Episode 133: Paola Lovisetti-Scamihorn | Italian Scientific Researcher, Food Writer, and Entrepreneur

Dec 06, 2021

Cooking is mainly based on Chemistry. You start with some ingredients, and through some chemical reactions you end up with different recipes.” - Paola Lovisetti-Scamihorn


Paola Lovisetti Scamihorn is an Italian food writer born in Como (Italy) on the shores of the beautiful lake which bears the same name. Good food, mainly plant-based, has always been part of her life; Paola grew up in a very traditional Italian family where fresh, seasonal, and homemade dishes were always part of her diet.


Cooking has always been one of Paola’s passions, even if she chose to become a pharmacist and medical researcher. Actually cooking and nutrition are both based on chemistry, so her professional formation has really helped her better understand how to cook and eat healthily!


Paola has a cooking blog Passion and Cooking and she has contributed to several international magazines. She published several books that fully embody her vision of food, health, and passion. – Love is Eating, Healthy and Tasty Italian Recipes for Family Meals – a book about the Italian culinary culture, and – the Mamma Mia! Diet – that it is a modern reinterpretation of the Mediterranean lifestyle. Honestly Healthy, a manual on eating fresh, seasonal, and home-prepared fruits and vegetables that will provide you with all kinds of benefits. Coronavirus, What we live and What will change, is a book describing the "tsunami" that affected society, economy, and health.


All Italians have shown an extraordinary ability of resilience, made in Italy, transforming this terrible experience, as unique, into an opportunity for inner growth and development of new economic opportunities.


The Aperitivo book is Paola’s latest book, a new and unique book that focuses on typical regional products, offered plain or used to create appetizing and original recipes to enjoy with a delicious drink either wine or cocktail, accompanied by the right presentation, atmosphere, company, and music.


Last but not least Paola offers culinary experiences mainly to foreigners, interested in The Dolce Vita!


Learn more about Paola at PassionAndCooking.com. Follow her on Instagram to be updated on her journey. You can check a complete list of her books here.



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