YNS Live with Juliet Hahn: My Story

Apr 14, 2022

Listen to a new episode of Your Next Stop with host Juliet Hahn on another solo episode where she shares her story recorded live on Fireside.


If you put your mind to something, you can ACHIEVE it.


Juliet Hahn is a storyteller, consultant, keynote speaker, and content creator. Her mission in life is to give men and women a stage to share their stories. She believes deeply that everyone has a story and we all can learn from each other. We just need to listen. 


Juliet is passionate about helping people be able to tell their own stories, to connect their stories to their own careers. She strongly believes that stories connect people.


Each person has his or her own unique story to tell.  Stories are never-ending journeys, hidden talents, or suppressed memories, all waiting to be told. We all have a distinct definition of a story, so why not share yours?


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Episode Transcript


Hey, everyone. How are you? It is Juliet Hahn

If you guys are not familiar with YNS Live,

I'm here to share my story. I am here to help you be able to share your

story by kinda getting some ideas on how I

share my story. I've been doing this now for two years.

I've been honing in on my brand. I've been, you know, really

crafting my

my story as I've been podcasting and

doing webinars and doing a workshop

and it's been really cool to all of a sudden and get that aha moment where it's like,

Wait a second. I've helped another person create their story and figure out

how to tell and share their story. So I figured

why not come on?

Fireside. Do you guys know how much I love Fireside. So if you were listening here on Linkedin,

streaming live on Linkedin, streaming live on Twitch.

Facebook live and also Youtube live.

And so just wanted to say hi, James. How are you?

Hope you're well. Hope everyone had a happy new year

not gonna get into the holidays over here. Let's

to say it was pretty much the shit show. But we back. We are ready. We are ready

to crush two thousand twenty two just like we were

question two thousand twenty one business wise. So

I wanted to kinda give you guys an idea of how to kinda share your story, but

by listening to my story. So here it goes.

you'll started publicly in third grade my first

I guess my first recollection of that I learned differently

my... I grew up and I

pretty fluent town. Most of my classmates

school came really easy to them. It was like, nothing. They never really struggled

at all. And I realized I I I learned different. I was

this wasn't as easy. I remember looking around and being like, is everyone understanding the future saying the

kids I'm not understanding this. And that

And call, there was this time where

everyone actually in my class there's probably twenty kids, let's say,

eighteen of them went off to gift

did talented and myself and a another boy in the

class went off to special reading. And there

I just remember being like, well, wait a second. What are my friends doing?

And why am I here reading the blue off with this lady with very Fr hair

and super shaggy boobs and a giant butt. I say that

from the third grader. So just

picture being, like, what is going on? I don't like reading. It's hard

for me. I'm not really happy. Why is everyone else doing something else.

remember going back to class, and my friends skipping over

me and saying, what where did you? Oh, what was oh my god. We had the best time.

we created these noses. We had all these funds. We we're gonna be doing sword fighting with

have. And I was like, what's what you mean? And they're like, what do you what what were you doing?

I was reading the blue dolphin.

with this doctor. She said her name, and I'm not gonna say her name just in case she's still with us.

and they were, like, and who was you know, with you when I'll just call him rod.

it was rod and I, and they were, like,

Oh, I'm... You know, I was like, okay. So Kind of skipped on and realized

from there, You know what? School is hard. I don't really like

this. I don't like the way it makes me feel except for my friends,

I have a lot of friends, and I was really good in jim.

So really good in Jim class. I failed athletic.

And so that's where as a a a third grader,

I put all my energy. So I remember very early on

being like, okay, this is what I'm good at. This is what feels good. This other stuff does not feel so good.

obviously, I didn't know that this was creating my story as I was going.

So as years went on, there was someone down the road

that... And it was... It must have been some sort of teacher because it was definitely not my parents.

told me I was not creative and just stick what I was good at.

And again, I was selling in sports. So I

played early vars,

when I was in high school and our team used to win states every year, we came from a

powerhouse sports athletic community,

and I was at the top of there. So I was at the bottom of education and

school, and I was at the top of athletics. And

most of my friends were all at the top of everything.

they were getting offers very early on. I was getting letters from, like,

Harvard and other universities saying we're really interested in you coming to play field

you're really interested in you playing will cross. And I just remember being like, wait these are really good

schools. I go to get into them. What do I do? And as a teenager,

you definitely give yourself a story now. I was also

I was confident. I come from a very supportive and loving family. So I was

it my older sister also struggled in school.

