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yns live with nfl thread Nov 17, 2022

Listen to a new episode of YNS Live with NFL Thread recorded live on Fireside with hosts Juliet Hahn and Cynthia Zordich, featuring Special Guest Ashley Peterson, Founder, CEO of Elizabella Cosmetics. Ashley Peterson is a devoted wife, mother, entrepreneur, and philanthropist from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. She attended the University of Oklahoma where she majored in Communications. At the age of 21, Ashley moved to Los Angeles, California after signing a contract with Ford Models. She modeled for top fashion and commercial agencies Ford Models and Abrams Artists Agency for several years, appearing in ads & magazines such as McDonald’s, Target, and Verizon. She currently resides in Houston, Texas with her husband and their 2 boys. Ashley is also the Founder and CEO of Elizabella Cosmetics-- a luxury lip bar designed to stimulate your vivaciousness, as well, release and uplift your inner confidence while still serving individuality. Ashley always held a passion for makeup and the beauty industry. In addition to being directly influenced by watching her mother, who was once a cosmetics representative and is a successful businesswoman herself, working for Ford and Abrams regularly granted first hand opportunities to try new and exciting looks. She quickly recognized how makeup could uplift spirits and positively change one’s outlook. She saw the freedom that came with transforming your appearance from one day to the next; creating the story you want to convey with your look. Ashley strives to break the stigma of the beauty industry as she believes the only standard of beauty is your own. Elizabella Cosmetics was founded on the belief that all women are uniquely beautiful and that should be celebrated. Ashley is not only committed to creating beauty on the outside, but also on the inside. The organization she recently founded alongside her husband, the A&A Peterson Family Foundation, is focused on initiatives to transform the lives of those who lack economic and educational resources. The A&A Peterson Family Foundation was founded on the belief of encouraging and empowering individuals and families to work together to make a difference in our communities. They would like to help eradicate poverty by working to create and develop greater opportunities for under-served individuals, especially children. Their foundation aspires to help develop the resources needed to empower our communities and make a true impact.

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Remarkable Quotes


“There are ebbs and flows in life always and you have to realize that there are some things you have to let roll off your shoulders. There are other things you cannot control. I had to learn; you know what? It’s okay to fail - because how do you succeed if you don’t? Everyone who has succeeded has failed at some point or another. The difference is they got back up and tried again.” Ashley Peterson on overcoming fear of failure and launching Elizabella Cosmetics


“Number one - it helped my confidence. It helped me rediscover my identity. It helped me - in that moment - get out of the depression I was in. I love my husband and my kids, but I had lost myself for a moment. My identity was in being something else to others and for others - wife, personal assistant, NFL spouse, mom. Elizabella was just for me. It was something I needed to do for me and no other reason other than it made me happy. After we launched, I knew this was the path I needed to be on. It was life changing.” Ashley Peterson, Founder, CEO of Elizabella Cosmetics




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Juliet Hahn  00:00:09 

Hello, everyone.


Juliet Hahn  00:02:24 

Hello, everyone. Welcome to Y Live with An thread with my host Cynthia George founder of bread and Ashley Peterson.

Ceo and founder of


and the spouse of Adrian Peterson, who is a free agent right now Welcome. Welcome. And, cynthia, I... I know you're gonna give a a longer description, but I just wanted everyone

to we're we are excited about this. We're excited about every every episode that we can share stories because stories connect us, but it's exciting because I met Ashley at the Super Bowl

events last year, and we're getting ready to have another one. So it's just really fun for us to get together and just kinda catch up and say, you know, hear what we're you're all doing. So welcome to why in this live with Nfl thread live on Fireside.


Cynthia Zordich  00:03:09 

Yes. Thank you, Ashley for coming we're so happy have you today to talk about so many things as, not only are you a Ceo,

a wife,

the founder of your own cosmetics client, that also the founder of the An Peterson family foundation,

which I can't wait to dive into too. So there's just so much to talk about, and we always love seeing you at the super Bowl, you just shine on that runway. You are just so magnificent in on the runway, and then we had the chance to talk to you afterwards and behind the scenes last year. So we we've been wanting to do this for a long time. And so thank you for joining us.


Ashley Peterson  00:03:44 

Thank you guys so much for having me. I'm honored to be here, and I'm excited to be here. Thank you.


Cynthia Zordich  00:03:50 

Thank you.


Juliet Hahn  00:03:51 

Yes. And and so I wanna... Just a little little housekeeping before we get started. So everyone in the audience welcome. Welcome. And I know people are gonna be coming in and out, James, and in xavier right now. There are people on Linkedin

shouting out right now. There's people on Twitch Youtube and Facebook. So welcome. Welcome. You guys are listening to the replay, we're excited to have you dive into this story. So if you guys are in the room right now, what I would love for you to do is to click the two little lines at the bottom to the left, and I want you to


Ashley Peterson  00:04:16 



Juliet Hahn  00:04:20 

click on that, and then you can broadcast to the world. So what that means is you can actually send an email a text

to friends and family. You can also post it on other social media. Where people can listen into the show. So they don't have access to Fireside. They're able to still listen in, which is really, really fun. So, like, if you go... If you're on Linkedin right now, you see my whole banner is this live video, which is awesome in Youtube and and all of that. So that's this is what's really fun about Fireside.


Cynthia Zordich  00:04:40 



Juliet Hahn  00:04:44 

And why we love it so much. So also, before we get started, I want you guys to go and follow, and you don't have to do it right now. And if you're driving, do not do it right now. We until get home. But go to Ashley

Instagram. That is where she hangs out the most, and you can go to miss Ashley Peterson. You'll see this. This will also be in the show notes. And also


So I am,

again, we are excited to get to get started. So what we always do is we asked a little bit about you. Who are you? Ashley, Peterson? Where did you grow up? Did you go to University, and then we'll dive into the rest of the story?


Ashley Peterson  00:05:20 


So my name is Ashley Peterson.

I am married to Adrian and Peterson. I have two boys, h seven nine eleven, named Axel, and Adrian jr.

I am originally from Oklahoma. Actually, I grew up my parents, why didn't really grow up there, but my parents are from a very small talent called


So I don't know if you've ever heard the saying, Okey from,

but that's where my parents are from.


Cynthia Zordich  00:05:47 



Juliet Hahn  00:05:47 

Oh, yeah.


Ashley Peterson  00:05:50 



Cynthia Zordich  00:05:50 

The officer and the gentleman said that line.

Did you know that?


Ashley Peterson  00:05:53 


No. I didn't know that. I actually didn't even know they came from, but that's where my parents are from. That's where they grew up.

So that's where I was born.

I moved

excuse my voice. I've been a little under the weather for the packaging days. So it's a little shaky, but

I moved to Houston when I was around five actually,

lived here until I was in the third grade, and then I moved back to Tulsa


And I grew up in Tulsa. I went to broken her high school, and then from there, I went to the University of Oklahoma.

Before moving to los angeles to pursue my dreams and modeling.


Juliet Hahn  00:06:33 

Yeah. And I love, and I love that because I what I do wanna dive into that. I do

I mean, the fact that you were in the Midwest, what's...

Well you gotten mute get the bug to wanna a model? Like where where did that come from? Was that something that, you know, as you said, it was always a dream, but where where did that dream come from?


Ashley Peterson  00:06:50 

You know, honestly,

all that I can say is that it was something that god placed inside of me. Because literally, as long... As I can remember back, that's what I wanted to do, like,


Juliet Hahn  00:06:57 



Ashley Peterson  00:07:03 

from the kurt... you know, as far as I'm because are I always knew that I wanted to do that. I was always interested in not just modeling, but all things beauty makeup


Juliet Hahn  00:07:06 



Ashley Peterson  00:07:15 

hair, you know, all the girl things getting dressed up.

I can remember when it was when I were living in Houston, I was very young probably about six or something like that. My mom and dad bought me a makeup set from my for Christmas,

and I did my makeup and my dad's sent my mom have you seen Ashley, she did her makeup. And she's like, oh, no Have a finger yet. He's like, it looks pretty good it actually.

And so

it's just something that I've always known and it's always been invited me as something that I wanted to do. So

Actually, my first

experience in my link was when I was in the third grade, I just moved back to Oklahoma.

And I don't know if you guys remember glamour shots, but


Cynthia Zordich  00:07:59 

Oh, yeah.


Juliet Hahn  00:08:00 

Yeah. Oh, yeah.


Ashley Peterson  00:08:00 

it was... It was a big thing,

you know, ben then.

And my parents actually took me to glamour shots. I got all made up,

and I took my pictures and I was, like, my first

put into modeling into dabbing, and it's so funny because just a few months ago, I found that picture

and I showed my oldest son adrian and he's like, how old were you here? And I was like, I was in the third grade, and he was like you look so much older.

And I was like, you know what? I do.

What was going on here.


Juliet Hahn  00:08:31 



Ashley Peterson  00:08:32 

But I'm I've known since then that I love it always been what I wanted to do and anytime anyone ever asked me, that's what I said I wanted to do. I never weigh birds. So it's something that I just feel Like god's put inside of me because, you know, it's always been there.


Juliet Hahn  00:08:51 

I love that. Go ahead. Yeah.


Cynthia Zordich  00:08:51 

I think it I do too, and I I think it's interesting that you

pursued that you may join communications at Oklahoma. Because that kind of fits in that, like, if... You know, you can tell where you're going with this. You know, your... This is really important in that field and possibly lead to other things like acting broadcasting, whatever it is. But tell me about that experience for you.


