Your Next Stop Live with Bona Rai

your next stop Dec 15, 2022

Listen to a new episode of Your Next Stop Live recorded live on Fireside, featuring guest Bona Rai. Bona is the Co-Founder and COO of Capsho, the fastest way to market and grow your podcast. A lifelong learner and Jill of many trades, she found herself unexpectedly divorced at 27 and used it as a catalyst to reinvent her life, leaving behind her corporate career and traditional life path to pursue entrepreneurship across Fashion, Logistics, Coaching and finally AI Technology application. Bona is an Australian transplant currently living in New York City.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. How Bona's life changed when she got divorced
  2. How she coped with the emotional upheaval of divorce
  3. How her career pivoted after her divorce


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Remarkable Quotes


“My brother actually talked to me about this where he said it was probably completely unfair, but the way that it kind of happened, you were always the glue. And the good thing about good glue, if you know anything about glue, is that it's invisible. It's extremely strong, but it's invisible.”


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Juliet Hahn  00:03:42 


Everyone. Welcome to another your next stop

live here with Juliet Han, and I am so excited for this because

not only is this a great story, but I also use

this new technology that wonderful

Papa from Cap show has created. How are you?


Bona Rai  00:04:01 

Hi, Juliet. I'm good. I'm

excited to be here. It's my first time on fireside.



Juliet Hahn  00:04:07 

I know. And I love that I am introducing user Fireside too. This is, you know,

as you know, this is one of my favorite. Oh,

Oh so sorry. I my my simulcast cast popped up and and started yelling.

It's one of my favorite platforms to do these live shows

especially because we're gonna really be talking about your story, and we all know that story

connect us, but also, what cap is all about because it's fascinating

and I actually got to meet you and and your founder degree


Bona Rai  00:04:40 



Juliet Hahn  00:04:38 

it at podcast, where, which was... Which was really fun.


Bona Rai  00:04:43 



Juliet Hahn  00:04:43 

So I wanna welcome everyone whether you guys are

live on linkedin. And I see a bunch of people over there right now.

If you are on Youtube, if you're here listening live or you're the replay,

welcome Welcome. And what I want you to do right now,

and everyone can do this kind of at the same time. They're if you're in the studio,

the two little lines on the bottom left

it says broadcast to the world or share with followers

really fun to be able to get this story out because we are doing

some really fun things here. We're gonna be really talking about

deranged and bonus story. If you guys also didn't catch that, we have that

your next stop


Bona Rai  00:05:22 

No worries.


Juliet Hahn  00:05:21 

bonus Bonus. Sorry. Said wrong again.

We talked about my my dyslexia here. I'm doing three things at once and so that happens.

But so we're we were talking about stories, And do has been on your next

stop who's bonus founder. And so you can hear the story. I was fascinating.

Fast meaning. Just that the the

where the pivots and turns and all the places that you guys and then how you guys connected. So


Bona Rai  00:05:48 


Let's do it.


Juliet Hahn  00:05:47 

I wanna jump right into this. If you

Yes. Please introduce yourself and give us a little background. You know where you grew up?

Kind of what drove you as a kid, what you studied in school like

your favorites worth if You can kinda give us all that. That would be awesome.


Bona Rai  00:06:02 

Yeah. Absolutely. Gosh, there's so much to that. But my name is. I'm

wanna. I am. My joy said one of the founders of

have show this three of us, Did you being one of them, one of the other founders and ash

other ash. In terms of my entrepreneurship Journey,

sweet. And he really excited about

five years ago, which is when I first met Dj, and we'll definitely get into that into a lot more detail.

But a little bit more about me, I actually was born in the pile. So i actually grew up in

across three different countries Opal India, and Australia,

as a kid spent most of my life in Australia, hence the accent.

And now I live in New York City, and Going up actually

it was really weird. I wanted to be a news anchor, which is the most random theme, but I just

fascinated with language. I really wanted to get very good of English.

It was an aspiration expiration, but I had and I but we thought that was gonna be the thing that I really would get to practice

practice it in a very, you know, visible way.

I used to watch the nightly and really watched the anchor doing it. And

and would practice in front of the mirror, but that really didn't...

really eventually that. Oh, actually, I don't really enjoy being on video. Times out

I actually when it ended up going into accounting and

banking and financial services. So

very, very different and random. And did that for a good

eight and a half years before I went into entrepreneurship. So

that was the probably the biggest pivot in my life when I was... When I turned

Twenty seven big personal change happened, and that with that brought a lot of

turmoil and decisions that I had to make, which ended up being the best that's of happened to me, sir.


Juliet Hahn  00:07:33 



Bona Rai  00:07:35 

That's me in a nutshell.


Juliet Hahn  00:07:36 

which I love it. I know. And I know you said that you you went through a divorce, and I'm gonna touch on it because I know it's


Bona Rai  00:07:42 



Juliet Hahn  00:07:41 

in your buyer and so people are gonna read that. But as, you know, young,

getting divorced, that had to be tough. Right? There was something

and and then we didn't get into a lot of stuff but I know.


Bona Rai  00:07:54 



Juliet Hahn  00:07:53 

From everyone that I've interviewed, All people all walks a life


cultures. There's a perfectionist, and I don't like to say


Bona Rai  00:08:04 



Juliet Hahn  00:08:02 

but there is something that, you know, this is what's expected of you.

Here's how, you know, the lines that you need to follow and



Bona Rai  00:08:11 



Juliet Hahn  00:08:10 

I'm not saying that that's when your life was. But, you know, I'm I'm just curious

how how did that kinda play out? And where did that leave you mindset wise?


Bona Rai  00:08:17 

Yeah. And they absolutely write juliet yet. Like you say, everyone's

story very personal, but I think there are definitely some themes, some cultural themes,

and maybe not even just part of the Ethnic culture you're you've you're from and you identify with, but even just

culturally in terms of, you know, what we're told, especially as young girls and as women

and, especially, I think as young girls who may have been

sort of told that bear

may, like... You know, what being good girl looks like and what being

I was quite for cautious of the tiles. So I just always wanted to be good.


Juliet Hahn  00:08:50 



Bona Rai  00:08:50 

And, you know, please whoever it was whether it was my parents, my teachers,

So I think that's definitely led me down a path of wanting to do what

was the white thing and the problem with that, And that's a great thing, but the

problem with it is because it's a very

it really just then gets driven by who's around you what they define to be the

a good thing, the right thing, and you never really exercise


Juliet Hahn  00:09:14 



Bona Rai  00:09:12 

a muscle to figure out well what's the right thing for you. So that's something that, you know, is just

never really exercise, I guess, in that sense so you don't really get exposed

sort of thing. So for me, personally being divorce at twenty seven, i was definitely not the first

person to ever a go through that. And definitely won't be the last. But for me, it was a huge

shock to the system emotionally, because I just had my

I was one of those people that always had my life planned out and mapped out, Had the one year plan in the five year

in the ten year plan, and I would reach these goals, and I would

it would just be a rolling thing, and this was not part of the plan I didn't have a plan

And it really just... Yes, me it really

was a bit of a ground zero moment where I didn't at all of my features

plans and who I was going to become the next year in the year after.

Was based off of that. So it really was very

for me personally, my family are super traditional in that sense.

But they had just gotten news to me being that way, and it was the first ever they were, like,

gosh. We don't really know how to help But tell us what you need what you need us to do


Juliet Hahn  00:10:12 



Bona Rai  00:10:13 

So as a family, think have a very bonding experience as well.


Juliet Hahn  00:10:14 

Right. Now do you have siblings?


Bona Rai  00:10:16 

I do. I

an older brother who could not be more opposite to me.

This trying hobby republican it, but I do yes.

Very close.


Juliet Hahn  00:10:25 

Okay. And if I remember, does she has an older brother as well?


Bona Rai  00:10:30 

She does. She does. Yes.



Juliet Hahn  00:10:30 

Right. Right. So... And I do... You know, I mean, I think as you said, everyone's

story is personal. And and stories really do connect us, we could live in the same area.

