YNS Live with NFL Thread feat. Cookie Johnson and Holly Robinson Peete

Mar 24, 2022

Listen to a new episode of YNS Live with NFL Thread recorded live on Fireside with hosts Juliet Hahn and Cynthia Zordich featuring Cookie Johnson and Holly Robinson Peete.


Philanthropist, entrepreneur, and NYT bestselling author Cookie Johnson – whose husband is basketball icon Earvin “Magic” Johnson – is the very special guest on this star-studded live show. In her powerful and inspiring memoir, Believing in Magic, she shared details of her marriage, motherhood, faith, and how an HIV diagnosis twenty-five years ago changed the course of their lives forever.


Joining the fun is beloved film and TV star Holly Robinson Peete, a very good friend of Cookie.


Cookie and Holly talked about their friendship - how they met, what they love to do together, what makes them click, the honor of sharing the honorary co-chair title for the OTF Fashion Show, what having HollyRod as the beneficiary means to them. How much they respect each other and what they do to impact others/family etc.


Connect with Cookie on Facebook and Instagram.


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The 2022 Off the Field NFL Wives Association Charity Fashion Show supporting the HollyRod Foundation was hosted and produced by Santa Monica Place. To learn more, visit OffTheFieldPWA.org/FashionShow/



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Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] Juliet Hahn: Hello, everyone. Welcome to another YNS Live with NFL thread and before Cynthia and Holly and Cookie are introduced, I wanted to take you guys through a little bit of what we do before the show. So welcome. Welcome to fireside. If you're listening on YouTube, LinkedIn, live Facebook live welcome there as well.

[00:02:15] Anyone that is in this room. Thank you for joining us. We are so excited for you guys to be here. The two lines down at the bottom. If you guys click those two lines down at the bottom, you'll see something that says broadcast to the world. You can send this to whoever you want to see, and they can be actually listening outside the app.

[00:02:32] That is what's so fun. So you can send emails, you can send it to Facebook, you can send it to so many different places. And do you guys have any questions with that? Anyway?

[00:02:45] Great. Okay. So, and you can send it to messengers. You can do so many different things with that. So again, thank you guys so much for being here and I'm going to hand it over to Cynthia before, but first I'm going to tell you guys about our sponsor. So why. With the NFL thread experience is sponsored by Shutterstock, editorial, wherever you, wherever you go, Shutterstock is there to capture it.

[00:03:08] So thank you so much Shutterstock and thank you, cookie and Holly for being here and my wonderful cohost, Cynthia, I'm always a pleasure. So I'm going to throw it to you. 

[00:03:18] Holly Peete: Thanks. 

[00:03:19] Cynthia Zordich: Yes. Uh, this is going to be a really fun show, um, because it starts at the heart of everything that, um, so many of us are involved in right now and that's the author field and fall wives, fashion show at the super bowl right in LA.

[00:03:34] And it's, it's so special this year because. Theresa Mount Rome is one of our founders and she's our chair. And Holly is one of our honorary chairs. And Holly goes back to one of the first fashion show, super, super bowl, fashion shows ever. And cookie is also an honorary chair being Holly's best friend and confidant, and one of our, um, women of impact award winners this year.

[00:04:00] So it's, it's just like this connection all over the place. But mainly it's a connection of friendship. And that's why I'm when Holly was on to talk about the fashion show. Most recently, we were like, wouldn't it be so fun if you could bring cookie on being best friends to really talk about the honor of everything is happening and everything that that you're doing to make this fashion show just remarkable already.

[00:04:22] So thank you guys. Thank you both for being here so much. 

[00:04:26] Holly Peete: Thank you for.

[00:04:30] Juliet Hahn: Yes, it's mine. Yeah. So Holly, I kind of wanted to throw it to you. I'm like flipping on my towel here. I'm trying to get under my chair. I would love for you guys to kind of dive in on how you met and what your friendship means to, you know, reach 

[00:04:44] Holly Peete: other well it's really, while it cooking, I've known each other for over 30 years.

[00:04:49] Right? So we we've met it. Funny. Our husbands knew each other before we knew each other. Actually her husband knew Rodney before I knew Rodney. And then, um, and then we met when, uh, Irvin introduced us to cookie. That's what, I don't know when you met Ronnie, but that's when I met you and we've just been, uh, friends ever since.

[00:05:13] And then ironically, I mean, we've experienced a lot of life together and babies and weddings and all kinds of things. And, um, her son EGA was the ring bearer in our world. 20 almost 27 years ago. Every time EG has a birthday. That's how I can kind of clock. How long I've been married to run new P.

[00:05:36] It was a qTest bring bear in the entire world and he stole off my spotlight, but it was the best. It was the absolute best moment. And we've just been friends every ever since. And we've traveled the world together. We've just, we've uh, cookie has been one of our Holly rod foundation's biggest supporters, earliest supporters when Rodney and I first started Holly rod.

