I'm styling for something that's not a wedding, not a pageant, not a special occasion client.



This is a huge life event for these people, and this is televised. Like, this is a big deal. And I knew that at that moment I needed to take the opportunity and run with it because I had two choices, right? I could have just styled that, flown back to Florida, and just been like, oh, hey, I did this once, and it was really cool. But the person that I am and my whole life, I've always gone after everything.



I was like, that was my point. That was my breaking point of where I knew I could propel myself to become this celebrity stylist that I had thought of being. And growing up in Cleveland, I would have never thought that celebrities don't come to Cleveland. But being in South Florida, I obviously have the opportunity to continue to work with those types of clients. So thankfully, with the shares that I got on social media from styling that and the attention that I got, that led me to the opportunity to continue to style more celebrity clients in general, but also people in the NFL.



So I have been able to also work with the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Girls, the Culpa Sisters, who just their TV show just came out. I think it's been three weeks now on TLC. I have been able to style them. So I now have this great portfolio of these celebrity clients that I have been able to style. But it truthfully always stemmed from that NFL draft in 2021, right?



And how did she find you? So that's what's so cool. I was thinking the same thing. How did I get picked? So I asked her and she said, Instagram.



So it just shows how powerful Instagram is. And I specifically. Asked how on Instagram, and she said that she was searching hashtags. And so I kept popping up under Cleveland makeup artist or Cleveland hairstylist. And she kept seeing my pictures, and she said, I thought you were the best out of anything I saw for Cleveland, which obviously was a grand compliment.



And that was just also great to see how I was found. So that was what it was. And then she submitted an inquiry through my website. That's really cool. I really think that that is something that's important, because I know all of us that have our own businesses that do the social media game.



And when the algorithms change and then this changes and there's people that I've had on the show that get really hung up on it, they are like, oh, my gosh, the algorithm went down. And there's times where I'm like, you just have to go with it. There's a reason for it. But just be consistent, right? Just be consistent.



And the more consistent you are, the more you grow, the more you're seeing, the more it's shared. And sometimes it's like, okay, I didn't post today, or, I got a post today, or I got to do this. Can you give a little insight into because that's really cool that that's how she found you, and that was, like, a huge win for you. Give us a little bit of what you do for your Instagram account. If you have a plan or is it kind of just a natural thing that happens?



I have a little bit of a plan, and sometimes I do have a plan in my head, and it doesn't happen. However, what I will say is, as a makeup artist, like I am or whatever your business is, people want to know what's behind the business. So if I were to just post photos of my clients and nothing of me, people wouldn't know who is coming to style them. And with styling specifically, you have to have a good personality for these people to want to work with you. So if you're a stick in the mud and you go there and you don't talk like no one knows anything, it's part of the experience.



Not only are you trying to make them look good, but you want these people in your chair that you're styling to feel good. And also, I've had a good time with you. So I try and get on stories and talk and show product or show what I'm doing. And while I don't give away every aspect of my life like some people do, I think I give away just enough for people to know who I am. And I have recently gotten some very great compliments that I do appreciate of people just saying, like, oh, you seem so genuine and down to earth.



Like, I would love to work with you. And I was like, wow, okay, the stories are working. So I will say putting your face in that camera, although it may be awkward, which I definitely felt we were doing it at first, it has certainly paid off. And then once again, just posting things of my clients, even behind the scenes, like, people want to know what they're getting. You cannot just show them the end product.



You have to show them the behind the scenes, the journey, everything that's gone on to get them to that end product, which is the reason why they're. Hiring you, which is so important, because it is really true. And whether it's a small business, whether you're an influencer, entrepreneur, whatever it is, it's really important to be able to do that. It's one of the things that I actually do, and a lot of my clients and not a lot of my guests don't realize. But I have a consulting business where I help people share their story.



So I help them be able to do things like on Instagram or if they're doing the podcast circuit, or if they're in corporate America and they need to network. Because a lot of times that first time when you're speaking to someone, you might not realize that a part of your story is really the part that's going to captivate someone. And it's really funny. Every time I have someone, a guest on and we start talking about certain things, a lot of times something will come out of that, and the guest will say, oh, I haven't talked about that in like, 30 years. And then I have my listeners be like, that was my favorite part.



I didn't realize that was so fun to hear that and hear how excited they got. And it really is an important thing when you have your own business, whether it's a brand, whether it's a small business to get out there, because it is going to show your personality, as you said, it's going to get people to connect you. And not everyone is everyone's cup of tea, and that's normal, and that's okay. But you're going to attract the people that need to work with you or want to work with you. And so it's an important thing to be able to get comfortable and do it, even if it's for little periods of time, and just be like, okay, this is what I'm doing.