Ashley Peterson  00:09:00 



Honestly, it's so funny because when I went into Oklahoma, I was initially a business major

because that's what my mom did. And that's what she excel in. And so it just was, like, oh, car well let me go into business.

But in doing that, I learned that... That's not that's... That wasn't necessarily my passion.

You know,


Cynthia Zordich  00:09:34 



Ashley Peterson  00:09:35 

My passion was communicating with people talking. I was always getting in trouble in school for talking to people


Juliet Hahn  00:09:38 



Ashley Peterson  00:09:42 

who knew that it would lead me here, you know?


Juliet Hahn  00:09:43 

Me too.


Ashley Peterson  00:09:46 

And so I I feel like it's one of those things where we always have what we need inside of us, and it's just... We have to bring it out. You know? It's it's like I mean we have to pill those layers back to bring backwards what's inside to bring out what's inside of us. So I ended up changing my major

from business

two communications.


you know, I did well in it I settled in it when I moved to Los angeles,

in addition to modeling, I actually signed with a

commercial agency as well.

So I began on machine for commercials i started taking act class because

and something that

paid natural to me. So was the path

that I took. It's like, you know, when something is kinda laid out before you, and there's a plan,

it's easy to follow it. You know, when things come easy like that After, like, that's when you know you're walking in your purpose.


Cynthia Zordich  00:10:38 



Juliet Hahn  00:10:45 

Oh, my gosh so much. And we we talk about that on the podcast all the time. So I do have a... I'm curious about this. So we I had a guest on a a long time ago, Marion,


Cynthia Zordich  00:10:45 



Juliet Hahn  00:10:54 

Mary and All. She's up an actress. She was one of the first black actresses to, like, break into

it was

soap opera and then comes. And what she said is when she was acting,

she didn't wanna be the starving actress. Like she didn't want to, like, work in wait tables, so she what she did is signed up to do commercials and voiceover overs. But back then, it was looked at to be, like, oh, you're cheating. You need to be the starving artist, and she was like, no. I don't. I wanna be wealthy, but I wanna be. And that's just wealthy. I want to to do. I wanna be able to do more. So was there... Was there a reason that you went into

that part? You know, you wanted to be a model, but as you were kind of

exploring that that world, were you like, okay. I can also multi layer because of my communications major, Was that done purposely or was it kind of just accidentally?


Ashley Peterson  00:11:42 


it was something that

happens upon me. Like, it's stumbled to my lap. So when I went to Los Angeles,


Juliet Hahn  00:11:46 



Ashley Peterson  00:11:50 

I actually

went out there

you know, my parents did not want me to move. I was only twenty one. My parents did not want me to move to Los Angeles. They said, hey, if you're gonna do this, you need to have a plan because we're not gonna financially support you out there doing this.

So I actually

went to los Angeles. I had an uncle that lived there but I never met him in my life because he was in the military, and so, he had, you know, been doing the military painting. For years,


Juliet Hahn  00:12:16 



Ashley Peterson  00:12:19 

but my mother, you know, said, hey, well your uncles there, he could help you out. So I went to Los Angeles Angeles he actually took me to every open call at every agency.


Cynthia Zordich  00:12:29 



Ashley Peterson  00:12:30 

I ended up getting aside all of them denied me because I'm only five seven, which in the modeling world, it's like, why are you here? You know? Like, five seven and three four. So I'm I'm right at five eight, but really, you have to be, like, five nine five ten.


Juliet Hahn  00:12:38 



Cynthia Zordich  00:12:46 



Ashley Peterson  00:12:46 

I Didn't let that stop me. So I went to every open call

the last one I went to was for poor models,

and they signed me that day. They said, okay. If you moved back out here, we'll find you. I literally moved back or went back to oh, you packed up all stuff,

you know, kind of wrapped everything up, and I moved to California within, like, a month or two.

Because I knew... That was my passion, and that's what I wanted to do. So when I got there forward models said, hey,


Juliet Hahn  00:13:15 



Ashley Peterson  00:13:19 

we think you have a really commercial look. We're gonna put you with this commercial agency

So then they put me with the creative charges

creative artist agency, which was one of the top commercial agencies in los Angeles.

So something that wasn't gonna bother in my mind. God had already laid it out for me and made it

for me to get in that door without having to build it down.

And so

over there, I began, auditioning for commercials. I began getting commercial

which is way more lucrative than modeling to be honest.


Juliet Hahn  00:13:53 



Ashley Peterson  00:13:53 

And so that's kind of of what helped to pay my bills out there while I was... Trying to make it in this modeling world.


Cynthia Zordich  00:14:01 

So great.


Ashley Peterson  00:14:01 

So that's how it happened.


Cynthia Zordich  00:14:03 

It's so great. And you were with some serious brands. You are Verizon,


Juliet Hahn  00:14:03 

I love. Yeah.


Cynthia Zordich  00:14:07 


and and others. So


Ashley Peterson  00:14:10 

Yeah. Target.


Cynthia Zordich  00:14:11 

what was it like seeing your own commercial if you are room over home with your family and all of a sudden or your friends, and then your commercial comes on and you're like, oh my goodness.

There I am.


Ashley Peterson  00:14:21 

Yeah. Honestly, it it was really, really exciting to be honest

just having the opportunity to have national commercials like that stuff. That people dream of, and and I was able to, you know, thankfully accomplice that. And so a short period of time of being there And so, of course, it's really cool to see yourself on a Tv screen, you know? And it's so funny because I don't even think my kids have, like, seen it. I need to go back and find those commercials and those videos and show them.


Cynthia Zordich  00:14:33 




Juliet Hahn  00:14:51 

You do.


Ashley Peterson  00:14:53 

But it it's really cool to think about, honestly, because, like, it's an opportunity


Juliet Hahn  00:14:53 



Ashley Peterson  00:14:58 

that not everyone gets or Really don't take it for granted at all.


Juliet Hahn  00:15:02 

I I think that's so cool. And and we we... I mean, again, we talk about this all the time. Like, I truly believe everyone has a pass and whether it's the universe or god, you believe in, and I believe in god, that he lays things out, you know, leaves things out, and it's just with when as you said, like, when doors open, it's just like, okay. Oh, I'm supposed to walk through this door. Okay. I need to take a left or right.


Ashley Peterson  00:15:14 



Cynthia Zordich  00:15:15 




Ashley Peterson  00:15:20 



Juliet Hahn  00:15:21 

So I I think... And and this was, again, stories connect us. Feel, like your makeup, you know, I'm picturing you at three. And now the journey of these dots just connecting along the road. Right? And and I'm sure there was ups and downs But when you were in the modeling


Ashley Peterson  00:15:31 




Juliet Hahn  00:15:36 

industry and doing the commercials, did your love for makeup and and that kind of do that grow did that feed it? We tell us a little bit about that.


Ashley Peterson  00:15:44 



Because, you know, in that world, you get an opportunity

day, the your for a job,


essentially a new person. You are who that client needs you to be that day. If you have to wear a week, if you have to do whatever your makeup needs to be like, you never know what you're gonna get, you know? And so it's new and it's different and fighting every day, which for someone like me, I I thrive in that kind of environment. Like, I love excitement. I love femininity.


Cynthia Zordich  00:15:58 


Right. Right.


Ashley Peterson  00:16:17 

And I love to try new books. Like, if anyone knows me, they know honey. I'm gonna change the hair up. I'm gonna change the makeup. Like, I'm here for a look. Okay.

And so having the opportunity

to, like, get to work with amazing photographers

with amazing makeup artists,

hairstyles, creative,


Their whole

passion is creating

beautiful words of are like, it was so invaluable. And, of course, that just, you know,

continued too set a fire to my love for makeup, which I already had, you know, I

I grew up loving makeup And then in addition, my mom pulled Mary K for a while when I was younger. It was like a side hustle that she had just to make more money. And so in getting the opportunity to work with her, she let me sample all of her products. We would have Mary k party.


Juliet Hahn  00:17:14 

I love that.


Ashley Peterson  00:17:16 

Yeah. And we would... That was the way that we bonded as well because we both love all those kinds of things. And so in that having an opportunity to model and to just do what... What I would do for free anyway, it was amazing


Cynthia Zordich  00:17:17 



Ashley Peterson  00:17:33 

and it just helped me to learn more

about the beauty industry to learn more about makeup to learn more about how to do my own makeup.

Because I'm watching these makeup artists do it a lot of what I've learned

with my own makeup is asking makeup artist. Okay. What did you just put on me? And how did you do that?


Cynthia Zordich  00:17:52 



Juliet Hahn  00:17:52 



Ashley Peterson  00:17:52 

So having the opportunity to do that in a setting where I was also getting paid for it. I mean, you can't... It doesn't get any better than that.


Cynthia Zordich  00:18:01 

Absolutely. You're learning from the top top for professionals and get that industry in your industry. And I'm sure,


Juliet Hahn  00:18:01 

So beautiful.


Cynthia Zordich  00:18:08 

you know, when you're creating your own online, it's all coming together, just all that experience and all that knowledge and all the... You know, you're seeing the... Not only the makeup in the packaging

and in life, but on and being applied, which is you're right. It's like a masters,

you know, of application.



Ashley Peterson  00:18:26 


Right. Exactly.


Juliet Hahn  00:18:28 


And so but I'm also curious, did you...

Because I love that the bond that you and your mom had to. I mean, that's so cool that that kind of like, she was doing the side off hustle as you were falling in above with makeup. And then, you know, as your journey went, did you have other siblings as well that you know, loved what your mom was doing or is this just like a really special thing just between you and her?


