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yns live with nfl thread Nov 24, 2022

Listen to a new episode of YNS Live with NFL Thread recorded live on Fireside with hosts Juliet Hahn and Cynthia Zordich, featuring Special Guest Rebekah A. Sharpe. Rebekah A. Sharpe is a Speaker, Author, Ordained Minister, Marketing Manager, and Player/Family Advocate with Hall of Fame Health (an affiliate of the Pro Football Hall of Fame). Rebekah is immensely passionate about transforming culture through the eternal power of God's incontestable word. Her chief desire is to invoke healing, inspire hope and invite others into the infinite goodness that comes with accepting the love of Jesus into your heart. She co-hosts "Sharpe Talk" a podcast with her father, former All Pro Arizona Cardinal, Luis Sharpe to amplify stories around faith, family, football, friendship, forgiveness and fun.

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Remarkable Quotes


“I do appreciate it and I’m grateful that I can be the embodiment of what is possible and I can show people and kind of illuminate the way of turning your pain into power.”


“I always remember the grace in which my grandparents operated. How they would always make space for my father to come back and know that he had a home. It didn’t matter if he was playing in pro bowls or on the streets - they loved him and they wanted the best for him and for us.”


“That has been so essential in getting me to become the woman that I am. I did not get here alone. I am the sum of many parts.”




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Juliet Hahn  00:00:08 

Hello, everyone. Welcome to Why Live with Nfl thread and our guest

rebecca Sharp we are so excited to have you guys here live on Fireside.

I'm gonna have Cynthia introduce Rebecca, and then I'm gonna take you guys through a little bit of house housekeeping, how you can be sharing the show. And if you're joining us from Linkedin, if you're joining us from

Twitch or Youtube, welcome. Welcome. There might be a chance some of you are on Facebook, We have to see if that is working. Facebook has given us some some hard times right now, but welcome. Welcome everyone to why fly with Nfl thread, and I'm your host host Juliet With Cynthia Door. Welcome you guys.


Cynthia Zordich  00:03:07 


Thank you.

So personally,

excited to have Rebecca on the show today,

Rebecca is the daughter of

my friends, and my husband's former teammate teenage,

Louis Sharp, All pro,

fantastic person in Kathy Sharp, I had so much fun with Kathy and Arizona,

and Rebecca is amazing and her journey is incredible and more and more. I just love the idea of diving into these lives of these N.

Children and Rebecca shares that passion, and I believe she's going to do something about that.

But, you know, Rebecca is an author. She's a host

she host a show with her dad.

She is an ambassador, and

and also a business this woman. So rebecca. Thank you so much. For joining us today.


Rebekah Sharpe  00:04:07 

Soon, juliet, I'm so great wanna to be here. Thank you for the invitation.

And for the great introduction, I know today is gonna be an awesome show.


Juliet Hahn  00:04:16 

It is it is. So a little house keeping really quickly, and I can't wait to dive into this because there's so much that you were doing, which is exciting. So everyone that's in this show right now the two little lines at the bottom to your left. If you guys can click on those, and you'll see where it says share with followers and broadcast to the world. If you can broadcast to the world


Cynthia Zordich  00:04:16 


Oh, yeah.


Juliet Hahn  00:04:35 

where you're

you're sending this out, so people can actually

come and listen to the show without being in the show, which is this is why I love Fireside so much. As I said, I'm broadcasting right now from Linkedin.


Cynthia Zordich  00:04:45 



Juliet Hahn  00:04:48 

Youtube we're live on those channels. Hello. I see people jumping in there. We are on Twitch, and you can also be outside of the app so you can be sending it to to Facebook.

If you're in the show right now, You can be sending it to Facebook. You can emailing You can be texting. You can be sending it to Twitter, All the different places you can be broadcasting to the world which is really, really fun. So if you guys can do that as we're starting the show, that would be great, and then we're gonna really get into


Cynthia Zordich  00:05:09 



Juliet Hahn  00:05:16 

really get into

Rebecca story, which I am so excited about because it is such an exciting one.


Cynthia Zordich  00:05:22 

She takes a drink

water. Yeah. It's


Rebekah Sharpe  00:05:25 



Juliet Hahn  00:05:25 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:05:26 

It's like, what you make sure

wet my missile there right? Because we've got a lot


Juliet Hahn  00:05:31 

Yes. So what


Cynthia Zordich  00:05:32 



Juliet Hahn  00:05:33 

exactly. So how we always start a little bit

is just give us a little background about who you were, you know, who you were, who you are, where you were born if you went to university, and then we're gonna get into the meet of the the story.


Cynthia Zordich  00:05:47 

Right. I want... I definitely wanna start with


Rebekah Sharpe  00:05:48 

Okay. Wonderful, So I did.


Cynthia Zordich  00:05:51 

dive into your childhood though they don't like, rush through that because we are going to get to University, but I really would like for you to really talk about growing up in the game and that your early years in Arizona.


Juliet Hahn  00:05:54 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:05:59 


Okay. Wonderful. Again, thank you for the opportunity. I'm excited

to be on a share and I see some of our viewers, including my dad, so that I thanks for hopping

here with us live and living college.


Juliet Hahn  00:06:17 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:06:20 

Yes. Okay. So I


Cynthia Zordich  00:06:20 

I'll do beautiful.


Rebekah Sharpe  00:06:23 

I was born Say Louis Missouri art so a very privileged and loving family. My father, cynthia,

mentioned will he and my mother met a Pla.

And then he went on to become a first round draft in the nineteen eighty eight draft. He enjoyed a very decorated career

that includes three proto appearances. He had a strong presence

in the Phoenix area, speaking engagements leaders positions in the And if Lp, he just truly had a command of both his craft and the communities.

I always like to tell people that you know, we had it all a internally a beautiful home,


Cynthia Zordich  00:06:56 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:07:00 


exquisite family vacations.

We were involved. There's everything after

after school activity that you could imagine,

so just very abundantly blessed, and I I'm grateful for the great memories that we do have.

Within our childhood ever

after my dad suffered, a career ending me injury things really begin to shift. And that was sort of the beginning of the American dream. That my dad had been

so blessed and fortunate to create

it started to unravel, and he struggled with substance abuse, and that caused a lot of dysfunction

within our familiar hole, that it was also a very public

downward spiral some of the things that

are etched in my memory base, local scribes in Arizona Republic, one time Ranch story with the headline foot hero turn to crack


So those were the types of marriages


Juliet Hahn  00:08:00 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:08:02 

that were yeah, really prevailing at the time. And so you can imagine

that it made for a lot of typical peas and challenges while we were at school and kids being kids, you know, repeating the things that they heard their parents saying,

suddenly, they were not able to come over to our home, and we couldn't go to their home. And there were jokes that were being made

questions, very inappropriate questions that were being asked about some of the things that were happening

within our household, and we just think... We began to be

suddenly you know, we had all of these friends and everybody that loved to enjoy in the successes

that we wanna tell the as things really begin to follow part.

Our circle got smaller and smaller and smaller, and that is really hard to deal with as a child, especially experiencing like both ends of this spectrum and such a short amount of time at least that I can


So I actually ended up transitioning to Michigan.

