YNS Live with NFL Thread Marcella Cruze Rodgers

Aug 10, 2022

Listen to a new episode of YNS Live with NFL Thread recorded live on Fireside with hosts Juliet Hahn and Cynthia Zordich featuring Marcella Cruze Rodgers.


Marcella Rodgers is a Fashion Stylist and Blogger based in Dallas, TX. She earned her Undergraduate degree in Political Science (BA) and her graduate degree in Human Environmental Science (MS) from the University of Tennessee.  Marcella began her career in education as an University Administrator and later working as an elementary school teacher. Seventeen years ago she left education to pursue her lifelong dream of working in the world of Fashion. Marcella currently works with NFL athletes, Hollywood actors and directors, and professional women from all backgrounds. She is facilitator, trainer, and team leader to a group of Fashion stylist from across the country, Canada, and the UK.  During her spare time, she enjoys reading and traveling. Marcella is also extremely active in her community serving as a mentor to teen moms through the Younglives Organization. In addition, she supports the Nomi Network, creating economic opportunities for survivors and women at risk of human trafficking. Marcella attends Oak Cliff Bible Church in Dallas, TX.


Follow Marcella on Instagram and check out her business Cabi as well.

Remarkable Quotes


“There is nothing more empowering than empowering women. Whether styling them or introducing them to a business opportunity. We have moved 15 times in our 32 years together. Cabi is a business that moves with me. Giving NFL women this business opportunity is paramount to me and it’s a blessing.”



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Hey, everyone on Linkedin,



where twitch. So if you're just tuning in, this is supposed to be way live with Nfl thread and our guest.

Rogers, who is an amazing style fashion silent blogger, She actually was a teacher for a while.

And quit, not quit, retired that to follow a passion. Her husband is Casey Rogers, who is a coach, her son is Casey Rogers.

The second who is a player and now is a huge real estate in Texas.

So we are having some technical difficulties on her side, and so Cynthia is in the green room with some of the Fireside guys helping her out and I'm here, just kind of placeholder,

and and letting you guys know that tomorrow, I fly out to Canton Ohio for the hall of fame events, which is really, really cool. I'm so honored

to be able to do that. If you guys are there or know people that are gonna be there if any, you know, anyone in the Nfl is out there or anyone, you know, it's like, oh, wait. I know my friends gonna be there because her husband played

have them stop by.

We whiteness live with Nfl thread. We are gonna be broadcasting

live. So that's gonna be Friday.


throughout. So on Thursday,

and Saturday, we're gonna be going rogue with my portable mic, and we're gonna be going on Fireside

just kinda tuning in, letting you guys see some stuff that happens behind the scene that maybe you wouldn't see, which is really, really fun. So honored to be able to do that with Cynthia,

and we're gonna bring you stories. We're gonna bring you stories of why

other than seeing the event at the hall of fame, why other people are there, so why the women are there, what they do, their story, Hey, cynthia,

their story. And so if you guys are there, if you're in Ohio,

Hey, fletcher. Thanks for broadcasting live Moron.

If you guys are there,

please stop by and check y live with Nfl thread out again. If you're on Fireside or if you're Linkedin, Youtube, Facebook,

twitch any of those places we're gonna be doing. As I said, we have this really cool portable mic, and we're gonna be doing some, like, kind rogue behind the scenes,

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so you can get the notification when we go live. Oh, I'm sorry. Cynthia. I didn't really that you kinda get up there.

Totally my bat. Hold on. Let me get you

if you go to your two lines, isn't it not there invite to video?

So that's what we're gonna be doing. So Cynthia and i'm gonna be there. I was just explaining Cynthia that Marcellus is having

some technical difficulties, but we... You know,


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She's good.


Juliet Hahn  00:24:59 

Oh, she's coming in. Great.


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That yellow. We've can do with invite her in, and she's good to go.


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Okay. So what happens? Do we know?


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Oh, it's the misery of technical world. One thing I did learn is that if you're on the ipad,

and you have it, horizontal ronald so that you are horizontal.

You don't get into any of your pops. So you have to spin it. That's what we did discover.


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I I don't... You might have to share with your followers too because I don't know that that was one thing that we didn't get to do in the green room is have to make sure that she was following me.


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So she's not gonna get my invite. So if you go to those two little lines

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Yep. If she's in the app, she'll see that we're,

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Okay. Let's see.


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I know I'm following her. I don't know that she was, like, following from that link. I don't know.


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So everyone, thank you, you know, if you're here on Linkedin, if you were here


Youtube, if you're here, Twitch or Facebook,

Thank you for being patient and listening to me go on and on.

Okay. So

Alright. So thank you, Alice for saving the day. We appreciate it.

So, again, if you guys are gonna be in Canton, Ohio,

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are in Can, Ohio,

please stop by the y live with Nfl thread booth. We're gonna be sharing stories

just like we are doing right now.

So I'm gonna restart this. I invited you to there you are.



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:27:14 

Am i outside?


Juliet Hahn  00:27:16 

Your sideways,


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:27:18 



Juliet Hahn  00:27:18 

today, you're... Yeah. So swiss, so you're muted. There you are.

Alright. This is what I'm saying to everyone. This happens on lives.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:27:25 



Juliet Hahn  00:27:27 

Yep. This happens on live shows. So there's, you know, no no no stress

it happens. We're here. We got everyone, and they're gonna be excited to hear. There's a bunch of people that stayed the course


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:27:34 



Juliet Hahn  00:27:38 

and and is waiting for your amazing story. So welcome everyone to why live with Nfl thread. My,

Sent origin, and our guest,

Marcel Rogers, who is a fashion stylist and blogger, and I'm really excited for her to be able to share her story because as I said to you guys, we all. There's pivot and throughout everyone's life, Marcel, was a teacher for many years and then followed her passion. So

what I'm gonna ask everyone to do though in the audience and Marcel, if you can do this as well. If you go to those two little lines at the bottom,

and if you can't, if you're like, I'm not doing anything, I'm just gonna stand, that is okay as well. But there's two little lines at the bottom, and you can see where you can broadcast to the world. So you can send emails as you can text people. You can send you can put it to Facebook. You can put it Twitter,


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:28:21 



Juliet Hahn  00:28:26 

the many different places that you can do that. So...

Yep. Perfect. And anyone in the audience of you guys know there's a bunch of people that was doing it. So

Welcome, Cynthia

who in my trusty host,



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:28:39 

I better just card.


Juliet Hahn  00:28:39 

and we're gonna

you're good. No worries.

And then

as ask this is a rep... You know, when we replay this, you'll see ourselves to sure and get all that. We just wanna get her story out there,


Cynthia Zordich  00:28:51 



Juliet Hahn  00:28:52 

and which will be great. So, Cynthia, do you want to to add any... I think we lost more myself.

Hold on.


Cynthia Zordich  00:29:00 

So come back.


Juliet Hahn  00:29:02 

Invite... I'm inviting you to video again.


Cynthia Zordich  00:29:05 

You know,


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:29:05 



Cynthia Zordich  00:29:06 



Juliet Hahn  00:29:06 

There you are.


