YNS Live with NFL Thread Carly Teller

yns live with nfl thread Oct 20, 2022

Listen to a new episode of YNS Live with NFL Thread recorded live on Fireside with hosts Juliet Hahn and Cynthia Zordich, featuring Special Guest Carly Teller, wife of Cleveland Browns Offensive Guard Wyatt Teller, to talk stadium engagements, life in the NFL, BLOCK HUNGER and Baby Boy Teller joining the team!”

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Remarkable Quotes

“If I could offer advice to rookie girlfriends coming straight out of college - it would be to value women you meet along the way, because we all get it! Early on, you truly realize the value of the friendships and connections, above all.”

“Wyatt is not on social media - but I’m all over it. I engage a lot with Browns fans and just love the back and forth and getting to know Browns fans from all over. Last year, I put out a tweet and said, ‘Hey guys, I would love to send out Christmas Cards - DM your address if you want one.’ I sent out over 1000 cards! It felt so good and I still have people yell out, ‘Thank you for the Christmas Card!’”

“Wyatt is known for his Pancake Blocks and this year we teamed up with Elk and Elk to create the Block Hunger Campaign in support of St. Augustine Hunger Center. Every game Wyatt makes a Pancake Block - Elk and Elk will donate $770!  Plus $77 for every point scored. I’m so grateful that we are in a place in Wyatt’s career where we can impact our community and give back. We are also planning a Thanksgiving event around the campaign.”


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Juliet Hahn  00:01:08 
Soon, just watch your hair on your microphone.
Oh, you're in middle all again.

Cynthia Zordich  00:02:24 
I'll go out.

Juliet Hahn  00:02:24 
we'll be starting to show in two minutes everyone
Welcome. Welcome.
Okay. Let me bring you back in.
No I know.
Hello, everyone. Welcome.
to y live with Nfl thread,
we are so excited for this this episode with
Carly Tell, how are you guys?

Carly Teller  00:03:36 
Good. Thank you for having me.

Juliet Hahn  00:03:37 
Cindy, I think you're muted. Are you gonna?
you know, let me get your bag

Cynthia Zordich  00:03:42 
Yes. Welcome, Carly. We're so glad to have you today.

Carly Teller  00:03:46 
Thank you.

Juliet Hahn  00:03:47 
And I am so excited to dive into this because there's
why minor dogs, which I love
new babies, which I love. And I mean, so many sports. I mean, there's so much
stuff to talk about. So Cindy, do you wanna introduce
Carly really quickly, and welcome everyone wherever your phone and then will kinda of go through and
help everyone share and broadcast to the world, But if you would love to introduce Carly, that would be great.

Cynthia Zordich  00:04:08 
Absolutely. I'm so
Carly. It's kinda fun how we met it was through one of the thread giveaway.
they, Was the blush wednesday giveaway.

Juliet Hahn  00:04:17 
Oh fine.

Cynthia Zordich  00:04:19 
which is kinda crazy. It's a lipstick that changes with your mood, which is
kind of weird when you take... It's like, wow. Let me think about it. Like, you know,
you're telling the world how you're feeling. So it was really fun and, like, when finding
Carly to, you know, give her her gifts her thread on the playbook in the lipstick
it was, like, reading up on her and saying that she had taken part in this really fun podcast.
where I can tell that she be a great guest
and Carly is so fun, and she's married to wyatt it

Carly Teller  00:04:57 
Thank you so much.
I feel so honored.

Cynthia Zordich  00:04:48 
tell who is the offensive guards at the cleveland rounds.

Juliet Hahn  00:04:50 

Cynthia Zordich  00:04:51 
which I love. And I was just... It's a rock roll sign yesterday. So,
It's really crazy, but welcome. So glad you're here.

Juliet Hahn  00:05:02 
Well we're... We're so excited because if... You know, and I know you know a little bit about the
show, but we are all about the stories. What connects Cynthia was on my podcast?

Cynthia Zordich  00:05:13 

Juliet Hahn  00:05:12 
in twenty nineteen. And when she shared, just some of the ends
I know isn't it crazy when she shared some of the ins and outs of what it it's like to be a spouse,
I said wait a second. We need to talk about this more.
and we need to share and and and share these stories because there's so much that I learned
so much now that I think, like, when when your husband gets traded,
know with my kids and my husband are like, yay. You're my daughter like, oh, that... That's so great. They're coming to the giants.
I don't just think of, yay. The giants, I think of who's behind the scenes and
who are the wife and the spouse and the kids and you have to get new dentist

Cynthia Zordich  00:05:49 
is a

Juliet Hahn  00:05:45 
and I always bring that up because it's I think when I moved, it was, like, the thing to find a dentist in a doctor.
And so we don't think about those things, and those things are important. So
Yes. Thank you so much for joining Why live with Nfl thread here on Fireside.
And thank you all that our listening wherever you are. If you're here live on Fire
side If you're listening to the replay, and I see you guys, there's a fun
people jumping on Linkedin. We are on Twitch, and we are on Youtube.
And if you guys... If you're in the audience, James, who does a
across the pond. He is all the way over in Scotland, which is amazing.
and Gina, and I know people are gonna be jumping and I've had people emailing me and
me saying, I'm coming. I'm commenting how gonna be there. But if you guys are in the show right now,
and the two little lines that are down to your left. If you click on it, you'll see where it says broadcast
the world, you can send a message You can send the message
Twitter, you can send a message to Facebook. You can email you can tax
you can do a number of different things to have people listening in, so they don't have to be on
fireside, and that's one of the things that I love about this platform.
is that we don't know who's listening in in the world right now, It's being broad
tested. It's being shared. People are are jumping in and listening and hearing
Harley story, which is gonna be really, really fun in this conversation.
So thank you guys.

Carly Teller  00:07:01 
I hope I don't disappoint.
I hope i'm interesting.

Juliet Hahn  00:07:05 
you're gonna be interesting. You're gonna
thing The little that I know about you, I already. I told you. I was already like, oh my god. There's a wine runner.
Oh my gosh. She's having a baby, like, all my favorite things.

Carly Teller  00:07:16 

Juliet Hahn  00:07:17 
Yes. So something, I love that you did the the giveaway
And why don't use explain a little bit about thread
if you want... So you listeners can understand when you said the thread giveaway, they might be like
a second. What is that? And then we'll we'll jump into the story.

Cynthia Zordich  00:07:33 
Right. Yeah. Thread is
it's a really a platform that I founded about seven years ago.
And it's really just the linkedin for Nfl women.
I found that in working with the Nfl writing for Nfl,
is like well, how can we find each other?
to take part in these awesome groups and initiatives and
people and girls like, grow are you? So on thread, it's dot net.
you can just
joy. It's free, and it's safe and it's secure and his only Nfl women
That's the spouse. The others
you know, girlfriends, anybody that anybody that is
significant other. Really, and truly
you get in there and you're like, hey, you know, I'm carly Teller.
I am here now in Cleveland. My husband is why he's the offensive guard.
I can, you know, from Virginia, and, you know, this is what I do. This is I am. And
somebody can come across that when when the Google search,
Cleveland when they're there for the day and say, oh, you know, I
I I was wanted to meet Carly and they can connect with her. It's just a connection.
with all the... We have so many great groups for nfl women.
we've so many great resources from the Nfl for families. It's just say Linkedin.
Yeah. I love it.

Juliet Hahn  00:08:46 
I love that. And so, I'm just gonna remind
remind you your hair on the microphone.

Cynthia Zordich  00:08:52 
I'll move it back here.

Carly Teller  00:08:52 

Juliet Hahn  00:08:53 
Thank you. Check

Cynthia Zordich  00:08:55 
Feeling at me.

Juliet Hahn  00:08:57 
...I know always like there's some there. It's driving be crazy your earring or something headache. Something that

Carly Teller  00:08:59 
Hope mind doesn't touch.
If you think you

Juliet Hahn  00:09:02 
No. Here's the fine. I would tell you don't worry. I call people out on sound.
So, and I love that. I love why Cynthia started that as well, and I love Carly that you found
found, especially being a a current wife. So can you give us
a little background about you. You know, I would love to hear how you met wyatt it's
where, you know, where you grew up, if I I know there some volleyball in there

Carly Teller  00:09:24 

Juliet Hahn  00:09:25 
to love olive love sports. So just give us a little background, please.

Carly Teller  00:09:28 
Okay. So I'm from a super
tiny town in southwestern Virginia. So
Virginia, but the southwest part close to Blacks, Wherever Tech is
Roanoke area, and I grew up
like Us said in the middle of nowhere,
five thousand people in my whole county, no stoplight lights.
And I'm very grateful for that at the time I was like,
you know, what... When you're in it, you're like, this is awful, but now I look back I'm like, that's kinda cool. I mean,
I've come a along way. My family is still in the area and and
Road Virginia area, and I met wyatt. We both went to Virginia Tech
I am
four years old than wyatt. So
he was getting ready for the Nfl draft.
and we were both in black bags for, I, an alumni my weekend. Like, you know how a lot of
colleges do a spring,

Juliet Hahn  00:10:16 

Carly Teller  00:10:19 
So we were in town for the spring game, and we met at a bar which
our favorite bar big al, which is no longer there. And we just hit off
did not start dating. He actually
went into the draft process, You know, what's the combine went through the draft process?
was drafted to the fifth round first thing of the fifth round and twenty
team to the buffalo bills.
And we... You know, we kept each other's numbers, but
kinda fizz off. And then exactly a year later.
I was in Mexico with my mom and her girlfriends, and I get attacked
from why teller. And you know how when you see, like, anyone's name on your phone, you haven't it seen in a while. You're like,
Wait a second. What is that? And
it went... And he was just so sweet. You know, just
texted me to catch up and
Yeah. And then I went to visit him in Buffalo a couple times.
And shortly after
I never even went to a game buffalo, and he was
traded to the Cleveland Browns at the right before the last
pre game in twenty

Juliet Hahn  00:11:25 
I love that.

Carly Teller  00:11:26 
and so... And that's it. And so so then
he came to got traded, came to Cleveland.
I've never been to Ohio or... I mean, I private Ohio, but I've never been to cleveland one of my life.

Cynthia Zordich  00:11:38 

Carly Teller  00:11:36 
I was working at... I I managed in the Nevada salon and Spa for, like, six years after
college back home.
loved it.

Juliet Hahn  00:11:42 

Carly Teller  00:11:44 
was my life, but
you know, he was like, hey, you know I'm his new girlfriend for, hey. Can you help me?
find the place to live in Cleveland.
and I'm like,
I know nothing about cleveland, but absolutely. Yes. I
I will find something. And
Yeah. I just... I started traveling up here. We did long distance for about a year, and then once he kind of
knew he was gonna be here for a little bit.
I... It was right in the middle of Covid. It was, like, the perfect time to leave
It was never really ready to leave my job, but
it was just kind of it was just the way that it worked out was kind of
the perfect storm. And moved to Cleveland. And here we are.

Cynthia Zordich  00:12:20 
Yeah. I me too.

Juliet Hahn  00:12:18 
I love that, and I love They flaw, by the way, when

Carly Teller  00:12:22 
me too

Juliet Hahn  00:12:22 
I... In New Jersey, that was, like, my favorite. I love I can... When you said that, I actually got the
smell. I was like, oh, the smell, the smell.

