Your Next Stop Live with Dr. Victor Manzo

your next stop Feb 02, 2023

Listen to a new episode of Your Next Stop Live recorded live on Fireside, featuring guest Dr. Victor Manzo. Dr. Vic is a Success Coach, Certified Pediatric Chiropractor, 3x Author, Podcaster and Speaker. He has written 3 books, which his latest one is called, “Decoding the Matrix,” which came out in Spring 2022. His other two books are Rediscover Your Greatness (2018) and a Walk in the Dark (2019). He has a podcast called, “The Mindful Experiment,” which is ranked in the top 1% podcasts globally. Dr. Vic has helped 100s of business owners, chiropractors and coaches create success effortlessly through understanding the Ultimate Success Formula. Outside of his professional life, he loves doing all things relating to health, spending time with his family, his dog Hank and enjoying this beautiful planet (nature). 


Check out Dr. Vic’s book on Amazon, download his free eBook on Mindset and visit his Website.


Remarkable Quotes


“I realized that even though I was very well known in the chiropractic business, the impact and influence I had for the world was very small. I felt like I was destined for something more. So I started talking to my wife and said 'I think I want to start a podcast. I want to get into the mind and spirituality'.”

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Juliet Hahn  00:01:24 

Hello. Everyone

Welcome back to your next stop lives

here live on Fireside. My name is Juliet Han. If you are new to this platform, if you're were a list

thing here on Linkedin, If you're live on Facebook,

Twitch or Youtube Welcome. Welcome. If you're here in the audience, I see David and

let and I know people are gonna be coming in. I'm getting emails. Like, I see that you're going live. I can't jump in right now.

So I know people are gonna be coming. This actually episode will also go out

on your next step our s feed, which is, you know, you... Any

place that you got podcast we'll be going out Thursday, So you can also catch it here or you can text

the replay here on Fireside. So my guest

this episode is doctor Vic Mann,

he is a mindset coach author, podcast, and pediatric

chiropractor. Hello hello. I can't even speak. Hello, Doctor Fact. How are you?


DrVicManzo  00:03:09 

I'm doing amazing. Take so Me.


Juliet Hahn  00:03:11 

Yes. I'm a

stated for this because I know when we reached out to kind of

when you reach out to me, we were talking and we did, like, the fifteen minute call that

I know my listeners know that I do just to make sure we kinda have

same synergy. We met on Linkedin, I believe, and I think we talked

longer. And then I was like, wait. We need to shut this down because we wanna have this conversation.

Your live on Fireside. So I'm excited. I know you have three books. You have a

podcast, but

I wanna get into a little bit about you, kind of like where you grew up.

What led you to be the chiropractor will kinda get into all of that

where you grew up if you went to university, where it was and what you studied.


DrVicManzo  00:03:53 

Yeah. I grew on I'm from the suburbs I'm she

call Meryl Park in it the suburb that was like a tight small

Italian community community at that time. And so

look collar kind community, but

everybody everybody buddy from there and it it was

a great growing up experience as you

families everything and and and then friends, to friends, everyone a cousin to you just


Juliet Hahn  00:04:17 



DrVicManzo  00:04:17 

how tell are Alright. It's like, hey, Constantly Are we've been related to that?

No or not at all. Like, how you calling me cousin? Or I'm calling this person uncle?


Juliet Hahn  00:04:27 

I love that.


DrVicManzo  00:04:27 

But, yeah. That that was my That was my upper and round



Juliet Hahn  00:04:33 

That's awesome. And I... You know, I think it's... You know, that shows

I grew up in a small town, but live in a small town. My husband grew up in the bronx.


DrVicManzo  00:04:42 



Juliet Hahn  00:04:42 

Which is huge, but his entire family lived within, like, five

blocks of each other. And so even though I grew up in a small town, not

close to family, but family, my mom was one of seven. So everyone was at least

couple hours away, and we saw them all the time. We made it. Like, they were kinda of neighbors.

But the town that we live in right now, my kids, it was funny

when we moved here, we moved here about four years ago. My kids are like, mom


DrVicManzo  00:05:05 



Juliet Hahn  00:05:07 

everyone's related. And I'm like, nah. It's not true. And then

everyone is really related. It's actually crazy like the teachers

you know, our friends, you know, or are know the uncle or cousins of the principal and it

is the tight community, and it's interesting to be kind of the outsider

but have, like, you know, good ties with

the community we've been in this community actually, for twenty years even though we're only living here full time.

Four. It's it's neat to see who is

together and, you know, people that remember us when the kids were little, and I'm like, oh

just here, you know, in the summer. So it's

it's a special thing in the Italians. So I am... My mom is half Italian.

And that was a big moment

we always were with the Italian side. I mean, I would always, like, say, we were a hundred percent italian and then

Irish would be like, no not.


DrVicManzo  00:05:56 

Yeah. It's it's

it's always you know, Sunday, it was like Grandma's having, you know, the tiny meal and

she'd be cooking the the the

that meet sauce with neck bones and all that flights for, like, Four

six eight hours just left december all day, fresh bread made

Sunday, I it was the whole night Arts and that was all way until I was in my

fifteen seventeen eighteen years old, and then then the role switch that

my mom's the head of us the the oldest and the family. So

italian culture the oldest takes over the role. So

and instead them, they came to my mom's house, and then we would have

Sunday dinner there. So as always

we always ate a lot it there's always a lot of fun italians. Because one of the things we did, and I love being and that's type

culture, you know, growing up and there there's a lot of. In the in the title that you look at it you someone okay

what I have to do. Gonna go Mono on Sunday, Okay. I and a lot of you over here, but whatever.

And then you get older and Now Gonna have a six month old daughter, and it's like my wife and I talk about

all time.

About, like, values that matter trust that we had when you're growing up, What do we wanna

have. I'm always like family.

And there's everything.

Like that's that's what we're gonna have we're gonna traditions. We're gonna do things And like that's

there's part of that that I could see most intent and immense value

by holding handle those kind things.


Juliet Hahn  00:07:08 

It's so true. I love that. You bring that up. So where then did

you know that has to be hard, also leaving that.

Know, I know I came up as I at a from a very tight family and leaving it

as much as you wanna spread your wings and get to your next, you know, kind of your next

stop. It is hard because you're like, but I love what I have here. I'm not

running from something, but I know that there's more out there for the world. So then where did your journey take

you, you know,

when you were you're nineteen twenty,


DrVicManzo  00:07:38 

Yeah. I'm gonna talk was... Like, becoming etcetera protector it was never in my radar.

So what happened was is I was going into computer science, and I was looking the schools that were like, one of the best

ones and in Arizona state hop me at the top, like, four or five,

And so my dad kept pushing computers as I the money is. That's where you... You know, that's

the future. You know it already you built computers. Why don't you just get it to that? So I was like,

I find I'll jump into the computer science. I I applied to Arizona was on mistake on

accepted immediately, And I was like,

okay. Then I... You know, again, there's that little voice like you do you're leaving family. You never have left.

Know, I never really been on at that time. I think I've believe... My parents at time sharing

and clean

like, when I went was like, fifteen sixteen is when I first one

I'm like, I've only been to can't tune twice. It's... That's pretty much my traveling

experience. So I'm like, I never been away from the family.