[00:05:55] Um, we came to cookie urban and said, uh, Do you guys think you might want to help us start this little charity that we want to do? And they did. They were the C basically they provided us with the seed funds to start Holly rod. So here we are, you know, almost 25 years later for HollyRod and really excited to be full circle.

[00:06:14] Having the off the field wives honor, cookie is so great. And I'm so glad she accepted and having this fashion show, which is called fashion on a spectrum, love that title and to get a fitting Holly rod, which the PR provide support for families impacted by autism. It's just all a perfect storm. And we're in.

[00:06:34] And the Rams are in the super bowl.

[00:06:40] Cookie Johnson: I mean, could it have, I mean, it couldn't have been, you know, written any better. The Rams would win last weekend and we were in the super bowl. It's just awesome. It's awesome. And I love Holly and Holly and our husbands have been friends for forever, like Holly said. And I mean, we really kind of in a sense, grew up together.

[00:07:01] We. So young, I mean, how do you were very young when I met met you? I think you were, um, it was, I was still on one of your first TV show that was on 21 

[00:07:13] Holly Peete: jump street, street 80. So that's like 80 and now I'm really dating myself in 

[00:07:21] Cookie Johnson: the eighties. Right. I had just moved. I had just moved to LA. So I was at 88, 89.

[00:07:30] That's exactly. When it 

[00:07:31] Holly Peete: was, you got here, we met and we've been friends ever since. And just, you know, it's been an amazing ride, but the, not just our urban cookie scent, amazing friends, but they're just mentors. And they have provided us with some of our most cherished memories. And again, the philanthropy it's the philanthropy, they understand giving back.

[00:07:51] And as matter of fact, we really start our charity because we saw their charity. We saw what they were doing and they encouraged. 

[00:07:57] Cookie Johnson: And you guys really supported our charity too. You know, all of our, um, Events that we had, you know, four nights magic. Yeah. Um, you guys were one of the first ones, Holly, you were always donating your time and everything.

[00:08:11] And, and of course, Rodney, um, so it kinda goes full circle, like you said, I mean, you guys started with us and then we helped you guys because we both know and understand the plight of what we were both doing. Um, you know, how close it was to our heart, you know, HIV and aids and, and scholarships. And then I, I was with you, you know, with your son when you first found out, you know?

[00:08:37] Um, and, and that just the amazing, and he's such an amazing young man and watch him to watch him grow. It's just amazing, you know, so I I've been right there with you. So of course, it's so natural for us to, you know, support you and be there and support what you're doing, because it's such an important.

[00:08:56] Holly Peete: Well, thank you so much. And then to support, uh, Cindy, um, and just some backstory. I told this story before that Cynthia cookie. So Cindy was like, was a wife with me on the Philadelphia Eagles. I was a brand new rookie quarterback's wife and not every wife was very friendly to me. I don't know why I'm really not.

[00:09:18] I'm really nice. But Cynthia was. In my corner from day one, you know, I was, you know, working in LA, coming back and forth to Philadelphia. It was, it was really a crazy time. Uh, we had the, we just had the twins, they were babies, her kids connected with my kids. And since he was just like that, you know, like when you were in the NBA, like those, th that wife that is just so supportive of you and so always has been, so we have a full circle relationship as well, and just really happy to be supporting her organization the off the field wives association.

[00:09:56] And it's just, it's again, we're going to say full circle a thousand times, but that's really what. 

[00:10:01] Cynthia Zordich: Yeah, it's so fun for me. Like when Shariece was talking about asking you Holly, at first to be honorary chair too, so excited, you know, because of your friendship. And then she's like, you know, there's a chance that cookie might, you know, do it with her and you know, they're best friends.

[00:10:17] And, you know, I was thinking about that and how much it changes things when you're working on something so huge, no matter what it is, And you both helped each other with your foundations, but when you have your best friend there, you know, it doesn't, it change all the energy and everything. All the tasks become fun.

[00:10:34] They're funny, you're giggling, but, but you're also making such a huge impact in the world, but you're also like how fun is it doing that 

[00:10:41] Holly Peete: together? We've done so much fundraising together and you know, she'll, they'll call us up. We'll call them up. We'll say, can you guys hop on this zoom call at for instance, You know, 2020 was so devastating for so many charities.

[00:10:55] Um, and, and for off the field as well. I mean, just, just trying to raise money in the age of COVID is really hard. And we did a, um, like a, some called corn tunes. It was like a. Video, you know, digital fundraising platform and they hopped on, you know, we hadn't seen him in a long time cause we weren't, nobody was seeing anybody and they hopped on, they made a great donation.

[00:11:21] We had all of our friends, you know, just come on and just, I feel like there's a sense of when you have friends that understand and get philanthropy and their. You know, they're corny in your corner and it's not just about writing a check. Sometimes it's about volunteering your time. Sometimes it's just about showing up somewhere.