Cynthia Zordich  00:12:27 

Carly Teller  00:12:26 
Yes. The smell is so specific and wonder
And I still... I still
having appointment on Friday, I still am in a a loyal of girl.

Cynthia Zordich  00:12:35 

Juliet Hahn  00:12:37 
I love that. I so much. So I do have to ask. So what
did you ever ask why, like, after all those, like, that time has passed, what made him
reach out to you.

Carly Teller  00:12:46 
So he was... It's funny like the... He was with one of his buddies
they it was like, they were
had been at some sort of, like,
paint ball tournament. I have no of idea anyway,
anybody who was actually here this past weekend they were talking about the story
and they were sitting around. It was, like, one a
and they're sitting around and he's like,
who's like, the
prettiest girl oops... I'm not trying to sound vain. This is like the story.

Juliet Hahn  00:13:10 
No, Please. Yeah.

Carly Teller  00:13:11 
who's the coolest prettiest girl and you're, you know, in your phone or whatever, Of course, that's
the what they said, who knows what was actually said. And
he said he brought me up, probably other people, but you know, he brought me up
and his body cliff was like, well
don't text her right now. It's like, two Am. You know, that's an out very
that's not a good look. And so then you texting you the next day, and it was... It was, you know,
too in the afternoon, very polite.

Cynthia Zordich  00:13:36 

Carly Teller  00:13:36 

Juliet Hahn  00:13:35 
Let's so sweet.

Carly Teller  00:13:38 
Yeah. So I think they were just kinda, you know, he was single and they were talking about
girls this I don't know.
being at the time, he was

Juliet Hahn  00:13:42 
Yeah. Right.

Carly Teller  00:13:47 
he's almost twenty eight now. So at the time
twenty four. So this been like a twenty four year old single guy.

Cynthia Zordich  00:13:51 

Juliet Hahn  00:13:52 
Right. Right. Right.

Cynthia Zordich  00:13:53 
Don't do you think there's a lot of that
you know, you get into the league. You meet so many people and also sudden
home, you know, it sounds really good and girls from home hometown girls and
people have that knew you know that really knew you before.

Carly Teller  00:14:06 
That's so true.

Cynthia Zordich  00:14:08 
you're doing anything it's kinda nice. You know? Yeah. It's kinda

Carly Teller  00:14:10 

Cynthia Zordich  00:14:11 
It's a nice thing. I like that.

Carly Teller  00:14:12 
Yeah. Good

Juliet Hahn  00:14:11 
What and... Yeah. Go ahead, Carly.

Carly Teller  00:14:15 
I was just saying, yeah, because we... I mean, we did me
before he was in the Nfl. I'm sure you could've have met
you know, girls in Buffalo, but I think there is something to be sad about, like,
genuine people you meet before you kind of
you know, come

Juliet Hahn  00:14:33 

Carly Teller  00:14:33 
And then if I'll start,

Cynthia Zordich  00:14:33 
and from where you're raised, I clear, like, was to where you, you know, dissimilar
it's just kinda nice like that.

Juliet Hahn  00:14:39 
I went it's sweet. And I think since, I love that you said that because it is also. It's a
it's a comfort level, but also, and we talk about this on the show all the time. And I talk about this in my podcast.
like I really believe we all have a path. And so the fact that you were brought back up, like,
it was a a good feeling for him. I was like, you know, we I need to reach back out, and then
the fact that you were like, you know what? This is perfect timing. You know,
sad Covid was you weren't in the salon. So it was like, yeah. I can do this. I can... You know, let's
see what next venture and not everyone would do that. So it's just one of those things that kind of
you know would happen. So I love that you were like, yeah. I'm gonna talk

Carly Teller  00:15:12 
Yeah. Well,

Juliet Hahn  00:15:13 
a cleveland one. We're gonna do this. We're gonna get... We we're gonna get this. And I'm sure for him, that was the
site like, he's like, okay. She... This is what we need because I might get trans
again, I might get, you know, you know, all those different things.

Carly Teller  00:15:25 
and I
honestly, like, at the time for me, like, I wasn't
I was twenty
Yeah. Twenty eight. And
I was in this, like place in my life where, like, font meeting
anyone organically was so hard

Cynthia Zordich  00:15:42 

Juliet Hahn  00:15:43 

Carly Teller  00:15:41 
Like... You know what I mean? Like, nowadays dating is just so hard, and I was
you know, in my late late twenties. And so just to like, have that,
very genuine
organic like connection with someone, you know, like, he reached out to me and it was just
it was just very pure, like, very
very nice and refreshing and
I'm very thankful it works out.

Cynthia Zordich  00:16:00 

Juliet Hahn  00:16:01 
Yeah. And the fact that you guys met in college because I know something we've talked about the
before a lot of players meet their thousands in college,
but you met in college, but not really in college. You know what I mean?
it's is kinda cool.

Carly Teller  00:16:12 
exactly. I always tell everyone that because I don't want to... Yeah. We met
at Virginia like in Blacks, Virginia at Virginia,

Juliet Hahn  00:16:15 

Cynthia Zordich  00:16:18 

Carly Teller  00:16:20 
because of Virginia attack, like, that's why we were there that weekend.

Juliet Hahn  00:16:23 

Carly Teller  00:16:23 
but we we never cross paths during our times there.

Juliet Hahn  00:16:24 

Cynthia Zordich  00:16:23 

Carly Teller  00:16:27 

Cynthia Zordich  00:16:28 
I'm so interested to know that when you... So
when you got thrown into the

Carly Teller  00:16:36 

Cynthia Zordich  00:16:35 
transition from buffalo to Cleveland. Were you thinking, like, this
is in insane, like this is crazy, Like, everything that has to be done
in twenty four hours.

Carly Teller  00:16:45 
it was it was so crazy. But, again, I was like,
I was so new to the relationship and so crazy about him. I'm like,
okay. Whatever I gotta do, let me fly up here.
you know? I'm like, okay. Let me come up here and help you and I'll find a
place and
it's also my personality on such a door.
I I just kind of went into that, like,
do mode and
anything he needed, I would have helped them. So... But, yeah, it was crazy. And it's
it was also my first experience being an Nfl girlfriend
we were still so new. So it was

Cynthia Zordich  00:17:19 

Carly Teller  00:17:20 
for that to be my first experience and that it's just chaotic. I mean, he literally
he was in
the locker room in Buffalo on there was... Like... I think it was a third day and Night
preceding game.
and had already, they were getting ready for the game, hot tub cold tub, all that.
and he got the Gm asked him to come to the to his office, and, of course, that's terrifying.
they tried him right before a game and I
looking back it was such a blessing, like, in the moment,

Cynthia Zordich  00:17:48 

Carly Teller  00:17:48 
he was
it was really hard for him because
when you're drafted to a team, you have this sense of loyalty
and he had only been there for
a year, and he loved it and anyone who knows Buffalo, like the fans,
the mondays

Cynthia Zordich  00:17:57 

Carly Teller  00:18:01 
we still love them so much because it's it's just this
super loyal
we collar
these people are great and and why it i loved it. So it was kinda it was hard for him. You were like

Cynthia Zordich  00:18:06 

Carly Teller  00:18:13 
really? But I always tell being traded

Cynthia Zordich  00:18:17 

Carly Teller  00:18:16 
it means somebody I always had to mean somebody wants you, like,
you're... You know, you're not cutting then picked up, like,

Cynthia Zordich  00:18:20 

Carly Teller  00:18:22 
you're good. You're gonna be okay. And
if anyone that knows our story or why story specifically,
and those how far he's come. It was
what it was meant to be
for sure.

Juliet Hahn  00:18:33 
Right. And I think and this is why I love doing these
shows because something you brought such a good point up. You don't realize I it's
not like, when when you decide to move,
you know, people take their time. Right? They look for house. They pack a box.
you know, it's like, you know, I know when I moved as many times as I've moved, but it's always been choice.
it's like, okay. I'm gonna pack this room. I'm gonna pack this room. You guys have to turn it around, like,

Cynthia Zordich  00:18:54 

Juliet Hahn  00:18:56 
immediately. So it's, like throwing things there can't be a lot of organization, and that takes a very
woman to be able to do that and a specific man, but

Carly Teller  00:19:06 

Juliet Hahn  00:19:05 
it does take where it's like, okay. I can't be type a and ocd right now.
I just have to kinda go

Cynthia Zordich  00:19:07 
Gotta go. Yeah. Exactly.

Carly Teller  00:19:11 
Yes. And I also... I mean, it truly
...I mean, he had to be in the building in cleveland one

Cynthia Zordich  00:19:18 

Carly Teller  00:19:17 
at the facility with in less than twenty four hours. And
with it was funny. Also. I mean, I felt like I knew geography
geography pretty well. And
we both were just, like, wait.
Buffalo, New York is only three hours from Cleveland on the same lake.

Juliet Hahn  00:19:33 

Cynthia Zordich  00:19:37 

Carly Teller  00:19:34 
Like that... Now it seems so normal. But at the
time just being... You know, from Virginia, we were like,
Okay. Wait. That's not that bad. You could be going to Seattle or wherever.

Juliet Hahn  00:19:45 

Carly Teller  00:19:45 
so it was definitely doable, but we had to... He didn't have a lot at the time, you know,
we just got stuff together and did it and
borrowed a big trailer from one of his football buddies and

Cynthia Zordich  00:19:55 
That's great.

Carly Teller  00:19:58 
same straight the cleveland one.

Juliet Hahn  00:19:59 
because that's the thing is you also, when you move, you can hire the
the moving truck and all that's... like, all these little things that people don't think about, like,
you can't just all of sudden call a moving truck
right away because they're like, oh no sorry. We have a schedule. Right? So it's like,
you gotta figure it out.

Carly Teller  00:20:14 
and there's definitely a little bit of, like,
status. Now we didn't know people with the browns that well to ask
like, hey, Can we have help with this? Can you
set up this and this now if
if got forbid that happened and we had to go somewhere I we would have more resources.
at the time, like,
the bills are like, okay. We're we're down with you.
So you just kinda have to figure it out now. I mean, I would know who to reach out to for
you know, help. But and I've unfortunately seen so many girls

Cynthia Zordich  00:20:45 

Carly Teller  00:20:43 
Now being in The Nfl for four years, I've seen so many people go through it. So

Juliet Hahn  00:20:44 

Carly Teller  00:20:48 
there's definitely hell. There's definitely helped, but it's still chaos. And I can't even imagine then there's

Cynthia Zordich  00:20:52 

Carly Teller  00:20:52 
kids and changing schools and

Cynthia Zordich  00:20:57 

Carly Teller  00:20:57 

Juliet Hahn  00:20:55 
all of all of that, but that's the thing. Like, when you first
do it and you don't know you don't have the resources. You don't have, like, an Nfl

Carly Teller  00:21:02 

Juliet Hahn  00:21:02 
thread where you can reach out to someone and say, oh, hey. How do you do that?
and that is, and that's why it's so important to get these stories out. It's so important.
for people to hear and be like, oh, wait. I know some that's going through this
they don't know what to do so they can reach out to you guys, and it's a safe
comfortable space. I know cynthia we've talked about this with, you know, some of the women that have been realtor
and it's because they became real because they were like, it was so
scary to move to a different city, and their... Like, people know oh, you're... This is your name.
we can sell you this, and you're like, oh Bd eyes. I don't know I just want someone say

Cynthia Zordich  00:21:34 

Juliet Hahn  00:21:35 
which is is scary. And, again,
we and... That are non, you know,
in the league people. We don't think you don't think about those.
things, but those are things that that people need to
think about and appreciate and and understand Do you know what this person's going through something?
especially if you're, you know, on Tv and and you have your your spouse was there and and people
then comment. Oh, they didn't look like they were together. Well no They just had to move twenty four hours. Like can break.