But something inside also said this is what you have to do.


Juliet Hahn  00:08:28 



DrVicManzo  00:08:28 

And I didn't know what that meant at the time, but I was like, I finally

I said, okay. I'm gonna go. Maybe wanna say so forth then.

So happy I did that. It was not fun in the beginning.

Because I'm away from Family. I'm all on my own. I don't know anybody there.

But, thankfully, I met friends and things turned around on and

But what was interesting about my time that I on state

is my health is I trying... Just how care practicing started to show up in the life because

every month I was there, I went end up playing rugby fur on a state for the club team

because I tried out with her baseball team, hundred and fifty guys.

It was down to... I was one of them, but since I didn't have a history in high school,

or good or least a good one or something that could recall on, well, like we don't take chances

number one baseball team in the United states at that time. So I was like,


Juliet Hahn  00:09:15 



DrVicManzo  00:09:15 

Yeah. I I can totally respect that. I understand that. You just saw everything of what I did.

But any of you, I remember coming at home that that would that night and one of the guys on little hall for me was

chicago He's like, hey, how to go? And I was like man and make it. And he's like,

watch come with me. I play Rugby, and I was like, president like that stuck.


Juliet Hahn  00:09:29 



DrVicManzo  00:09:31 

That's a crazy sport. You know. That that's not safe tactical football my buddies all the time.

But I was like,


Juliet Hahn  00:09:35 



DrVicManzo  00:09:36 

I don't know about that. He's like,

Just come one day.

And I was like, you know what? I can use some conditioning. I like working out. I like, Alright I'll come Monday.

And that's how I'm gonna

being on team, I love it so much. But

luxury short every month, my health kept the claim after the first year.

And remember we're telling my, mom, hey, I need to go to a

medical doctor. I don't know what's going on here yep

I have kings every week at on my bag, I had headaches and

would you like and think to matter how much I slept I tired.

I was a nineteen year old fit kid. I mean, I was working out. Was

exercising ever run five minute miles. I took all this nutrition

that's sort amounts of fitness and a yoga instructor like all my life are


Juliet Hahn  00:10:13 



DrVicManzo  00:10:15 

taking nutrition and supplements and so forth that self studying at this point,

about three, four years in nutrition. So I kinda knew what to take and all this and it just wasn't working.

And so last minute, my mind like, once we'll see back to Frank.

And that's the chiropractor I used to see that she's been seeing since I was one years old.

And I was like, well, if you can help me you think he can. What did you know? She's like, just gonna... Let's see what he says.

I went there

and then my life changed.

He told me by the time I get back to by time, I have to go back there Was on state.

I'll have no more.

And then you said, don't be tired I care for us your life. Because I go the


Juliet Hahn  00:10:49 



DrVicManzo  00:10:47 

and some other things. He also told me to stop playing rugby, which he's the same guy when I was a kid

honestly organize organized football.


Juliet Hahn  00:10:54 



DrVicManzo  00:10:53 

Tackle you know what that you know, a palette all that stuff, and he told my mom

don't have him play it. And I was like, no, I wanna go play and he's, like,


Juliet Hahn  00:11:01 



DrVicManzo  00:11:01 

he said not too. I don't... And I was going to see him at the time.

So I'm like, you told me not to place football and I a kid, and you're telling me have to play rugby now Like

what what I'll you trying to take away for me That's fun. So lodge story short,

from that moment my life changed but was the most interesting thing was this four months in the Clarify care

back arizona on state.

And I continue when you just it out there.

I got the best physical shape in my life.

Saying. You don't take different.

There wasn't, like new supplement. I kept the same workouts everything stayed the same.

Amazing good shape, but I wasn't, like, shredded like I wanted to be

it happened.

I didn't nowhere where.

And I got down the temper of fat south ago.

How did this happen? I mean... I I I... This is mind.

So I was like, forget, I'm gonna go to the business, and I switch gears I went back to Chicago, but I finish up my

school and got a pass in

business management at the University of Illinois Travel.


Juliet Hahn  00:11:53 

That's amazing. So I. And I think one of the reasons why we did connect

also, so

wonderful in the beginning is I'm a huge component for chiropractors park.

I used to babysit when I was young. A car lived right across the street from us.

And I played two sports, you know, in a played sports my whole life, I played two sports in college.

So I

always needed that, like, adjustment because my back my hips

one was a little bit higher, so I would run and I would, you know, feel these things.

And so I... Am a huge... I still see my car once a week. Now I don't

have to. You know, because people always... Oh, once you see car back, you gotta go back forever.

And that I was, like, sometimes some people do like, it is actually my self care

I love my chiropractor, and

and I've always gone even through pregnancy, You know, I probably started at

thirteen. Now. Probably a little older than that Maybe fourteen fifteen, and then through college,

and it really does because I can feel

when I'm really out of alignment, I also can feel like if a nerve is a little off or if my neck is little

hinge. And and it does help you kinda get a line and get those workouts in

where it's using your whole body instead of, like, okay. I'm comp you know, I'm

this leg is a little bit tweaking, so I'm using this like more and you're kind of off and and unbalanced.

My kids all have gone. They don't go all the time, but they have gone

my husband goes,

I think chiropractic Care is

amazing. And I love also that


there's different levels. So, like, I know the car that I work best

with when we do a lot of muscle work first, then I do the... Then they then they do the

like, we know that we can't just adjust me right away because I pop

right back in, you know, you know your body, You start feeling things you start feeling like, okay.

Maybe this was a little off, but I I think it's amazing and I love that you had that journey.

That you went, and it's someone that your mom had gone to, I love that your mom heads that back

ground as well because it kind of gave you that little window, even though

your kid and and the reason reason why it also makes me happy because that's kind of how I have always been my whole life.

And I always think my kids don't listen to or anything I say because I have teenagers.

Now. So, of course, they don't except they always will be like, yeah, mom. I think I need to see Doctor Janet.

No Mike, oh okay. I'll make an appointment. My older son goes, and he's gets

sure because he the whole long story. But

he's an athlete, and he had some vol fractures. So we're trying to you know, figure some

stuff out, and it really is a wonderful

profession, but also, the insights that it gives you to the human body and

it was so for a long time. Always like, oh, that's a quack doctor. Right? And it

And I was always like, yeah, I kinda like that. I'd rather go there than to the medical

world because I feel more comfortable in this world. So... Okay. So you went back to

university noise, and then you got a degree. What then was like, okay.

I had now need to start applying for Chiropractic school. How did that look?


DrVicManzo  00:14:46 

Yeah. I was one of those things where I have Gotta look at

kinda like some things that where

that I wanna stay in there home because I had there was a school called National and She chicago,

there was one polymer or in Iowa and

I wasn't feeling, you know, my kind of practice of times like,

go to life west in California go where it's warm. I'm like, no. I wanna go over

good. I don't wanna go over where as warm. And I was deciding to go to palmer

And this is in May and Palm Rose night there being very like, hey. We'll get you in the soon. I'm

I even finish you with all my requirements. I like a couple because I was a business side mistake.

Again, some tell sheet physics and all these anatomy plan

and I was like, why won't be done until, like, end of may to have a least of those classes?