When I was fifteen years old, my grandparents and on are actually my dad's parents and his sister

Had always been very close with basement a lot of time in Phoenix. In fact, they would come very often

to check on shame into Try save him as well as to just be supportive to us. And so we had

very strong relationships that we went to Michigan for summer, and I was like, I just I don't think I can go back. You know, I have gotten so bad and things were just so public and I just saw in high school, and I I needed a fresh start. I needed it's to kinda has some anonymity right and just begin to, like, rebuild my life as I was was feeling so broken


Cynthia Zordich  00:09:31 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:09:43 

from the inside out. So I decided to stay in Michigan

with sandwich, which of his own Journey of Excel but exactly prove to be safe hey in a refuge,

and I'm just so incredibly blessed and grateful for the fact that they stepped up

for me in my siblings and a time when we needed it the most.

But, unfortunately,

a couple years after moving to Michigan,

and actually starting to in the University of Michigan,

and the summer of my freshman year is when, like really everything changed and that's when we lost

my older sister and Guardian Angel Leah,

she was murdered, and she was only twenty three years old, and I just remember at that time feeling like, I was never going to laugh again. I wasn't gonna be able to continue on the life if I was ready to leave school.

You know, again, that public spectacle piece really started to take shape again because my dad

was was using drugs at the time and, you know, they were

there's just a lot of media presence and reporters in some of the

stories that were published at the time were just very her pulling and completely lacked any sort of human decency. He had just sort of exploited.

They're very worst parts of our lives. You know, we're human. Right?


Cynthia Zordich  00:11:00 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:11:01 

But we didn't... I didn't feel like we were always treated as such. And so


Cynthia Zordich  00:11:01 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:11:05 

Yeah. That's a little bit about, you know, my background some of the the major

things that occurred to me as I was growing up.

And, you know, what sort of set the foundation

as to the woman that you see before you today?


Juliet Hahn  00:11:19 

And I think, you know, it it was so important is that stories connect us. We talk about this all the time, and not everyone knows how to share their story and you do it so beautifully


Cynthia Zordich  00:11:19 



Juliet Hahn  00:11:29 

and so raw. And so I wanna say thank you so much for sharing that because you picture... You you can see yourself as a child.


Rebekah Sharpe  00:11:32 



Juliet Hahn  00:11:37 

You know, with your your father at this at this level where, you know, he is is as is is great, and then he gets an injury and how many times have we heard the story of someone getting injury and then getting addicted to drugs, but people don't follow through on, you know, the the good stuff afterwards, and that's why I think it's so important that you guys share your story because there is


Cynthia Zordich  00:11:57 



Juliet Hahn  00:11:58 

you can be down and down and down, but if you have the family love and the support and the tenacity

to get back up and keep getting back up and not letting life, you know, throw you down, threw you down, you get back up and you're like, you know what? I wanna share my story because I know with gonna help someone, and that's what you and your dad are doing,

you know, especially with with your podcast and your books and all of that, but I think it's really important. And I I would like to ask you know, when you painted the picture of yourself as as a child

and watching your dad go through this and then having it in the headlines,

what I know you said at in in high school, you know, when you michigan them, but, well how old were you as a you middle school age that this was happening and unfolding Am I correct with that?


Rebekah Sharpe  00:12:40 

Yeah. So and thank you for the compliments I really do appreciate it because it is not easy, and I know we'll get a chance to talk about that. A little bit later, but I've had to do a lot of work on myself right? Order to be able to harness the things that have happened to me, and use them to serve the greater good of humanity, but I I do appreciate and i'm grateful that I can be the embodiment of what is possible. Right? And I can help show people and kind of illuminate the way of turning your pain into your power.


Cynthia Zordich  00:13:02 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:13:07 

But yes, I was so it was voting pretty much most of my

elementary and middle school. High school years, i he struggled with the addiction for twenty years.

So the bulk of my my childhood,

in there words... There was something going on whether he was out the streets using joan, you know, being shot,

in jail prison. I mean, I spent part of my childhood, which is just fascinating when you think about it, Like, there was a part of my job when where I was on

these football fields that I'm chatting with the arizona on the cardinal and I'm going through tunnel with my dad and i'm seeing people like, chant his name and all of these amazing

experiences is that only a small christmas of people get the opportunity to actually live out. But then years later, I'm visiting my dad


Cynthia Zordich  00:13:51 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:13:56 

chris, you know, and he's dressed in this prison guard, maybe he's sending me... I mean you made her beautiful gift, but gifts that you know artist because is a prison


Cynthia Zordich  00:14:00 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:14:05 

when created. We're writing letters to one another, and I'm, you know, receiving his collect call so just the complete

spectrum that we that I went through with my father in itself, is something that I really had to grapple through, you know, and find peace with in, but I know there's a reason that I was able


Cynthia Zordich  00:14:18 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:14:25 

to experience both sides of life because I think it allows me to connect with people from both, you know, the highest of the high, but also the lowest of the lows because I have been through both.


Juliet Hahn  00:14:37 

You've been through both, and not only have you been through both, but then you also had to navigate yourself. You navigate it with your family. You had to

you know, go through those ups and downs privately

and out in the world. I mean, that's the thing you you were in the public spotlight and people don't, again, this is why I love having these shows because people don't think about that. Like, if you really think about that a child having to go through this, but also mourning the loss of their father. Right? You know, the father that that was there morning the loss of going through the tunnel and and being able to


Rebekah Sharpe  00:14:49 




Juliet Hahn  00:15:10 

you know, get out. So did you have

help within the family? I mean, did you guys talk about it? And and and that kind of stuff? Sorry. Go ahead, Send deal.


Cynthia Zordich  00:15:20 

Yeah. I just... Yeah. I I am

definitely want to dive into something that is really important to me along those lines.

You know, I always try to say to

and I all families and, especially it's all parents

or even cl parents, trends of athletes,

that is your


son and not a prospect. It isn't in a player.


Rebekah Sharpe  00:15:44 



Cynthia Zordich  00:15:44 


what I think what I'm understanding and feeling is that

Lisa's family

saw him as a son,

and a brother,


Rebekah Sharpe  00:15:53 



Cynthia Zordich  00:15:54 

and they never saw him as a player. And so therefore,

they were able to recognize

that he had a problem. It does something that had nothing to do with

anything other than a crisis, and they saw it for what it was, and they tried to heal and tried to help and


Rebekah Sharpe  00:16:11 



Cynthia Zordich  00:16:12 

taking you guys in and creating this home for you of love. I want you to kinda dive into that and tell us because we can all learn so much from a family like Releases that that brought in and didn't judge and didn't push away, but brought you guys in.


Rebekah Sharpe  00:16:12 


Yeah. I think what the real underpinning of that is we are Cuban. So I mentioned, like, you know, my dad experience the American dream, but really, he did maybe, he came to this country when he was only six years old, They lived in the Southwestern part of Detroit.

