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yns live with nfl thread Jan 19, 2023

Listen to a new episode of PIVOT, a show brought to you by YNS Live with NFL Thread recorded live on Fireside with hosts Juliet Hahn and Cynthia Zordich featuring special guests Adreanne Harris-McMillan and Mark McMillian.

Adreanne Harris-McMillian was raised in the Bahamas working through school scuba diving with a dolphin sanctuary then graduated and came back to the US in 1996 where she met Mark in Arizona. They have been together since and have a son, Isaiah 23 and a daughter, Jasmine 28. They are also overjoyed as a grandma and grandpa of 2 girls - ages 1 and 2.  Adreanne is a real estate sales agent in Las Vegas and Arizona, with a background in Finance and Mortgage Banking. She is passionate about helping others, especially NFL families, through the purchase and sale of real estate.

Mark McMillian is a former 8-year NFL Cornerback who played for the Philadelphia Eagles, New Orleans Saints, Kansas City Chiefs, Washington and the San Francisco 49ers. He is an Emmy Award winner and currently the Raiders Game-Day Analyst on 8 News NOW, the CBS affiliate for Las Vegas. Mark also started his new line of seasonings and olive oils.

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Remarkable Quotes


“It’s consistently being transparent, “Who can I help today?” It’s so sacrificing, but it's so rewarding. I couldn't imagine doing anything else.”


“You know, as a player, you just can't go out there and be fifty percent. And be effective. You gotta go! And you gotta be willing to fail. I didn’t win every game in my career. Failing is part of the process. You regroup, you adjust and with that comes success.”




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Juliet Hahn  00:02:06 

We'll be starting the show in one second.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:02:35 



Juliet Hahn  00:02:39 

Welcome to Wine Live with Nfl thread pivots.

I am Juliet Han here with my host Cynthia Resort, and our guest, Adrian and Mark Mc million. How are you?


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:02:52 

Again. We're doing good. Just so here chilling and Sunny Las Vegas right now.


Juliet Hahn  00:02:57 

So lucky. It's cloudy and freezing here in New York.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:03:01 



Cynthia Zordich  00:03:03 

For you wow.


Juliet Hahn  00:03:05 

Yeah. So Cynthia, I would love for you you to introduce and and give us a little background


Cynthia Zordich  00:03:05 

It's lowest.


Juliet Hahn  00:03:10 

on the relationship and everything.


Cynthia Zordich  00:03:10 

Yeah. It right,

especially going back

you know, this year, the the playbook is the pivot issue. So

we have gone back and there's so many amazing stories coming up from

the guys that have gone transition that shared amazing tails with us this year, and the point comes out

this month.

And so in doing that, you know, you go back and you think about, you know, guy that you knew in terms of these players around guessing I was finally able to talk my goals into doing something at one of my projects

when I did the first project about transition musician, his only clue was, I don't wanna be in this book.



But I finally was able the interview I'm we get him in this, and we talked so much about Philadelphia Mac. So we talked about all you guys and what you all meant to Michael and Philadelphia, and going back to that time with, you know, Richie K died and Railroads Rhoads.

And you and On Everyone doing your show, little big man

that we would look forward to watching so much and all the else field work he did. So it was awesome

that I've been following you and everything that you're doing, and thank you for introducing you to Adrian and Adrian, and all the think that you're doing in real estate

and helping nfl families helping nfl players and helping just others.

I'm so happy to have you guys on to catch up been a while and to, like, tell everybody what you guys are up too. So thanks.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:04:36 

Thank you very much. That was a nice introduction there cynthia


Cynthia Zordich  00:04:40 

I love little ping others.

You guys...


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:04:45 

Yeah. My with the love

actually share already weren't small enough.


Cynthia Zordich  00:04:50 

Yeah. I love.

Julia, just said you know, like these guys went out and is the tandem and every week they highlighted somebody in the league, you know, because, you know, like, what you have done and I think Matt fraser

like size as a corner back and just your athletic promise and somebody might said, oh, you know, that's that's too small to being in elite, but you just

eight your pro, you're just

a role model for so many young kids that think that the because of a number, they can't do something.

And so going out and highlighting all these players in the league every week, it was set to show because you just were so excited to see with amazing

plays, like, highlights, all these things then they would feature a guy every week. And a little bit that is that what you wanna get M four?


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:05:37 

We wanna give me little

yeah, we we be dollar red cunningham for wisdom

And I don't still get softly about that, but we be able more the


Cynthia Zordich  00:05:48 



Juliet Hahn  00:05:49 

What. And I love that. And I think that it's so... And I love that when cynthia you're just said because I have kids, and my one son is my middle son is a basketball player, and everything's always about height height height, and I'm like, look at look how some of these guys don't. It's also about your heart. And so I love that you highlighted that I think it's so important and so important for kids. To know it doesn't matter. It doesn't have to be just your size. Yes. It helps,


Cynthia Zordich  00:05:49 



Juliet Hahn  00:06:11 

but it doesn't mean that you cannot do something. So way to go, and I love that you wanna emmy me for it.


Cynthia Zordich  00:06:17 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:06:17 


Everyone featured and sports as well for that.


Cynthia Zordich  00:06:21 

No. Oh, I love that. I love that. That's so great.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:06:22 



Juliet Hahn  00:06:24 


Yeah. That's very cool. Well, I... Cindy can I take it because I would love to kind of hear a little bit about how you guys met. Like, take it back. Like, we're gonna go back, how you adrian and Mark Matt.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:06:37 

My gosh.

I didn't say I was fresh off about. I came back from

Bahamas where I've finished at school,

and I was new. I was learning to drive on other side of the row of tongue trying to, you know, get the gist of how everything was, you know, working up kind of in a time worth. You know? So

I met Mark, I think I had just started

kind a, you know, I was twenty twenty one. Yeah. Sorry. I moved she just our high school just knowing


Juliet Hahn  00:07:12 

It was it was above the ballot.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:07:18 

I was just working at a restaurant, honestly,


when, you know, it was probably around a super bowl time in Arizona,

and I think Mark and some buddies came in and you know, girls that I had worked with were hearing all these stories about athletes and, you know, never ever ever did an athlete. And so just the stigma around it back then. Right? And Arizona gonna kinda known

that hub of off season. That's where a lot of guys was come and say you're had homes because they could just kinda fall into normal life.

And so we met and became friends and, you know, you swore he wasn't an athlete, never played an Nfl. I'm like, oh, okay. You know, maybe night you just felt for like, he's a good guy, I won't go for the

And then, you know,

where we're supposed good friends and started dating and it just kind of went from there. I'm like, gosh, who is he's just a humble. No. That's... I think when our connection really started from, is both being very family oriented and she's a really humble guy.


Juliet Hahn  00:08:18 

I love that. I love that.

Oh, your muted.

I think you're moving.


Cynthia Zordich  00:08:24 

Yeah. So so Matthew were planning at the time where we're not playing it time.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:08:29 

I was in

New Orleans, I think I just left philadelphia,

and I was in New Orleans.

When we first met, my line was, you know, I was... I I played like I was a trash man.

You know, because every every don't had

at the jury had the car as an all that, you know, I wasn't making too much money into I was thinking enough, but I just wanna to say, hey, Gonna figure out a different way that I can try to land as young lady in. They part. We're

like I'm.

No no.


Cynthia Zordich  00:09:03 

Love it.