And they're, like, we'll get you sooner this that. You wanna call. And I was just like,

man, sounds great, that I

...again, inter following, something came to me was like,

Go Dallas. So literally, it was like Wednesday or at a time.

And I'm looking at my girlfriend that was dating at the time. And I look when I go.

You wanna talk me a doubt?

And she's like me I'll buy the tickets. Let's go. I need to keep this school.

I don't know why I have to see it. They might be a waste of money, but we'll go we'll get the hang out in Dallas.


Juliet Hahn  00:15:54 



DrVicManzo  00:15:55 

Like, let's just go. And just like, finally me see if I can get off work kind of work, you're able to go.

As soon as I got to the campus, I just looked, and I was like,

No. This is right along.

This is right movie.

So me I came back home Monday. I sent a letter. I sent the email out the point.

The upon honestly, I won't be attending. I sense everything over

got accepted that immediately,

and there's something about when you follow this it's what you trying to tell and teach a lot.

There was an annoying... When I went to go visit the school, there was a guy that getting a tour also.

Long story short.

I when I started school we had up a orientation day for everybody.

And they broke us up in these color groups. So, like, we a blue group. There's red like, all these folks.

The guy who tore

the school when I went there in, like, May,

he was in the same group that I was in the blue group.

When we were doing the orientation, and I looked at up, I go,

why do you look to? Because that we you be record again. I was like, oh my god. And then

we became very friends we're still grateful to the stay.


Juliet Hahn  00:16:54 

Oh, I love that.


DrVicManzo  00:16:56 

So it's kinda like that, like, little calling that, like, brought to each other or something. But

Yeah. Again, kinda move away through family. That I thought it would be easy on the second one.


Juliet Hahn  00:17:04 



DrVicManzo  00:17:05 

Shows a little easier, but there's still things that I was you had to work

through And, of course, I had a long term relationship, and I'll that stuff that learn and and try to adapt with


I went the Parker and it was Park university now it's called

in Dallas, and it was

it was well worth the journey. I'm so happy I did it again, following the feeling as always was has guy can be a



Juliet Hahn  00:17:23 

which I love

which I love and I think it's so important. And, again, you brought up the thing about

the connection would you... You know that you had with your friend.

So many people are not curious, and they're so busy thinking about the

cells and oh we need to do this. May need to do that, and they miss out on opportunities.

Like, connecting with someone that you become friends, lifelong friends,

listening to your gut,

right? You could've have just stayed and went to school at home. It probably would have been fine.

But listening to kind of, like your inner voice, which I know, you know, you're a mindset

coach So you totally got this. It is so important, and so many people kinda discredit or stuff

it because they're like, oh, I don't know where that's gonna take me a nervous, failure, all those things that come with.

Kind dreaming and and

and pursuing that, you know, people don't like to do. And it

so important because we have one life. We have one life

why not live it to the utmost, like, extreme that you can?

Now, in... You know, I I I always say this. I'm a mom. I have three kids.

And every dream do I jump on and Ron no? But sometimes it's just fun to think

Where is that gonna lead me? And then if it comes up again, it comes up again,

I like, start looking into it. Okay. This might be scary, but this might be something that is

supposed to happen to me. I'm not gonna stuff it, and then, you know, kind of

let it do and and then go down a different path that maybe wasn't

was there. And even if I kinda follow that little path in that little dream,

maybe it made me turn left instead of right, and it kinda just was always in the wind, but it was like a good

time to kind of explore and and and have it fun where you're not

sitting and being like, okay. Let me go to my nine to five job that I hate

and I wanna poke myself in the eyes, and I hate Mondays and

I can't wait to Friday, and

you know, I don't ever wanna live that way. So I love that you did that.

So how long did it take you to graduate? Because I know

you know, your their the degrees are different and I don't know from medical school to dentures

You know, all those things. But how many years are you in chiropractic

school, and then did you start practicing right away?


DrVicManzo  00:19:20 

Yeah. So this school at the

time and they don't have it like this anymore, but it was a three year curriculum that

like, normally, for... So people understand it through the curriculum,

it's basically a normal college student for full time will be

fourteen credit hours. You would take on average.


Juliet Hahn  00:19:33 



DrVicManzo  00:19:37 

We were doing twenty eight to thirty two.

So three years now three and a half, some schools are four, but ours those three at that time.

And so did that, and then I came out, and I was


stubborn, I guess if you wanna use the word, but I was determined

the start fact because I had a big vision, and I was just like, I'm serving this thing. I'm not gonna

because I was a pension potentially, you're gonna be working with the doctor who got me into it all.

And he made a... We... He was, like, well, come work for me, but you think, you know, the

the... You know, I want you to learn the sit business and all this stuff.


Juliet Hahn  00:20:08 



DrVicManzo  00:20:07 

And all these other things I'm like, I already hire the approach I'm ready to go. Like, let's do.

And he's like, now you gotta learn the systems of what I teach here, this man. I was like, hey yeah. I don't wanna be limited

I'm I'm I'm not gonna do this. So went off on my own, had an investor at one point because I was

from business schools, one of the things we we learned don't use your money you someone else's.

So Was like, I'll get an investor, and that was all working how great till last minute he dropped out.

And I I had a signed use at the time credit.

And I was like, I'm I'm held on this, but then there was a clause in there

thankfully, there was a clause and thankfully, things didn't work out with the

landlords about our my with, redoing

build out the build out that we ended up not working out any anyhow.

But then at that point,

things just happened for reasons I had a back who offered an independent contract to

out of our office, three hundred bucks a month He's like, for the first three months.

And is like, you can use everything in the office when I'm not here


Juliet Hahn  00:20:58 



DrVicManzo  00:21:01 

And I was like, that's it, and she scaled that obviously, but that got me started.

And that's kinda how I... I started my my terrifying journey my car

business and so far.


Juliet Hahn  00:21:09 

Now was that in your hometown, did you go back to your home down?


DrVicManzo  00:21:14 

I went back to Chicago out a feeling again and didn't knows my team of my

story very quickly because I was looking. I was literally looking at practicing in Italy.


Juliet Hahn  00:21:21 

Oh, I love it. I.



DrVicManzo  00:21:23 

Don't ask why. Just... I had a dock while I was talking to

he had a connection and and so I was like, I go to Italy You know,

associate for, like, a year or two to maybe open up my own office and

But last minute, it was April, and I graduating his a town, of September,

Some told me I need to go back on the Chicago.

And it was like a really deep feeling, and I was just like,

Okay. I'm going home to Chicago that's it. And so I ended up

moving back and it was a town a little bit of way. So it's about twenty something minutes

three minutes from our music originally from called the range.

And that's where I set my roots.


Juliet Hahn  00:21:58 

Nice. And are you still there?


DrVicManzo  00:21:59 



Juliet Hahn  00:22:00 



DrVicManzo  00:22:02 

That's That's all another story itself.

We'll get to that


Juliet Hahn  00:22:04 

Which I... Well, I wanna know where you are. Yeah. We'll get. We'll get to that. Okay. Good.

Because I always always love that. I love where kind people land and then where life kinda takes people.

Alright. So that's awesome. I mean, in that, did you

fine just for anyone look listening that's like, okay. Start, you know... I mean, that is a great way to start a

a business because you have everyone has

know, the equipment

because that stuff is expensive, The table and all of that, the stem

you know, all of the different things that you need to be a chiropractor.