And you don't have to be a huge open book, right? You don't need to be showing all the hot, hot mess stuff. But sometimes it's important, right? I'm sure, to tell a little bit about the hot mess stuff. I mean, traveling here, I'm sure you've had some experiences where you were like, okay, I'm going to travel.



Oh my gosh, I forgot this, or I did that. Can you share anything like one of your clients? Was there anything that you really were like, oh my God, I would have done that different, or, I really learned this because of X, Y, and Z. Can you share a little bit about that. So I don't think I've had a disaster situation with a client because I am very type A.



And if I know that I have like a very big client, like literally 24 hours before I will bring out my makeup kit, I will go through everything and I will like triple, triple check every single thing and make sure that everything is perfect. There actually was a situation. This has nothing to do with celebrity clients, and this is a long, long while ago, but there was a time that I got to a wedding. It was probably five years ago, and I didn't have my Airbrush machine, but I had my Airbrush product. And I was like, well, that's going to make it very difficult.



So thankfully, with Airbrush makeup, you can actually still sponge it onto someone's face. Like, it's obviously ideal to spray it, but you can still sponge it on. So I did do that, but if I had a mistake, I feel like that would be it. In terms of hot, mess stuff, I feel like on Instagram, the more that I go on stories and get on there and talk, the less I start to care, which people love. So, for example, I'll be on Live, and actually this happened yesterday.



I was on Live and I was putting on mascara and it fell on my notes. I was like, oh, okay, you know, this one of this, whatever, let's wipe it off and move on. So I definitely have no problem just being unapologetically myself on the internet. And yes, people absolutely love that because I hate to use the words in style now, but that is what people are enjoying watching rather than the scripted, perfectly posted grids and all of those things. That was how Instagram became a thing, right?



With the influencers, everything was like that, but now it's the total opposite. So my best advice to people would be go on there and be unapologetically yourself and people will love it. And of course, with a large audience, people are going to love it and people are going to hate it. So just focus on the people who love it and keep on doing it, right? And again, the consistency is so important.



It's so important to keep showing up and going out and then just not only talking about it on social media, but like, you're in the grocery line, you tell someone what you're doing. I can't tell you how many guests I have been connected to just by talking at a cocktail party or here and there. Oh, wait, actually, at one of my workout classes, one of the women, she asked, she was like, hey, does anyone know this phrase? And I said, oh, I do. I just interviewed someone.



And she said, okay, wait, what? And I said, I interviewed she's like, what do you mean you interviewed someone? I said, oh, I'm a podcast host. And she said, you're a podcast. And we've been working out for like probably eight months.



And it just hadn't been we get in there, we work out, we really don't talk. And she was like a new woman in the group. But it was really funny because then she was like, oh my God, I'm going to listen. She had a long road trip. She listened.



She's actually connected me with people. So the more you also talk about what you do and what you love is really important because it's going to show people who you are and then network and kind of get you out there a little bit more. So I love what you're doing. I think it's so fun. And I love how you really just have gone for it.



You're just like, I'm going to jump in with 2ft. Absolutely. And part of working with these NFL clients, specifically, I had that portfolio piece, if you would like to call it, of when I styled the draft. And so what I did was I essentially just started reaching out to people in the NFL and I was like, hey, would you like to get glammed for the game? And people said yes.



So that was kind of how it started. And once that took off, the New York Post actually contacted me and wanted to do an entire piece on me about my game day glam, as they like to call it. So hair and Makeup styling for Lanfl Wives or girlfriends for the game. And after that came out, I had a lot of people that were very interested flooding my DMs of, hey, I would like to be styled for this game, this game, this game. And those clients like to essentially keep coming back, right.



So it'll be very fun to continue to style people. And I'm very excited to get to go out to the Super Bowl this year and glam people out for the Super Bowl as well. Yes. And we'll have to see you. I'll have to send you the information about when we're there on the Thursday for the event that we do and then the Friday the event that we do.



We got to get you connected with some of the ladies that we're doing with the podcast and stuff. That's the other thing I just want to talk about really quickly because it's important for people to hear. It's not that you're just sitting there. Yes, you're getting referrals, but you're working hard behind the scenes. You're also contacting people, being like, hey, this is what I'm doing.



Are you traveling? So anyone that's listening to this, are you traveling all across the country? Like, do you have limitations now? Because you obviously are one person. You're not going to be able to go to every single game.