But we have one new thing that's different or one thing that's the same and it connects us in a different way.

You know, my listeners know that I'm just relaxing. So


Bona Rai  00:10:49 

You're doing say well, by the way.


Juliet Hahn  00:10:47 

names always a challenge. But I make a joke.

Thank you. But you, well, I haven't it written down. I keep looking every time. I go to say it.

But... But it's... I mean, it it's it is it's a comical thing and it as

being in this

position than A in. You know, I am a podcast store. I meet a lot of different people


Bona Rai  00:11:03 



Juliet Hahn  00:11:04 

I need to be able to pronounce our names. But instead of letting myself get

jammed up and nervous. And I'm like, oh my god. I'm so sorry.


Bona Rai  00:11:11 

Yes. Yes.


Juliet Hahn  00:11:11 

I make a joke about it. Right? It's like I'm not doing it on purpose. It's not because I don't respect you. It's because


Bona Rai  00:11:16 



Juliet Hahn  00:11:16 

my brain doesn't work the same way, and I have to really work at saying people's names or saying


Bona Rai  00:11:19 



Juliet Hahn  00:11:20 

certain words, You know, certain words. It's really it's just... It's the whole letters and it's dyslexia.

But you said something that's really, you know, important


you know, your brother's you know, opposite. And I think growing up in families, when you have siblings,

everyone kinda has there. This is what your role is. This


Bona Rai  00:11:39 



Juliet Hahn  00:11:39 

is what you are. This is you are. I was always the funny one. Right? I always need people laugh and


Bona Rai  00:11:43 



Juliet Hahn  00:11:43 

and I remember going to a family reunion and


Bona Rai  00:11:48 



Juliet Hahn  00:11:46 

it was probably this was a little personal, but it was right around the time I got my period.

And one of my uncles. I was like, oh, come on. Do something funny. You could do it And I was like,

twelve awkward, you know, just got my period and

I remember being, like,

don't have anything funny, and he was like, what do you mean and it just was

I just remember that being a very defining and awkward moment


Bona Rai  00:12:05 

Wow. Yes.


Juliet Hahn  00:12:07 

for me because it was like, I don't feel like I was the Goofy kid.


Bona Rai  00:12:09 



Juliet Hahn  00:12:11 

Right? I did goofy things, and I was now coming into this


Bona Rai  00:12:16 



Juliet Hahn  00:12:15 

new body, this new woman, this new person, and I remember

feeling really awkward.


Bona Rai  00:12:22 



Juliet Hahn  00:12:22 

Like, I don't know where my places is and my family reunion because, yes, I was always the one


Bona Rai  00:12:27 



Juliet Hahn  00:12:27 

made everyone laugh. I always broke the tension. I always made things fun.


Bona Rai  00:12:31 



Juliet Hahn  00:12:31 

And I always did silly and goofy things because I didn't think I was kind of a spa kid.

I mean, to be honest,


Bona Rai  00:12:41 



Juliet Hahn  00:12:38 

was like, Julia, I go make his laugh, and I would do something silly.

And so it is true. Now you're in this new

where you're newly finding, you know, you you found love or whatever it was. And then

it didn't work out. And so it's like, okay.

You were this person in the family all the time. How do we now


Bona Rai  00:13:00 



Juliet Hahn  00:12:57 

find and help you because clearly, you had, you know, a family that supported you

So how did that if you can just take us through that journey a little bit,


Bona Rai  00:13:04 

Yeah. My brother actually talked to me about this where

who said, you know, we're probably completely unfair, but you the way that it was... It

kind of happened You were always the glue, and the good thing about good glue if you know any

my glue is that it's invisible. It's extremely strong, but it's invisible and

he felt

it was the first time. I mean, you're very close. So it never like how was invisible

him technically speaking, but it was the first time that, you know,

he realized how much of the glue I was even though he already

always be granted because it was no longer working.


Juliet Hahn  00:13:39 



Bona Rai  00:13:38 

You know? And and what because, you know, my brother and my dad,

at the time had quite a fractured relationship. My parents were going through

so an interesting phase in their marriage, my mom and my brother, that, you know, he's

he was being bit inconsistent with her. So there's all of these things that I would normally probably just

oh, I would just naturally

get the family together and do the things that would help them work on these things.

But I... My last just came to a halt julia. I don't know how else to say it when

it... For me, we were i... I was having issues in the marriage, and I was... It was never

to me that we would get to divorced, was is another thing that we would actually work through.

And when my ex husband

he came back from the trip and he said I I cannot do this anymore.

The night before we're went went to go in a trip with friends,

I went through the whole trip just kinda of pretending that he was

unwell, or oh jet lag, you know? And everyone was like oh blah blah

about him, and it was just really... But I just went to complete the association mode.


Juliet Hahn  00:14:35 



Bona Rai  00:14:37 

Like a week to figure it out. And so then my... Then when I finally told my

family and my parents,

immediately at the time my response was, oh, okay. And this is

kind what we're gonna do to. Do you guys have any questions? Are you gonna be okay?

And by the way, for my, you know, ex mother and law, like, this this is sort of all of her,

like her medical stuff that needs to get handed over. Like I just went into that mode.

If you remember being taken sign and saying like,


Juliet Hahn  00:15:04 



Bona Rai  00:15:02 

you don't have to do that. You can just

whatever you need right now. Don't forget about all of those. And my my ex husband been moved out. I was like

if you have towels and you have that, like,

it was just... But for me, it it sounds like I'm I'm a nice

person and I am and I'm a caring person, but that was more just

maybe being in denial i'm actually just

looking to not deal with the emotions of what was happening.


Juliet Hahn  00:15:23 



Bona Rai  00:15:25 

So once I've got through that coping mechanism, it hit me

And, yeah, my life just completely stopped

I went into to I still wanted to work I've just out of a new role, which is so convenient.

But lucky for me, my manager at the time, she had also been through a divorce

she put me aside, and she said,

they're gonna be dead, but you're just so so okay and you're like, oh, my life is fine. I'm fine.

And work is a really helpful distraction, and this gonna be some days we go to the bathroom room and you realize

you can't go back out there.

You just wanna just cool into a hole and die.

That's okay. So always take your friend with you wherever you're going and just text

me, and I will make sure. And I was just like,

that was


Juliet Hahn  00:16:03 



Bona Rai  00:16:04 

that was what I needed.

Right. It's amazing. She's one of my angels from the time. I mean,

but no one had said that like, someone had been through the process

anticipating something that might happen to me

and once that I let myself,

feel that, and I'll let myself

that other people help me

of course, I just went can completely, eventually.


Juliet Hahn  00:16:24 

Right. Right.


Bona Rai  00:16:26 

And for the first time in my life, my life was a mess. I didn't know what I was doing.

It was just and for someone who who's always known what not just what I'm doing, but when everyone

around me, whether it's my team, whether it's my

husband at the time where there is my family

I be planning for them and being there for them.

It was it just felt like

I just felt like a complete failure, basically, Not just because I was a need see, but because I to your

point I didn't know what my role was anymore in my life, and I did not want to


Juliet Hahn  00:16:55 



Bona Rai  00:16:53 

think about what the new one could be. I was not excited about it. I have to say i have to be completely honest.


Juliet Hahn  00:16:58 

No. And I appreciate. And the reason Why I'm bringing this up, you know, again,

stories connect us, But the reason I'm bringing it up is because

it's important for people to hear people who were listening to this might be


Bona Rai  00:17:10 



Juliet Hahn  00:17:08 

in the spot where they might be getting a divorce and they're, like,

Okay. That was so helpful that I just heard from Ghana that she said,

I had a mentor

and or they might have someone in their office that they know is going through and they don't know what to say, and that was


Bona Rai  00:17:19 




Juliet Hahn  00:17:23 

so, like, that was an angel that was brought to you, and it's so important because

the tough times, whether it's, you know, divorced death, whatever it is,

the tragedy at the time feels like that's


Bona Rai  00:17:34 



Juliet Hahn  00:17:35 

all there is, and you don't feel like you have anything else.