And they space a lot of adversity even going up because they were different. They didn't speak the language. They didn't have a lot of resources at the time. And people just didn't understand how to accept differences

back in the late sixties and early seventies. And so they created their own like, subset center culture, if you will, So family


Cynthia Zordich  00:17:02 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:17:03 

and legacy

and unity

and belonging are just such critical components of my cuban heritage, which is why I'm so grateful and proud to be cuban and thankful that I got an opportunity to

relocate and live with my grandpa parents and really be immersed in just

this eco ecosystem of love, and joy and a forgiving and I'm like going to that for one and other regardless of what you've done.


Cynthia Zordich  00:17:24 




Rebekah Sharpe  00:17:30 

I still love you. I'm gonna support you. I'm gonna show up for you, and I'm going to do whatever I can to make sure that you have what it is that you need to succeed and maybe even think about my grandfather.

He came here and worked in the plant.

Four a four motor company for, you know, thirty years. That's a sc and now here you're i even second generation working at the world headquarters.

Of Ford motor company and really continuing his live with me, but they came here with the mindset. And we're gonna work hard. We're gonna help one in there are kids and our grandchildren that we're gonna know we love them. We care about them and there's nothing in the world that they could do that would separate them.


Cynthia Zordich  00:17:56 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:18:11 

From that love.

And they can they have that mindset and it was so evident because, you know, my grandparents are in their sixties who's be enjoying retirement instead of they were helping to raise us. You know, they were flying across country


Cynthia Zordich  00:18:13 




Rebekah Sharpe  00:18:25 

to see about their son.

And no matter what my dad did, I just always remember the the the grace that they operated with how they would always just make space for whom to come back and know that he had a home. And that it didn't matter if he was making profiles balls or if he was, you know, with prostitutes on the streets like, they loved

and they wanted the best for him and for us. And I I know that that has just been so essential and getting me becoming the woman that I am, I did not get here alone. I am the sum of many parts.


Cynthia Zordich  00:18:58 



Juliet Hahn  00:18:59 

And then and that's beautiful. And that's what I was getting at as that you had the support within your family, and you had the love of and cynthia was wonderful how you said that it wasn't he wasn't just a player. He was a person.


Rebekah Sharpe  00:19:05 




Juliet Hahn  00:19:11 

And that is so much lost. And a lot of times, people just see him, you know, when Cynthia and I started the show. There was a time and time again when people would talk about you know, their their spouse or their dad got traded. And, you know, people outside the league, it's like, oh, I'm so excited. This player just went there, and I said, I will never think of that that way, again, I'll think about the people behind the scenes. What does that like for the family and the spouse and the kids? And it's the same for what you went through it's not you your your dad is your dad, and he was also the, you know, this hero, and then you having to navigate those waters, but being able to be brought into a family. That's loving that you see also. This is my son, and I need to see if he's hurting. Right? We we can't turn our back on him. He's hurting. Let's help and figure this out. So I think it's so beautiful. And


Cynthia Zordich  00:19:12 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:19:13 



Cynthia Zordich  00:19:38 



Juliet Hahn  00:19:57 

You know, the Cuban culture, I'm familiar with it, My sister lives in in Miami, and she is married to a Cuban man and actually has struggled with substance abuse. Yes. And so


Rebekah Sharpe  00:20:02 



Juliet Hahn  00:20:07 

my mom took in her nephew. So I this was, like, very, very close to my heart, and I completely understand from the side of a sibling


Cynthia Zordich  00:20:11 



Juliet Hahn  00:20:14 

going through this. And so the the family support is so important, And they're such the fine line of the family support. So if you can take us through that as well because there's times we're I'm sure you were angry at your father, and, you know, you don't you... And how did you handle that? The anger and the love at the same time and and and navigating that as a child.


Rebekah Sharpe  00:20:15 



Yes. I think for a lot of my childhood that I was angry, I was mad as I have grown up, I recognize that a lot of times mad covered sad, and I was really just sad. I was really just difficult. I was really just dealing with abandoned


Juliet Hahn  00:20:47 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:20:50 

would shame

and with Greece, you know? Because I did not have that nuclear family that it seemed like so many other families in our Zip code said do you are familiar right living in I too, and it was like,


Cynthia Zordich  00:21:02 

Oh, yeah. Mhmm.


Rebekah Sharpe  00:21:03 

a scene from... Yeah. I mean, just everybody had a white tickets thing and seemed like things were just Perfect. Right? And so as things really begin to fall apart an our family, I really did feel like we were just, again, with public spectacle

and everybody was just sort of watching

Our demise coupled with the fact that we were one of the only few African American families of Neighborhood, so that had his own under undertone as well. And so I I do appreciate the community though because there were certain individuals who stepped up how they could, who understood and saw what would happening

and tried to help. And I always try to give them honor because I can't say that everybody just turned the other chief my parents own a lot of really good seeds,

within our community, and there was a hardest about many people trying to help. But, unfortunately, some things just you know, we're seemingly broken beyond repair and as I have grown up, I realized everybody who's going through their own things and they have done a much better job that sort of concealing it. Right? But as mom


Cynthia Zordich  00:22:02 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:22:04 



Cynthia Zordich  00:22:05 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:22:05 

as we call the chore, and now is adult over her reconnect it's like, oh, wow. You were going to that. And this was true inspiring and you're home you were you inside of utilizing these substances because of the trauma of your childhood. And again, I'm like wow. I'm not a alone mine was just placed on,


Cynthia Zordich  00:22:06 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:22:22 

you know, for a display for all of the public to see

and consume, but there was a lot that was happening behind closed doors. And so, yeah, I'd learned to just find healing in community

and sharing my story as well. Because before I just had so much

shape, you know, associated with the things that happened to me, but now I recognize, like, no. This diversity isn't happening, and it is a way that I can connect with other individuals


Cynthia Zordich  00:22:41 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:22:50 

and show them that they're healing as possible.

And so is reconciliation


Cynthia Zordich  00:22:54 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:22:56 

we are walking in redemption. So I will share a story that is always,

you know, just so beautiful to me. So my father,

he became close to death on four different occasions. Twice he was shot in the street of phoenix one time, he was just a centimeter away

from dying You had to have his now wired shut. While he was, you know,

can confined and arrested

hand cuts to a hospital bag. He's recovering for major surgery life saving surgery. Right?

Another time in twenty and ten, he was actually involved and a race riot

in the prison and he was beef over the head with rocks inside of socks.

And he was being unconscious and had facial reconstruction surgery. I mean, it was, like, really, really


Juliet Hahn  00:23:37 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:23:42 

gray. But the more, you know, saved him,

And then in two twenty eighteen, we get a call and he had a Massive Partner while he was working out,

and the doctors said his Led artery which is called the widow maker and medical communities with ninety eight percent blocked.


Cynthia Zordich  00:23:58 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:24:00 

And as that moment, when I got to state and mercy hospital. I realized if I'm, like, you were here for a reason. Like, the fact that you have this escaped debt that we know of hopefully we're in different time. Like there is obviously a greater purpose


Juliet Hahn  00:24:07 



Cynthia Zordich  00:24:13 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:24:14 

that is attached to your life, and I made a commitment and say, I wanna be a part of really un hearing that and discovering

why god has saved your life and what he still wants to use you to do in the earth, and Always saying that I really feel like god, he'll be an anatomy of both of our hearts as we were in them Icu you unit because after that, is really when the healing began when the forgiveness started to take root, and where we started to discover the greater purpose that we were made to do together.


