Your Next Stop Live with David Richman & Erin Hiley

your next stop Jan 12, 2023

Listen to a new episode of Your Next Stop Live recorded live on Fireside, featuring guests David Richman & Erin Hiley. An entrepreneur, author, public speaker, athlete, and philanthropist, David Richman uses the lessons learned in his life to enrich and inspire others. As a former sedentary, overweight, smoker, David knew that he needed to focus not on what others wanted out of him, but on what he wanted out of life. With his first book, Winning in the Middle of the Pack, David discussed how to get more out of ourselves than ever imagined. Now, David shares the interconnected stories of others overcoming obstacles - specifically cancer - in his second book Cycle of Lives. Joined by his wife, Erin Hiley, they discuss their struggles and challenges as a couple and family.


Visit David’s Website to learn more about his story and mission and you can follow Erin on her LinkedIn.


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Juliet Hahn  00:02:40 

Hello, everyone. Welcome to your next stop live. This is Juliet at Han with my guests who are waiting to get on their video, David, I just sent you a

invite to video mode. Hold on one second.

This is live here on Fireside. I hope everyone is good. Welcome to the new year. I think this is my first show.

For the new year. I know David Na are coming up. With so my guest today are David Richmond and Erin,


David has written the book

cycle lives. You guys have seen him on here before, but you've also, if you have not listened to his episode, it is episode one seventy nine, and you can go do your next stop on any of your podcast players. You can also go to my website, which is I am julia

dot com, and you can listen to David's whole story, very, very

impactful, very amazing,

very heartfelt,


lots of pivots in David's story. And

he is on today's episode with his wife,

Aaron, because I want

Hold on one second. I want to get the perspective of when David was

writing this book.

What the perspective at Erin have David. So I I sent you a video

mode. You can also...

I'm thinking that you're having a hard time with that.

No stress.

Don't stress.

If you also go to those two lines at the bottom, I know you probably don't wanna touch phone. But if you go to the two lines at the bottom,

you can also


video mode. But that's where I'm sending you and invite to invite to video mode, and so you're probably gonna have touch your phone again. Sorry. I know That's not what you wanna do.

As David Arr are are getting up here, I just wanna take you guys through a little bit of

David's story with cycle lives. So David rode his bike for five thousand miles, and he's gonna explain it was in a really short amount of time. I mean, there was days that he rode for seventeen hours through

crazy heat

through storms

through. I mean, there's one scene in the book that I just was like, in awe of he was on a bridge

that had a very



lane, and you shouldn't been running your bike and the truck we're so going so fast. He actually had to jump and pull his bike up because he almost got hit.

So it's intense I listened to to book because it is on audible,

and it's just it's beautiful, beautifully written, beautiful stories.

David, I know you're probably, like, freaking out. I don't know. I'm gonna text you, but literally, don't freak out. I sent you. So if you click on those two little lines, I think the app is a little slow is what we're we're finding today.

I did invite you to video mode so it might take a moment. But so

David, so that is part of it. But the cycle of lives book is about David's

and other people's journeys with cancer, David's sister June passed away from brain cancer,

and it embarked him on this this


About what is it's like, behind the scenes for the family members and the people,

how to kinda navigate that world


he became very curious. So he's started talking to people started talking

with, you know, people in the

basically, the doctor world and and the medical world the doctor were the medical world

about what their journeys is, and then he was connected with people

and he would talk to them about their stories, and then he got this idea. I'm gonna

ride five thousand miles from he lives in California

from California

to Miami

up to New York. And on that, ride. He's is gonna be talking to some of the people that he interviewed for the book and talking to people along the way and the the amount of connections

that he made in the amount of

just curiosity and and and brought so much stuff up for people was pretty amazing. And so then he wrote this beautiful book, and his wife, Aaron

was with him during the way, so she would stop and help. But Arr also has this big career.

So, David, I'm thinking that it's still not working,

but it did take us a couple minutes. I gonna invite you just speak, and then we're gonna try to put you on video.

Can you hear me? I'm well let's say. If you can hear me, if you can click the little react at the bottom, you'll see like, the little hearts. But I know you probably don't wanna touch your phone, but just if anyone in the audience like Randall, Stacy. If you guys can hear me, can you guys do, like, a little clap?

Or is this also delayed?

For you guys. I know welcome everyone on

wherever you're listening. Okay. Great. So it's not late for you guys. Alright. So we'll... The David you'll be up. Oh, you're you can hear me. Okay. So those two little lines,

if you click on it, it will say, go to video mode, and then you can jump on stage. And so we can do it that way as well.


and take your time, it's this is not...

You know, this is a live show this happens with life shows. So anyone that does not is not familiar with your next up there we are. Your next stop live. I am the host, Juliet. I also have segments here

that are with the Nfl thread, we have one next week coming up, and we're else gonna be broadcasting


And I guess say that your videos is not up yet, but we're gonna be broadcasting live.

At the Super Bowl and that will be coming up so stage tuned. So, David, can you hear me? Can you talk? Let me hear if I can hear you.

Fireside really messing with us today.

Okay. Let's see.

Your microphone is not muted. Right? You're not muted.

Says your own video. I don't see you on video.

Let me text.

I'm gonna bring up the music for a couple that's everyone.

Stay tuned. We're gonna get this working.

But I'm just gonna bring up little music just to give everyone moment them.

David, can you talk?

I don't know why I can't hear you. I just emailed


Okay. I can't hear you though.

You guys are not muted though. Right?

I'm so sorry. I do not know what's going on.


David Richman  00:11:57 

Where already press the x. Don't join.


Juliet Hahn  00:11:58 

Oh, there you are.


David Richman  00:11:59 

Okay. Can you hear me and see me?


Juliet Hahn  00:12:01 

I can hear you and see you.


David Richman  00:12:03 

Okay. And so every... Yeah. Sorry. The absolute glitchy.

And every time we touch anything, it just

taken extra time, so we're good. Sorry about that.


Juliet Hahn  00:12:13 

Okay. No. I'm so sorry too. Okay. And then. Hold on. And I think we're good.

Arr, I'm glad that your thing got canceled.

Now, okay, Is that better for you guys to have it that way or do you wanna put it the long way?


David Richman  00:12:31 

We would like to sit to same. Yes. But it take it'll take a minute. Just give a second.


Juliet Hahn  00:12:35 

Okay. Yeah. No. It's there. I see it. I see it that way. Okay. We're gonna start again.

Welcome to your next stop live. This is Julia,

here live and Fireside.

My guests are David Richmond and Erin,

Highly, and David is the author of psycho. Is it glitchy for you guys?

