Episode 131: Paul “Paulie” Veneto | Paulie’s Push To Honor and Remember

Nov 22, 2021

Don't quit five minutes before the miracle.” - Paul “Paulie” Veneto


Retired United Airlines flight attendant Paul "Paulie" Veneto walked a beverage cart from Boston to Ground Zero in New York City to honor the flight attendants and other crew members killed on 9/11.


Paulie’s initial intention was to make sure the world honored and remembered his colleagues, the men, and women of Flight 175. This journey was for them. It was also a way for him to remind the victims’ families their loved ones were not forgotten.


However, Paulie quickly discovered that he was impacting the lives of countless others who followed him on his journey. During his time on the road, people would walk alongside him and share personal stories about their lives, particularly the struggles they faced.


Paulie had a GPS on the beverage cart so people could track exactly what street he was on from Boston all the way to lower Manhattan. 


At one point, Paulie recalled a woman driving to his exact location in the rain so she could tell him the story of how her daughter donated a kidney to her. No one, including Paulie's friends who followed alongside him in a Jeep and RV, expected this to happen.


Flight attendants that Paulie once worked with and many of his family members joined him for the final mile in Manhattan. It wasn't an easy task Paulie, but it was something he felt "obligated to do." 


He arrived at Ground Zero at 1:15 p.m. on September 11.


Learn more about Paulie at PauliesPush.com. Follow him on Instagram and Facebook.


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