[00:11:40] And so yeah, when you get to do that with your friends, it's extra. 

[00:11:43] Cookie Johnson: Right. Yeah. And it takes, it takes sometimes, you know, that can be a very stressful, stressful thing to put on a big event, you know, trying to get people to come in and donate. And so when you have friends who understand and are always there for you and show up, it just kind of takes a little bit of that stress off and it makes it feel, you know, like you said, it makes you feel a little happy and comfortable, you know, uh, to, to go ahead and continue doing what you do.

[00:12:08] Cynthia Zordich: Right because the word is there in the time, the time that you put in. And I think it's underestimated a lot of the times because you know, so many people focus on, you know, comes compassion today. Everybody's going to look at what you're wearing and how beautiful you look. And they're going to be talking about that.

[00:12:24] And. Those of us that are there that have been there with you all of these weeks, leading up, know that that's the last thing on your mind that you're working, you're working for something that's so important and that's behind it. And you're only your good friends that do it with you. Understand that. 

[00:12:41] Juliet Hahn: And, you know yeah.

[00:12:42] And you know, what I think is also so beautiful and it's when you find the couple that you can be friends with, because how many times is women? Do we find a woman that we really like, and we're like, can't wait for her husband to meet the partner. And then the husbands don't mash and you're like, oh, come on.

[00:12:55] And so the work that you guys did, it's such a special thing. So like, I got like the chills, cause I always it's, you know, there's so far and in between, there's not that 

[00:13:05] Holly Peete: many of them. Yeah, we definitely don't have that problem. Like our husbands love each other. We love each other and, and that's, what's so cool is like, but we, we also have relationships like cookie and Rodney are like brother and sister, and then like, you know, we have this great relationship and then same with me and urban.

[00:13:24] So we have like, it just really works all the way 

[00:13:26] Cookie Johnson: around. Yeah. I mean, w you know, w when you can travel with people, as, you know, when you can travel with people and be in close quarters, and everybody still has a good time, you're happy, you know? Um, it makes a huge difference. 

[00:13:42] Cynthia Zordich: Right? That's so true.

[00:13:48] Juliet Hahn: yeah, no, totally. Because you can't, you know, you pick your, you can't pick your family. And so when you. That friend couple, it's such, it's such an important thing. So I would love for you guys. I know we're talking about the fashion show and the charity, cause I want to do that, continue with that. But I would also love for like a little more of a love Fest here.

[00:14:04] Like Holly, for you to tell like what your favorite quality of cookie is and cookie the same, what your favorite quality of Holly is. Cause I think that's always nice friendships to kind of, you know, and I'm sure you, you could tell your energy and your, your hearts that you guys probably do this, but you know, for anyone 

[00:14:19] Holly Peete: that's.

[00:14:20] Oh, well, anybody that knows cookie cookie is very loyal and, and just, she's just got such a beautiful heart, right? She'd have a server's heart, servant's heart. And she just really understands, um, philanthropy giving back. That's my kind of girl, right? Not, not all my friends really understand what that means.

[00:14:41] And I know we are talked about philanthropy and it's not just because they're so supportive of HollyRod. It transcends our friendship. Right. So they understand what's important to us. Like cookie said, she's known RJ his entire life. She's gotten to watch him go from this diagnosis, which was so devastating, figuring out all of it.

[00:15:01] She watched me go on. Oh, I wasn't smart enough to stop it. Two souls. She watched me go on and have two more kids. Kidding guys, if you listen, I love all four of this Lavonne. She, she watched that whole process and journey. And so to see that soup to nuts, really from the marriage, the wedding, the birth, then, you know, and then the diagnosis and the.

[00:15:28] Fast-forward to now, you know, he's working at Dodger stadium and, and, and, you know, and cooking urban our owner. So just the irony and the full circle. And this, again, that, that term, but like, he'll come up to cookie on, you know, at the Dodger stadium and be like, hi, hi cookie. Hi. You know, and, and he acts like, he gives the best hug.

[00:15:50] Nobody gets better. He acts like an ambassador. I see him go from that, that point to where they were told, we were told he would never do much to having a world series ring, and then getting a chance to see, you know, have a friend to see that from beginning to, to now it's a really special thing. So I think what I love most about cookie is her, her, her love of other people, her relationship with God and the way she shares that.

[00:16:23] She's not a judgmental person and just a lot of fun. Like cookie is funny and we laugh and we're silly. We've gotten to let our hair down around each other and it's just been really 

[00:16:34] Cookie Johnson: great. Yeah. I love you too, Holly. And what I love about Holly is her drive. You know, Holly will find, uh, something. For instance, the autism, um, and jump on it.

[00:16:47] And no matter what obstacles are in our way, she is determined to make it, you know, successful to make it work. And to, she started that foundation, you know, after she found out her son's diagnosed diagnosis and you know, a lot of women would be caught up in the dynamic. Right. They would be caught up in, oh my God, my son has autism.