Bona Rai  00:17:37 



Juliet Hahn  00:17:38 

That is in your world. And when you come out of it, I'm sure it's like, okay. That was an



Bona Rai  00:17:41 



Juliet Hahn  00:17:44 

Not a great serum. So i didn't love that, but it doesn't define who I am.


Bona Rai  00:17:46 

Totally. Yes. Absolutely me.


Juliet Hahn  00:17:47 

And I think that... Right? And I think that's so important, and I love that you had that


Bona Rai  00:17:53 



Juliet Hahn  00:17:53 

that mentor. So

you with this company

you have that, and then where did... You know, your life kinda of pivot. And were you in... You were in Australia at the time.


Bona Rai  00:17:59 

Yes. I wasn't sydney me. I was working

Corey Bank, which is one of the investment banks

it was a very demanding role. So I had taken on... I said yes to the role.

Just before actually my divorce. So I would


Juliet Hahn  00:18:15 



Bona Rai  00:18:13 

got divorced in in February. I taken it on the role in January.

And finally enough, one of the decisions that I've going into that role was to say,

hey. Do you think we still like my husband and I were like, do you think we wanna set a family now? Or

to i

get through this next stage in My career and then we decided and he was like, I take now.


Juliet Hahn  00:18:33 



Bona Rai  00:18:29 

Let's do that. So, lucky, because I think kids just making things so much

for me and it would have been an absolutely logistical nightmare. But, yeah. So that... So I was with this

company and that

first here. I basically just said, Okay. Let me just

get through this year. What was a really great. Like I said,

attraction. I met new people Are connected with with humans in this way. Again, I think one of the things That can use

I've always mean very... I love... I've always loved people and being open and all of that.

But this was really, I think, when this happened, it opened me up and a completely

way because I think for the first time in my life, a lot of people that

hadn't seen the super vulnerable doesn't know what she's doing side of me.

Sorry for the first time. So that was old friends and new and family.


Juliet Hahn  00:19:11 



Bona Rai  00:19:09 

So it really just softened me up a little bit and opens me up. So from a work,

perspective I was really able to do really great relationships

I don't think otherwise, I would hurt because I would have been so focused on achieving and performing that I don't think

would have made time for these kinds of relationships. And that's

first year at work, was really be just about getting through it. And at the end of that year,

I was lucky enough that the role that I was doing

ended as I'm getting some, I guess, attention from a more strategic part of the bank

and they decided that it was all gonna come come together into all the different parts of what we were doing was

coming to one major strategic initiative, and I was gonna be joining a New team in the following year.

And that to me has always been a big point in my corporate career because

I was super excited, of course. But

also it meant that that was recommended remembered my, and we became very, very fast

friends. And really, that was, I think a turning moment for me

of starting to think about

not just secure that potentially entrepreneurship. I've never

identify. As an entrepreneur never one of those people that would like I can't wait to not work for anyone ever again.

All of that, so meeting At the start of twenty sixteen was really the

out of That for. So that was a huge pivotal moment.

And then, yeah, we we really kind of

gotten very close very soon, and then we were launching businesses together, very, very

soon off the bat.


Juliet Hahn  00:20:31 

Right? Which is... Which is so exciting. And that's what you know... And i that's why I love stories. I love

the connections that you make with just

opening up. And as you said, you may be one have opened up


Bona Rai  00:20:45 



Juliet Hahn  00:20:43 

in this role to let someone else in. Right? You wouldn't... And so you maybe never would have met.

Degree because you had this, like goal of


Bona Rai  00:20:53 



Juliet Hahn  00:20:52 

you know, climbing the ladder and that's where, you know, of course,

getting divorced is terrible and it's tragic and it sucks


Bona Rai  00:20:58 



Juliet Hahn  00:20:58 

and it's not like, oh, god wanted that to happen into you. You know,

when when you were born and he's like, oh, she's gonna get divorced. You know? They... I don't I don't believe that deeply in that


Bona Rai  00:21:03 

Yeah. She's so one yeah.


Juliet Hahn  00:21:06 

Right she's the girl. She's gonna do it. Totally,

but there is a part of our journey and the universe

when things start coming together, that then other things happen


Bona Rai  00:21:21 



Juliet Hahn  00:21:19 

when things happen, it's the experience that of those. I truly believe not everyone believes us but the

audiences out of sometimes trauma and tragic that

when you allow yourself to open up and talk to people and get to know people and

let your brain wander in a different way. Okay. I never thought my life was gonna be this


Bona Rai  00:21:34 



Juliet Hahn  00:21:36 

way. What did I picture my life to be? And then when you start having those

wonderful thoughts of, like, the day dreams of oh,


Bona Rai  00:21:43 



Juliet Hahn  00:21:43 

then that's when sometimes magic happens. And that's like, you know, what I talk about a

lot on this podcast because I feel like there's so many times. I mean, especially, you know, I lived in New York


Bona Rai  00:21:53 



Juliet Hahn  00:21:52 

i was in that whole corporate world loved it. I mean, I love New York Still live in New York, but I'm not in the city.

My husband still from the city. He's in the city a couple days a week, and

when you're in that,

that just that energy


Bona Rai  00:22:06 



Juliet Hahn  00:22:04 

and that just... It's exciting. But sometimes when you're in that energy too,


Bona Rai  00:22:07 



Juliet Hahn  00:22:08 

you're you're one sided. Right? So Sydney, and I'm not I'm talking about, like, really just any city.


Bona Rai  00:22:11 



Juliet Hahn  00:22:13 

Like, you know, Sydney two, you're like, okay, This is my my my goal, my dream.


Bona Rai  00:22:18 



Juliet Hahn  00:22:18 

And then when things kinda go left and right,

it's like, wait a second.


Bona Rai  00:22:19 




Juliet Hahn  00:22:22 

Is that really really what's happening? And then it's kind of just like that's

in my... But, you know, that's when the magic sometimes happens.


Bona Rai  00:22:29 

Hundred percent. I mean, I think when you're going, I think it's also very important.

As someone who intellectually motion and just says, you know,

tells much myself certain and things to get over stuff. It's very important to feel

especially all those negative feelings in the moment and not

try to skip ahead to feeling like, oh, yeah. This is gonna have some meaning. I bet I used to


Juliet Hahn  00:22:50 



Bona Rai  00:22:48 

That was a creepy mechanism for me said this really taught me to feel

especially the negative feelings, the feelings of loss. Because the reason you wanna do that, whether it's

of divorce any any kind of loss really is because

it makes you understand what you're actually attached to, so for me,

to your point, obviously, losing a relationship is really hot and I've being with this

since I was nineteen. So it wasn't an easy relationship like like go on


Juliet Hahn  00:23:10 



Bona Rai  00:23:11 

and losing the person from your life.

Really the the hot also came from all of

grieving is one about greeting dreams that you

had and maybe you never even told anyone else about. And you you attach

your identity and. So personally, that you're actually greeting a part of you

and not just the person you've lost and whether that's through death or three breakup,

or separation of some sort, and I think that was really important

  1. I was truly that person. I literally had a white picker sense. I'm not even doing.


Juliet Hahn  00:23:39 



Bona Rai  00:23:39 

Drinking. You know, we had, like, and all of that

planned out. And for me, I think really that was important to go through, but

to your point once the way out is through,

And once you go through it, it really just does

completely transform you to be able to receive more.

And sometimes that more feels bad because it's different to what you thought. You wanted.


Juliet Hahn  00:24:00 



Bona Rai  00:24:01 

But it's actually truly what you need, and then you start to receive that, and it's

the best thing that's ever happened. So I do maintain that my divorce is the best that's sort of

to me

ever because

at the time, it did not. It was definitely the worst


Juliet Hahn  00:24:15 



Bona Rai  00:24:15 

I'm just a grateful to My husband because I don't think I would have been the person to walk away. I'm glad he had the courage

to do it.

