YNS Live with NFL Thread Super Bowl Series with Angela Brown, Angela Allen, Renee Reese & Sarina Murphy

yns live with nfl thread Feb 23, 2023

Thank you Angela Brown, Angela Allen, Renee Reese & Sarina Murphy for sharing your story at the YNS Live with NFL Thread Super Bowl LVII Luncheon 🎥🎙️

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Next Stop the NFL Draft in Kansas City!

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This event has been recorded live on Fireside.


Remarkable Quotes


“We always do our best when we’re living in our own passion.” Angela Brown, leadership and business coach


“We developed this jewelry piece that is two people hugging each other. We called it Eternity’s Shore.” Angela Allen, Jewelry Designer


“Trying to get back into the workforce was daunting and a little bit of a struggle. But once my husband’s career settled, it really gave me the opportunity to embrace my career as a reading specialist.” Renee Reese, Reading Specialist & wife of former NFL linebacker, Isaiah “Ike” Reese


“You know how they say that you need to stay in one lane? I don’t stay in one lane. I take up the whole highway.” Sarina Murphy, Motivational Speaker & Event Host


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