Cynthia Zordich  00:29:07 

Yeah. And, you know, this is fun because she's an Android girl. You know? So this is all she you really went over and above join us today, and I really appreciate it, Martha marcel and more does by Cruz, Rogers, which is really cool

because, you know, my needed... Is also

puerto Rican weekend, and I love how in the puerto, You can culture,

they share the mother's name throughout the generation, like, everybody

very aware of who the family are. So when we talked about it, I I love it. You have that cruise in there, and that you've trying to have crews in his name.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:29:39 



Cynthia Zordich  00:29:39 

And I'm i'm do... I like that.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:29:42 

Thank you. That's very important.


Cynthia Zordich  00:29:44 

It is.

Yeah. My time, I like that too. My girlfriend, Cynthia.


Juliet Hahn  00:29:46 



Cynthia Zordich  00:29:50 

Her name Cynthia put you me. She named all of her daughters, like, she threw in the last name because she's like this as who I am. You know, I'm a conclusion.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:29:57 


we do have a mark. I mean, I carry that low ready for forty one weeks. Let me tell you, he's gonna have my name.


Juliet Hahn  00:30:09 

Oh, god. I love it. I love it. Right?


Cynthia Zordich  00:30:09 


Forty one week though Wow.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:30:15 

Here yes. He was not ready to come out Forty one long week.


Juliet Hahn  00:30:20 

  1. Here. Yeah.


Cynthia Zordich  00:30:20 

The moment


Juliet Hahn  00:30:21 

Hi, had all all three of mine relate. I was like, okay. Come on. Go. And they don't wanna leave. I yeah. I hear you.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:30:27 


hop out.


Juliet Hahn  00:30:30 



Cynthia Zordich  00:30:31 



Juliet Hahn  00:30:31 

Totally. So I also wanna welcome everyone on Linkedin, because I know we've had people coming in and out. I've been telling them to come back, Linkedin Youtube, Facebook, and Twitch. And if you're listening in on the replay,

this is a one of these stories. I actually met At the Super Bowl events that I was talking to you guys about before. Which is really fun. And I know, cynthia I should give to do this gorgeous scarf and we... You know, talked about that how beautiful

so I wanna get into, you know, I wanna get into this story. So if you can give us a little background about who you are, you know, how you met your husband Casey,

a little bit about, you know, and it can be... As, you know, just a kind of a glimpse so we can kind of feel who you are, your when we already know that your puerto rican can use. I love that, but just give us a little live this little little of in the meat.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:31:18 



actually, and I was i telling

should be this and you

he is not my husband. He is my life partner.


Juliet Hahn  00:31:29 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:31:29 

And so,

you know,

we actually

met, and I am

half black half Puerto Rican, so Had to give that shout out to my mother who is a strong black sister



Cynthia Zordich  00:31:42 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:31:44 


my father who is Puerto Rican, but

we met Taking On met in college.

We are both...

Tennessee be graduate go balls. And so shout out to any

Volunteers listening,

we make sure that you

say hi in the chat, but we went to college together. And as a matter of fact,

I didn't date Athletes.

You know? Yeah. Yeah. That that's

Yeah. It's a real fun story.

I get up with Taboo my great uncle,

who was affectionately called

the players.

Was the personal bodyguard

to the head coach,

the head coaching

of the Tennessee Volunteers

for over thirty years.


whatever head coach came in, he was their personal buddy guard.

And so when I got to College,

he made it very clear in the locker of room.

Don't go near her.


Juliet Hahn  00:32:51 

I love that.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:32:52 

Yeah. That is... Yeah. That's my movie.


Cynthia Zordich  00:32:53 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:32:56 

And, you know,

you guys are, you know, full of hormones

and, yeah. You're not to touch her. So

the way Casey and I actually met was

I was a tutor

for the great department, And I also was a ball home,

and our host program was

the the program where when in a recruit, and his family came into to town. We were were the young lady who walked them around campus,

you know, kinda told them about


and recruited them,

you know, to the university.

So Casey, and I would often get paired up together.

To bring in a recruit because, you know, I was kinda nerdy, really smart


you know,

the the mother's life to me, you know, they they wanted you know. They wanted that nerdy girl that was gonna tell their sons about school getting the education. You know, they didn't want the party girl. They, you know, they wanted to think that, you know, their self is gonna to go to school and get an education. And so

the coaches often paired, the two of us up together because they knew that their son was gonna go out later and have a good time with Casey.

But the mom was gonna get

sleep my Southern, you know, girl.

And so we often, I think only one guy


Cynthia Zordich  00:34:16 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:34:19 

we didn't get. We we always got our recruit. We always signed our guy, and so we were kinda, you know, known as as a it little and they're nineteen team. And we would just... We were friends. We were, you know, best friend

didn't day,

And The... You know, one day, he just,

you know, asked he said, you know, I I think I I wanna grab out with you, and I was like,

Yeah I don't think that's a possibility.

And so,

you know, I

I asked my cousin J,

who also played

for... You know, to the or you went to get say I had to make sure I say that correctly because we... They were student athlete.

And so he went


Cynthia Zordich  00:35:01 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:35:02 

to school tennessee on At Scholarship.

And I asked him I said, do you think it's okay? If I go out with Dj and he's like, no. I mean, if I go out with case, and he's like, that, when I was like, come on. Let, you know, he said that okay. Fine. And so he said it was okay. Let me go out with Casey. And

the rest.

So sorry. For the long.


Juliet Hahn  00:35:21 

No. No. Sorry. I love that. That's


Cynthia Zordich  00:35:22 


I love it. Hey. We're all with he Who was that coach at Tennessee when you were doing the recruiting.


Juliet Hahn  00:35:24 

yeah. You need the backstory.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:35:30 

Johnny Ventures.


Cynthia Zordich  00:35:31 

Oh my god. I'm new gonna say that.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:35:35 



Cynthia Zordich  00:35:35 

Oh, my god. I love him.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:35:38 

Oh, oh, my god. We good. I absolutely was.


Juliet Hahn  00:35:39 



Cynthia Zordich  00:35:40 

I in him. I I used me Join manager because used also protect y'all. And he right the national championship.

And I'm a pittsburgh girl.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:35:48 




Cynthia Zordich  00:35:50 


when he was at pit and then retired before he moved back to Tennessee,

he he and I used to go to lunch all the time, and he would tell me Sorry, then he was...

He was the most perfect gentleman. I met him.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:36:04 


yes. That's what Was gonna say. He was a gentleman, and he had those guys


cope and time,

you know, And if they didn't have the certain kai, he would, you know, find a way to get them a become time, you know, somebody donate need us at coat and Tie. You know, he talked to, you know, coaches, you know, that were hitting near their side. Hey. You know, you got a old


you know, and tie. He taught those guys to be gentlemen. He would have them take interviewing classes before they were allowed to speak to the media.

You know? So they weren't... Oh, yeah. So we weren't up there of blue, you know?


Juliet Hahn  00:36:41 

Oh, it's amazing.


Cynthia Zordich  00:36:46 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:36:47 

You know, he made sure


they were successful beyond field.


Cynthia Zordich  00:36:54 

Yeah. Absolutely.


Juliet Hahn  00:36:55 

So important.