I say courage because he said to me,

that he did it or could mean in the car because if he waited till we got home,

said, I would have seen that damn guest bedroom that you put together, and it would ob be

hat, and I will see our life together and it would be too hard, and i wouldn't not been able to do it.


Juliet Hahn  00:24:35 



Bona Rai  00:24:35 

And I thought

Wow. It isn't that safer profound? Like, how many of us just

live lives that we're not necessarily happy about because of comfort.


Juliet Hahn  00:24:40 



Bona Rai  00:24:42 

Know? So I'm very grateful to him that he

or did it in the car? Just to get it out so that he didn't


Juliet Hahn  00:24:45 


Right. Because it is


Bona Rai  00:24:48 

talk himself into spain, So I think it's really important today that.


Juliet Hahn  00:24:52 

I think it's so important. And I think it's such a part of you as you said, you wouldn't maybe have the


Bona Rai  00:25:00 



Juliet Hahn  00:24:57 

courage to do it because this is like, okay. This is what I was supposed to be doing.

This is what I'm supposed to be doing. I'm married. I'm supposed to be happy. I'm supposed to make it work.

Right? There's times. And I think a lot of times in now, you go through the the ups and downs.


Bona Rai  00:25:09 



Juliet Hahn  00:25:09 

Right. You have the honeymoon thing. You're you're oh, you're on cloud nine.


Bona Rai  00:25:14 



Juliet Hahn  00:25:12 

Then you you... Whatever journey it takes, It's worth.

It is work. Some, you know, I think some people's relationships are more work than others.

But I also think that

it it it can be scary. Even like, okay, this is not working.

But I don't know what else is out there from


Bona Rai  00:25:30 



Juliet Hahn  00:25:29 

because I didn't dream about that because I've dreamed about this. So I love that he said

I mean, in in such a strange way, like, if I saw that guest bedroom,


Bona Rai  00:25:41 



Juliet Hahn  00:25:37 

I will lost my nerve because he didn't wanna hurt you because he cared about you as a person.

He just knew that your relationship wasn't... That they do you both


Bona Rai  00:25:48 

Yes. Exactly.


Juliet Hahn  00:25:46 

needed... Like, there was something more out there for you. And so that does take

courage, and I love that you recognize that because there's a lot... You know, a lot of people that don't that go through

divorce and and and if not,

you know, in the way that you guys went through it,


Bona Rai  00:25:55 


Definitely. I think I had to

relatively positive experience.


Juliet Hahn  00:26:01 

Right. Right.

Well, I know that Dj In the


Bona Rai  00:26:09 

Oh, wow.


Juliet Hahn  00:26:07 

she's in the audience, but we're not gonna pull her up yet because we're gonna continue this a little bit, but I also wanna


Bona Rai  00:26:10 



Juliet Hahn  00:26:11 

send people to episode, you're an next stop on any of the podcast players

to episode one hundred sixty one, because that... Yeah,


Bona Rai  00:26:19 

Oh she could do it. Yes.


Juliet Hahn  00:26:19 

I love that. You got the clap in there. It's so fun. Yeah.

Because it was a really fun

I mean, journey, also of how Dj got into


Bona Rai  00:26:28 



Juliet Hahn  00:26:29 

the entrepreneurial world as well, Like, fascinating. I remember just having, like,

you know, my mouth kinda be like, great. This is so interesting. And when I met you guys at pod,

you know, we're gonna get into Cap show. And you guys, that is in the scroll right now.

Cap show is the... It it is

I mean, incredible, And we're gonna have these ladies really explain it because I don't wanna explain it.

Half and then not explain it completely, but it is basically

it has changed the way I do my show notes and do a lot of different things.

For my podcast. Let's just say that. And so it is it's really helpful, and I've

had so many people but, like, computers did you get that title? And I'm like,

cap show. I don't even say per time like, oh, I can't over that because it's not

it's really. It's really clever. But so

I want to now get so you met

Dj, and then where did that take you?


Bona Rai  00:27:15 

So, yeah, I think one of the first

conversations, and these you will be able to validate this for me. I think we in this the most


Juliet Hahn  00:27:22 



Bona Rai  00:27:23 

unfortunately, female of ways, I think you was we're talking about someone's much handbag or something and that's

how we started of the conversation. And I was just slow release because I've been in a team with

these two other guys, and Did was gonna be the other member of the team. I thought oh gosh.

Thanks for it and have to deal with these idiots over here.

And we really bonded very much You know, like you said, we were in a bubble

a semi Corporate bubble, financial service was banking bubble, and

things were things like promotions and all that was so important at the time, obviously, and

I just really found someone that I connected with. A just a very broad

statement, but it it can be hard in those environments to find

other women that you can


Juliet Hahn  00:28:01 



Bona Rai  00:28:02 

fully trust and, you know, there is that level of competition or

negative energy sometimes that for me, was quite refreshing.

To meet someone who, you know, a very similar age.

Seemingly, we have similar energies as well, but were different enough to really, I think,


Juliet Hahn  00:28:18 



Bona Rai  00:28:18 

you know, balance each other out. So that was

probably where the basis of our emotional friendships started. And, you know, at a time,

I was just feeling like, I was very engaging with what that we're doing know so we like my best

here in in in in a sort corporate land where I was really enjoying the work that were doing, but after

about. I we need to know what I wanted to do next. You know,

I'd never contemplated anything outside of just being good in my

corporate role. And I was just really thinking about

the next role to me in the bank, and and and I was using Dj as a as

sounding board to that.

Then we just completely had this one conversation that

then changed the thing for me where she came into work did to came into work.

We had a meeting, and she we were brainstorming something or another

and she was extremely frustrated because she like, ugh, I said

spent all of all night last night shopping on the iconic, which is kind of like a


Juliet Hahn  00:29:10 



Bona Rai  00:29:09 

I guess, over there, this purely online

after page after page, just kinda finds clothes. And I was like, why what were you doing? She's like, oh, well,

she does her clothing shopping quarterly, which to me is crazy.

She would buy her clothes in bulk like quarterly for the season.

And then she would do that all over again. And obviously because you're working in finance,

that we had, like, workloads and whatever, which now the scene like this

distant memory, and I hope that's

that's so interesting that people do that, but then she just hated the experience, but she needed them.

So we started talking because I

at the time. So I I I I used to style kinda dis satisfied

thing, but maybe just a volunteer we address the success. So we were started talking about

like, wonder how many people have this issue where they need the close they're not like,

super, like into like fashion in that sense and self expression, but they need I'm not gonna

them feel good and look good so that they can actually level up and

career and started brainstorming around that. And Indeed was exploring Ai at the time.

That isn't fascinating conversation disabled, But whatever person you go through in your brain with styling, like,

think we could like code that? And I was like

certify it, you know? And then we just had this really interesting conversation, which then led

to us

working on the weekends because that we've got a very full daytime day.

On this idea,

Me before, there's something here in terms of creating a digital of

stylist for women, very naive because now we look back there was

so many of those already, but we just thought it was just the best idea.


Juliet Hahn  00:30:37 



Bona Rai  00:30:37 

And that's really but they you're not sort of working together, I guess, in bad capacity,

as well.


Juliet Hahn  00:30:42 

You know? And I was... I literally just one of my clients that I had on earlier today.

We were talking about

I love. And I just got the chills the chills because I love when life

like, i... Life is crazy.


Bona Rai  00:30:56 



Juliet Hahn  00:30:55 

Right? It's good crazy. It's bad crazy. It's it's the energy of life. There's so much

to life. But and and one of the things that I just absolutely love and it makes me

so freaking happy is when, like, opportunities

come up. Right? Opportunities come up, and then you meet someone


Bona Rai  00:31:11 



Juliet Hahn  00:31:11 

that you can sit and have a conversation with and engaging with and come up with ideas

and then you see where those ideas bring you and and you know that you are meant


Bona Rai  00:31:18 



Juliet Hahn  00:31:19 

to meet that person because of that experience. Right? You're like, okay.

