Your Next Stop Live with Priyanka Venugopal

Dec 01, 2022

Listen to a new episode of Your Next Stop Live recorded live on Fireside, featuring guest Priyanka Venugopal. Priyanka is a coffee-loving-mama-bear who has always had a love of learning. It would be fair to say, she was the kid who would shoot their hand up, volunteer to erase the black boards and wanted every A+ and Gold Star imaginable. She wasn't overweight as a child, but was uncomfortable in being herself. She wanted to be better, well liked and overall "the perfect kid." Her weight did become somewhat of an issue in High School, which is when the oscillating number on the scale began. Sometimes up, sometimes down... based on the latest fad or how disciplined she could be at that moment in time. It all went a bit crazy after medical school and residency when she got pregnant and had her first baby. That was when she got to her heaviest and my old "tricks" just weren't cutting it. This was the period of her life she calls the good-on-paper-heavy-in-my-mind life. It is when she discovered Coaching, leaned into knowing herself better, lost over 60 lbs without counting a point or calorie and now helps teach and coach other high achieving working moms to do the same.


You can find Priyanka on LinkedIn and Instagram and check out her Website and Podcast.


Remarkable Quotes


“What I really want every human listening to this is to know that you can live in a body, in your forever home, in a way that feels delightful to you. What is that? If you got to be the authority of your body, where would you want to live?”


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Juliet Hahn  00:01:39 

We'll be starting in one minute.

I love them the music goes out right when I start the show. It's like this the best feeling. It's like, I have nailed it. It went on at the same time. So welcome to your next stop live here on Fireside,

excited to share with you guys the unstoppable mom

and I'm gonna say, pre, I said that correctly. Right? I'm gonna say you're you're first... I'm gonna say your first name.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:02:20 

Yeah. Yeah. If you got it.

You got it.


Juliet Hahn  00:02:23 

But I'm gonna have you say your last name.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:02:26 

Yeah. So I am pre and new go call, and you got it right, Like, on the very first very.


Juliet Hahn  00:02:31 

Well, I haven't been saying in my head. So and it's actually


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:02:33 



Juliet Hahn  00:02:34 




Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:02:35 

That's right. Yeah.


Juliet Hahn  00:02:36 

veteran, and I know I said that wrong. But...


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:02:38 

Yeah. Yeah.


Juliet Hahn  00:02:39 

My my listeners all know are your next to stop. That when I pronounce names, sometimes it brings comedy because of my democracy I miss profound people's names.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:02:42 




Juliet Hahn  00:02:48 

So welcome to Fireside. I know this is your first time on here,


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:02:52 



Juliet Hahn  00:02:53 

which is really fun, everyone.

Yeah. It's it's fun. So what I'm gonna take people through a little bit right now is anyone that's in the audience anthony and Gabriel. How are you? And I know people I just had a bunch of people saying we're coming. We're coming,

but they'll they'll catch the replay or they can catch up, which is really fun. You can catch up if you're new in the room. But if you are listening here live on Linkedin high, I see a bunch of people

in there. If you're on Facebook, if you're Twitch or Youtube, welcome. Welcome.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:03:17 



Juliet Hahn  00:03:19 

And bringing you another really fun guest

to your next stop live here on Fireside.

So anyone that is in the room if you guys can go down to those two little lines at the bottom

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text wise, but what's was really fun is that someone can be listening

in the app from where you're sending, but we don't see them in the room. So there's people in there the people in the room can participate with the people outside the app can just listen and kinda of be a part of the show. So it is a really fun kind of way that we're doing this. So welcome. Welcome.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:04:12 



Juliet Hahn  00:04:14 


I just wanna get right into this. So Pre, can you let everyone know a little bit about you where you grew up? Where are you into to University? You know, obviously, you're a doctor So I'm not gonna say if you went to university,


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:04:17 








Juliet Hahn  00:04:27 

where are you in university? I'm... you know where you I've got your

undergrad and and medical school and all of that. If you can give us a little insight.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:04:31 



I mean, there's many layers, many years of that. Yeah. So... So, yeah, So I am a board certified Ob one,

as your parents perfectly. When he was pre, Ben,

and I grew up in New Jersey. So most of my life, I grew up near like Central Jersey,

and I was one of those kids. I like to really describe my myself as one as those kids that... And either gonna love or hate this. I was a kid that like raise their hand from the class.


Juliet Hahn  00:04:57 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:05:00 

I would volunteer to, like, you know, wipe the blackboard boards. I teacher's pet. I want the a plus. I want the gold stars, like,

And, you know, I I really think and maybe many of you listening

can identify. Like, I really rolled that that part of my... My mannerisms into my identity at a very young age. And but then, yeah, so we're gonna be talking about that today, I think. But I grew up in New Jersey and from there, I spent

all the way through high school in basically one town, and

then from there, went to Carnegie Mel

for undergrad, which is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,

I deeply adore pittsburgh.

Where I met my husband, and then for a while, I lived in the Washington Dc area. So in Rock, Dc, while I was working at the Nih,

those do research at the Nih wells trying to decide what I wanted to do with my life. So at this point, like, I had considered medicine,

but I also didn't know if I loved medicine. I didn't know what I would want to ever do. Like, I just you felt like one of those shore paths that I think a lot of us we want a path for where, like, one am I gonna do next and I think I've been it been drilled into my brain at a very engaged, like, some level of grad school. Like, it was just one of those things Like you do some level of grad, is what you do. I'd never even question that. And so I think that that was the time period while I was


Juliet Hahn  00:06:09 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:06:17 

working at the. That i was trying to design medical school research,

something totally different.

I made the decision to go to medical school, and my husband got a job out the san francisco, so I came to California for medical school. So it was one of those things like every four years, I basically moved until I felt like, you know, I became a grown adult.


Juliet Hahn  00:06:35 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:06:35 

And then I came back to New Jersey actually for residency, so I decided in undergrad, sorry on undergrad in medical school, I did a couple of rotation in

As Ob you.

And I just... I mean, I think what And and I discovered this lecture along the way. I've always been very compelled to

serve women. And I think that it it came up even in my volunteer work. When I was b, so it's not surprising actually she that it chose to become to two,


Juliet Hahn  00:06:56 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:07:04 

but I came back to Jersey for residency and

Yeah. That's like kind of in my

my roll around the United States.


Juliet Hahn  00:07:11 

I love it. And I you know, I think there's a lot of times, when I have gaston on and


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:07:13 



Juliet Hahn  00:07:17 

and they say it was always kind of just...

It was expected that we went to a higher,

you know, higher level, whether it was you know, your culture


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:07:23 



Juliet Hahn  00:07:26 

or where it was, you know, you obviously, were good in school card and getting As, you know, an excellent university. And so when when people and I I find this and it's always interesting for me because people... Might, you know, that listen know that school was really tough for me because of my dyslexia, but I was really, really good at sport. Like, so that's where I excel.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:07:31 



Yeah. Yeah.