Cynthia Zordich  00:36:55 

I mean, my goodness and pet also i mean, our group friends. I had so many friends from Pen Hills, and one of them was Bill Fail, and he has this huge outing and Johnny Majors never missed it. That's actually wearing Met him. And, you know, just all around him the the plate just seeing our friend


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:37:08 



Cynthia Zordich  00:37:13 

years after they were done playing,

stand up straight and to the smiles and embrace and the love between them and all of the coaching

staff that was there again and all the players. And so we do became quick friends and we're done a couple projects together, and I just... Every time I'm went that's guy let him know I was there, and we would just meet somewhere more for lunch. And it was always

the best conversation,


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:37:37 



Cynthia Zordich  00:37:37 

and I just love them. Yeah. That's great.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:37:39 

I think... Yeah. I think katie would definitely attribute


you know, coaching style

and professionalism.

To coach to majors. You know, he would... Yeah. He definitely say that


Cynthia Zordich  00:37:48 




Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:37:51 

because, you know, what our our our quote

and you can ask any of Taser players.

You know, if you say what was,

you know, the quote and his room, you know, in in his meeting room, It was we have standards.

You know? And and as a matter of fact, we would


Juliet Hahn  00:38:10 

I love that.


Cynthia Zordich  00:38:11 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:38:12 

we would give gifts to our players at

at Christmas, like, you know, I would have,

you know, back


Cynthia Zordich  00:38:20 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:38:21 

brass may, Tiffany Tiffany glass crafts me for the players and things like that. And I would have encrypted on there. We have standards.

And so, you know, our players

that was our mantra we standards.

And so


Juliet Hahn  00:38:35 

That's so cool.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:38:36 

Yeah. And


Cynthia Zordich  00:38:37 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:38:38 

that's one of the things that, you know, he took away from

being a player under put a wonderful man like johnny majors.


Cynthia Zordich  00:38:47 

I like to you bring that back and put that somewhere, like, you know, like, and we can't they seem to have something cool and expression. And today, with hashtag, that's go awesome


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:38:57 

Oh, rick everywhere.


Cynthia Zordich  00:38:57 

to, like,



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:38:59 



Juliet Hahn  00:38:59 

We have sanders.


Cynthia Zordich  00:38:59 

To the games.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:39:00 

Yeah. With our family and and k has everywhere in his office, I I mean to feel using it and that's my my

or like brand char her.


Juliet Hahn  00:39:09 

You're totally fine.


Cynthia Zordich  00:39:11 

I just feel best.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:39:11 

He's probably giving on the interview.


Juliet Hahn  00:39:14 



Cynthia Zordich  00:39:16 

But any pounds.


Juliet Hahn  00:39:16 

I love it.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:39:18 

Sorry about that.


Juliet Hahn  00:39:19 

No. No.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:39:20 

So, yeah, act away anything.

Act away.


Juliet Hahn  00:39:24 

No. I love it. So I would love to know what means you wanna go into education. So I know you had a stint in education, and then, you know, you you kinda pivoted and followed your passion


Cynthia Zordich  00:39:24 

I love it.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:39:31 



Juliet Hahn  00:39:34 

into styling.

But what made you wanna go into education in the beginning?


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:39:39 

You know,

at in the beginning, when when Casey and, I first started out,

I was actually


we... We both have our undergraduate Blueberries in pre of crime,


I went headed to you'd law school


we had gotten engaged And then, you know, he

comes in a ninety two abstract, and he goes off to Pittsburgh.

And so,

you know, and and and we found out that, you know, we're gonna be parent

and knowing this is ninety one, Sorry.

We found that we're gonna be parents and all of a sudden, we have to make some decisions here.


I thought

Okay. Am I really gonna be able to have

a long career

and, you know, support

you know, my



dreams of, you know, an Nfl career, you know, in possibly moving around because and, you know, in our home, you know, and if nfl doesn't fan national put my ladies event from not long.


Cynthia Zordich  00:40:46 



Juliet Hahn  00:40:47 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:40:47 

Just know, there's there's just the constant moving.

And so

it was at that point, I decided or we decided together that

I would go and get a master's to degree education instead.

Just because it would just make it a lot easier

when, you know, the moving started and, oh, did the moving start.

You know, everybody need to teach, you know, everywhere. You need a teacher. And it's... When you're an attorney, you really need to be

in a place and stay in a place and establish yourself

establish a clientele


as an educator

everywhere we moved

I I was needed. You know, it was very easy to get a to get a job, you know? And so that was pretty much


Cynthia Zordich  00:41:28 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:41:34 

what we decided as a family would be important. And also,

you know, we knew that kid wouldn't live around. He wasn't gonna be available

And so we thought, you know, we're gonna start a family.

I wanna be with the children.

You know, as think children, we ended up only happy one, a very special miracle child taking the second.


Juliet Hahn  00:41:53 



Cynthia Zordich  00:41:54 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:41:55 

But, you know, and he he definitely was our miracle baby, but we just got... Okay. I'm gonna be the one that is gonna be with the the child every day. So being in a educator. I went at school

all day every day with our son and bless hard, He probably doesn't didn't love that head.

You tell a different story whenever you y'all interview him. The story gonna be a whole lot different. I loved it.


Cynthia Zordich  00:42:16 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:42:20 

He hated it I'm sure,

but that's pretty much what led me into education.


Juliet Hahn  00:42:26 

So i... But I saw I love that. So that was like, it was a very

very purpose thing, and it was because you guys were thinking of your future, which I think is so important for people to hear and the stories to so many people in life don't think, okay. Well, what's gonna be smart what, you know, they they don't think Ahead. So now did you love teaching or was it just as like, you knew it was good for the family.


Cynthia Zordich  00:42:31 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:42:49 

I loved it. Actually,

so, you know, I... I had wanted a

household children. I remember a family a four


sorry of that. I come up in... From my family of four, and Casey comes from a family of three and, you know, lots of children

lots of cousins,

and i was used to just, you know, big families

and, you know, when we found out that we weren't gonna be able to have a big family

I thought teaching is perfect.

And I told everything from pre k to fourth grade. So I talked the younger ones and the ones that love their teachers.


Juliet Hahn  00:43:17 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:43:23 

And so I got hug every everyday and loved on

just like you would, if you're Moment, you know? And so it was great. It it feel that


needed me to to, you know, mother and love and nurture.

And so it was just it was a dual blessing. It really was.


Cynthia Zordich  00:43:43 

Thank you.


Juliet Hahn  00:43:44 

So so smart. I mean, my mom was a kindergarten teacher. Cynthia knows... Actually, my mom taught

some of all of the kids and her sisters. So that's what's so cool about it. Like, when you're a teacher,

you know, I know people that go into education because they were good in school, and it's very apparent when those teachers have your children and maybe your children are not as strong and cool. And you're like, well, leave a second. Not everyone is good in school every all other her talent.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:44:00 



Juliet Hahn  00:44:09 

So it's very interesting to me to kinda talk to people that love, you know, really get into teach because they love it, but I love how yours was really on purpose, but then you fell we'll love with it. And I think that this is so smart.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:44:20 



Cynthia Zordich  00:44:20 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:44:22 

Yeah. And i and I have relationships

with my students to this day. You know, they'll friend me on Instagram on Facebook. I'm invited to weddings I'm invited to baby showers, you know? And


Juliet Hahn  00:44:26 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:44:35 

and I love it. You know? And it this, you know, I... Oh, well i can't mess up the boat. Code one because they're gonna start?