Juliet Hahn  00:09:03 

Oh, okay. That's so funny. That's of Well, and then you guys... And I... And I know I'm jumping, but I we'll go back you guys, your vowels recently as well, Having you?


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:09:12 

That's twenty nineteen.


Juliet Hahn  00:09:15 

Yeah. That's so beautiful.


Cynthia Zordich  00:09:15 

That's beautiful.


Juliet Hahn  00:09:17 

That is beautiful.


Cynthia Zordich  00:09:18 

I love that when you kids involved.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:09:18 


A long time a long time coming, I guess, you know, just starting out so young, and I mean, he's not that much taller than me. So

we just kinda grew through the years and transitions

and living from different states different. So, yeah. It was fine. Now kids, grown children.

Grab baby.


Cynthia Zordich  00:09:40 



Juliet Hahn  00:09:40 

Right. Oh, that's beautiful.


Cynthia Zordich  00:09:41 

I'm curious about that. I always...

It's it has to be such loving

decision when


want to renew your valves because I'm feeling that you look back and think, did we really know what we were saying that's men and promising for the future, But then at a certain point in your marriage. You're like, I wanna do this again because I really know how much I love you, and I really know what this means and unless Let's do it again to celebrate all over again. What was your mindset?


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:10:09 

Well, definitely not. I don't think That's really new. You know, In you're twenty one, you know, see what thirty looks like. You don't see a forty one look like, so, you know, four fifty

going through,

you know, you're just kinda into this world that you know, you really don't know anything about when it comes to professional athletes and their families and all of that. So we just went through the motions and then some of it was super fighting. Some of it was a little scary at times, but we just knew we wanted to be together and have kids and what that look like we we're just gonna taken out as it came. And so, yeah, I think we just reached the point while I all speak for him, but I reached a point that I thought, you know? Yeah. We're here. We made it our kids

you know, at a certain age and and we've spell more cells, I think, you know, coming from Arizona transitioning to las Vegas, and all of those things just really made a big a big difference


I think, would be the number one you had a certain and you look back at least signed and thought

we've really been been through a lot, and we always somehow

stuck together. So... Yeah.


Cynthia Zordich  00:11:24 

I love that.


Juliet Hahn  00:11:24 

Oh, that's beautiful. Yeah.


Cynthia Zordich  00:11:25 

Agent distribution, like, appreciation for their life together, and

I imagine that the kids

had to really enjoy this celebration and did you have them... Were they a part of it, you know, to walk us through that?


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:11:38 


So our daughter and the oldest she was my

native honor. So that was wonderful. I. I think they had a little... I can only they're I was like and she she's causes this was going on. Right. And she never that up years about He was just flowing to it, but my son just, you know, he was hanging out with me Fire evans was a minister.


Juliet Hahn  00:11:44 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:12:01 

You know, we playing together in Philly and rental cutting on was the my best man. So,


Cynthia Zordich  00:12:01 



Juliet Hahn  00:12:02 

Oh, I love that.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:12:07 

you know... You asked I I have my guys let me in the room and then my son just mysteriously left four minute.

And didn't no way he was going and then I see the pictures later, hell his mom,

and and I died, their partying

they're party dresser before white starting.


Juliet Hahn  00:12:24 

That's so fun. I think I wanna do that now and my kids get a little older I'm whenever new because that sounds fun.


Cynthia Zordich  00:12:29 

Yeah. That's is fun. That really is. I don't know know


Juliet Hahn  00:12:32 

I think you tell my. Yeah. Tell Michael, you guys made need to do that.



Cynthia Zordich  00:12:36 

Oh, no.

They'll be in the back and doing shots, and they'll never make it in paramount.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:12:45 




Juliet Hahn  00:12:49 

That's so funny.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:12:50 

between Mark and Randall and Byron who was gonna associate

the ceremony and how that was gonna play out that round okay well, you know, I'm the best man. You know, I'm said that's man. Right?

Definitely to watch. These grown better on those conversations and kind of thicker a little bit. So it was a lot of fun walk me down the aisle, and there lots of tears, but it was awesome that kinda of just felt like

all over again, You know? It's like, wow, here we learned all this time later, and then it was just a party after that


Cynthia Zordich  00:13:15 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:13:19 

where baby used tacos, so we were liking. That's to be my good


Cynthia Zordich  00:13:19 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:13:23 

Everybody has to dance, and, you know, of course, you gotta do the electric line. So it was fun. No. That's a really good


Juliet Hahn  00:13:30 

Oh, that's wonderful. Oh, go ahead some.


Cynthia Zordich  00:13:33 

Well, what I love is this on

you know, so you do. You get married and you have this family. But then you end up like, creating these people that you really love to hang out with. You know, the people that you're like, yeah, you know, that you would pop in at my wedding anyways.

If you had been here already, like your relationship with your kids sounds amazing.

Isn't it? Is it so important to have that, like, as these people in your life on the day to day?


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:13:58 

Oh it is... Yeah. It it's wonderful. I think well, you mark with them, you know, doing some of it olive oils, and things was asking. Like, gosh I just can't think of names, what are great names. And, of course, our daughters just started texting around went off. All these, you know, names for and views them now. Like, oh my gosh. You know, she's picked them all out and so they're so involved in our everyday life. I always say it's great as they get older because then you can take a step back and watch,

kind of how your work plays out in their life is their parents but then you can start that friendship and hanging out together and, you know, it's just it's fun. Yeah. Yeah. They're every day a part of it somehow.


Juliet Hahn  00:14:37 

Right. And then seeing, I mean, seeing you guys pivot, you know, in you're in your life, I'm using the word pivot, but you know, I mean, Mark, you were a a big deal. I mean, you went to Alabama. I think don't you still hold a record in Alabama, which I think is so freaking cool. My oldest son is named

I I read somewhere.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:14:54 

They got broken.

Yeah. You got broken three years ago this for the longest


By being a patrick who's all pro in in a fell, so I didn't feel bad.


Juliet Hahn  00:15:04 

No. Okay.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:15:04 

You know, getting role by mind. I think the... The record was probably, like, fifty seven years when I broke it. So


Cynthia Zordich  00:15:05 




Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:15:12 


records are meant to be broken, but, you know, anytime you can

have a record, especially at Alabama, you know, was was pretty cool. So

Make a patrick. He did tweet me out. Already he texted send attack. So I'm sorry. I woke it record


Juliet Hahn  00:15:24 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:15:27 

but go through me


Juliet Hahn  00:15:27 

That's so cool.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:15:29 

Yeah. A great player. I played but the pittsburgh verse do he's one of the best players in the in the league now. So I feel bad when they say your record was broken,

Think what was broken my guy? That's all pro in the film right now.


Juliet Hahn  00:15:41 

Right. And, you know, it's so funny because when I was looking around, I'm like, k still has this. I was like, I must be reading something wrong, so I'm... I mean, that is a long time to have, you know, record, and then you're in the Nfl, and something do you wanna take it we're a little bit, you know, when you guys are trans, certain and stuff, how did that look as a family?


Cynthia Zordich  00:15:41 



Juliet Hahn  00:15:58 

When when you you change train teams,

you know, physically,

how did that kind of go about?


Cynthia Zordich  00:16:07 

Give like, so you after the aftermath African four years in Philadelphia.