Juliet Hahn  00:07:45 

And so I didn't hate school. I just didn't really super enjoy sitting in the class and and learning in that aspect. I loved


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:07:49 




Juliet Hahn  00:07:52 

asking people questions and being curious about people's lives and and what people did and how things work. I was always that kid, but sitting at a desk. And just having someone talk to me and and teach that way. I was like, this is awful. Like I don't wanna go any further than I have to. I did choose to go to college. There's many people you know, that will say to me, you know, I wouldn't I probably have gone to school if I really


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:07:55 







Juliet Hahn  00:08:13 

struggled as much, but because of my athletics, I wanted to go to that step, and I wasn't driven driven kid and and improved to myself. Wait. I can do this. And everyone... You know that is where I started studying communications and realized we I actually am good at school. It's just not the fundamental, like, the way you're taught at public school


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:08:17 






Juliet Hahn  00:08:31 

kind of thing. So


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:08:31 



Juliet Hahn  00:08:32 

the fact that you were like, let me explore. Let me see what I love


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:08:32 



Juliet Hahn  00:08:36 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:08:36 



Juliet Hahn  00:08:37 

is really cool that you didn't just take that and say, okay. I'm just gonna keep going and keep going and just get a degree, but you really did kinda effectively sit down and say,


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:08:41 



Juliet Hahn  00:08:46 

what do I love to do? And I don't know that everyone does that.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:08:48 




Juliet Hahn  00:08:49 

Which is interesting. So do you think that your your parents gave you a little bit of


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:08:51 



Juliet Hahn  00:08:55 


like a platform to to explore. It was okay and your family to explore or where do you think you got that?


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:09:01 

You know? Yeah. I think that that that's such a good question.

My parents are always very open to me exploring. I think that they did want me to

love the career. I chose but at the same time, it was very narrow. Like, you know, you want to love it, but also, like, these are the options that are that are good. And


Juliet Hahn  00:09:14 




Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:09:19 

you know, I'd they actually speaking to your point what's interesting. Is like, yes, I

you know, I went to a really good school, and it went to medical form residency, but here's what's interesting.


I love warming, but I didn't love learning.

And I think what's fascinating for me, and I only am am noticing now as a coach, as I really... Because i coach high achieving, mom, I I think that

it's helped me as really start to see that I thought I should be a certain way

And so I spent many, many years of my life trying to conform to

being that good girl who gets the egg at the gold star, and I thought that meant that I had to go


Juliet Hahn  00:09:53 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:09:56 

go down this route. And

I think what a lot of the students we kind of convince ourselves.

And that's definitely what I did. I think I definitely convinced myself even when I decided to go to medical school to be honest.

I don't know that I should've have, like, necessarily chosen that. Right? It's I just chose it because it felt, like, in the moment.


Juliet Hahn  00:10:09 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:10:12 

I didn't know that there was a world of. I never really saw the world in that way Out did. Okay. There's like, these two or three options,

and, like, you know, because I'm very used to


I want the next step. I'm already, like, give me the multiple choice test...


Juliet Hahn  00:10:26 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:10:26 

Me the next thing Like, I'll just do step worth of to separate three.

Medical school just theme like, the next natural step for me. And

it it just happened to be that I fell in love with the field of, you know, etcetera from gyn college. But if I had not,

there was really nothing else that I truly loved about medicine, which is so fascinating. Like, I happened to fall up with that. I don't know that choosing medicine was

really coming from the cleaner place to be really honest.


Juliet Hahn  00:10:53 

Right. Right. Now if you don't mind me asking, what what were where your parents, what were their professions?


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:10:54 


So my dad is a computer

engineer. He went to

you know, one of the best colleges in India because he was just so brilliant. And

it I think that that was also the part of it for me growing up, like, my dad was just on a kind stool in terms of how smart an intelligent he was and I always wanted to

be like him and impress him in sense and my mom or most of my life with a skate home mom.


Juliet Hahn  00:11:20 




Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:11:25 


when I was in high school and, you know, mean and my brother we're like, now off in school, which is one day. She like, you know, I you don't wanna do this anymore. I wanna do something more.


she she just decided at that point. To

get educated. She took a course, and she also started to

do a computer programming. And I mean, amazing, I mean, my mom has affects cannot to be able to do that as a grown

adult to go back to school. And


Juliet Hahn  00:11:51 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:11:54 

I mean, she pushed herself and she sent out... Yeah. So they're both computer programmers

There's no positions in my family.

We and my brother, my brother's also now position. So me and my brother were the first in our immediate family to

go a medical school.


Juliet Hahn  00:12:07 

Okay. So that's interesting, but I love that. You saw your mom at an age where


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:12:08 





Juliet Hahn  00:12:12 

she was like, well, I wanna do more. And so I think that, you know,


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:12:14 



Juliet Hahn  00:12:15 

as you

grew. And so tell us a little bit about And because you you... The un... Tell us what the unstoppable membrane is. I mean, I know you have a podcast


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:12:19 




Juliet Hahn  00:12:24 

anyone that... You know is a little thing right now Is like, we don't wanna learn a little bit more. You can go to pre because profile here on Fireside, and you can get the... you know, on top my mom, but you can also see it here in the scroll and it will be on... It's on every social. So know that, you know, you guys can find her there, but take us through a little bit of that.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:12:24 








You know, a lot of what it is, it's it kind just I speak to a lot of the first part of my life. I was say the majority of my life up until last few years as I'm was sharing like I was... I've always been a very in the box kind of person, like, giving some roles gave me some strategies, and I'm gonna go out and get the goals. And i'm let me get the a plus. I'm gonna go to really well. And I really defined a lot of my success.

With these external parameters, which, not surprisingly, I think many of us do. We many of us do this.

And I would say it was

after residency,

I had both of my kids so my kids are no seven and four.

My daughter was about seven month my second, and at this point, i was about two hundred pounds.

And my of relationship

with the scale has always been not exactly contentious, but not exactly loving to put, you know, to put it very frankly.


Juliet Hahn  00:13:28 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:13:29 

And I think that

I very to remember this memory. I was driving to the office,

and I loved my office. My practice my patience adore But I remember I'm was driving to the office.

My daughter's selling my life. That's plan so nursing and breastfeeding. So i was pumping while driving. How many of you


Juliet Hahn  00:13:44 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:13:45 

from mom. You know what I'm saying if you ever ever nurse your product, pumping while driving to have these amazing contractions nowadays. You plug it into your car

and drive

those company while driving to work and out two hundred pounds, and I remember thinking, like, what is going on? I felt so deeply frustrated because I had a very...

What I like to call good on life paper.

Because supportive partner and two kids who are healthy and practice that I love and a job that I truly feel purposeful and I loved again being an over.

My patient I love. But there was a sense in me that just felt heavy. I felt like this frustration that, like, I've worked too hard in my life. And I have this one life to live that I'm not feeling great. And I think that that was actually

the time that I stumbled into a podcast.

And I discovered the world of coaching and how...

You know, I used to be that person again because I'm planner. Like, give me the spreadsheet give me the app, and I love all points in the calories and yet, it just never stuck and never worked.

And a lot of it is because I

really felt heavy in my mind. I felt really of just like a lot of

i'm working so hard. I don't get in a fun. I don't have enough pleasure and not very to provide me, but the food to create that for myself. And I think that that was really my journey into coaching and challenging a lot of my old paradigms, like, getting a lot of my external getting validation from external sources


Juliet Hahn  00:15:04 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:15:13 

had to change, and that was probably my biggest work. I started finding myself with my patients, especially my my

my patients that would come to, like, between regions and I would say, like, thirty five to fifty.

They don't want me to check their hormones.



Juliet Hahn  00:15:26 

I just... I actually got my... I just got my


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:15:26 




Juliet Hahn  00:15:29 

hormones back and today. I actually just have the blood worked.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:15:31 

Yes. And it's not surprising.

It's not surprising like... I you know, in this my my my...

