YNS Live with NFL Thread feat. Brittany Olawale

Nov 11, 2021


Listen to a new episode of YNS Live with NFL Thread recorded live on Fireside with hosts Juliet Hahn and Cynthia Zordich featuring Brittany Olawale.


We knew from day one [we've prayed for] that we'd be able to walk away and not limp away from the NFL. - Brittany Olawale


Brittany Olawale emphasizes integrity, transparency, compassion, and good faith in every detail of her business. As a Christian woman, she understands the importance of service at home, in her job, and in her community.


Since moving to Southlake Brittany and her family have immersed themselves in the community and are fostering new relationships. Brittany's three children greatly benefit from attending nationally ranked Southlake schools. Brittany has spent over 8 years in the DFW area, making it a forever home. Originally a California native, she understands issues facing clients who move to Texas from out of state and works to make the process as smooth as possible. Her bachelor's degree from the University of North Texas where she majored in Emergency Management and minored in Risk Management Insurance gives her a unique perspective on today’s marketplace. She understands buying and selling one’s home is one of the biggest investments a person can make. She believes in the importance of properly protecting and leveraging assets in order to grow wealth.


Brittany's husband, NFL Fullback Jamize Olawale, played in the league for 8 seasons and just recently retired. The NFL experience created great opportunities for Brittany to meet people with diverse backgrounds and join multiple NFL wives associations.


Her network includes silicon valley executives, celebrities, professional athletes, and business owners. As a business owner herself, Brittany has invested in rental property in California and she will be opening a Children's Lighthouse Early Education school in the Fort Worth area next year. Her diverse background has helped her to think outside of the box and see things from a different perspective.


Her favorite quote is “Chaos only lasts for a moment”, she believes it is inevitable that people will face difficulties in their lives but how we work through those challenges is how we will achieve success!


Learn more about Brittany on her website. Connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.



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