So your first


Juliet Hahn  00:16:11 



Cynthia Zordich  00:16:12 

from there, you went on to the saints, so you left filling witnesses and the satan. So

when Juliet always gets amazed by, how often we pick up our lives and move. You know? And so that would be interesting to hear of how you guys handled that whole situation of going

from Billy to the saints to the chiefs to the forty nights of Washington

to forty nine. You know, these are moves.

And that always amazing her.


Juliet Hahn  00:16:37 

Well, because that you guys have to pick up. I mean, I've moved, and I love adventure, so I'm always like, oh, it sounds so great. But any anytime I have moved

with kids, it's like, oh, you gotta get the dentist. I always bring this something always last, but the dentist and the doctors

designing all the papers for the school, making sure you have all the paperwork. It's not in a box, and then all of a sudden, you know, that first, like, month, you're like, oh my gosh. No one has seen a doctor,

I don't even know where to go if something happens. And so it amazes me. And so I get... I a little crazy about this. But it is it's so true. It amazes me how a family does that. So at ease, and you guys have to do it so many times. So, you know, Adrian and I would love to kinda hear your,


Cynthia Zordich  00:17:01 



Juliet Hahn  00:17:14 

you know, your take of when you did that after,

you know, Mark left Philadelphia.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:17:20 

Yeah. I mean, when we met he was in between that you know, fill it out in in the cheap stage. So that

it it was different in a sense that, like, we didn't have kids. Yeah. We didn't have like, we were just starting out so it was more of the excitement in the fun and then, you know, being a can't city, which I love I event, can you just retire here because I people... We're so wonderful. I was like, it's just all of all everyone's so kind. And,


Juliet Hahn  00:17:34 



Cynthia Zordich  00:17:40 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:17:44 

yeah, so... You know, that was great until you get pregnant and You're like, of gosh. Now have to be a little bit more grounded.


Juliet Hahn  00:17:49 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:17:52 

You gotta be a little bit more stable. And so our home base live Arizona,

and it just made sense

to be, you know, there and local. And then once, you know, we had

kids, that was oh my gosh. How do we we transition now it comes to, you know, do we visit you, you know, and for all the lines who've gone through it. I mean, sometimes, I'm sure you know, you just kind of

you... With the flow, it's, you know, from week to week, and how do we, you know, find those things like the dentist like the doctors and you just go with it because you know, you're the biggest fan and they're support and everything that they, you know, need

outside of the fall. They rely on you. And so I think just being there, you know, the presence. It's it's not easy, but I think in them only you don't really think about, oh my gosh. That's is stressful. You're just... I know as you what I have to do to make sure I'm there for him and kids and everything. You just go into that mother mode.


Juliet Hahn  00:18:46 

Right. And and and that's what I said, this is day. It it is a a person that is built. Like, I do, I believe in god, but whether you believe in the god or or or the universe. I really do believe there's a certain person that can handle that better than another person. And when you're in that, as you said, it's you really don't have a choice. This is who you love. I'm just gonna go with it. So I love how you said that. And in the beginning, when you don't have kids, Right? It's like an adventure. Like, whoa, this is so fun.


Cynthia Zordich  00:19:03 



Juliet Hahn  00:19:10 

But then, you know, you think I think this is when cynthia and I were talking about, I think about the women that maybe have,


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:19:10 



Juliet Hahn  00:19:17 

you know, shop or a business in that town. And and how does that look? Like that fascinating me too, Like, okay. You just have to pick up and say go goodbye to your dreams.

Because you do love this person, and this is the life you chose,


Cynthia Zordich  00:19:26 



Juliet Hahn  00:19:30 

and that kind of fascinating because that that has to be hard.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:19:33 

Yeah. Well, in such a big challenge or, I guess, factor that plays into that shoe is when you do have kids and unless say, like, for a Arizona what's our home base. So it was... Like, my husband was gone for six months set of a year,

and then all of the sudden he'd be back. You know, we might make a couple of business during to season or you've got it why we can come home and, you know, that's great. We get that family time and all the sudden when the fees and silver and they're home and a consistent basis and you as a woman feel


Juliet Hahn  00:19:51 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:20:00 

gosh, I have everything running. I had my schedule when pins are on there.

Who are you? And why are you here? And now you're sitting on a you're... Like, my clothes

it's like that address

Acquainted it. Okay. Now this is our life for the next, you know, And then you don't I don't think a lot of people realize for the wise too is, you know, even if you're there with them and see, it's not like you get a ton of time together. I mean, the time that from the practice field to any media stuff to the games that, you know, you gotta steal those moments that you get to see each other. So


Juliet Hahn  00:20:25 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:20:35 

you know, all of it comes with its challenges and views rewards at the same time. And I'm sure... I'm sure said he's probably been through this especially if we lose a game.


Juliet Hahn  00:20:44 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:20:44 

Yeah. Or we talk to anybody.

You know, it's it's it's it's a full time job, You know, And a lot of people just see it on Tv

for sixty minutes and like, oh my gosh. These guys are awesome. But, you know, it's a lot of work that goes into it,

Monday through sunday free my and you're fine for your job every week.


Juliet Hahn  00:21:04 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:21:04 

You know, so, you know, being in that locker we're gonna be with those guys. That's why

we may not see each other for ten years, but when we see each other's, like, you

just saw each other last week because you know, you've been through that grind

you do awesome big time games. You cried with each other,

you know, a tribulation.

You know, I know

whatever we played vaglio that video always comes up when I think they give, like, five or six downs.

You see me gentlemen another field you see my authority is, like, you know, we're gonna give me each other high five and, you know, just go with through that. That that game again on on

T in that moment. Like, men, I still remember that gain it was cold,

We hated the cowboys,


Juliet Hahn  00:21:46 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:21:46 

you know, after wasn't they gained it went liberal sudden that I it was like,


Cynthia Zordich  00:21:47 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:21:51 

you know, in a player, takes a talk and takes a little time to come down from that. And,

you know, for, you just have to have a partner that understands that part of the game,

because it's it's it's tough on the wise I'm sure, you know? And


Cynthia Zordich  00:22:03 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:22:04 

a lot of people now like, looking in, don't realize everything that goes into just winning a game or loosen in a game. And, Like said, when you lose the game,

everybody's pissed.

You know, you don't wanna talk anybody. You know, you just wanna try to get for that next week to win the game to get that same kinda winning and villain. But

like said, I I love all my teammates

know that I had opportunity to bond with. I think being z band, it was b z.

We got a it was a special bond there because, you know, Mike was a guy, a lot of people didn't, you know, really respect as the player, but maybe always had my back on the feud every time he made a play, like, the first guy over the to Gradually lady,

the same as you know, with myself as well.

My was a silent guy, You know, he's like that italian sound


Juliet Hahn  00:22:49 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:22:50 

you know, you can stick to, Right. But, you know, he he carried a big thinking I mean one of the leaders on our

outside the ball and

probably when the better teammates than an opportunity to play with the Z man, so you can tell that you know, when you get home, and I I love the Event He's always looked out for me.

Even when I took my son to michigan kid on a recruiting trip, you know, I got chance to hang up with you guys in the parking lot and might just show me you know, He gets opened his arms up to my son and my side doing the they like, man that I really had a good time in Michigan and I remember called Joy, you know, really looking out for us so Thank you to the George Family. Who always always leading up the.