Can you... Like, are you hearing me real time now?


David Richman  00:13:01 

Perfectly. Perfectly. Yes.


Juliet Hahn  00:13:02 

Okay. Okay. Great. Steph, thank you for jumping in. We we we figured it out. It just was probably took them fifteen minutes to get in. So I don't know if something was slow today. Okay. So as I was sending people, I was talking and talking trying to help you guys behind the scenes,

David's book cycle of lives, but David was on your next stopped podcast, which is one seventy nine. So you can go to any of the Apple or any of the podcast players, and you guys can catch David's episode. He can take you through his life, and then how like Lives came about, Well we're gonna touch on that a little bit, but first, I would like to introduce his wife, Aaron, how are you?


David Richman  00:13:36 

I'm good. Thanks for having me.


Juliet Hahn  00:13:38 

Yeah. So Aaron, I would love for you to to just give it little background

about, you know, who you are, what you do, and then

we're gonna dive into, you know, how you supported David through this the book and the bike ride.


David Richman  00:13:53 


You already said my name Erin.

I'm a... I'm an attorney. I grew up in Los Angeles, and I'm currently the chief legal officer of a pretty large health health care company.

I've been a lit.

In my spare time and my passion is mentoring used in Los Angeles.


Juliet Hahn  00:14:12 

I love that. I love that. And David, do you guys mind sharing a little bit of how you guys met? Is that is that Pg that we can talk about?


David Richman  00:14:18 

Oh no.

Oh therapist was there. So...

So I was about ten years out of a very

bad failed marriage, and I had twins, a boy a girl that were just about entering high school, something like that right around then. And I had a really good friend of mine


I known for many many years, and he called me up one day.

Drunk dialed me on a Saturday,

saying, hey, you gotta come over, man. We're throwing a party. Yeah. I got my cousin here and you've got a meter,

and I'm like, yeah.

I don't think so.

And so a couple hours later, Drunk dialed me, and said, when you better get over here now you lose your opportunity. So I said, alright. I I went over to this this party. It was it was only about five or six people by then,

and I went and reluctantly, and I and I saw her and And it was a interesting first meeting, and then we had a a pretty good first date on a miserable

second date,


Juliet Hahn  00:15:18 



David Richman  00:15:18 


all due to my... It was all me.


and I just...

You know, she was the first


in my life that I dated that wasn't a train wreck or that I didn't

seek out to try to, like, fix a problem or whatever. Like, she had her stuck together and was pretty awesome. And I was just like,

let's just kinda woman you want. Why don't you once you act differently, why... Why don't you... Why don't you chase what you want instead of instead of waste of time with what you don't want? And I finally just gave into it and she gave me a chance and here we are married and happy eight years later.


Juliet Hahn  00:15:54 

Oh, I love that. I love that and I love because, again, bringing everyone back to episode one and seventy nine. You'll get an insight of David wanting to fix

and the stuff that he's, you know, gone through in his life,

So I love that for the first time, you met someone stable, and it you know, probably felt really uncomfortable. Like, I don't know what to do with this.


David Richman  00:16:12 

Oh, I had no idea. Right? I had no idea Just like me man, Like, she doesn't need me. What... I don't I don't

anything what? Oh my god. That was awesome. But no. She she's amazing. So

I'm very lucky.


Juliet Hahn  00:16:24 

I love that.

So, Aaron, okay. So I wanna take

from your perspectives. Since, you know, a lot of the audience probably knows David's, you know, with the cycle of lives. But when he came to you and said,

I wanna ride five thousand miles

across the United States

to connect through these people that I have in the book. What were your initial thoughts?


David Richman  00:16:49 

I think I had competing thoughts. So I mean, first was

I don't even

understand the concept of biking five thousand miles like that.

Magnitude of miles doesn't even make sense. Right? How do you do that? And is this guy crazy?


the other part was Wow. This is so amazing. You're gonna

bite the United States, and you're gonna meet these people you've been talking to for a couple years. This sounds like an and really amazing

project, and you must be a really incredible guy.


Juliet Hahn  00:17:22 

Right. And so how long is how long into your first meeting. Did this all come about?


David Richman  00:17:28 

You know, it wasn't very long into our first meeting that that he told me about it, but the bike ride was a little ways off. He

was just in the process of starting to interview people, which was an experience in itself watching him do that.


Juliet Hahn  00:17:42 

Right. Right. And also, I mean, when you said the second date was a disaster was was around a second.

Teddy he came up and told you this idea.


David Richman  00:17:53 

No. So he saved it for last for after a good day, and when he felt pretty comfortable, he could let me know how crazy he was.


Juliet Hahn  00:18:00 

Right. That's good. Right. You you save it for a little bit and then it's like, oh, and then I have this idea.

Well, David, if you can just take, again, you know, for the listeners that are listening we're live here on Linkedin, we are on Youtube.

We're on Twitch. If you can just kind of let everyone know,

just, you know short because I want people also go back and listen to one and seventy nine. Just a little bit about,

you know, your

sister got diagnosed with brain cancer. And then when you decided to write this book in a little bit about the background.


David Richman  00:18:27 


Sure. So, Juliet, so

just at like a low point in my life. I'm overweight. I'm a smoker. I'm not athletic. I've got two young twins that, you know, Them and I are now kinda off on our own, trying to figure out who we are. They were about four years old at the time. I just decided I wanted to

like, stop being,

you know, like, overweight stop a smoker or stop self doubt sabotaging,

And I just said, okay, What are you gonna do to change your life? And I

kinda of felt for the first time I had this long road ahead to me to figure out who I was gonna be and what I was gonna get out of life and was super vigorous. And at that time,

almost at the same time. I got the call for my sister saying, that she had

terminal brain cancer.

And and so where my journey was endless full of hope and inspiration and transformation



at the same time, her life, which was pretty sad. She was pretty happy. Good family, good career,

really comfortable with who's she was. Her journey was gonna be very short, and that kind created a, you know, a, you know, pretty wild dynamic where it was really eye opening on a number of different levels and a couple of years into her journey when it was getting close to the end for her


Juliet Hahn  00:19:35 



David Richman  00:19:48 

I really started to notice Juliet this dynamic of people were really good about dealing with the tasks around their cancer.

You know, how do I get to Chemo? And how do I find a doctor and how to eat better that kind of stuff? But when it came to the emotional

aspects of it, people were just not well equipped to start those hard conversations.

And so I thought to myself, after June died,


like maybe I didn't have the answers, but I'd like to find out

what people can can give us some insight into that dynamic because I was really pulling. Pulled into that

aspect of it, And I wanted to see if I could investigate

why why why is it that we have a hard time

having really tough discussions about the emotional side of cancer,

any kind of trauma, really, especially if it involves or potentially could involve that.