And so it wasn't... It wasn't new to me. My one sister did not

struggle in school, and then I had a sister that struggled. So

I just remember conversations in the house. Like, okay. Well, you're really good at this and

you know, you need work on this or you have to get a tutor here and

my mom was in education so she always gave us a lot of support.

And I remember going to same time I just got, you know, I got this letter and she's a girl. Let's

put you know, hanging it up. This is amazing. And I was like, mom, I'm not gonna be able to go there. She's was, like,

why are you thinking that? Let's not think that now, even though

my guidance counselor in school was telling me I wasn't going to call

lunch because I

my grades weren't that great. She's like, you're not going to college. I would think of all

alternative and things. I look back at it now.

and I wanna give her the big giant

big giant finger because that's not what you tell someone that says they wanna go to

school because they wanna play sports. Thank you, Gina.

it's not something that a teacher should ever tell a students.

because you should tell someone if they put their mind to something that they can

achieve it. Now they might achieve it in a different way. It might not look the same for them.

as a straight day student, but you never tell someone they can't do anything. So i remember that

always stinging. And, you know, my... I'm telling my mom and my mom was like, what's

This is not okay. She would go in and yell at people and then they they would didn't say what

wouldn't tell me I couldn't do things anymore. But I remember I had to take the Sat

I was getting recruited. And

printed by a division one college, and I couldn't get my Sap

up enough to get into that school. I was being offered money

it I took to the Sap. I can't even tell you how many times

not a big fan of the sat. Let's just say that. And

I... It it just it was it was awful. But

that brings me to, again, being a part of my story and never realizing how much

that was a part of my story. Never realizing how much the teacher telling me I wasn't

creative and to stick with what I was good at, and it realized where I was

compensating and what I was doing never realized when that, you know, guidance counts

told, I wasn't going to college or I... You know, third grade was going to the special reading.

never thought how that was forming something inside of me.

And you guys have listened to me, if you've been on any of my live shows, if you listen, you know, if you've

follow me on any social media, you know that I really truly believe we all have a path

and whether you believe in the universe or god,

I believe in god that we all have a path and not all of us

find it. But if we listen and we

follow things like little twins that you get in your body or a little

thoughts that you have in your mind, and you don't stuff them. You followed Them Like, why did that just interest me?

what is that about? I wanna follow that a little bit. And some of us do it very subconscious

but others do it consciously. And

I was being formed.

by these these

these people in my life. Now, again, I came from a very supportive family. I had a lot of friends. So I

popular. I sucked at school, but I was great sports and

those were all forming me as well. So very quickly, I realized

Okay. I'm not going division one. I'm gonna go pursue division

a division three school. I got into a school. I played double sports and

Again, if you remember me saying, I did not like school. So I was like, what can I... What can I

study that I'm gonna like. So I thought, again, I'm gonna go to something I'm good at. I'm gonna do corporate

fitness because I did not wanna be a teacher. I did not want to be a

a coach because I knew I would have to go into education

as my major, and I really did not love

school because of all the negative that I got there all the negative feelings I got there.

So I went into corporate fitness thinking, oh, I can go into corporations. You know what? I'm really good at

communicating. I am really good at

people skills. And I learned this as, again, as my story was forming,

I'll never forget in about ninth grade, I had an English teacher

And probably the first month, we were discussing a book that we were all reading.

Now I was reading the cl notes because I didn't like to read

if you... I'm just like. So which we didn't know at the

time there was no labels back then. But

so I did love to read struggle it was hard, but I could

speak. So I was reading cliff notes, and I would get into conversations with this teacher

always raising my hand. She would tell me, oh, julia. You're so pity. I can't wait

you know, until we get into this, I love how you, you know, looked at that character and develop that

this character, and I was all about telling a story.

I was all about telling a story that I was learning through

cliff notes. I wasn't getting the full picture

but I was creating the story and since I was very intuitive, and I still very intuitive

I was coming up with this character that this teacher was, like,

That's exactly what I see. I love how you see that. Love how you form that.