So you had it all there. Now how did you go and start marketing yourself?

Was it all word of mouth? Like, take us through that a little bit.


DrVicManzo  00:22:39 

Yeah. I you know, I was helping Cairo

terrified as when I was in school doing screenings and stuff.

And I I was known as the closer because I never had not one person not

close even in the most like dead balls as well. So when I was going back cold I'm like,

I did so successful door.

I'll do screenings, and it'll just all work out.

My first eight greetings. I had no new patients.

Not one.


Juliet Hahn  00:22:59 



DrVicManzo  00:23:03 

It was like a wake up call for me. I was in anything. That's not working.

And then I was like, okay. Get Was connected with the chamber, the local business

association I'm meeting people and taking hands, what's babies as They say to do

all this difference now. Not literally for the listeners. I'm not gonna doing that.

It's the politicians thing. But my, I'm just meeting as many people as I can.

And you know, I I showcase everybody. I knew I'm the kind I the here's wrong.


it was a slow trickle process.

And I just... You know, is one of those things where I was referral practice. I was trying to focus on that as much

I could. One of the wondering points for me was is working out of another tariff is office.

There's no sign. There's no this. There's no that. So my disability was very limited

And but I kept growing though. I was determined

I was meeting people and just trying to hate when... This is this. I can help you the best with matt.

And slowly fairly building, which it was like, over a year,

that's when I was, like, able to, like, I was really, like,

okay. I have enough now I can go get my own

but rent, in that area was a very affluent town. I was like

okay. Maybe I don't know I'm gonna do this. And another doctor was looking the retire.

So so she was, like, in semi retirement remote, so, how do we continue

we'll we'll do a new office somewhere. And that way, and I was like,


Juliet Hahn  00:24:20 



DrVicManzo  00:24:18 

that helps me out. I could do that. And so

that was kinda of my thing, but I did say spoken on that. I was always educating their

now there's so much tools you can do, but back then, was just posting and

try to use my network as much as I can.

To just showcase here I am, the terrified is writing articles for back phone called pan.

I think they still have them. They still do.

They're, like, at first looking for people to write it's like a local newspaper,

all online, and they let for repeat



Juliet Hahn  00:24:44 

Yep. They still have them all. They have them all over the place. Yeah.


DrVicManzo  00:24:46 

Yeah. And so it's... And they left the one in town they're like,

the original Sandra will pay to be got an article from like great because. It was great that

rake up. So it helped me out. I was just doing all that I can.

And just connecting video education and all that stuff we do a Youtube channel

stuff and.

Again surely it wasn't something happen overnight.

That was the way I was marketing. But then as I continued into business,

I had a reputation being the wellness guy, and I started to build my

build my brand and so forth to where then it just referrals.

And then that's all we focus down from there now.


Juliet Hahn  00:25:20 

That's great. And I And I hear a lot what you're saying is that your business degree


did also really helped you with kind of growing.

Your chiropractic business. Is that correct?


DrVicManzo  00:25:31 

It did a little bit

there was a saying when I was in business school. Like, they... We I had a teacher who was a genius

And I wanna I I was still can I connect with them, but

he prayed like, when when all the tar stuff was going bad, like, Jim, most hard

board was her? He was, like, four, It's gonna be one that drives out of the wall.

He was right. He said some other things. I like, how does this guy know this stuff? And any

he was like, what you're gonna learn in business.

In your whole degree, he's like, you'll only need about ten percent of it.

I was like, ten percent. You came, put all this money for this. And you tell me, I'm willing gonna need ten percent.

And I really did because like, when I came out of counter school,

I had a twenty eight



Juliet Hahn  00:26:07 



DrVicManzo  00:26:08 

This point. Because why I went business school no write business plan. I do marketing research and did it. I have

patient at one point.

That was looking to invest in me.

To open up an off like, the liner he will heating in a back office.

She's a playing space where you could run the front, and then I just need a back office for my mind stuff that I do.

And you looked at my marketing he's and he's just like, there's no way you're gonna grow that.

As you may Go, if I'm making this much much building up to this month,

when I start next year, that I I'm continuing that month on, and it just compounds

very quickly. But he didn't... He just bought the numbers

adding up, But I I was supposed to getting to them, but

But yeah. So that's how use my business background for that more of like, businesses

the creating business plan and all the stuff they you have to do with that. That they help me there more amazing else


Juliet Hahn  00:26:54 

Alright. Interesting. Now what what year was this around?


DrVicManzo  00:26:57 

I started my


Juliet Hahn  00:26:57 

That you first were starting. Yeah.


DrVicManzo  00:26:59 

two thousand ten in April.


Juliet Hahn  00:27:00 

Okay. So was afterward like, that, that

recession. Okay. That's... Because that's why I... You know, the two thousand eight two thousand nine kind of

seven. That's interesting. So

Now you have a reputation referrals.

You're the mindset. So you're not just doing, you know, strict

chiropractic. I mean, my my car and I always joke

you know, she's like, a therapist... She's like, I I know everyone stuff. Like, you become like

a little bit of a therapist because people come in they unload, like, how's your day going? Oh, really. Do you wanna how my am? I have a

quick here. You know why I have the correct that you just get these conversations.

I mean, her... She and I, like, laugh all the time because she sees a lot of my, you know, as I said,

my my kids and my husband, my kids less frequently, but

we always like, joke because, you know, doctor Janet. You know, you're like, oh, I have this kind day.

Or or, yes, everything's great and, you know, it's just interesting. So

now you have people knowing that you have more knowledge

then just, you know, kind of the physical, the Chiropractor

but you also have some mindset stuff. So where does that lead you?

Like, I'm because I know I don't know this. And I know my, you know, the listeners and everyone in the audience here. Hi guys. How are

you. But they always find it interesting. You know, I don't know

the next pivot, but you had some pivots because you're a podcast you're an author, you

mindset coach. So when did that kind of all evolve?


DrVicManzo  00:28:19 

So in five years into my practice, I hit my financial piece

at the same token off tired being burned out every before to six months.

I was Phil satisfied. The money I was making I thought was gonna saw everything for me.

And I had to take a look at. I I even thought about it then moment beating the practice. Leave them the profession.

Because I was like, this was an uphill battle.

Was always a grind. I this is not. And for the listeners, I didn't hear this

part of the story, But when I was in Chiropractic school, I was also studying outside of

well I became a leaky master trainer.

I studied about ten to different twelve energy modalities through that journey. I thought I want

to learn the deepest aspect of what clients and actually learned

quantum physics and consciousness and a whole plethora stuff. I didn't I didn't even expect to learn.

So when I got to this point in my career, I I kinda looked back, and my wife is working in the office with

she has, like, nine different titles. I'm just a doctor and she gets, like,

cheap marketing officer here chief my operation lot. So you own social show. I probably.


Juliet Hahn  00:29:19 




DrVicManzo  00:29:17 

Key runs this place. I had just work here. Hey. What's my

but long short

we will look at things and we thought that we weren't... We you weren't happy with

wait. We were happy financially. We just weren't happy with everything else. It was, like

as listening all the best business advice I could, self portions about following successful chiropractors,

And what I learned from that... I... What I went became aware of,

is I became a product that their were wife instead of mine.