That's when we really try to, like, isolate and we Abandon people around those kind of conversations.

So that was the Genesis of the book.

Real quick, I went off on a journey to find

really amazing

inspirational evacuated of people who had just fantastic

engaging stories,

doctors, patients, loved one survivors, whatever.

And I

if they bought into

the idea of going as deep as we could go to answer some of those questions, like, to explain to us why you were able to or why you weren't able to

converse with people around the emotional side by giving the readers some insight into their lives and the story and that limit and you know, all of those other things that maybe we might then take those lessons home. And when we come across the situation in our lives,

we might be a little bit better equipped to have those conversations. So that was that

that was... That's the short version if I can.


Juliet Hahn  00:21:35 

Yeah. No. And so, Erin, is that the version that he gave you?


David Richman  00:21:42 

He gave me a longer version. But, yeah, that's the version.

And and and I had the this the concept of connecting humans through storytelling selling.


Juliet Hahn  00:21:45 


Right. Which when David, his P people actually contacted me, and when David I had our first conversation. I think it was supposed to be, like, you know, fifteen minutes just to make sure he fit on the podcast, and I feel like we talked for, like, an hour, and then was like, wait. Wait We. I need to have you on. And then I need to have you on again, and we I need to have you on again because I am the same way. I am so passionate about stories and people connecting with stories


it's just such...

It it really makes people better when you

relate to someone or you know someone that has gone through something, it just

brings the humanity into it instead of just making it a a body, and that's what I think sometimes the world is missing, and especially with everyone

being so busy. You know, I know Covid slowed things down, but then things, you know, took off in a different world, and I think more people need to listen and think and

and dive into others

stories. So that's why... I mean, David and I connected so much, but then that's also why... I think when I came to him and said, Listen. I want to to also have Arr on. Do you think she would

she would join. And and he said, yes. But then he was like, wait. You know, take me through that someone I explained to him.

Why I wanted to have you on because I wanted to get your perspective

of what it was like watching, you know, your husband

goes through this.

And because you you guys met after June past from what I understand. Right?


David Richman  00:23:10 

That's. Correct.


Juliet Hahn  00:23:11 

Right. So then watching him kind of


bring all of this up.

That's hard. That's hard as a spouse because it's also, like, okay. You're bringing I'm gonna put words into your mountain this is what I want you to kinda converse on. But, like, okay. This is gonna be hard you're bringing up emotions. You're talking about emotional stuff. This is bringing stuff up that maybe you don't need to bring up because this is in the past.

So I would love for you to kinda take us through

when David brought this to you, and then when it started kinda coming into fruition, you know, the thoughts and feelings you were having.


David Richman  00:23:44 


It what well, when he brought it up, I I think the the the crazy part was the bike ride. Right? I mean, how do you get your mind around that? But


What you're talking about the... That emotional journey for David,

That didn't really... I don't think I had a good reflection on that. And until we really went through the process



was focused on everyone else's story, and he may have said this to you before, but everyone he talked to you said my story not interesting.

And at one point I looked at David, and he's like, oh, you know, the book. I mean there's mean no part of me in the book. Like, what are you talking about?

And he like, well, I don't have a story. My story is not interesting.

And so what I think I saw with him exploring all of this, without realizing


that this was a part of his journey also, and it was... It it's not just telling other people's stories is connecting yourself in those stories. And but I don't think that came through

until he got to Florida.


Juliet Hahn  00:24:46 

That's amazing. Because I mean, I listened to the book, and I said to David, And, you know, I I've shared with you earlier Erin I am just classics six. So, like, I don't sit and read books. It's not like something that's fun for me. I get like, real sleeping and tired. It takes me a little little while, but I love listening because I love stories. I mean, I'm I... I'm like, it's embedded into me. It's communications and, you know, just connecting with people.

And so the art of storytelling is something that I just love. So I love listening to stories. And so when David said, I always ask like a guest, you know, And I don't like to listen before. I always like to listen afterwards if if it's something that connects me. And I said, do you have an audible and he said I do. And thank you for asking because you know, the the audible, I really put a lot of work into. It's, you know, got this great cast, and I shared with him. There times where I was driving around my block to, like, finish up,

you know, one of the... The the chapters because I was so in it and so

just a me, and I love how he inter intertwined

his story. I think I don't know if you guys heard me but the beginning, the one thing on the bridge, I mean, I picture that we're here to pick the bike up and, like, you know, totally could've have died, and he was doing this, you know, in honor of other people. It just shows you who he is.

You know, his heart, his mind, and it just really gave you an insight of of the kind of person he is. So I love that you said that. And so where... You know, as you were going through it as he started talking about

the journey, were you seeing him grow as time was going, Like, as he was driving, you know, riding his bike across.


David Richman  00:26:18 


And I'll start with with when he was interviewing. David had a...

I wouldn't listen to him interviewing those were very private conversations, but I I'd be around the house, and sometimes I hear a question,

and I think, oh my god. You cannot not ask somebody while. Right? And I know he had to get outside of him himself to to go that deep and get that connection with people.

But once we got to the bike ride, it was I would say

this was not about me and I didn't nothing that's special, but I definitely

watched him and and it had, you know, reactions and

you kinda recorded what was going on in my aunt mind and had my own feelings. It was definitely a journey for him. And empress.


Juliet Hahn  00:27:01 

Right. And I know you said that you... You know, it wasn't part... But you supporting him because I know he even talked about it. You know, in the book, the times that you were there, you know, when you had to pick up the car from different locations from when a friend and, you know, you have, again, a big career. So you were juggling

a lot of stuff as well. And so for you to be there, I'm sure also meant

that he

knew that you saw him. And that you supported him through that. Can you both kinda touch on that?


David Richman  00:27:30 

Well, I don't know what... What he saw but in the beginning, I saw him fixing his bike in the middle of the street. And, work, what are you doing? You're gonna die. You're gonna die out here. So I don't know if that gave him any awareness or fit lead him to know.

It's it it's equal parts

on selfish.

An equal part selfish. Right? I I really like the idea of, like, I don't wanna be a story.

I wanted the reader to connect with these people's life stories. Right? So I I really...

It it's really tough thing. Juliet, imagine anybody that's gone through

something as dramatic as...