Cynthia Zordich  00:44:37 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:44:44 


there's... Oh, sorry. Sorry. Sorry.


Juliet Hahn  00:44:48 

Don't be sorry.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:44:48 



Cynthia Zordich  00:44:48 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:44:50 

there's nothing...

Ugh there's nothing like, when one of them comes to you, I not had a few that come you and say,

I decided to be a teacher how new or,

you know,


you really changed my... You turn my life. I



Cynthia Zordich  00:45:09 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:45:10 

I wasn't accepted, you know, as a student or,

you know, things that come easy to me and you took the time to

i get to know me and understand



Juliet Hahn  00:45:20 

That's beautiful.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:45:21 

my learning situation, and and that was that was a thing in my class room. I

I wrote my lesson plans to children who are auditory aesthetic

visual. I'm I'm made my... My lesson plans that way. Because I realized realized that, you know, children were different.

And so,

yeah, my classrooms were kinda set up a little different. Lady then


Juliet Hahn  00:45:45 

And say... And I love that. That's how i saw I'm just like. Words were were a family of democracy. So so I everything that you're saying right now, I'm like, you would have been my teacher because,


Cynthia Zordich  00:45:45 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:45:48 




Cynthia Zordich  00:45:54 



Juliet Hahn  00:45:55 

you know, I had so many times in and my you know, everyone... The listeners no. I was really good at communicating. So that was my strength. But then the second, I had to write a paper or put something on paper. The teachers would say you're not trying hard enough. You need to focus and it wasn't that that just that I learned different. So I appreciate and I know people listening. Appreciate that. You all that and,

you know, changed your classroom for that you and my mom would be kinder experience because that's what she did.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:46:20 


Oh, yeah. I mean, lots of visuals all over my classroom is just you know, just the fun classroom. Yeah.


Cynthia Zordich  00:46:22 



It's really interesting to me and that... You hear you are teaching

and here case is coaching,

and really, you're preparing those children for the type of that he's going to get, and I'm sure there's a lot of times you for helpful to him and understanding how to get into somebody's head and how to work with you know, a young young player that you might be able to add a teacher,

be helpful. And you guys ever do that where you have these great conversations about that?


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:46:56 

You know,


I like grab to say, yes. We know we have that. We've planned that. No.


Cynthia Zordich  00:47:04 

If you.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:47:05 

To be honest, you


you know, he

never he never brought his work home after

he started coaching in the Nfl. You know, he started

coaching college fall first.


when you're approaching in college,

you are recruiting constantly.

And so he would always be on the phone. You know, you've gotta... He come to the door on the phone. And one to you when i... Look at you just said dad,

I need to press it. You know?


Cynthia Zordich  00:47:38 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:47:39 

You know, you just said, you come in that door and, you know, I hadn't been all day and I need to talk to you and I need you And so, you know, I need your president. So we had a a deal where he had to shut that phone off and, you know, he was done and so it became a thing where

you don't discuss work. And so from that point on, he never just got work. And so we really


Cynthia Zordich  00:47:59 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:48:02 

don't discuss his work.

So I wouldn't


Cynthia Zordich  00:48:05 

last beautiful.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:48:06 

Yeah. I have idea


Cynthia Zordich  00:48:06 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:48:08 

how he coaches his players, except his players, you know, what tell me that he's hard. You know, I hear from because I'm very close to his players, and their girlfriends they're wives

to this day still, you know, I'm mama Rogers,



Cynthia Zordich  00:48:24 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:48:25 


And and I I make cakes for them and, you know, that's their they're big reward when they win They would get cakes.


he... You know, I hear that he's very hard, but I don't really know how he coaches is except for. He's very hard.


Cynthia Zordich  00:48:40 


And I love that honestly. I love the family coming together and saying, hey, this is, you know, because some families are coaching families and the wives are very involved. And they are really partners in the coaching. And, you know, especially at the college level I found, and others are like, hey, no. We have our family raise. So let's that the door, and I think that's whatever works for that family that's how what's makes it so beautiful.


Juliet Hahn  00:48:42 

I love that.


Cynthia Zordich  00:49:04 

But I would imagine that as Casey was praying and young and all his teams that you were that long that every kid came to that every that brought everybody together, tell us a little bit about that time in your life


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:49:04 



Cynthia Zordich  00:49:19 

when She was little and just starting to play.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:49:22 

One and that was that was really fun.

You know, he he played soccer.

He's got a soccer at three


so that was that was and that's hilarious because that's that, you know, I called that

kicking dirt, you know?

But you at that age, you know, they're just runner around kicking each other.

But... So you he started about it, you know, playing soccer.


Juliet Hahn  00:49:43 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:49:46 



or t ball and baseball, and then

moved into basketball.

His father didn't let him play football into

he was

in Seventh three. He his philosophy and and, you know, to each his own, Everybody has their own philosophy about it. But his philosophy was he wasn't developed read ready to play football and until that age she just feels like


Cynthia Zordich  00:50:09 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:50:12 

the body isn't ready.

When you worried about

just the the mind


you know, it hit his growing and just you know,


Cynthia Zordich  00:50:20 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:50:23 

so he worried about physically, mentally, everything that he doesn't think that they're ready until they're around seventh grade, thirteen years of eight.

And so...


Cynthia Zordich  00:50:31 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:50:32 

But I... Because I had to one. I I was that mom that had the big, you know, the pickup truck, you know or not

the sequoia. Yeah. The big.


Juliet Hahn  00:50:41 

Oh, oh, Suv.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:50:44 

So I had the big Suv so I was the mom that would pick up half the team,

and, you know, drive everybody to him from the game.

And, you know, of course, we're discussing, you know, what happened and what didn't happen and So, yeah, that was... That was always fun. I was definitely the team mom,

and then when you started playing


Cynthia Zordich  00:51:02 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:51:03 


it it was really interesting because, yeah, it it was funny. A lot of the moms would, you know, come to me and, you know, ask, you know, I don't understand. You know, this position of,

can you explain it to me? And that I could do.

You know, you know cynthia.


Cynthia Zordich  00:51:20 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:51:21 

Just being around the game. We do understand the game a little bit more than than the average.

And so I was able to kinda say

Okay. Well, you know, ride receivers, typically, you should do this. And so maybe, you know, you could help your son this way or this is what Db typically do. And so I was able to be a little bit of a resource for the bombs, and so that was really fun.


Cynthia Zordich  00:51:43 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:51:44 

But my my my son

and and he got this from his dad. He always says... I know just enough to be dangerous.


Juliet Hahn  00:51:52 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:51:55 


as I know what I know.


Juliet Hahn  00:51:59 

So funny.


Cynthia Zordich  00:51:59 

You know,

you know...


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:52:01 




Cynthia Zordich  00:52:03 

Yeah. It's like when say something. And even if it's really good, they just kinda look at you. It just laugh they're like, what did you just say? Like, are you really talking football with me right now?


Juliet Hahn  00:52:09 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:52:12 


exactly. But... Yeah, It was fun. I mean, I attended all of cases games. His father was never able to to he never saw him play

middle... When he he's saw one school, but he never saw and play high school football boil.

