Episode 184 RERUN: Breaking the Rules - Jeff Dwoskin's Entrepreneurial Journey from Dentist's Son to Engagement Guru

your next stop Aug 16, 2023

Jeff Dwoskin is an Internet marketing pioneer. In 1995 he founded an online marketing venture that rapidly established its dominance. Under Jeff’s skillful leadership, the venture blossomed into a highly successful, multi-million dollar enterprise. USWeb — at the time the world’s largest web development firm — acquired Jeff’s interest in 1997. Jeff is also an award-winning stand up comedian. Jeff is an avid tweeter and his tweets have been featured on Laughs TV, CNN.com, People.com, and numerous other media outlets. Jeff was listed as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs to follow on twitter. Jeff’s current venture is Stampede Social. Jeff created Stampede Social based on the belief that fan engagement should be easy and measurable for brands, agencies and creators.  Stampede Social improves the fan experience and gives brands and creators the tools, and data they need to increase their marketing ROI, raise sponsorship value, accurately attribute and create more meaningful engagement on Instagram.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. How Jeff Dwoskin used his creative skills to make a statement at his college, leading to the start of his marketing career.
  2. Jeff Dwoskin's comedic journey, from taking a comedy class to achieving success as a comedian.
  3. Jeff Dwoskin's inspiration for creating his podcast and the challenges he faced in getting it off the ground.


You can find Jeff on Instagram, Twitter and check out his business, Stampede Social, on Instagram, LinkedIn and on their Website.


Remarkable Quote:

“You have to do what you love. You ever stand somewhere where you have to jump into water from like 10ft? You know how hard it is to mentally send your body over the edge. But when you do it once, you're like 'let's do it again!'"


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