I feel deep love for my patients that would come with us That they... The the two big of complaints wanted i will you know they'd have a baby and like I don't have any any drives. You know? And then the other one would be I can't lose leaks. So check my hormones,


Juliet Hahn  00:15:45 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:15:49 

and I get why we do that. Like, I feel so much passion because what we want a reason.


Juliet Hahn  00:15:49 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:15:53 

I want some reason for why I have a low you. Can move the way Where's my fatigue? I have all of these


Juliet Hahn  00:15:55 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:16:00 

and we wanna reason.

And we tell you it's the artist and also the best news that it's not your hormones. Usually, if you remember. But it's not usually a hormones it's usually your brain.

And it's the hardest news to hear.

Because it means, like, now be get to take responsibility, but it's also the best because I promise you it means you can go change it. And I found myself starting to coach my patients in our annual visit but I'm doing their exam.

And I'm talking them about their life, and that was when I realized, like, I


Juliet Hahn  00:16:22 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:16:26 

just feel so compelled

to coach my clients

to coach my patients that, you know, I think that this is something that I want to do

full time, which is when I decided to

become a entrepreneur, which was not these step by step A

route at all. It's been the biggest hardest best journey of my life. Harder than than medical school for sure.

And I started the unstoppable on

really with the intention of


my audience showing the universe of women that will ever listen to me in their ears that really their brains

their membranes are not the reason that's holding them back. So many times i hear membranes, it's, like, as though

you know, their monitoring is a reason that they're feeling at something. I hear... I was here of the physician at their post part of visit like, oh, i forgot my. My son's report card or i forgot, like, the meeting with the teacher of my.


Juliet Hahn  00:17:11 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:17:21 

We do this as a society, and I was like, no. We're not. We're not doing that anymore. Your modern I promise you is your greatest assets,


Juliet Hahn  00:17:23 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:17:29 

when you learn how to utilize her. And so that was... That's the word that

whole journey again.


Juliet Hahn  00:17:35 

Right. No... And you know, it's I got because my friends said why are you getting your hormones text. Well, I'm gonna be forty nine. I just wanna have a baseline. I... There's nothing there's nothing going on that I'm like, wait. I want. You know, I think that there's an issue, I just wanna get a baseline because I know my mom went through Menopause early. And so I just kinda wanna see where things are just... Because I'm curious. It's more because I'm curious because just if you're like, I wanna see where it is. And then, you know, go. So that that is it's funny.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:17:37 











Juliet Hahn  00:18:01 

But it's just funny that I did that today. Yeah I was like, oh, wait. I have my appointment this morning.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:18:04 



Juliet Hahn  00:18:05 

So I love that you did that and I think it's really important for people to hear


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:18:05 

There go.


Juliet Hahn  00:18:10 

that as a physician, you know, you were struggling with yourself, but then you were


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:18:14 



Juliet Hahn  00:18:14 

talking to to your patients. And so I think a lot of people do that because even with my coaching, but I do my consulting with people


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:18:17 





Juliet Hahn  00:18:21 

about how to tell their story and what to do


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:18:21 




Juliet Hahn  00:18:24 

it is...


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:18:24 



Juliet Hahn  00:18:25 

It's really funny because sometimes I'll be like, wait. I need to take my own advice and that. I'm not taking my own advice here, and I think a lot of people do that when they... When they're coaching and insulting people. So when did you decide to jump full in? Because... I mean, do you still practice? Are you still practicing physician?


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:18:29 






No Stopped. I stopped practicing clinically, and I made... I'm maintaining my board certification, but I

now just full time entrepreneur. You know, actually, Was speaking oh, I'll get to that in one second, But one of the things that you just said, which is so important is

I wasn't taking my own advice, like, as a physician, who knows the science. I I I understood the science of how our bodies work and how we hold onto to fat and how, you know, you eat a calorie and how it turns into, like, stored energy on your body.


Juliet Hahn  00:18:54 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:19:07 

But a lot of it isn't just that I wasn't taking my own advice. It's that the advice we are given, particularly when it comes to weight loss is often wrong. So we understand the science.


Juliet Hahn  00:19:15 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:19:17 

But the advice we're given, I think the most common one of the calories in calories out or, like, you know, i that nothing common anyone, really, count the calories and have a calorie deficit. If you have a calorie deficit that you'll lose weight.


Juliet Hahn  00:19:25 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:19:29 

Yeah. That makes sense at a scientific level. But what we start doing, and I think this was wife for so many years. I always up and down as a little bit away to give it back. Little the late. Because while I can log every point in calorie, sure. I could move the weight.

But I did not wanna log every calorie. I put into into my mouth. Every mountain, every point in background, like, did I want to live my life? These before spreadsheet sheet no.


Juliet Hahn  00:19:48 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:19:50 

So not surprisingly, like, I knew the advice, but there was something missing in that advice that I think that

was the reason that I think so many women

you know, they can do it while they're willing to count every point, but it didn't laugh. It wasn't sustainable. And I think that

what I really like to

help my audience

is that. Yes. There are, of course, healthy foods and good quality macros and good quality calories even points that you can consume. Of course.

And also, what if we do need a calculator

to lose weight

ever again? Like, what would be the impact of that? You know guys I share this. I... Sometimes people they're like, grandpa.

Oh, that's too good to be true. And then, like, it's not too good to be true because you have to work How hard to figure this out. Like, I had to work

many years to learn this as a skill that I can now just do and teach my clients.

So it's not too good to be true because you have to work to

unlearn diet call a daydream, like, the calculator, you know, like, I die right we have.

All the apps I have tried, you have to go through diet. Like, the unless i.

And then what I teach my clients really is, how do you


intimately be friend your body? She is telling you real time hungry or not. I think that to me, if that piece

that is missing from the advice.

So that was little tangent. I had to share that because i wasn't taking my own advice because it wasn't complete advice.


Juliet Hahn  00:21:11 

No. But... Yeah.

And also, I mean, I think a lot of women also don't see.

There's genes that play into this as well. I mean, and that's such... Such an important thing. Where someone you might have a friend or a sister or an aunt that you're like, I don't understand


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:21:22 




Juliet Hahn  00:21:29 

You had four kids.

And you went right back to a year and like this was my sister and I. It was always funny because I...


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:21:33 




Juliet Hahn  00:21:35 

And I don't struggle with my weight really never have. I was always been lucky, but I put a lot of weight on when I was pregnant. I put on sixty pounds. I mean, I was a big woman, but I was... I knew I was get it. Like, I didn't stress because I was like, because okay, this is what how my body is reacting, and then afterwards, I'm gonna lose it because it took a year to put on. It took I was never the unrealistic that I was like, oh my god. I gotta, you know, go crazy. And I also knew I was having more kids. So I was like, I'm not gonna kill myself you get back to the body and then to get pregnant again because this obviously how my body's handling it. And I remember people saying, and that, oh my gosh. Your sister went right back to a zero, and I was like, Yeah. That's just weird.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:21:38 














Juliet Hahn  00:22:10 

My sister would i... That's not fair it's not weird, but she can't put on weight. And sometimes people will say, like,


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:22:10 






Juliet Hahn  00:22:17 

Oh, you're so lucky, but it's not. I mean, she has she is a struggle. She has to watch, like, and make sure she's eating enough healthy and fatty foods because she cannot because her metabolism isn't so crazy. And she has four kids, and you would never know it. But she know, there's times where she's too, like, too... She's like, this is not how. You know, it's not great. So you know, sometimes people don't think about that.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:22:17 







Yeah. And I think that says there's a lot to be said about that. Like, you know,

I you know, I specifically coach

women to live a later life and to lose leads while they do that. That's one piece of it, but there are so many



that affect us. Like, you can you can... That you're were describing, like, forget, like, trying to lose weight. Like, some people need to gain weight you know? And and i think if this is why, sometimes, we look can be a very sensitive topic, And it can be a trigger topic because of this topic. Like,


Juliet Hahn  00:22:54 

So Yeah.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:23:05 

the goal. And, especially, again, like, with with the the work that I do is never ever putting out

the message that you have to lose late.