This way, he started

playing vars, football.

Well when he was playing,

Junior University, of course, it was on Thursdays. So, you know, he was going meetings when he was playing.

And that's on Thursday night. And then of first, Friday night, but ball,


Cynthia Zordich  00:52:39 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:52:45 

the guy get off early, but by the time casey he got to play lil case. He got to play Friday night football.

His father had moved to the dolphins. We were steel in dallas.


Cynthia Zordich  00:52:55 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:52:56 

And so he never got to same in playing.

And it was very important for me to be able to be there

for all those games because all he got to z was on a computer screen. You know, he he watched his game

from his office

live on the computer screen, but never got to see him. In person.

And so,

you know, I mean, you asked when he was ask when he was older, but


Cynthia Zordich  00:53:18 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:53:21 

that was


Juliet Hahn  00:53:21 


Well, I I thought that was really interesting because I know I read that he, you know, and and nice saw your husband saying. He didn't get to see his a he didn't get to see. Any of that stuff. But then when he... Your your son went to

school in Florida, He was able to come and save but he said that you never missed anything that you were at everything.


Cynthia Zordich  00:53:36 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:53:41 

Every single game.

And and and even in college,

And, you know, when he played professionally,

and it was... It was really interesting because I think, you know, our son got twenty six offers. It was such a blessed He got twenty six offers,

scholarship offers coming out of high school.


Cynthia Zordich  00:54:00 



Juliet Hahn  00:54:00 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:54:00 

And, yeah. And you know, he ended up choosing the university of Miami. Thank you.

And hurricane.

And it was funny because even, you know, soon offered him in our entire or family goes to Tennessee.

We're, like, really being... You're not gonna pick gonna.


Cynthia Zordich  00:54:15 



Juliet Hahn  00:54:15 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:54:18 

No. Because I'm just gonna be the other K Rogers. You know, you you didn't need and want that, say, what is it, you know, said his own legacy

plus I think because we were at my, his father was coaching at Miami at the time. I think he he thought okay. And me a chance maybe for me to you know, be with my dad, and it was it was great because the hurricane


Cynthia Zordich  00:54:31 



Juliet Hahn  00:54:37 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:54:41 

and the dolphins played in the same stadium.

And it was really cool. I mean, they share the locker of room. You know?


Cynthia Zordich  00:54:47 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:54:48 

Yeah. Was really neat because on Saturdays, you know, the the hurricane had the stadium and then on Sunday days to often ten the stadium.

And so it was the first time is that actually got to be him play if they were in town that week, it's the adopted home game that week and the hurricane had a home game, then, yeah. They got to see and play. And so it was it was just it was phenomenal, but it didn't matter if we... If... He was playing


you know, because, you know, that they're in the Acc. If it did matter if he was playing boston in college or pit or if he was playing kansas state, I was that mom that was there. There would be times when the team would arrive,

I'd be the only parent there. And...


muscle myself.


Juliet Hahn  00:55:35 



Cynthia Zordich  00:55:36 

Oh my i. Love it. I love.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:55:37 

Yeah. He he was so in embarrassed, but, you know, I


Cynthia Zordich  00:55:41 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:55:42 

amazing... He appreciates her but at the time.


Juliet Hahn  00:55:44 

Yes. Of course.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:55:45 

Know. But the key... Is the coaches and the teams walk through the hotel army mean and I'm was like,

Yeah. Go



Chill. You know, you're the only

year much Exactly. I'm the over prepared here.

So I'm here to cheer for everybody and love them i mean he's like,


Cynthia Zordich  00:56:03 



Juliet Hahn  00:56:05 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:56:07 

Oh, my gosh.


Cynthia Zordich  00:56:08 


yeah that he might at that then, but I read an article


Juliet Hahn  00:56:10 

I love that.


Cynthia Zordich  00:56:13 

from him and when he was with the Jackson and he


Juliet Hahn  00:56:16 



Cynthia Zordich  00:56:16 

and a whole different story because he was just, like, singing your phrases and the fact that you are that mom and you're like, a super mom that doesn't miss anything. And I think that's fantastic. And before that, like, talk about Canada, like, that be an amazing experience for you.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:56:26 


That was oh my goodness that was so fun. So, yeah, he, you know, he came out.


you know,

he only...

He got him degree four years. So when he went he wasn't registered. He

went to the school right away. And we trying to play right away.


Cynthia Zordich  00:56:53 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:56:54 

Got is three four years. And he came out and

went to Kansas City,

and they found an injury,

And so he came home rehab, and then

his father

knew a a guy in


And so set up and, you know, workout out form went up there,

just blew them away. It was, you know, it was a great experience. And so he ended up


Juliet Hahn  00:57:17 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:57:24 

making the roster up there for... The first jimmy played for was Edmonton.

And he went the Greek cup. Oh, my goodness.


Juliet Hahn  00:57:31 

Oh, that's awesome.


Cynthia Zordich  00:57:31 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:57:33 

Ladies, when I tell you that what I... First of, i've never been to a code in my life.


Juliet Hahn  00:57:39 



Cynthia Zordich  00:57:39 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:57:39 


It was in Manitoba.

I was...

I mean, chilly to the bone, but being on that field with him with all that confetti and

trophy and just it was

the best

experience ever. And I I wouldn't trade it with world, and I and I again, was it every single game? I you know, it didn't matter if it was, you know,


Cynthia Zordich  00:58:00 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:58:02 

b, you know, British Columbia, if we vancouver if it was Toronto,

wherever he was,

I was there,


then he

went to some Saskatchewan because the coach that was with Edmonton

moved to scott and wanted to take him with him. So he ended up playing for Saskatchewan for


Cynthia Zordich  00:58:19 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:58:22 

three years.

And he was, you know, like, their franchise player there.

You know,

the leader,

it was the deep into play collar. And did really well.

I I mean, you had a three bedroom apartment up affairs and one of the different who move mine.


Cynthia Zordich  00:58:39 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:58:39 

And i so I basically

lived in Canada lived Regina, who's got on. It was wonderful


Cynthia Zordich  00:58:45 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:58:46 

Yeah. And went to all the games, and then his last season up there, He said, you know what mom?

He's said. I want I want to go to the away games by myself this time.

He said you've you've attended everything, you've always been there for me. Is that I just want this experience with my teammate teammates who said, you know, being as a a home age is great, but this time, I just wanna do it on myself. Okay. You know, you're you're he's growing up using inventory.


Juliet Hahn  00:59:12 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:59:13 

So that last reason, then I I just


Cynthia Zordich  00:59:15 

Honestly. I love how he like, hey. You know, like, you got that earlier on with your husband and I'm saying that to you. Like, you just let you guys know, which is,


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:59:18 



Cynthia Zordich  00:59:24 

like, not always the case. You know, always left guessing sometimes.

We have to figure out on our own based on their behavior, but he just says know. This is what I need. I need you dad, and then now like, like, mom might need to be like, my own person.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:59:38 



Cynthia Zordich  00:59:38 

For these awakening. I love that.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:59:40 



Juliet Hahn  00:59:40 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  00:59:41 

And and and provide it. I said, okay. Backed off and And then, of course, you know, he

had an opportunity to come back to the states, and and I play an Nfl for his father.