Juliet Hahn  00:24:43 

Oh, so beautiful.

I mean, that is just so beautiful. And i would... I want you speak so eloquently. You also... You're an or ordained minister, and that comes across. I mean, when I'm I'm sitting there, I feel like I'm I'm in your in your house and your church right now, if you speaking,


Rebekah Sharpe  00:24:53 



Cynthia Zordich  00:24:54 



Juliet Hahn  00:24:58 

but it's so true when you were saying that, It was like, your dad is here for a reason. God has saved him so many times. Right? Put him on this platform


Rebekah Sharpe  00:25:01 



Cynthia Zordich  00:25:03 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:25:05 



Juliet Hahn  00:25:05 

where he's able to have the notoriety where he can see that fame and then brought him down to this low.


Rebekah Sharpe  00:25:08 




Juliet Hahn  00:25:12 

You know, to be... You have to learn in this too, and then the healing that you guys did as a family


Rebekah Sharpe  00:25:15 



Juliet Hahn  00:25:17 

is just it's remarkable. And so, again, stories connect us, and so many people are connecting do you and your dad and your family's story because


Rebekah Sharpe  00:25:20 



Cynthia Zordich  00:25:24 



Juliet Hahn  00:25:26 

of what you guys are doing and getting it out there that, you know, you can be a drug at it. You can be imprisoned, but that doesn't mean that that is the end of your life. You have the time to rewrite your own chapters,


Rebekah Sharpe  00:25:32 




Juliet Hahn  00:25:38 

and you guys are doing that right now. And so thank you. I mean, the chills. That's just so beautiful. So beautiful.


Rebekah Sharpe  00:25:42 



Juliet Hahn  00:25:44 

Cynthia, I know you wanna add something there I can see it.


Cynthia Zordich  00:25:47 

Yeah. Well, what... What's interesting to me is that

so, no. This is twice that I know of that you have taken tragedy and turn it into a triumph.

And it's to me, it's interesting to look at you and how you deal with crisis.

And the first time is in losing,

And, you know, you you said you didn't wanna go back to school that you didn't know what your purpose was. But instead, you found hope in Barack obama, and you found a purpose and having that letter rating committee, can you share that story? Because that's the first time. And then I would like to you to share the second type part where you and your father went on to speak in church at father's day. So both of those are

instances where you turned

series tragedy be into triumph.


Rebekah Sharpe  00:26:33 

Yeah. Thank you so much for the opportunity share. So

while I was in college, it was a time where president senator obama began, she's campaign presidency, and I was just so

inspired by he and his wife like their image and their life and just it touched the the depth with my phone. And I think it was because I was experiencing

so much pain and so much broken, And I was trying to discover, like, who I was and how I would wanted to show up in the world, and They gave me a blueprint. You know, their ella plans there, Brilliant, but also, like their love for one and other and this beautiful family

that they represented it. I just... I saw so much of myself in them. Right? And I just had new role models that I wanted to aspire toward. And so after he won the election in two thousand eight, I was like, I'm gonna a way to bring him to the university of the I thought that he spoke at And you and a couple of other colleges, and I'm like, okay. There's out be amazing to make this happen. And, you know, before I knew and another sitting with the president of the university and other leaders, on various,


organizations on campus, and we were putting together strategy on how we were gonna get

these major

student lab organizations to sign

this petition to bring you to present to

the university

like, management I guess you could say, are the the regions of the university,

and we are gonna present this case to them essentially, in showcase all all of the different like, non partisan just support to bring this person to come speak to our graduating class.

And then we worked with a couple of different

alone that were actually serving in his cabernet and within

his staff at some time, and I'll never forget the day that I got the to go into the president Someone's office, and they told me that he was going to be coming i could've of like fallen out of much I was just overcome

with emotion, and I mentioned joining wow, because so many women with me so many

of my

friends were just so inspired and empowered


by that entire time. That was the first time many of us voted as well, So it really had represented change. In our lives. And so I mean... That meant so much to me, but it meant even more to everyone around me so it's sign for all the ways, we're gonna be able to celebrate


Cynthia Zordich  00:28:44 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:28:53 

this triumph and this grape.


yeah. Also back number to mister third and the flag

for the college of litter, literature science in the arts. And so So met. And I got a chance to talk to and tell, you know how much I appreciated him and how I was still inspired to be a part.

Know this campaign to bring him to college. To bring into to our campus

for our commitment I was just incredible. Yeah. I sometimes I forget about that. But, like, I actually did that. Well i've been going through so much and just... I'm not my and i'm


Cynthia Zordich  00:29:19 

I'm incredible of.


Rebekah Sharpe  00:29:26 

you gonna come to my convinced he was unfortunately serving

a prison sentence at the time. And Liam wasn't there. Right? Because she has got you can when that day was field, with a lot of happiness joy. There were still parts and people that were missing


Juliet Hahn  00:29:36 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:29:41 

and that, you know, we're able to partake in the success


Cynthia Zordich  00:29:42 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:29:45 

that moment.

So... Yeah. But still a great story number nonetheless. That good.


Juliet Hahn  00:29:50 

I mean, really, I was gonna say it had to been such an outer body experience, and I feel like a lot of what you went through, you had to be sometimes taken back and and and seeing, oh my gosh. This this really happening to me. Is this really... What I'm going through?


Cynthia Zordich  00:29:51 




Juliet Hahn  00:30:06 


you know, I always asked this question, and I shouldn't say always, but a lot of times, I always wanna get down to the the, you know, someone's grit. Like, what makes them


Rebekah Sharpe  00:30:15 



Juliet Hahn  00:30:15 

just get up every single time. And I mean, we heard it in the beginning. Right? I mean, your your life is really what. Okay. I'm just gonna get up and it off, and it's because there's a purpose. And and as you said, there's a purpose for you and your father and your family


Rebekah Sharpe  00:30:26 



Juliet Hahn  00:30:28 

because your story is so powerful,

to be able to be like, okay. And so big things are happening to you. I'm sure all the small things you don't even think about sometimes because you're having big big things happen to your life.


Cynthia Zordich  00:30:38 



Juliet Hahn  00:30:41 

And and just stepping out of that. So, you know, as you said, I mean, did did did your friends and everyone around, you know? What you were going through or did you internalize that a lot? Or were you someone that lived that out loud at this time when this all was happening?


Rebekah Sharpe  00:30:57 

Definitely internalized all of it. There are some of my friends in college that say they were remembered when they would ask me about my family, how I would just like, ten up and get really quiet. I didn't have language to really share what I was going through at the time. Also going to a university like Michigan where you're among very elite students that come from


Juliet Hahn  00:31:06 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:31:18 

phenomenal families and very influential families, and I felt like a I was vulnerable and transparent

and talks about what was really going on that I would be

and that people would no longer like me. Right? Because if I don't fit this picture perfect mold, but many of us,

were trying to

ascend to right and to show others that we were. So, yeah, I didn't I didn't have know One thing people didn't know because Facebook was just starting up at their time with got my sister passed just because that was something

that was being shared on social media, but I remember going back to Canvas that next semester, and maybe people like, they didn't know how to talk about so that we did not... There were, you know, certain


Cynthia Zordich  00:31:56 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:31:59 

individuals who were in my close circle looking.