Carly Teller  00:21:59 

Cynthia Zordich  00:22:00 
Right. Exactly. Yeah. And I'm also so interested, you know,
the fact that you are brand new in the league, you know, you guys are just dating. You're just getting
garden and now you are, like, tagged in that. Okay. This is his
Nfl girlfriend. This is no all sudden you're walking in,
and you're like, oh, wait a minute. That this comes with this. Also, I I wasn't prepared for this and
so many of the girls that we have on. They say if I could go back,
I would have been more
putting myself out there to say, hi. I just got in town and
I've never done this before. Can you, like, take new wing? Or can I get tell you?
how did you handle that? How are you? How are you emotionally?
like, when you were just throwing into this, where this
right along with your personality or were you kind of taken back?

Carly Teller  00:22:47 
I think for me it's fit my personality. I always always said it was, like, forty that I
I never was in because you're pretty much
handed friends. And, unfortunately, it's very up and down. People come and go, but
you know, you join, like, a lot of us, I don't know about other teams
I know like, we have, like, a group me, like a group chat on the Group app, where it's
all the girls and
you're you're kind of
handed these friends, and the guys know this even more than we do because it's been their lives since they were high
right. But
your handed these friends that pretty much know what you're going through no matter what?
And so... And I think every team is different. I've heard some
some not great stories, but I've had really great experiences here. So
when I came here,
Now why it's first season here? I was still... We were doing long distance
I was in Virginia. So I
didn't really make great at

Cynthia Zordich  00:23:40 

Carly Teller  00:23:38 
didn't have the ability you make great friendships that year, could I be here for two days and have to go back to work? So
I would say, like, his second you're here
I was able to really develop some quality friendships, but
I definitely think if I
I'm also a little bit older, not that... I does that really matters. But
if I could tell, like rookie girlfriends,
anything... You know, coming straight out of college.
it would be just to, like, really value
the girls that you need along of the women that you meet because
we we all get it, you know? And there's so many
resources. And... I mean, I would never be talking to you guys
if it weren't for the Nfl, which sounds so crazy, but
you really start to value
friendships and connections over, like,
fame and stuff like that.

Cynthia Zordich  00:24:23 

Juliet Hahn  00:24:23 
right? And I do think it's... I mean, I know age is a number and it's a mindset

Cynthia Zordich  00:24:31 

Juliet Hahn  00:24:30 
but when you get older, you do get a little bit more wiser. I mean,

Carly Teller  00:24:34 

Cynthia Zordich  00:24:35 

Juliet Hahn  00:24:33 
I know... That was my early twenties.
I doing the things I'm doing now. And so I think that is

Carly Teller  00:24:35 

Juliet Hahn  00:24:40 
it does say something, but I... You are so right about the resources
And and then again, also, right, we would never connect it if it wasn't for thread and

Cynthia Zordich  00:24:51 

Juliet Hahn  00:24:48 
of being in the league, and that's what's so cool about networking, and and
and connecting... I mean, connecting and networking are really what makes the world go around whatever
you know, wherever you are and whatever status you are in the world.

Cynthia Zordich  00:24:57 
I feel like that
you know, the one thing I always felt coming in every year
when so many changes and we changed often myself in my husband's career,
you just never can get to the point where you think that you don't wanna throw yourself out there.
again and meet people over again because they are always leaning.
you know, I was always like, no. You know, meet them because even
I have friends that we might have only been together for
six months. You know, that that now their kids are grown and we're
still friends. Like, you collect friends in the league. You don't go through friends in league.
they just keep adding on and on and on.
In fact, Julia, you're gonna love this.
kimberly really weekly son is on the practice squad and Cleveland now.

Juliet Hahn  00:25:47 
oh he is.

Cynthia Zordich  00:25:47 
so we need you Carly to look after him because he's the greatest kid.

Juliet Hahn  00:25:49 
Oh, he is

Carly Teller  00:25:48 
What's his name?

Cynthia Zordich  00:25:52 
It's Ty Wheat Jr, Tj Really.
and he is from the best family and can completely,
she's a dear friend of mine.
it is also in involved in... I don't
we have gotten a chance to talk about off the field, but there are so many great
programs and off the field is one of them. And I know Kim from Michigan.
mostly, but I also know her because she's one of the founders I'm lost the field with a
all of my girls and also failed I'm on the board and vice president of that
and it's just this amazing charity that we are part of we do the super bowl
until every year. It's a... And it's just deal of it because

Carly Teller  00:26:27 
So cool. Yes. I wanna come

Juliet Hahn  00:26:31 
Oh my gosh. Yes.

Cynthia Zordich  00:26:29 
you have to participate. You have to be in it You have to come there on a
and it's the best time that Kim is just like, the best person and

Juliet Hahn  00:26:37 
Oh, she's dear.

Cynthia Zordich  00:26:37 
we got to be with her at the hall of fame. When she was there to watch
Tj, and then he was at a time with a las Vegas raiders.
no. He's on the practice squad and Cleveland. So as soon as I heard that, I'm like, I have to tell Carly

Carly Teller  00:26:53 
Yes. I will.

Cynthia Zordich  00:26:50 
just if you can introduce yourself to him and see if he needs anything. See if he's

Carly Teller  00:26:57 

Cynthia Zordich  00:26:55 
settled old and because you just brand new and cleveland and he's just found an apartment. So it's like

Juliet Hahn  00:26:56 
Oh, that's awesome.

Carly Teller  00:27:00 

Juliet Hahn  00:27:00 
cindy, I think it might be your sweater. I'm sorry. No. It's okay. I just wanna wanna
I know

Cynthia Zordich  00:27:01 
Oh, I'm so sorry. Yeah. I... Is that why you texted me? Yeah. Okay.

Juliet Hahn  00:27:06 
I did. It might be not your hair. It maybe just just pull it out

Cynthia Zordich  00:27:09 

Juliet Hahn  00:27:09 
a little bit. It's just because when we wanna hear what you're saying and that it's like very... It's it's scratching

Cynthia Zordich  00:27:13 
I'll just hold it out like that. The other thing I wanna tell you that is i you worry about the group
the group are, like, a part of our lives. And, you know, because my husband I'll coaches it. So
I I didn't have a group news when we were playing
that it's introduced to as it coaches like
So the group are great, and it you... You know, everything is
going on and Boom boom boom, everybody's shower. Where are we going to dinner? What are we doing after the
what are we doing before the game? Who's bringing what? And then when you leave the team,
it's just very simple. You're gone. You know, it's just you remove. Somebody removes you.

Carly Teller  00:27:44 

Cynthia Zordich  00:27:44 
so then, you know, it could be your best friend, and it's like, Cindy just removes her best

Juliet Hahn  00:27:47 

Cynthia Zordich  00:27:48 
I'm from the group me by, you know, and that's just how it is.
So when we left Michigan, I was like, I'm I'm just
I'm like, taking myself off the group me. So I just want you guys to know

Juliet Hahn  00:28:02 

Cynthia Zordich  00:27:59 
I of refuse. And then so I did feel that there was, like, awkward silence
pause, you know? And then I'll send a couple of laughs, and then sudden
I didn't hear anything so that you know that they probably had to say,
Okay. We just need to start on new group because cindy will not
and know who wants fake girl.

Juliet Hahn  00:28:15 
that's hilarious.

Cynthia Zordich  00:28:16 
You know, I like I'm not leaving.

Carly Teller  00:28:20 
I love that.

Juliet Hahn  00:28:20 
Because we all... And but sometimes, glue, I'm on so many different
chats for the kids sports. Do you guys ever find the group and sometimes
overwhelming, like, times where you're like, oh my gosh. There's too much chatter. I need to pull my
stuff out or I need just ignore this for a little light. Can you take a
through that a little bit or is it always welcoming?

Cynthia Zordich  00:28:39 
Kelly, Carly.

Carly Teller  00:28:40 
I I'm really... I'm not very overwhelmed because I'm really
as a right now only in one. I don't know what it's gonna be like, whenever
you know, I'm like, a full on mom. I might be in some other ones, but
I mean, I've got, like, my group chat, but no. The the browns
why is the girlfriend's one? It's

Cynthia Zordich  00:28:52 

Carly Teller  00:28:57 
it's cool it's very informative. You now it's

Cynthia Zordich  00:28:57 
It's your lifeline. Yeah.

Carly Teller  00:29:00 
I'm not gonna name names, but what
I have heard on other teams, the scrutiny is more like
back and forth and it can be a little dramatic. We don't have that. Ours of very
Hey, you guys. We're doing this st at the, you know, at

Juliet Hahn  00:29:18 
That's cool.

Carly Teller  00:29:16 
ten Am m on this day, You know, like this If you wanna come, it's it's very
Yeah. Just informative. So

Juliet Hahn  00:29:21 
That's awesome.

Carly Teller  00:29:24 
I like it.

Cynthia Zordich  00:29:23 
It's important because you know what's going on.
all the time. You don't miss anything, and things change
you know, in terms of where we're going to be, and it's so nice to have it.
but it is it is fun, and it is funny how
it's a side of the game that lot people don't realize is when you taken off the group me,
crazy because it is so much a part of your life and All of sudden, it's a whole new group.

Juliet Hahn  00:29:48 

Cynthia Zordich  00:29:45 
you're like, okay. Hi. Hi. I'm here.

Carly Teller  00:29:46 
Oh my gosh. That this
this season. So my best friend might, like,
Nfl, like football best friend is May.

Cynthia Zordich  00:29:55 

Carly Teller  00:29:55 
and they were traded to the carolina panthers.
and when she... When her like name was removed from the group me, like,

Juliet Hahn  00:30:01 

Cynthia Zordich  00:30:03 

Carly Teller  00:30:04 
killed me. And i'm like, no. Like, it was just
it was just... It sounds silly, but it was, like, such a real moment. And, like, oh my gosh.

Cynthia Zordich  00:30:08 

Carly Teller  00:30:11 
like I thinner her screenshot and with, like a, you know, broken heart emoji. It's just

Juliet Hahn  00:30:14 

Cynthia Zordich  00:30:12 

Carly Teller  00:30:16 
it is with this

Juliet Hahn  00:30:16 
Well, that's so true.

Cynthia Zordich  00:30:16 
and she'll be your best friend. She'll stay your best friend and, like,
you know, you guys will see each other.

Carly Teller  00:30:20 
Oh, yeah. We talk everyday. It's and

Cynthia Zordich  00:30:22 

Carly Teller  00:30:24 
I'm so thankful that, you know, for the Nfl from meeting her and our
like our friendship, obviously, it's because of football, but it'll go beyond football. So

Cynthia Zordich  00:30:30 
That's beautiful.

Juliet Hahn  00:30:29 
I love I.

Cynthia Zordich  00:30:32 
It's awesome.

Carly Teller  00:30:32 
but it her... But it did her to see that

Cynthia Zordich  00:30:34 
That's the reality.

Juliet Hahn  00:30:34 
You're right. I'm sure.
Wait. And you do it again, you have to be a very specific personality
to roll with that and not everyone is at
you know, that's something you have to learn if you are not that personality. Some people are just born into it they're that person
now that they can just roll with it and do it. So I wanna now

Carly Teller  00:30:53 
Yeah. Yeah.