And so, yeah, that was that was

a very interesting



Juliet Hahn  00:59:58 

Yeah. I mean... Reading that... But so... I I mean I love just how this all kinda intertwined. So I have a question that's related, but not related. So if we... If we need to come back to it, fine. But when did you start the the, you know, your style


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:00:04 



Juliet Hahn  01:00:13 

kind blogging and all of that? So was that kind of on purpose thing, like, okay. I'm leaving teaching, so I can be at all of his away games


Cynthia Zordich  01:00:20 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:00:20 



Juliet Hahn  01:00:21 

or did it just happen? And then and then how did your your business kinda come to fruition Again, was that to me? it seems like that you're very thoughtful person was that thought out or did that kind just happen?


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:00:32 

No. You're you are spun on.

It was... It was thoughtful process.


Juliet Hahn  01:00:37 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:00:38 

I started the business part time


when Casey turned thirteen,


Juliet Hahn  01:00:46 

Okay. Yeah. That makes sense.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:00:46 

and we're ready. And what happened when he turned thirteen? What did I tell you on?


Juliet Hahn  01:00:49 

Hey plays football. Yeah. He's like above.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:00:50 

Exact playing.

And so

you know, I started part time deliberately because I didn't know where it was gonna go. I needed to see if it was going to take if it was gonna be a sustainable business,

And so,

you know, and everything

we do and the family

is is bought out.


Juliet Hahn  01:01:10 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:01:10 

You know,


I I referred to the vacation when I'm my son is tweet That's a nickname.

And now it's out there world, historically,

mean, but you just know.


Cynthia Zordich  01:01:21 

I like that.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:01:22 

But in in in conversations and adult conversations, I say because you're look in it. But

Grew up

you know, and very humble

household is parents, you know, hard workers.

And so for him, you know, he always said, everybody in I house so was gonna work.

Airbus will work, or write don't contribute. And so, you know, everything we do is is, you know, planned and thought out. And so I knew that

to be able to support him. I locate you full time. I was gonna have to

be able to replace that teaching salary

with something else.

Even though, it's not like we really use my kitchen salary month, but, you know, again, and also,


Juliet Hahn  01:02:02 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:02:03 

everybody works.


Cynthia Zordich  01:02:05 

Everybody contribute.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:02:06 

There you go, Tribute.

And so

I started, you know, the the


job part time

because at that time, I thought it was it wasn't a career yet.

When Cases was in seventh break.

And so after, like, a season who of doing it, I was making more money

part time

than I was teaching. And I was like, okay.


Juliet Hahn  01:02:30 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:02:32 

Okay. I see that this is gonna be able to be a sustainable business.

So after, you know,

seven eight grade, by times, because my plan was by the time he had ninth grade,

we knew Katie was in a

Christian School, and I was teaching at that Christian school. We knew we were gonna move up to the public high school because, you know,

because got, like, in the public high school, you're gonna get more



Cynthia Zordich  01:02:57 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:02:57 

And And so I knew that by the time he got to ninth grade, I'm wanted to leave teaching and be available to him full time.

And so by the time that happened, my

fashion career was

it was booming. It was,

you know, for...

Full term.

And, you know, our the company that I work with, Maybe,

it started twenty years ago, and I've been with for seventeen of those years now.


Juliet Hahn  01:03:25 

Oh, that's so cool.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:03:26 

Yes. Yeah.


Cynthia Zordich  01:03:28 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:03:28 

So, yeah. So it was like you know, you were

dead on. It was definitely

five out planned in


Juliet Hahn  01:03:36 

Well, I mean, that's the thing I made it seems like, as you were talking, I was like, I have to ask that because I have a feeling that there's wasn't, like, something


Cynthia Zordich  01:03:37 



Juliet Hahn  01:03:43 

that just, you know, happened and I think it's so important for the listeners also the Nfl women and community to think.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:03:50 



Juliet Hahn  01:03:50 

Okay. There are things that happen

accidental. Right? There's things that happen because again, everyone knows it listens to these podcast.


Cynthia Zordich  01:03:54 



Juliet Hahn  01:03:58 

You know, I believe we all have a path, whether it's God or the universe, whatever you believe in, I believe in god, but I do believe that

you know, we are born and we have a a a path, but we all don't find it. It doesn't always happen. But so I love that you guys we're thoughtful in your in your path. Now I'm gonna bring it very spiritual for a second. Is there something that you like would pray on and figure it out or just something that you you guys were, like, very direct. Like, you're hey, This is what's gonna happen. This is what's gonna happen or was it something that it was a conversation in your family and it doesn't naturally happened?


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:04:17 


It's a combination.


we do is preferably


Every every single, you know, thing that we do every step,

nothing's done before, you know, taking it before the Lord first.


Juliet Hahn  01:04:45 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:04:45 

You know, everything.


give me because Jeremiah twenty nine eleven is our families,

scripture. That's what our family stands on because we know that his plan is to prosper and, you know,

you know, not to harm.

And so we definitely pray on everything first,

And then

we look and see, okay.

What opportunities that he placed before us and we know that, okay. Then that's the answer.


Juliet Hahn  01:05:13 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:05:15 



Juliet Hahn  01:05:16 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:05:17 

you know, that's kinda how we've always, you know, dealt with it as like, okay. We've prayed about it. This opportunity has presented itself that's the answer that's, you know, the holy spirit saying. Okay. Yeah. You're.


Juliet Hahn  01:05:29 

So so I... That's beautiful. And I think it's really important that I brought that up because someone's gonna listen to this and be like, well, how do they just know all the time? So I kind of got into a and I was like, you know, I feel I feel like they're praying behind the scenes there. And, again, because I believe, really believing in that. That when you pray or you daydream dream or you... you know, my thing is is, you know, you some people call meditation. I call it day dreaming to find that spot to be able to do that. I do it when I'm walking. I can't sit. And and daydream dream or meditate, I have to be walking and moving. And when I do that, is when I come up with ideas and then I pray, you know, Okay. Show me where I'm supposed to be doing. What what did you put me on this earth to do?


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:05:44 




Cynthia Zordich  01:06:08 



Juliet Hahn  01:06:08 

Tell me about it, and then as you continue to daydream and think is when that happens now if someone can be listening to this and saying, okay, well, I am not spiritual.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:06:09 



Juliet Hahn  01:06:17 

But I feel like it's the same thing with the universe. You can be talking to the universe

and getting the same same results in your own way. You know? I just I just happened to believe in in god. So

thank you for sharing that. I think that's really important.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:06:30 

No. Definitely I agree. And and a business like this. I mean, it was just... It was perfect to not only for being


Cynthia Zordich  01:06:31 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:06:38 

the mom

a very busy child,

but just being the partner of a very busy

man, you know,

just, you know, being Cage to his partner,

it allows me to just be available to him as well.

You know, I I was telling since he knows, you and know I were talking.


I have coaches his wives on my team that do this business with me.

I've had other Nfl wide who've done this business

along long alongside me. It's just

it's a it's a great business for,

you know, women who need to be able to support their family and support

their partners, you know, just


you know, wherever you are in your your walk,

it's just... It it's just been a great business for that. So that's just my little. That's my little Psa out there my little plug.


Cynthia Zordich  01:07:38 



Juliet Hahn  01:07:38 

No. I love that.