Wow. Now I remember why we first met. And I remember why we had this conversation

And I remember why we kinda and, like, when it all comes together, it's


Bona Rai  00:31:33 



Juliet Hahn  00:31:32 

so wild to me. Like, it really just excites me. As excites me so much because

there's so many of those opportunities that I've had in my life, especially, you know, now


Bona Rai  00:31:43 



Juliet Hahn  00:31:42 

and I've had them periods of periods of time, you know, like, in in different segments of my life,

But, especially with what I've created and what I've grown,


Bona Rai  00:31:49 



Juliet Hahn  00:31:50 

and just to look back and be, like, that's why I met that person. That's so interesting.

And I think about the people that don't have that.


Bona Rai  00:31:54 



Juliet Hahn  00:31:57 

And that actually really makes me sad. Like, it really makes me sad.

And that's one of the reasons why I do this podcast because I want people to start thinking, like,


Bona Rai  00:32:03 



Juliet Hahn  00:32:06 

you know what? They did it? What did they do different? I just used to walk my dogs and listen to pot like, podcast and books.

Daydream, like, oh, life is fine. You know, I I I had a good life, but I was, like, a little bored.


Bona Rai  00:32:14 




Juliet Hahn  00:32:15 

You know, I was like, can't... My husband won't have any... Doesn't wanna more kids. I can't get more dogs.

Oh, okay. Like, I am smart and talented. Like, what can I do? I don't wanna volunteer anymore in this


Bona Rai  00:32:22 




Juliet Hahn  00:32:25 

capacity and just let my brain kinda go

And then that's where the podcast came up and the podcast really


Bona Rai  00:32:32 



Juliet Hahn  00:32:31 

was a kind of a passion project. I had no idea that it was gonna really blow up


Bona Rai  00:32:35 




Juliet Hahn  00:32:36 

to be what it was, but it was because it was what I was meant to do.

And all the things in my life that kind of

put myself in the positions that it did. You know? Why I

changed my major communications.

You know, it's it's so interesting. And I just, again, I feel for the people

that are out there just go through life. They're not really


Bona Rai  00:32:55 



Juliet Hahn  00:32:57 

excited about anything. They don't have the ups. They don't have the downs because

you know as an entrepreneur, we have... I mean, some ops ups and then some of it, like


Bona Rai  00:33:06 




Juliet Hahn  00:33:05 

the next day you have the down is down, and you're like, oh, my god. So


Bona Rai  00:33:10 



Juliet Hahn  00:33:08 

exhausted. Like, yesterday was the best day, say the worst day.

I mean, not everyone's built like that, but people can kind


Bona Rai  00:33:16 



Juliet Hahn  00:33:15 

find that medium where they do get a little bit excited. It's not like


Bona Rai  00:33:19 



Juliet Hahn  00:33:18 

you wake up and are, like, I hate my job. I'm going my job. I hate my life. I hate my friends. I hate this.

And you can feel that when you meet people like that, you know, I don't feel like I meet that many people like that.

As much anymore. But when you interview people and talk to people all day,

long You do come across it, and it always just takes me back. And I think


Bona Rai  00:33:34 



Juliet Hahn  00:33:37 

That's sad. Just daydream.

Right. Fine that space.


Bona Rai  00:33:39 


Yeah. And I think I think that's such an important point, Juliet because I mean, I met seventy people

podcast, but you meeting you, I remember that's still so clearly your


Juliet Hahn  00:33:50 



Bona Rai  00:33:49 

by far one of the wall other than that, and you're just so genuine.


Juliet Hahn  00:33:52 

Thank you.


Bona Rai  00:33:52 

Know, because we were at this part of pod, Do you wanna go to the

being. And I remember our conversation and it was so touching. So like i said you're born to do it.

But one thing that came to mind as he was saying that as well in my experience,


I think a lot of the time we have a sort of narratives of these, like meetings, like, with this obviously,

I really overweight, like romantic meetings or whatever way you unique the person that inner


Juliet Hahn  00:34:17 



Bona Rai  00:34:15 

and that's I'm not take anything away from that. But my story, I've

i speaking about Dj. So safe if I about Sam, who was my first manager of and I was getting

divorced. These are just women who

I wasn't open to them in that way, probably wouldn't been able to let them in


Juliet Hahn  00:34:31 



Bona Rai  00:34:30 

but they would be... They... They're like soul mate in in different ways. Right?

So just opening yourself up to beyond what you

ink is important. I think just

just being opened every single day that something magical could happen.

And it's magical in the in the smaller way. You know, you just meet someone that you're gonna connect

with, and you're gonna build something together whatever that looks

like, and not being, I think, and just writing it a narrative around that

the me entrepreneurship. Like I said, in my head, I always thought it was

for people who were driven us certain in way and

well, like ceo in that sense. You know, I'm just not that person. I

is just not... I mean, I'm very

direct and driven in my own way. But that's just just one mole.


Juliet Hahn  00:35:08 



Bona Rai  00:35:09 

You know, so if I hadn't

if I hadn't let, I guess, you know, meeting these and all about

opened me up to how because the black to someone like me.

I wouldn't be here. I would to speak on the park that I thought I was supposed to be on. So

just letting yourself entertain different ways of being is so important.

Because like you said, so many of us

I think you go through life very board and on board day to day, but not having

know fully reached out potential.


Juliet Hahn  00:35:34 

Right. And I love how you said that and Again,

and... I mean, even even in in Dj episode, one

sixty... One hundred and sixty one If you guys wanna go check that out,

she was like, I wasn't built to be an. I never thought I'd be an entrepreneur either. I mean, and

again, these are all generalization and stereotypes. But, like, you know,

when you think of someone in finance,

you think of someone in the accounting, you think of someone an advertising you think of a writer you think

of a director. You think of an actor. You do have

things that you think of and again, everyone has their own story and they they're built different.


Bona Rai  00:36:05 




Juliet Hahn  00:36:05 

But you do kind of have that generalization. Right? I'm good or bad, good or bad.


Bona Rai  00:36:10 



Juliet Hahn  00:36:10 

You know, you think of the teacher you think of the librarian. Right? You you think of these different personalities.

But what you said, which is so important before we

pull up Deed Dry who's gonna go through cap show guys, by the way, this is gonna be so cool. But

the thing that is so important that people I think don't do is


Bona Rai  00:36:26 



Juliet Hahn  00:36:27 

allow themselves to open up to talk to everyone to ask questions and get to know people

you know, there's the people that are on the corporate ladder that they wanna you know, oh, I'm not talking to the guy that's

you know, taking the trash out because


Bona Rai  00:36:38 



Juliet Hahn  00:36:39 

what's he gonna give me? But that guy could teach you something. And that Guy actually


Bona Rai  00:36:44 



Juliet Hahn  00:36:43 

maybe it's choosing to do that because he just sold a billion dollar company

and it's like, I wanna do, you know, an experience. So, like, I talk

to everyone one. I mean, my kids are always like, oh.

And the husband too, sometimes will be like, oh, you're god.

Like, we anywhere we go, like, you know, at our post office

I know everyone story. I I talk to everyone. I know this person that loves the boxes who

there's days around like, I can't talk to you so I'm gonna send my kid in because I know you, and I will get, you know,

to hold up and talk, but I talk to everyone

Because of course, if I have a time timetable I'm not... You know, I I'm I'm not like

the that's out there, like a full flight, but I'm am so curious to know


Bona Rai  00:37:18 



Juliet Hahn  00:37:19 

about what people are doing and how they take. And and if

they say something that maybe gives me an idea.