Juliet Hahn  00:30:53 
take you to baby boy from say that. Right? Baby boy

Carly Teller  00:30:58 

Juliet Hahn  00:30:58 
And I heard that his due date is Christmas.

Carly Teller  00:31:00 
It is Christmas Eve.
So Chris is Eve, and we have a get... It's gained a home game that day.

Juliet Hahn  00:31:07 

Carly Teller  00:31:10 
which just makes it so dramatic. But I mean, I don't
I I hope I don't have him that day just for everyone say,

Juliet Hahn  00:31:16 
So I am a Christmas Baby.

Carly Teller  00:31:19 
like, actual Christmas day,

Juliet Hahn  00:31:19 
And, yeah. So when Cynthia said that, Christmas day, and I was two weeks late,
and I absolutely love it. So

Carly Teller  00:31:25 
Okay. You're the only person ever told me that.

Cynthia Zordich  00:31:25 

Juliet Hahn  00:31:26 
So I think... And so I have to say, I think when you're on the day,
it's different than if you're around the debt.

Carly Teller  00:31:31 

Juliet Hahn  00:31:34 
I will say that. But even Christmas eve, it's still... We had... I grew up in a very big
family. And On one of five and my mom was on the seven or is one the seven. So
we always... There was always something going on. So for many years, my mom would say,
know, Honey. This is not. This is not about you. I used to think the world was celebrating. She like, it's Jesus.
naturally juliet at. It's jesus and Knows a

Cynthia Zordich  00:31:56 
he would.

Juliet Hahn  00:31:58 
Oh, i totally. And George, I would jump out to my sorry my mom and my mom is like, a
learn teacher like, very refined, and then I came out and I was like,
you know, lighten in the world on fire.
So it is... I absolutely loved it because everyone got together and I
still even as an adult love it because it's everyone is under the, like,

Carly Teller  00:32:14 

Cynthia Zordich  00:32:17 

Juliet Hahn  00:32:16 
I have my whole family. So even when my kids, like, I know when they go to college. everyone's gonna be there.
so I am not the best at celebrating other people's birthdays, like, when my kids, I'd be like, oh,

Carly Teller  00:32:26 

Juliet Hahn  00:32:24 
crap I gotta like, have a party, you know, when they were little. But for me, it was a party built into a

Carly Teller  00:32:29 

Juliet Hahn  00:32:29 
party. So... And then all the relative that you would see, and I was never, like a big
because we... There was a a lot of us. I didn't... I'm not like a
I like getting presence, but it's not something that that's like, what fuels me if it's surprising that's something that's nice

Cynthia Zordich  00:32:43 

Carly Teller  00:32:39 
It's not your love language, getting a gift.

Juliet Hahn  00:32:44 
Exactly. I was gonna say that. And then I was like, not everyone knows that it is.

Cynthia Zordich  00:32:44 
just having everybody there. Yeah. That's

Carly Teller  00:32:47 

Juliet Hahn  00:32:47 
having everyone there, the quality time is really what I loved. So
you're it's gonna be... It's gonna be amazing because that's the thing you're gonna make it special.
whether it's around or not, whether it's on it, and, you know, it it is what it is.
I mean, I was two weeks weeks late with every one of my children. My mom was late with all
of us. So some people early, my sister was early with all of her kids.
you know, but it's one of those things
gonna be fine.

Cynthia Zordich  00:33:08 
you know, be interesting, like to see... And, you know, it's funny
because like you say that well, you know that you're doing Christmas Eve,
But, you know, I know today, you can make that decision.

Carly Teller  00:33:22 

Cynthia Zordich  00:33:19 
are you going to induce to have the video christmas behavior? Are you just gonna let
be natural. And so have you made that decision on how you're gonna handle it?

Carly Teller  00:33:27 
oh, couple things before I forget to tell you guys because this is interesting
thing my... So I'm just wanted to me and my sister
and we're very close and she's pregnant and doing on Christmas day.

Juliet Hahn  00:33:41 

Cynthia Zordich  00:33:42 
Love this.
Oh my goodness.

Carly Teller  00:33:42 
My mom is just, like, over the moon. I this is my sister's
second. She's having a second girl.
It's just

Juliet Hahn  00:33:51 

Cynthia Zordich  00:33:54 

Carly Teller  00:33:52 
it's like perfect because we get... We're going through everything together and we're, like,
you know,
we both were really sick the first half of pregnancy and

Cynthia Zordich  00:34:03 
That's a joy.

Carly Teller  00:34:01 
it's literally... It's literally been like everything is the exact thing.

Juliet Hahn  00:34:06 
Isn't that so funny?

Carly Teller  00:34:05 
like, we weigh the same. It's crazy.
so she
she will probably
if I don't know if this is team i but she'll do... So probably do another c section because she did with their first baby.
she will probably do it thirty nine weeks.
So Like they... You know, I... So I talked to my doctor
She understands, you know,
my husband's for profession and that I would like for him to be there. I'm mean cleveland one
not by myself. I've got great friends, but
kind of on myself. So
in a perfect world. So she said that she would induce
know earlier than thirty nine weeks.
depending on how big he is my husband was huge, She would so
he was eleven point four pounds and he was born.

Cynthia Zordich  00:34:52 
Wow. Oh my lord. Yeah.

Carly Teller  00:34:53 
And so if he's really big, she says, you know, we can
see, we'll see what happens. But, yes, I'm I am more
I'm not really a super control freak, but there is something about because of
football season
I want to know
kind of when I'm gonna get birth.

Cynthia Zordich  00:35:10 

Juliet Hahn  00:35:11 
Right? And and nowadays it is. It can be that next. I love that you ask that
question because to my sister, my younger sister, and I had our kids

Carly Teller  00:35:21 
Oh cool.

Juliet Hahn  00:35:18 
literally, our first were a week apart or second more a month apart.
And then she waited, but I then I had my third and she third and then she had the Oh hello aloha fourth.
which I didn't because I was older, and we did not look the same. I gained sixty

Cynthia Zordich  00:35:27 

Juliet Hahn  00:35:30 
five pounds, and she gained twenty five pounds, so everyone would be like, oh, are you having

Cynthia Zordich  00:35:34 

Carly Teller  00:35:36 
why do people say that?

Juliet Hahn  00:35:34 
Like, no. I'm just
Well, and it's funny, but my sisters, like, a time... If she gained, wait. It looked like
like, it looks like her skin was been a crack. Like, she has stretch marks. I have no stretch mark
and it's just funny. I just have a bigger build than she does, but our kids are

Cynthia Zordich  00:35:49 
That's awesome.

Juliet Hahn  00:35:50 
so close because they're so they're so... Like, they just... Our close in age.
and we are not in the same city. But the thing that's funny is that
she went early and I went late, so it was
torture. So she would have the babies for two weeks, and I be like,

Cynthia Zordich  00:36:01 
Just waiting.

Carly Teller  00:36:03 

Juliet Hahn  00:36:03 
and I would gain ten more pounds every time. I mean

Cynthia Zordich  00:36:04 
Right. Go isn't not fair. This is not fair.

Juliet Hahn  00:36:07 
I like do... Yeah. And so it was always crazy, and then I had an emergency
set safari from my first, but then I did feedback for the other two.
but... Them, cynthia because I would love for you to talk about that really quickly because back
you know, when you were having the kids,

Cynthia Zordich  00:36:21 

Juliet Hahn  00:36:21 
was it was different because there wasn't

Cynthia Zordich  00:36:22 

Juliet Hahn  00:36:23 
there was not as many options. It's not like. I mean, it's not like good kids

Cynthia Zordich  00:36:27 

Juliet Hahn  00:36:26 
you know, nineteen hundred you know what I mean? But even when me now it's it's

Cynthia Zordich  00:36:28 

Juliet Hahn  00:36:30 
different when I had mine, the options that happened now

Cynthia Zordich  00:36:33 

Juliet Hahn  00:36:35 
did you tina to have kids?
you have had kids in similar ages.

Cynthia Zordich  00:36:35 
For me, it's funny, like,
know, if you wanna talk to the game, I remember when
we were in Philadelphia, one of the players of having
a baby on game day, and he was like I wanna be there, and I wanna I want to
see my baby born. You know, a lot of the people were having problems with that. They're like, well,
you know, this is what you do. And, you know, that you have to be there. And
and I remember
being interviewed because Michael and I had my my first son Michael Vincent,
and he wasn't there, and he had to go to the game.
and we played debt Dallas. What could
sounds like the worst thing to happen to you in the world is one of the funniest stories that we have
family and it's

Juliet Hahn  00:37:18 

Cynthia Zordich  00:37:19 
a great thing. He was there for part of it, but he had to leave by the time that I had Michael Vincent,
and it's just something that happen, but, you know, we were young and
we didn't have the choice. You know, we just... The baby came and we just, you know,
we know the choice to stay either because it's your job. You know? So it was a very difficult
but not so difficult thing because the decision was made for us. But I think later now today,
The good thing is guys wanna be there, and guys are different
type of people
they're more verbal about wanting to be with their family. They're more verbal about what comes first.
And it's also
you know, we are able to schedule around that a little more than we were able to in the past so
I like how you're thinking that you're like, you know why it wants to be there. I mean,
it's it's a beautiful day, and I think if it can be done, and I think it can be done and
in today's age, That's really cool thing to plan for. you know, sometimes life,

Carly Teller  00:38:12 

Cynthia Zordich  00:38:10 
you, they always say, you know, just go ahead and make plans and, you know, make

Juliet Hahn  00:38:15 
Look at that.

Cynthia Zordich  00:38:14 
blast because we have no idea. But, you know, I think you're you're ready for all of but

Carly Teller  00:38:19 

Cynthia Zordich  00:38:18 
Yeah know. The one thing I wanna ask you though is
I remember before I had babies,
and we were just married and
seeing all the kids come to run up to their ads after the game.
and just some pick them up and just that. And I remember being, like,
I want that I cannot wait for that. Are you... How are you feeling like that or you guys just like,
going crazy.
to see the baby.

Carly Teller  00:38:39 
Oh, my gosh. It's
so sweet. You know, like how it training can't
and that's like the time when everyone brings their babies to see the dads and everything.
that was like, you know,
I was still so new to pregnancy and it was just so sweet to see that. Like, I cannot wait

Cynthia Zordich  00:38:53 

Carly Teller  00:38:56 
and it will be fun because... I mean, you never... There's never a perfect
time in the x. I'll have a baby of
but most people try to do off season, but I keep thinking, like, okay, next year,
he won't be walking yet, but he'll be, like,
a full on, you know, like, nine month old baby.

Juliet Hahn  00:39:08 

Cynthia Zordich  00:39:12 
Oh my goodness.

Carly Teller  00:39:11 
So it'll be really sweet to see. And... Yeah. I cannot wait for that part because I just think it's
so cute.

Cynthia Zordich  00:39:15 
It is so cute.

Juliet Hahn  00:39:16 
And I know that recently, your your niece was able to experience one of
the first football game Right? And that was really cute.

Carly Teller  00:39:23 
I love her.

Juliet Hahn  00:39:25 
I mean that

Carly Teller  00:39:25 
Oh, thank you. I'm on obsessed with her. So we we're very lucky
on Wi, he's one of five, and we
we will be the eleventh grit. My baby will be the eleventh franchise child on that side.

