YNS Live with NFL Thread PIVOT Ricky & Cat Watters

Sep 08, 2022

Listen to a new episode of PIVOT, a show brought to you by YNS Live with NFL Thread recorded live on Fireside with hosts Juliet Hahn and Cynthia Zordich featuring special guests Ricky & Cat Watters.

Ricky Watters, former NFL Running Back, played a total of 10 seasons for the San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles and Seattle Seahawks. After winning a National Championship at the University of Notre Dame, he scored 3 touchdowns in a Super Bowl XXIX victory with the 49ers, was a 5 Time Pro-Bowler, 4 Time All-Madden and 3 Time All-Pro.  He retired with over 10,643 career rushing yards and 4,248 yards receiving and has the most consecutive starts in the NFL other than Walter Payton. Ricky is passionate about music, mentoring at-risk youth and advocating for players who paid the price after the game. He is the co-founder of Impact Wellness by Ricky Watters which offers all-natural Pro-Athlete Strength pain relief.

As an attorney, former sports agent and NFL wife of over 20 years, Catherina Watters has witnessed first-hand the trials and tribulations that NFL players face during their careers. In football, there are no guarantees due to certain risk of injury. Since 2008, Catherina has been dedicated to helping former players attain monetary awards and medical treatment for their injuries and helping with transition after the game. Many of her clients have been diagnosed with Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and ALS and continue to battle disabling orthopedic injuries. Catherina received her J.D. from New York Law School and her B.S. from Santa Clara University. She is a member of the California and Florida State Bar Associations.

You can check out their work at impact-wellness.com

Remarkable Quotes

“When I say this - I speak to the younger NFL wives and spouses. The NFL community is very private and often we feel we cannot share aspects of our lives. Yet, we go through such similar experiences. We need to realize that we have to help each other. Who is going to do it if we don’t? Who else would understand but us? Being friendly is not really helping. If you’re in a position to help… you should.”


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