So I would get that from certain teachers when they heard me speak. Now,

you know, as you all know, English in high school, you then have to write essay.

I wrote an essay, and she handed it back to me and said

Very disappointed. This is... You did not put any work into this. You know, I

suspected better than than this. And I'm disappointed in you.

and I remember being crushed. I mean,

crushed going home crying to my mom. My mom knew I worked really hard.

my mom going in and then talking to the future, you know, and and me explaining to her.


can speak really well. But when I try to put it on a piece of paper, it doesn't come across

the same way. I can't get my words on paper, and it's really frustrating.

So we were honing in where my struggles were and how to accommodate them.

But back then, many years ago, they didn't have the same accommodations that they do now.

So, again, that little story

formed me

because I remember being, like, up here because I was like, oh, I can talk

This is where I'm getting that good feeling that good feeling. I'm good at communicating. She's

you hearing me. I'm using words that she's like, yes. Oh my gosh. This is amazing. And then

my written work.

I'm disappointed in you. You didn't put enough work. In when I knew I put

so much work too. I just couldn't get the words that were in my head on paper.

So, again,

you know, another teacher telling me

Okay. You're not good enough in this aspect.

So fast forward again to college, I did not wanna go into education.

so corporate as I was like, you know, pulling from that experience again. Okay. My

teacher that I was really good at communicating. I'm gonna do that. I'm gonna go into corporate

fitness fitness because that's what I was good at. And very quickly,

I had to take anatomy and the physiology.

Now anyone out there that has ever had to take a science or struggled in school,

or is displaying. Science was really tough

for me.

really tough for me. And I quickly was, like, there's no way I'm gonna pass this


having two

work like I've never worked and and maybe not pass it.

Right? I don't wanna give myself a negative story. Like, I can do this, but how many to do this playing two sports?

is this really the field that I wanna go into?

at the same time, I hurt my back and

that was like an Moment. I was like, no. You know what? This is a sign.

this is a sign. I believe in god. This is the sign from God.

I need to think about this. I need to

to change it up. So I switched my major.

into communications, radio television and film.

Now if you remember me telling you a part of the story that I had a teacher tell me, I wasn't

creative or someone. Someone told me I wasn't creative to stick what, you know, what you're good at.

So as I entered this major, I would just remember being like, wow. This is so cool.

learning about how to be a a Dj on the radio.

writing scripts for movies.

and there was, you know, there's still so much

I mean, film, how, you know, how to be a cameraman, all these different things that I was learning that

I kept saying. Oh, wait. I'm not going into that part of

the major. I wanna I wanna search more about the communications part because I am not

creative. Again, telling my story from way back,

from some time in my childhood, and I was told I wasn't creative. And

to me, creativity was drawing.

that's what I kinda of put my head to. Like, oh, I can't draw. Basically

hardly can even draw a stick figure. But so this is what's

in my head. This is what I was telling myself. Okay. I'm not creative. I'm not creative.

and I took a class

in advertising sales, and i we'll never forget the professor was standing at the top.

And he said, now there's probably gonna be five of you.

that take this class.

that go into advertising sales. The rest of you are gonna go... You you went into this major.

because you wanted to do something on the creative side. You either wanted to go into radio or

film or you wanna be an actor or, you know, you wanna do right scripts

for Tv, whatever you wanna do, you're going into

side of the creativity side. I remember right away, Being like, and do that. So this is

my ears are parked up. I wanna hear what this man say.

he started talking about advertising sales and how we can go to this convention called Nap.

as as a group. And, again, there's gonna be five of you that this

there's a twins in here, and he talked about the relationships

you make if you, you know, your advertising sales or if you go in the agency side,

you're a be, you know, the the face you go into the meetings and you you

you talk to people about their brand and all these different things I just remember being like,

That's what I wanna do. Oh, my gosh. I love that. And I got that twins, so I started

blurring a little bit more. And funny enough, that is what I ended up measuring in.

and graduating and getting my first job in New York City was in advertising sales.

But during that time,

in my studies. I was on the radio. I was a Dj.

loves that. I learned loved learning the board, and I'm gonna say it wrong. So I haven't been really a

so long, But I love that. I had my own show. Was, like, so fun.