Cynthia Zordich  00:23:23 


Yeah. It is special and he made a point to say that too that even to this day, Guys have a pretty cool kind of exchange

that you guys keep in touch, and that always means so much to me. You know? Because, yeah I do know how... Like, you know, you guys are. You you might not see each other, but when you do, it's it's immediate, and it's real.

And I know that you felt that way and I'm looking for... Do you remember when you guys didn't been, Silly there's this I am awesome closer downstairs

of you of might go on either end of all of these little kids doing something.

Think it was for the United Way,

but it's a huge poster that they had out and I saw went them so I haven't it downstairs Sarah. I'll send you fucking me.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:24:05 


That on boat was that the one that's the boat that we did.


Cynthia Zordich  00:24:10 

Yeah. That was that was with the

fibrosis. Remember that?


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:24:14 



Cynthia Zordich  00:24:16 

Yeah. That was a really good event too. That's the other thing? Like, you guys do so many events off the field. You guys are so involved in the communities.

And Adrian, I love how you said that, like, every family makes a decision. What's best for them? Is it best to be there during the season?

Or is it best to just dislike you have our off in place and we'll hook up because that way, everybody can focus on what they're doing. Everybody's different. Every family different, and we all do what works for us. So I can appreciate

that you like made that decision, to base

and then to going and visit

and then everybody can focus and get their work done because it is... It's a lot twenty four seven.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:24:54 



Cynthia Zordich  00:24:54 


like you map it's involved.


Juliet Hahn  00:24:58 

Yeah. And and you know what? And and adrian, what you said, I think is so important that you are the person that needs to be there. You need to be kinda of, like the the the played out. Right? You need to be molded because it's like, okay. My life is here, and anyone can picture that A wife, a mom picture, you have the house running smooth. I mean, I I totally left because I know even like, with my husband, if he travels a couple days a week, and I'm like, okay, We're smooth. And then all of a sudden and... I'm like, why has everyone went up until eleven o'clock. I gotta wake them up in the morning. They're gonna be grumpy. You don't see when they're grumpy in the morning, but then they're grumpy. They treat me like, crap, because you had them up watching movies. It's a school night. You know? I mean, I can totally see that And and that's just a couple days. So I think that's what is so important and so not talked about, and this is why... When Cynthia and I started this, I said it's so important to shed the light into families like you guys and the z


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:24:58 



Juliet Hahn  00:25:45 

that can talk about, you know,

we do so much good stuff. And if there's, you know, believe, we'll talk about good stuff league. I mean, I think the league has gotten so much better. They're so much more positive coming out, but, you know, there was times where it was a lot of negative, and they're so much good


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:25:58 



Juliet Hahn  00:25:59 

that the league does do. And so many beautiful families that come out of the league in so many beautiful relationships.


Cynthia Zordich  00:26:04 



Juliet Hahn  00:26:05 

You know, time I've done of these events with Cynthia, What do I always say to you? I literally have, like, a pomegranate on, and I'm like, the energy and the love in your community that you guys have, and I'm so blessed that you kinda taken me in.

It's so

infectious, and so wonderful. And so I just thank you guys for taking the time to do this with us, and I know we're gonna, you know, since they said I'm gonna get to meet you guys in Arizona,

but you guys do so much. And I know I'm excited. Right? You do so much. And I think that's beautiful. And Again, I do think it's, you know, a certain person that can do that. But it's important,

you know, as cynthia said the the posters of you guys doing all the charity events.


Cynthia Zordich  00:26:43 



Juliet Hahn  00:26:43 

Is just is just really wonderful. So thank you.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:26:46 

Thank you. Or grateful call for you guys. For sure.


Cynthia Zordich  00:26:50 

Yeah. Coming up in Arizona,

know what I think we guys are coming to the lunch

because the whole idea of the lunch is...

Like, why are you here? At a super Bowl, what are you doing? What do you up to? Like, tell us what you're up to promote what you're doing, take the floor, take it on the podcast,

put information out there, and I think you both are doing such exciting things right now, and that no age in your real estate business, I can't wait to talk about that. You know, I feel like this is such a great opportunity. There's so many and nfl women

in real estate, and I just feel like there's you're probably gonna go on and create some type of club, you know, like some type of, you know, just

you know, movement with it because, you know, we need to so we need to buy. We... And know there's people that want to invest, you know, take them into the next,

you know, make that your career. So

if you don't mind starting there, and then we'll talk to math about what you're doing that with the pre show in Vegas. Like, that sounds fun too. So let's start with Adrian

on your real estate.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:27:53 

I you know. I think for me, it's it's... How do we support each other? You know, in this community?

So I started out really just wanting to help people and a lot through, like, to your point of,

you know, moving within

the parameters you're given. Right? So he would come home

see then sometimes during this season, and

then if we had to move again or when we decided it, you know, we're not our home and need to purchase another home and just not knowing any better. You know, we're not educated in. We're not

understanding maybe what's going on in real estate or the market or

anything like that. And so,

you know, we went through experiences where you're buying a home, and then you're kind of gonna a... I said almost like a stigma. You know? It get these applause

from people. They're like, oh my god. Your husband in The nfl. This is amazing. You might have this beautiful life and no issues no worries. No problem.

They don't understand

because like everything comes with with sacrifice. Yeah. You have amazing blessings

and you're so grateful for those, but then also,

the sacrifice of people not really understanding

that taxing too. And then when we would go by at home, it's what is all paperwork and why do I feel, you know, they're trying to dive in and educate myself also, you know, still being really


And I would, you know, tell mark like that so you think we got a little take advantage I like, we never saw a real chart after we locked in and saw the model or we never understood. So it was up to s then to, you know, I remember him taking pictures of every stage of the house, like, okay. It's praise. Okay. Found a beer can that what's going on with this then, you know, then you're just signing these documents and writing these big chats and not really knowing


you know, what what does all of this mean?

And probably by our third transaction of purchasing or selling at home, mark like you really need to do this. Like, you could help so many people

you know, by dissect the transaction process and

why they're sending so much money.

Why are these agents taking so much money in sense? Right? Because I'm very supportive of relatives, and, especially in a community

trying to get together with as many agents of nice on and brokers and everything this about the transaction

because I'm more

about let's support, let's share. Let's have transparency.

How are we really helping the client are be helping the community

because it's not always about how many am I selling this month. It's who am I helping? These are such


Juliet Hahn  00:30:24 

I love that.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:30:25 

through life,

and you wanna make sure that the person on the other side of that transaction

is happy

and that they don't feel. They were taken and advantage us. I'm not worried about yelp reviews. I'm more concerned with did they walk away selling?

That I did the best I could for them. You know, I'm supposed to be the expert. I'm supposed to be the one advising

on such a big decision. So for me, it was just a natural progression

from my finance background that

with his advice and support and it's, like, just help people so it started out that I was just gonna help our friends and family. Like, I just don't want them to get taken advantage of, like, maybe we were or how were. So


Cynthia Zordich  00:31:06 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:31:07 

I just wanted to help people, and then it's just been one after the other. Like, can you help me? Can you help me? Can you and I just love it. I just have so much attitude that whenever I can do to hold their hands through the process, especially what's relocating. We know how that is, and you have to move and find the school and find that dentist and find the So we have people all the time, friends and with, you know, his community and network of friends that are... Oh my gosh from moving Arizona. We just had friends moved from hawaii to las Vegas, and I'm like, let me go get my most estate license in Vegas so I can help them and welcome them through, especially during the covid when it was shut down and you had to fell a home. Over the phone on facetime, Like, what a scary situation. I don't know that we could have

necessarily done that. You know? So

thanks so grateful that are clients trusted

me to go through that process with them because they knew as their friends, which just... I mean, we see them all the time and I'm always tugging on the just you know, thank you for allowing me to do that because they live in at home today. You know, they put full and they've done all these things and I was terrified I like us what if they move in? And They're like,

Agent didn't do at the job.