But for the most part, I didn't I really have

the space or the grace to share it

with others and. So, yeah, a lot of internal,

which led to just more trauma like compelling trauma like, what I have learned about trauma as I've been doing research and on the ceiling journey and journey of release, and it's not just what happens to you, but it's what happens.

Inside of you as a result of the things that happen to you, like, your body keeps for. And there were a lot of things that I had to work out physically because of All of the turn lives trauma


Juliet Hahn  00:32:26 



Cynthia Zordich  00:32:28 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:32:35 

that compounded over the years.


Cynthia Zordich  00:32:38 

So would you say then Rebecca that

if you could go back and become a freshman

or sophomore,

you know, because that's after everything happened to you at Michigan,

Would you is your platform to not internalize it? Would you have been more transparent,

if you could go back and is that what you advise other kids to do.


Rebekah Sharpe  00:33:00 


I absolutely would because they're really. I mean, like, we said before,

this is how we have other people overcome the word of our testimony. And when you begin to share your story, you will be surprised eyes at the number of individuals

who not only will empathize with you, but we'll raise their hand and say, wow, Me too. May not be your sister and it'll, i'll be your father but it's someone within your family or your friendship circle, there's somebody in your life that you know, that is struggling i in particular, you know, back then, it was not as widely talked about in the discourse around it would still a little hush hush. But now I mean, with the numbers, the way that they are around like, one and five,


Cynthia Zordich  00:33:21 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:33:44 

americans are gonna be diagnosed with the mental illness of any given years.

Suicide being the second leading causes that are particularly to cause death in the Us. The second con between

for individuals between the age of ten, and thirty four, and then, you know, substance abuse and overdose. I mean, we are in the midst of a crisis in twenty twenty one it was worst ten forty thousand people passed away from


Juliet Hahn  00:34:00 



Cynthia Zordich  00:34:04 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:34:09 


and that's the highest that's ever been recorded up thirty percent year. I mean, it is very and the numbers


Cynthia Zordich  00:34:10 




Rebekah Sharpe  00:34:16 



Juliet Hahn  00:34:17 



Cynthia Zordich  00:34:17 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:34:17 

just kneeling Right? But they showcase that there's obviously something deeper that's going on. I feel like, the more we talk about it, that's how we reduce the sigma. That's how we normalize conversations.


Cynthia Zordich  00:34:19 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:34:28 

And that's how we find places in spaces of healing. So we don't have to internalize everything

and try to figure it on on not hold we can extend ourselves to other people.

And be carried by those who are around us while also helping them get through what it is that they made me going through. So there's so much beauty

and you. I think that is one of the things that really fueled me to continue on because it's quite easy talking about me things that have happened to me and to be so horrible

and transparent

and just sort lay it all out there. Right? And people


Cynthia Zordich  00:35:01 

Right. Right.


Rebekah Sharpe  00:35:02 

there is a

you know taxi me I am human right, and I do feel deal with certain ramifications


Cynthia Zordich  00:35:06 




Rebekah Sharpe  00:35:10 

right? Of some of the things that I'm experienced, but I know

that it it's impacting others, I recognize

the way in which it is again, showcasing what is possible.

And that why that purpose

that child's from tragedy

is what continues to propel me for because I want to be what I wish I had while I was going through it.


Juliet Hahn  00:35:34 

Oh, that's beautiful. So I mean, that... That's you know, you talked about when you were a kid, and then people


Cynthia Zordich  00:35:35 




Juliet Hahn  00:35:40 

you because of your story because it was in the headlines. It wasn't that you were talking about it. It was being talked about and then you're in college.


Cynthia Zordich  00:35:45 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:35:47 



Juliet Hahn  00:35:47 

And you're... I I call it stuffing. My kids love this term. I'm like, are you stuffing? You're you're stuffing your emotions because you're like, I don't wanna go through that again. Right? So then you're you're there but you're going through all this stuff. And then as you're getting into your adulthood, you're reconnecting you prep your father, you're really, you know,

patching that up and and really seeing, okay, there's a purpose for my father and I. There's a purpose for my father.


Cynthia Zordich  00:36:10 



Juliet Hahn  00:36:10 

Is that what led you to start writing your books?


Rebekah Sharpe  00:36:10 



Juliet Hahn  00:36:13 

You can take us through that a little bit.


Rebekah Sharpe  00:36:16 


Yes. I'm gotten the first book that I put out right here, millennial transformation,

our of prayer manifest vehicles.

And really, what this is is it's one an mythology of and a collection of stories and twenty different millennial women talking about topics ranging from


in mental health, but also graduate

school and divorced in you know, just different things that have happened to them

in their lives and how they they relied on the power prayer in the beauty of community

to ultimately get to a place of healing, whatever that look like for them, but also,

and sharing their stories and recognize and like, hey, I'm want other people to know what I've gone through because it will be become a blue trick for someone else as they find themselves in the same


Cynthia Zordich  00:36:59 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:37:08 

predicament in situation. We actually

pinned this master

as to the end in the middle of twenty twenty just a while we were going through.


Cynthia Zordich  00:37:17 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:37:18 

then, we wanted to find purpose in the tangent greg. We always thought I wanted to write a book. And we're, like, let's do it now at the time we've got on this excess

time and opportunity let's really seize the moment. So we we wrote the book cut the book together, and then I took my dad, and I actually sort of led us into starting shark talk our podcast


Cynthia Zordich  00:37:31 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:37:37 

because we were, like, we wanna let's talk about the book and then any anytime, my dad and I getting from gym it was really moving people and they like to see us together in hear. Different things that were hearts we're like, you know, we living behind to something here because I think, literally be, like, the comments from people in the clouds and the text messages like it was undeniable


Juliet Hahn  00:37:43 



Cynthia Zordich  00:37:44 




Rebekah Sharpe  00:37:56 

that there was... It was obviously sparking something really unique and special and those who got change to tuning. So we just begin to really build from there, but it would the foundation was sharing our testimony,


Cynthia Zordich  00:38:00 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:38:09 

creating a platform to allow others to share their stories because that how we connect, and that's the other people find hope, especially in the midst that harrowing times.


Juliet Hahn  00:38:20 



Cynthia Zordich  00:38:20 

Exactly. If you don't mind because I I wanna know what it felt like that day. But if you wouldn't mind sharing the story of Father's day, and that you... You hope, were invited to speak at the church,

and with daddy, and I just would like for you to share that with everybody.


Rebekah Sharpe  00:38:33 


Yeah. So cynthia as I mentioned while we were in the hospital in the board was healing the anatomy of both about hearts,

There was a man named paul who my dad was working with around, like some speaking engagements. And so

paul actually called while we were put on my dad ahead and me the phone,

and I let him know who was going on and just sort of some of the things that were fresh on our heart because we had been having some initial conversations and he's like, great I would love to get you off to speak together. We were both like, okay. I got gone good. Well then we all calls is back, and he's like, hey.