Juliet Hahn  00:23:13 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:23:14 

What I really want every woman, every human listening to us is to know that you can live in a body.

In your forever home,

you know, way that feels delightful to you. What is that?

What is that? That could be one pound. It could be a hundred cons. It could be seven pounds.

If we did... If we just took away everything that,

you know, every magazine and movie and forget even mid range Bmi. So as a physician, Right? I would talk about the Bmi scale and being health. Like, what's healthy from, like, a medical standpoint? If we just take a pause on that? And if you've got to be the authority of your body,


Juliet Hahn  00:23:47 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:23:50 

where you want to live, And I think that's,

you know, a lot of the the people that I talked to, of course is weight loss, but it can be either way, and there's this struggle both sides for sure.


Juliet Hahn  00:24:00 

Right. And and and that you have to be. And that's what I always say a lot as well, because you have to be comfortable in your body.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:24:04 



Juliet Hahn  00:24:07 

And if you're... You might be, like someone Might say, oh, that person's overweight. But they can do everything and they're comfortable, and they're healthy. I mean, it's about health. I mean, It's about health and how you feel. But, you know, some people will and and so important because I think our society is always about, and especially in in certain cultures. Right? It's about being thin and, you know, being, you know, waxy, and this is if you have an athletic body, and I I'll remember. I always remember my kids are definitely more on the athletic side. So... And then they were shorter when they were little. So it was really funny if you looked at their their numbers,


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:24:07 



That's right.










Juliet Hahn  00:24:39 

we were always,


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:24:39 



Juliet Hahn  00:24:40 

like, eighty percent weight and ten percent height. And and if you saw that, I mean, the doctors would be like your kids are solid muscle and on my no. I'm I'm not worried about it. Like, and that's how I was. It is it is okay. But that is society really does put that into people's heads, and it's and it's not fair because, again, you can be overweight in someone else's eyes that you're comfortable in your body, and you can wear bikini because you're comfortable and you like the way you look. And you're healthy. That's again, the number one thing, and you're healthy, you shouldn't have to change because the society says. So I love that. You said that And I And again, with my sister, my sister be, like, I want to put weight on. I don't like. I don't feel comfortable in my body. I'm too thin, and I'm trying to put weight on and so it it is one of those things and I... You know, so I think it's when


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:24:43 






It's not. Yeah.










Yeah. Yeah.



And one more, it also speaks to, like, you know, how again that, like... This is not just women this is our society is so,

like, married to external metrics to the number that a piece of paper or a graph

And I mean, this is like, when we talk about, like, how do you lose leaks? You know, so many people are so used to count, again, counting points and count, you know, calculating or downloading plans off of the In internet.

Let me download a meal plan, like, the Pdf of what that person is. We're still used to external metric that we have become so disconnected from.

Go one home that we literally living in every moment of every day. And I think that it it is... It is drilled into us at a very young engaged, And I think that that's unfortunate. And what we get to do kind of, I think even in this conversation is,


Juliet Hahn  00:26:05 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:26:08 

of course, that makes a lot of sense that you've been really married to the calculator, but what would it be like,

would you how would it feel for you to... Like, it's almost like, I remember, you know, for me, when I... When I was thinking about coaching and understanding, oh, wait. I can lose leave without this app and these points, you had to, like, pride to app out of my hands because I was so used to

getting feedback from a graph.

Like, feedback.


Juliet Hahn  00:26:31 

And when i... And that's also your personality too. Right? So it like said even more because Yeah.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:26:34 

Yeah. Oh, yeah. Absolutely.

I want like, where's the multiple choice. It's like, where is my answer? Did I get it right or wrong. I mean, this is it's one of the the biggest things that I coach my clients on is,

you know, getting it right and wrong. And, like, yesterday's, is wrong, Nothing to do with today's right. So I mean, this is, like, literally one of the biggest things that i've left been coming up in my my coaching group recently is

we are human, which means we are going to get wrong. You better believe we are going to be getting it wrong many many many, many many times. And I can also tell you that every single time I got it wrong is the time that I quit and the time that I would be a couple pounds and that that turned into a week month season,


Juliet Hahn  00:27:00 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:27:13 

I'll start again in twenty twenty three, January first the next birthday. Okay. Maybe next Mondays, and I'll start.

It's because we make imperfection

a problem.

Rather than an opportunity to glean incredible wisdom. It is, like, literally this un training that has to happen when... When you coach with me, it's like, is it is unlearn that to happen.

So that because our cleaning wisdom of from our actual bodies, not just a graph.


Juliet Hahn  00:27:38 

And it's so true.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:27:38 

Or a data point.


Juliet Hahn  00:27:40 

Right. And and it really is... I mean, it is super true. The fact that


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:27:40 




Juliet Hahn  00:27:45 

it's personality thing, and some people are like that. But, again, it is, like, okay. It's the new year. We have to do this, and it's it's really just double checking with yourself. Do I feel comfortable with myself? Am I healthy? Do I feel healthy and how can I, you know, move forward? So I I love all that you're saying. So I do wanna take it back for a second to to... So for, like, any of my entrepreneurs that are in the, you know, audience are like, okay. She went from a doctor.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:27:47 






Yep. Yes. Yeah.

Oh, yes.



Juliet Hahn  00:28:08 

To an entrepreneur. Like,


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:28:09 




Juliet Hahn  00:28:10 

what did that look like? And how was that...


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:28:12 



Juliet Hahn  00:28:13 

You know, how long did you do both like, with one a hop side hustle for a little while, If you can take us through that journey a little bit.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:28:16 



Yeah. Absolutely No. This is such a good this is such a good story. So for me, I... Again, so I started


while I was a position. I was going through my own journey, my own transformation at the time. And a lot of the way, I I I realized that I was developing my own intellectual property.

So while I was taking the coaching, you know, that I was receiving. I was also creating my own process along the way, and It found myself coaching

my patience, Which just when I decided, I really want to do this. I want to help other high achieving working models specifically.


there was probably about a year or

a year, maybe about nine months that I was doing about with at the same time.

And I had no intention. So when I started coaching, I had no intention leaving medicine.

I had no intention at the time to not practicing the Joy. And part of this is because I work really hard to be become ob and. I mean,


Juliet Hahn  00:29:11 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:29:12 

I mean, can can we say decades? I don't know. That feel a exaggeration, but it felt like decades of


Juliet Hahn  00:29:14 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:29:17 

college and medical school residency and, like, all the hoops that I went through to become an Ob.

I never had any any

plan to not practice.


There also came a times a point when


felt, like, my impact

I felt like,

what was just calling to me to spend my time energy and bandwidth?

Was in coaching. And so it was a very difficult decision for me.

Because, you know I think I think it was particularly the difficult because I didn't hate being a physician. I think a lot of times you see physicians leave, medicine or they become product They do something different because they're burning out.

Because of the state of the lead medicine is is nowadays, this it's very common to see the Burnout out for physicians.


Juliet Hahn  00:30:02 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:30:06 

It wasn't that. It was because something else was calling to me more. So I loved do what I was doing, but this was just...