I don't know suicide of a family member, or drug addiction and incarceration,

you know, super crazy health issue, like, potentially cancer, losing somebody. I mean these are heavy heavy things and when people were willing to

uncover every aspect of it on an emotional level and share it with people so that they could be touched to bring that to their own lives. That was a heck of a burden. It's also a little bit

selfish. Right? But it's a a heck of a a burden because I have to do it right. I wanna... If they're willing to show the story, I I gotta bring the story. So there was that seriousness to it. But on the other side, it's a little selfish at me. You know, I need to help. I'm taking the time away. It's like I'm making it all about me, and it's it... You know, it's

part of it is like, I don't want the help and part of it. I really want to help because I feel guilty for asking you to give up everything for my little thing. And you know, so there's a lot of aspects of it, but, thankfully,

I'm Erin was not judge at all, maybe the first day

yeah. You didn't tell me you didn't prepare me at all. Alright? The birthday day, he's stopped. She's on the on the five we're still in California.

And he just hands me some bottles. And I'm like, what we're supposed to do with this? Like, I have my nails done. I like, what is going on here?

But but it went from... From... Today. I got used to that really quickly, But I don't have to say I

between days where I would be almost crying with

I don't know if if it was pride or just emotion that a human being would be going through the things that he and you his son went with him in the beginning that they would go through in just a physical assertion for this really

and beautiful cause.

To someday days being, like, what are you doing? What is wrong with you? I I cannot be with you I guess

Well, I I pushed it a couple. I pushed it really hard


to have her

have certain in my life that actually cared about me and wasn't like, saying they cared or what she really cared about me? I there a couple of days where I I

definitely pushed the limits of what I should have been doing.


we had a couple of minor little battles over that, but

but I had... I had to keep going, and I I I... You know, I

I had a a daily mission to accomplice and and I I couldn't... I couldn't stop doing that and

you know, that that caused a little bit of friction, but it also caused a little bit of understanding that, you know, sometimes you don't have to understand you just have to be there.


Juliet Hahn  00:30:47 

Right. And I mean, I think, you know, just... As I'm, like, just smiling picturing the whole thing because, again, you guys cycle of lives is the book. It's right here in the scroll. You can see you can go to David

a death.

Oh my god Can say dash Richmond.

And you can get the the book it is...

It's one of the best books. And I, again, said this david, like, I am not someone that, you know, take things lightly. I don't give people praise where they don't. Does her praise, But I was impressed. I connected with every single one of his characters.

But not only every single one of the... I shouldn't say characters, but every one of the the the people in the in the books, every chapter, but I also connected

with David, because you saw

what david it was going through and then people like Erin, that's why I wanted to have Aaron on Just knowing, okay. There's these people behind that are supporting him. I need to know them as well because I wanna know about their stories. I wanna know about what, you know, continue to push you guys to do this And just it's such a beautiful thing. And and knowing David again, going to back to one seventy nine. You guys can listen to that hearing about who he is and his upbringing and, you know, the the kind of person

that really, he leaves with his heart. I mean, it it's very apparent and all of this, it just fascinated me. And so you did a really good job at


and and and sharing those stories of those people. And each individual person, as I said, There was times where I was driving in my mouth for me, I'd be crying. I'd be like, oh my gosh. I shared it with so many every time I be, like, who can I share this with who can I share this everyone needs to hear this or or read this book.


David Richman  00:32:21 

You that's really sweet joy. And thank... Thank you for the... And also, thank you for taking the time. I mean, there's some million

sources of content out there and for you to take some time for this is really is really touching. So thank you. Well, I relate to that comment that you made, and I am not... The first book he gave me like I I those kind of books.

Well, now I do. But I... You know, spend a lot of time editing and and and really working on it. And I've pride myself I know ask my friend, saw cry reading. They would laugh, they'd say who are you? And his those... Like, a story of Bobby, you just brought me to tears when it wasn't even finish.


Juliet Hahn  00:32:55 



David Richman  00:32:57 

Product. So I it's hard for me. On right. It's my spouse. I was my husband,

but I do agree with you.


Juliet Hahn  00:33:03 

No. Right. And go ahead, David.


David Richman  00:33:05 

Yeah It's just gonna say and... And who listening who... There's not a single person alive, at least that I've ever run across that doesn't have some bit of understanding

of how lonely and isolating

it is

post and during trauma.

And and who doesn't understand that idea of I don't know what to say, like, So sometimes

we think we say the wrong thing. Sometimes we avoid people because we don't wanna say the wrong thing.

Sometimes it's just it's a very, very tough that I we've never run across anybody who doesn't it doesn't have that situation. And one time we, I think we're in Texas or something.

I was upstairs trying to take a nap after, like, a twelve hour day, white Erin was grabbing some food down in the lobby,


she's was taken forever. And I'm like, oh my god. I'm so crazy because a hungry

what's going on. And finally, she showed up.

And I'm ready to go, like, what the hell? Man why I takes so... Ready do that and she comes out, and she's almost crying and she's like, you It's down a lobby be waiting for food. And this woman walked up, and we were both

small talking, and then it got to what what you're doing.

And she left to me and said,

this is Aaron talking she looked to me and said, you know, I had a friend

today at work and four year old son was diagnosed with cancer. She goes I don't know what the heck to say to. And errands like, talking to her vacuum forth back in. And so every single day every person that we ran into


Juliet Hahn  00:34:23 



David Richman  00:34:30 

had some

touch point to this idea that what the heck do we say? Like, like, how do we deal with people on the emotional level that are going through something that we just can't understand?


Juliet Hahn  00:34:41 

Right? And I mean, how many times I'm... I've done it. And I've actually, since I've read your book, I've caught myself or, like, stopped myself and been, like, I'm sorry. Like, when you say to someone, hey. How you doing? And, you know that they just lost a spouse or they're going through something,

You know that they're not doing well, but you don't know what to say. And so sometimes you change it to how you're doing today or how are you doing at this moment? How are you feeling right now? And to make it a little bit more but, you know,

but it's hard because right, people don't wanna get uncomfortable. You don't want someone to feel bad. And I remember just recently

classmates of my sons,

his father passed away unexpectedly. And I said to them,

just mentioned.

Just say, I'm sorry to hear about your dad, and they both were like, would... You know, we don't really know him. It would be weird we said that. And I'm like, it's weird if you don't say anything. It's weird if you don't say anything and I, you know, go ahead earn.


David Richman  00:35:28 


I have a friend. I I'm... When I started college early nineties, and he's he's got us pretty tough situation and and a kid, that's got a a pretty rare disease, and he found out about it late. And I looked at David. This is to the bike I just after editing his book, this is after everything I learned.

And I've known this guy for, you know, what twenty plus years, and he said, and I said,

really wanna call him and see you know, how things are gone.

Do you think I should do that? He's like, yeah.