[00:17:08] You know, I'm just going to shut down the world and just focus on this. But Holly is not that person. Holly's like, oh wait, this is, this is bigger than us. I've got to find a way to tell the world what's going on here and to get as much help for this, you know, um, to get as much awareness for this, um, Autism to grow.

[00:17:29] And for people to understand that children can be normal, if they do what they need to be doing, if they, if they go to the doctors that they, you know, work with the children, they take the time. So she could have just sat there and done that all for herself and her own family. But Holly cares about the world and she cares about, you know, the bigger picture.

[00:17:49] And I saw that I was right there with her. You know, we were at school when, when the teachers told her, I think you might need to take your son and. And. You know, have him, uh, see a doctor and you know, and it was, it was, I was devastated when I heard that. I'm like, what do you mean? You know, but she did what she needed to do and she didn't stop there.

[00:18:12] She didn't stop there. She, they told her, oh, your son would probably never look anybody in the eye or he probably would never hug anybody. And as you just heard, he is, he will hug, hug you. He will have a conversation with you. He's working for the Dodgers. All the players. Absolutely love him. He drives there himself.

[00:18:34] You know, it's just, he's come so far and I've seen it from him from a baby on up and how nothing stopped. At that drive never stopped her it, whatever obstacle they said that he wasn't going to do. Holly's like, okay. She just use that as a motivation to say, we're going to beat this and we're going to do what we need to do.

[00:18:54] And on top of that care for others. To go out and make sure there are other mothers that are taking care of that other mothers have the, you know, uh, the tools to do what she was able to do. Um, and you know, by Stonick starting the Holly rod, um, w the Holly rod, uh, Center, right. RJ is place based place center, you know, and having other moms come there and you know, other kids learn a trade or learn to be with each other, whatever it is.

[00:19:25] Um, she doesn't stop there. She just keeps going to the next thing and the next thing, and I love that about Holly. Cause sometimes I would get. You know, stop me and I'll be like, okay, I'm done. You know, but Holly's like, Nope, that actually has that fight, that drive. And it just keeps going. And I also love, um, that Holly's kind of like a hippie.

[00:19:46] I don't know how well you guys know Holly. She's a very free spirited person. So like she loves, you know, I don't know. Earth and the ocean and, you know, traveling and, you know, she'll climb up a mountain and a minute she, you know, nothing scares her. She'll, she'll be dare to jump off a boat or do whatever, nothing scares Holly.

[00:20:09] Um, you know, she just enjoys nature and enjoys the world. And I love that about her and it just, it helps me to open up myself a little bit more. 

[00:20:21] Cynthia Zordich: I love that. That's one of my, um, one of my favorite quotes from you, Holly is, um, I wouldn't change my son for the world, but I will change the world for my son.

[00:20:30] And I think that's that mentality of like, okay, here it is. And you're going to say never, but not to me that never list that never happened. And I, 

[00:20:40] Holly Peete: yeah, and I, I say that all the time and I just, every time I say it, I mean, it even more, you know, I, I, I just, you know, I didn't wake up like this. Like I didn't wake up going.

[00:20:53] Oh, okay. Change the world. I went through, you know, a lot of sadness of the beginning. I was so lost and sad. Rodney was away playing. I was alone by myself. I had a lot of time to really grieve what I thought my son might be. And then that acceptance journey has just never stopped. You know? And like cookie said, when we started RJs place, which is our, our autism center in LA, uh, which the Johnsons helped put us over the top to get finished.

[00:21:19] When we start, when we kicked in with that, what was the best. Empowering other moms to know that there was hope out there for their kids. And that's the worst thing when you're dealing with a situation when you don't have resources or hopes so we can provide both. So that, that was something that was really important for us to, uh, for us to do.

[00:21:39] Um, and, and it's, and it's because we have supporters and friends, um, like the Johnson's that we're able to do this. Right. I love and like NFL and like the, the off the field wives, you always got to come around to this event. I mean, this, I think it's like we just had, I just had a friend of mine, a cookie.

[00:21:58] I don't know if you looked at your phone, but I think it was Vanessa bell Calloway. She was trying to get a ticket and she put it because it's almost sold out. It's like anything, I guess it's, I think there's some tears level, but you know, Vanessa wanted to be with us and I think that to your sold out.

[00:22:14] So, um, thankfully. Everyone who supports HollyRod and to be an honor to be the beneficiary this year was it's so cool. I'm so proud of this. 

[00:22:26] Cynthia Zordich: Right. I mean, it is it's true. VIP section is sold out. Um, sponsorship was still coming in, you know, Advil can't be finished because there's still individuals that are like, Hey, is it too late?

[00:22:39] And we just keep on delaying that because. It's just so exciting. It's just, everybody is just, we're just all freaking out because 

[00:22:47] there 

[00:22:47] Holly Peete: are still tickets available, correct? 