Cynthia Zordich  00:39:37 

Carly Teller  00:39:35 
So I and we love them all dearly, but there is just
something so special about your
Oh, like, for me, like, my sister's daughter

Juliet Hahn  00:39:42 

Cynthia Zordich  00:39:45 

Carly Teller  00:39:45 
Oh my gosh. I just love her so much. And so they medicine enough for the game, and
she she just
it cost if anybody is watching you're listening to this and wants to watch that video if so,
sweet and pure.

Juliet Hahn  00:39:55 
It's really... And so that's it You can find Carly on we have her
twitter, which is fun. You can tell a little bit about what you do on Twitter. And then
Car Ig as well where you can find that... That's where I saw it when we when we knew we were
having you on. I was like, oh, let me just check and I saw that. And I said, oh, we that's so sweetest.

Carly Teller  00:40:12 
I love her.

Juliet Hahn  00:40:13 
thing. It's the cutest thing, and you can see how excited she was. She's was so excited

Cynthia Zordich  00:40:15 
so cute.

Carly Teller  00:40:18 
Yeah. Oh, gosh. I love her so much. She
there... So whenever we are finding out the sex of the baby,
I really didn't think I cared... Like I'm not that person
I wanna a boy or. I really want my girl, you know,
was like, it's a blessing that I'm pregnant.
whatever it is it is. But when I found out it was a boy. I was like,
Okay. I don't have to replace

Juliet Hahn  00:40:37 

Carly Teller  00:40:40 
right now, my relationship with my with Charlotte,

Juliet Hahn  00:40:43 

Cynthia Zordich  00:40:43 
I'm charlotte it.

Carly Teller  00:40:43 
because I love her so much. And, of course, you're gonna love your baby girl. You gotta lover her a little more. So I'm like, okay.
I still have my

Cynthia Zordich  00:40:45 

Juliet Hahn  00:40:49 

Carly Teller  00:40:49 
my me, you know, I that's probably... Probably sounds silly, but it

Juliet Hahn  00:40:52 
No. Not at no. Not at All. And even

Cynthia Zordich  00:40:51 
No. Oh my god.

Carly Teller  00:41:05 
Oh, so that's

Juliet Hahn  00:40:55 
you have your second, the same because I have two two boys, my sister or two boys so there's what the
of us. There's girls and then one boy. So we had all these boys, and so it was really funny.
and my daughter Pan penalty is the first granddaughter.
which is real... You know, but it was, like... If there's something special about that. You know, there's a
there's a special thing. And, you know, my when of my sister and I had our kids all at the same time,
definitely for my mom, it was a little overwhelming because it's like, who need
me, where do I need to be and all that? But it was... Your I wasn't able to be there for her birth
you know, where
in other families, people could be there, you know for it, but we got take
experience a lot of stuff together, and and I have special relationships
each of her children because of the relationship of

Cynthia Zordich  00:41:35 

Juliet Hahn  00:41:36 
that my kids have with them as well. So there's something really special to that.

Cynthia Zordich  00:41:40 
Yes. Plus, I I also come from one sister, and

Carly Teller  00:41:44 

Cynthia Zordich  00:41:44 
it's very emotional having one sister, and that's all you have.
she is

Carly Teller  00:41:49 

Cynthia Zordich  00:41:50 
that person for you. And I feel that way on my

Juliet Hahn  00:41:55 

Carly Teller  00:41:57 

Cynthia Zordich  00:41:53 
sister. And so when I saw her first baby, it's
really... It's it is... It isn't it just so emotional?
and it's a part of, thank you forever those relationships with those kids.

Carly Teller  00:42:01 
I would do, like, anything for her. Like, I just

Cynthia Zordich  00:42:06 
That's so beautiful.

Carly Teller  00:42:06 
I just love her so much. It's very special. And like I said, I love
all of my tailor nieces and nephews.
very much. But... And I'm sure they would say this same there's something about your own... Yeah.

Juliet Hahn  00:42:15 
Yeah. No. Totally.

Cynthia Zordich  00:42:15 
Yeah. It's a beautiful thing.
That's great. That's awesome.

Juliet Hahn  00:42:18 
so then I also want... Yeah. I and it's into so such

Cynthia Zordich  00:42:19 

Juliet Hahn  00:42:21 
special time. I mean, really, what your... What what you're in right now is such a special adventure.
because it's all an adventure right? There's you don't know what's happening.
So also, I have to bring it and something over gonna the chuckle.
but dogs, I don't think I've been able to
talk about dogs on all any of my podcast. Saw.
that you had a wine runner. I was like,
Because my doyle who is not with us anymore, who's my first name
boxer and my absolute heart, his best friend with blue child,

Carly Teller  00:42:52 

Juliet Hahn  00:42:50 
Christina Yes. I'm talking about you on my podcast, and that he was a wine.
and they were inseparable. And my sister, the one that had the kids all the same time,
she had bryce Canyon, who was a wine runner. So that was like, my first
So we have the boxes and the wines, and I just
absolutely love them. So I want how old is your wine on?
and her name? His name,

Carly Teller  00:43:11 
his... So he's too. He will, he
he was two in March and on National Puppy day. His name is Butler.

Juliet Hahn  00:43:17 
Love it.

Carly Teller  00:43:20 
Butler yeah butler blue, And that's what he... That's his name when he's in trouble butler blue.

Juliet Hahn  00:43:24 

Carly Teller  00:43:25 
start gonna hear me and come in here. And it's funny
I grew up with only boxers. Like, we always have officers.

Juliet Hahn  00:43:31 
Oh, my oh my gosh. That this is

Carly Teller  00:43:32 
Yeah. And then I we randomly... Why and I during Covid,

Juliet Hahn  00:43:35 
so when i

Carly Teller  00:43:36 
we were like,
we wanna a one runner puppy and which
getting a dog during Covid, like, during quarantine was either a blessing or
her. You could either

Juliet Hahn  00:43:46 

Carly Teller  00:43:46 
really focus with them or that I feel like there were a lot of people that got

Juliet Hahn  00:43:50 
May i know.

Carly Teller  00:43:49 
puppies and got rid of them. I hope that didn't happen too much. But
Yeah. He's a good boy, but if... But they they have pretty similar
you know how boxers I feel like doctors and one runners are both very, like, anxious.
and high energy

Juliet Hahn  00:44:03 
And and they're were very loyal.
they're very loyal and a higher energy. Yes.

Carly Teller  00:44:06 
very loyal. Yeah. They're kind of yeah.

Juliet Hahn  00:44:12 
They are

Carly Teller  00:44:10 
look nothing like, but very similar personalities.
Yeah. So Butler, he's our baby, and I
we... So, yeah. We got it March twenty twenty.

Cynthia Zordich  00:44:23 

Carly Teller  00:44:23 
Yeah. Well, no. Actually, we got a... I guess we got a May because he was eight weeks old.
he's a good boy. We just got we just bought a house in Cleveland.
And so I got to give him a yard, which was a big deal for me.
because they need to run a lot.
and I just put them on a diet

Juliet Hahn  00:44:38 
okay. And and that's the thing you...
But it's

Carly Teller  00:44:44 
Yes. We weighs ninety ninety five pounds On
okay. You're getting a little bit too thick. You're on the
pregnancy diet with mama.

Juliet Hahn  00:44:49 
Right. But it is fas especially when you're growing your

Carly Teller  00:44:56 

Juliet Hahn  00:44:53 
family that way. And so I have to say, Dave, that's in the in the audience. He's got three boxers.
And so...

Cynthia Zordich  00:44:34 

Juliet Hahn  00:44:59 
I know. So it's so funny he... The other day of a show, he said he's, like, commented on something. I

Carly Teller  00:45:04 

Juliet Hahn  00:45:04 
said. Music like, I have three, And I was like, oh my gosh. So I did not have the fourth
child. I got the second boxer, because my husband's like, oh my gosh. I
can't we we we were a little older and he's like, I don't wanna have a fourth
like, alright, Why I need a good reason and have a great reason. So Was a alright. I need a a second dog
but I think it's
I think it's so fun for you to be able to
grow your family. And I remember when I first had mine, and I was
so worried that Lucy, you know, that people weren't gonna love Lucy the same. And what what is the change in
all just worked out so beautifully because there was nothing, you know, nothing different. I remember
thinking if what if the baby's allergic to the dog,

Carly Teller  00:45:43 
What was what was she like? What was your dog like with your first
baby. I'm curious.

Juliet Hahn  00:45:41 
he's gonna have to deal all, like, you know, i'm not getting.

Carly Teller  00:45:49 

Juliet Hahn  00:45:48 
beautiful. I mean, he they were inseparable. I had
have it's so funny. We got, like, a video camera for our wedding, and it it was leaked the first social media.

Carly Teller  00:45:57 

Juliet Hahn  00:45:57 
I was like, oh my god. I was like, vlogging before. It was a thing.
I literally talked to the two of them.

Carly Teller  00:46:05 
no. It's we

Cynthia Zordich  00:46:05 
No. I love it.

Juliet Hahn  00:46:03 
makes me sound a little crazy, but simply gonna laugh because you know that
I would talk to the two of them and just, like, take everything that they were doing. So they
my husband can see, and we have all of that, like,

Carly Teller  00:46:22 

Juliet Hahn  00:46:14 
And mean, he walked really early, monk montgomery. We didn't know what we were having. If we were having a boy girl,
he walked really early and because he would hold on to her,

Cynthia Zordich  00:46:21 

Juliet Hahn  00:46:23 
And and but she was as fast too because people were like, oh boxes are so gen.

Carly Teller  00:46:28 

Juliet Hahn  00:46:28 
film and they're gonna like, she would also knock knock them over and I'd be like, well, this is
twelve. She's not... To. But they they were, like, in
They would play. He would, like, find toys to play with her, and we lived in the city. We were in
and we would go to the park and all the time, but she hated other dogs.
she begins, like, massive fights. So I always had to be careful. Like, when when lou
you know, So I... Like, a lot of times it would just be like on our our personal walk because you gotta walk, like, three or

Cynthia Zordich  00:46:52 
So kim.

Juliet Hahn  00:46:54 
three times a day. But, yeah, it's it's such a beautiful time when I nurse
she was my nursing pillow. She always had to be touching him in touch
me and it really

Cynthia Zordich  00:46:59 

Juliet Hahn  00:47:03 
Yeah. I loved. I loved watching that.

Cynthia Zordich  00:47:05 
Do you have a plan Carlos?

Carly Teller  00:47:05 
Yeah. Every my sister said, oh, I'm sorry. Go ahead.

Cynthia Zordich  00:47:08 
do you have a plan like of how you're gonna introduce the bathing to?

Carly Teller  00:47:12 
well I was gonna ask, like, a some people have told me like

Juliet Hahn  00:47:14 

Carly Teller  00:47:16 
send up link at home from the hospital
So, like, before I get home, send one

Juliet Hahn  00:47:18 
Yes. That's soils.

Carly Teller  00:47:21 
for Butler to cuddle with.

Juliet Hahn  00:47:23 
Yeah. And I did all of that now I have to show you picture

Carly Teller  00:47:29 

Juliet Hahn  00:47:26 
because we have a huge portrait of Lucy with Montgomery hat.
in his in her mouth that she carried with her all the time before we came home.
It was like this so
She like,

Carly Teller  00:47:34 
Oh, she thought she was like, that's my baby.