What do I say? You goes say hi. Ask him how he's doing.

Right. It's good so hard. We don't wanna say the wrong thing. We don't wanna invade people's personal space. Right. And and there's just... There's all these dynamics. I mean, and I found that that just giving people a safe space to answer a question that they know is authentic. Honest gosh last night, we were at of an event,


Juliet Hahn  00:36:04 



David Richman  00:36:23 

and after the event, there's was after party, and we were we... We I was waiting for for for the Bartender poor Glass wine, and this this woman and her daughter was sitting there, and we started some small talk, and they were there celebrating

the recent

celebrating the recent passing of her dad.


Juliet Hahn  00:36:40 



David Richman  00:36:41 

And mom just preceded him in death by a few months, and they've been married for fifty two years, and I... And I

my old

would have been like, what how are using when telling me this? And how can I exit this conversation as quickly as possible?

Then the maybe the more and tune me, what I went. Oh, that's That's the sweet story. That's said. And then I would have walked the way going what the hell was I supposed to say to that. But I just leaned in. I let there and I go, oh my gosh. That's crazy. Will you close to your dad?

And she started going off about this stuff and growing up and how, you know, they were married for fifty two years, and they got to meet all the grandkids kids and what a great life they had, and she's so thankful for it and, oh gosh. Why am I telling the stranger or this? You know I was just like... It's not cool, like, that you gave somebody hate space to

regard their emotions about something that's so difficult that they would kept followed up if I hadn't,

had the fortune

to know that I could lean in and ask, like, oh my gosh. We're you close? Because sometimes julia at...

That question also a releases emotion. I was fine talk to someone so she goes, yeah. You don't wanna hardest things I'm going through right now is I'm taking care of my mom.

And you know,

I'm her care caregiver she she's in hospice. And I go, oh my god. That must be happening. She goes yeah. Because my wish and life is just that she dies before I do and gosh, and I'm going through a lot of health issues myself. I don't wanna die first. And how my.


Juliet Hahn  00:38:04 



David Richman  00:38:05 

Oh, I know this that's ours. But it's least to camera her safe space to talk about it.


Juliet Hahn  00:38:10 




David Richman  00:38:10 

I just safe... Say, man. I'm I'm taking care of my mom. I just hope she dies before I do.


Juliet Hahn  00:38:16 

Right. But it's honest and it's truthful.


David Richman  00:38:18 



Juliet Hahn  00:38:18 

And and that's what, you know, people need to be, you know... I mean, sometimes people are they're too honest and too truthful in in other situations. But when it comes to trauma, that is something

that, you know, and death that is important. You know, it always...

We've had some friends that, you know, they're

spouse or kids or someone has suffered for a long period of time or a parents.


you have them say afterwards,

there's a bit of relief, and I feel terrible that I have that relief, but it's that they're not suffering anymore, and that we're not going through what. And and it's like a guilt for them, but it's also very natural It's a natural thing, and the more people talk about it and more of people bring it to light and and make it real. It's a pay to feel that way. That's part of what you're going through. There's nothing wrong with saying, I'm really relieved. I'm sad, but I'm relieved,

And I'm sure a lot of people go through that.


David Richman  00:39:08 



Juliet Hahn  00:39:10 

You know?


David Richman  00:39:10 

Yeah. And...

Yeah. That the the good thing too is that, you know, when you're dealing with something, this heavy what's really nice is to know that at least somebody out there care, somebody understands or is attempting to understand, and

you know, before Aaron came along, I I I I wouldn't believe that. Do you know? Because we... I didn't have a say safe space to talk to somebody about those kind of heavy issues.


I mean, that that really I mean, at the end of our lives, isn't that what we wanted that we that we that we had deep connections that we were able to be understood and that somebody gave us a chance to understand them. And

so it was it it was many aspects of it, and

and even though with some of the stories,

and some of the people

that they... We they moved on in our relationship is is long over. Some... They're... I'm still very close to.

It was a time where

two humans could understand each other at such a deep level and for such a good reason to uncover, you know, this emotion

the the the the truth behind it the emotions of this issue that I think that's what makes it special is that, like, we we got each other. We... You know, their story mattered. And and


Juliet Hahn  00:40:21 



David Richman  00:40:21 

that was like...


Juliet Hahn  00:40:22 

And that you heard them. I mean, there's so many things. You know, we I think we talked about this before. There's was, like, you know, there's listening

and then there's really hearing.

And sometimes people don't really hear. And and what you did is you brought these stories

where people can hear them. So I do wanna bring it, Or, did you have something you wanted to add to that? No. Okay.


David Richman  00:40:39 



Juliet Hahn  00:40:41 

I do wanna bring it to the the book and talk about some of the chapters, and then I know we'll we'll stay on for about ten more minutes. Is that okay with your guys time?


David Richman  00:40:50 

Sure. We're good.


Juliet Hahn  00:40:50 

Are you sure? Okay.

And... Because I wanna I know we started late and, you know, all that stuff. So I don't wanna I don't wanna continue and then you guys be rushed off and have to to run to meetings. I appreciate your guys time. But so


David Richman  00:40:59 

That was


Juliet Hahn  00:41:03 

Aaron was there, and I know you talked about Bobby, but was there any other chapter

or or I we'll start there. Any other chapter


and, you know, person that really touched you that you were surprised about.


David Richman  00:41:18 

Well, one in particular, and it was the one I'm Terry.

I went to high school with her. I played basketball with her.


Juliet Hahn  00:41:25 



David Richman  00:41:25 


I had no idea some of the things that she was going through, which kind of is an irony because it's a little bit at the point in of the book. Right?


Juliet Hahn  00:41:35 



David Richman  00:41:35 

And so that that was very

shocking to me and and a little emotional. Like, you know, was I I wasn't the best teammate, the best... The best friend I could be and, wow, you know, pay attention more in life.

So so that hit me Kinda personally


I think

there was some a few stories that had kind of a for a lack of better word mystical


And the commonality of that in a random group of people, I I think was pretty shocking. Right? Jen, I I'm not gonna, you know, it away with Jen, the end independent story


Juliet Hahn  00:42:10 



David Richman  00:42:11 

and the


with with

Well, deborah right?

With that yeah

with the with the her struggle with with religion and then the chicago, Yeah. Caught



Juliet Hahn  00:42:25 

That right.


David Richman  00:42:26 

Crazy late, crazy stuff.


Juliet Hahn  00:42:28 

And you... And you can toggle all that a little bit because that's I'm gonna give away also gonna have people wanna with, you know, listen or read again, cycle of lives,

you will be blown away.