It led me up in a way that I had not been lit up, I think, my whole life.

Like, I think what I was describing even earlier, this conversation was, I chose medicine because I felt like the right next thing to do. And within that, I felt in love with the Know I. But what I think the entrepreneurial journey


Juliet Hahn  00:30:24 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:30:30 

opened up for what was of creativity that I didn't know I had I didn't know I had this little...

I don't if I wanna call a fire and feels to kinda cliche say that. But, like, because I had this this thing inside that I had to get out. I needed more humans to know about it, particularly high treatment working moms, that there's a better way. And I felt like

I think my reach,

my story, what I want to share with the universe what I want for more women

could only happen when I dedicated

more of my time to being an entrepreneur time.

And so

they're Came, and I you it, was it was such a heartbreaking conversation with my practice. I still remember I got on the phone with the two senior partners. I was calling out crying


Juliet Hahn  00:31:14 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:31:15 


you know? And I think even at the time I probably told myself, like, maybe because isn't forever. I like, maybe I'll come back. Like,

you know, maybe maybe I'll come back and in a year. I don't know. I I think I didn't fully decide, but


Juliet Hahn  00:31:26 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:31:29 

I felt a lot of

I don't know if the word is sadness or even

a grief. I think I've greek factual at the idea.


Juliet Hahn  00:31:37 

And was was there gill? Was there guilt?


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:31:40 

You know, there was a little bit of guilt at the idea of,

you know, I could be serving women in this other way and


I did feel some guilt, but at the same time, I think what had been happening in my personal journey was

learning to trust myself.

Learning to trust my intuition, learning to

be confident

even if this was a mistake. I like, here's the biggest thing. Even if me leaving that practice, and even if we becoming an entrepreneur was a mistake

was i willing to have my own back?

Was I really to have my own back even if it all went to crap? Like, even if the whole thing was a big,

like, you know, big crazy mistake, what they willing to have my land back or

would I beat myself up over it? And the answer was, of course, not, because of the work I had been doing on myself. And the work I had been taking my own breakthrough

So the guilt was really short lived because I've reminded myself like we we have this agreement with ourselves. We don't read ourselves like white crap anymore.

We are like lighting in every mistake that comes our way. Let's go. And I think that also, I I had confidence that if I ever wanted to go back, I could


Juliet Hahn  00:32:44 

What? Yeah.

Right. Well, because... And and then you have... Like, as you said, you're keeping up your sort vacation, But the other thing that I think is important that you said that I want everyone to listen to again,


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:32:49 

because I had those skills.




Juliet Hahn  00:32:58 

and we talk about this on all all my shows. Is the the failure and I've actually been on podcast about just failure, like, and I, it's funny because I have never because of having dyslexia and sailing


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:32:58 






Juliet Hahn  00:33:09 

so many times. I I don't look at failure as a bad thing. I actually look at as, okay, What did I learn from that? And I I did that in a very early


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:33:09 






Juliet Hahn  00:33:18 

age and my in my life. So even when I was younger, and I don't know that I realized I was actually doing that, but that is what how I live like. If I make a bit a mistake, and we all make mistakes. I know, okay. I'm gonna learn something from that and actually a mistake that's going to... It's gonna be... It's gonna bring me to a better place because I learned from it. And so I always time I'm like, damn. Okay.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:33:27 





Juliet Hahn  00:33:42 

Let me think about that. I need to now think about what what am I gonna learn from it? And sometimes to my own fault, when I do make a mistake, sometimes it's just in the mistake. Right? There's no reason. I always have to look for the reason.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:33:47 






Juliet Hahn  00:33:54 

Like, why did I make them and mistake, what can I learn from it? And there's times where it's like,


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:33:55 





Juliet Hahn  00:33:59 

I didn't learn anything from that. So I'm wonder where that's gonna, you know, where that's gonna take me, but that's how I always look at things. And it's really important for the listeners to think about that men and women.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:34:06 




Juliet Hahn  00:34:09 

That if you're going out of your comfort zone, if you're doing things that are not,


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:34:09 




Juliet Hahn  00:34:14 

that you're not... You know, you don't think you you're good at or that you're like nervous about and you're gonna make mistakes and you have to let yourself. And I have so many clients, so many people that they consult that are so nervous about,


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:34:17 






Juliet Hahn  00:34:26 

that mis... And it's just talking them through the the stakes, and it's interesting because that it's... You know, even my kids for this day when they make mistakes, I'm like, okay. Good. They're learning. Like, everything is a life left from a mistake,


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:34:27 





Juliet Hahn  00:34:36 

but it's important because if you don't make mistakes early on in your life,


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:34:37 



Yeah. Yeah.


Juliet Hahn  00:34:40 

life is gonna be life is gonna be harder. One of my sons is reflex.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:34:43 

Oh, yeah.


Juliet Hahn  00:34:44 

And it's interesting seeing him when he makes him mistake, bounces right back up, deaths off and doesn't even think about it. Where my other two


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:34:44 




Juliet Hahn  00:34:52 

might hesitate a little bit and are like, oh, that's stung, especially my my youngest,


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:34:56 



Juliet Hahn  00:34:56 

who doesn't really make a lot of mistakes and watching her like, you know, kind praying. Like, at night little let her make more mistakes because she's young and she needs to learn this because I don't want it to do it when she's in her twenties


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:34:59 








Juliet Hahn  00:35:06 

because when you're in your twenties as when like, when people cannot handle it, and then you've seen society,

not, especially in generations where I feel like when we were younger,


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:35:15 



Juliet Hahn  00:35:16 

it was okay to meet mistakes, And then there was this this generation


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:35:18 



Juliet Hahn  00:35:19 

that it was like, okay, let's protect them from their mistakes. And you see that now that there are certain age that they don't know how to handle it. So it's really important too.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:35:20 





Yeah. And i mean, that's such a skill that I think... I mean, you learned it early, and I would say that told so much of my audience is having to learn it now.

So it's like, you know, especially when you

decide that you want to lose weight,

you know, the the way that I teach it, learning how to glean with them from imperfection is literally one of the stepping stones to create that dream ideal

with be one live that. And what I always also, like, to kind of validate and normalized for a lot of my audience and clients is

the perfection done was a coping strategy that you created

in your younger years, and it worked well for you. There's a reason

I think of perfection

or more importantly, avoiding imperfection as a coping strategy.

It was it was just a strategy, your little mind created at the age of five or six

that worked well for you for, you know, twenty, thirty, forty years in here saying

this ninja skill that you have of perfection and avoiding a perfection, which works probably really well in your birth.

You're probably that person that work That's like, hitting all the marks and, like, getting the promotions and you know, to all the things right, quote unquote right,

We are saying that that ninja killing in your real life is just not a go, when it comes to,

like, actually how you wanna treat yourself, How you actually want to be. And becoming an entrepreneur is a master in itself in new perfection.

It is it is own it is its own university.

And I've been to... i you know, I've done enough college, but I feel like this


Juliet Hahn  00:36:54 




Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:36:56 

becoming entrepreneur that that is the biggest thing

for me to remember that nervousness and doubt and inadequate and

all of that, all of those uncomfortable emotions

are going to be with me along the ride. They're like, with me in the car.

I'm not going to let them program my Gps.

What I used to do historically, I feel nervous, and nervous starts, like, programming my Gps. And woo, let's stop. Like, maybe let's not do this. This is scary, and that's just my you know my most primitive brain

protecting me.

