YNS Live with Entrepreneur Magazine Editor-in-Chief Jason Feifer

Dec 16, 2021

Listen to a new episode of Your Next Stop recorded live on Fireside with host Juliet Hahn featuring Jason Feifer.


Opportunity Set B: Everything that's available to you that nobody is asking you to do. That is where growth happens. That is where you start to build the foundation for whatever it is that comes next. - Jason Feifer


Jason Feifer is the editor in chief of Entrepreneur magazine, a podcast host, book author, keynote speaker, startup advisor, and nonstop optimism machine. His goal is to help people become more resilient and adaptable in a world of constant change — to be able to seize new opportunities before anyone else does!


He started as a community newspaper reporter, but quit, then sat in his dingy bedroom next to a cemetery in rural Massachusetts, and started freelance writing. Then he took a job at a slightly larger newspaper, kept freelancing, and then eventually quit, moved to Boston, and insisted that Boston magazine hire him. (He’d been freelancing for them, but he wanted a full-time editor job. It worked.) Then he moved to New York and started hopscotching around magazines (Men’s Health, Fast Company, Maxim) while going on TV, speaking on stage, teaching himself to do podcasting, writing a romantic comedy novel, starting a media production company, and more. 


Was he good at these new things? He was not! He was terrible at first. But as Ryan Reynolds once told Jason, “You can’t be good at something unless you’re willing to be bad.”


Jason now occupies a unique space. Through his work at Entrepreneur, he has access to the world’s greatest entrepreneurs and is often speaking with the most influential culture-makers. Meanwhile, through his podcast Build For Tomorrow, Jason investigates the history of innovation and the forces that shaped our lives. In short, he finds patterns of success. And that pattern is clear: Change creates opportunity.


Get to know more about Jason at JasonFeifer.com. Check him out on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.



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