And I think that's what led me to my burnout so much.

And the end like universe were go call it kept

putting in that place until I woke up.

When I finally did realize it, saw that,

my wife and I really got... We're we're more like,


Juliet Hahn  00:29:54 



DrVicManzo  00:29:55 

we wanna make a change we make a change, and we're just gonna we'll deal with whatever comes has to come. So we look at our office

and we just said, you know what? We're gonna have to let go of patients that don't fit our bottle.

More wellness style. And and like, it's so in and

doing that, we had a good percentage of patients. We we we reduced that. We we took a forty percent



Juliet Hahn  00:30:13 



DrVicManzo  00:30:14 

in about a six month period. Now a lot of people think that's crazy when look at it from a business standpoint.

For us, we wanted to. We knew we had a get solid base. And we just say

you know what? We're gonna take a hit. We don't know how much this gonna be ended then up being forty percent.

And then we're like, we're gonna direct off the way we want to be.

I made a shift in that time to go pediatrics. I really

I started looking at my story of me being a kid.


Juliet Hahn  00:30:37 



DrVicManzo  00:30:38 

I was born with bilateral lateral club. Well I knew to get into all someone hang off by antibiotic Baby getting antibiotics

six three to six months, nine months, fifteen, eighteen. I died four and a half

from bacteria bacterial meningitis. Seven years old, I hands the

she went back sink and never play sports again, and especially in high school, I use a replacement by thirty

why a thirty nine old. My hip is beautifully clean.

So one of those things where I had all that growing up

I like you know, and I wanna empower kids as much as I can. And when I found that kids had, like, can percent chronic illnesses.

We made a vast change in the office.

And we went pediatric prenatal

for fertility, I was already doing some of those things, but we wanted to go, like, fifty percent base of our office speed

kids. And we achieved that in almost six months.

We went from five percent to forty percent. And when we made the change, the my outside stuff coming back


It was about two thousand eighteen, twenty nineteen. I started really looking at

lost twenty seventeen sorry. I started looking at

my vision and my impact of how I'm helping people

And what I started realize is, you can though I was very well known

had a very successful tire party business and everything.

The the the impact and influence I was doing for the world

it was very small.


Juliet Hahn  00:31:46 



DrVicManzo  00:31:48 

Now when I say this, I don't mean this from an ego physical standpoint. I just feel like I'm designed destined for

something more.

And it's again by feeling. It just wouldn't leave me alone.

So I started talking my wife and said,

think I wanna

I wanna I wanna stay in the podcast.

I've done podcasting before for health reason for health stuff. I was like I wanna get into the mine

It's just something that I feel like I wanna do. Even if it's just sad, I'll just do that.

She's like, chocolate.

That's what the podcasting.

That's what the book came. I always wanted to be an offer.

And I have a plan Have a goal of writing thirty books in my life. So then all of a sudden here, comes the

the book.

And then

from what I went through

from the burnout in the grind the hustle mentality, the sweat equity, all the stuff that you gonna business

to talk.

I went against that, and I did the top polar opposite.

You know I worked fifty percent less than when I get them And and in that part

when we take the forty percent,

It took about a year to get back to that.

But I worked fifty percent less than what I was doing.

And that's what gave me time to do all these other things.

And so at that point, thousand eighteen, going into the fall. It's on the way, I think I wanna get


I just wanna do it for the side thing. It you know, only takes like, five clients. That's it.

So went overwhelm, so I can still spend time with my life and everything else.

And it wasn't until December when I started it.

And that put me on the journey.

It wasn't like it's not there for now, there's is more they're going to, but


Juliet Hahn  00:33:10 

No. No. I love that. And anyone, you know, you guys... And this'll will be all in the show notes

the beginning of this episode. So power your reality, you can find all of what

doctor you know, victory, You can find your

you can and you can guys can see it in the empower. It's

I'm sorry. I'm like, looking at it from here. I said power. I'm looking from far in all my

my guess know. I've gone blind and turned forty nine, and I can't say anything.

So, but you guys can see it in the scroll here. It's empower your reality. Am I correct


DrVicManzo  00:33:35 

yes yes. You are.


Juliet Hahn  00:33:38 

Okay. I I saw your face and I was like, did I not look at the

in C. And

what the... So many things that you just said,

I I find really fascinating. I do wanna touch on

because I do think there's a lot of people in their lives that

have these feelings, but they don't go because maybe they... You know,

the financial reasons and stuff. So the this is before you guys had kids. Am I crack there?


DrVicManzo  00:34:03 



Juliet Hahn  00:34:04 

So the fact that you were, like, okay, I have the feeling

let's jump on it. It's really important to do that before you have

the other things that weigh you down. And not that kids way you down. I'm a mother. I love kids.

But there's things at my husband and I have to

think about because we're like, you know what? We have three other people that we don't want.

To impact of this is our path. Right? So we're a little bit more practical, and I guess, my husband's more

to go. He keeps... He gives me practical. This just good that way.

So it is important to have that in your life to really think about. Okay? Is this time

it's also important to think about this is the time because I don't have these other things.

This is the time to explore. This is the time to really be curious. This is the time to kind of

Okay. I can kind of go out on women's and be a little crazy through spaghetti at the wall.

Because you don't all have all those other responsibilities.

When you start having those responsibilities, that's when you kinda have to

make a little bit more strategic and that everyone does that, but I know in in our lives

you know, I can be the one that's a little bit out there. My husband's a little bit more

the stable one, and it's also kind of

nice to have that balance. So when you guys were

sitting down to be like, okay. When you went to your wife and said this, was your wife like, okay. I'm with you.

Or did you have to kind of, like, really sit down and explain? We'll you a little bit more



DrVicManzo  00:35:21 

My wife is extremely supportive.

I'm very blessed for that. Like, she believed it'd be one hundred percent

she's one of those things like if you wanna do it go,

you know, if you wanna do this go, because she he knows we got to point in me office

where we're making this... Just starting at side part

side They like to call it

she was tired getting kind burned out from being in the office.

You know, my wife used be a real estate Eighteenth she worked for very prestigious

one of is a top guy in in the town and she worked for him.

And she's a marketing so and I getting my life very skilled of a lot of things and jesus like,

this meeting here is not really my love to do.


Juliet Hahn  00:35:55 



DrVicManzo  00:35:59 

But I'm gonna do it because it's tough. But I it was coming to that point. So

but she was one hundred percent supportive.

And, like, yeah, if you wanna do it do it, you know, you just... You know, I know you're gonna... You're good at

discipline and you're gonna add all those things. You'll figure the old map off the times. I might worry about it

so I know Wanna interfere with anything that we do Is like, they won't not even throw aging anything we do like promise

But that that was the

She's very very supportive to she's my rock.


Juliet Hahn  00:36:23 

Now is she the same person when you went to Dallas?

There's is a different woman.


DrVicManzo  00:36:27 



Juliet Hahn  00:36:29 



DrVicManzo  00:36:29 

No. Someone else

Yeah. We we


Juliet Hahn  00:36:29 

You. No. I just... I I had to ask.


DrVicManzo  00:36:32 

No she funny story me quick she she took the application for me to be in the business


So she the secretary of the business association of the time, but we we were... We didn't they

till three years later.