Cynthia Zordich  00:18:34 



Ashley Peterson  00:18:41 


So my parents only have me and a younger brother. Having young brother who's about two and a half years younger than me. And it was like, me and my mom and all the beauty stuff and all this stuff and my dad and my brother and all the sports stuff and all of that.


Juliet Hahn  00:18:59 




Ashley Peterson  00:19:09 

So my brother could definitely care less about any of the beauty stuff. He was never involved,

but it gave me in my mom and I you like, we're really close, you know? Because I'm just having that but yeah, having that bond growing up, you know, being able to learn from her and even now that I'm an adult, and now that I'm a grown woman and a wife and a mom myself, and I look back and how my mom juggle did All I so much respect for her


Juliet Hahn  00:19:19 



Cynthia Zordich  00:19:21 




Juliet Hahn  00:19:37 



Ashley Peterson  00:19:38 

because now I see how difficult it is is, and she did it and she did well.


Juliet Hahn  00:19:40 



Ashley Peterson  00:19:43 

And, you know, like, she was an amazing teacher in some

having that opportunity to do those things there is something that I really cherish

because I know that everyone has that opportunity with their mother


Juliet Hahn  00:19:57 

Yeah. So special.


Cynthia Zordich  00:19:58 

And that brings are good.


Ashley Peterson  00:19:59 



Cynthia Zordich  00:20:00 

A good point because in your life,

you had to make a really big decision. You know, once you have the boys

and you have your modern modeling career,

that you decided, okay. I need to change things up a little bit. I need to shift focus for a bit. And so that had to be a very difficult decision, an important decision,

and it's almost like our other show pivot where we could really talk about that transition


I would love to you to share how that came about and even the for math of making that decision to leave modeling and what that led to from from there.


Ashley Peterson  00:20:38 

Right. So when I was about twenty five,

I got... I ended up being pregnant with my oldest son, Adrian and Junior, and I was still living in los Angeles at the time. I was still working

on as a matter of fact. My last big shoot when I lived in law things was was five magazine.

I had a full page friend in five magazine

and I was pregnant with adrian and junior.


Cynthia Zordich  00:21:03 



Ashley Peterson  00:21:04 

And so. Yeah. And so it was something that, you know, wasn't a planned, but God's plan as always better than ours, you know? And so


Juliet Hahn  00:21:04 




Ashley Peterson  00:21:14 

I ended up. I was in Los Angeles. Like, I had a two bedroom apartment instead of I had stuff set up from my baby, the plan

was to come to Houston,

have my son with my now host

and go back to los interest and continue working. That was my plan,

but god had a different plan. And so I moved to Houston

and I literally never went back. Like, I didn't even go back to pack up my apartment. My uncle packed up my apartment for me. And sent everything that needed to be sent, and I got out of the leaves and, you know, that was that

So I ended up moving to Houston in and then, of course, moving to Minnesota

where my husband was actually playing at the time.


although it wasn't my plan, it was just, you know, once I have my son, I realized realized that I wanted to be there with them. You know, I I didn't wanna have to get up and and leave on with someone but I didn't know and


Juliet Hahn  00:22:09 



Ashley Peterson  00:22:17 

because I was afforded the opportunity to actually

spend that time with them. I took it, you know, and

something that I'm so grateful for because not everyone has the opportunity

to be there with their child and not go back to work if they don't want to from really grateful that I had that opportunity,


Cynthia Zordich  00:22:30 



Juliet Hahn  00:22:33 



Ashley Peterson  00:22:37 

and it was a hard decision, but it wasn't. It was like, no. This is my baby. And I'm gonna stay here with him. You know? And so at any point, I could have gone back to Los Angeles, but i just not


Cynthia Zordich  00:22:44 



Ashley Peterson  00:22:49 

where life took me, there's not the past and... Yeah. That I was on, I didn't wanna raise a child in the middle of Los Angeles, you know? Because I was actually living in North Hollywood at the time.


Juliet Hahn  00:22:51 

It. Right.


Ashley Peterson  00:23:02 


not a bad area, but

I didn't wanna raise a child there. I didn't wanna, you know, I didn't really know anyone. I didn't have any family out there. I didn't know

anyone personally like the besides my uncle,

and his wife and their daughter, which I mean, they were wonderful. They took me in ask leftover on their couch before I had my apartment,

all of that. I it was like it's it's different,

you know, being somewhere so far away from all of your family

away from his father, and all of that is just very different. So I made decision that I got like with best for me. Him in our family at the time.


Juliet Hahn  00:23:40 

Right. Let's we don't know and I would just wanna go back and like, how did you and Adrian and meet?

If you can take us through that a little bit, please.


Cynthia Zordich  00:23:46 



Ashley Peterson  00:23:46 


Yeah. So we actually added a university of Oklahoma.


Juliet Hahn  00:23:51 

That's that's what I thought. And I was, like, I think I remember that, but I'm not gonna say that because now I'm thinking, maybe I don't know that could sound towards going. So that's why I asked that. Yeah. That's what I thought. Yeah. Wow. Okay.


Ashley Peterson  00:23:52 



Cynthia Zordich  00:23:57 

So awesome. Right. I love it.


Ashley Peterson  00:24:00 


Yes. We meant freshman year University of Oklahoma. We actually met at a party a authority party That was the first time and it was at the beginning of the year, and

we started diving and, you know, the rest of history.


Cynthia Zordich  00:24:18 

That is so fun.


Juliet Hahn  00:24:18 

But to... But so you guys lived apart, so you were dating but lived apart for bit, or did you take a break in between there?


Ashley Peterson  00:24:24 

Oh, yeah. We took a lot of break a lot of breaks. We... You know, we were young. We're we were eighteen years old when we met, you know?


Juliet Hahn  00:24:28 

Yeah. Very. Yeah.


Cynthia Zordich  00:24:30 

We need to.


Juliet Hahn  00:24:32 



Ashley Peterson  00:24:33 

And so it's like you you would... We have to play your life to, you know. And so we were eighteen when we met we were friends first, you know, came friends, but he logged me down pretty quickly to And

from there, you know,

we, of course, went through all the growing pains of growing

you know, he got drafted to Minnesota. I moved to La very difficult to maintain a relationship when you're halfway across the world from each other.

So we went through all those ups and downs, all those elves and flows and eventually found our way back to each other.


Juliet Hahn  00:25:09 

I mean, again, that's God's. And cynthia, I love that you you chuckle because I know you and... You know, Michael met when you guys were so young and it it's so interesting to me because... So I met my husband when I was in my


Ashley Peterson  00:25:18 



Juliet Hahn  00:25:19 

mid to late twenties, we didn't get married. And until I was in my thirties. And so I had, you know, I kinda like, sewed my oats before, and then it was, like, but it's it's all like,

I told some about I lived in New York City and I had I had a lot of fun,

but it's it's so interesting to hear like you guys... You met, and that's I love that story because there's so many stories of of so many women that we have on the show. Something Am I correct that you guys usually


Ashley Peterson  00:25:33 



Juliet Hahn  00:25:44 

you meet young,

and then life takes you different path but it it always comes back. And I think that's so special. And so, you know, just so cool.


Cynthia Zordich  00:25:53 

Yeah. It's like it seems to be that the one common thing is there's a lot of breaks.


Ashley Peterson  00:25:55 



Juliet Hahn  00:25:59 

That being really loud.


Ashley Peterson  00:26:00 



Cynthia Zordich  00:26:01 

And a lot of rigs, you know, because you are growing and, you you know, you are


Ashley Peterson  00:26:02 



Cynthia Zordich  00:26:05 

committed but you still, you know, you still have wings, and you still have your own personal dreams and so your vision of yourself. So there's a lot of battleground there. I think when you are


Ashley Peterson  00:26:10 



Cynthia Zordich  00:26:15 

with somebody you starting so young,


Juliet Hahn  00:26:18 

But and I think it was so important though.


Cynthia Zordich  00:26:18 

so fun.


Ashley Peterson  00:26:19 

Absolutely Ruby and honestly.


Juliet Hahn  00:26:21 

No. Go ahead. Ashley, God.


Ashley Peterson  00:26:24 

Oh, no. I'm was just gonna say, and, honestly, I think that that was good for both of us. You know, to have, like, we were,

you know, so young and we got together. We were able to have


in our own life experiences.


Cynthia Zordich  00:26:36 



Ashley Peterson  00:26:38 

And growth


Cynthia Zordich  00:26:38 



Juliet Hahn  00:26:39 



Ashley Peterson  00:26:39 

that didn't have to happen

together, you know, and being able to

have like experiences have wisdom that helps you in the future and have, you know, you wanna be able to have some fun. You know? Like language is that I have a lot of fun. So


Cynthia Zordich  00:26:55 



Ashley Peterson  00:26:55 

you know?


Juliet Hahn  00:26:57 

Well, and that's... And I think that's what's important, And I think it's really important, also when people here for relationships. You know, when people meet young, it is important to still have your own life and still grow. So I love that you... You know, you knew that you guys were love, but you had your dreams. And the fact that you followed your dreams, I think, just makes or stronger marriage, and that's my own personal opinion, Like, when you follow your own dreams and you don't let yourself because then there's no resentment, it's like, okay. I I've done this. I've done that. And I've tried this. But this is where I'm meant to be now. Let's see where life takes us. So I think that's... You know, so so so really, really important. So you guys were living apart.


Ashley Peterson  00:27:17 



Cynthia Zordich  00:27:20 




Juliet Hahn  00:27:32 

You had the baby, then then you were to... I mean, you were then together and take us through that a little bit. So now Now you're living under one roof for the newborn baby, how


Ashley Peterson  00:27:37 



Juliet Hahn  00:27:42 

how did that play out?