[00:22:49] Cynthia Zordich: Yeah. The VIP sections are sold out, but there are still tickets available and then there's even standing, which I think that's cool too.

[00:22:56] You know, you're going to go there. You know, it just becomes this huge room of everything. And even if you're standing and being a part of it, I think it's, it's really exciting. So yeah, 

[00:23:06] Holly Peete: that Santa Monica place, which I told you guys last time, cookie, I used, that was where I got my first job because I went to Santa Monica high school.

[00:23:13] So I got my first job at hot dog on a stick in Santa Monica place. And I just couldn't that couldn't wear the outfit. I quit after a week

[00:23:25] and wear those outfits, but. I love me and Monica place is just, feels like, like high school to me. And so just really excited to, um, have you are killing me with these labs.

[00:23:50] Juliet Hahn: pushing a button.

[00:23:56] Holly Peete: I'm an actress on sitcoms. I'm always told to hold for my labs. So every time the lab. Right. 

[00:24:03] Juliet Hahn: I know. Right. 

[00:24:06] Holly Peete: But anyway, so love, love, love the idea that we're doing it at Santa Monica place. It's such a great venue. It has, we're in the outside area, right. The atrium area. And so, um, that's going to be really great for obviously these times being outdoors and she's going to be 

[00:24:24] Cynthia Zordich: right.

[00:24:24] Exactly. I mean, it's true for these times and, 

[00:24:27] Juliet Hahn: um,

[00:24:31] Yeah. So there's a, these are all different reactions. And I didn't think that they were going to be as crazy. I could have turned them off, but I wanted you guys to experience them a little bit, but I know there's ones that we don't know, but just cause it's, it is a little distracting for these guys to talk, but I also know Sherese wanted to jump up and talk.

[00:24:47] So I invited Theresa I, somebody to do. Yeah. I invited you to video Mo Mo uh, mold, um, video mood. And I don't know if you can, if you see that, but welcome to do video. And we also have tons of comments. I was going to try to read them. There are so many that you're just guys are getting so much love from everyone.

[00:25:08] Um, which is, which is amazing. They'd hold them word of how I go. Okay. I'm going to pull myself up. We should have be able to have more than four, but I'm going to pull myself down. So then you guys can be, hold on one second. I'm going to turn my video off and then Holly, I'm going to pull you back up. Okay.

[00:25:26] Where'd you go? Wait, um, Shariece. 

[00:25:31] Cynthia Zordich: Hi. 

[00:25:33] Juliet Hahn: Hi guys. 

[00:25:33] Holly Peete: I wasn't trying to come on camera. I just wanted to say hello and to thank my beautiful honorary co-chairs for just their time, their, um, just their beauty. Uh, they're so graceful and just their genuine love for each other. And, um, I just wanted to tell them, thank you because we so are just an odd both of these ladies and the incredible work that they both are doing.

[00:26:03] And I just wanted to give them a shout out of that. Thank you so much. Thank you for inviting us to be part of this amazing event that you do every year at super bowl. I am so proud of you and the work. I know how much work you put into this. All of you ladies. And I just, you know, I love our friendship over the years as NFL wives.

[00:26:25] And I just love the full, I keep saying full circle, but the full circle is this event in LA honoring. Benefiting Holly rod and, and all the great programs that you all support and being in, you know, in Santa Monica, all of it. So, anyway, thank you for having us Shariece we love you. Thank you guys. Once again, I'm listening to the stories and I'm just in awe.

[00:26:51] When you were talking about Santa Monica place and having your first job at hot dog on a state girl, I used to love some hot dog on a stick eliminate. Remember that charity eliminate lemonade is no joke with them. Outfit Shariece member limo, apathy. That little hat and I'm sure it's oh my God. Couldn't take it.

[00:27:14] So I had to quit and then I went to work at Contempo casuals now. Yes, definitely. Remember Contempo casual lived in Kitsap hippo casual all the time. So I was Santa Monica place was my, I feel like I worked at five because it was sort of on my high school. So I feel like I worked at five different places in their Judy's.

[00:27:33] Remember, Judy's five, seven. Do you remember? Five, seven and 9, 5, 7 and nine. I remember December and it was the member's only store honey jacket. So very true. So very true. Well, we're excited once again to have you ladies be a part of the organ. That's the show? The organization, I feel like cookie is one of us I know is MBA for cookie, but.

[00:27:58] She's she's honorary, NFL wife. She just don't even know. 

[00:28:04] Cookie Johnson: Thank you, Sharif. And I need to thank you guys. Cause you always supported me too. When I had my Jean events. You guys support? Yeah. Thank you so much. I guess maybe 

[00:28:15] Holly Peete: get those genes back. Cause I'm still telling cookie that she was at her book signing here in Dallas that pat Smith hosted.