I've got an opportunity for

a father's Day weekend in Kate Jersey and you won't be able to share the stage together. We were both like, okay. I'd let's to do it. So we get some kate

and, you know, I had to really be honest with myself and with all of them let's me because I'm like, hey, guys. I don't know it's like to not know

where your father is on father's. They were many of father's days, and I didn't even talk to my dad. I didn't know if he was alive or not and that movie

had a dutch

impact on the way I viewed the father's,

Adrian Gone right heavenly followed because I had

such a volatile

in just


relationships with my earthly father. And so be vulnerable again the transparent. I was kind of go down i and just be in my dad channel. I thought that they wanna hear from him united big blown up closer him and

about sharp. We know all where are come to speak on following bank. But really, when I spoke and when I just share from the chambers of my heart. My dad says like, you got the standing on issues. Right? Because people really connected to what I had to say. And then afterwards,


Cynthia Zordich  00:40:19 




Rebekah Sharpe  00:40:26 

we go into the best of you we did three services that we can

let Live all the way around the church. I'm thinking people are coming to talk to and, you don't, get their cards time They went to talk both of us, but they really wanted to talk to me because they were, like, again, that me too. Like, I have a daughter. I have a sister. I had record, like, just that connection piece of I've experienced,


Cynthia Zordich  00:40:42 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:40:49 

mental illness and addiction

and loss and imprisonment

and you standing up there sharing so boldly, but also giving the hope,

which is such a powerful exchange. I was not anticipating or expecting match but that was definitely one of those moments where I realized, like, we've got something special here, and we we would do such a disservice to this generation


Cynthia Zordich  00:41:09 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:41:13 

if we did not lean into it and find more opportunities and channels

to share our stores so that we can invoke healing and it's inspire our hope for others.


Juliet Hahn  00:41:22 

Oh my gosh. And, you know, I I have to say cynthia this was making me, like, laugh inside, not laugh, but, like, just beam inside, is, you know, after the show,


Cynthia Zordich  00:41:23 



Juliet Hahn  00:41:31 

Rebecca, we always... Some people go through and we'll we'll pick out, like, you know, beautiful quotes and and beautiful videos and what we share in social media as the episode goes out on all the podcast players and i'm thinking.

I don't know if we're gonna be able to pick one, we might have to have a hundred. I think you're... You are so...


Cynthia Zordich  00:41:45 


I know. Yeah.


Rebekah Sharpe  00:41:48 

Thank you.


Juliet Hahn  00:41:48 

I mean, you really are...

And I have to know what did you study? And you might have said this So i'm sorry. But in University of Michigan, what was your major?

Was it writing? Or...


Rebekah Sharpe  00:41:57 

What's communication.


Cynthia Zordich  00:41:59 



Juliet Hahn  00:41:59 

It was me communicate. Yeah. I gonna...


Rebekah Sharpe  00:41:59 

It was communications yeah.


Cynthia Zordich  00:42:00 



Juliet Hahn  00:42:01 

I you have a talent. I mean, you really do.


Cynthia Zordich  00:42:02 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:42:03 

And it's so can is my well.

Thank you. And it remember, thank you. I appreciate that for million now like I'm not gonna need some livestream


Cynthia Zordich  00:42:05 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:42:11 

or anything we can go talk a little bit about how things when took shape with hall fame how. But this was my dad's retirement plan, Like, he was a sports and kind of.


Cynthia Zordich  00:42:17 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:42:22 

Can give him in the off, and if everybody was always just stopping. He's also bilingual you right. And so it's like, wow.


Cynthia Zordich  00:42:24 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:42:28 

He has all these great empirical


Cynthia Zordich  00:42:29 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:42:31 

communication techniques and tools, and that wasn't his planned he retired was to go into media. I remember going to the station where we were younger and being inspired

as a young girl. Like, wow, this is so amazing. Making can sign on a cannon and it's beyond all behind scenes. And so this was a dream of my heart to to do. But,


Cynthia Zordich  00:42:45 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:42:50 

again, I was so traumatized

and triggered by the time I was in college. I was just like, I got a space. I need to do putting degree and move on.


Cynthia Zordich  00:42:58 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:42:59 

So that I can, you know, be a contributing member society so it's finished such a blessing for me to be able to really step into more of the fullness difference of who I am and to, like, oh, this gives. That I've been given and also recognize like a came from my phone.

And so when we talk about legacy and being able to Yeah. Further


Juliet Hahn  00:43:15 

Oh, that's beautiful.


Cynthia Zordich  00:43:16 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:43:20 

i it's not use own field. Right? But there's a way that I can impact the am

and continue to walk in the shadow, Not even the shadow, but to just

built on

the foundation

that he created

and and due and complete the things that he was not able to because of the decisions that he made his life. But this thing really is social circle, and I feel honored and blessed that I'm actually here to experience it.


Cynthia Zordich  00:43:36 





Juliet Hahn  00:43:48 

It's wonderful.


Cynthia Zordich  00:43:48 

Yeah. I feel like you're pulling daddy, like, out of his own chat too, you're bringing him to the spotlight, which is really interesting.


Juliet Hahn  00:43:53 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:43:55 



Cynthia Zordich  00:43:57 

Because, you know, just by him, participating in some of your, you know, Facebook live shows and that seeing that the people were embracing your relationship the... We're you know, embracing your conversations


Rebekah Sharpe  00:43:57 



Cynthia Zordich  00:44:08 

and that they were so real. Think this is so interesting to me that you guys have your show and you have these conversations

And yes, you're sharing your story. Even now, you're also sharing other stories and you're encouraging people to open up and giving them a platform to do so. So it's it's not. It's just beginning. It really is. It's just beginning.

And you keep feeding off of each other because with Daddy being approached,

to be an ambassador for hall fame, health are to be, you know, involved what's is going on with the former nfl players.

It's like, well, have you met my daughter? And do you have you talk to her what she's doing. So talk about your introduction to how fame health and and what you're doing now and what your goal is to do in the future with them.

It's awesome.


Rebekah Sharpe  00:44:51 


Yeah. Thank you so much and so we...

He shared said money here locally the detroit, and the woman who is in charge of this chapter,

of the former players


she was part of the initial group that was putting together in the hall of fame health initiative.

And so she reached us my dad. Hey, you might to have you gonna match we know you're or we think that you could really do some great things with this work and you like, oh, wonderful of Like five so... I always like, I like for you to talk to my daughter because she too shares the fashion

Excuse and I just think that she's really be able to add a lot of the initiative,

and gonna time

really looking to family. You just wanna focus we on the players.


Juliet Hahn  00:45:35 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:45:37 

And then i like okay. I understand that, but I think that you should just talk to my daughter. And so we had a couple of emails changes we finally out a conversation. And after I just sort of pouring my heart out, she was like, okay. We've got a figure out of way to get you involved with this admissions also begin to expand


Cynthia Zordich  00:45:52 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:45:54 

the offering because it does impact the them. Like, the players are not in sign they have part

a grain family fold, and and when they make decisions for their lives, it and touch and reaches everybody

that is within

they're circle of influence, because so I always say, like, I was the first player and family and the kid, but it's beautiful to me how it's been extended. And expanded


Cynthia Zordich  00:46:17 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:46:18 

because the families really we need each other since, I already for the work that you have done even with red with opinion because you are really connecting the families,

and you're showing us that we have community. We have a network and that other people understand what it is that we haven't gone through. And so...