Cynthia Zordich  00:47:35 

Juliet Hahn  00:47:37 
she... Yeah. She she kept it. She kept it. But so there's, like, all those things and we can talk off
about that. But, yeah, there's, like, all that you just bring it home so they can sniff and smell and

Carly Teller  00:47:44 

Cynthia Zordich  00:47:46 
That's sweet.

Juliet Hahn  00:47:48 
it is is

Cynthia Zordich  00:47:48 
that's gonna be those pictures are gonna be really cute of seeing

Carly Teller  00:47:47 
I can't wait.

Juliet Hahn  00:47:50 
I know I can't wait either.

Carly Teller  00:47:53 
We'll end my end

Cynthia Zordich  00:47:51 
butler learn with the baby. That's really adorable.

Juliet Hahn  00:47:54 

Carly Teller  00:47:55 
I I remember when my sister had my niece.
she's at the time, her dog now has passed away, but Louis, her dog,

Juliet Hahn  00:48:02 

Carly Teller  00:48:02 
he was a red lab. She every night, you know, she got up
all throughout the night at the beginning to nurse. And she said every night, Louis got up with their
and laid right fire, and they're just, like,
they're the best and

Cynthia Zordich  00:48:10 
So we am my god.

Carly Teller  00:48:15 
she said that that time and your life or that time, it's

Juliet Hahn  00:48:15 

Carly Teller  00:48:18 
you happen to be a nursing mom. She said that that
that three Am m when you feel like no one in the world is a awake, You feel so lonely
having your dog, it means so much more than you would think, like,

Cynthia Zordich  00:48:29 
Love it.

Juliet Hahn  00:48:29 
It does. And it's
and it's conversation, and that's the other thing. I mean, when I say and I know it sounds crazy, but I would

Cynthia Zordich  00:48:35 

Juliet Hahn  00:48:35 
talk to both of them, but that's why Montgomery also spoke really early.
because I it was all the talking and, you know, I would have conversations with the both because I'm just still
walk back to me, but I just

Cynthia Zordich  00:48:43 
Right you loved it.

Juliet Hahn  00:48:46 
I loved it.

Cynthia Zordich  00:48:47 
it's also cute.

Carly Teller  00:48:44 
That's awesome.

Cynthia Zordich  00:48:48 
I love it.

Juliet Hahn  00:48:48 
Yeah. I'm really excited for you.

Carly Teller  00:48:50 
Thank you.

Cynthia Zordich  00:48:49 
Oh my lord. I love that. And I also... I have
to say, I wanna talk about a couple things. Why don't I wanna talk about your

Juliet Hahn  00:48:58 

Cynthia Zordich  00:48:58 
the mission of you guys are involved with and how you seem to really just
jumped in in Cleveland and just you're really getting to know this the
town. I mean, I'm we're in... I'm from Pittsburgh, so we were raised to hate, Cleveland.

Carly Teller  00:49:09 

Cynthia Zordich  00:49:10 
but my husband is from Young town. There's so many brown sand
I was in the middle of all that. And I got to see such loyalty with
the dawn pounds and the people Cleveland and their love for the team.
through many generations. But I wanna talk about how you kinda have the connection
with some of the fans and how you have a good rapport with some of these
fans that I think they probably go crazy, and I also wanna talk about block under

Carly Teller  00:49:36 
So... Yeah. So I
said this before, but why it doesn't have social media, and I am like,
I I say that's now when I baby i might be different. But as of right now, I'm like,
you know, all over social media, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram all that.
and I engage a lot with
fans and brown, you know, brown fans on Twitter, and I really enjoy it.
Now I... Occasionally, I can get a little intimidated
last year, I was kinda bad about it with
You guys, just... Yeah. I can get a most of them agree with me.
But for the most part, it should... I just really enjoy just
getting in touch with people and
and make and letting them realize, like, we're... Just because why it's
really good at what he does. We're just people, and I love the back and forth, and
getting to know people from all over coming because they're brown fans just like
feel fans and everything they're everywhere. And
I actually, last year, I I don't know if I'm gonna do it this year, but last year, I
put out a tweet
And I said, I hey, guys. Like, I would love
to send out Christmas cards, a brown fans,
Do... You know, Vm me, your address if you want one,
and I totally underestimated how many people I mean,
thousands of messages.

Juliet Hahn  00:50:51 
Oh my god.

Carly Teller  00:50:54 
And I mean, I was... I guess I just underestimated Brown fans, so I apologize. But
I got out so I said, okay. I can... I'm gonna do his many. I can't Say it
sent a thousand

Cynthia Zordich  00:51:03 
Oh my god.

Juliet Hahn  00:51:06 
Oh my gosh.

Carly Teller  00:51:05 
Christmas cards. And so I got them made. Like, they were cute. It was
from the day that why... That white it signs a contract. So it's kinda like

Cynthia Zordich  00:51:12 
Oh god.

Carly Teller  00:51:13 
target... you know, targeted for brown fans. It was it wasn't just us sitting in front of our house.

Juliet Hahn  00:51:16 
I love that.

Cynthia Zordich  00:51:16 
they had love that. They had love it.

Carly Teller  00:51:19 
Oh, they I still have people like at training camp and at games. I have people say,

Juliet Hahn  00:51:25 
Oh, it's so cool.

Carly Teller  00:51:23 
I love your goodness card. Thank you for the Christmas card. And so I kinda of
feel like I need to do it again, but it

Cynthia Zordich  00:51:26 
That's so cool, Carly, That is so cool.

Carly Teller  00:51:29 
it was... Well, it was it
again, like, it was right, You know, we couldn't do anything during Covid. Even last year, we
could hardly leave. So I once I committed, I wasn't about to not do it.

Juliet Hahn  00:51:42 
I love that.

Carly Teller  00:51:41 
So, yeah, it was just like something little that

Juliet Hahn  00:51:45 

Cynthia Zordich  00:51:48 

Carly Teller  00:51:47 
Well, it's free tedious. It took time out my day, but I had the time for it, and it
it was a way for us to connect with fans.
on this very... I mean, I hand row. I didn't hand the card, but
the address and everything I hand wrote it,
And I wish I could've have sent more, but
a thousand was a lot. So

Juliet Hahn  00:52:03 
It's so beautiful.

Cynthia Zordich  00:52:03 
It's beautiful. I mean, I think this such a beautiful gesture.
something meant it's refreshing and kind of like,

Carly Teller  00:52:08 
Yeah. It was... Yeah. It was just some... You know, it's

Cynthia Zordich  00:52:13 

Carly Teller  00:52:12 
But like I was able to really... I wasn't giving necessarily or giving back, but it was just a little just
who doesn't have a little Christmas guy?

Juliet Hahn  00:52:19 
but you connected
Yeah. Connecting

Cynthia Zordich  00:52:17 
but you are... You are getting back
Yeah. I mean, the the fact that you took the time to write. I mean, that's something not a lot
people can do even with family and friends these days because it is tedious or
to write a car, and it's hard. Right? Christmas cards are mostly the digital now.

Carly Teller  00:52:30 

Cynthia Zordich  00:52:33 
So the fact that you did that

Carly Teller  00:52:38 
It was fun.

Cynthia Zordich  00:52:35 
just how to resonate with the kind of people that you that you are, and they had love it.
Yeah. That's awesome.

Carly Teller  00:52:40 
it was fun and so... So, yeah, I tried to
you know, talk to talk on Twitter and kind of
represent us in a good way because I mean, why it is
like an amazing person. If you ever watched Like an interview of him or
I mean, he's
he's actually like, extremely social and intuitive, but he just doesn't like,

Juliet Hahn  00:52:57 

Cynthia Zordich  00:52:56 

Carly Teller  00:52:59 
so media, which is fine.

Cynthia Zordich  00:53:01 
It's great.

Carly Teller  00:53:01 
which I think can be very toxic for a lot of players. And so I am
kind of grateful that he's not into it because I can handle it.

Cynthia Zordich  00:53:06 

Carly Teller  00:53:07 
for the look, you know, the ten percent of people that send me nasty stuff
can handle it. It's fine.

Juliet Hahn  00:53:13 

Carly Teller  00:53:14 
I don't want to affect him.

Cynthia Zordich  00:53:14 
that is so interesting that you say that. Yeah it it's like,
now Just
this begins the long journey of that.
taking over and making sure, you know, like, there certain things that
in a partnership, especially in the league, I think, you know,
like what you can handle and how you can you to that side of it.
and what he can handle, and I think that's really cool on your part, Like, to
to see that right away.
only to other great decisions that you're gonna make.
as he goes to the lake,

Carly Teller  00:53:42 
Thank you.
Yeah. I and I and to
also talk about the campaign that we're doing with Elk, which is a
So there a law firm in Cleveland.

Cynthia Zordich  00:53:53 

Carly Teller  00:53:55 
and they reached out to us and we were super honored because
I feel like everyone wants to
b selling drop and do
fundraising raising things, and
sometimes it's kinda hard to find, like,
the thing you're passionate about or
or to find the organization that we'll work with you. And so I'm we're really grateful that we
are at the place in our in why it's career where we had someone reach out to us.
because I mean, they were... They have been awesome to work with. So what we're doing is
we did a little commercial. Not I wasn't not part of it, but I
I don't know. I helped.
And for every
every game that white it has a pancake block,
which is do you know to pancake?

Cynthia Zordich  00:54:38 
I do.

Carly Teller  00:54:38 
Okay. Yeah.

Juliet Hahn  00:54:40 
What's so you gotta... Well you gonna tell you gotta tell because. I don't know what that is.

Cynthia Zordich  00:54:41 
Okay. Well, can i... Carly, I got... I have i This is really cool.

Carly Teller  00:54:45 

Cynthia Zordich  00:54:48 
So my... One of my best friends
I a lot of people can contain it for more hometown in Pen Hills.
Pa. There was often some garden named fail.
and he passed away about four years ago now.

Juliet Hahn  00:55:07 

Cynthia Zordich  00:55:03 
and from cancer, and they named that after him.
the pancake block, was named Doctor Bill Fe tackling style

Juliet Hahn  00:55:11 
Oh, it's so cool.

Cynthia Zordich  00:55:11 
because he just would kinda knock you guys over, like, into piles of

Carly Teller  00:55:15 
Oh, cool.

Cynthia Zordich  00:55:16 
just like you flip a pancake. And so when you say that, like, it already, I was like,
Oh god. So that was very cool that

Carly Teller  00:55:23 
That's awesome.

Cynthia Zordich  00:55:24 
you know, that why it has that. Can then say that about a lot of players

Carly Teller  00:55:29 

Juliet Hahn  00:55:27 
That's so cool.

Cynthia Zordich  00:55:28 
that they have that ability. Mhmm.

Carly Teller  00:55:31 
Yes. So it's like,
Julia, It's
it's like, a lot of the guys, they all block Right? Like all these guards and often design the block.
but a pain, which is actually... I mean, it's a... It's an actual stat that they count.
pancake block is whenever you block and then, like,
I guess, like, kinda, like put them on their back.

Juliet Hahn  00:55:50 
Oh, right. Okay.

Carly Teller  00:55:52 
so instead of just... Said... I don't know what they do. but instead of just blocking, you like,

Juliet Hahn  00:55:55 
Right. You put them.

Cynthia Zordich  00:55:54 
Yeah. I can flip them. If it

Carly Teller  00:55:56 
Yeah. Like, complete the block and they're on their back.
Yeah. I'm very dramatic.