I thought that was, like, really cool. I wrote a Tv pilot

that I actually still have that is

so freaking good that I just recently just read

I wrote a movie. I started it. I got

I've directed. I did all of these different things. Okay. Still saying.

Oh, I'm not creative. This is not mine. You know, this is not what I'm gonna be doing. I'm gonna go into the

the sales of move to New York City. I mean, i mean advertise exact I'm gonna wear.

heels and, you know, take the subway and, you know, go to these meetings and the

advertising world is so amazing. And I'm gonna

communicating and talking, and that's when I'm good at the relationships. And so

I knew I was on to something. I really loved that. And

even before I graduated in my senior year, I actually

went to school for five years.

school, you know, as we remember our school was tough and because I did go to school for

sports. I had to only take a certain amount of credit. So I got an active of them. I gotta

I on actor, I forget the word academic something. So i was only allowed to take four class

says as I was... Because I also played two sports.

I stopped playing the two sports somewhere in the

and I think my sophomore and junior my third year, my fourth year.

because I really wanted to pursue

this feeling that I was getting because all of sudden, I also became really good at school.

I started getting on the honor role and the beams left, and my mom was like, this is incredible.

I also learned a little bit more about my learning disabilities, and how I how I learned and how to

accommodate because that first year, you know, the anatomy

biology in the psychology. I think I had a a professor that was blind.

and he literally just sat there and red in a mono voice, and I would fall asleep every class.

I just remember being, like, how am I gonna get through this? Reaching out to my mom

some point being, like, I'm gonna... I'm gonna fail out or i'm I just need to... I need to get out of this. I

can't do this. This is not good. So when I found the advertising sales and I found when I

switched my major

It was, like, this huge aka moment for me. It was a huge

I am not

dumb because there was times where I used to think, okay, I'm really dumb in school, but I knew I was very

intuitive. I knew I was really great at making relationships

I'm talking to people. And so I knew that there... I wasn't

completely dumb. If that's, you know, if that's the word. My mom does

tell a story when I was very little, I said to her, and this is before third grade.

I'm glad god just made me dumb on the

on the inside, not the outside too, and she remembers being like,

Oh like, could you imagine your child saying that? And basically, what I was saying,

is goodness I'm attractive. Goodness. I am pretty and

I have friends because if it was both it would be really hard.

so those little things, you know, we're forming me

as I was growing into this this this woman, this

communicator. This relationship builder, this network, and

you know, as I said, I graduated before I graduated. I got a job

moved to New York City.

I mean, had the... Was having the time of my life. I was like

you know what? I I graduated again, I was on the honor

couple times, my mom even sense that guidance counselor.


one of my my grades It was, like, don't ever tell someone they can't do some

You know, Joy just learns different and needed to be on a path

that was different than what you said. Right? I had friends that were

so good in school that went to, you know, college and scholarship that

they ended up not staying in college. So it was very cool for me finish graduate.


was in advertising I met my husband

you know, state... Have we had kids stayed home.

and that starts my second chapter of my whole story. So

when you are talking about your story when you're were telling your story,

these are the kind of questions I want you to think about. I want you to think about going back

to your childhood thinking about different aspects. Right? So when I started

telling my story a little bit more when I started podcasting when I started doing these webinars and workshops

I started really honing in more on my story being like,

I didn't think about that. I I forgot that that happens when I was younger.

and that's really my first, you know, memory

sitting there reading that glued off and then hating it and being like, oh why am I here?

you know, there's little things, not all of us think about, and we don't realize

that that is forming your story.

that is a part of your story. And if you have a brand or

you have a small company or you are building something or you work for a corporation

or something knowing your story or knowing the corporation stories

so important because it connects you with people. Storytelling can,

relationships. It makes people want

to know more about you. They wanna know what you're doing.