Bona Rai  00:37:22 



Juliet Hahn  00:37:25 

Right. That's the other thing. It's like, wow. Oh, wow. I

I'm curious about this because maybe this is something I

should think about because this is a passion of mine, and I love that. I didn't realize that you could take

you know, you could do things in dog rescue, Like, you know, you can't

foster because my heart would, like, smash in a thousand pieces, but

know you can transport the dogs, and you can do all these other things. I wouldn't have known that and being able to help


Bona Rai  00:37:47 



Juliet Hahn  00:37:47 

like a rescue in the way that I do because of


Bona Rai  00:37:50 



Juliet Hahn  00:37:50 

asking questions and connecting with people and


Bona Rai  00:37:54 



Juliet Hahn  00:37:53 

not everyone has that personality. Right? It it is easy for me. I am an extra extrovert.

However, you can still do it in a way that you're


Bona Rai  00:38:05 



Juliet Hahn  00:38:01 

still learning and getting things and giving to other people because I truly believe I mean, it's

every one of my tagline lines like story connect us. But

we all can learn from each other. It doesn't matter what walks a life you have it doesn't matter what you're narrative

visit what your story is, We can all truly learn from each other.


Bona Rai  00:38:17 

Yeah. And I think I a truly do think that's

so important, Julia, and and I'm glad you mentioned the fact that it doesn't have to be based on personality because

some of us envoy than others. But even even as I was thinking about it, like,


Juliet Hahn  00:38:34 



Bona Rai  00:38:30 

also think at the end of the... You you just have more fun with life as well in the sense of

you... It just forces you to let go did not take yourself as serious

Right? The example that comes to mind when you're talking about, you know, talking to all people from all walks of life is

I think about, you know, in twenty eighteen was when I

like to take a career break from a very corporate role, and they can imagine on being my pencil will go in my heels.

And then I was only with my parents for a year, as I worked full time on this fashion technology startup.

Which is, again, another thing that someone weed in the thirties is is doing

and then I moved to New York. Obviously, with with, and then, you know, we were just

kinda make the startup up failed, and then we were delivery drivers

for a short period of time. And I just think how he hilarious who would have looked reading both

quite little, you know, and had a delivery gloves. And we with


Juliet Hahn  00:39:19 



Bona Rai  00:39:18 

with we're holding chocolate. We're doing that, you know, and i just

And if we get too caught up in life, how you should be and all of these

things like you go... We've got these degrees. We've got, you know... You know, like, like,

we're just driving delivery band, but we had the best

time, and he learned so much.


Juliet Hahn  00:39:34 



Bona Rai  00:39:34 

In great shape, by the way, because of all of the lifting in the movie,

learn how to drive on other side of the road had amazing. And it was just a short window of time that

we did that. And I think if could get so caught up in wanting to be the

person that you think you should be in your head,

you miss out on those things. You like say you me selling on the learnings and the and and all that

cause and meeting people

Give me silent just liking yourself more, you know, and just

having fun with yourself, like, that's the biggest possible I think.


Juliet Hahn  00:40:01 

No. Totally. And I'm gonna end with this... This this question because I do think it's important.

And I I believe, I I think Did will probably laugh because I know I definitely asked her this as well.

Where do you think you got that grit? I know, like, you know, you got the kind of the

from the divorce, it

opened up your world and stuff like that. But did you see, like, your parents

stepping out of the lines and doing things a little different. I know you said you know, you're very process as a

as a child. Did you see that in

in your world or do you think it just really was the experience of the divorce because that really, like, kind

broke open your whole world.


Bona Rai  00:40:34 

No. I was say definitely growing up.

The divorce really, I think was almost the second round because

it it it he doubly hard because of all of the things I felt like I had done to


Juliet Hahn  00:40:45 



Bona Rai  00:40:46 

not being in that position. I felt like it did, and I think it was just a sense of betrayal that

came from, you know, stealing of betrayal would it said this person betrayed me, but because

I've been friends with can put in a long time too, But really, I think for me, personally,

growing up, I grew up in a very

I wanna say I'm also for doctor Way, but I was

obviously, this is my parents and until about three

essentially from the ages of three to nine,

And live with them. So I I went to Boarding school india I lived with my

aren't who was emotionally very distant. And

in know my cousins, I was left to kind of look after myself emotionally. Again,


Juliet Hahn  00:41:22 




Bona Rai  00:41:20 

my parents are the best that they could. It was a situation at the time. My dad was

British army me, my mom wasn't living where we were, and I wouldn't only see them.

During the holidays, my mom once a year and my dad once every two to three years.

So I think I was just

unfortunately, I think I was just

it just came to to me to be had a choice to either just be

you know, kind of

Think I just made a decision. I she say as a child very young to say, okay. This

is kind of what's happening now. So I'm just gonna, like, grow up really quick

And because I was quite academic, I love sport

not that makes them that's obviously great for a schooling environment. That's just all I put my head to.

My mind too. And as I was doing that, I think you can't help but build great because

you've got build emotional resilience like, I didn't know if I'm gonna go to my parents


Juliet Hahn  00:42:06 



Bona Rai  00:42:06 

and and you know, for example, for my birthday,

and then there would be... For example, that be times what I'm mom supposed speak me up.

For into holidays, but because of logistics and stuff like that,

she may or may not be able to come, and we didn't have phones at stuff at the time. So I sit by the time of the road for, Like

two whole days, you know. And I think

what I've built me was almost this... What I... That's why Was really good. I... I think

my gratitude of always sort of grown up with

feeling extremely grateful for whatever I do get. And it

helped me isn't very, very human. I'm I'm prone to take another of granted as well.

But life is very for me personally, you know, I

I've always had that feeling that you just really have to, you know, whatever you have in your palm at


It may be taken away from you. So I think growing up, I just kinda of grew up like that, and I just

build those skills. And then my dad was a huge influence to all this

at the time even though he couldn't be with me, he would find all these ways to get new letters and post

and I just... And and and it wasn't easy to get, you know, growing lines and things like that.

Many people you speak with

two minutes, he would always say


Juliet Hahn  00:43:14 



Bona Rai  00:43:10 

find a way to to, you know, to be happy Right?

So I think that was a huge growing up, and I didn't realize it at the time.

But now that I look back on it, that's just being reiterated for me sort of

pretty much every single day, so. I would say that's where Pull me for me. It comes in

And now I'm joining the dots because I'm an entrepreneurship about Mike,

Okay. This is better excuse are gonna come me and I'm gonna need it.


Juliet Hahn  00:43:32 

Right. But that's beautiful. And that's beautiful about your your dad.

He... You know, he

clearly had a heart, like yours where he it was important to hear me, even though he knew

maybe he wasn't there and wasn't able to be there. He still showed you that he cared.


Bona Rai  00:43:46 



Juliet Hahn  00:43:47 

Which I think is beautiful. Well, I love that

And i... I mean, I know when we met a podcast, and Dear

get yourself ready because we're gonna have you come up. I remember

talking to you guys for a little bit and then going

Wait. Stop. Stop because you're both gonna be on the podcast because oh my gosh.

I love your stories, and I love just a little bit that you told me and it was really about, you know, cap and how you guys

delivered that. But then I think I asked them and I was, like, leave a second. This is like such an opportunity for

for a show and I love when things kind of just unfold. So


Bona Rai  00:44:14 



Juliet Hahn  00:44:16 

you guys are gonna be in for a really big treat. What we're gonna try to do

we're gonna see if it works because, you know, there's always live stuff. There's always something new

but we're gonna have

Dj drag come up and demonstrate. And so

On, if you wanna us as I'm doing this if you wanna talk a little bit and tell us what

cap was about as I invite Dad.


Bona Rai  00:44:37 

Absolutely. Yes. Dj and i other picker ash

we've create a capture, which is basically an Ai powered

podcast typewriter. So like Juliet mentioned earlier,

to been helping her with her titles and show.

What we do is we take your audio file for your podcast, we transcribe it all

and then the software will actually write everything you need for your podcast.

From your title, descriptions, show notes,

blog posed captions,

quotes, you know that we create it. So it's been simplifying fun building this with.

And we are now coming up to six months live, I think, dates so. Yeah. Super exciting.