With Hall health,


Cynthia Zordich  00:46:38 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:46:40 

they came to detroit, and I was planning in the planning to be for their fundraising to make you. And I just wanna through,

you know, my head on the log Hey. I'm really

this public speaking round, I would love to serve, obviously have

an abundant passion

around these topics because our mission is to

reduce stigma arrays awareness and transform culture around mental health behavior health, and especially in me they're like, okay. Well, we you can to facilitate and the player pin.

I'm like perfect That's free. In the week I was knowing, hey, can you listen do the

interviews and I'm like great shit. I've never done my time to the before we also


Cynthia Zordich  00:47:16 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:47:18 



Cynthia Zordich  00:47:20 




Rebekah Sharpe  00:47:21 

And be being made so with the player pan. I mean, it was literally just and how even you surprised myself to be honest keep you on my either that I even saying, and then I was letting to sort of un


Juliet Hahn  00:47:30 

I love it.


Cynthia Zordich  00:47:33 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:47:33 

president it was like, wow. That was really

powerful That was impactful and everybody

felt like, and I say this. So everybody's i'm looking afterwards like, girls.


Cynthia Zordich  00:47:39 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:47:44 

And what do you think?


Juliet Hahn  00:47:44 



Cynthia Zordich  00:47:45 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:47:46 

This is amazing even the player thousand people all time. Right?


Cynthia Zordich  00:47:46 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:47:51 

So that was like, definitely a try that moved me, and I was so grateful to share it. With me to of my family. And from that one minute, how health was like, we want you to come to every city so I've went two thousand things. And then

we're working on an event for next year in Nashville since, I know you talked about

your that you're gonna partner with us on

So hoping to get there as well. Yeah. Just


Cynthia Zordich  00:48:13 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:48:16 



Cynthia Zordich  00:48:16 

And that's back for your...

That's your something grows too to go back to Pittsburgh. So this is gonna be so great because hall the same health, and I'll be I'm hosting with Tasha,


Rebekah Sharpe  00:48:21 



Cynthia Zordich  00:48:28 

and I know, with Natasha Batch, and we're gonna be doing it with off the field because they're partnering with off the field. And so I think that they really did embrace that, and you might have started that because they were, like, this will be an excellent fun partnership, and it has been a great partnership. So yeah. After you, and I'll see... Well, definitely we'll do the panel, and I'll definitely see you in Pittsburgh in the spring because that'll be that's gonna happen.


Rebekah Sharpe  00:48:39 






Cynthia Zordich  00:48:50 

So excited. Yeah.


Rebekah Sharpe  00:48:51 

And it's just it's so amazing too.


Juliet Hahn  00:48:52 

I mean... And and


Cynthia Zordich  00:48:52 

Love it.


Juliet Hahn  00:48:55 

well, I was gonna say you could just see how excited you get. You can see and you know, you can see the passion in the excitement. And every time, you know, you speak and and you can see the love that you have and that you wanna share But I think, you know, every time I wanna say something, this word just keeps coming to my mind, and it's forgiveness


Rebekah Sharpe  00:48:56 

Go do it.



Juliet Hahn  00:49:13 

and that you can get to a place it doesn't matter what has happened in the past if you open your heart and open your mind and know that there there's something bigger out there. Not... It's not about you. It's something bigger that the fact that you and your dad came together so beautifully,


Rebekah Sharpe  00:49:17 



Juliet Hahn  00:49:29 

and I know it has to mean so much to him as well. That, you know, he knows that he mean mistakes. We all make mistakes. Right? We all make mistakes. No one is perfect,


Rebekah Sharpe  00:49:29 



Cynthia Zordich  00:49:32 



Juliet Hahn  00:49:37 

but that he was able to you know, you guys were able to heal and that you forgive and now your own this bigger platform where you're gonna show other people. If I went through all this and I'm here, So can you, if my dad went through what he went through


Rebekah Sharpe  00:49:52 



Juliet Hahn  00:49:52 

and he is here, he can show you. And this is what we need more in the world. We need these stories, these stories to connect us these stories for people to relate and say, you know what? Let me look. Let me look in in the mirror at myself and see where I can can heal someone else. So thank you so much for doing all that you're doing in the fact that you're now doing it and giving back to even the Nfl community with hall of fame health. I think is just so beautiful.


Cynthia Zordich  00:49:57 


Right. Mhmm.


Yeah. I think it's so beautiful too because

what you're also doing is

like, really who cares about public perception of us, you know? But

what you're really doing is offering to anybody that has had something happened in their life,

become proud that they went through that. It probably of that part of their legacy. You know? So, you know, you look at money and you'll at daddy and you look at Leah, and you look at your family, you know, you look at Daniel's family, and all of a sudden, you're proud


Juliet Hahn  00:50:33 



Cynthia Zordich  00:50:45 

of everything that you went through together because of a forgiveness and because of the growth and because of the china, and because of what you're doing now, and I always fill it that way. It doesn't matter what you did. It just matters what you do from that point on, and everybody loves that, and I think that the most important is that we love who we are, even with all the things that happen to us, you know, that we can't always control.


Rebekah Sharpe  00:50:49 





Cynthia Zordich  00:51:09 

Some really proud of you and your entire family


Rebekah Sharpe  00:51:11 



Cynthia Zordich  00:51:13 

And it's just... Because I know and I know your family from first day of heading to Arizona,

because, you know, daddy was the saint Louis Cardinal. He was a phoenix cardinal and in Arizona cardinal. I wonder how many players


Rebekah Sharpe  00:51:23 



Cynthia Zordich  00:51:25 

were that many because the the three times and,

you know, my my father loves here visiting right now, and we were talking about daddy. He remembered everything

because if you needed an interview, it was Louis you know, you

he was the face of

our team because he was so ella. And speaking, he was so

smart. He was so charismatic. He was such a team person and a loving person. And and the same thing with Kathy, she was one of the first people ever and walk up to me young and pregnant and embrace me, and we had so many laughs together and so much fun. And and I just

love being a part of your family, and I love seeing where your family is now, and a lot of that honey is because of because of you and because of your heart,


Juliet Hahn  00:52:09 



Cynthia Zordich  00:52:11 


god bless you. Mhmm.


Juliet Hahn  00:52:12 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:52:13 


Thank you so much. Thank you. I really appreciate this than. And I received them I just I think so honored and so great to to have with the interview for evil, to technology be see be use for my good but awesome with saving me and helping and inspiring

of many other lives, and that surely is my mission. That is my perfect,


Cynthia Zordich  00:52:33 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:52:35 

and that is what I'm so grateful for. Yeah. But you need to do now and hopeful that I'll be able to do this work and remember rest my life.


