Episode 144: Brittany Fuisz | CEO & Founder of Malibu Mylk

Mar 07, 2022

You need to have the proper skillset to recognize creativity, recognize good from bad, excellent from mediocre.


Brittany Fuisz is the CEO & Founder of Malibu Mylk, a sustainable, allergen-free alternative milk. She attained her degree in marketing and management from Georgetown University, and then a diploma from Le Cordon Bleu. She began her career with Hillstone Restaurant Group in their manager training program. She spent time working on the line at three Michelin star Le Bernardin in NYC, as well as the Food Network in new business development.


Brittany's key focus is inspiring moms, mompreneurs, and health-minded individuals by revolutionizing plant-based milk.


Brittany grew up on the beaches of Malibu, eating local produce and appreciating at a very young age that food is fuel. After graduating from Georgetown University and Le Cordon Bleu, Brittany trained at the three Michelin- starred Le Bernardin and The Food Network in New York, where she studied the finest techniques in the culinary world.


While trying to get pregnant, Brittany was struggling to conceive and visited a fertility doctor who recommended the auto-immune protocol, with which she experienced great results, e.g. more energy, reduced inflammation, improved focus, and strength. She eliminated dairy, nuts, gluten, and soy from her diet and was searching for a milk alternative when the idea hit her: “What if make milk from flaxseed?” Not only was the flax milk allergen-free, but had a fantastic texture due to the fact that flax is a natural emulsifier. Malibu Mylk was born!


Brittany wanted to share with the world this incredible product that helped her to feel her absolute best and successfully launched Malibu Mylk in grocery stores in the LA area in 2019.


Connect with Brittany via Email, or LinkedIn.


Visit Malibu Mylk at MalibuMylk.com. Use code NEXSTOP20 to get a 20% discount on any of your purchases!


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