She was find the the great house, and there's still thankful, you know, it's we're a great neighborhood we love our home. We're just so proud you're a realtor. So to me, it was expanding that and how can we do more outreach in the community and have more of those conversations of being trans with what it really is in a transaction.


Juliet Hahn  00:32:09 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:32:27 

Is you have so many hands in it from your lender to your financial advisor, especially with athletes,

you know, in and wise and you don't have all that time

to stop and say, okay. Let me die dissect. Like, you might have to move

the next week. You know, if your husband been is, hey, I just got transferred from this to this or I'm hoping to get picked up and you gotta go you need someone in that's kinda hold your hands. So I feel like as women as wise and, you know, I'm definitely pro


Juliet Hahn  00:32:41 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:32:54 

for a women like let's go, I've help each other

How can we be there for one another?


Juliet Hahn  00:33:00 

I love that, and you can feel your heart. I mean, you can really feel your heart there. Yeah. Go ahead Do.


Cynthia Zordich  00:33:04 

We sure with... I


when my husband was in Arizona

and, I was pregnant with my first, and

he went to Guadalupe Bought a condominium,

just bought it and told me I found it the place so you can come out out. And so I went there the whole family were in Van,

and there were signs everywhere. Saying that it was

beware like Cheerful, like,

went to the front door that were bullet in we front door

and a

I'm like Michael.

Are you these? Like, I.

I this is not even gonna a secure area. And he's like, wait To see the closets the closet of spaces and some amazing way using it. So

I... I walked in this place on my

I my face is family like, let's take pictures. And I'm like no. No no. No. No. No. No. No. No. So, like, that I I was like, I know you're busy.

I know you're trying this team.

I am not moving here. Like, there's no way I not.

I'm like, I I I... I I'm I'm I'm afraid. And so he talked to the guy that why he's like, I'm figured that might happen.

He's like, I knew know might happen and nick gave us back everything. You. So was like so like


Juliet Hahn  00:34:20 

Oh, thank gosh.


Cynthia Zordich  00:34:22 

we end up running a apartment. They, like, that's what happens. You know, you're you're out there looking quick. Your family's waiting to get off there. And you're just making decisions. So the fact that you're there to say,

this is what you need to look for in the home. This is what you need to look for in the area. This is what this is how you should finance it. This is how you should sell your house. So the fact that you're a person

for a family who's focused, really, at that time, it's just being together. You just wanna be to guess. You know, like, he could wait for me to get there. So therefore, he couldn't see anything wrong.


Juliet Hahn  00:34:55 

Except the closet


Cynthia Zordich  00:34:58 

Not even.


Juliet Hahn  00:34:58 

Sydney is gonna love.


Cynthia Zordich  00:35:00 

Not even the count in the dumpster that he didn't even see that.

You just like, hey walked by the last in the dumpster too.


Juliet Hahn  00:35:08 

It was like she loves closets. This is a good one.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:35:11 

No funny and, Mark went to

the forty nine years, and I remember I was pregnant with our son, and

he, you know, this condo thing like hey I don't know how long I'm gonna be here, but I've I got a go. And so, you know, I didn't know what you was assigning a for and I fly in and, of course, I am, you know, big pregnant and it's, like, four stories up.

And I kinda

the and I'm like, what were you thinking? He's like, I don't know. I just had to get here. I'm like, oh my gosh. This with not the place I would have chosen that I get it. And you just go with it. You know, you just go visit. So funny those stories that you think that, like, how who did we do that?


Cynthia Zordich  00:35:48 

If you did laugh and, like, you know, really... He's just like, they... I I I... You know, seriously. I have one day off.

A couple hours. I went out. I felt first for cell signs, You know, you know, we wanted to be wasn't get you here before you had the baby.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:35:55 



Cynthia Zordich  00:36:02 

We, can it... But what you're doing is amazing because, you know, even in terms of, like,

the schedule of, like, from the framing, like, what do you look for and,

you know, the upgrades. The upgrades yes space. But, what did you sign off for? You know, And it's so nice to have somebody that really knows, and I can sit down and and they're comfortable to ask and not embarrassed to ask you. Like, it's physical.


Juliet Hahn  00:36:24 

And care. Yeah.


Cynthia Zordich  00:36:26 


Love it.


Juliet Hahn  00:36:27 

Yeah. No And I love it and I have to say one of the things that I love about this and Mark, you might appreciate this watching them is I love sitting here. And when Cynthia connects with old friends,

I get to hear stories that I haven't heard, and then I get to see the interaction and it makes me so freaking happy because it's it's just beautiful. It's beautiful. You can see


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:36:39 



Juliet Hahn  00:36:46 

the love and the connection and also the respect and the understanding, which I think is so important You guys respect and understand each other. Just like, you know,

mark you and and and Michael, like, you guys respect and understand and other players and you see that so much in your community.

It's just beautiful.

So and I love what you're doing. My dad's a realtor. It it runs in my family, And so

it it is it's not an easy job, and you have to... Really, you know, I love that you said, it's about the people. It's not about the sale, and you can feel that.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:37:15 

Thank you. I appreciate it. Yeah.

You know, you have to be the years and the eye the feet on the ground through the process. You know, like I said, with, you know, him thinking heard of that home process was off season. So he was out there every day when I was you know, working with the kids and all that stuff and actually watching how that, you know,

moved into the home actually being done. But, yeah, to your point, it's like you've that builders and, you know, different scenarios where they want you to sign off and... Oh, those upgrades eighty thousand and oh, this and they just assume when you're an you got it. You know don't worry about. We'll just do custom mess and we'll... And by the time you're done, you're like, gosh I could've five three homes, but what we do? You know, and the


Juliet Hahn  00:37:54 



Cynthia Zordich  00:37:54 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:37:55 

was over there, handing me what to expect when expecting books, and I'm like, oh, I love. Yeah. Me is amazing, And I never saw him again and I'm like, we're you vote. But that's the that I wanted to make is I wanna make sure I am there. I'm not just handing you books to read and playing to be your best friend. I wanna really advise you, and do need to buy this? You and do that market. What kind of, you know, concessions are we going through right now, especially with this real estate market and it's crazy.

So a lot of my calls and a lot of my you know, community of clients are a lot of conversations.

You know, when is the right time to buy? Should I be selling right now? What do I have to look forward to next year? There's a lot of scarcity stuff out there in the news, but there's still people every day that have to move or they have to sell or they have to downsize. You know? So it's just being able to be there and hold her him and educate and know that you have them regardless. So I just talked to a real day day who said I know better. We notice. Real don't really have any friends, and I thought...