David Richman  00:42:38 

So I I mean, with Deborah,

Right, you've seen movies and and and and and we we hear people talk about a practice devil. I've never known anyone that's actually

made a pact with the devil. Right? And and this is an actual


Juliet Hahn  00:42:51 



David Richman  00:42:52 

thing that she did and and that she believed she did. And I I would... I would chalk it up to how she believed she did until you did... Until you get to the end and and you're like, Oh, god. You made a pact with the devil. Are you kidding me?


Juliet Hahn  00:43:06 



David Richman  00:43:07 


is was just unbelievable, and then I mean, the butterflies.

I don't know who hasn't gone through life and seen some coincidence in in nature or something and thought.

Wow. Alright.

How could that not be somebody talking to me? Or giving me a message? And this was a tangible

experience that people had with these butterflies and their their sister and their mom and their and they're white and it was so beautiful.

Yeah. So


Juliet Hahn  00:43:34 

So beautiful.


David Richman  00:43:35 

so I'm attacked I super add to to Erin

explanation endeavor. So super quick is she... She's very healthy woman, very athletic, great life, whatever,

and she gets breast cancer and and and you know, potentially, it could spread and and and and killer her.

And all she wants to do is live long enough to see her kids

out of the house. That's all she wants.

And so she is deeply religious.


Juliet Hahn  00:44:01 



David Richman  00:44:01 

And she, like, Parents said believes, like she just made a pack with the dallas. She walked out of the church one day.

Very... Yeah after her diagnosis and I looked down in the ground and said, okay. You got me. Like, like, you to take me you have myself forever forever. Just give me ten years.


as the head here started approaching,

it had her holy crap. I'm made his packed with the devil. I've survived my kids are getting it ready to go ten years is up.

And what happens to her

in this and she didn't wanna tell him me the story because

she knows I'm not overly spiritual we we talked about it ahead of time, And she was, I don't think I wanna share the story with you because I always share a few people, and I don't think you'll believe me.


Juliet Hahn  00:44:44 



David Richman  00:44:44 

And and I said, oh, good. Give me a shot. I I'll believe you. And and I... And I told her story that maybe...

Because the ice for why she might be able to vote why am I... You know, she might think that I could believe her. And when she told me the story, I mean, it she still gives me chills. I'm like,


Juliet Hahn  00:44:58 

Me too.


David Richman  00:45:00 

wow. How break right.


Juliet Hahn  00:45:00 

It it...

Yeah. It was insane because I... So I am very spiritual. And so I also,


David Richman  00:45:02 



Juliet Hahn  00:45:07 

you know, and have kids and so I kinda put myself into her situation as I was listening to that. I was like, well, you know, what would I do? And and that sister... I put myself anything and a lot of the the

And I don't wanna call characters. What do you call them?


David Richman  00:45:22 

I I call,



Juliet Hahn  00:45:25 

Okay. But... Okay. But... Because I don't wanna say characters because they're real people that book participants.

I put myself in a lot of times in their shoes, and I don't know if everyone does that, but I kinda always do that. That's how I lit... Like, I'll be like, okay, what would I do in that situation? And I just remember being so blown away by that because I was like,

wow. Like, and, you know, you knew that she believed so deeply and that this was something

you know, that she was like, okay. I I gave myself to the devil because I just wanted those ten years and I was like,

that is


deep and so



you could feel that she just wanted to have those that time with her kids. And I can completely

understand that completely understand that,

which I think many people can. So I was, again, that was like, I've got... Was so blown away by that.


David Richman  00:46:15 

Yeah. Thank you. And then you just mentioned, you know...

You know... You put people... You you wanna put yourself in their shoes. The last story right is called a mile in her shoes. That about the app. And and if you would have met The,


Juliet Hahn  00:46:23 



David Richman  00:46:28 

you would... Well you could still meet her. That's a real name.


Juliet Hahn  00:46:31 



David Richman  00:46:32 

But you're were to meet, do you have...

You would have no idea the depth of what she had gone through escaping Vietnam the...


Juliet Hahn  00:46:39 

As a kid.


David Richman  00:46:41 

We get. So you knew I long I I know for years. Didn't even know I had no idea.

Last, you know, one of the last barges out of Vietnam that the night Sauvignon fell, you know, that that mass discrimination that her her family experienced

the rough times that she had then to put a herself through medical school, become a doctor become a musician become an Emoji ob,

and she walked around as happy as could be, but when

she had was forced to stop

practicing medicine because of our own health issues and her fear that her tumors would turn cancers.

You you just... When you spent a mile hair shoes

to realize

the emotional depth of what she was going through, it... Like I felt like, what exactly what you said you wanna put reason you wanna feel like to be them. So you gonna understand them. And that way, you might be able better relate to them. Right? And if we that, but... You can't get you can't get somebody like... By hanging out with them even for a few years. Sometimes,


Juliet Hahn  00:47:31 




David Richman  00:47:44 

unless you can walk a mile in their shoes, and that's what or all do is allow us to really


Juliet Hahn  00:47:47 



David Richman  00:47:50 

walk in their shoes. You know?


Juliet Hahn  00:47:52 

Yep. And I'm the other one was...

And right that one blew me away too because I was like, oh my gosh. Just the amount of things that this woman has been through. Like, when is enough to not. Right? And when you are spiritual, it's like, okay.

You know, god gives you what you can handle. I truly believe that, but then some people just get so much and they just got paying down and bang down and bang down and it's like, oh, my gosh. The other one was

the woman... Oh, and this one like, it killed me. It kills me. Because, again, I... You know, with kids and stuff, the one that had all the boys lost the daughter,


David Richman  00:48:24 



Juliet Hahn  00:48:24 

and then

had the little girl, and then thought she was going crazy and it turned out to be a a brain to or that

I was... I mean, I was his jericho. I mean, I was hysterical because I was like, oh my gosh. They finally... I mean, every chapter

and every book participant,

really their story was so powerful and so many different pivots and churn. And I... You know, I... David, and I've talked about this and I know I'm going off in a tangent for a second, but so many times when it's your own story,

you don't think it's that that big of a deal. I've had people say to me like, oh, the... You know, like, your story. Oh my gosh. And I'm like, stories. Like, so compared to, like, some of these other stories where you're talking about pretty normal. Like, a really a normal person,

but there's things that happen to me that someone else thinks is... Wow. Because it didn't happen to them. Right? And and and they're like, oh, you were... You were just like six school school was hard. You played two sports in college.

You got... You know, you're on the honor in college,

realizing later that you... You know, you were smart and, you know, different pivots. Yes. But it's like interesting things, But some of these people, like that woman's story.