What I had to learn how to do through coaching was, okay. I can normalize and validate, of course, that you're nervous I've never done this before.

And nervous and, let's get you comfortable in the back. Here's a fro pillow. I love you, and you're not touching my Gps.

Thank you. Like, we're going to have,


Juliet Hahn  00:37:40 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:37:42 

you know,

something else driving us because

otherwise, you would just stay stuck. And I think that that's what I did for a very long time. I think so many of us do

we hold back our dreams, you know, in business, and in weight loss of exactly the same thing. We hold back

because we just want complete certainty.

Digital such thing. Just like a welcome uncertainty, and it's not a problem.


Juliet Hahn  00:38:03 


Yes. So now how old are your children now?


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:38:06 


My kids are seven and four.


Juliet Hahn  00:38:10 

And when was it that you left the practice and and went full time into this?


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:38:13 



it's been about. Let's see. About almost two years. It's been like almost two years. Just under two years.


Juliet Hahn  00:38:22 

Okay. So this is what's really interesting. And I and I love because it was there any other entrepreneurs in your family. Like, and like, Aunts uncle, cousins, did you have a neighbor


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:38:24 



I mean,

I might have had I guess none that I knew. Like, I might have gotten maybe maybe some uncle,


Juliet Hahn  00:38:35 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:38:37 

you know, is an entrepreneur. I a lot of my family live in India. So like, my family here is really my immediate family, and I have

some cousins that live far off that, you know, we wouldn't see much.




Juliet Hahn  00:38:50 

So and because this is one of my favorites.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:38:51 

No entrepreneurs in my belly.


Juliet Hahn  00:38:52 

It's one of my favorite things to kinda dive into because there are definitely. I have guests that are entrepreneurs, and their mom was an interpreter. Their dad was on entrepreneur. Grandfather there was there's... It was in their blood. Right? They were born to be an or they were built that way. And then I have had


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:38:54 




Yes. Yes.

Yeah. Yeah.




Juliet Hahn  00:39:09 

very few


kind of happened to pond it. Right? Just happened upon it, and it just was their path, and then they took it very, very few. That didn't have it. But one of the things one of my... And it's... It's so... Her company is called Bump, and it's actually a really interesting story because


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:39:14 







Juliet Hahn  00:39:25 

she started this in maternity of line, but she was in corporate America And she always wanted to be an entrepreneur. And she's like I don't know why I wanted to be an entrepreneur. Her... There was no entrepreneurs her family, you know, she thought and and then


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:39:30 



Juliet Hahn  00:39:36 

as we were kind of going into the store, she was, wait...

You know what?

And we were past already have asked that question We were like on a whole different things. And she's like, I have to go back.

There was a time when I was young, and my dad owned a store


our neighbor, and it was... And then I just literally saw this light. She's was like, and we go to dinners as a family, and my dad would create, and it was, like, fun, and we would dance around and was all of this.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:39:53 




Juliet Hahn  00:40:01 

And I said to her

Okay. So I have a question for you. She, but I was really young so i don't really remember it. And I said,

how was your dad because he was a. I said, when your dad walks through the door,


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:40:13 



Juliet Hahn  00:40:15 

what... You know, what was how did he come across versus how he was as a store owner? And he was only a store owner for a a very short time,


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:40:21 




Juliet Hahn  00:40:23 

And she went.

Oh, my gosh. And I said, you've been chasing a feeling you wanted to be an entrepreneur, and it's not because of memory, And that's what a lot of people don't sometimes realize And this says what I really help people connect when I'm consulting. I'm about their story.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:40:29 






Juliet Hahn  00:40:37 

Because a lot of times, we think of a memory as

a memory. That's like a story I remember that. But there's so many things in our time the better are feelings, whether it's good or bad. I mean, some people have some tragic feelings that they don't remember the actual details, but others have very positive feelings, and they don't realize that that's what they've been chasing. So what will be really interesting for you to think about your kids because your kids are young, especially your youngest


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:40:45 

Mhmm. Absolutely.








Juliet Hahn  00:41:01 

probably won't remember


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:41:01 



Juliet Hahn  00:41:02 

you walking in as the O n versus the entrepreneur. Your older one might a little bit like, you know, there might be a little little thing You might not remember... Is is it a boy? The first one? You're first...


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:41:03 






Yeah. My my older one's my son. And my my youngest my daughter.


Juliet Hahn  00:41:16 

Yeah. So it'll be really interesting to see


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:41:16 

Yeah. Yeah.


Juliet Hahn  00:41:19 

as he grows, what the path is. And if you're if if you were entrepreneur,


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:41:23 

Oh, yeah.


Juliet Hahn  00:41:25 

like journey,

creates other entrepreneurs in your life. Like, as you get older, like, great.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:41:29 

Oh, that would be you just... Yeah.

So fascinating to think of it. Like, I've never even can considered that And even speaking to the about, like, messaging as a child. I... I remember my memory of

being an entrepreneur was like, shaky.

That's unsure. That's why it like so much of what I learned they can't but, like, make sure you go to grad school, make sure you have a guaranteed career.


Juliet Hahn  00:41:46 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:41:52 

Because there is a lot of ups and downs something enough with your entrepreneur, and here's think there's truth in that.

There is... And so, like, why would anybody ever want to be not entrepreneurs if you feel deeply calls. I mean, really deeply called do something.


Juliet Hahn  00:42:03 

Deep... Difficult, and it's... And it's the creativity that you said. I think it's a very creative a brain that is okay. Like, I actually


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:42:05 




Juliet Hahn  00:42:10 

can live in chaos.

Like, it I actually thrive, sometimes like... And when things are too, like,


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:42:13 



Juliet Hahn  00:42:16 

when their things are too neatly, I I have to create chaos, and it's actually funny because I've actually, as I've gotten older, I'm like, oh, things were just so good that I had like, adopt another dog or I had to... I need like, that to kind of to drive me.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:42:19 



Right. Right.

Yeah. Yeah.


Juliet Hahn  00:42:31 

And I love there's, like, a quote, and it basically is like, chaos

is only

loved by the. And I forget that I'm not gonna say it, But it's like, literally, it's like brave girl Chaos is only loved by the strong, not the week. And it's so true. I actually do very well when things are a little bit


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:42:41 




Juliet Hahn  00:42:49 

a little rough ruffled. When things are too perfectly tied,


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:42:50 




Juliet Hahn  00:42:52 

I get bored. I really do. I'm like, oh this is sn.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:42:54 


There we go. Yeah.


Juliet Hahn  00:42:56 

Yes. So. And and I was made to me an entrepreneur. I mean, I I know that, You know, As I... Even when I was in the corporate world, I worked in all alternative of advertising. So every day was different. You know, it was never like, you know, a a to be and kinda of finger agency to.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:43:00 

Right. Yeah.


Juliet Hahn  00:43:09 

So I think it's really cool to see.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:43:12 



Juliet Hahn  00:43:12 

As your children grow. And as generations grow, if your experience


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:43:15 




Juliet Hahn  00:43:18 

creates more entrepreneurs and in your in your world.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:43:18 


We're gonna have to talk in, like, twenty years and like, come back and see what they do. I... I think if though so interesting. And I think actually, this same event kind of... This kind of brings up for me like, what's the messaging that I wanna get my kids? You know? So even for


Juliet Hahn  00:43:24 

I know.



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:43:38 

work ethic and, you know, how to be a kind person. Like, you know, the things that my kids are talking about in school. It's like, how do you be kind and use your kind of words and all of these things that we learn about, I think that

of absolutely

my my personal journey from being a position to becoming algebra entrepreneur specifically to

do what I'm I'm doing is as completely transformed the way that I parents.


