Episode 148: Sally Mueller | Consummate Brand Builder, Innovator, and CEO of Womaness

Apr 04, 2022

We're creating products that, not only do we want to use, but we think our community wants to use.”


Sally Mueller is the Co-founder and CEO of Womaness, modern menopause solutions from top to toe.


She is a seasoned executive with impeccable entrepreneurial acumen. Sally spent over two decades of her career at Target Corporation, first in Apparel Merchandising and then in Marketing, helping to build the bullseye from a regional discount retailer to one of the world's most recognized and influential global brands. She developed and implemented Target’s designer program and Design for All platform, transforming the regional discount retailer into a global phenomenon.


Sally went on to launch her own company, Whyse Branding, where she formed a licensing relationship with Who What Wear and successfully launched the consumer products line in Target stores and ultimately achieved international distribution. She was then named Chief Brand Officer for Clique Brands, overseeing their Consumer Brands Division, where she launched Joy Lab at Target, incubated VERSED skincare and expanded Who What Wear internationally.


Sally’s encore is creating a revolutionary consumer hit with the introduction of Womaness (which debuted in March 2021), a brand that is changing the conversation around menopause through innovative products that offer solutions from head to toe (and everything in-between), readily avail via Target.


Womaness provides trusted advice on symptoms from hot flashes to sleep issues to fine lines, and support from an inspired community of women who don’t believe in the pause (of menopause) and exude #menopositivity, aka a dynamic, joyful outlook that embraces who we are today.


A lifelong Minnesotan, Sally, and her husband reside outside of Minneapolis, slowly acclimating to life as empty nesters.


Follow Sally on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Visit Womaness at Womaness.com. Use promo code NEXTSTOP20 to get a 20% discount on any of your purchases.



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Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] Juliet Hahn: Hello, everyone. Welcome to another episode of Your Next Stop. you know? I say this every single time, but I am truly excited for you guys to learn about another woman that has followed a passion and turned it into a business. So welcome Sally Mueller. How are you? 

[00:00:16] Sally Mueller: Good to see you Juliet. I'm excited for this conversation. 

[00:00:19] Juliet Hahn: I'm so excited because we connected a long time ago and I, I think it was through like an email chain and we've gone back and forth, but I've, um, and you're going to jump into your story, but I, love what you're doing. and Um, and I'll explain more, when we get into it? Why I love it so much, but, I'm just, you know, welcome. I'm so excited for you to be here and share what you have done because there's so many women out there and men, but you know, we're talking about women right now that have ideas that have passions and they don't do anything with them because they're fearful or they don't know where to go.

[00:00:52] So I am excited to jump into your entire. 

[00:00:55] Sally Mueller: Great. I'm excited to share it. 

[00:00:58] Juliet Hahn: Yes. Okay. So I'm going to go back like this is what I do with my, my, all my guests and my listeners. know, I want to go back a little bit about your childhood, you know, where you grew up. Did you go to university Did you get a job right out of university and you know, and then how did you get where you are now? 

[00:01:14] Sally Mueller: now. So I grew up in Minnesota.

[00:01:18] And both of my parents were entrepreneurs. Um, my mom was actually a teacher and she got a part-time job in a Merle Norman cosmetic studio. And a lot of people don't know about Merle Norman cosmetics, but it was a really popular, um, chain of beauty stores across the us, I would say in the 60 seventies.

[00:01:41] And, um, I would actually go and work with my mom and she decided to open her own studio. And before she knew it, she had four studios. And so I spent my high school years and even my part of my college years working part-time for her and, uh, giving make-overs to women. And I learned so much about beauty and making women feel great, not just on the outside, but on the inside.

[00:02:11] I mean, after a woman has. Any sort of attention, you know, whether it's skincare or beauty, you know, my mom even sold wigs. Um, it was amazing how the, it, what it did to boost their own morale. I mean, it was just, it was so fun, so uplifting. So it really got in my blood. Um, I did go to college. I went to university of Wisconsin, Madison.

[00:02:34] And, um, got a business degree, majored in marketing, had an LA just incredible time there. And, um, then target recruited me and everyone told me if I could get a job at target headquarters, take it. Cause it was a fast growing retail chain. So I literally started 10 days after I graduated at target headquarters.

[00:02:58] Um, and at the time target only at 170 stores. I was placed in the girl's fashion department and loved girls fashion. It was so much fun. It was like, you know, for seven and you know, maybe to 12 year old girls. And I kept saying how fickle these girls were like one minute denim skirts would be the hottest trend.

[00:03:22] The next minute they hate. And so I learned so much about like trend forecasting and consumer, like what's the consumer thinking. And so that consumer behavior really got in my blood and I spent, you know, a decade in merchandising at target. All over apparel, you know, women's fashion, men's fashion. It was just really fun.