Juliet Hahn  00:55:59 
So cool. Thank you. Yeah. Thanks, To then.

Cynthia Zordich  00:55:59 
Right. It's like moving all of the way.

Carly Teller  00:56:03 
Yeah. So for every
gained that white it has a pancake block, which she has
a lot like, multiple again every every game then has a pancake block
they are donating seven hundred and seventy
dollars, and then they are donating seventy seven dollars
her point at the brown score per game. So it's coming out to thousands a week.

Cynthia Zordich  00:56:22 
That's nice.

Juliet Hahn  00:56:25 
so amazing.

Carly Teller  00:56:24 
and they're donating it to the Augustine hunger center, which is in Cleveland.
and we're we're gonna do it all season, but then we're gonna try to do an event
around thanksgiving with them
specifically with pancakes. But so that's the whole thing with... That's the whole
the seventy seven is wise number, and then
it would there. I mean, they they... They've done great. Like, it was their Idea

Juliet Hahn  00:56:44 
That's that really is cool.

Carly Teller  00:56:47 
I think they're being extremely generous.

Cynthia Zordich  00:56:42 
That's fantastic.

Carly Teller  00:56:49 
I think.
so they... Originally, they said they wanted to use seven hundred and seventy dollars
her pancake block and why it was like,
you guys, like, that's really nice, but I have, like, sometimes like ten a again.

Cynthia Zordich  00:56:47 
Oh my god.
that's a lot of money. Like, that's a lot for a pancake block. My god. So great.

Carly Teller  00:57:04 
it... They were like, okay. Just getting

Cynthia Zordich  00:57:07 
Ten pancakes game. I love it.

Juliet Hahn  00:57:02 
Okay. I love

Cynthia Zordich  00:57:12 
my god.

Juliet Hahn  00:57:10 
I and I love that. He was like, whoa, wait. No I'm really good at this. Like,

Carly Teller  00:57:15 
Yeah. He he said, you know, that's really nice, but
it's gonna be a lot. So... Yeah. So then we met in the middle, and it's still... I mean, they're still
extremely generous.

Juliet Hahn  00:57:25 
extremely and that's so cool.

Cynthia Zordich  00:57:25 
So right. But we need to know, like, yeah. I
Think also, ways for people to get involved with what they're doing, is they're, like, a
site people could kinda tap into
what you're doing maybe contribute to that.

Carly Teller  00:57:39 
So say augustine hunger center dot org, I believe,
we haven't actually been there Just said transparent. We haven't been there yet. So I don't have like
ton of information about it.
we just filmed the commercial last week.
I'll know a like, a little bit more later, I wish I could provide more information, but

Cynthia Zordich  00:57:52 
No. No. That's good.

Juliet Hahn  00:57:53 
Well, what we can put it in the show. We'll give we'll put it in the show notes when the episode goes
So no worries.

Carly Teller  00:57:55 
Okay. Cool.

Cynthia Zordich  00:57:57 
That's fantastic.

Juliet Hahn  00:57:59 
yeah. We'll get more of that. So people can can look it up. And even if even if even if it's like a, you know,
goes right to Ohio. It can be also one of the things people can follow.

Carly Teller  00:58:08 

Cynthia Zordich  00:58:05 

Carly Teller  00:58:10 

Cynthia Zordich  00:58:09 

Juliet Hahn  00:58:09 
Right? They can follow your also your journey with the new baby, and
and and and your pop and and then this as well. I think that's like, you know, what people
if they wanna see the good things, and that's why this show is so important. It's we're showing the good things the good side

Carly Teller  00:58:19 
I love that.

Juliet Hahn  00:58:22 
the good side of humans, and there's so many good humans out there and and
their stories or what connects you, But Gonna. You know, this
with the new baby and the and the puppy, like, right, you know, your dog right away. I was like, oh I lover her hour right
you i'm not.

Carly Teller  00:58:33 
Oh my gosh. I love you guys.

Cynthia Zordich  00:58:35 

Juliet Hahn  00:58:36 
you know, if that's the thing... And that since they always ask

Cynthia Zordich  00:58:38 
So but

Juliet Hahn  00:58:40 
that's great.
such great questions and it's it's really important. So I love that you guys are you're doing that.
and the initiative the sounds amazing.

Cynthia Zordich  00:58:48 

Carly Teller  00:58:47 
Thank you.

Cynthia Zordich  00:58:48 
Keep it up and it's great, and I'll definitely send you information about
everything that I know of. And I'm sure that, you know, about, like, the
Facebook group, and I'm sure you know about
if you don't know about off the field, I'll send you information about off the field. It's rush

Carly Teller  00:59:05 

Cynthia Zordich  00:59:04 
so I'll make you my over rush girl to tell you all the great things that we do.
we're really working to get in current wives, you know, carbons pulses.
because the whole purpose is to be like that gatekeeper and to help young girl.
through help them navigate through. So we're really pushing to bring in our young girls
do participate most of it is service. I think that's what separates us.
is what we do in service. But, you know how that is when you do something in service,
you end up forming these friendships in the sister and

Carly Teller  00:59:30 

Cynthia Zordich  00:59:33 
you end up doing so much together. So I'll tell you all about that, and I'm

Carly Teller  00:59:41 
I would.

Cynthia Zordich  00:59:37 
you know, just like hopefully get you to the super Bowl because I think you
it never missed the super. That's the one thing I always wanna say. Never missed the super Bowl.

Carly Teller  00:59:42 
Do you always go?

Cynthia Zordich  00:59:45 
hopefully, you you'll be in it. Yeah. Yes.
we... The events there's there's
this typical sorts off there so many events for women at the super bowl and Juliet Alaska
like had came up with this tagline line at one point because
I had to do it for the playbook, and it's like there's so much for a girl to do it at the super Bowl.
and we started realizing that why we were all there and we're all doing things. Like, besides,
I do off the thread lunch in on Thursday, then also field has the
fashion show on Friday. And, of course, nfl pa has Nfl Pa party on
Saturday. I used to do a five football game,
with touched by Alyssa Milan, would hope to bring that back.
is just because kinda of, like, changed a couple things. That was one of them.
So there's so much to do, but I look at the super Bowl for all current

Juliet Hahn  01:00:36 

Cynthia Zordich  01:00:33 
players and spouses. This is your networking dream. This is
you meeting your people, to people you play against
the women that are there that you might end up being with at some point.
and you go to these you go the super bowl with your group of friends.
you know, I call Emily and say, hey, well, hopefully, you guys are in it. You know, like, you hope to be in it.

Carly Teller  01:00:51 
I know.

Cynthia Zordich  01:00:52 
But if you're not in it, call

Carly Teller  01:00:53 
I I don't wanna be pessimistic and be like, we're not gonna be an next mic.

Juliet Hahn  01:00:55 

Carly Teller  01:00:57 

Cynthia Zordich  01:00:54 
No. No. No. You wanna be in and. You could always be in it. You get in a playoffs.

Carly Teller  01:00:59 

Cynthia Zordich  01:00:59 
the call your girlfriends from everywhere. And say, let's do it.
trip. Let's get the guys and go to the game and there's, you know, go do radio mode
talk about
what you're doing talk about what you're doing with saying augustine you talk about what you're doing in business.
meet other people. That's where it clicks, and that's what
I would have to say, make that your goal. Don't get those super little tickets away.

Carly Teller  01:01:20 

Juliet Hahn  01:01:24 
for the...

Cynthia Zordich  01:01:21 
keep them and go to that game and go early and go and be in the fashion show.

Carly Teller  01:01:23 
That's a great advice.

Cynthia Zordich  01:01:26 

Juliet Hahn  01:01:26 

Carly Teller  01:01:26 
that's like that's honestly such good advice speakers, I've never had anyone tell me
like, the benefit of the women going really? I I've never known.

Cynthia Zordich  01:01:32 

Juliet Hahn  01:01:34 
Well, mean... And and so the, don't mean to interrupt because. They know this is
you know, you're you're the more realm. But the thing that was really cool is now that
I've been there for this last one, seeing the connections and then the collaborations

Cynthia Zordich  01:01:45 

Juliet Hahn  01:01:47 
of like, hey, this is what I'm doing for business, and it's like
you know what? This is when when my husband's out of the league,
these are the women I'm gonna go talk to. Hey. I wanna be able to now contribute or I have this business
idea or I want to get into real estate or, you know, I wanna do these things and that's

Cynthia Zordich  01:02:02 

Juliet Hahn  01:02:02 
where all happens, and it was so beautiful. The podcast
was there we have the live podcast, but it's so beautiful to watch it And then afterwards,
talking about it and me being, like, you know, feeling like a fly on the wall, even though I was there, but since I'm not

Cynthia Zordich  01:02:12 
No. You're part of it.

Juliet Hahn  01:02:14 
in the league. But I know I know and you're the best, but, you know what I mean? It was like, so, like,
I I think there's a half of I have to, like, shut my mouth because I was like, oh my god. That was so cool.
those who just came together. And then the story of the fashion. I just wanna tell really quick, you know,
Brown, and her best friend
So Angela, they used to go to all Attend events.
and they would be like, okay, ladies, You can just... And I think this is Soon you're laugh because it
you're the mall and they told you to go to the mall, but, hey, you guys can go off and do things and they were, like,
Well, no we don't we don't wanna do do that. So that's how they created.
off and since they've correct me for mom, but that's how they created off the field. I was like, no. We have things to do. We are

Cynthia Zordich  01:02:52 

Juliet Hahn  01:02:52 
powerful. You know, our husbands are powerful, but we were also powerful We had asked
and we have things that we've done. Let's connect. And and let's build this, and let's grow this and let's
stay, and then that's help the next generations know that

Cynthia Zordich  01:03:05 

Juliet Hahn  01:03:04 
hey. You have a voice too. You have a voice and we're together, and we
feel each other because we are we're women because we connect there, but we are sisters

Cynthia Zordich  01:03:12 

Juliet Hahn  01:03:12 
because we are in the lead together.

Cynthia Zordich  01:03:13 
Exactly. Yep. And it is it's

Carly Teller  01:03:18 

Cynthia Zordich  01:03:16 
twenty two years going, the super fashion show. It's always sold out. It's
all current wives and women in the area
that are modeling
so, you know, and it's really fun because then the players come afterwards. So
something I would love to see you do. Like to see you get in the fashion
you'll get addicted to being on that runway because it is a

Carly Teller  01:03:33 
I'm gonna be too. I'm gonna be too much
post. I don't know.
If you want me on that,

Cynthia Zordich  01:03:37 
Well, you could you could... Yeah. I mean, we've had girls

Carly Teller  01:03:45 
Oh, my goodness.

Cynthia Zordich  01:03:42 
that were, like, could've have delivered right there on the runway.
you know, And it's so fun. And people

Juliet Hahn  01:03:48 
it's safe and it's comfortable. Yeah.

Cynthia Zordich  01:03:49 
Oh, my lord. Yeah. You would absolutely love it. It's it's it's family oriented.

Carly Teller  01:03:52 

Cynthia Zordich  01:03:54 
fashion, you know, runway. It's not, you know, the guys are so funny they
together with the girls and the girls just has that moment, you know? And
and but planning it's great, but what we'll be like, for instance last year was in La
we find charity in that area. And this
we've lucky because Holly Robinson pete, who really had the first fashion show that I ever knew of.
and actually, even got to a ten pat that was
twenty three years ago.