Cynthia Zordich  01:07:39 

It's so important to me too, because, you know, you talk about

hear you share you you find Caveat at when they're just getting started, and you know have found a family outside of your own family in a passion

I'll outside of the game. And what I owe today, and we already talked about this earlier is that not only are you gifting your son with being able to be present for him, so you're also gifting your husband and that you are finding your own passion, which allows him to pursue his cash on the thought that worry that you're not fulfilled or she's not there for you because, like, as coaches like, they do can't be there. They just really can't be there, and you do kind of, like, you know, you... Like, we only say... Let's

do this until it doesn't work. And for me, what I have always found is having


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:08:25 



Cynthia Zordich  01:08:27 

my own passion like, you have your own passion academy

makes it work because i'm so busy too, and I also can respect that he's so busy, and isn't about not wanting to be with me or the family. It's about being committed


like, really taking care of the family, but also being committed to your craft and to what you do, and you're you know, your profession. So I love that you are showing a lot of coaches wide who really are, like, we really do kinda lean on each other. Hey, you can do this on the side, and this is for you, and it's also for your family,

and you can grow within this company.



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:09:05 



Cynthia Zordich  01:09:05 

I mean, I hate you make you plug, but if you don't mind, like, how can people get involved in how telling about how it works?


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:09:10 


No. I I I appreciate the opportunity too. Because that is another passion of mine as well. I I just think women empowering women,

there's nothing like it. Mean we have got to lift one another up, and we got to be there for one another.


Juliet Hahn  01:09:22 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:09:28 

Oh, yay.


Cynthia Zordich  01:09:30 



Juliet Hahn  01:09:30 

Yay. Brian. Yeah.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:09:32 

Like round of a applause.


Cynthia Zordich  01:09:34 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:09:34 

You know,


And hopefully, we can

you all can put something in the brand people when they can contact

you all through Nfl red to have to reach me, but

Yes. I am hiring. We're hiring,

You know, that being a stylist

is so fulfilling to me. You know, again, they're speaking virtually, we are all created in an image


but a lot of women,

they they don't dress appropriately for their body type or their, you know, shape for their side.

And so the first time I put a woman in the right clothing and she sees herself in the mirror, and she though, she starts to just tear up and go. Oh my gosh. You know, I'm beautiful.

There's nothing more empowering than that.


Cynthia Zordich  01:10:26 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:10:26 

And I just... I love it. And so to, you know, have other women doing this business with me,

yes. I I I love it. And the thing I like most about Kathy is it's your own business.

I I work for myself.

I sit known hours


Juliet Hahn  01:10:42 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:10:45 

you know, I decide

when I wanted to have... A i can't we call can't experiences.

I decide when, my the clothes year mode, close. Right?


Cynthia Zordich  01:10:54 

I it right.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:10:55 

I i yeah. I take these clothes, and I set them up in women home and, you know, they bring friends over and we play dress up.

You know, what more tricky people what to do. You know, we play dress up and I get paid to do that.


Juliet Hahn  01:11:06 



Cynthia Zordich  01:11:11 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:11:12 

You know, it's it's...

It be... It's just so much fun and, you know,

for women that, you know, because

because, you know, I've moved around a lot in a fail not from long.

You know, like I said, we moved fifteen, fifteen times


Juliet Hahn  01:11:24 



Cynthia Zordich  01:11:26 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:11:28 

in our thirty, two years


And so, you know, I have friends all over the country.

And so I can get on, like, a podcast like this or get on zoom, and I can show my collection to my friend

in Colorado.

I've got you know, into a max see who lives in Colorado

love purchasing,

you know, Kathy from me, and know her her husband Brick Max was, you know, long time Nfl player. He

coaches at Colorado now, you know, until we get on and, you know, we talk about the clothes. And and so just something like, you know, as simple as that, you know, reminded Jordan. She's...


Cynthia Zordich  01:12:04 

Amanda. Right?


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:12:05 

Yeah. Another one that just, you know, loves the protein will. So they're just, you know, women

and and again,

we don't even have to be in front of each other that necessarily. We can just, you know, we can do it

via zoom.

And so it's just a business that

it's really easy for us because, again, you know, we move,

you know,

right now, Can't, is a tampa, but, you know, what is being

it's Therapist francisco next season are, you know, you just... It it's a business that moves with you. You know, you could take it with you and it Great. Because, again, we have friends all over the country, which is is another blessing.


Cynthia Zordich  01:12:43 


exactly. Yeah. I mean,

bringing the girl is like reaching out and was something things it can do together. They a lot of things that we can do in putting it on thread. We could also do something really cool with off the field, you know, in one of our events. So we definitely should keep talking about that on in talk About that about doing something fine together, like, maybe one of your fun events and tied into,

like, an off the field event and thread to spring it all together.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:13:10 

Exactly. Well, yeah.

Oh, sorry. I mean here. You go ahead.


Cynthia Zordich  01:13:15 

No. No. That. I just think that these... Leave... Any type that you can bring your friends together.

And they can be engaged together. And then also,

when it comes to close, is very psychological.

And when you know a bunch of women there that are telling you know, you're crazy. That looks amazing on you, and then you feel so empowered by it, and you feel so... Okay. I'm gonna buy this. I never would buy this, but I'm gonna put this on and it really does make you feel great when you have people there and you're in that type of environment.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:13:33 



Cynthia Zordich  01:13:42 

So that's just the social part of it, but then also ensure you're like case if you wanna be a part of this and start your own business. I'm sure there's so many women that would be excited about that.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:13:51 

And that's yes. I gonna say backs the thing.

That I'm most passionate about. And... You know,

sure. I love, you know, I love these clothes and you know, I'm I would love to meet some to women and, you know,

you know, put them in some else

and and help them, you know, pull together a wardrobe that works for them. But even more importantly,

giving them this business opportunity

is is paramount to me offering this business opportunity to other women


that's my passion. That's that's really... I have a lot of women right now who are on my team and it's

that to me is just

it's it's a blessed because.


Cynthia Zordich  01:14:41 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:14:41 

So yeah.


Juliet Hahn  01:14:41 

Yeah. And I... And I... And I think, you know, one thing that you touched on, I think is so important is like that's the one one of the reasons why cynthia and I wanted to do this because we wanna give perspectives from all different angles because everyone has a story. Right? We, all have a story we all, you know, have inter intertwined stories We all have good stories about bad stories, but we all have stories that can connect us. And so there's someone listening to this going. Okay. You know, my husband's in the league, he's getting transferred all these places. I have aspirations and passions

but I keep getting them, you know, drowned or lost because I keep... You know, I need to to move with him because he is someone that I love and I started a family with them, So those women are gonna hear this and say, wait a second. I wanna learn more about that. And if it's for them, that's great. That's why it's also. I love you know, how you talked about the teaching thing, because I didn't even think about that, but right, You can you can teach in in many different. You know, you do have to get certified, but you can. It's not a hard thing to do. The other thing is, you know,


Cynthia Zordich  01:15:22 




Juliet Hahn  01:15:38 

photography. Right? You can do that, but that also, you have to start your whole business over again. Right? So there's different things. That you have to think about

real estate is another one. You know? So I love having you guys on

the show to really kinda disrespectful talk to the audience because it's not just...