Deirdre Tshien  00:45:13 

Yeah. If I find. I was like, watching you guys. I'm like, oh, you know what joy

you didn't have to bring now No you're so much fun. You know

unicorn anxiety. I have to say, like, no one like, Bona is like refuses.

To be on any podcast or get interviewed. So


Bona Rai  00:45:25 

That makes me sound like a terrible person that's etcetera.


Deirdre Tshien  00:45:27 

well, Juliet. You got you got


Juliet Hahn  00:45:32 

Well, I feel like we did connect. We did connect up podcasting. I knew, like,

I I know I know she felt comfortable, but, no. I love that. And I love that. Thank you. So, woo. Your next


Bona Rai  00:45:41 



Juliet Hahn  00:45:41 

job. We did it. But one one of the things that I think was really cool also

and I want to send people again back to one sixty one because

when you guys first started this,

and this is a so important entrepreneur here. You have a vision. Right? You're like, this is what it is.

I mean I know my business has, like, really evolved and it started here, and then it just kinda

and boomed, and then it's like

Wow. That's what I'm meant to do, which is just really cool. So

when you guys first started this, it you had a little bit of a different thoughts

And then it really kind of... As you started your podcasting, it was like,

Okay. This is what we're meant to do, and you can kinda talk a little bit about that, but people can also

go back and listen to one sixty one.


Deirdre Tshien  00:46:24 

Yes. We can do it all.


Juliet Hahn  00:46:27 

We do


Bona Rai  00:46:27 



Deirdre Tshien  00:46:29 

Did you wanna say... Did you wanna us to go into that a be juliet or it


Juliet Hahn  00:46:33 

No. I didn't


Deirdre Tshien  00:46:32 

Yeah. In terms of where we started. Okay. Cool.


Juliet Hahn  00:46:35 

Yeah. No. I think I wanna I wanna bring this up. I want people to go back and and listen to that, but I really

want you to kind of take bring up and show so people can see

what capture is about. And and and then I can also talk

about how I use it with my editor and kinda talk about the functionality

what and what I see where it's really helped to me, especially what guys... You know, when

Ai and they come up with words. I was like, oh, this gonna be so good for my dyslexia because

I'm always like, you know, checking in my spelling and all of this. And so it's really, really great.

So go ahead. We can


Deirdre Tshien  00:47:05 

Yeah. I I'm on my ipad so I could do it as

showing, but I I don't see the option to share any anything to share. Screen note. Have you done this?


Oh, okay.



Juliet Hahn  00:47:14 

No. So... So that's what Was saying. This is like, this is this is new, but I'm thinking

Right? Because I don't think I can share my


Deirdre Tshien  00:47:22 

Yeah. I can't. Okay. Well,


Juliet Hahn  00:47:21 

because I didn't know if you were gonna be on your

I didn't know if we were gonna do and I said this Bond I was like, right. This is we're gonna


Deirdre Tshien  00:47:27 



Juliet Hahn  00:47:29 

kind of a trial. I didn't know if you were gonna be on and you were gonna then be able to show your

You know,


Deirdre Tshien  00:47:34 

My laptop. Okay. I can do that.




Juliet Hahn  00:47:36 

You know, I mean, I think that's I think we can do. I mean, I know as

if it was zoom, we would be able to show it That way,

and I actually will talk to the Fireside guys if any of you because I can't see because i'm blinds now

If any of you on the audience are listening to this, that would be a really cool thing, And I have


Bona Rai  00:47:53 



Juliet Hahn  00:47:52 

feeling that that is something that's coming around down. And that's one of the things that I love.

About Fireside is... Again, it's, you know, it's in the beta where they're

they're coming up with all these new new things, and it keeps it keeps of evolving

but I don't think I'm sure there is

something that they and They've heard them kinda talk about, like, the sharing the screen thing. So I think that's coming, but

we're gonna have it


Deirdre Tshien  00:48:12 

Okay. I can do. This is the old school screen sharing way.


Juliet Hahn  00:48:16 



Bona Rai  00:48:14 

I love it.


Deirdre Tshien  00:48:16 

So welcome to capture and my laptop.


Juliet Hahn  00:48:17 



Deirdre Tshien  00:48:20 

So, yeah, it's really enjoys for podcast. So I'll

click an audio file, and it takes about five minutes for, you know, capture to crunch

the data. And then at the end of that, they actually ask you, hey, these are summer

three top topics that we picked from your episode.

Do you want us to create your content based on one of these?

Do you wanna give us your you can actually focus the topic go you can focus what

half show

crates for you, essentially, which is great from an Seo perspective.

And then once you do... Once it does that, you land on a screen.


Juliet Hahn  00:48:55 

Yeah. We can been.


Deirdre Tshien  00:48:54 

That key it. Yeah. Okay. That looks like that.


Juliet Hahn  00:48:56 



Deirdre Tshien  00:48:56 

And you can see on the side here all of the assets that

capture creates for you. So title descriptions show notes it's transcript,

social media captions,


Juliet Hahn  00:49:12 



Deirdre Tshien  00:49:08 

by platform as well. If I click on that,

and the social media captions, you get

promotional ones and you get engagement ones now. This is something that we just

release actually,

So based on your podcast food,

we i submit my mess.


Juliet Hahn  00:49:25 

No. Well, I had to say as you're

doing that. What one of the things it's fun also being a part of this

cap show, you know, from... One of the earlier times, it's really fun to see oh,


Deirdre Tshien  00:49:37 



Juliet Hahn  00:49:37 

Oh, wow. There's a new feature here. Oh, wow. This is really fun. So it's like fun to learn

and and go as you guys are growing as well.


Deirdre Tshien  00:49:43 

Yeah. For sure. And you got... You have been amazing that, like,

honestly, right our early adopters. We have so much gratitude for them because

Again, you talked about grid and the grid that you guys had to

And then patience you to have with us to be like, oh, guys, this is not liking in


Juliet Hahn  00:49:59 



Deirdre Tshien  00:50:00 

like, oh my guys. Gale and we need big side.


Juliet Hahn  00:50:03 

But, you know what? And there's also personalities for that like, Fireside. I mean, I've been with

them since almost the beginning and what they have evolved

and it's so funny because I'll, you know, some of the girls and if I can't see if they're in here,

but there'll be times where I'll be like, hey, this didn't work or this worked or

or... Oh, this is new. Can you tell me about this? And it's really fun to be able to work

and be patient because we all... When you're growing something, you can't

fact, and that's where people need to, like, take a chill pill and take a breath. I'm sure you've had people that, like,


Deirdre Tshien  00:50:31 




Juliet Hahn  00:50:30 

have come out you like, whoa what did was going on here? And it's like,


Bona Rai  00:50:34 



Deirdre Tshien  00:50:34 



Bona Rai  00:50:36 



Juliet Hahn  00:50:34 

we're evolving too, and we're here to help you. Right? We're we're here. We're growing a business

this is our passion. We know that it's something, but you have to give us a little patient


Deirdre Tshien  00:50:42 




Juliet Hahn  00:50:42 

so right. So this is something new that you guys just just

put out there. So, yeah, tell us about it.


Deirdre Tshien  00:50:47 

Yes. Yeah. Yeah. So then we also have, like, a full blog post

which also what we launched with that was you can actually

again, choose the particular topic you want blog post to be created.

For. We have Youtube description and

incredible. That's what calling say actually it finds

gosh up to, I don't know twenty twenty five quotes are from your episode based

on motivational unquote, topic based quotes story base cord,

Yeah. Pretty super. and it does all of that in, like, under ten minutes crates

the first draft.

For all of that.


Juliet Hahn  00:51:20 

And it and the spelling, I have to say it's re like,

So anyone that's out there that has a powder or whatever, I you know, all the different things that have


Deirdre Tshien  00:51:31 



Juliet Hahn  00:51:29 

I mean, Fireside has a transcript. There's a lot of different ones some are better

some are not as good. I've had, like, you know, things where I'm like, what's that's not now.