Ashley Peterson  00:27:45 

Yes. So I... You know, I moved in

with him actually... I stayed with my mom and dad for the first six weeks

after my.

I'm sorry. Excuse me.


Juliet Hahn  00:27:55 

No worries.


Ashley Peterson  00:27:56 

Being a new mother, you know, not knowing anything. I stayed with my mom for the first six weeks, and, oh, god. It was so helpful, you know, Of course, having your mom they were to help you because she couldn't come to me because, you know, she's always good corporate America and she's always worked a lot. And so


Cynthia Zordich  00:27:59 



Juliet Hahn  00:28:03 

So great.


Ashley Peterson  00:28:14 

went stayed with her for a while, and then had that six weeks, I went ahead and moved to Minnesota,

and, you know, and kinda started our life as

as a family of three and,

you know, just like with anything there it was

really amazing,

but there were a lot of young growing pains. There was a lot of things that me being good new mom having to deal with

you know?

I don't know if it was... I still don't know to this day if it was post part of if it was the baby blues,

not sure what it was, but not feeling like myself. You know? So, of course, having to go through all of those changes in learning Okay. Who am I now I'm no longer a model, which has been my identity for as long as I can remember,


Juliet Hahn  00:28:48 



Cynthia Zordich  00:28:48 




Ashley Peterson  00:29:00 

I am now someone's mom, which you know,

it was an amazing car bomb, but it was occur well, you know? And so just having to deal with that growth myself as a woman,


Cynthia Zordich  00:29:07 



Juliet Hahn  00:29:08 



Cynthia Zordich  00:29:08 



Ashley Peterson  00:29:13 

you know, that's a lot of change just for anyone, and I was still rather young looking back when you're twenty five, twenty six years old me being


Cynthia Zordich  00:29:21 



Ashley Peterson  00:29:22 

you know, where I am, Now it's like you're still learning about yourself and that time you know, and you're still learning

what you like, what you don't like,

what you want, what you don't want. And so, you know, of course, that... There were a lot of growing pains

it was just a lot of change in that time,

but, you know, it was something that I definitely would never take back or never change.

My kids have been the biggest blessing in my life. They bring you the most joy. I'm making me so happy, and I'm just I'm thankful and grateful that I have the opportunity to be their mother because it's such a blessing thing. And because I feel like that,

guy gave me the opportunity to bring something great into this world.

And so it's my job to cultivate that. You know, it's my job to to help to steer them in the right direction because

they didn't asked to be here, you know, I asked for this and

god has blessed me with a gift, and I have to cherish it as such and Have to treat it as such.


Juliet Hahn  00:30:23 

That's so beautiful.


Cynthia Zordich  00:30:24 

Right? And I think I like that you say that, but I...

I think

what you did

and what you did next, I think is really important for

all laws, not just Nfl moms, that all moms

because you made a decision for your family to give up modeling

to to step away from modeling something that was very important to you.

And I think a lot of us make decisions like that. And we make the decision that is best as far. For our family. And for many, it's the right decision, But sometimes it is not the right decision. Sometimes it's unsettling and we realize we may have given up too much,

and we need to find that balance.

And I think that I really would love you to share the story of how you realize that you know,


Ashley Peterson  00:31:06 



Cynthia Zordich  00:31:11 

while it is so fulfilling to be a mom, and it is still fulfilling to be in the Nfl life, you know, the family. There's

something you needed to do for yourself. And can you share with how you realize that and how you the decisions you made based on that?


Ashley Peterson  00:31:27 

Of jewelry. So...


Cynthia Zordich  00:31:27 

To start Elizabeth cosmetics. And


Ashley Peterson  00:31:31 

Yes. So

I had my son adrian.

And then about four years later, I had my younger son axle.

And so,

you know, in that time, I

had been working had been a stay at home mom, which let's be clear is a very hard job.


Cynthia Zordich  00:31:48 

Mhmm Yeah. Yeah.


Ashley Peterson  00:31:48 



Juliet Hahn  00:31:48 

Your here.


Ashley Peterson  00:31:49 

that is ivy. And... Yes. I say one of the heart is... So I had been doing that. And

my last time, my youngest son was probably about two

it was just like, you know, when you especially

when you are in the nfl life,

you just can begin to easily lose yourself.

Because every especially if you're

with someone who has this larger than life persona in the Nfl,


Cynthia Zordich  00:32:16 



Ashley Peterson  00:32:17 

it's like...

You get so lost in the shuffle. You know, everything is about

then, you know, you become.

Personal assistant. You become everything. You have to hold it all together, you know, a lot of times.


Cynthia Zordich  00:32:30 



Ashley Peterson  00:32:32 

And so in that, it's so easy to lose yourself, Like, even if you're

your significant other is not in the

Or any other sports or arena gonna it is very easy to lose yourself and being a wife and i'm being a mother. When that's all and you're doing every day, and when you're showing like, this is all that I am. Sometimes it can begin to take a toll on you mentally,

you know, you're gonna begin to say, okay. Well, well, what am I without this?


Cynthia Zordich  00:33:02 



Ashley Peterson  00:33:03 

Who am I without this? And the biggest question

that most people struggle with throughout life is who am I?

What am I here for, you know? And so I began to


Cynthia Zordich  00:33:12 



Ashley Peterson  00:33:16 

really examine that because although I love my kids I love my husband, it just seemed like it wasn't enough. You know? I'm I'm here god put here for a reason, and yes, there was to be

his bible and yes, it was to be their mother. But what what else is there for me. I began to ask those questions,


Cynthia Zordich  00:33:34 



Ashley Peterson  00:33:36 

and it was like, okay. I have to do something for myself. I have to do something out. Side of this bubble at home, cooking, and cleaning and taking care of people. You know, Let's begin to take care of yourself as well.

And so I thought you know, what what do I wanna do and so it's so funny? Because I've always

had this list of things that I wanted to do and it, since I was a child

and, you know, having my own cosmetics company modeling doing these things that I I'm done.

We're on that list They've always been on that list It was always... It was always inside of me.


Cynthia Zordich  00:34:11 



Ashley Peterson  00:34:13 

And so I began to think, you know, what do I really wanna do and I was talking to one my is one day, and I tell the story all the time exactly how it happened.

I was talking to this woman, and she said,

I think you know, I've been wanting to start a cosmetic company for a long time. I believe we wanted to do this. As she said, well, why don't you just do it then?

What is stopping you do it?

And I've got to myself, you know, what is stopping me. And I literally that guy.


Cynthia Zordich  00:34:38 



Ashley Peterson  00:34:40 

Just began to take the steps to do it, and it was... It was from a mental health. It was for

me to get out of these

low that I have been, you know, of just like the

of every day getting of, you know, when you have young kids that

any mother no counter

that can be, you know.

And so

just to kinda of breathe life into myself a little bit, I began to do something that made me happy


Cynthia Zordich  00:35:06 



Ashley Peterson  00:35:10 

and that brought needs you outside of them.

And so I started the process I started, you know,

trying different formulas.

A new makeup I knew but I wanted. I knew what other people get more.

I knew what you needed and makeup, I knew, you needed to be long last because when you're shooting all day, they don't wanna keep reapply the makeup.


Cynthia Zordich  00:35:34 



Ashley Peterson  00:35:34 

I moved it I wanted to be smooth and velvet.

I knew what it should feel like on my lips i already had that knowledge already catch, the tools that I needed to make this happen.

And so all that I needed to do would get outside of myself and take the first step, which is the hardest thing to do is so hard to do something new, and a lot of times, people don't do it because they don't wanna fail, which is exactly the reason but I didn't do it for someone long o'clock.


Cynthia Zordich  00:36:02 

Got it.


Ashley Peterson  00:36:03 

Because i'm a perfection, and I feel like, if I'm gonna do anything, I'm gonna do it Like, I'm not gonna have do it I'd rather not do it at all than to do it, and I'm not doing it correctly.

And so

in that I also had to learn. You know, what? It's okay to say

because how do you succeed if you don't fail? Everyone who has succeeded has failed at some point or another


Cynthia Zordich  00:36:22 



Ashley Peterson  00:36:27 

and the difference between them and them is that this person got back up and tried to again.


Cynthia Zordich  00:36:32 



Ashley Peterson  00:36:33 

And so that's something that, honestly, I even have to remind myself now to this day because

during, you know, a host and

well for being a new business, especially

and during Covid, I had, like, four trade showed lined up you know, and that's where I the most


Cynthia Zordich  00:36:49 



Ashley Peterson  00:36:53 

is at trade shows because it's one thing to be online.

But it's a whole another thing to be right in front of people for you to be able to try the product and see and see their product and have worked. And so in twenty twenty when everything's shut down and shut all my trade shows down, you know, messed out my profits, so know, messed up everything.


Cynthia Zordich  00:37:00 



Ashley Peterson  00:37:15 

From Then, I really had to begin to be like, oh my gosh. Like, it was a huge blow to me. And it's was a huge blow to mine.

Confidence in the business.

It was a huge blow to my myself skiing in the business world because it's like, okay. What do I do now? You know? What I thought was going to happen didn't happen, and it was out of completely out of my control


Cynthia Zordich  00:37:29 



Ashley Peterson  00:37:37 

on what I do now. And so even now I after struggle with, okay. What am I gonna do to overcome these things? You know?

There are ebbs and flows in life, always

and you have to realize that that's something that you have to roll with. You can't control everything, which is something that I had trouble with because I am type a personality.