And so it is a really important thing to be able to kinda fine tune that

craft. So I had children. I decided to stay home. That was really interesting because it

at the time where, you know, women could do it all. We could work in the corporate world, and we can have kids, and we can

make, you know, these amazing cupcakes and readers in school and

everyone's like, wow. How do you do it?

do not wanna do that. I knew I was not going to do that well. And as I said,

I'm a pretty

open... I I'm basically in open book. So I said, I remember saying to my husband,

I don't know what to do. I I know I can go back to work, and he's like, I will support you.

my younger sister at the time, we had our children actually our first

a week apart. She was in corporate real

and she could go back to the office one day a week. Now I at the time was working at for an alternate alternative

advertising company, and know I was traveling, like, mad. I had crazy hours.

we were living in Brooklyn and

Actually, I'm sorry. We were still in Manhattan. So I didn't really have a commute, but it's

still was very daunting for me to think about how am I going like nurses

baby and then hands off to some us hand him off to someone else.

and then go to an office and be normal and pump and, like, It just it really

it it was a little overwhelming for me, And I knew from a very early age, I

also always wanted to be a mom. I love my baby sat really early. I love children.

and I knew I wanted to do that. So it was a very

weird, like, kind of mindset that I was getting my

else into because it was like, okay. We can do it all my mom Was, like, just go back

for a little while or do whatever you're gonna make you comfortable. You wanna have your own life. You know, when you have kids

sometimes you lose yourself and I was hearing all these different things now.

again, if you remember from what I was saying before, I'm a very confident person. So

I do have a very

pretty attacked. Like, I know what myself is. I know I know who I am. I know how I work best.

But I also didn't want to kind of give up an opportunity if it was kind of what

was meant to do. So I kinda pursued. Okay, thinking now talk to a nanny.

Okay. And then my sister said, this to me. She said,

what will make you the best mom and wife.

staying home are going to work. And I said, oh, my god Staying home.

and she goes, well I think you just answered your question. And I remember

sobbing and being like, I did. I was like, oh my god. I was like, Dan, who's my husband.

is gonna literally he would be literally the last person. I don't know how I would

be able to work and then be a mom and then

you know, and then also, you know, be a wife and

Now I know there's people out there that can do it.

it's not for everyone and this is where I think it's really important that you ask yourself really important.

when you come to situations like this in your life,

And what the question my sister asked was so important for me personally.

I knew I could not do it all. I could do it all at different times in my

if I wanted to go back to work and you like to do that, But at the

time. I knew I wouldn't be able to raise my my my

child at the time it was one and be a wife and and also give to work. I just am

not that type of person. I'm such an all or nothing person. So

when I'm in something I'm so into it. I'm still all there.

and I can multitask slightly, but

kind multi, not like brain multi multitask. So I decided to stay home.

loved that choice. I really did, and there was a period of time no after my third

was probably four or five that I was like, you know what? I'm not

first of all I've did the store bought cupcakes, even staying home. I was like,

I'm not doing... I'm not baking.

not I'm not a housewife. I came up to that really quickly. I don't need

compete with anyone. You can bring the best cupcakes kicks in

go to whole foods and get some healthy cupcakes and bring those in and put them in the box.

you know, not even pretend like I made them.

there was a period of time where I... That wasn't enough for me anymore.

it wasn't enough my kids didn't need me as much. And I was feeling a little stock in law

I was feeling a little like I was losing myself

And so I knew quickly I needed to do something. So I


go back to fitness. I did talk classes. I became a health and fitness coach

and I loves that. I was traveling with

with these women that I was meeting, I was helping women get

healthy and fit. I was really healthy and sit at the time. So

and it was it was very cool, and it was kind of one of those pivot

that I was like, this is so interesting. I'm going back

to wear my roots were. So my fitness, this is what I was always good at

the relationships as well, but the fitness, this is so cool.

And so I got prevalent on social media. I started

you know, creating these posts. I would have to take pictures. It was a very

creative world, even though in my head again, remember,

I was not creative.

And I was telling stories. I was telling stories of how I decided

you know, I needed to get into the fitness. Why at forty

I had gained a certain amount of weights, and it was because my best friend was diagnosed

with frontal dementia and my son,

I have a song that's also deflect was struggling in school, and I was having a hard time juggling it. And I

wasn't taking care of myself, and I was losing myself and some of all these things I started putting weight on.

I was like, what's going on? I've never done this. So there was a whole

story intertwined with my whole story, and those little aspects

are so important. So I was doing all these creative things with fitness.