Juliet Hahn  00:44:00 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:44:00 


actually, you know, what's interesting is one of the biggest things that changed because of coaching

is my relationship with my son. I know if he's only seven, but I will tell you when I first started coaching, this is when I was the, you know, the two hundred pound range

he I had many thoughts

about it.

Mandy thoughts. I'm like, painting just be easier and different. And he was like the kid. You'd be the kid that, you know,


Juliet Hahn  00:44:20 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:44:24 

like, can... Me to called quickly, like, quickly on the outside. You keep be the kid a little bit different that is not playing by himself in other kids and the moms are doing good thing. And here I am, like kinda to, like, make this kid.

Really. I mean, Having mean, totally honest. I wanted him to be different than he was. And I... When we think of about where do my having come from?

Not surprisingly. I was trying to make things people, my life different than what it was. I was not accepting him.

And it breaks my heart now, but also, I'm so

grateful to myself for seeing that.

And be willing to open my brain and honestly be deeply vulnerable in my own coaching to


Juliet Hahn  00:44:59 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:45:02 

explore that. And change that. And what's so creepy is the moment that I started to


Juliet Hahn  00:45:05 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:45:08 

see him as he was see myself at even a two hundred pounds see ourselves as we r.

Something just started to shift in our relationship, and it it's changed the trajectory of

I Family. Absolutely.


Juliet Hahn  00:45:22 

And that be interesting you'll be interesting to see his feelings, but because you know, you could also go, because I sometimes think, you know, with... You know, I started my my entrepreneur... Like, when my kids were older. Right? And so half of the time they're, like, wait... What are you doing? Mom? You're at the Super Bowl? This is really cool. I'm like, oh, my god I've been talking to you guys about my job now. I created this, you know, and they do know what i do, but it's just when you have teens,


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:45:26 







Juliet Hahn  00:45:44 

you're, you know, obviously, your life is not as important as theirs


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:45:44 



Juliet Hahn  00:45:47 

in their minds.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:45:47 

That's right.



Juliet Hahn  00:45:49 

But I've had other guests come on

that said, you know, they didn't want to be the wonder entrepreneur that they are. They pushed everything back. They wanted to go to corporate because they had parents that were on entrepreneurs, and they hated the ups and downs, and both parents ron


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:45:56 



Juliet Hahn  00:46:04 

they hated the ups and downs. They hated that sometimes they were, you know, like, the money was always coming in and other times, it wasn't. They hated the unbalanced. However,


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:46:05 


Yeah. Yeah.


Juliet Hahn  00:46:13 

they then went into and became an option entrepreneur, but they did things different, And they actually


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:46:18 



Juliet Hahn  00:46:18 

became more steady,

which is in interesting. So it is, you know, and having three kids, you know, we all think that we just want... We just want our kids to be happy healthy,


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:46:20 




Juliet Hahn  00:46:27 

you know, kind, hardworking working, you know,


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:46:27 




Juliet Hahn  00:46:30 


You know, that that's what we want for our kids and and obviously, the list can go on. But as parents,


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:46:32 



Juliet Hahn  00:46:37 

you know, we think, okay,


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:46:37 



Juliet Hahn  00:46:39 

sometimes, especially now that I'm in the

the late, you know, stage of teens.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:46:44 



Juliet Hahn  00:46:45 

You just take a breath and you're like, okay, everything that they did when they were I love staying home and being a mom. I I chose to stay home and be a mom.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:46:51 



Juliet Hahn  00:46:52 

And so... But it's interesting to see okay. Like, you know, when you're creating this person, you can really mess them up.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:46:56 


Yeah. Yeah.


Juliet Hahn  00:46:59 

You don't have your crowd together. And even if you have your craft together,


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:47:01 




Juliet Hahn  00:47:03 

there's gonna be something that they are like, oh, you know She did this different or I wish this was different. So it's never an easy thing. And so when you follow a passion when you follow something that you love and your happy and excited about it. It definitely


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:47:06 








Juliet Hahn  00:47:19 

is shown, but then also, when you're trying to create a business,

depending where you are in in your life, you know, whether you have support, whether you can be... Or you have to be the soul bread winner or you can do this as a cook building.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:47:23 





Juliet Hahn  00:47:32 

It's a very different dynamic that can be brought into a house. So I think it's Very cool.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:47:34 


And also, like, I think one of the things that you're kinda talking about, which which speaks to a little bit of even... What part of my work was and I went from being a physician to entrepreneur is that my identity is not my profession.

What I do... I... You know... Yeah. I'm an entrepreneur, and I'm also over two I, and I'm also a coffee lover, and then all mom, and I'm also a wise. Like, medical of those things from my identity. I think that sometimes... And this is, again, like, some of things that we just kinda throw around. I'm like, oh, I I wear many hats.


Juliet Hahn  00:47:48 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:48:03 

I said this myself. I wear in hats. That's not who I am.

Who I am is way more than what I do. And I think that this was

this is really the one thing that I want to really pass on to my kids is that,

you know, who they are as, like, just humans

in their identity of themselves is just what they decide to tell themselves there.


Juliet Hahn  00:48:25 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:48:25 

If I don't care what they wanna go do,

but if they can just be solid in that,

I think that

it just opens things up so much more. We stop boxing ourselves and I did that for long enough. Like, oh, I'm am just someone who

Even with Weight loss, I'm just someone who left food. I'm still in someone that was say, I just... I'm a foodie. I just left work so much.


Juliet Hahn  00:48:43 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:48:44 

But let me tell you We have to start changing and shifting or identities if we want to

explode and create new results. I think that we get limited by sometimes these like, self.

Self and input labels that we give ourselves.


Juliet Hahn  00:48:57 

Yes. No. Totally. So I would love for you to tell the listeners you know, where they can find you, what how you do your coaching. So, like, if someone's out there going, well, wait have a second. I think I wanna work with you. What the... What is a, you know, do you do one on one? Are you doing group if you can give people a little bit more about that.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:49:04 



Yeah. So I have an intimate small group. It's called the unstoppable group.

And I... There there's many ways of really working with me and learning for me, First of all, I have my free podcast. So if this was speaking to you, then I strongly recommend, you come and listen to a weight loss for unstoppable moms, and

just talk like getting this message into your ears and into your brains because it promised, it's possible to live lighter now, and lose weight feeling better along the way,

And then if that speaks to you and if that is, like, just lighting you up, then I would love to see you in the unstoppable group. It's a very intimate room so I only work with a very small group you can feel. Everyone can each other on one small zoom screen.

We meet live weekly coaching calls. I have a like a written coaching cafe. It's on slack If you're familiar with Slack of the go... Well, a private community that I coach my client's in between our coaching calls,


Juliet Hahn  00:50:03 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:50:06 


we have all kinds of fun together. It's the best good to be in. It's six months.

So the way that I really like to help you all think about whether this work screen you is very simple

if you identify as a highly achieving working mom,

who is just ready to be done with the struggles, like just ready to be done

and are ready to live lighter and ready to lose weight in a way that does not acquire a calculator,

but you're like, feeling like you want to live wider. You absolutely with belong in this room.

And you can learn more at the unstoppable dot com forward slash group.

I all the information for when my next group is starting,

and how to join me. And I I really, again, because it's such an intimate room, I meet with everyone via conflict, and we decide if we a best fit.