Cynthia Zordich  00:37:58 



Ashley Peterson  00:37:59 

I have a plan. I wanna control what's going on


though I'm spontaneous

and exciting and and I'll do all kinds of things on a win. I also we'll have a plan for my life, you know? And so I feel like they're


Cynthia Zordich  00:38:11 



Ashley Peterson  00:38:15 

getting into that and doing that for myself. Number one helps my confidence. It helped me to be me again and help me to find my identity again.

And it helped me in that moment to get out of that


that I was in, you know, the just the,


Cynthia Zordich  00:38:33 



Ashley Peterson  00:38:36 

the the pressure of having to do everything and be everything.

And it's like, you know what? This is something that's just for me.


Cynthia Zordich  00:38:43 



Ashley Peterson  00:38:43 

This is something that I'm gonna do for me for no other reason, and because it makes me happy and after feel, like, this is the path I need to be on right now. And so of life changing, you know, it's so exciting


my younger son doesn't really get it right now, but my older son say, Oh mom. Are they wearing here Elizabeth or cosmetics?


Cynthia Zordich  00:39:02 

That's great.


Ashley Peterson  00:39:02 

Like, it's still exciting


Cynthia Zordich  00:39:04 



Ashley Peterson  00:39:04 

for him to see that not only his father can do these great things, but his mother's,

you know, and to see it from both sides.


Cynthia Zordich  00:39:10 



Juliet Hahn  00:39:10 

And and I have...


Cynthia Zordich  00:39:13 



Juliet Hahn  00:39:13 

Yeah. And I've been sitting her, like, smiling, like, like, literally screaming out of my seat because

this is why I started my podcast in two thousand nineteen. I actually could get, like, so emotional


what you said is so spot on, and it's so important for women.

Moms to hear this. And this is literally why I started it. Because I remember when I had my foot, I was always a confident kid, you know? And and I always baby that. And I always like, was like, oh, well, you know, when this gonna be so easy being a mom, and I remember holding my son. My my first and us not bonding and connecting. And I was like, whoa what is this? And I remember my first time feeling insecure. And I was like, what is this feeling? I don't like this. I don't like this. And it it was such a change that I did not expect. And I was, like, why isn't anyone talking about this? Why didn't someone tell me? I'm not gonna bond everyone oh, you bond your baby's beautiful and all this. And and we didn't. And it was... And my mom, thank goodness was there, but I had a terrible. And it was an emerging since Variant and and I was an athlete. So I thought I was gonna jump back and and be able to, you know, be healed. And and it was this is journey that it was So crazy to me. So the fact that you're up there talking and sharing what you just shared, and then when you just started talking about what you started creating because it was important to you, you could feel that you could feel your passion, and that's what I talk about all the time when someone is passionate about something, and they get excited and you can hear it in their voice and you can see it in their body language. It is the most beautiful thing because your story is gonna connect with so many people because you were just so real and authentic and sharing


Cynthia Zordich  00:39:51 



Juliet Hahn  00:40:44 

your truth and who you are and how you created this. So I... I thank you so much, but i I do have a question with this because this is what fas me. Do you think...

Do you think some people are born with that that grit that tenacity? They have their goals and they're like, I wanna go after it. Or do you think it's something... Like that you that you learn?


Ashley Peterson  00:41:07 


Honestly, I think it's a little bit of both.

For just for me, and my experience,


Juliet Hahn  00:41:11 




Ashley Peterson  00:41:13 

I feel like like you said, I've I always been a confident kid.

I always,

you know, by show,

not fucking input because it was important to me. Like, it it gave me a came to see that I was so good that I got all these a's. It gave me confidence to know, hey, I am extremely smart. You know. And so that was something that, although my mother


Juliet Hahn  00:41:24 



Ashley Peterson  00:41:38 

stressed the importance of education, absolutely.

Honey mean, if we weren't getting or bees, it was, like, why was going on? You know, but it was also

inside of me with something get I wanted

outside of her

And so

is something that I even try to stress to my kids now, you know? Like, hey,

I cannot make you wanna be great. You have to wanna be great. You have my oldest son He loves football. You, of course, You know, he loves football.


Cynthia Zordich  00:42:02 



Ashley Peterson  00:42:07 

He does not love football practice.


Cynthia Zordich  00:42:07 



Ashley Peterson  00:42:09 

And I say to him, so you wanna be this Nfl player. You wanna be great. You wanna be at the top. But you don't wanna go to practice

every day that they have practice.

I said that's how that's not how you you be great, that's not how you attain the level of preakness that you want. So you're telling me what you want. I'm telling you how to get there, but I'm not gonna make you do it. I cannot


Cynthia Zordich  00:42:23 




Ashley Peterson  00:42:32 

make you do anything you wanna do. You have to have that inside of you. You have to have, and it's exactly what essential you have to have that grit. You have to have that motivation.


Juliet Hahn  00:42:40 



Cynthia Zordich  00:42:40 



Ashley Peterson  00:42:42 


made me go to California and go to all these modeling agencies for a matter of fact, my parents would bed against it.


Cynthia Zordich  00:42:50 



Ashley Peterson  00:42:51 

But I had it inside of me that I have a dream. I have a goal. So this is what I have to do regardless to what anyone else thinks about it. Regardless to how anyone else feels. This is what I need to do. I know it. I feel it. So I'm gonna do it, and I went out there on my own, and I did it. Could I wanted you know what made me, and you have to have that inside of you.


Juliet Hahn  00:42:52 



Ashley Peterson  00:43:12 

And I feel like it was something that I was born with because I always had the drive to be the very best or whatever I was doing,

but then also was cultivated

because my parents nurture that my mother nurture that my mother nurture getting good grades, having good habits and being organized. My father


doing, you know, being the greatest is of what you were trying to do, you know, practicing


Cynthia Zordich  00:43:36 



Ashley Peterson  00:43:37 

on your craft, watching my parents,

do all the things that they did that helped me to have a model for what it was to be a successful dollar or to have a model to


Cynthia Zordich  00:43:48 



Ashley Peterson  00:43:49 

to do things either when you didn't want to.

And this is something that looking back on and now,

it's just amazing me my dad. My parents, you know,

went a college,

hard working middle class,

However, you know, couldn't always make the ends meet how we wanted to. And so my mom, you know, she did the Mary K as an exercise hustle. My dad I'll never forget would get a second job during the holidays,

not to get us the things that we needed, but to get us the things that we wanted.


Juliet Hahn  00:44:24 



Cynthia Zordich  00:44:24 



Ashley Peterson  00:44:25 

Not because he had to... Was because as his father,

his kids wanted of these things and he was gonna make it happen, when wear another So I remember going into

my dad's second job

in visiting him because we hadn't seen them all day because he went a one off to the next. Not because we had to put food on our table, but because he had to put the latest whatever we wanted on us,


Juliet Hahn  00:44:48 

Oh, that's that's so beautiful.


Ashley Peterson  00:44:48 

you know? And that those are things

those things that you see and we see that when you see that hard work and when you see that drive,

it's easier to model that.


Cynthia Zordich  00:45:01 



Ashley Peterson  00:45:02 

So that's why I try to be that for my kids. I try to, you know,

of course, you wanna get your risk and things like that. But you don't, I don't feel like it. I do it any anyway, then that's something that I'm trying to teach

my children even when you don't feel like it. Sometimes you have to do it anyway. You know? Oh,


Juliet Hahn  00:45:20 


I think I froze.


Cynthia Zordich  00:45:37 

I think you both did...



Juliet Hahn  00:45:41 

Oh, oh,


Cynthia Zordich  00:45:43 

Excellent. She'll come right back on.


Juliet Hahn  00:45:45 



Cynthia Zordich  00:45:45 

Well, that's really,

that's really interest... It's so...


Juliet Hahn  00:45:46 

Well, I... It's so...


Cynthia Zordich  00:45:48 

My goodness is so important. And


Juliet Hahn  00:45:51 

Yeah. It really isn't and the other thing since the because I wanted to ask her is about the failure because not everyone knows how to fail. And if she was exceeding of high levels. I wanna know where that. Like, I know mine was because of, like, my develops. Like, I failed all the time. So it was like, I it wasn't even like a thought. Like, oh, I'm just try It doesn't matter. You know what I mean?

But not everyone has that where they, like, go into


so boldly.

And, like, okay. I'm gonna give this up, but I'm gonna do this. Like, I That I'm so curious about that as well, but I know we also wanna talk about the foundation and stuff.


Cynthia Zordich  00:46:16 



yeah, I wanna talk about... But also,

you know, why we have this moment.

I always feel like if you... That's when I think your instinct takes kicks in, and I feel like as a person, not just a woman, but when you know, you're su


Juliet Hahn  00:46:32 



Cynthia Zordich  00:46:38 

your contribution

or your abilities

or you're human nature


Juliet Hahn  00:46:42 



Cynthia Zordich  00:46:43 

by giving up to take care of others you're actually not giving to them because you're giving them half of yourself. You know, you're not giving them your full cells. So when you decide as


Juliet Hahn  00:46:50 



Cynthia Zordich  00:46:54 

a woman or a man to, like, no. I'm I'm I need to do this and be a good mother and a good wife. And guess what? I will be a better person. And that is... So the idea that you mentioned the adrian,

Junior is so excited about what she does.

To me, that is what you want is for your children and your family to see for who you really are. And and when you sacrifice,


Juliet Hahn  00:47:16 



Cynthia Zordich  00:47:18 

sometimes, you know, it is a good now if you make that decision and you are there and you're happy in your content you are able to give them your full self because you are your whole heart. Is fulfilled, then that's awesome. You know? So that's why I think that's a really good point. And it sounds Like yeah with the


Juliet Hahn  00:47:30 

It is.