I had also, this is actually a I I love this

part of my story and this part makes me... So

it basically warms my heart, but then there's a part of it that I'm like, I cannot

believe. I'm not someone that regrets, but I cannot believe. I never wrote all of this down.

so when my kids were little, I used to tell them these crazy stories. I used to make up

these adventures with the... There was always three kids

I had three kids and was always about... There was always a dog because I a a huge dog lover

there was always a box involved, and I would make these elaborate

stories And literally, my kids would sit. And it was kind of before, like, I

had the stops some... Moment... My oldest is sixteen. So

he would literally just let me tell me a story.

And I would tell him this elaborate crazy

story, and he would be so excited and we build on it. There was magic frogs and magic

forests and just these like, adventures that these

these three kids would go on. And that was one of the

areas, And then this other scenario was about this big family and all of this amazing things they used to do together.

with the cousins because he was really close with his cousin that remember I said, it was a week apart.

So I had all of these these different stories, we would go

now we were living out of New York Cities, but we would go back for

and we would be on the train, and I would literally sit and my kids would line up, and I would tell them these stories and I remember

people coming to me and being like, where did you hear that story? And I'm like, oh, I just made it out.

they would say you just need that up. That's so crazy. You should write it down. I always

would be like, no. I'm not creative.

I'm not creative. And they... You know, I just still they would kinda walk away, and I'm like, I'm gonna writing this down. I'm not


again, going back to when I was little and someone telling me, I was not creative.

So I'm stories with my kids.

Now I'm also

now exploring my whole health and fitness side that I was, you know, first major in college.

I was getting healthy. I was helping others get healthy.

and I was feeling really fulfilled. I was feeling really fulfilled in my life.

my kids were doing great. My husband, I we had a great relationship, and



every time I would have a client,

they would... You know, I wanna... This is what I wanna do for my health this what I wanna do from happiness

a lot of times, we were living in a town that there was a a a lot of women that did

stay home, but they had big careers before. And

they would basically

say to me, Like, I just can't lose this way

not feeling fulfilled or there's something not right here, and I would always kinda go back to

their story and help them kind formulate

their story. And as I was doing that,

I was starting... This was probably, like, six years into being a health and fitness coach.

I was starting to kinda feel like, okay. I've get that like that feeling again. Hold on up

Sorry. Drive dry throat. And of course, I don't have any water.

So I was starting to get that feeling again, and I went to my husband my kids. And I said,

wanna start a podcast and they're like, you do. And I was like, I have all these stories. I

you know, remember of stories I used to tell you kids and they would be, like, yeah. And I'm like, can

all these stories that have happened to you guys growing up or the boxers, you know, funny stuff,

anytime I'm talking to one of my clients, they, you know, are always like, you always

take me out of my crazy world. I love listening to your stories. You always, you know,

or doing this. My love, you knew your energy or whatever

So I said I'm gonna start a podcast myself, well how are you gonna do that? Do you know?

how did you that? I said to... No. But I'm gonna figure it out because that's one thing I do know, you know,

struggling in school, you do get certain tools

where you have to figure things out differently than maybe someone else. So



not that hard. How to start a podcast. And I started this podcast.

And at first was called next stop crazy count.

And it was all about personal journal stories. So I was, again, now going back

to story.

telling stories about when my kids were little about being a mom,

about, you know, stop working and and how that felt about, you know,

being a new mom and not maybe being as confident as you thought

you were gonna be and really relating to this, you know I was growing this tribe of women that were really

relating to my stories. And thanking me. Thank you so much for

you know, talking about how you hate larger.

or you hate this, There's, like, such minute things, but

you putting a story behind it is helping me, not beat myself up and getting

Okay. I'm not a great mom because my towels were thrown all over the place or

you know, I had a friend over, and I do clean the whole house and

I was embarrassed. Like, thank you for sharing that. Like,

you know, your personal experiences because really is helping me get out of my

crazy worlds. And so I was like, no, I'm on to something. I love this. So I continue doing it.

and continue, by the way, telling myself I still was creative. So my kids would come home.