It's not just Nfl, you know, spouses, wives, husbands,

that are gonna get something from this because women as you said, women are women. And if you're a mom


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:16:05 



Juliet Hahn  01:16:06 

or you're, you know, anything, you know, I you know, people know that I took time off when I had my children. I purposely,

you know, stopped my career because I wanted to raise my kids, but then there was a time where my kids got to a certain age. And I said, Wait a second. I don't wanna just be having lunch. So that's just not me. I wanna find something. So hearing a story like this could be, like, well, wait a second. My husband not moving all around, but I can still find something

that's gonna, you know, make me have a passion that's gonna make me wanna do something. So that's why I love having, you know, these stories out there. Can you share with everyone where they also can find you? I mean, it's in the scroll right now. It will be in the show notes we'll talk about it, you know, in the beginning of the episode,

as we, you know, move forward, but where can people find you and really kinda connect?


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:16:53 

It's it's it's long. So say it slow.

It's w w w




cavity, which is c a i


o n l i n e dot com.


Juliet Hahn  01:17:12 

Great. And well... And I said, we'll put that in the show note So they'll see that when this episode goes live, which will be, you know, a couple weeks it's we'll be living here on Fireside, people can listen, but all of the, you know, the kind of the corresponding


Cynthia Zordich  01:17:12 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:17:18 



Juliet Hahn  01:17:23 

information will go out when the episode goes to all the podcast players.

I mean, I do think it's you know, wonderful, again, what you have done, and I love hearing all your different pivots. I think it's so important and so exciting.

And and how thoughtful all those topics were. I think that's what's really cool that fascinating me


Cynthia Zordich  01:17:39 



Juliet Hahn  01:17:42 

because some people are, you know, that kind of... You know, I I I know we talked about you prior on it and some that, but still, for you to be able to be like, we thought about it before because not many people do that, even if they pray on it,

you know, you have an idea what you wanna do,

but I love how you guys were so thoughtful and really, you know, grounded and your choices.

And how they worked because

you did the work and behind the scenes, you know, with praying and all of that, which I think it was really, really cool.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:18:09 

Yeah. You have to have a plan.


Cynthia Zordich  01:18:11 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:18:12 

Yeah. I mean, it's it's important. You know. And then... And that's one thing that I share with my, you know,


Cynthia Zordich  01:18:12 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:18:18 

nfl wives your girlfriend

that you've got to have a plan,

You know, this this this life is not, you know, gonna last forever


Cynthia Zordich  01:18:23 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:18:28 

the money's not gonna last forever. You know, you you've gotta have... What's you're plan?


Juliet Hahn  01:18:34 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:18:35 

No. So... Yeah.


Cynthia Zordich  01:18:36 


And then know... And I know, like, a four or, because i... Especially in the coaching world, it is

what a network, and you're and you're always looking for great advice and your girls come in They're young,

and they are just starting their families. And so I know myself personally,

and I can tell that you're the same way. I'm not quite about just offering any kind of, like, you know, just... A


Like, what what is it that you're needing? And, you know, what is it that's gonna make you fulfilled and to get through these long hours of being alone you know, really when it comes down to it, and they're just always, I think gracious, and I learn from them as well because things change and they're just you know, I learned so much from these kinds of conversations too. So


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:19:06 



Cynthia Zordich  01:19:24 

I think it's... It's incredible that you reached that you're that person for them. If you in Tampa and everywhere you are.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:19:24 


Oh, yeah.


Cynthia Zordich  01:19:31 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:19:32 

Yes. Because I living... I actually live in Dallas,

you know, full time and I just... You know, I I traveled to a game here there, but, you know, my husband's always telling me.

You're not making the tackle for me.


Juliet Hahn  01:19:45 



Cynthia Zordich  01:19:47 

They be busy.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:19:49 

You know, i... I'm like, you want me to come to a game? Where like,

you're not making a jack for me. So.


Juliet Hahn  01:19:57 

So so do what you love, but that's... You know that's a great support. Like, do you do you and I'll do me and we'll come together at the end of the day. And be connected as a family where it is important. So I think that's such a beautiful thing in such a beautiful message.


Cynthia Zordich  01:19:59 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:20:03 



Cynthia Zordich  01:20:03 




Juliet Hahn  01:20:10 

I really do.

Cynthia, was there anything else that you wanted to add?


Cynthia Zordich  01:20:15 

No. I think it's bringing little.


Juliet Hahn  01:20:15 

Marcel is anything else that you wanna add?


Cynthia Zordich  01:20:17 

No. I'm excited to put it up on, you know, I'd love to do something where if we get one of the listeners, we'll figure out something fun to send them from Kati so they can get a real clean of event, and I can get it. Yeah. I really would like to get that product out there. And We'll figure that out after, but. No. I think this is such a great show and honest. And I learned a lot is about the idea of and I'm I'm gonna tell my kids about this because they're at that age.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:20:25 




Cynthia Zordich  01:20:42 

Think and plan. Know think about what it is that you're doing and how what you're doing fits into your personal life, Maybe you can tweak it and make a good plan, and I think that I'm definitely gonna share that with them.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:20:54 

But yes, I'm glad you brought that up. Cynthia,


Juliet Hahn  01:20:55 



Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:20:58 

because I did me to... To say, I am going to give a listener


because we just started

yesterday. As a matter of fact, and today's to say, yes. August first, we just kicked off our new fall twenty two season. Like


Juliet Hahn  01:21:14 

Yay. Awesome.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:21:15 

so here.

And so I'm going to


our new

scarf and as

to got one. I'm gonna i gift our new false scarf to one of your listeners.


Cynthia Zordich  01:21:24 


Oh, I love that. Oh, they're gonna love it. That's excellent.


Juliet Hahn  01:21:28 

That's awesome.


Cynthia Zordich  01:21:31 

Thank you. That's cool.


Juliet Hahn  01:21:31 


Thank you so much. And thank you. You know, Cynthia again, Always thank you. You always brings us It's great.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:21:32 



Juliet Hahn  01:21:37 

Great guest and Marcel, I loved hearing your story. And if you guys have questions, you know where to find us I am Julia Han on Instagram, Linkedin, where I live a lot is, you know, Juliet Han, Cynthia is Nfl thread and also cynthia or.

You can find this on on and and

and also cynthia website.

And where Is, you know, explain where she is also. And you do live on Instagram as well. Right, Marcel, because I know that people can Dm you there as well.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:22:03 

I do.

I'm at.


Juliet Hahn  01:22:05 

Style motivation.

Yep. Two four seven.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:22:08 

Yes. Spell motivation two four seven. Twenty four seven.


Cynthia Zordich  01:22:12 

Twenty first seven. I love it.


Juliet Hahn  01:22:13 

  1. Love it. Well, thank you again for joining Wine live at Red and, guys, don't forget, If you were in Canada, Ohio,

come See us,

share your story, get on the podcast,

and we will, you know, see you guys again. Thank you so much again, Marcel.


Cynthia Zordich  01:22:29 

Thank you, Color, Put a pleasure.


Marcella Cruze Rodgers  01:22:30 

Great. Great. Thank you.


Juliet Hahn  01:22:31 

Thanks, And there. Talk to you soon.


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