Podfest 2022 Recap with Fran Racioppi and Juliet Hahn: Michael O'Neal, Larry Roberts, Jennifer & Paul Henczel

Jul 07, 2022


In this Podfest compilation episode Fran and Juliet sat down with Podfest Newsletter Editor Larry Roberts, longtime podcast host & creator Michael O’Neill, and podcasting couple Jennifer & Paul Henzcel to talk Podfest, branding, interviewing, YouTube, and how being crushed alive led to podcasting.


Podfest is the world’s largest community of podcasters. This year, host Fran Racioppi was invited to speak, and emcee so he invited fellow Podfest speaker Juliet Hahn to co-host a combined Jedburgh Podcast - Your Next Stop series of Podfest Episodes. 


Remarkable Quotes:


“In order to separate yourself, in my perspective, you have to pay attention to absolutely everything.” Fran Racioppi


“Entertainment is paramount to anything else.” Michael O’Neill


“I focus on being interested and not interesting.” Michael O’Neill


“Find that one thing that stands out and own it. Live it. Be it.” ~ Larry Roberts


“Find your niche. Find your drive. Find your desire. And find your message.” Larry Roberts


“My journey actually started with my traumatic near-death workplace accident where I was crushed by 12,000lbs of wood.” Paul Henzcel


“That’s what my story did. It took me from injured mill worker to international speaker.” Paul Henzcel


“You have to build a community around whatever you’re doing.” Jennifer Henzcel


“We’ve always very decisively chosen to stay positive.” Jennifer Henzcel



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