And I bet


Cynthia Zordich  00:47:35 


Isabella and Covid, it sounds like she jumped through that like, the world. Do you know? What I mean? Like, the world had product setting there or so I'm sure she's killing it.


Juliet Hahn  00:47:42 


And I'm

I... Yeah. You might do wanna manufacture her and I'll just because I also it's I'm curious about...


Cynthia Zordich  00:47:48 



Juliet Hahn  00:47:50 

Because It says that she's still in the room, but so that's why I'm not sure. It must been some, you know, technical.


Cynthia Zordich  00:47:54 

Might be the Wi that happens sometimes with that


Juliet Hahn  00:47:56 



But so the thing that's also i'm curious about is because


Cynthia Zordich  00:47:58 

we'll just


Juliet Hahn  00:48:01 

I love that her kids are at the age where they can recognize she's doing. Like, I feel like my kids are in age their teens. So they're kinda like, oh, mom doing her thing. I'm... Like, there's time wrong i'm like, oh, I did this and they're like, oh, really. And I'm like, Oh my god. Do you guys never listen to me do?


Cynthia Zordich  00:48:06 


You know, you don't even know me.


Juliet Hahn  00:48:18 

I'm like... I mean I sometimes joke and I'm like, I I literally just told you that I was said they're like, I think really you were talking to that person or... I didn't know you and theater, we're doing that or... Or I didn't know that, you know, you're next stop live of had back guy on, and I'm like, Yeah. I I mean, like, hello. So I do think it's an interesting thing with age of kids. So I would love to ask you that question too because you always did stuff. When your kids was were a certain age. So were they ever aware of, like,


Cynthia Zordich  00:48:32 

Right. But


Juliet Hahn  00:48:44 

of the stuff that you were doing with the photography and that? Or they just think, oh, like, mom happy she's having fun, and then they... And then you created things when they were older. So I would love to, like, know that as we're waiting for ashley to come back.


Cynthia Zordich  00:48:57 

Yeah. I think that my kids... Yes. I mean, they always knew I was doing something.

One of the funniest stories was when I was

doing all my printing

and working on Sap.

And so I had the whole kitchen island


Juliet Hahn  00:49:09 

I love. Yeah.


Cynthia Zordich  00:49:10 

covered with my trays.

And it's done really bad too, but, you know, they came in and


so Michael is standing there and the kids were all there and and my all my prints were there. And I like what do you think? Would you think? You know, and I'm just one applies from them, and he's like, yeah. But, you know, you got two of my nice prints

and you like, but,

like, we can't we can't eat it and a, like,

I'll okay you. I'll kill you. You know?


Juliet Hahn  00:49:37 

I kidding


Cynthia Zordich  00:49:37 

They always be funny.

You know?


Juliet Hahn  00:49:39 

Well, that's my kids i my kids will kind of, like, tease me a little bit and I'm like... And I know it's it's it's the teenage thing. But it is very interesting because I really didn't start doing anything out of the home


Cynthia Zordich  00:49:42 

You're doing. Hello.


Juliet Hahn  00:49:52 

until they were older. Do you know what I mean?


Cynthia Zordich  00:49:52 





Juliet Hahn  00:49:55 

And you know, I did like the... I was, like, the environmental chair, and I used to go into their school and was, like, did a puppet show about, like, recycle reviews reduce.



You keep i'll keep talking. But so I used to do that. Like, I did that in school for the kids when they were in school, but I didn't really start,

the the whole fitness thing that I did for a while. I didn't do that until... I mean, i guess they were young, and they didn't. You still, like, work with we didn't think that was fun and cool. But this this portion, you know, I started this in two twenty and nineteen,

and so,

you know, they were a little bit older and already kind of teenagers. So they were kind of in their world. And in their life. And so I think it does say something, and I think that it's just it's so beautiful you guys as we're waiting for Ashley cynthia to get back on

you heard how excited I got. I mean, I got excited because that is what this podcast is about. This is why I started this podcast. This was why cynthia and I started the segment

because it is so important. The message Ashley just told. I mean, she had a



you know, she had a thriving modeling in career,

and then when

and, you know, stayed home with with her son. And as her husband

was going


getting traded and being on Nfl teams.

She decided to stay home. So think about that. If you're a mom out there listening right in your own crossroads, and you don't you know know what to do and all these things. And then she decided, you know what? I need to create something for myself because this is not what I wanted to do.

And so I think that is what's really important. I... You know, I'm gonna

I think we're I think actually was having a hard time getting back on

But let's see. So I think that that's what's important for you guys to kinda think about

in your

life and your, you know, crossroads, men or women. I mean, this is this is messages for everyone. If you're not happy with what you're doing,

if you are not happy

with your life, If you feel like you're waking up and you're just kind of going through the motions,

don't you have one life. You have one life

do something with it. And that's where I talk about, you know, not so much on this segment, but on my other segments is about finding that space that you can find to either daydream and people call it meditate. I call it day dream. I have to move. I can't just sit and own like that. I would go nuts. So I walk my dogs. And when I walk my dogs, I create in my mind. I think of, like, what the future will be, I think about what I want and aspirations in life, and it's okay to daydream dream sometimes some of the daydream don't come true. Sometimes they don't, you know, go anywhere, but it's fun to think

about it, and I know that there's people that don't

do that in their life because they're afraid of Ashley said they're afraid of failure and they're afraid of not succeeding,


who are you afraid of failing for? Are you afraid to failing for yourself? Are you failing? Or, you know, your neighbor, your mom, your dad, Your sisters, your brothers your aunts uncle, cousins friends, whoever it is,

why are you limiting



do something that maybe you're meant to be doing. So anyone out there that is listening, I want you guys to find that space today. That is your... That is your homework that is your job to find that space today.

Where you can meditate. Some people do it when they drive. Some people didn't again, I call day dreaming. I do it when I take my dogs for a walk, some people do it in nature,

some people do it when they're doing laundry. I mean, figure out where that spot is where you can daydream dream and think about what you want in life. Maybe it's when you're cooking

just what you want life what your goals if you can picture

a life with no limitations,

Nothing. So no financial limitations know.

Any limitations

just something.

Think about that life that you wanna create and start taking the

steps to do it. Talk to your friends, talk to people that are safe talks to places,

Google, it, start start listening to podcaster to start start doing things

to take the steps to be able to create that life that you want.


it is really oh good. Okay. Ashley is back. Here we go.

That's right. It's live shows make me laugh.

Because sometimes this just happens. Ashley, I just invited you to video mode.

There you are, my friends.


Ashley Peterson  00:54:17 

Okay. Can you guys hear me?


Juliet Hahn  00:54:20 

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. No worries. We we we filled it.


Ashley Peterson  00:54:24 

Get my phone overheated, and it just turned off.


Juliet Hahn  00:54:25 

And so



Ashley Peterson  00:54:29 



Juliet Hahn  00:54:30 

Is that, of course?

No. No worries. But, you know what? That you... We were so excited, Like,

just that conversation we just had was so beautiful. And then Cynthia and I were even talking about because I was saying this,

and I'm gonna repeat myself again. But I love that your kids are at the age where they're, like, mom that's so exciting. When I stayed home, I think I was like, the I did environmental stuff for the town. On and from the school. So I like, you know, went and did puppet shows and I did that. And then I did... When they were a little older, I did create my own business, and I used to do, like, health and fitness coaching and and do exercise classes, and they were a little bit into that, but now I have three teenagers.

And there times like, when I went to the Super Bowl last year, and when I went to the Hall of fame this year, they're like, oh, cool. And then when they were... They were like, oh, wait. Like, what are you doing? And I was like, oh my god. I was like, you guys listen to anything Like? But their teens. Right? They're not supposed to be so involved in what mom is doing, but it cracks me out because I'm, like, half of the time, they have no idea, but they do see me that I am happier. They do see that I'm more fulfilled. They do see that I have dreams, and then I created this in my mind, and that's what is so exciting. You create something in your mind and you didn't. And that's what the whole failure thing. Something and I were just talking about it because there's people that are afraid of failure, and I was talking about it when you both were not there. There's people that are so scared of failure that they don't do anything. And and it's it makes my heart hurt so bad, and that's why of the other reasons why I started this. So I do have a question for you and then I know we're short on time, so, but I want you to touch on this. So I


Ashley Peterson  00:55:18 





Juliet Hahn  00:55:56 

I know perfect. I'm lax. So school was really hard for like, when you were saying the aim and b stuff, I tried my hardest to get, and it was like, okay. That's not like... That's not my gift to school is not my gift. I'm really good. And other things, I I studied communications in college, and that's where I really shines. I was like, oh my gosh. I actually am not bad in school.

And I was an athlete. So I like, played two sports in school.


Ashley Peterson  00:56:14 



Juliet Hahn  00:56:16 

But I am not afraid of failure because there was so many times just growing up that I failed but I even realized I knew I was failing, but it was like, oh, I I'll try this. I don't care Like I know what failure feels like. And to me, I'm learning from every time I fail. So I look at failure, sometimes i like, oh, there's something bigger out there. This is fighting. I know that I'm on to something if I'm failing and I'm failing forward, and I just keep doing it and trying, and I know god has my back, and he's gonna put me in that spot, but Just as long as I'm trying and I'm consistent.

So I believe like that's and my parents gave me that, like, okay. Just dust yourself off, get up and do it again, and that's kinda how I was raised.

So where do you think you got? Like, kind of, again, like, the... You know... And I know you said that you did have the the fear of failure for a little bit, But what do you think? Was that kind of pinnacle point that you were, like,

screw it? Because here's my language, but I am not afraid, and I'm just gonna take this leap. If you can take us through a little bit of that,


Ashley Peterson  00:57:11 


So, okay.

