Episode 118: Caroline Johansson | Jewelry Designer

Aug 11, 2021


I want to make a difference. To try to help people get fair working conditions and be able to provide for their families.” - Caroline Johansson


Caroline Johansson is a female entrepreneur from Sweden who left her job when God called her to work with jewelry. She launched Zoe Hoop Jewelry which has been featured in some of the hottest fashion magazines like Vanity Fair and Vogue.


Caroline has extensive experience in the advertising industry as a project and production manager. In recent years, she had the privilege of working with various municipal assignments within the Municipality of Gothenburg, including Älvstranden Utveckling, the Swedish Transport Administration, and Göteborg Energi. She previously worked with the production of promotional products in China and the Far East and with a number of major consumer goods companies such as Crescent, Monark, ICA, Göteborgskex, Estrella, Ridderheims, Wasa Bröd, and Strömma Kanalbolag but have also worked a lot with business to business advertising to the pharmaceutical industry. She led productions for Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, Roche, and Alcon to name a few.


Before starting her own entrepreneurship journey, Caroline worked to strengthen idea-driven organizations, which work with children and young people in her local multicultural areas, through Erikshjälpen's network Empower.


Connect with Caroline on LinkedIn. Check out Zoe Hoop Jewelry on Facebook and Instagram.



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