Well, that's really kinda of sad. I think real truth like, all of my clients are my friends, that they don't start out that way and they become that way and whether you know, I think your tribe kinda finds you is, you know, I'm not competition with other


Juliet Hahn  00:39:00 



Cynthia Zordich  00:39:03 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:39:06 


necessarily. It's just being out being on the community with him and you know, our association with other

things happening in the area and how we can be a part of that. And then as you start conversations with people and they kinda gravitate you, and there's so much to go around for everyone,

then it's not a why I grab this one I gonna get that one, You know, the competition out there is fears, like, you know, if your father being an agent, but it's just consistency.


Cynthia Zordich  00:39:24 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:39:32 

You know, it's consistently being


Juliet Hahn  00:39:33 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:39:36 

transparent in this open part of who can I help today? Who can I somehow

give them

anything? You know, it's just... It's so sacrificing, but it's so rewarding

at the same time I live it, and I thought it was gonna be a hobby, but good thing he buys me like,

you really need to do that, and I couldn't imagine doing anything else.


Juliet Hahn  00:39:57 

I love that. And I love the support. I love that, Mark was like, this is what he could see what you love and that... What you would be good at, and that's you could see the love that you guys have. I think, which is really beautiful.


Cynthia Zordich  00:40:07 

Hey. I a great idea when you said

what you expect when you're expecting, which I I had that book and it's... That's pastel colors and the woman dinner.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:40:15 


I wanna



Cynthia Zordich  00:40:19 

Right. Oh, I did... I was bought up for my daughter and so just so she could be like, why


Juliet Hahn  00:40:20 


It's like that it's like dumbest thing ever.


Cynthia Zordich  00:40:25 


It's crazy black.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:40:28 


me like this is our agent. He's the guy you gets said he understand And then never though again, I was like, so hurt, and, of course, being pregnant in more hormonal. I just calling


Juliet Hahn  00:40:38 

Oh, yeah.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:40:39 

okay. I gonna.


Cynthia Zordich  00:40:40 


Well, it would be awesome for you to today. What to expect when you're building book. What you expect when you're buying book, what to expect when your selling book, You know what I mean? And you know, gonna play off on that. That'd be a really good good fun.


Juliet Hahn  00:40:51 


I... Cindy comes up with great ideas.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:40:56 

Yeah. We'll have to

yeah. Because you are definitely the author and

it's fantastic. I'm like, oh my gosh. If I could take your brain for longer than an hour. It'd be awesome. So we're gonna put sit down and talk about that. Yeah.


Cynthia Zordich  00:41:08 

Yeah. That be really fun. I mean, that would be really cool to be handled out to players, you know, like, early on, like, what to expect when you're buying, Like, this is, like, such good information because there's I'm sure. There's a lot things to be

wary of. You know, I remember, Matt remember when

they would call you guys and and say, don't go look at property alone. Remember that.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:41:31 



Cynthia Zordich  00:41:32 

Yeah. So there's like, awesome to be like, aware of and wearing us. So.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:41:32 



Juliet Hahn  00:41:35 

No. It's so smart, and that that would be... That's a really great idea. It's a really great idea.

So I'm and I know we touched on this


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:41:43 


You heard here, very


Cynthia Zordich  00:41:48 

Yeah. Don't worry about it anyways, because they I remember doing projects and somebody would kinda call me and say, hey, you know, I solve it. So if I was doing the exact thing that you're doing, You know? So you're like,

that, you know, takes the everything from you. Then you realize now, nobody can ever do anything the way you do it. It's it could be the same title. It could be the same idea.

Can't... It can't be your experience. It's if they're just not gonna do way evil.


Juliet Hahn  00:42:11 


And well and adrian just like you said,


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:42:13 

I let.


Juliet Hahn  00:42:15 

it... But just like you said, there's enough to go around for everyone and people find their people so... And that's what I always say, Even in my consulting business, Like, someone can be doing exactly as something said the exact same thing and and having an event exact same event, and it's gonna be different because the you feel. So I I... You know, it's it's that's really important. So I'm gonna pivot again, and I would love, you know, Mark to talk about your oils.


Cynthia Zordich  00:42:35 



Juliet Hahn  00:42:38 

And and and and touch what you're doing there with the the grilling and stuff.


Cynthia Zordich  00:42:38 

Oh alright.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:42:42 

You think it's so excited he's visiting sitting here like, oh, we're gonna gonna get


Juliet Hahn  00:42:45 

I could say... Look a face.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:42:47 

I up I I I didn't know the show and talk about, but I I... I keep finally gets behind a camera because she's never really done anything like this. So it's good that you guys given her of the platform to be able the highlight, some the things that she's doing,


Cynthia Zordich  00:43:01 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:43:01 

obviously, for business and real estate because everybody you sees us, you know?


Juliet Hahn  00:43:06 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:43:06 

So it's it's really good to, you know, be able to shifts and life,

with our spouses and and let everybody I know, like, it's just not me that you see


front of the camera and all that. So we do have

significant others their kids and, you know, people that make us look good, you know? So it's good It's a great form that you guys are doing to allow the wives to showcase what they're doing. You know, that's... You know, that's really important.

You know, especially

nowadays, you know, a lot of players are not in good health, and the bible players are not really doing good


Cynthia Zordich  00:43:40 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:43:40 

so much good that you guys highlight the the the wives as well to give them that platform to give them their shine

as people always there by us. You know, let the wise shine as well.


Juliet Hahn  00:43:50 

I love that. And you can... When you... When Adrian was talking, you... In major, when you watch this back, if you do, you'll see that Mark was like,


Cynthia Zordich  00:43:50 



Juliet Hahn  00:43:57 

so smiley. Like, it's it's very sweet. Like, you can see that he really does support you and that it's proud. And and and I'm we're gonna... I know get to the oils, but it was that's one of the things that I love about doing this Cynthia, how many times when we were at the event last year, and I would, you know, we would go up with the microphone and say, you know, tell us about you. And the women would say, oh, I am so in so wife, and I'm like, no. No about you, and they literally pause. I said just something... I was actually taking back because I don't mind talking about myself and. But I'm... You know, my husband is not in professional sports, but they pause and they're, like, wait about me, and I'm like, Yes. What do you do? And then they would tell me what they did. And I was like, oh, my gosh.


Cynthia Zordich  00:44:33 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:44:34 



Cynthia Zordich  00:44:34 



Juliet Hahn  00:44:34 

Look we did you... Are you kidding me? You do all that stuff? And that's the other reason why said, this is so important.

Because it's so true it there's so much that the wives do. So much that the wise do. That is so

freaking impressive,

that it's it's important to highlight it. And so, you know, Mark, I love that You said that. I think that's wonderful.


Cynthia Zordich  00:44:54 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:44:54 


brownie point.


Juliet Hahn  00:44:56 




Cynthia Zordich  00:45:00 

One one thing that it's not passionately either. It's not like, oh, no. It's


Juliet Hahn  00:45:03 



Cynthia Zordich  00:45:05 

the guys know what the women are doing and the women know with with the women they're doing and other their families. But you just have this grades to know that people wanna talk about football. You know? So you just kinda can take the vaccine because you are respected in your home for what you do. So it isn't like you need to, like, get into a place and get them, you know, make a phone and talk about what you did you just that grace to do it. You this is where I am.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:45:25 



Juliet Hahn  00:45:25 

No. It's it's so true. It is so true. But I do. I know, you know, we told you we were gonna have you here for an hour.