I mean, just...

You know, brought me to tears brought me to my knees because I was like, oh my gosh. But then

the positive,


spin on it and her positive attitude of being like, I'm not crazy. It's a brain tumor.


David Richman  00:49:41 



Juliet Hahn  00:49:46 

Was also like, okay. I understand that too.


David Richman  00:49:49 

Right? So

couple of thoughts real quick is that one,

at the beginning of each chapter, I asked people to

give me their

most positive


from their cancer journey.


Juliet Hahn  00:50:02 

Yes. I love that.


David Richman  00:50:03 

Motion from the cancer journey and the person that referred that that story to me.

Said, oh I got this friend. You know, she's she's near the end of her life. I I didn't get to talk to her. But after she passed away, her husband was open to talking to me, and then I talked to her a mom and sisters and whatever.

But she said, you know, even though she's at the end of her life, she's I would say if she had a positive most about cancer, probably be gratitude,

and I go...

Oh, get a the hell out of here. That's not possible. Nobody's gonna be grateful for having cancer, especially cancer that kills you when you got for six kids. I it's not possible And she goes not.

I think I gratitude do it is really where where it's at.

But when you get into the story, which, again, I I don't presume to understand what people are going through. Nobody understands me. By by guessing, why why am I gonna guess?

And so just to be

humbled by the idea, and when you know the story behind it, you believe it, It's it's the truth.

Right? But how somebody could be grateful for a situation like that because framed the way it was and the reality of what they were going through

you understand how gratitude could be a part of the journey. And so,

you know, it would... It sounded so shallow to me when I first understood, I'm like, no. That that... No. It's not impossible. But now you really understand it Not only is it possible.

It's a hundred percent believable.


Juliet Hahn  00:51:21 

Because. Yeah. And the right? The love that her and her husband had, and then the way it was breaking them to. I mean, I literally was like, I I look on the edge of my seat. I was like, oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. And I knew you know, they obviously you don't talk about it, and I don't wanna give too much because, but this is what you guys will experience in this book. So definitely go out and get cycle of lives.


David Richman  00:51:21 

And that's



Juliet Hahn  00:51:40 

And David, this is the other beautiful thing about it. All proceeds go, so explain that too with the proceeds of the book.


David Richman  00:51:47 

Do a better job that I do...

One hundred percent of the proceeds go to

cancer awareness and research

charities and nonprofit organizations

selected by the book participants

we do do special promotions with with organizations that wanna promote the book themselves.

But what one hundred percent of all all profits go

go to these organizations


Juliet Hahn  00:52:11 

Which is...


David Richman  00:52:11 

and something



Juliet Hahn  00:52:13 

Yeah, which is amazing. I mean, so it's like, you know, that's is why I also love having these guys on because it is there's a real

love for the, you know, for what they what they have done. So, Erin and I also, because I know we're coming to the end, and I know we could be on for, like, five hours.

And so Joy joined

to not... I'm trying to to not go too long, but I also would love for you to give people advice.

When and I know you might be laughing at this, but when someone...

What you've gone through with with with David and this this amazing thing that he kind of really created

as the spouse. I would love for you to people that are listening right now. And they maybe have an idea or maybe they're the spouse of someone that has an idea.

Can you give any advice of, like,

how to receive it.


David Richman  00:53:03 

Yeah. That's a that's a tough question.

I think that I you... That you need to receive it with with curiosity

and and love. And and what I mean by that is I I really can't really to what he did. I I can't

I put my myself in the issues of why you would wanna do that really or how you would come to that.

But in being open and and I had some opinions, but I tried to be a listener

and a supplier and find out what he needed.

I grew through the experience and in our relationship

grows through the experience. So I I would say

being curious,

I think, because I'm I'm never gonna understand it. I watched it, and I'm never gonna understand how fact. The curiosity, I think was the key.


Juliet Hahn  00:53:47 

I love that, And I think that was so perfectly sad. And I I really, that just I think is just sums up.

Thank you, So yet. You guys. I mean, because that is very, very cool. So David, what advice can you give


that has a crazy idea that they know many people are gonna say don't do it. You're crazy.

What advice do you have for them?


David Richman  00:54:10 


You, if somebody had said to me, Juliet,

a couple years ago,

hey, I have an idea for you.

Why don't you

go really deep with fifteen people

and uncover their stories and take the responsibility and the burden of putting their life story in twenty or twenty five pages.

And then why don't you get on your bike and, like, bike around the country for forty five days and and and beat yourself up physically emotionally in every other way.

I would look at him that, you know, like, get the hell out of my house and like, click how are you talking about but when it's something that you wanna do? And you... And and you're not doing it for them, You're not doing it for...

It's because somebody asked you to because somebody told you to,

because somebody expects you to, but you're doing it for you.

It on a certain level. It kinda just becomes easy. It's like, I I set the goal. It's like, you know, when you... When you wanna go around a ten k or you you wanna go do a charitable event or something. And and you don't tell anybody. It's easier to back out.

But but when you tell someone,


Juliet Hahn  00:55:14 



David Richman  00:55:16 

you know, it's hard to let them down. And if you're looking in the mirror, telling yourself, like, dude... You're gonna do this thing. Don't. But don't let anybody down. Like... Wow. That's it's that's awesome.


for for... I'd say for anybody that has anything that seems like a stretch goal or a

way outside of your comfort zone, but you just... You... Hard that you wanna do it.

I mean, they're there really aren't any limitations. And there there's no reason why you can't do it. So

be fortunate

enough to find somebody that support

and Go do. Oh, I I don't like to interpret with David spouse doesn't like to yet.

I think that I I think how I see

what less I learn, I guess, from from seeing him, do this stuff as and and he touched on it his when you believe you wanna do it, and you can accept that you believe you wanna do it, and you say it out there, you know he's saying don't let people down, but you look yourself in the mirror and you respect yourself enough to let you themselves down and then lean into it and enjoy the hell out of it. And when, people say you're crazy, Have fun with it.


Juliet Hahn  00:56:24 

I love that. I love that. I love. I mean, this together, I I really need to meet you guys in and I know that will happen one day, but I do wanna end with this one part because I think it is really important. And I Again, I wanna bring back that David, you know, was talking about that he was not super spiritual

about the eleventh.


David Richman  00:56:44 

Oh my gosh.

I got it or I... See, one of the issues that we have is my stories go on way too long, Juliet. She says I get to point different to a point.


Juliet Hahn  00:56:56 

No. But I well I have to apologize. Like the thing that I find fascinating is though that David is in the financial world. And when you know someone in finance, you think that they're very, like, to the point in this map, but David is such a creative.