Carly Teller  01:04:25 

Cynthia Zordich  01:04:18 
her she has a foundation called the Hollywood bud Foundation.
that's the charity we chose, and we were able raise seventy five thousand dollars for that charity.

Carly Teller  01:04:26 

Cynthia Zordich  01:04:26 
for Parkinson's and autism. So we go into that city, and we impact

Juliet Hahn  01:04:32 
And that's what

Cynthia Zordich  01:04:30 
the city. Yeah. As nfl women, and then people are like, wow.
like, wow. These women came in here, and they just took over, and then they left and they left their mark.
they left something to our charities because there's not just one. We pick a
we take women to honor. We take charity to honor, then there's always another charity that we
kind of like
donate some too because it's hard to pick one.

Carly Teller  01:04:49 
That's amazing.

Juliet Hahn  01:04:50 
We're in that

Cynthia Zordich  01:04:51 
It's cool. You would love it.

Juliet Hahn  01:04:53 
And use... And it's end up energy in the vibe and the love is
what like, really got me and it was one of those things that I was, like, wait Cynthia Are you guys been doing this for how many years.

Cynthia Zordich  01:05:03 
they been in.

Juliet Hahn  01:05:01 
And how much... Like, how much money did you raise? And why is why isn't this being broadcast
and why isn't this being talked about? So we were like, we're gonna broadcast it. We're gonna do it.

Cynthia Zordich  01:05:07 
Yeah. We had fun in that.
That is fun.

Juliet Hahn  01:05:10 
but as I'll take in their own hands, We really did. We really did. It's such a great event.

Cynthia Zordich  01:05:13 
I love it, and I love my girls, and I love I love the girls off the field.
And now I always been, like, there's so many different groups. You know, And I always don't like like... There's one
it's sitting around the table talking with your sisters and just being real
and then there's one that get you out there into the community servicing servicing and that's also field.
and to me, like that
mine thread it's just
linking everybody to these great groups and these great women and these great resources.

Carly Teller  01:05:45 
So if I want to like, tell the browns wide
me about

Cynthia Zordich  01:05:38 
you know, it's like,
they're doing. We're doing, you know, And there's so many things you can do.
you know, if you if you're interested,

Carly Teller  01:05:51 
in a health thread. How... What's the best way for the, like,
is it just... Do they go to the website like, what's the best way for them to join?

Cynthia Zordich  01:05:58 
they can to get to know it. They can go to nfl dot com.

Carly Teller  01:05:58 

Cynthia Zordich  01:06:02 
and see everything that I'm doing. And that we introduce to everything the playbook
the podcast.

Carly Teller  01:06:08 

Cynthia Zordich  01:06:08 
and the platform. But if they wanna join it, it's
private and it's secure. It's nfl thread dot net.
that's where they'll fill out all their information. And just let they fill out the information,
it gives them a profile, and then they can... It's like this cute little
saying where it shows you all the different things you're connected and groups so you can join

Carly Teller  01:06:22 

Cynthia Zordich  01:06:27 

Carly Teller  01:06:28 

Cynthia Zordich  01:06:28 
But thanks for asking that. That's awesome.

Carly Teller  01:06:29 
Yeah. I'm going I'm gonna do it.

Cynthia Zordich  01:06:30 
Yeah. Fiscal cool.

Carly Teller  01:06:32 
That's awesome.

Juliet Hahn  01:06:30 
Yeah. No. I love that. And I'm the
It's it's so amazing. I mean, I know where we told you an hour and we're a little over. So I
we could I think could talk for day.

Carly Teller  01:06:39 
Oh, I can I can sit here and talk alt.
that's why it always says. I could just talk forever.

Cynthia Zordich  01:06:45 
I love it.
I love it.

Juliet Hahn  01:06:47 
I can I totally like a dog forever. But

Carly Teller  01:06:50 
Thank you.

Juliet Hahn  01:06:50 
Thank you so much for joining Wine live with Nfl Thread Carly, and

Cynthia Zordich  01:06:54 

Juliet Hahn  01:06:55 
this has just been such a pleasure, and I know so many people, again, we had
many people jumping in and out of the room. I'm getting text. To my phone's blowing up, Like, oh, my god. I love her.

Carly Teller  01:07:01 
Oh my god.

Juliet Hahn  01:07:03 
I love that. You know, I love the story. It's

Carly Teller  01:07:05 
Oh, thank you.

Juliet Hahn  01:07:06 
And so I know when you said before, I don't know... I mean, you just... You have a a being about you. You are just

Carly Teller  01:07:07 
Thank you.

Cynthia Zordich  01:07:07 

Juliet Hahn  01:07:11 
you're lovable. I mean, I don't know if people have told you that, but you really do have a great lovable energy.

Carly Teller  01:07:12 
Oh my gosh. Yeah. Make
Not hormones. I'm I'm gonna start tearing up.
Thank you.

Cynthia Zordich  01:07:17 
Yes. We'll be following you because I just can't wait to watch

Juliet Hahn  01:07:22 
Oh, can't wait.

Cynthia Zordich  01:07:22 
baby like, the whole process. It's so fun.

Carly Teller  01:07:22 
It'll be interesting to see when he comes.
we'll see.

Juliet Hahn  01:07:24 

Cynthia Zordich  01:07:25 
I write.

Juliet Hahn  01:07:28 
I know, we

Carly Teller  01:07:28 
Espn. Will share. I'm sure they'll be excited if it is a game day.

Cynthia Zordich  01:07:29 

Juliet Hahn  01:07:32 

Cynthia Zordich  01:07:33 
only exit.

Carly Teller  01:07:33 
or whoever thoughts whatever again.

Juliet Hahn  01:07:34 

Cynthia Zordich  01:07:35 
it would be fun. Wouldn't be fun.

Juliet Hahn  01:07:37 
It's so fun.

Cynthia Zordich  01:07:37 
Yeah. Like, get that phone call in the field, they used to have these phones and be like,

Juliet Hahn  01:07:43 

Cynthia Zordich  01:07:42 
Well, your wife and labor you gotta go.

Carly Teller  01:07:45 
My mom will be Russian from Virginia, sister Labor, the

Juliet Hahn  01:07:45 

Carly Teller  01:07:49 
why it'll be on the football field. I mean, it
it'll be a movie.

Cynthia Zordich  01:07:51 
I love it.

Carly Teller  01:07:54 

Juliet Hahn  01:07:50 
If we have another venture, another man will look at

Cynthia Zordich  01:07:53 
life is maybe

Juliet Hahn  01:07:55 
a a lot of life is an adventure and it's a movie. It really is

Carly Teller  01:07:55 
It will have to do a mini
episode, and then we can just talk about the chaos of that day, and
be like, well, now I have a baby.

Cynthia Zordich  01:08:02 

Juliet Hahn  01:08:32 
baby pancake, Chris Ross, be pancake
Things. That's

Carly Teller  01:08:37 
Yep. That's his name. How'd you get it?
Thank you so much. Y'all are amazing.

Juliet Hahn  01:08:41 
Thanks, Chris.
I love it. I love. Yes.
Thank you again.
Yeah. And everyone, this will be out in a couple weeks.
we'll we'll fill you in on that, but definitely follow Carly on

Cynthia Zordich  01:08:38 
Baby pancake. I love that.
Basic. I love it. Beautiful. Well god bless you. We're really excited for you.
Thank you. Thanks for joining us us today.
I see it.

Carly Teller  01:08:58 
Thank you.

Juliet Hahn  01:08:59 
Twitter and Instagram, and and don't forget to join Y
we have many shows coming up, wine the live with Nfl thread and wine the live with Nfl thread.
pivot if you're not following Cynthia and myself, and Carly,
do that because you'll know all the series and all the people that we're having
come up and then leading us up into the Super Bowl.

Cynthia Zordich  01:09:16 

Carly Teller  01:09:21 

Juliet Hahn  01:09:18 
which is a really exciting time. So we will see you guys

Cynthia Zordich  01:09:21 

Juliet Hahn  01:09:22 
We'll see you guys next week. Right? Something Will see them next week. We. Yeah. We have

Cynthia Zordich  01:09:24 
Absolutely. I know it's time.

Juliet Hahn  01:09:26 
We have Ashley Brown, and then Ashley, Peterson, we can I tell the funny story? So
Ashley Peterson,
his adrian wife,
her maiden name is was brown.
and we have Ashley Brown, who's coach browns

Cynthia Zordich  01:09:40 
right. And we're off

Juliet Hahn  01:09:40 
And so I was going to make sure I could spell them right? And I was like,
a second. I'm so confused. They're the same name, but different
face like, had to call Cynthia and I'd be like, okay. This is an

Cynthia Zordich  01:09:49 
to book?

Juliet Hahn  01:09:51 
and I met both of them and they were lovely. So I knew who they were, but they're and I was... And it's
they both had the same name.

Cynthia Zordich  01:09:55 
I know that.
that are gonna be great shows. I love them both.
down they're gonna be fun.

Juliet Hahn  01:10:00 
Great shows. Yeah. So it's the
twenty, and you guys can see our or profile, but it's the twentieth

Cynthia Zordich  01:10:07 

Juliet Hahn  01:10:06 
and then also the twenty seventh. So Ashley Brown,
coaches wife and off the field, she's gonna be on the twentieth

Cynthia Zordich  01:10:09 

Juliet Hahn  01:10:14 
And then the twenty seventh will be ashley peterson. And, Carly, again, thank you so much.

Carly Teller  01:10:17 
Thank you so much who's awesome.

Cynthia Zordich  01:10:19 
Thank you so much. That's great.

Juliet Hahn  01:10:22 
gonna I'm gonna

Carly Teller  01:10:27 
I want game day chicken.

Cynthia Zordich  01:10:21 
And I have to go make game day chicken in front team, So I gotta go

Juliet Hahn  01:10:23 

Cynthia Zordich  01:10:25 
It's Wednesday. It's street day.
I know. I mean, I love I just love
care Or head coach with life. And did you tweet
a every wednesday for C, the guys come running off the field.
and we literally have tables out of treats straight streets.
and they just run through and and like, thank you. Thank it. Thank you thank they're grabbing everything.

Juliet Hahn  01:10:45 
Oh, I love it.

Carly Teller  01:10:51 

Cynthia Zordich  01:10:48 
And I told here and I can't make. I'm terrible, but I can make chicken.

Carly Teller  01:10:53 
i bet

Juliet Hahn  01:10:55 
I love it.

Cynthia Zordich  01:10:52 
I make a good game ticket.
so I'm off to do it.

Juliet Hahn  01:10:57 
I love it. Well, thank you everyone. Again, Carl, and Cynthia, and why

Carly Teller  01:11:00 
Thank you.

Juliet Hahn  01:11:02 
live with Nfl thread. If you're here on Linkedin, Youtube, Facebook,
Twitch or if you're watching and listening to the replay,
or if you're here live in the studio, thank you again.
for joining another show.

Cynthia Zordich  01:11:11 
Thank you, guys. Great company.

Carly Teller  01:11:12 

Juliet Hahn  01:11:14 
let's say what kind of music are we're gonna get? Oh, we got some good music.
not a slow polka.

Cynthia Zordich  01:11:17 
Yeah. Thank goodness. No. Good job.
Bye. Thank you.

Juliet Hahn  01:11:21 
Thanks, everyone. Bye.

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