Juliet Hahn  00:36:41 

Love that.


DrVicManzo  00:36:44 

It is it took you a little like, we were like, the with love story of lovely like a lily range area.

Or one over Should say,


Juliet Hahn  00:36:49 

Right. Oh, that's so fun. So she did she grew up in the area, and you guys just kind of


you never knew each other. You kinda probably just passed, and then that's fun.

Of that


DrVicManzo  00:36:58 

Yeah. One day, I finally just

I was in... I was coming from him I was making self lessons down in the city and I was coming back, and I was like,

my buddy and I would meet up.

A place have a burger and a drink after. And so

one day, I he wasn't gonna be able to make it

So I was like, let me she wanna. I'll see should just meet up.


she came, and we closed down the bar. And after that, I was, like,

this is somebody who I wanna get to know a little better. And


Juliet Hahn  00:37:24 



DrVicManzo  00:37:25 

later years later, here we are.


Juliet Hahn  00:37:26 

That's awesome. That's awesome. So, okay. So you

change it pediatric, but you also were working less. You were also getting this calling

for doing all the mindset stuff. I know that you also

that you got Rake trained and all of that where

did you bring

So the rake stuff was that incorporated when you were doing

the pediatrics or do you also use that in the mind?

Set coaching and all the other stuff that you do or you kind of just... That's the certification and it's not

it's not fulfilling you right now.


DrVicManzo  00:37:53 


Yeah. I I started breaking when it first started a little bit just doing some

energy healing offering a little bit of it, but it just wasn't

like, again, when I... The reason I got into make users is I wanna learn how to deal with


Juliet Hahn  00:38:08 



DrVicManzo  00:38:07 

fans. And people are, like, some one person in my in my in my class

school was like,

go do Directly Rake is really great, and I was a great yeah. I never heard of it, and she's like,

to feeling with the handful of blast. So I was like,

Fine. I'll do it. Let's go. And so

I found somebody in all of a sudden and that's when I just took it. I never used it per.

Because it'll Ray opened the door to the energy world for me because from there, okay, what other

techniques out there.


Juliet Hahn  00:38:32 



DrVicManzo  00:38:33 

What else can I learn? And that's when I went that a around of

techniques, and and that's just kinda cultivated my mind about life.

And how life works in many different ways and how emotions affect us Han

our thought the fact does how it affects the body, how effects our

vitamin and all these different things and that allowed me to give really good deep

you know,

care in my patients and so over became that. But from the the pediatric side,

even working on that. I'm just saying in general, The energy stuff really just taught me how

to be more intentional with my work.


Juliet Hahn  00:39:03 

Yeah. Which did.


DrVicManzo  00:39:04 

Because at the end of day, it's not the adjustment what I'm doing that matters.

It's the intention where I'm coming from the biden and energy or I'm coming from.

That's gonna actually make the impact.

And so I can literally in my office, I can know if I'm... I mean, I already have to have tools to

to be this forward, keep on top of this, but I... If I'm not on my gay game,

my patients don't get better.

More things show up in so many other things. So it's one of those things was like,

patients are complaining more. I get more centered I missed something.


Juliet Hahn  00:39:32 

Right. Which I think is really important and that's liquid with the whole burnout.

Like you're running this business that you love and you you're there to help people. But if you're... It's that

that whole. I mean, it's such a corny thing, but, like,

you can't feel someone else's cup and fear comp not filled. And I had to use that voice.

Not sure why. But it is actually true. It's one of those things that

so corny, You know, you hear that as as being a parents all the time.

Right? If you're running on empty and your

house is kinda crazy. Why do you think it? Because you're not showing up the way you need to show

the same and business as human in life. I mean, if you're coming off with this energy,

that people are like, oh, I don't like about energy. You're not gonna

attracting and connect with the people, and I don't have coaching you know, I have a little bit of coaching

training, but not like, you know, this is just also very

it's one of those things that just to me, just make sense. You know, if you're coming at

an energy, aggressive energy, you're gonna give that off and people are not gonna

feel the the you know, the same way about you. So when you started the mindful experiment,

the podcast.


DrVicManzo  00:40:34 



Juliet Hahn  00:40:35 

That's what it's called cracks.

I was like, your face seems still again. I was like, did I write the wrong thing down?

I like I thought I had that right. And let


DrVicManzo  00:40:45 

I think must of you so much. Just kidding.


Juliet Hahn  00:40:46 

Yeah. I was like, did I write? Did I look at some other doctor


DrVicManzo  00:40:49 



Juliet Hahn  00:40:50 

Man though

when you started that, and I love how you were just like, I... You know, I wanna do this. What year

with that,

in twenty twenty. Is that what you said?


DrVicManzo  00:40:59 

Now first episode was March thirty first nine twenty eighteen.


Juliet Hahn  00:41:03 

Okay. Amazing. And then

where did that kinda take you? And was that... Again Well, to

two kind full question, I think I know the answer the first one when you decided to start it.

Was it, like, okay. Let me do a little research. Let me, you know,

slowly roll this out or you're like, I'm doing it, and I'm and then it's done in, like, three months.



DrVicManzo  00:41:23 

The latter bar, I literally was just like, sitting there one day, and I'm like, what would I call this thing?

Right? Because I was thinking of all, I used to have a podcast health life called wellness Smart radio. So I'm like oh, well this

or spiritually smart screen out am I doing that? And I just kept thinking, and I was like,

likes and experiment but the like experiment podcast

that sounds good, and it doesn't release to the mind. I want the mind, and I show I like to

my iphone span like,


Juliet Hahn  00:41:45 

Yeah. I love it.


DrVicManzo  00:41:45 

I'm going with us, and that was end of it.


Juliet Hahn  00:41:47 

And I think, you know, when you said the latter part,

I kind of felt that I'm the same way if I have something and it keeps kind of

presenting itself really.

If something presents itself, like, two or three times. I'm like, boom. A lot of times, if it's the first

time I just kinda think I'm ponder on it. So you started that. And, again, that's

you know,

podcasting is such a powerful tool that sometimes

really goes under the radar. Now it's not so much now. It's you know, definitely a buzz word. There's so many

out there, but it's still

you still can put out such good content and really get to people. I mean,

you know, something like Fireside here, the fact that we can stream on different platforms and

still goes out in the Process feed. You're still getting in people's ears in indifferent than what you were doing.

Where did that podcast kinda take your business and your

your side hustle.


DrVicManzo  00:42:34 

It helped me get connected. And when I first started I did group coaching, I had this like

about course I just doing through coaching on it. It was kinda interesting

because I started to... It wasn't to, like february march.

The the next year, I think so because I start coaching of December twenty eighteen.

And then all of a sudden, it was one of those things where

I have people reaching out to. Sorry talking about my group coaching program, and then people are reaching out and, like,

Hey. I'm interested love to know more about this little blah while I wanna sign up. And I'm like,

this can't be that easy. Like, there's just no way to designing

like, how I should it did assume?

Because my message just getting out there, and I was able to help people and was just

it was a aligned in a whole different way, and that's kind the podcast went right off the bat.

And it and it became and it's one of the tools that like use for marketing.