And this this platform, this is why we love this is because this is being streams. Like, right now, people are watching us on Linkedin. They're on Twitch. They're on Youtube. We actually found who is the founder of Fireside, just joined the show here. Hello Falon. And so


Cynthia Zordich  00:45:49 

That's awesome


Juliet Hahn  00:45:50 



Cynthia Zordich  00:45:51 

blessed than.


Juliet Hahn  00:45:51 

so... Yeah. But so, Mark, I I wanna know about the oils because I only thought that that was really cool. You know, as I said, I did a little bit of of research. And so can you take us through that a little bit how that came about?


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:46:03 

You know, I've been cooking for a while now. Obviously,

my website is growing middle, which I struck gold

with that with that platform

and just


Cynthia Zordich  00:46:12 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:46:14 

using in different olive oil, different seasons,

different projects, being my void, we were just in the kids

just makes enough spices, you know, And

we came up with, like, seven

really good spices,

and we actually launched it. You know, and in this funny a couple years ago,

but, you know, we we was an Fda approved. So was like, we might need to sell this just a family and friend. In case somebody gets sick, We don't get sued. So we had to pull that up our.

I pull that off our website and and rethink everything that was going on and

my spices and everything was sold

online and did really well.

So now I'm Rebrand, rebranded my spices at the barbecue saw

that's being so in Arizona at materials day's hardware store

and philadelphia it out you. They're carrying my my spices and olive loyal.

Here in Las Vegas, We just picked up like home

at Barbecue concepts.

Who's carrying my olive as well, and we just launched a

gorilla million Margarita,

the mosquito infused pizza

here at one of the yeah. One of the... It's called evil pie.


Juliet Hahn  00:47:18 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:47:22 

And, you know, my wife set up a meeting with this hospice cares called nathan Allison hospice care. So we're we're just trying to figure out what can we do in the community since we're here how can I use my platform to help somebody else out? And

equal pi, we collaborated on a gorilla pizza

that's being featured now for January and February here in Vegas,

and they're donating

a dollar back from each.

Back to the Nathan allison and hospice care

here in in Vegas. So the first first day is launched. We saw a hundred slices


Cynthia Zordich  00:47:50 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:47:56 

So we raised over...


Juliet Hahn  00:47:56 

That's awesome.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:47:58 

You, we raised over went two hundred dollars in in two days. So


Cynthia Zordich  00:47:58 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:48:02 

it went so well. They say when I stated it to February,

so we can try to raise as much money. We can to be able to give a check to

the hospice Care center. So

the olive are doing really well.

You can pick them up for a line at gorilla dot com.

Like, my wife said earlier,

I didn't have any names for So my wife was giving me names, our son, our darren came up with a really cool one. I think when is saw Brad Daddy's garlic or something like that.

I would discuss


Cynthia Zordich  00:48:30 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:48:31 

clean my living,

you know, So it it... All


Juliet Hahn  00:48:33 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:48:35 

all my characters are to my playing days on there,

hold him a ski wood, a holland live

down the hatch, chili, which is a

a few hash chilies of

Olive as well. So we have six different flavors

that we launched in I'm excited. I just launched in high

and the Canvas.

So they're carrying it in Kansas the City as well, so it's it's growing.

I'm excited about this new project

alright so brother, they've been already the the or the olive oil and and using it as well. So,

you know, we're just trying to get back and do as much as we can. I hope we sell two thousand slices.

That's my goal. I told my wife I said, you know, I wanna

make a big check of big donation


Cynthia Zordich  00:49:20 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:49:20 


the hospice scares really deep to her

because her dad was in hospice care. So


Juliet Hahn  00:49:26 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:49:26 

we're just like, hey, what can we do

to make a difference here in vegas and not just...

About football? But, you know, we wanna be the impact of people's was live. Because she went through that process when her dad being in hospice scare and see how some centers are we're ran well, and that others

you know, so we once you she did our research and and part with the really good center here that we'll be able to I think we have a I walked through something tomorrow I'm Writing


Juliet Hahn  00:49:45 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:49:54 

that we're gonna walk through the center and take some pictures just try to get more images,

meet the staff, like, just dive into it, and

I guess being my background as a player,

whenever you do something, you just dive in and you do it one hundred percent. You know, as the player, you just can't go out there and be fifty percent. And be effective. You know, you gotta go on you,


Juliet Hahn  00:50:11 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:50:13 

you gotta be willing to fail.

We when not even win every game in my in my career and you know, feeling it as part of the process. And, you know, it's just... Even oliver of us, some people don't like them and some people will do life. And that's okay.

People that to don't like on kind of bless you.


Cynthia Zordich  00:50:31 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:50:33 

I have dinner interrupting day. So if you are in

anywhere for the rest of January or February because they're gonna continue and run,

the dollar personalized get back evil pi on Flamethrower street, And it is be cool if that do you guys remember evil can?


Juliet Hahn  00:50:48 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:50:49 

Evil can


Cynthia Zordich  00:50:49 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:50:50 

in this place themed after evil commute from


Cynthia Zordich  00:50:53 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:50:53 


yeah this like


Juliet Hahn  00:50:54 

Oh, five.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:50:55 

like, just videos of him, and all of this entities to do is just the coolest site that the owners just have amazing parts,

and so for them to partner and say, hey, we would love to do anything to highlight my what you guys are involved and how can we get back and support? And so with Nathan Allison being the only nonprofit

here for hospice care in Las Vegas. It was just a natural,

you know, when endure open and you're like, who's really like this person? How can we connect how can we help each other? So that's just her notes to be such a great opportunity and every chance that Mark gets you talking about it, If he's helping to you know, promoter somehow, like, hey, how can we get back more?

So that's part principle order. Yeah.


Cynthia Zordich  00:51:33 



Juliet Hahn  00:51:33 

Oh, that's one.


Cynthia Zordich  00:51:35 


Well when... When we share these clips similar share,

you know, from here, this is just the beginning because we'll be sharing the show. We'll be sharing clips we'll be sharing quotes. And every time we do, we will make sure that we send them directly there, and give all that information. So be sure we get that. So


Juliet Hahn  00:51:52 



Cynthia Zordich  00:51:52 

we can do that. And if you want an example of set or... You you can read some bottles of the aisle olive oil

to the event. That will be so much fun and put it out thing.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:52:01 

Thank welcome like.


Cynthia Zordich  00:52:06 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:52:08 

This one have you seen this one of you... You know, beautiful thing. Even with his spices, everything pays homage to his family. His grandparents has started

you know, his grandmother that are cooking in the kitchen and his grandpa being you know, called... He was call student and buddha. So, like, on the weekends or every day, he was all about a gentleman wearing a suit. You should always be presentable. You should always carry yourself a certain way. So one of his spices he actually named or coins who didn't include after his grandfather and


Cynthia Zordich  00:52:16 



Juliet Hahn  00:52:35 

Oh, I love that.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:52:39 

Oh, I'm back. I on that.

With that. I tell there weren't too far. So here's the one address what it's called

Granted, that is garlic.


Juliet Hahn  00:52:49 

Oh, I love it.


Cynthia Zordich  00:52:49 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:52:49 

I already being network... And then we have one that's has infused

as well. And then we have


Juliet Hahn  00:52:55 

Yeah. I love Olive oil.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:52:58 

squeeze my living.


Cynthia Zordich  00:53:00 

Oh my gosh.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:53:02 



Juliet Hahn  00:53:02 

That's awesome.


