Your Next Stop Live with DiStefano Group Gina DiStefano

your next stop Oct 13, 2022

Listen to a new episode of Your Next Stop Live with DiStefano Group, recorded live on Fireside with hosts Juliet Hahn and Gina DiStefano.


A new series brought to you by Juliet Hahn of Your Next Stop, Your Next Stop Live, YNS Live with NFL Thread and YNS Live with NFL Thread PIVOT.  Co-host Gina DiStefano of the DiStefano Group and Juliet will share why storytelling should be brought into the interview process in corporate America, and what they are doing to make that happen.


Gina has spent the last 25 years committed to excelling on her professional course. She began her career in recruiting over 20 years ago in Washington, DC. Her diverse background includes: working for Fortune 500 companies including Taco Bell Corporate. She traveled across the country supporting her restaurants in hiring, development and accountability, and has run her own successful consulting firm for over a decade; branding and scaling national and local companies. She has also worked as an interim CEO for a national non-profit, where she scaled and branded the organization, bringing it to secure financial success and growth. She's worked across many diverse industries including: Staffing, Restaurants, Insurance, Banking, Retail, Manufacturing, Beauty, Medical, Non-Profit, and Financial Services to name a few. Gina specializes in executive level business coaching, training and development, hiring and retention, cultural refinement and improvement, operational efficiency, accountability training, public speaking, and branding. She has been featured in multiple media appearances including: THRIVE Global, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, various podcasts, contributor for  “Breaking in the News: Build Buzz for your Brand”, creator of SUE YOU System™ (developed to ensure the individual and collective growth of an organization) and the Revitalize System (developed to increase awareness of personal and professional opportunities). She has been featured multiple times on Mass Appeal, Good Morning Connecticut and InFocus. 


Remarkable Quotes


“The truth is people don't just change jobs for the hell of it. Something major is going on and I wanted to know the story of what you were going through. And that's how I learned connection. There's a connection that we have to every single human being.”

“Some employees worked better at home, others didn't. Companies are not always listening to their employees. If Covid taught us anything in the business world is that when you have happy employees, is when your company is going to grow.”

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