Because it's just what I enjoy. And so I teach you out my clients this in that

it's time to have a conversation with somebody you know, and and learn for them learn

mean we grow in the end and the audience grows with it. So it

kinda love those fun things. But that was my journey and but

in the beginning or how I used the podcasting to showcase

my coaching stuff. Again, so you take on a whole lot of client

just because I mean, group coaching humidity it year for me.

But then when I... As I switched over after a year,

I went one I want. Normally many people do the opposite. They go one on one, the they hundred dollars

go group.

I I like in one on one better because I was able to bring in another

element to the table, which was intuition, and I could use my intuition to connect with my client.

And I can read them so easily. And I know on Zoom I'm on a phone call but but I can hear the

there's other things I can use and I could really direct it to them.

Group coaching helped everybody in some way. But, like, when I had one on one, I

of my first one on one client.

And then just... What I did in group coaching was powerful, but then all of a sudden,

with the one on one client we were moving faster. And things were just getting a addressed quicker while I was like,

I think wanna go on that rock a little bit. And that's what I've been doing so


Juliet Hahn  00:44:30 

No. It's is so interesting because it's the same. So I a storytelling consultant, which came out

of my podcast. Started of the podcast in twenty nineteen, and then I would

with asking certain questions, certain guests that I would have on

maybe we're like, you know, in the beginning of the podcast journey and they were

because I had something that, you know, either a book or they had a product or

they I were a podcast host or a small business on entrepreneur or whatever it was,

and I would ask him a question and also someone... It would kind of, like, unleash this whole conversation and

was they would be, like, how did you know to ask me that? And I'm like, I'm just really intuitive. Like, I

can read and feel it's just... It's a guess

I believe in god, but, you know, the universe whoever you believe in, it's really just of one of my

So I would have people be like, okay. Kim you... And I've done talks on storytelling telling the importance. Storytelling telling

but it will be funny when someone's like, okay, can you do, like, teach

what you do. And I'm like every client is different. Like, I can't

say this is like, it's not anything that is

Yes. I can teach people to be a little bit more

aware and a little bit more kind of watching for certain things. Yes. I can do that, but that's like

ten minutes. I can tell you three things to do. It's not like a whole thing.

But it's so true when you have that gift that you're able to really help people connect

the dots, where you're really able to help them kind of, you know, what you're doing.

Connecting their mind and their body and and really showing them how they're showing up every day. And

it's little steps, you know, from, you know, waking up before your whole house wakes up. If you have

kids. You know, and sometimes

even before that, there's, like, some things are so silly,

but are so true, You know, move your body even if you hate working out, just walk around the block or walk

up and down your stairs, like, you know, cut out those process foods

all of this, and then you do, like, little things and they're, like,

I'm feeling better. I don't know why. But let let's get you know, continue do this And you're like, I know why. Because you're

starting to be more mindful. You're starting to be kinda intros conservative and thinking about things.

So when did you

and I don't know that... You know, again,

when did you pivot completely away from chiropractic because you're not still practicing or are.


DrVicManzo  00:46:28 

No. Not practicing. I have a license

in tennessee, but I I I I don't practice. So what happened was is

two thousand I've been wine in twenty eighteen, I wanted the legal illinois

my wife was like, no. We got family here. All our families here this mass. Okay. Fine.

Twenty twenty hits. We all know what happened in twenty twenty.

She looks at me one day and goes

I hugely what.

I'm ready.

So you really wanna leave... She's like, yeah. I'm like, No. Are you sure you wanna leave? She's like, yeah. I wanna leave

I said okay. She goes what do we have to do well with the practice of say oh yeah, I'll these stage and

Unfortunately, the the the downside of all that is we

we chose the seller at a time where tire leaving Illinois

were not going to Illinois.


Juliet Hahn  00:47:07 



DrVicManzo  00:47:12 

So we had a practice up for a little over year and a half. We we we had somebody might have been interested, but then

last minute we're getting on a call, thinking we're finalizing things we're moving forward and they drop out.

And I was like,


Juliet Hahn  00:47:21 



DrVicManzo  00:47:24 

crap. And now it's four months away to the end of the year, which is twenty twenty one.

And my wife looks in me. I look at her and just go

we're not waiting to close postpone our family anymore.

Like, we went kids. We close postpone that a couple of years where maybe the travel and other things.

But I was like, we we can't. I'm gonna be, you know, thirty eight. Here... She's

four you generally, but I was like,

we got a sort family, and she's like, yeah, I wanna start saying my my waiting anymore. So okay.

Let's let the office go.

Like, let it go, like, not even, like, take a just

we'll we'll we'll after the December twenty twenty one, We don't have that income anymore.

Heading income from coaching, but nowhere near the level I have with chiropractic.

And again,


going through that process.

Can be scary but what's to afforded me through it was that feeling?

It felt right.

Because if a moment we were choosing

what mattered of most to us was family,

or what was our well being? Because we weren't happy in Illinois. I I definitely wasn't.

After a while.

And it came a point like we were gonna change that over money because we could just

stayed and head on the back in there or waited to someone to sound, and put our life on hold.

And the reason some we put say you can add a family after there we could have but. You don't know how Italians are. You have a family. You know


Juliet Hahn  00:48:32 



DrVicManzo  00:48:33 

it's not gonna happen. We're not gonna wanna leave our family after you have children.

And so as one of those things where December twenty twenty one, we closed the office.

My wife moved and we were... I live in Knoxville now tennessee, my wife moved here in November.

That's when our house were closing, and we were getting the other house.

And And so we I traveling back and forth over on the weekends.

Just to see her before, but she was

cheese blue she flew out here

go see a house monster or houses long short.

Couple weeks after we found that she was pregnant.

And so like begins aligning. We're moving where we're you're pregnant we're closing in office, Move up

state act this is this is alright. This is all working out the way post to, I guess,

And so that's when I decided to let go the terrifying

and go full time into the coaching.

That's what I've been doing since.


Juliet Hahn  00:49:24 

That's awesome. That's awesome. And where

in that process for the books.


DrVicManzo  00:49:30 

So the other book, my second book team my first book came out in twenty eighteen


Juliet Hahn  00:49:33 



DrVicManzo  00:49:35 

that was... I think that came out right around the podcast.

The second one was a walk in the dark. They came out in twenty nineteen, about almost a year later.

A little over a year later. And then, of course, with everything I was doing in my opposite didn't right night, my next

one until close was it I should know this by heart. It was May twenty

me to


Yeah. Started writing that book after a couple of months when the dust settled here

had a feeling like I needed write another book. It was... Actually can't, Had a feeling of that in November.

But then I didn't take action fully until



Juliet Hahn  00:50:06 

Okay. And everyone can find and and tell the titles

I also, I have them written down, but they're far away.


DrVicManzo  00:50:12 

Yeah. I know worries


Juliet Hahn  00:50:15 

And I... And I didn't remember, and I didn't memorize them. I showed have I did not memorize them because there was three.


DrVicManzo  00:50:21 



Juliet Hahn  00:50:20 

But let people know, and then they can find them obviously, on Amazon,

and any place, but then on your website. But, yeah, please share the titles.


DrVicManzo  00:50:27 

Yeah. First one me discover your preakness. The second book that wrote is a walk in the dark.

And then the third one is decoding the matrix.


