YNS Live with NFL Thread HOF Dr. Derek Cody M.D., Ken Harding & Molly Geiselman

Aug 21, 2022

Did you miss out on the magic of Pro Football's Hall of Fame Enshrinement Week? Then don't miss these exciting episodes of YNS Live with NFL Thread, co-hosted by Juliet Hahn and Cynthia Zordich, the founder of NFL Thread. YNS takes you behind-the-scenes at the many NFL Hall of Fame Festivities. In this episode join guests Dr. Derek Cody, M.D. of Crystal Clinic Plastic Surgeons and sponsor of the NFL HOF Enshrinement Festival Fashion Show, Ken Harding, producer and stage manager of the pro football HOF Enshrinement Festival Fashion Show, and Molly Geiselman, one of the fashion models at the HOF Enshrinement Festival Fashion Show.  Say goodbye to HOF/FOMO and enjoy a behind the scenes HOF experience like no other with YNS Live with NFL Thread.


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Remarkable Quotes


“Reconstructive care after breast cancer is what I do a lot of. I see patients who come to me at difficult points in their lifetime and I can help them get back to their life as normal.”


“There are so many kids coming up in this generation that are finding songs and music like that from TikTok and it's brand new to them. Like Break my Stride? That became huge on TikTok, it started charting again. It's funny because it's all like a cycle.”


“My community is dear to my heart. Seeing all of us come together, you know, with the pandemic and everything that's changed times, it's so comforting to see this room full of  amazing women again and here to celebrate an amazing weekend.”


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