Episode 185 RERUN: Following Passion - Stephen Key and His Journey to Licensing Ideas

your next stop Aug 09, 2023

Stephen Key is the world’s leading expert on how to license a product idea and a 2018-2019 AAAS-Lemelson Invention Ambassador. As an independent inventor, he achieved repeat success commercializing products ranging from simple novelty gifts to complex packaging innovations. He is currently the patent strategist for Fishbone Packaging, the environmentally-friendly solution for single-use plastic rings. 

In 1999, he cofounded inventRight, the coaching program that has taught inventors from more than 65 countries how to harness the power of open innovation and the licensing business model to bring their ideas to market. 

He is the author of One Simple Idea, Sell Your Ideas With or Without a Patent, Become a Professional Inventor, and Licensing Ideas using LinkedIn. 

To help creative people become profitable inventors, he has written more than 1,000 articles for Forbes, Inc., and Entrepreneur magazines and published over 900 videos on his popular YouTube channel inventRightTV.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. How Stephen Key overcame his learning disability to become a successful product developer and licenser.
  2. How Stephen Key successfully jumped into different industries applying the same principles of curiosity, persistence and relationships.
  3. How an accidental product idea changed Stephen Key's life and led to success in the packaging industry.


You can find Steve on LinkedIn, Twitter, Amazon Bookstore and check out his business Website.


Remarkable Quote:

“If you can find something you truly love, you're going to be very lucky, and you're probably going to be successful at that."


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