[00:28:25] And I walked up, I said, okay, I love that. But I love my cookie jeans. I still have some in my closet and one of my girlfriends was like, you'll still have those jeans. I said, girl, these are the best fitting jeans. I have not found anything else that fits me better. 

[00:28:42] Cookie Johnson: I guess I might have to revisit that.

[00:28:44] We'll see. 

[00:28:47] Holly Peete: Well, great. It was great talking to you ladies. I'm sure other people want to jump in, but I just wanted to tell you once again, thank you. And how much we appreciate you. Okay, 

[00:28:56] Cynthia Zordich: love you guys to, to you on you're just doing such an amazing job and it's just so fun having you spearhead this. It's just been an exciting time for all of us at 

[00:29:06] Holly Peete: thank you, Cindy.

[00:29:07] Oh, you know, I appreciate and love you and it's Hey that's is nothing, but I always say it's always God's plan and his timing and it happened in our beautiful sunny California with these beautiful ladies. So it's all in his plan. 

[00:29:23] Cynthia Zordich: Okay. You 

[00:29:23] Holly Peete: guys take care. 

[00:29:26] Juliet Hahn: Thank you Theresa and sorry for pulling you up on video.

[00:29:29] Holly Peete: That's okay. Y'all saw my bonded. I had a boom. I sat and bonded on.

[00:29:46] Juliet Hahn: I love it.

[00:29:50] By sorry to meet you in person. Um, so Dr. Rose Schmidt just said, she wants to say as an autistic, um, autism mom and advocate, I really appreciate the segment and your friendship and the, and the host for the show. So you're also welcome. And then Rachel. Uh, Cynthia, you're gonna laugh at me cause I never can say this word.

[00:30:10] Um, the ramp up fee. That's my dyslexia. I can't say that I have to do it. I'm like, oh, that word always stumps me and I have to practice it before, but I didn't get a chance. It's a special. Built on helping to shape family and society by offering, offering their time commitment and support friendship is essential to the soul.

[00:30:32] I'm honored to serve with Holly and cookie. So beautiful. And there's 

[00:30:36] Cynthia Zordich: guidance. Is that Rachel McKenzie? 

[00:30:39] Juliet Hahn: Yeah. Awesome. So many more. Yeah. So many more people are saying stuff, but I know some of you guys requested to come on stage. I just let Shariece up on stage. I don't know a lot of you in the girls. Oh, someone can, but we're really just keeping it to the core because it's only four on the microphone.

[00:30:55] So I just wanted to let you guys, I'm not ignoring your request. We appreciate the love, but it's, uh, is, is, you know, is, is one of these guys, so that's why I had her up there. So I just wanted to let you guys know. Um, well, cookie, the fact that, uh, Sherry's brought up the book, I did one of the things that.

[00:31:11] Is that Holly is also an author. So I would love to know, did you guys talk a little bit about that? Was that a surprise that, you know, cookie came out with a book, um, you know, give us a little background on that to please? 

[00:31:21] Holly Peete: Well, I just, you know, support whatever cookie does, but the book was really special.

[00:31:27] Like we were all just blown away at her honesty, her transparency and her, the understanding that she had, that's sharing her stories in an honest way, was going to help so many people. And that's what I love most about, about her book. And you know, it, it's something that when you, when you see someone who has lived the life lives, cookies lived lots of different lives, right?

[00:31:53] When you've seen the different phases of life that she's lived and the way she shared her stories, um, and then went out there and worked it right. When did a book tour and got on TV and did so much stuff to really talk about the story. Of her love story, but also her story of philanthropy, a story of being a mom, her story, her story of her, her, her whole life.

[00:32:15] I was blown away by it. So, no, she didn't consult me at all. She just put her head down and I was just glad, like Shariece and like pat and like all of our friends to support her, her work. That's 

[00:32:28] Cynthia Zordich: beautiful. Cookie. When did you know that you needed to tell your story when, how did that all happen and how long did it take.

[00:32:36] Cookie Johnson: It took a long time because I, you know, it is telling a personal, you know, your personal story and you don't want no, if you want all your business out there like that. Um, but it really came to pass. When I started my Jean company. Um, and I used to go across the country, um, doing personal appearances and in the stores.

[00:32:59] And whenever I did, women would just come up to me and say, I didn't come in here to really buy jeans. I came to see you because you inspire me and your story inspires me and inspires my, you know, it helped me with my marriage or it helped me, you know, with, with my son or my, you know, I know someone who has HIV and aids, you know, things like that.

[00:33:20] Um, and they just kept. Coming and talking to me and it was almost like they knew me, you know what I mean? Like they were talking to me like they knew me and they really, you know, like appreciated and that, I don't know, my friend kept saying, you need to write a book, you need to put the story out there, you know, because so many women can benefit from it.