[00:03:45] And then I spent the next almost 15 years in marketing and that's when I was like overseeing a lot of the designer program, which was really about bringing affordable design to target partnering with the likes of Isaac Mizrahi or Missoni. Liberty of London, you know, Liz Lang I mean, all of these great designers and it was such an exciting time to be at target because we had no idea what the response would be.

[00:04:14] And then all of a sudden product, you know, designer would launch and it would sell out in like 12 minutes. So it was a really, it was like target was on the forefront of this movement and really revelation, revolutionizing retail. Um, so that was just a really incredible time to be. And, um,

[00:04:34] Juliet Hahn: going to pause you for one second. Just take your hair and because it's scratching on the microphone. So that's something just to, but just, I think you yet probably put it, Or, you know what, sometimes I, yeah. Sometimes what I do is I hold it and it's, it's just A little bit off, Cause it just make sure like where that? No. Yeah. Where The microphone. is. If you notice 

[00:04:53] Sally Mueller: that's there. 

[00:04:54] Juliet Hahn: Yeah.

[00:04:55] It is there. So it's not hitting your shirt, right. It was your hair. 

[00:04:58] Sally Mueller: Yeah. 

[00:05:00] Juliet Hahn: Okay. Just so I can just hear, and I know.

[00:05:02] when my, my editor's going to, he'll say, did you tell them to move your hair, their hair back?

[00:05:07] Just something. So you know cause what it does it just makes it, look this like. 

[00:05:10] Sally Mueller: yeah. The staticky annoying sound. Okay. 

[00:05:12] Juliet Hahn: Yeah, no worries. So um, that's that is amazing. So that had to be such an interesting, time being at target and the amount of information that you learned. I'm sure. was just amazing, But I love how you kind of set everything up and said like your, Both of your parents were entrepreneurs, because I always, this is what I love about diving into people's stories and their history, because some people will come on and they're they're entrepreneurs in I actually have no idea why they got,

[00:05:39] into entrepreneur, you know, in the, into that world. and a lot of times it's someone that they look back on. and it wasn't their parents but it was like a neighbor or their, you know, one of my guests, actually, her dad owned a store for a very short time, But he was a professor and she said, I just always wanted to be it. I don't know why, but we actually uncovered it was because the energy, her dad would come home with when he was a professor versus when he was an entrepreneur. And so it was the energy, she was really craving, not so much being an entrepreneur, but it was that, that feeling And so she was like, I can't believe that.

[00:06:13] That's so cool to think.

[00:06:14] about that. So, so you were, I mean, So how many years were you at target? I'm 

[00:06:18] Sally Mueller: Almost almost 25. I kind of. shy of almost my 25th year. Yeah. And I was turning 45 and I started to think more about what I should do now. And, um, you know, I, I thought, you know, I love being an entrepreneur inside a big company. What if I took those, you know, everything I, I just experienced over these decades of, of being at target and all the connections I made.

[00:06:48] And start my own business, but really help build brands and then sell them back to retail. So that's what I did. I really, it took me a year to decide to leave because it's such a great company. And I had so many friends there, but I just felt like either I do it now. Or I might lose my window, you know, it's, it's always, you know, looking back 45 is so young, but I felt like it was a really good time to take the leap and, and, you know, start my own business.

[00:07:19] So that's what I did.

[00:07:20] Juliet Hahn: I love that. And you know what I love too, cause this is what I want my listeners to hear because people, you know, especially, I feel like the generation that are in their late teens, early twenties, they're in college, they feel like.

[00:07:30] they need to know what they're going to do. And they feel like they need to like enter that world and light it on fire right away. And so many, Uh, and you know, my listeners know. this, I believe that we all have a path, whether it's God or the universe, that you believe in. Um, I believe in both. But so if we listen to our gut, we listen to our intuition, but we also allow ourselves those times to daydream about what we would like, you know, even if we're happy in our job but we are not like getting out of bed, really excited We kind of just going through the motions. It kind of means that you need to think about it.

[00:08:03] And a lot of people that I've interviewed, you know, we'll either have that gut feeling or they just weren't happy in what they were doing. And it was really

[00:08:11] God or the universe being like, okay, now you're sick because you're not listening to anything.

[00:08:14] I'm saying you need to stop what you're doing, because you're on the completely wrong path or it's something like you said, it was just like, you felt like it was time, but I want them to hear 45. Like you had an awesome career. And it was like, okay. It's time for that chapter of. my life To be over and now it's on for the next, but that chapter built you with all of that knowledge, So someone can, you know, who look back and be like, oh, well, I felt like I was in the wrong path for so long You weren't in the wrong path for so long.