Let's start here. I'm still very trying to failure, you know? And it's really funny because I feel like


having the success that I had in school throughout my entire,

you know, educational career. I feel like it was good, but it was also a little


Juliet Hahn  00:57:31 



Ashley Peterson  00:57:32 

bit of a disservice to me because I had never failed. I didn't fail anything that I actually wanted to do.


Juliet Hahn  00:57:36 



Ashley Peterson  00:57:40 

So I didn't even know what that felt like. So in my the,

there was never a thought in my mind that I was fail.

I knew

that I was going to win and make it and be great because I always done that. You know? And so I didn't even have a fear in doing that now where I did have a fear and where I did have insecurity was in business

because that was not my strong suit.


Juliet Hahn  00:58:05 



Ashley Peterson  00:58:06 

Know, being creative,


you know, taking beautiful pictures. How it's nothing. I got it. I can do it in my sleep, you know? But,


you know, having the confidence

to start my own company

I was very afraid of failure. You know, I was very afraid of what if I don't do it right, You know, what will people say well people think

because I wasn't used to failing.

So it's like when you're not used to getting punched in the face, you're a little like, hold on going on. You know? But when

my husband is out there training with our kids,

and he's, you know, like, hey, no we're we're gonna hit hard. We're we're one full horse here because you have to know what it feels like to get it

and give back up.

Or else she's not gonna be successful and what you trying do


Juliet Hahn  00:59:06 

Oh, i her phone might be done.


Ashley Peterson  00:59:10 

looking at things like that, and I'm like, you know, can you hear me?

Hello. Can you guys hear me?


Juliet Hahn  00:59:16 

Yeah. You you were kinda going out, but that's right. Yeah. Can you hear us?


Ashley Peterson  00:59:21 


Yes. I can now. Okay. So in doing that, I'm having to learn that I have to also show, like, having kids life changing you for me because it's like, I have to show my kids what it looks like to fail and get back up. You know, I have to... If if they don't see it, if they don't see it, how are they gonna know it?


Juliet Hahn  00:59:37 



Ashley Peterson  00:59:44 

So in doing this, one day, I'll be able to talk to my kids and say, you know, Covid took me out, honey. I didn't not know how my business is gonna survive. I didn't know how I was gonna overcome that. I didn't know what I was gonna do next. And even now, I'm in that. There are something things that I have inside me that I wanna do

I've actually been afraid to do. And I'm gonna let you know that having this conversation

here with you all today is helping me even to build up my confidence and say Ashley, what do you have to lose?


Juliet Hahn  01:00:14 



Ashley Peterson  01:00:15 

You know? Okay. If you do it and you fail,

at least you tried it and you know what? Maybe that's not what God had for me. But it's something that's been placed inside of you for a reason, any dream that you have any one that you have. It's already there. It was placed inside you for a reason. And it is your job to figure out the the purpose in your passion.


Juliet Hahn  01:00:25 



Ashley Peterson  01:00:39 

You know, you had that passion for a reason you have that gift for a reason. What is the purpose, and that's something that you can only figure out by exploring, but trying. And every time you try something, it's inevitable that you're gonna fail at some point along the way.


Juliet Hahn  01:00:49 



Ashley Peterson  01:00:56 

But what do you do at through that. How do you pick yourself up after that? I remember what my questionnaire year college.

I got an if

in math.

I think with calculus or pre,


Juliet Hahn  01:01:06 



Ashley Peterson  01:01:07 

that was the first f I ever gotten in my.


what in the world like?

It almost took me out. But you know what I did. I said, okay. This is my making feel good. What am I gonna do better next time?


Juliet Hahn  01:01:17 



Ashley Peterson  01:01:23 

How am I going to set myself up for success next time? And yeah, it was something I would learned listen math it's not my insurance suit. So it's okay if I get a embarrassing in that, guess what we're making it. You know? And so I learned to push has that. And to keep them only no matter what.


Juliet Hahn  01:01:36 


Yep. We we all have our strengths and weaknesses and it's important to know those. And it's important to be like, okay, this is my strength, and this is my weakness, and I might get, you know, knocked down in my weakness a little bit, And then as you grow, you get support right? You get support for the people that can help, and you can ask those questions. So I love that. I I think that's so wonderful.


Ashley Peterson  01:01:58 



Juliet Hahn  01:02:01 

Something do you want... First of all, I want Ashley to share a little bit where people can find you. I mean, I know I just talked about this, You know, but where can they they're like, okay. Well, I I want that lipstick. I'll let makeup up where we're do I get it. And then I know you have an offer, and then I do wanna end with, you know, the the foundation just so we can touch on that as well. But I'm just let people know


Ashley Peterson  01:02:05 



Juliet Hahn  01:02:20 

where they can buy your amazing cosmetics.


Ashley Peterson  01:02:25 

Oh, thank you. You can go to developments cosmetics

dot com. E l i

z a b e l l a cosmetics

dot com. Here is actually the be lipstick that I'm currently wearing.

Elizabeth cosmetics

Bella, liquid belt lipstick goes on snows,

stays on all day.


Juliet Hahn  01:02:46 

That's amazing. And and if they go to your Instagram, like, if they're like, oh, okay, but they go to the instagram. They can find it or even if they go to your profile here, you have your

stuff linked to date so they'll be able to go there as well. Correct.


Ashley Peterson  01:02:59 

Yes. So I have Ashley peterson dot com length in my bio.

From there, if you can get to elizabeth

dot com. You can also find me at mrs Ashley Peterson on Instagram or at


on Instagram.


Juliet Hahn  01:03:16 

Perfect. And this will be all of the show notes. If you guys are driving, please again, don't be starting to try to write things and text things to people and pulling over. We will have this all in the show when this goes live on all the podcast players. You'll be able to catch this on Fireside wherever you are. If you're like wait, I wanna listen. You can go back to Fireside and the replay we'll be here within an hour, and then this will go out and all the podcast players on your next stop.

Probably in a couple weeks, but we'll let you guys know about that. But so that's that is amazing. Cynthia, did you wanna jump in?

Oh, you're muted.

Oh and. I was like, oh okay.


Cynthia Zordich  01:03:50 

We shared that... We share the recorded show to right away, and I think it's took okay fantastic that

actually is going to be giving away

a beautiful tube of the be lipstick to one of our shares or somebody that likes one of our posts in sharing this episode. And I personally know I have the ballot,

and it is fantastic. And you know, it's just... It is so smooth and so beautiful and it does stay on. And it's just quality quality product. All the products are And so I'm excited that we'll be able to get that

to somebody. And then thank you for that. I think that would be really fun for somebody to receive that.


Ashley Peterson  01:04:22 

Thank you.

Oh course.


Juliet Hahn  01:04:26 

That would definitely.


Cynthia Zordich  01:04:27 

And you know, Juliet?


Ashley Peterson  01:04:27 

Oh, yeah. And i things they're gonna love it.


Cynthia Zordich  01:04:29 

Yeah. That will just... It's so good. Well, thank you so much for that too. Because one one super bowl, we had the be lipstick and the

thread swag bag at the lunch and and everyone crazy over it. And so that's always... It's always so fun too. To support each other, but also take us to try the products and share the products, and that's the whole idea. I'm, like, just almost of us helping each other grow and these beautiful...

It projects that Everybody's good doing

in businesses.



Ashley Peterson  01:04:57 

Thank you.


Cynthia Zordich  01:04:57 

I love it. I'm


Juliet Hahn  01:04:58 



Cynthia Zordich  01:04:59 

Do we have time to touch upon the A Peterson family Foundation?


Juliet Hahn  01:05:04 

Well I'm fine on my side, but actually, I know we're over a little over an hour.


Cynthia Zordich  01:05:08 

Are are you okay with that? Ashley?


Ashley Peterson  01:05:09 

I'm fine.


Cynthia Zordich  01:05:10 



Ashley Peterson  01:05:12 

Yeah. Yeah.


Cynthia Zordich  01:05:12 

Okay. Good. I just think it's important because, you know, in you you're teaching your children so many beautiful life lessons.


along with that is, you know,

this family,

you know, beautiful project together, this creating a foundation together, which, you know, the children are watched you and adrian also go out into the community.

And so not only you're you're putting resources, into children's hands for educational purposes, you know, educational resources, that will love them to live their dreams. And so

I just wanna talk about the foundation, but I also wanna talk about how your children are reacting to what you guys are doing in the community.


Ashley Peterson  01:05:56 

Yes. So we actually

started being Peterson foundation just a few years ago in twenty eighteen.


before that, my husband actually had a foundation

that his his mom and his dad headed up for him. So it's something that we've always done.

We just decided

to switch it from being something that, you know, he had as a youth if we could say with his parents,

to something that we can enjoy together as a family and take over and kinda do exactly what we wanted to do. So it's something. I mean, for years, he gave away Towards in palestinian Texas, which is his

home. He would give away turkey at thanksgiving. We do

toys at Christmas

we would do backpacks

at the beginning of the school year, and it was something actually, that was so wonderful because our kids were able to also join me. So if we look back at pictures over the years, we have pictures of our kid, at these toy giveaways, you know, my husband would dressed up in Seeing, and I was just have as missus call, and our kids were there helping handout out toys


Juliet Hahn  01:06:49 



Ashley Peterson  01:07:03 

to these kids, when they were able to see you guys are blessed to be in this position, especially are over to actual damages one, you know, he has he didn't quite he hasn't quite known what's going on yet, but he's getting to an age where he'll start to understand, but being able to


Cynthia Zordich  01:07:03 



Ashley Peterson  01:07:21 

and tell toys through these kids and have our kids say. I remember one year, we were at a home,

like a a shelter, a women's shelter,

in Minnesota, and Adrian Jr said, well, why doesn't say bring there gifts? And as in a you know, was the question it's like, Okay. How do I answer this? You know? I said, well, Scientists is gonna bring them because... Well, we're gonna help about and get them gifts as well because in addition to stay in a giving you give mom and dad giving you this as well.