So how is that working out? So my dream in life, which sounds silly because I've achieved most of it, but the small part that I feel like is still missing that I am interested in is I would love for somebody to be like, I will fly you out to glam me for this game. So, I don't know, maybe a quarterback girlfriend wants to be me to be flown out for Monday Night Football. I am wanting to do that, willing to do that. So that would be like I don't know.



I don't want to say end goal because there never is an end, but that's definitely something I want to do. But other than that, since I have a home in Cleveland and in Florida, I have been able to work with a lot of the wives who either come to those games in those cities. So when I was in Cleveland, I had Cleveland Brown's wife, but, like, when we played the Patriots, I had the quarterback's girlfriend and his mom actually, too, as well, for that game. So if they're coming to my city, I like to work with the away teams as well, but also the home teams, but like I said, also willing to be flown out somewhere and style somebody for the game. Yeah.



And I love that we all have to have goals. We all have to have our big goals. Even if we've hit and achieved so many different things, it's so important to put those out there, because if you have a little ceiling, that's a little ceiling is where you're going to go. But if you put it out there and have the sky is the limit. It's when things get even bigger.



So I think it's really exciting. Again. Everyone can find you on Instagram, Allison. That's with two LS. K-K-A-Y-E Glam.



And if you guys know of any wives or girlfriends that are coming to towns and if they're in Florida or if they're in Cleveland, definitely connect with Allison, but also, let's get her goal. I would love that, right? To be like, okay, you're on your next stop, and this is what happened. I think that's what's so fun. But you could tell you love what you do, right?



You've gone for it. You love what you do. You have found your niche. Are you still doing weddings as well? A little bit.



I only did five this year, whereas in other years I did 60. So I am kind of trying to steer towards more, a little bit less of the weddings. I've done hundreds of those in my life now, and the older you get, the harder they are to do because your body just works the same, and that's a lot of standing and bending over. So I definitely enjoy what I would call, like, my single clients. You mean where somebody is we're just kind of focusing on that one person and moving on to the next thing.



So that's definitely easier and just the way that I will probably continue to trend. None of us are ever getting younger. Right? But it's also cool that that's what started you with the weddings, and then it pivoted you to these other things, but you learned and really crafted your gift. So I'm going to end with what are some of your and you're going to be like, oh, my gosh, it's probably too many.



But what are some of your favorite products that you use? I know that because it came out of nowhere, but some of your favorite. Products this is a very hard question. So I always tell people if I could only use one makeup brand, like, if a makeup brand was like, Elton, you have to use this for the rest of your life and nothing else, it would be Charlotte Tilbury. However, let's talk about in terms of my clients.



I think that the things that look fabulous on everybody are the Charlottesville Berry Pillow Talk lipstick. I'm actually wearing it right now. It's one of those things that looks good on everybody, so the Hype is worth it. And then the other things that are in style right now are very glowy looks. Definitely something that people tell me that they want to hire me because of my glowy looks.



So whether it's like a super great highlighter, which I also like, the Charlotte so very highlighter, or just like an all over glow products, I don't know if you have heard of the brand say S-A-I-E but pronounced say S-A-Y. They have a, like, illuminator that you put on your face before you do your makeup. So when the trend right now is to be very glowy, that is the secret to having that glowy look without being glittery. Glowy and glittery are two very different things to do. Different things.



But that's so interesting. All right, well, I love this, and I can't wait to continue to follow your journey. And I know we will definitely be connecting with each other because of my NFL connection with the podcast. And it's really fun, and I'm so glad that you reached out. Yes, absolutely.



Thank you for having me. Yes. Okay, guys, so you know what to do. Like share rate review and go follow Allison again. It's Allison K Glam on Instagram.



If you know any NFL people in the industry, connect because how fun it is to go to a game and know that you're looking your best, mean that's what you want to do. Not all of us have that talent. I know I don't. And so it's really fun to be able to say, okay, this is what we're doing. So definitely go do that.



You guys might also listen to this episode and be like, oh, that's fun. But think about someone in your world that actually needs to hear it. Someone that maybe went to school, went into a kind of career that they didn't love and are stuck in there, but they need to kind of get out. And they have different passions, but they don't know what to do. Allison gave us some really good tips of really what she did first and how she got into and how she pivoted from a couple of different industries.



So definitely share rate and review and we will see you guys next week with another episode of Your Next Stop. Thank you again, Allison. Thank you. I hope you liked this episode of your next stop. Please subscribe to my channel, share with your friends and join in each week.

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