Juliet Hahn  00:50:34 

Great. And and give us a little bit

of kind of what you can find in those bucks.


DrVicManzo  00:50:39 

Yeah. So we we discover your preakness as everything I went through that talks

about basically the the rules to life in a sense like they're looking at universal laws

physics and all these different things. It's basically all the

the change I made between thousand sixteen when I was, you know, five years and the person I said,

made this drastic change. I said I sear

you know, the principles of what I learned through that how what I applied and how you can apply to your life.

The second one walking the dark is

the darkness of life that we all think you can call them challenges, obstacles dark night of soul. It doesn't matter.

The the the thing is is

how to view the darkness in a different way.

And what it actually does for us.

And once you can do that, it really ends mental suffering because

when you when you face darkness what you're really getting as I gets,

and you're learning more about we you really are.

Your two light so, whatever you wanna call that. The last

one to the matrix is all about

the conditioning of the mind and our conditions, how we all have time

strokes that we believe in I'm condition your condition were all conditioned in some way.



how we live our life that we can try to break out of that condition.

So we can get out of a mental prison and live more of a life of what matters truly to us.

Human potential, spiritual awakening, I share some stuff. I help clients what to do that.

The process. And so that's the matrix


Juliet Hahn  00:51:58 

Awesome. So do you think there... I know you said

that you you have a goal of thirty bucks.

I would love to know because we all in our businesses, We all have things that we love. And and I I

wanna go back to your group coaching and you're one and one. I always do everything backwards

show, and it's not backwards because it's the way I work, but I'm always that one percent that

start at z and ends up at a where everyone else does it, You know, the opposite way.

So... And then there's times where you're doing things.

Like, I used to... When I did the fitness stuff, I used to teach group classes, and I loved that.

I liked that better than the one and one, but I... You know, I kind of

would do both. You know, because I was like, oh, what's filling me right now? Who can I help more in this?

Kinda going there. What do you think?

At this moment, Like, right now,

as you're sitting here talking to me, what is your favorite part of your

kind of your journey, but what you're doing now that, you know, you can see

grow in the future.


DrVicManzo  00:52:54 

Like, what I'm doing at this moment how I can see things grow,


Juliet Hahn  00:52:57 

Yeah. So, like, either the podcast author mindset

coaching, you know, what the one I'm on the group like, what is feeling you right now?

Like, when you think the first thing that comes to your head that you're like, I can't wait to do that every single freaking day.


DrVicManzo  00:53:08 

Well, I'm doing the one I wanna coaching every day, but I wanna definitely match that out, but I

I am looking at, you know, this year, I'm gonna be watching room coaching just

because there's only so many hours of the day, I can coach, and

you know, and it also lowers the price a little bit for those who can do the one on one they afford the group coaching.

I'm in, the process of that. The other thing that's I'm

you can tell Just don't do one thing. The only other thing that's

really any hard now I've been waiting I'm like went to my next book come

am I gonna write another book, and I've been really reflecting on the last year.

Of everything I teach you know my all my experiences and everything I went through. How can I

create something that could be so simplistic for somebody to really level up? And I'm all about universal

principles. I don't like just sharing one thing in business because I don't think we do things

one way... What we do in one way we use to do another way and another reason I like to

how we do one thing? But

So my this... I created a for And created this formula

to kinda sum up everything.

And I'm like,

getting excited to about it right now. So I'm like, okay. I wanna start right in book

can't wait. But I got a top of month before I do.


but it's a formula, I called the billionaire success.


Basically a formula that you we we were so stuck down action and

get you the same story. Like, when I talk about

the grind the hustle mentality all that they push in the business were in personal development.

Well, I'll break down why they... What they're pushing on and there's an equation part to this

that's, like, ten percent of it, really?


Juliet Hahn  00:54:31 



DrVicManzo  00:54:32 

Really, what's the ninety percent

And then ninety percent is actually, you know, so it's

way in the sense. So when you multiply these two together, which is your vibration in your mindset,

when you put those two together, that's where, and then you can multiply that by your reactions.

And so many people focus on actions. We don't focus on the bigger part of it all.

Because if you get your vibe, right, you get your mind. Right?

Success is inevitable. You still have to take action.

They will be invaluable in the sense because you're way more and aligned, like a chiropractor of principle.

The body is the the the intelligence or the the thing That would separate us from someone who who's

that in other words, that intelligence in our body or so gonna gonna call it.

It flows so much better when the body's in alignment.

What it's not, and this is the same principle here.


Juliet Hahn  00:55:13 

Oh, I love it. And we're gonna end there because that was so brilliant easily sad.

But, again, you can find Doctor On empower your reality.

Linkedin is pretty much the the most place that you hang out social media wise

am I correct on that one?


DrVicManzo  00:55:26 

I share... I I'm on Facebook too, but I am I'm linkedin good just as much.


Juliet Hahn  00:55:29 

Yep. Okay. Great. So you guys can find them there. This will be all in the show notes

and also, in the beginning of the podcast as you're listening, you're gonna be like, wait. She's already said that.

I like to kinda throw that out there. So when people are listening,

sometimes it's nice because they like to, like, kinda look around and and see what you're doing, but I love what you're doing.

Keep it up. We need more of, you know, of what you are doing in this world because so many people

are out of alignment.

Not just physically, but mentally, And so I love that you kind of

go with that. And, again, the the mindful experiment is it once a week twice so

week once a month. What is it?


DrVicManzo  00:56:01 

It's quite

week one one with me, and then there's one with... And and someone I'm gonna be


Juliet Hahn  00:56:06 

Awesome. So you guys check out. Right rate

right. Right. It's Monday,

Great. Review and subscribe.

And thank you so much again for joining your next

stop live here on Fireside. I love this

platform because, again, there's tons of people on Linkedin. I'm getting, you know,

getting pinned over here Like, I love this. I love this, and I know people are on Youtube live and twitch

which I don't really have a lot of followers, but I always always think it's funny that I'm I have a

channel my kids find it funny too. They'll give Twitch channel. I do.

I don't really go on it, and I don't know who's watching. I don't think many people, but

you never know there could be one person that hears this.

And it changes their life forever. So that's what I want you guys to do if you're

mean to the replay if you're listening on your next stop on any of the podcast players, if you're listening

here on the replay on Fireside, share because you do not know who needs

to hear this episode. You don't know who is waking up every day. Kinda of feeling crappy about themselves.

Because they don't know what next step to take

and they need someone like Doctor Beck. So thank you again.

For joining your next stop life.


DrVicManzo  00:57:11 

is a blast. Thanks for having me.


Juliet Hahn  00:57:13 

Yeah. Thanks for for joining. And, again, sorry for talking you in the beginning. I just

to make sure you were there, and I couldn't find you because there was no spaces.


DrVicManzo  00:57:21 

I'm mean glad it All worked out. That's all that matters.


Juliet Hahn  00:57:22 

Oh, and now we're gonna leave on very slow the slow music today.

Wow. Okay.


DrVicManzo  00:57:27 



Juliet Hahn  00:57:29 

Go out on to Monday Dancing. Thank you again.


DrVicManzo  00:57:31 

Very seriously. I love it.

Thank you.


Juliet Hahn  00:57:33 

Very soothing.

Thank you, everyone for joining.


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