That, like, when I tell you, he... When you guys... You have to listen to one and seventy nine to know what his career is. You're gonna be like, wait. I'm so. This is So, like, a square fitting in us... What is that circle? Like, but it's so interesting because it does. But so just tell it very short. And then and then we'll


David Richman  00:57:18 


Okay apologize.

So near the end of my sister's life, she kept seeing all these ones.

Oh, it's like, one eleven. I I I You know, it... Whatever. She was to see him once everywhere. She called me up one day, and she said, like, I'm seeing these ones and I don't know if you know this, but I've I... You know, I was on the phone when I dad died. I was on the phone with him and he died at one eleven, And so maybe that's him. And looking over me, He's my guardian angel, whatever.

And so

I was like, oh, that's kinda silly. But, okay. I'll let you have that. I mean, you know,

how I kinda I you know? And then after you passed,

like, literally, like, the first

grade school classroom, my kids was room one eleven, and we would go for a bike ride, and we went eleven point one miles, and we would come home

from a vacation and pull into the driveway and it'll be eleven eleven, and I'm like, come on man.

Completely stupid.

And so this was going up for forever become this long

drawn out, like, eleventh must mean, well, okay, in some way, I guess, students looking out for. Right? That's cool. So we write the book, and and it goes... You know, I write it. I rewrite it. Erin,

I I rewrite it. I sent it to the editor. They rewrite it. Back and forth to the publisher back and forth, that they they lay it out. The copyright editors goes through a million different versions.

One day, I'm at home more late, and Get a I get a call from a a text my friend. And says, like, dude, that was pretty cool about june the the eleventh, and I go, yeah. Good story. Right? And she goes, no. I. No. Like, had really cool what you did with it. And I go...

Oh, you're talking about.


Juliet Hahn  00:58:57 



David Richman  00:58:58 

What the... What the heck? And she goes, what do you mean? When I go... I what what do you mean? And she was poking your book. I go, yeah. She goes open it up to the story about the ones. I go yeah. Yeah. And she was, looking at at the end of the chair go, yes. Because what page is that on one eleven?


Juliet Hahn  00:59:13 

So crazy. I get, like, such the chills.

So... And


David Richman  00:59:15 

I hope what

impossible. I mean, absolutely

impossible. When when he he showed me, I same, it's just chills. Well it's just isn't we're not talking wash to a I couldn't have controlled that

anyway because there's fifteen hands on a book

laying it out and and changing it and editing and which chapter goes where and what story of it? It's not possible.

So I get you just gotta go, okay. I I'm just had be open what the universe gives me.


Juliet Hahn  00:59:37 

So crazy.

Well, that's the thing. And if anyone looks up, you guys can go... They're in

ones and eleven or, like, angels.

And it it really is really cool because when David told me about that for, like, days before though, before I think it was... I even interviewed you. And I'm not, like, into


David Richman  00:59:57 



Juliet Hahn  00:59:58 

neurology, really, Like, astrology, universe, like, spiritual I am, but I'm not, like... Just... I don't I will sometimes look at it They, oh, interesting, but I don't know that much about it.

But days before I kept

I kept seeing eleven and ones, and I was like, this is so weird. And I actually looked it up, and then, Dave, it was, like,

said something about the eleventh I was like, wait. Why wouldn't... What did you just say with that? And I hadn't read that chapter yet. Isn't this weird? And I haven't read the chapter yet, and then he said, my sister with the eleventh then I read it and I was, like, holy crap. That's so weird. I literally was having dreams, like vivid dreams.

About eleven, and and there's, like, a whole... I was like, I kinda put it to something else. Like, I was like, oh, that must be blah blah blah.

And then I was like, No. That is me. Just like, you know, the kind universe


solidifying that this David I need to have this interview or whatever. It was just so freaking cool. I guess it was June.


David Richman  01:00:54 

Incredible and crazy right. Are incredible. It's crazy.


Juliet Hahn  01:00:57 

And I think even in our text chain, I think you've got even said, I was like, what is that? Because I've been seeing that. Right? I mean,


David Richman  01:01:00 


you know why? Because after we were talking about, I think, like, you sent me a note or something and we finish and I go, hey, look what time that text went through it the text went through eleven a lot. Yeah.


Juliet Hahn  01:01:11 


Oh, yeah. And I think I said to you, I've been seeing eleven eleven of so weird and you're, like, go, wait until you get it into the book. And was something like that. And I was like,


David Richman  01:01:17 

Yeah. It's to don't like that. And, you know, I mean, there's some people listening that are like, wow through your stupid home.

As I... Like, how do you not understand what the heck is going on? Right? But... And I don't know maybe who were just fresh souls or something. That I'm hope sorry. Whatever. You know, and somebody else is like, oh you guys are tired

to know that this is this is the way the world right or whatever.


Juliet Hahn  01:01:41 

Right. And then there's also gonna be people listening being like, okay, luna tunes. Where do you guys like, have you seen your unicorn? And are you writing out on your?


David Richman  01:01:48 

I'll I was join with it. Yeah.


Juliet Hahn  01:01:51 

Yes. Well, I just have to say this has been amazing. I'm sorry for the delays in the beginning, but I knew it was gonna be so worth it and I knew the universe was gonna make it happen. So,

you know, thank you, Erin, and David, so so much, And truly, I cannot wait to meet you guys in person because I just feel like we are connected

and, Arr even going, like, talking to David, I remember asking him so many questions about you, Like, well, Okay. When would... When did you meet Aaron? When did you guys get married after, like, watching, you know, I mean, reading the book because I was so curious

of the time timetable of how it all played out. And it really, you guys are doing some beautiful beautiful things and keep it up.


David Richman  01:02:26 

Thank you, Juliet. Really appreciate you. Yeah. Thank Thank you very much for having us and having me again, is really a great honor talking you. I appreciate.


Juliet Hahn  01:02:28 


Yes. And I... That's gonna happen probably so many more times. So what was just.

And this won't be so glitch.

Everyone. Thank you for joining in whether you're here on Linkedin, Twitch, or Youtube. Thank you for joining your next stop live here live on Fireside.

Again, thank you so much, David and Aaron, and you guys seriously go get the book. You can either do it on audible,

or you can purchase it, but all the proceeds go to cancer research. I mean, what not

give it to someone gifted. It's not a book that you're gonna be like, oh, my gosh. This is too emotional. There's so many ups and downs, but is really


a powerful powerful piece. And so, again, thank you guys for joining your next stop live.

Enjoy the rest of the week.

Oh, good. We got good music going out.

Bye, everyone. Thank you. See you next week.

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