Juliet Hahn  01:07:35 



Cynthia Zordich  01:07:39 



Ashley Peterson  01:07:50 

And these people, their mom and dad can't give them

all of the gifts that they like to give them. So we're gonna help out. And so just having


Juliet Hahn  01:07:55 



Ashley Peterson  01:08:00 

the opportunity for our kids to see something different,

to see that what you have has been afforded to you by the grace of god and no other reason. Like, you're not super special. You are super special. But you're you're not immune to life. You know, life can take you all many different paths and you guys need to understand that your blessed to being in this position, and you should never take it for granted because just like that, it can all be gone. You know? And that's something I've always trying to stress.


Cynthia Zordich  01:08:17 




Ashley Peterson  01:08:31 

To our children

being hardworking working, being gracious


understanding that everything you have nothing that you have is because of you. Everything that you have is because god has given it to you and he's given it to you for reasons so you need to use that wisely.


Cynthia Zordich  01:08:46 



Juliet Hahn  01:08:47 

Oh. I love that.


Cynthia Zordich  01:08:48 



Ashley Peterson  01:08:48 

And so just having an opportunity to have them, you know, go along with us

we... You know, when Covid hit, we were actually able to do a food drive with brothers produce, and we were able to give away produce


Juliet Hahn  01:09:01 



Ashley Peterson  01:09:02 

to a title one school in

here in Houston


able would apartment with the Barbecue

foundation to go to title one school in the word of Houston in one of the words of Houston

and to,

you know, give them a little fun to have a little play day with my husband training

like athletes and our kids have been there every step of the way to be able to see these things. So they're able to see they yes, god has been able to bless us with these things, but you also been half charged to go out and and share what you've been given and more way or another. And so it's teaching a balance, you know, you have to have balance and like, you have to realize that life is not just about you,


Cynthia Zordich  01:09:38 



Ashley Peterson  01:09:46 

what can you give to others to enrich their lives as well?


Juliet Hahn  01:09:49 

that's so beautiful. And the thing that I think again, and I'm gonna say it again, and I know people i like, oh my gosh. She keep saying it, but stories connect. Right? And the reason why we

started that something and I started the segment is because we wanted

the good. Right? Not just the the stuff that's out in the media that, you know, get cogs that we hear. We wanted all the good stories, and I love that you just able to connect that because I can see you guys as a family for going out and helping and your kids being like, Wow. And again, something you're gonna laugh at me, But everyone one of you women are just amazing and the families and the and the the giving back.


Cynthia Zordich  01:10:08 



Juliet Hahn  01:10:24 

I say this and I say this every single time, but god put the Nfl community

and, yes, I I truly believe this that you are special your pets for this because you can handle, but you can also have a platform and you all have service hearts.

Serve as hearts to give back and and to give to people. And some might have a bigger service heart, someone might have a smaller service heart, but every single one of you people... One of you people



Cynthia Zordich  01:10:50 

You're giving it all people.


Juliet Hahn  01:10:52 

I'm the lame and near other the people.

What you guys have gotten on the show and talked about what you do giving back, and it's such a beautiful thing, and I just thank you so much for joining Wine live with Nfl thread and here live on Fireside.


Cynthia Zordich  01:11:08 


Actually, if you don't mind,

Mean, I'm sure a lot of people would be interested to visit and contribute to the foundation.

So it's A a, Peterson, family foundation dot or

Yes. Okay.


Ashley Peterson  01:11:22 

Yes, ma'am. That is me. You can go on and find out what we're doing and and what we have going. We, you know, last

so I'm sorry that last year for year before I was actually able to do something called gowns for girls.

So I was she's looking in my closet at one day, cleaning it out, and I had all these gowns from all these things I had down over the years and had nothing to do with a. And I said let myself, I'm gonna auction these gallons off, and I'm gonna give it to the chester Pitch foundation. So Chester the toyota pits are based here in Houston. They basically have a a girls group home, where they take and girl to,


Cynthia Zordich  01:11:56 



Ashley Peterson  01:11:58 

you know, are displaced, essentially, you know, runaway away or or foster children and they deep them. They held them they educate them. They closed them everything.


Cynthia Zordich  01:12:02 



Ashley Peterson  01:12:10 

And so I said, you know what? I'm gonna...

I'm gonna donate these gallons, essentially, I'm gonna auction them. And I'm gonna give the trophies to them. Well, when other people see what you're excited about something, a lot of times, other people get excited as well. So when other people saw that I was doing that, guys,


Juliet Hahn  01:12:21 

Yes. How we talking about? Yeah.


Ashley Peterson  01:12:26 

they were like, hey, I wanna help. Well how can I donate gown? So had people come in the donate gowns. I had a company come in and say, hey, we do options.

We wanna help you. We wanna get you sports your

to help you raise even more money

until I ended the by the end of that, not just having my gallons with other nouns sports member, etcetera, and I was able or we were able to raise together over ten thousand dollars for this gross home.


Cynthia Zordich  01:12:52 



Juliet Hahn  01:12:53 

that's amazing.


Ashley Peterson  01:12:53 

And so things like that or or why I do this, you know, and my kids


Cynthia Zordich  01:12:54 



Ashley Peterson  01:12:59 

were able to see me with all these examples in the house. You know, doing these things and putting it off together, but actually see the work and they're able to see that. Nothing comes easily. Everything single will think


Cynthia Zordich  01:13:07 



Juliet Hahn  01:13:10 



Ashley Peterson  01:13:13 

you know, matter what you're doing mean if you're trying to do it as a service and others, you can have to put the working it in order to get it done.


Cynthia Zordich  01:13:17 

That's right.



Ashley Peterson  01:13:19 

And if they don't learn anything else in life for me, I want them learn that. Hard work beats talent every time.


Cynthia Zordich  01:13:26 



Juliet Hahn  01:13:27 



Cynthia Zordich  01:13:28 

It's hard work to give to, and it it takes so much time, and and it's it's such a beautiful gift to give others as your time. You know, more, you know, the... And the funds are so important too, but the time, it does you... You don't get the funds without the time, and it's really amazing. It's incredible you did that.


Ashley Peterson  01:13:30 





Juliet Hahn  01:13:46 

I love that. I love that.


Cynthia Zordich  01:13:47 



Ashley Peterson  01:13:49 

Especially because time the one thing you can't get back. You can get your money back, but you cannot not get your time bad. Once you've spent, it's gone. So make sure you finish it wisely.


Juliet Hahn  01:13:51 



Cynthia Zordich  01:13:52 





Juliet Hahn  01:13:58 

In sound true.


Cynthia Zordich  01:13:59 

that's a good quote there, girly.


Ashley Peterson  01:14:02 



Juliet Hahn  01:14:03 

I love that. I love that. Well, actually, I have to say thank you again, so much for joining Why live with Nfl thread here on pivot, cynthia. Thank you always. I love what we do. I love that. We're getting these stories out and connecting with more and more people


Cynthia Zordich  01:14:03 

I love it.


Juliet Hahn  01:14:17 

in the Nfl community, but also outside the community where people are like, oh, that's interesting. I didn't know that. Of course, you didn't know that because no one talks about it, And that's why we brought you to line his live with Of Because these are the stories are important. These are the stories that are important. The things of people giving back the things of people overcoming the story that you told... And I mean, still just go back to that when you gave up everything that you had fought for because you wanted to be there for your family.


Cynthia Zordich  01:14:17 



Ashley Peterson  01:14:26 



Cynthia Zordich  01:14:42 



Juliet Hahn  01:14:42 

And then knowing, wait, I need to do more for myself again, because some people feel like, oh, I can't do that because that's selfish. There's nothing if you need to fill your own copy before you can go out and sell others. And so you did that so beautifully. So thank you so much Ashley Peterson for joining.


Cynthia Zordich  01:14:50 



Ashley Peterson  01:14:56 



Cynthia Zordich  01:14:57 

Thank you.


Juliet Hahn  01:15:00 

Alright. We're gonna bring up.


Cynthia Zordich  01:15:00 

When i


Ashley Peterson  01:15:01 

Oh, thank you guys so much for having me.


Cynthia Zordich  01:15:03 


What a pleasure. Thank you so much.


Juliet Hahn  01:15:07 

Let's see what kind of music we get today. Alright. Well,

Be. It's not the slow.


Cynthia Zordich  01:15:10 

It's not bad.


Juliet Hahn  01:15:12 

Thank you guys again for joining Y live with Nfl thread wherever you are watching, if you're on Youtube, Linkedin,


Facebook, if you're on the the replay,

share this episode. More people need to hear the story. They need to hear Ashley Peterson story. They need to get her cosmetics

and and learn about the foundation. So, again, thank you for joining.

You're live on Fireside. We will see you guys next week with another wonderful episode.


Cynthia Zordich  01:15:39 

See you later.


Ashley Peterson  01:15:41 

Thank you.


Cynthia Zordich  01:15:41 

Thanks, Ash.


Juliet Hahn  01:15:42 

Bye. Everyone.


Cynthia Zordich  01:15:43 

Juliet. Thank

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