Episode 112: Laura Weston | Financial Coach

Jul 21, 2021


It's our responsibility as parents to give this life skill of financial education to our children.” - Laura Weston


After enjoying a 20-year career with one of the World’s Largest Banks as a branch manager, Laura Weston became a founder of a financial coaching business, Savvy Peacocks. On top of this, she is a co-parenting mother to 3 children aged 6, 4, and 2 plus a 1 yr old puppy so it is a good job Laura works best when she’s busy.

Laura has a vast knowledge of banking and finances but with an honest, upfront, jargon-free approach. She wants money to be fun and thrives to move away from this boring, corporate cloak it often holds. Money can be exciting and can open many doors so she really looks forward to hearing everyone’s successes.

Find Laura at SavvyPeacocks.co.uk. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram. Listen to her podcast Money Savvy Parents.



Today’s episode is sponsored by Aura Merchandising, a proud women-owned full-service brand marketing, and global sourcing agency. Visit them at AuraLimited.com


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