Cops is really good.


Deirdre Tshien  00:51:40 

Oh, thank you.


Bona Rai  00:51:41 



Juliet Hahn  00:51:40 

I mean, I I I've... I mean, I really is pretty accurate. I I think I know my editor

I use it, but my editor also uses it so that's not something to tell.

You know, I have many different shows. You guys know I have, you know, your next

stop, and then I have all my live shows, and I really use it for

a lot of the pre recorded because Fireside comes up with

there record, you know, their transcripts and stuff like that.

But for... But you can do it with all of them. You can have three guests

you can have a a lot of different options, the way you wanna do it. So I know I use it

for my recorded because that's like the look I want for the pre recorded. I have a look that I went for the live.

And so the live. But one of the things that I think is fun

though a lot of people have been, like, I love that you do that with the the show notes.

And, you know, and my emails that I send out is that you cap show

breaks it down. So it's like, this is what you're gonna learn in this episode. And it like, really pulls out

fun things that you popular are thinking, but you don't have


Deirdre Tshien  00:52:36 



Bona Rai  00:52:34 



Juliet Hahn  00:52:35 

put the brain power in because it pulls it out for you.


Bona Rai  00:52:38 



Juliet Hahn  00:52:38 

And then the same with the title, which I think is really great.

And and then the all the social media stuff. I mean, really, when I do my blog posts,

a lot of times because my

social media stuff. I usually use my show notes, which

capsule does create. And then for the the

my email that I put out Monday and Thursday, I will take some of the

social media stuff,

and take that and then kinda combine it with my show notes

that, you know, cops pulled out, and you guys suggested that. Like, that's the other thing is


Deirdre Tshien  00:53:08 



Juliet Hahn  00:53:08 

that you guys are really hands on. You're really there. You want us to be

comfortable. You want us to be learning. You want us to know, hey, you can do this.

And which is really kinda of cool so anyone in the audience there

if you go to, you can see it's cops, and then I think

Bond. I think you put it in your



Bona Rai  00:53:23 

Mhmm. In my profile as well. Yeah.


Juliet Hahn  00:53:28 

Yep. So you can click on there. And then Dj afterwards,


Deirdre Tshien  00:53:32 



Juliet Hahn  00:53:31 

I'm gonna suggest that you put your picture and then do your your

you know, do your bio, so people can do that, But you guys can click there. You can learn about the price

there's many different options, which is also really cool. You guys have really

evolved that as well, which I think is really, which is awesome. There's many different price points.

Now. And, yeah, tell us a little bit more. Like, tell us someone, like, you know,


Bona Rai  00:53:53 



Juliet Hahn  00:53:52 

some of the fun things that you think are coming up and and more about

just the venture what you guys are doing.


Deirdre Tshien  00:53:56 

Yeah. Oh, my eight has been under Zen.

It feels like the it's been, like, five years in the making when it's been, like, five months.


Bona Rai  00:54:02 

I know


Deirdre Tshien  00:54:05 

But, yeah, it's it's so funny what you was saying, like, in terms of, you know, even how

like the powder. Sometimes,

like, we don't... People use caption ways that we didn't even think would

you know, we had users like Adam, who his email open rates went from, like,


Juliet Hahn  00:54:21 



Deirdre Tshien  00:54:20 

mid twenty, like, sixty six percent since you didn't captured because he was like

he'd get an email subject line. He's like, I'm not. He's said now. That doesn't telling me.

And then he'll he'll... He like, oh but, you know, look... I'm gonna just gonna test it anyway. That's what


Juliet Hahn  00:54:28 



Deirdre Tshien  00:54:32 

entrepreneurship all about. Put that in, like, his email emulate kinda welcome his like, and

you know, and people are just using it in all these different ways. I'm like, wow

so cool. And love induces me to hear about yeah. All those different things, but I'm

Some really exciting things we have coming up. We're actually working on

a guest module. So we know that there are a lot of

people who guest on podcaster and virtual summit and things like that.

And they're like, you know, it would be awesome to also be able to create

all of these written content offset

Yeah. Things Like

the the I guess, for on. And so that's what we're wacky on. So we're actually testing we've bot


Juliet Hahn  00:55:09 

Oh, that's cool.


Deirdre Tshien  00:55:11 

you know, we're gonna have get a beta group together and really test that out.

We are going to start to look at

the creative side as well. So we we're really tackling like the coffee

content. So we really wanna start to look at the creative content side as well to be like

How can we hop in that space? So he's the cool things coming down the pipe

find that we're working on. Yeah. It's just super exciting.


Juliet Hahn  00:55:34 

I love it, and I love what you guys are doing, And I love both again, your stories

at podcast, that's what connected me. You were telling me

because I I you guys are at to exhibit a hall and you're like, have you gone through and I was like, no?

Truthfully, I didn't go to the these I mean, I did it I did a talk, and then I just

I really like meeting people in this kind of atmosphere, And I think it


Deirdre Tshien  00:55:56 



Juliet Hahn  00:55:55 

wasn't it like a trivia night that you guys were supposed to do and the Night. I distracted you.

You never did


Bona Rai  00:55:56 

Yeah. We didn't wanna be there. We didn't wanna be there?


Deirdre Tshien  00:56:00 



Juliet Hahn  00:56:02 

we kind of are like, we were in, like, the back, and I was just, like, fascinated.

With what you guys are doing. I was telling you about, you know, how I got into the space

And it was just fine. It was fun to connect, and and that's why

again, asking questions meeting people, you never know

what you're gonna learn.

And who you're gonna connect with because not everyone connects, you know? And that then there's nothing wrong with

but not anywhere when connects in in deep levels and

and no. Okay. These people are supposed to be kind of in my world because of x y and z.


Deirdre Tshien  00:56:28 



Bona Rai  00:56:28 



Deirdre Tshien  00:56:33 

Hundred percent.


Juliet Hahn  00:56:32 



Deirdre Tshien  00:56:34 

It was like, it's everything's fake. Right? It feels like it's fades. Like, we we got to meet you

Obviously, finally told... You how we met each other and just everything that it all happens to


Super grateful all of that.


Juliet Hahn  00:56:43 

It really does.

Yeah. Well, I just have to say I'm gonna let you guys go because I know you're busy and

I have to take a kid to an honest in twenty minutes.

So my my day job as an entrepreneur,

turns very quickly. And and now the kids are home from school. And so now I'm gonna be in the car as a taxi driver.


Deirdre Tshien  00:57:03 



Juliet Hahn  00:57:02 

Which is... Which is my second thing. It it's dudes the time of life that we're in

I wouldn't treat it for the world, but thank you guys so much for joining Your next

stop here live on Fireside. It has been a pleasure and

anyone that has any questions, there's so many people in the audience, which so fun

I know you guys got to hear the clap. I think we have a little bit of a silence audience today, but there's so many different reaction

that are really fun. I'm gonna actually do one right now.


guys, this has been awesome. Definitely send this episode out. It

lives here live on Fireside it will also go out on your next stop podcast.

Where it goes out on all of the, you know, things it's

live on Youtube right now. So you guys can send that. It's all

live on Linkedin, which is gonna be sent out there as well. But this is this is an episode.

That if you have people in the space that need this, they need to hear it.

May need to hear it. So thank you so much, Dj and Papa.

Appreciate it.


Bona Rai  00:57:54 

Thank you, Juliet.


Deirdre Tshien  00:57:56 

Thank you.


Juliet Hahn  00:57:56 

Yes. And you guys again, thank you

so much for joining. Your next stop live. I'm gonna be around

pretty much all this week and next week and with new stuff,

my storytelling consulting, I'm doing a three series

right now in storytelling telling, you can catch that as well. But, again, thank you so much

and we will see you guys like it.

My focus is entirely on helping you follow your passion, even when you feel like you've got stuck in crazy town. There is a way out, its me helping you. You don't have to ditch everything in your life that is making you feel overwhelmed and stuck, you just need some help to navigate it.


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