[00:33:42] Um, you know, because. I talk about, of course, you know, being, you know, dating, uh, uh, high profile, uh, basketball player, and also how we got to getting married in them. It took so long and hard for us to get married. Then finally, we did. We were hit with the HIV right, right away. Um, and how we dealt with that and just overcoming obstacles.

[00:34:07] And, and also it was important to me, to me to talk about my faith and how faith helped me, you know, get through all of those obstacles. And then my son, you know, finding out that, you know, he was gay and how I dealt with. Um, I think that was important for other moms who, who have the same situation to, to, to see how we dealt with it.

[00:34:29] And maybe it could help them, you know, with their children. Um, and then my daughter is adopted. So I had several stories, uh, that we, you know, to talk about. And I thought when the women kept coming and saying, you know, it inspired them and they, you know, it's almost like they wanted more. I, I finally decided, you know, maybe God wants me to sit down and tell this story.

[00:34:54] Juliet Hahn: I, yeah, I think that's so amazing. And I just have to say, um, which a lot of people, you know, I mean, the heart's on all three of you really. I mean, it's so like just, you could see it and the fact that you're helping so many people with your story. I mean, that's the reason why I started my podcast because I wanted to have a platform for people of all, you know, from every walks of life, to be able to share their story, because we all have a story.

[00:35:18] And stories connect people. And when you connect people is when you grow. And so it's so, so important. So thank you for putting yourself out there, because as you said, it's not an easy thing. Um, there's so many aspects it's, it's not easy. So, um, I appreciate that. And you know, even with when Holly, you know, talking about the autism as well, you know, as I said, I'm dyslexic, we were dyslexic in my family and talking to other people that go through it.

[00:35:41] You're like, oh, oh my God, I'm exhausted right now. We know we're going to get to the other side, but. To be in the company of other people that understand it. So I applaud, you know, I, I really applaud both of you and, you know, Cynthia, all the stuff that you, you know, um, I just, I believe just you guys are just doing such amazing thing.

[00:35:58] So, um, thank you. Thank you. 

[00:36:00] Cynthia Zordich: What about the book though? Like where can we get the book? Where can I want to tell people to go get the book? You know, I feel like that's, this is really important. Um, sharing information about it is great, but I would like to read it myself. So. 

[00:36:13] Cookie Johnson: I see Amazon is probably the best, easiest place to get.

[00:36:18] Juliet Hahn: Beautiful. That's perfect. And also when you guys were talking about off the field, I wanted to, and I didn't want to interrupt, but you guys can see if people are like, well, how do we get tickets? We want, we want to get a part of this. You know, you can go to the website and you can also go the Instagram, right?

[00:36:33] So off the field P w. Right. And then the website, and there are still, as Cynthia said, there's still some sponsorship opportunities. There's still time to be able to buy some tickets. And that's all, you know, benefiting, um, Holly rod and the off the field organization, which I just love what you're doing.

[00:36:50] And the fact that. We're going to be broadcasting live, you know, giving those, like, it's not, you know, the game is amazing, right? The bowl is amazing, but there's so much stuff happening behind the scenes. And that's why I'm so proud and honored to be a part of this, because that's what I want. I want people to hear what you guys do behind the scenes, because you do so much and it's, it's incredible.

[00:37:11] So thank you for jumping up and sharing your story and, and talking about it. And. It's just it's. It's beautiful. And I know so many people are excited to, to hear. 

[00:37:22] Cynthia Zordich: I definitely want to say that I'm getting back to tickets and opportunity. This is a big year. A lot of people want to be involved, even if they're not able to be at the fashion show.

[00:37:32] Um, and if you do go on the Instagram on, off the. There's uh, an amazing link tree that we've put together. So not only can you, yes. Get tickets still to come to the event. Um, you can also still sponsor and you can also participate in the text to give. So if you're just watching, we are going to be covering the event on whiteness, which is going to be really cool.

[00:37:54] If one of the first times to actually see behind the scenes of what's happening in creating the beautiful fashion show from, you know, makeup. And red carpet, but as you're watching, you can text to give. And I think that's something I really want to push because, um, it's a, that's an amazing opportunity for those that are not able to actually be in LA for whatever reason to, to donate and participate in, in a health.

[00:38:17] Cause you know, Holly rod foundation. So 

[00:38:19] Juliet Hahn: I think that's awesome. It's awesome because we've also, I mean, Cynthia, you know, after the show people have, you know, people from Scotland, the James, you know, who has two autistic boys was like, wait, I want to know how I get involved. What can I do? Um, so I love that you guys are setting that up.

[00:38:32] I think that's absolutely so special. Um, so is there anything else, you know, Cynthia, I know we're, we're, you know, I want to be also cautious of your eyes time and consider it of it. Um, but just wanted to say again, thank you for joining. Uh, you guys can watch, you can, if you're on fireside, you could be here.

