YNS Live Storytelling with Juliet Hahn

Aug 18, 2021

The very thing that makes us human is the stories that each of us has inside. As I quote one of my recent guests on Your Next Stop, “Every single person is another beautiful human story.” 


The gift of storytelling belongs to each and every one of us. Storytelling is something we all do naturally, starting at a young age. It is a form of communication to persuade through stories creating memorable, compelling messages. It creates meaning in ways that connect our human emotions and move us to action.


Storytelling gives us a better sense of the world, telling and hearing stories about what is happening and why. We get a visual understanding, a different perception of the world.


Storytelling creates connections among people, and between people and ideas. With our stories, we build familiarity and trust and allow the listener to enter our inner space. At some point, we may influence other people’s attitudes, beliefs, knowledge, and behavior.

Join Juliet Hahn for a storytelling episode recorded live on Fireside.

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