Cynthia Zordich  00:53:04 

Wait a minute see been fantastic that. We used to do a collab here because, like, olive oil and me, you know, about these, like a home that's always we marinade in.


Juliet Hahn  00:53:10 


you but...

But Cindy, also


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:53:14 



Juliet Hahn  00:53:15 

thinking of Alex.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:53:15 

Barbecue be in february.


Cynthia Zordich  00:53:17 

Barbecue sauce.


Juliet Hahn  00:53:19 

Oh, in February. Awesome.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:53:19 


places I got olive oil, So I think that'll go well on some beef over with cynthia.


Cynthia Zordich  00:53:26 

Yeah. Until it's right, My my son Alex is, he


Juliet Hahn  00:53:28 



Cynthia Zordich  00:53:29 

pizzas, bread, wines. You know what I mean? So this is like, and he's got a couple shop. So we're definitely gonna have to get a, wait or definitely gonna have to get your brand and they got.


Juliet Hahn  00:53:37 

Oh, and when I was for the hall of fame, I mean, it it is

and I like to eat, and I've eaten all over the place. It is so freaking good. I was and...

But I'm also so proud of Alex. I'm like. This is like, the little guy that had is... He's like, oh, my gosh. I had this lovely.


Cynthia Zordich  00:53:55 



Juliet Hahn  00:53:55 

And and you've now have your own shop and I'm drinking your wine, and I'm a little buzz in your shot you know, eating your pizza.


Cynthia Zordich  00:54:03 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:54:03 



Juliet Hahn  00:54:05 

Yeah. It's amazing.


Cynthia Zordich  00:54:05 

On the regard.



Juliet Hahn  00:54:07 

You guys definitely have to


Cynthia Zordich  00:54:08 

Quite you guys. Yeah. This is the products are just so part of your heritage too It's like, you know, paying homage to your family if you're upbringing through, you know, all the traditions and and having them in really cool packaging


Juliet Hahn  00:54:10 



Cynthia Zordich  00:54:22 

and then the next generation involved with the naming. So this is awesome...


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:54:25 



Juliet Hahn  00:54:25 

It's so special.

So special.


Cynthia Zordich  00:54:27 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:54:28 

We're excited. We're saying. That what's my spices and barbecue soft launches,

donate twenty five cents back to

my lip program that I found it two years ago in Philadelphia.

So it's a live program that we do it's Cat twenty nine,

who we and invite kids

all of our of a that's been harassed and bullied

So this will be my third annual


Juliet Hahn  00:54:48 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:54:52 

camp twenty nine that we

they is do twenty four it will be in Harrisburg,


So I'm excited about that. This will be our third annual, so we started off and, like, ten kids, now worth up to, like, thirty kids,


Cynthia Zordich  00:54:59 



Juliet Hahn  00:55:06 

Oh that's awesome.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:55:06 

you know, we're we're continue to grow.

I the Urban fire is gonna appear to hear

Was promised doing up here

from to corporate Teammates. We're trying to get you done.

So we're West Brooke, I know West is a guy that's from the the philadelphia of the area. So I'm trying to get as many guys as I can. To come to the caption. And, you know, I'll be drilling as well after the camp. I think it's father's day weekend So I'm going to grill for all the dad that come out for the kid as well. So


Cynthia Zordich  00:55:27 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:55:37 

I'm say about that so everything we do, you know, we try to get back and and try to pay homage to our family from now even

even before, like, my grandma, my grand and my mom as well. So and then when my kids see the oils, they know they take those things off, and that's pretty cool.


Juliet Hahn  00:55:53 

So cool. It's it's awesome to get kids involved.


Cynthia Zordich  00:55:53 

Exactly. I don't know. I'm

it's vaglio on because I'm feeling like a show here. I'm saying I'm thinking you need to do a ways seriously cooking show using all of your products and, you know, doing at your events. I mean, I think it'll be so fun and, you know, for everybody to, like, witness you in your passion of cooking, but also doing something awesome for the kids in the communities

with your teammates. So fun.

Just love it.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:56:18 


we got some really good stuff. That's in the pipeline, Obviously, I really can't say what's going on, but

it's gonna be really big stages.


Cynthia Zordich  00:56:27 



Juliet Hahn  00:56:27 

Alright. Good stuff.

I love it Well, yeah. And on that on that note, I think we... Because I know we have an hour, and so I don't I'm one of respectful of your time,

so, you ready to wrap up.


Cynthia Zordich  00:56:39 

Sure. I guess.


Juliet Hahn  00:56:40 

To I know. I mean I know I could talk to you guys all.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:56:43 

First, I wanna I wanna thank you guys for having us thought. It was a blast. I'm only saying we could talk for, like, two hours.


Juliet Hahn  00:56:49 

Oh, I was the say again.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:56:49 

Because they're so

that's going on, but what you ladies are doing is amazing, so I I wanna give you guys kudos for doing this. And and giving...

You know, like said as players, we've been in the limelight so much.

It it's it's it's good to see that you guys are focusing on the lives and and what they're doing

off the field as well because you know,

they're just as important that we are. You know? But, you know, so you guys are doing an amazing job This amazing platform, and I can't wait to meet you guys in person.


Juliet Hahn  00:57:20 

I know.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:57:20 



Cynthia Zordich  00:57:22 

It's the natural.

Yeah. I mean, we'll be together for that. We'll be together further off the Field fashion show.

Which I hope you guys are, you know, not gonna to be there but possibly.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:57:30 

I'm to I'm you walk a fear we're I can't. I can't eat up. I can't. You got those other p I can't


Cynthia Zordich  00:57:35 



Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:57:37 

of seven I got


Cynthia Zordich  00:57:41 

I my god. So glad you're walking and gonna be the most amazing show. We had a meeting last night,

and the runway long and beautiful, and


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:57:50 

Oh how.


Cynthia Zordich  00:57:50 

it's gonna be


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:57:52 

I I gotta get a

The runway way.


Cynthia Zordich  00:57:54 

I mean, it's like applicable so Swear, it's just so long awesome.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:57:57 

Oh my goodness. I never I just do really write now. The message.


Cynthia Zordich  00:58:01 

Think it's... Yeah. We'll expect some to own thing.

You know, it lot busy on and the girl can give you die. Yeah.

Definitely one


Juliet Hahn  00:58:09 

Oh my god. So much fun.


Cynthia Zordich  00:58:10 

We know you in. Awesome.


Juliet Hahn  00:58:13 

Now I'm so excited to me you an age mark. Yeah. I mean, really, it's gonna be it's gonna be fun. I'm excited to be a part of it. And and thank you guys so much for joining Why live with Nfl thread pivot. Here live on Fireside. And, again, we could talk for ten hours. I know we could, but we're gonna be respectful of your time. And when the listeners, we know how we know how they like to listen in periods.

So thank you guys again, and we will see you guys in Arizona.

Oh my gosh. Look that's say music like...


Cynthia Zordich  00:58:41 




Juliet Hahn  00:58:45 

Got a little little mocha.

Thank you guys again so much. It was so nice to meet.


Adreanne Harris McMillian  00:58:54 

Thank you to a the followers. Thank you. Thank thank you.


Cynthia Zordich  00:58:58 



Juliet Hahn  00:58:58 



Cynthia Zordich  00:58:59 


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