And you get just

deciding if you wanna be in this room or not.


Juliet Hahn  00:51:00 

That's great. So I have a couple questions with that. So


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:51:02 

Tell me. Yeah.


Juliet Hahn  00:51:03 

say someone is... Like, does it matter is there a certain amount of weight someone else to say someone really doesn't have to lose


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:51:08 



Juliet Hahn  00:51:10 

they may be, like, you know, struggling with ten pounds, but it's not about the weight. It's really about changing the mindset.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:51:10 





Juliet Hahn  00:51:17 

Is that something that you also do? Is it just about weight loss? I mean, obviously, it's not because you're coaching them through big things. Okay. So right. So someone's like... We react


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:51:17 



Right. If not, yeah. We coach on... Yeah. So, like, literally, we, I would say, like, i'm, like, with my clients the we coach on

relationship be because John Kids, you quote on time. We coach on we law, close on every part of your life.

That's leading you to feel heavy. So that's like very simply put. I've had clients that had to list five pounds, and I've had clients that have to lose over fifty.


Juliet Hahn  00:51:37 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:51:43 

I myself have lost over sixty

and it's with this process that I take my clients through. And I like to say that because I think that it's sometimes easy to say, I have a process, but not be a product of your process, and I will share that

I... Whatever I ever put out into universe is mean being a product of my own process. And I think that that's important. So well you have five dollars a lose or sixty, seventy eighty, it really doesn't matter.

Well, you lose sixty pounds six months no.

Unless you were really not being unhealthy about it to be

very honest.

But you can move a lot of weight in six months, and then you have an opportunity in invitation to renew.

And the clients that we're new with me, they become unstoppable alumni, and there's a whole community of my, like, unstoppable alumni that we get like, time access to coaching calls and all all kinds of fun things. So


Juliet Hahn  00:52:36 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:52:37 

So, yeah. So really anyone that wants to lose, even a little bit of weight or to maintain it with ease. So if you're someone that's like, you know, you have thought to lose but you've been, like, grit grind, wheel powering, trying to, like,

pull on to, like, the hold onto to the scale, then that's also an opportunity for You to. Do this work. And

also, if you are someone that has found yourself really to lying a lot of little power and, like, muscle through,

plan after plan after plan and like your motivations high in Mondays, it's going by Friday,

then I'm having a free master class that you can also come to that's happening in a little over a week. And you can get that... You can reserve your spot at the unstoppable

dot com forward slash, Antidote. The those two will power and we lost.

You can come there too.


Juliet Hahn  00:53:20 

That's great. And I'm also like thinking it's could be the person that hits their goal weight, but then they gained twenty pounds, and then they hit it again and gave so, like, the yo person as well.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:53:21 


Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah.



Juliet Hahn  00:53:29 

Yeah. Because I you you're teaching them to kinda live and and not have struggle with it, you know, thinking about trying to lose weight and always trying to lose weight.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:53:30 





Juliet Hahn  00:53:38 

Which I think is really important. So


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:53:38 





Juliet Hahn  00:53:41 

did any and... You might be like, then I can't tell you that. But did any of your patients

become your clients?


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:53:46 


And then is my patients who become my clients. So you know what's so sweet is my patience will Dm me on Instagram.


Juliet Hahn  00:53:54 

Oh, I love that. Right.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:53:54 

And what are you coming back to the practice? Where are you? I missed you come back. Please come back and there. I mean, every single time I do feel a little little emotional like that because I really do I I really did love my patience.

But no. None of my patients have become but my clients yet. I mean, maybe one day, they will. But...


Juliet Hahn  00:54:10 

Well but also, as you said, you were really coaching them on the side


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:54:11 



Juliet Hahn  00:54:14 

anyway. So they probably got a lot of what your coaching clients would, you know, would be doing


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:54:15 




Juliet Hahn  00:54:18 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:54:18 




Juliet Hahn  00:54:19 

So that's great.



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:54:21 



Juliet Hahn  00:54:22 

thank you so much. You know, Pre for coming. It's been so... It's been great, and I know that there's people out there that are like, okay. And any of the guys that are listening to this, Now this is... Because I could...


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:54:24 

This has been amazing.


Juliet Hahn  00:54:33 

There was one second. I was gonna the say and I was like, wait. If my husband brought this to me, and I... And I like, if I was in that that period would I want that. I don't know. So any of the guys that are out there that are like, you know what? Maybe my wife or maybe my mom or so or you know someone that might need,


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:54:39 




Juliet Hahn  00:54:49 

you know, just Dm. You can find her on

know, social media. You can also if you can't, and you wanna ask me a question,


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:54:55 



Juliet Hahn  00:54:55 

happy to send you along the way because she might be able to take you through of how to approach


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:54:58 




Juliet Hahn  00:55:01 

your, you know, your wife or your mom or your sister in in a way that's not, like, hey. I think you need this because it's not everyone.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:55:05 



You know, I think it's like such an active love though. Like, of course, you can always be me on Instagram, be unstoppable one. You can find me there, but I think I've it such an act love if you see that someone would benefit from a resource,


Juliet Hahn  00:55:11 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:55:21 

please give it to them. I think that I I... And And I think that this Can source That Was like, you know, it depending on how your partner takes your input,


Juliet Hahn  00:55:23 




Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:55:31 

but for me, what I've always found when it's coming from love and non manipulation when it's coming from True,


Juliet Hahn  00:55:35 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:55:38 

I can tell you it you can feel that you can feel like, hey, I found this awesome resource and this is for you. And what I will... You know, and and I share this all over the place, but when you're when you really want something,


Juliet Hahn  00:55:42 

A hundred percent.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:55:51 

like, for for my audience, they want to finally lose weight and live lighter. It's like the the combination of book because you can wait and not live later.

When you want to move late with lighter, if have to stop singing it.

One thing it is not enough. And and I think that's


Juliet Hahn  00:56:02 



Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:56:06 

you know, if there's one message that I want

anyone to hear this to know is that even from I'm going from being a position to an entrepreneur, any goal, any goal we have and dream we have, I promise it's possible and you have to stop wing it,

wanting it isn't enough, and it accepting yourself and be front yourself along the imperfect journey.


Juliet Hahn  00:56:26 

Mhmm. I.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:56:26 

It is it is everything,



Juliet Hahn  00:56:30 

I love that. Well, we're gonna end on that because that was that was gold.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:56:32 

So good.


Juliet Hahn  00:56:33 

That was gold.

Thank you again for joining your next stop live here on Fireside.

And you guys, if you have any questions, again, please come and ask

please come and, you know, find it where

Is go to


You can find also on the podcast. This will all be in the show notes when this show goes out on all the podcast players, which will be

sometime in


probably towards the end, but you can get the replay here on Fireside at any time. And, again, Veronica thank you so much. For for joining. And i it's so, yeah. I'm excited to follow you and and to see what your kids do. I'm also really interested in that.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:57:05 

This is amazing. Thank you for having me.

Oh, absolutely. I look I share about my kids. They're hilarious.


Juliet Hahn  00:57:14 

No. I love that, but to see if there's any entrepreneurs that come from what you started. I really think that's like something there. I love that. Alright, everyone.


Dr. Priyanka Venugopal  00:57:17 



For sure.


Juliet Hahn  00:57:22 

Thank you, see you again.

My focus is entirely on helping you follow your passion, even when you feel like you've got stuck in crazy town. There is a way out, its me helping you. You don't have to ditch everything in your life that is making you feel overwhelmed and stuck, you just need some help to navigate it.


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