Juliet Hahn  00:52:43 

I just say you are just getting started my friend, and I know that you I know that we're... We are coming to the end of the show, but you are just getting started. I mean, wow. And cynthia said, you're gonna be loud. Really? I mean, you were just getting started you and your dad are just getting started and the stories and the connections that you're gonna be making and the people that you're gonna be helping just makes me so happy. So I'm so happy that you... And so honored that you joined Cynthia and I here on Y live with Nfl thread here live on Fireside and everyone


Cynthia Zordich  00:52:43 


You are...


Under the chills.


Rebekah Sharpe  00:52:53 



Cynthia Zordich  00:52:58 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:53:03 


Thank you.


Juliet Hahn  00:53:12 

go follow.

I mean, Sharp talk go follow

Rebecca, You could see here

her Instagram, and you can also go and and and and follow what these guys are doing. And, you know, thank you.


Cynthia Zordich  00:53:23 



Juliet Hahn  00:53:24 

Louis for being in in the audience and everyone. And, yes, in the, you wanna to


Cynthia Zordich  00:53:29 

Oh, i have to see one thing on


Juliet Hahn  00:53:29 

wrapped up. Yeah.


Cynthia Zordich  00:53:31 

Well, if this is kind of fun, but

such a great



I came across the last year the people will remember, till. We had them in the bags. And Tony did that video where he was inhaling them


Juliet Hahn  00:53:40 




Cynthia Zordich  00:53:45 

So it's instead of there or so they approached me this week weekend there they so they'll be sending her rebecca in Luis this bags of awesome.

Flavored popcorn. There's, like, burnt butter,


Rebekah Sharpe  00:53:55 



Cynthia Zordich  00:53:55 



Juliet Hahn  00:53:55 



Cynthia Zordich  00:53:57 

i'm my, I'm so glad. I I I'm literally having so many bags so that's part of your like little special. Thank you, treat for being on, and I saw I just wanted... you know, until share that with you and share up for them to, because they were awesome. But with us last year, the Super Bowl, when I hope again, they share you and sharing their product.


Rebekah Sharpe  00:54:00 



Cynthia Zordich  00:54:13 

Okay young.

It's kinda fun.


Juliet Hahn  00:54:15 

Yes. Wonderful. Look, yes. Thank you again, Rebecca, and


Cynthia Zordich  00:54:16 

So thanks.


Rebekah Sharpe  00:54:17 


Yeah. We some.

Mentioned I millennial.

But also have scripture your information curve affirmations have been so so for me just renewing my mind

and reminding myself of few in, and then I've have that another

And and in here about the other book

driving so invited who followed me mentioned this

interview, I'm gonna send these to you just in cities,


identifying move that will help you on your journey as well. So that's what this work is all about. It could be


Cynthia Zordich  00:54:54 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:54:55 

with others. So please reach out to me. I love to be able to send that package and she and I forward to meeting. Connected something we talked about, some right things that we want to do in the future and my to help individuals time move into Lisbon.


Cynthia Zordich  00:55:03 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:55:09 

And their vision into a victory. So please johnson and Have to talk about ways that I could assist you and help you on your journey and just for to be part of the great things when happening in my life. So by has and i that just expanding a lots towards to come.


Juliet Hahn  00:55:22 

You are


Cynthia Zordich  00:55:23 

Just getting started right, At.


Juliet Hahn  00:55:24 

Yes. And also, if people wanna reach out to you if they want you to speak, if they are having an event or anything like that, you... You know, you're public speaking you're an Minister. If they're if they're getting married and they're, like, foot that's a powerful woman. I mean, there's so many different things


Cynthia Zordich  00:55:30 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:55:30 




Cynthia Zordich  00:55:36 




Juliet Hahn  00:55:38 

that you do,


Cynthia Zordich  00:55:38 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:55:39 



Juliet Hahn  00:55:40 


Yeah. Please reach out to rebecca and it and...


Cynthia Zordich  00:55:41 

That we'll have everything in the show two notes. Yeah. Just so you know, to we'll be sharing


Rebekah Sharpe  00:55:43 

Yes. So you should

you can reach out to.


Cynthia Zordich  00:55:49 


Yeah. On the website.


Juliet Hahn  00:55:50 

Oh, yeah. We'll have it all in the show notes. Yep. And this will go out in a couple weeks, and we'll let you know when it goes out. Yeah. But this is here live on Fireside, that people can get it there too. Go ahead, Deal.


Cynthia Zordich  00:55:51 




Rebekah Sharpe  00:55:56 

Thank you.


Cynthia Zordich  00:55:58 

Yes. Yeah. Starting today, we'll be sharing and everything that we share will lead everybody because I personally... I would love to get that for my son too

you know, just the meditations just pulling parts that are important. I definitely wanna share that and the millennials, I would love to get that for my, you know, all the girls in my life. You know, Aiden and Lindsey and They. I just think that that would be awesome for them. So we'll be sharing in Out, and I'll be receiving them.


Rebekah Sharpe  00:56:10 





Cynthia Zordich  00:56:25 

Is awesome.


Juliet Hahn  00:56:25 

Well, thank you, everyone.


Cynthia Zordich  00:56:26 

I'm side.


Rebekah Sharpe  00:56:26 

Yay you. If you put the support and the rely any the opportunity.


Juliet Hahn  00:56:27 

Again, thank you. People on

Yes. No. Wonderful. And I know what we'll we'll be... We'll be saying each other. So this is this is not a business is just getting started. So, guys,


Rebekah Sharpe  00:56:36 


Yeah. Exactly.


Juliet Hahn  00:56:38 

if you're on Linkedin,

Yes. If you're on Linkedin, Facebook,


Youtube, wherever you are watching this live, goodbye. Goodbye, and please go follow

Rebecca on Instagram. You can see right here. And I'm gonna say her name is not spelled, like, for rebecca, Like, some of us know, it is a different spelling, so and I wanna spell it right now because


Cynthia Zordich  00:56:56 

Is k?


Juliet Hahn  00:56:58 

I am deflect, and I would never spell it this way. And I love the way you... I mean, I let... It's so beautifully. Oh, my god. It's gorgeous. It's r e b e k


Cynthia Zordich  00:57:03 

It's pretty.


Juliet Hahn  00:57:08 


and then h, and then a as in your middle name. Right? And then sharp s h a r p e that is the instagram. So if you guys are also, if you're driving,


Cynthia Zordich  00:57:16 

Love it.


Juliet Hahn  00:57:18 

please don't write, you know, do that. Just go and come back here and you'll be able to see it. You can get this on Fireside. This will be going out. On the Fireside streams right now, and Rebecca, I know that you have to go and get to your other call. So please...


Cynthia Zordich  00:57:29 




Juliet Hahn  00:57:30 


Yeah. No. Yeah. We are you two minutes. So we're gonna... Oh, and we got some good news taking this out, but thank you guys again for joining us live.


Cynthia Zordich  00:57:37 



Rebekah Sharpe  00:57:38 

Thank you so much.


Juliet Hahn  00:57:39 

Yes. Good luck with everything.


Rebekah Sharpe  00:57:40 

Take care.

Thank you so much.


Juliet Hahn  00:57:42 

Live here on Fireside.


Cynthia Zordich  00:57:42 



Juliet Hahn  00:57:43 

Bye, everyone.

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