Hey, out. I have to do this for art or hey on. I have to

do this for English. I have to create this. I did. I'm not creative. Go talk to dad

you know, I not... I'm not good at that. You have you figure out yourself. And

the whole while creating this whole


now, which I didn't even realize I was creating this business, which is kind of very cool and very fun.


the podcast started growing.

the... I started kind of pivoting from the health and fitness, I still had some clients

but started

really getting into the podcast, and then I created a, you know, this whole workshop

again, on helping people figure out what they're creative passion is because I realized

it was a time in my life that I was... Every time I felt like kind of a little unfulfilled, it was

because I wasn't tapping into a creative passion. And

I would laugh at myself now.

Because when I had that moment about

we need a second I am creative.

How have I've been telling myself? I'm not creative? I just created a podcast.

I was successful health and fitness coach because I was also creating a lot of stuff

and content online. So Was getting clients

I didn't even know who they were because I was

telling my story. I was telling my story and building a business

not even realizing I was doing it.

storytelling, by the way, is

creative. And there's many people out there that might say no. It's not. If

just an art form or, again, our

I think that's creative. Or it's just, you know, some people are just better at that than others. And

It's the stories that we tell ourselves and the narratives that we tell ourselves

sometimes get our way. So as I'm creating all this and as I'm pivoting,

the pandemic happens. And

I didn't have really any for more personal funny

stories. It was like, you know, We're all doing the same stuff.

I was still doing some fitness classes online.

but I started doing something called quarantine stories. I started interviewing

people around the world because I wanted to know because I'm curious.

what it was like over in England or over in Thailand or over, you know, in in this part of America

what the quarantine team looks like for them.

So I started researching. I started meeting people through online app

so... I mean, online, like, you know, Facebook or Linkedin or

different places Club house was just coming about and finding people

I wanted to hear their story.

why and what they were doing in the Pan Pandemic tower they feeling

are they feeling mentally? What you know, what were their kids at home? How was it?

And at that time, is when I did have my moment about

my creativity

end I realized that I was so good at interviewing.

relationships personal skills. Remember that goes back to the beginning of my story.

where I really, because I struggled in school. I knew how to connect

the teacher so I could get what I needed from the teacher, and that was forming

who I became as an adult.

and now what I was always meant to be doing

is what I'm doing right now, sharing my story helping others figure out their story to be able to

create a the brand or gets consulted like god.

clients or connect with customers on a different level because storytelling


such a way to build relationships and connect with people.

So as this is all growing, and as my story is starting to come

whole circle. And I realized, oh, my god. Love this interviewing. I asked

questions that not, everyone asks, and every time I would interview someone of they would say, hi, I never thought about that.

and then we would talk more, and they would realize we

that's part of my story how it's connected here.

That's why I I did x y and z, and it was so freaking cool.

to watch the bells and whistles go off for other people


and me, for my thousand muscles to go off, also, to be, like,

read a second.

I'm going back to all the way in that beginning.

when I was in third grade and

I sucked at school, and

I figured out each year, how to connect with the teacher.

to get what I needed or what I knew teachers

saw me. Okay. I need to hone this in because this is what they're saying Good at

And trying to, like, kinda push this under here because this is not what I'm gonna like that feeling.

so what I want you guys to think about,

is when you're exploring, when you're out there when you're doing your thing,

if you ever get, like, a little twins or a little, like, we need a second. I'm a little interested in that.

please don't stop it. Please don't push it. Don't brush it under the rug, Explore it.

why did I get that feeling? Well, i did I get a little excited when I was day dreaming about x y m z?

why did I

all of sudden get this energy surge when I was talking to my neighbor when they were talking about this

you know,

this patent that they just got because they have this brand or this this

products that they wanna create. Why, how did something go off in my head that I was like,

we I wanna know more about that. Explore those feelings explore

why you're doing that because that is a part of your story.

that's gonna help you get to that story part that we're you're gonna connect

and be doing what you're meant to be doing in this world in this universe.

what you're meant to be doing

to get that excitement for yourself. So

that's kind of my story. That's a very half an hour.

terrible. Not that terrible way long. I did go ups and downs in western and rights.