[00:38:51] You can see the words gonna be broadcast live. Also, Cynthia, the, the, your networking event, I would love for you to talk a little bit about that so people can hear. And that we're going to be broadcasting live. Do you want to just touch on that for a second? 

[00:39:04] Cynthia Zordich: The day before the fashion show, um, this year, the playbook, um, was the boss issue and it was just all NFL players and spouses that own their own businesses.

[00:39:13] And just really promoting like that. You know, what, what players do when they're done playing so that they current guys, the younger guys can get inspired and actually know who, who can I ask questions about starting a business or going into acting or going into, um, My own business, owning my own business.

[00:39:31] Like Russell Shepherd has a waste management company. How do you, how do you start? Where do you start? And so in celebrating. The playbook. We are just doing a fun luncheon just to have all the girls come and talk to about that thing. They do what they're doing, promote themselves, promote their businesses, jump on the podcast, talk about their businesses.

[00:39:51] Talk about the fashion show. Talk about everything. Why were there, like, why were there so much to do with the super bowl? What are we all doing there and what are we doing in our lives also? Um, so it's going to be fine. It's at miss Celia the day before the fashion show. So we're looking forward to it.

[00:40:06] Juliet Hahn: Wonderful. And that again is the whiteness live with NFL thread experience is sponsored by Shutterstock, editorial, wherever you go, Shutterstock is there to capture it. So again, thank you guys for joining YNS live. Um, Holly and cookie. Do you guys have any closing remarks? 

[00:40:24] Holly Peete: If you could go first. No, you 

[00:40:26] Cookie Johnson: go, thank you guys for having us.

[00:40:30] This has been a lot of fun, you know, and, and I think the, the most important thing here is I love the fact that we have NFL wives I'm from the NBA, um, and that we were all just wives, you know, and we all support one another and, you know, and just talking to Shariece, it's just really, um, I love that. We're showing other women that, you know, it doesn't matter, like if your football hall or if you're basketball or whatever sport you are.

[00:41:01] Right. Like we all come together. We're all wives, we're all mothers and we all come together and support one another. Yeah. Well, what 

[00:41:06] Holly Peete: I love about what I love about cookies, that she really undersells herself. She is not. It's not just an NBA wife. She's also an MLB wife. She's also a, a soccer wife. I mean, she covers all, all of the, you know, all of the bases when it comes to sports.

[00:41:28] And I feel like she's like the art, the first lady of LA in some way that she would never say that about herself. I feel that she's like that because she's been so supportive of Los Angeles for so many years. Um, and, and so I'm so excited that she's being honored next weekend, uh, our next week, next Friday.

[00:41:46] Um, and then I just wanted to add, uh, again another, thank you to the, the wives. Um, this is, this is just so awesome, Cindy, uh, Ashley and, and I don't know who else is listening. I know Shariece is on. Um, who else I'm trying to see. I don't wanna leave anybody else if they're on Erika. You know, I just see some of the way to mention 19,000 times a full-circle moment from when we used to do.

[00:42:13] Our fashion shows Gridiron glamour at Superbowl. And then when we stopped doing them and these guys took over, it took over, you know, and then really just using the mega platform of the super bowl to promote philanthropy. It's such a great thing. And then lastly, I just want to say I'm so excited that we're going to be doing a field trip for all of the, um, the off the field wives to come down to RJs place on Saturday after the fashion show, really excited about that.

[00:42:44] Cookie will tell you how long we've been trying to build this place out and, um, to be able to show it off and show people like what all the hard work. Culminated to is such a blessing. So really looking forward to that. So Cindy makes sure you have that on your calendar. Okay. 

[00:43:00] Cynthia Zordich: I am so excited because we talked about that at the podcast about, I want to see it.

[00:43:05] And so this is fantastic. Excellent. I'm so glad 

[00:43:09] Holly Peete: we're doing this. So thank you all so much and thanks to everybody for tuning in. Thanks. 

[00:43:16] Cynthia Zordich: Congratulations women of impact and what an honor it is to celebrate you. I'm it's going to be such a great day. I'm seeing you up on stage getting your award, and we were thrilled that you accepted.

[00:43:29] Juliet Hahn: Yes. And thank you guys for trusting in me and being here on fireside and wherever else you guys are listening, whether you're on Facebook live, whether you're on LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitch, we're on Twitch always makes me laugh when I say that, because I think three people that know what Twitch is most they're streamers.

[00:43:44] And again, I'm Ashley Tamiko. Erica Tracy, Rachel Latoya, Dr. Ruth Mera, Chris Howard. And Shariece Kurt, Jennifer. Oh my God. I didn't realize there was so many people. Jennifer, Vanessa, Daniel, and, um, and Marwan. Thank you guys for being here. And I'm sorry if I butchered any of your names, I will bring the music up and we'll see you guys in.

[00:44:10] We'll see you guys in the NLA.

[00:44:15] Bye everyone.

[00:44:20] Cookie Johnson: Thanks cookie.

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