YNS Live with Empowerment Coach Colette Lettieri

Sep 08, 2021


Listen to a new episode of Your Next Stop recorded live on Fireside with host Juliet Hahn featuring Colette Lettieri.


Colette Lettieri prides herself on incorporating her success as a social worker and self-proclaimed ‘health and fitness nut’ to better service her clients and helps them become the best version of themselves.


Colette is a proponent of a fully customized health plan. She understands why a certain diet can be advantageous for one client and detrimental for another.


As an athlete her entire life, Colette uses her competitive mindset as a tool to better motivate and encourage her clients as they improve their health and fitness. Her passion is to help her clients build an image to not only be proud of but to embrace when looking in a mirror.


Being of the mindset that setting short term attainable goals will result in long term positive life changes is the underlying premise that Colette uses as the underpinning for each client.


#THISISME is a workshop Colette curated over the past two years. It can be offered as a 90 minute, 1/2 day or full day course on empowerment. It is a journey that takes time but is the kickstart to understanding the true connection to yourself. 


Over the course of Colette’s career, she came to realize most women have no idea who they are when they step outside of their everyday roles. #THISISME workshop allows as a launchpad to jump forward with your personal goals and discovery and connection to the person you desire to be.


Learn more about Colette at ColetteLettieri.com. Follow her on Fireside, and Instagram.





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