I hope you guys all followed that, and I hope what you got out of my story.


that you have to think about those moments. Those little moments and

this is the other thing is I didn't say this before. but if you've been following me in listening,

you have to find that point in your life.

where you can daydream dream.

where you can kinda get, like, your creative juices fine. So

for me, it's walking my dog. So whenever whenever I walk my dogs, I would, you know what?

have my phone and I'll do, like, little notes to myself.

Because that for me is a form of meditation,

doing journaling and doing stuff in the morning does not. For me, I'd like

do a quick workout.

Excuse. I do a quick workout.

that's like to get my squirrels not running all around to kinda get them in straight.

and then I walk my dogs to kind of help my creative passion.

go and I can dream. I can think of things. I can get that feeling like, oh, wait.

I was talking to the neighbor, what what was there or when I... You know, was just on that pod.


watching the host get so excited when I was telling my story, and then he realized

the connection with his story, and he had this moment.

how freaking cool was that? What what what should I do there or

talking to a client and telling them

about, like, why their story important, and then they say,

to me, hey, can you come in and

and actually teach this to my staff because I want my

have to understand their story more, and then me

being like, okay. Yes. Okay. This is the pack. This is what it is all about.

finding what you love. And when you find what you love,

a lot of times, you know, some people will be like, oh, you can't always make money from what you love you

can't always make money from a creative passion.

I beg to differ. I really think you put enough time and effort

and see where it evolves that you can make a career out of it. I know I have

just that I know people in this audience have done just that.

So that's what I want to challenge you.

Thank you guys for for joining me at Han here on Y.

live. If you guys are listening on Linkedin, Youtube,

Twitch or where else? Facebook,

Thank you for joining. Share this with someone. If you think that there's people out there in your life,

that, you know, just feel stuck or they... You know, they always are talking about how they wanna

to do something more, but they just never do it. Send them this. Give them some inspiration.

and see where it leads them. And if any of you guys in the audience James,

or Gina, if you guys wanna come up, heidi, if you guys wanna come up in ask

any questions or if you have anything to add, I have about

you know, ten more minutes. I'm happy to have you guys come up

and share a little bit part of your story or

share that time that you got that moment when you were like,

that's where my story connected. That's where I realized I was doing... What I'm meant to be doing

it could be very small. Again, It can be very small.

that's what I want people to think about. And remember. It could be just something

tiny from your past from your childhood.


really kind of planted its seed in your brain, but you didn't realize

and then it turned into something that you're now following. So

If you guys wanna jump up, all you have to do is raise your hand if not,

I'll give you a second think about some of the you guys might being in spaces that You can't

speak, But thank you for joining Why live this week.

We actually for my why live and nfl thread.

we have some really exciting guests. I'm not gonna tell you know, I'm i

clean be scheduling them and and a day or two because we're just normalizing

times, but they are very vague and very big in the Nfl community, but i'll

very big out in the world doing some very, very cool things and I'm excited.

to have them join Fireside and why this live and

and to be able to share their story. So guys make it a great day.

go and ask some questions, ask someone about the what their story is.

like, you know,

ask some of why they are living where they're living or why they work where they work.

Sometimes you would be surprised at someone's reasoning behind things, and it's

just something that can just kind make things a little bit better. So

Oh, James says, I would love to but my mouth is full of pizza. Yum.

And, yes, I know I have to and I have to jump on your show.

but I... You know, I'm not as knowledgeable about african gain.

as I am about the stories behind the game and behind the players and Lives,

But thank you. I know we do have to connect and I thank you all. I hope

everyone has had

a wonderful new year, and thank you for joining again.

y live


with myself, Julian Hunt, Make it a great day, and we'll see you guys

actually, there's Thursday will be one of the

why in the five Nfl thread and the next week, I have about three fireside shows.

so definitely check my schedule out, and you can kinda see where my next ones are.

Thank you so much for joining, James Gina, and Eyes and anyone else

of is out there in the live world. We will

see you guys later this week, and

go tell your story, go

figuring it out right down. If you don't know exactly how to share your story right down

some key points in your life, and I'm telling you, you will be able to connect them.

My focus is entirely on helping you follow your passion, even when you feel like you've got stuck in crazy town. There is a way out, its me helping you. You don't have to ditch everything in your life that is making you feel overwhelmed and stuck, you just need some help to navigate it.


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