[00:08:41] You were, you were building your skills to be where you are now. So Yeah. take us through what you did. And I can't wait to talk about the 

[00:08:48] Sally Mueller: Yeah. So I started my own consulting business again, focused on helping to build brands, um, put my shingle out and I started getting clients, you know, it was scary cause I literally had no income and um, one of my clients. Put me on a long-term project. And it was really, really fun because I got to travel to London quite a bit and meet with Tesco, which is a big retailer and, and Europe and the UK.

[00:09:19] And, you know, I felt like I was back at target because the merchants all over the, the, in these retailers. Environments, all kind of speak the same language. They have different terms, but it was really, really fun. And I helped set up at this particular company, like a design team and a sourcing team. And.

[00:09:37] You know, just learn a lot about getting product developed and, you know, I had that exposure at target, but this was like on a different level, um, you know, much smaller budgets. How do you, how, you know, I needed to really, really be scrappy and resourceful with the money that I had. So I ended up joining that company as their chief brand officer.

[00:10:00] So I did that for two and a half years. You'll see a pattern here. Then I went back to running my own business again. And then during that time helped. 

[00:10:09] Juliet Hahn: uh, 

[00:10:10] Sally Mueller: who bought where, which is an incredible fashion company, really known for content and community and helped bring who, what, where to target. I worked with Hillary Kerr and Katherine power to take what, who, what, where was famous for and bring it into a line of product.

[00:10:27] And we launched at target in 2016. And that was really exciting, um, to the point where then I ended up joining click, then. Which is the parent company of who, what, where as their chief brand officer. So, um, and then during my time there helped incubate versed, which is a clean skincare brand. Also sold now at target and Walmart and Amazon, um, worked with target on an active wear deal.

[00:10:53] So I just had incredible. Portfolio of brands and, um, an amazing team. And during that time I was traveling a lot. You know, I was zigzagging between LA and New York and Minnesota. And really ignoring my own health. And, um, I knew I was in menopause, but I didn't really understand what I was going through was related amount of pause.

[00:11:16] I was just, I just kind of had the blinders on and this was, you know, annoying things. Like my sleep was really disrupted. Um, my energy level. I was just kind of tired all the time. I couldn't really decide is it because I'm on all these different time zones? Am I traveling? Is it something else? Um, you know, Vaginal dryness.

[00:11:38] Like all the things that was literally going back to menopause is what I was experiencing, but I didn't put my finger on it. So I decided to sign up for like a two day physical at Mayo clinic, which isn't too far from my house. And, um, Was an incredible experience and found myself in this doctor's appointment with a female doctor.

[00:12:02] You know, I had seen a lot of doctors in the twin cities. Some of them were male. They didn't really, they didn't really help me. They didn't really understand, you know, they would just kind of focus on one piece of what I was experiencing. This doctor was really holistic and she was very, had very, I would say very savvy.

[00:12:21] Personal skills. And she said, you're not alone. So many women are going through this. And, you know, I suggest you check out these products that are available on Amazon. So I went home that night and looked at the products and I remember literally screaming to my husband, like, oh my gosh, I'm never going to buy any of these products.

[00:12:41] I was appalled. And it was no reflection on her taste level. It was the only thing that she could find out there. That she felt was somewhat, you know, safe and, um, because obviously Mayo had to stand behind it. So it just, these products were, you could tell they were really outdated. They were designed probably by men.

[00:13:04] And that was really my aha moment for creating woman as because I thought, wow, there's gotta be a huge market. There have to be women like me that really do need. Products that are clean, that are modern, you know, that are affordable. That really cover kind of all the major symptoms of menopause. So that was the beginning of, uh, woman-ness.

[00:13:27] Juliet Hahn: I love that. So what, how old were you at this 

[00:13:30] Sally Mueller: I was, let's see, I would say probably 52 or 53 at this point. 

[00:13:37] Juliet Hahn: Because because that's, you know, that's, the other thing is a lot of times women go through menopause and it's all different, so it's all different ages. And so you don't, you don't realize, I mean, I, I, my friends laugh at me. I'm 48 And I've been saying, oh, the pause is coming. And they're like, well, do you have any symptoms?

[00:13:51] And I'm like, I think so, well, I don't know. I, you know, and, and, And then you talk to someone else and they have terror, you know, like they're in menopause and I'm like, oh, no, I don't have that. Oh my gosh, I hope I don't ever get that. You know? 

[00:14:01] Sally Mueller: different. Everyone 

[00:14:03] Juliet Hahn: Everyone is different. And so it's so interesting. and I love the fact that your products are clean because that is so important. to so many people.

[00:14:10] And, you know, I'll talk to women or They've been on the podcast or just you know, friends, acquaintances, and the stuff that like, they're like, oh yeah, my doctor is doing all you know, I'm all, all of this stuff. And I think to myself, I'm super holistic. I use a homeopath, like I don't take meds, like I use And so I think, well, I think that's going to work. Right. But then you also, sometimes in your mind are like, well, what if it doesn't, I can't imagine going and taking the stuff where I know, like when I ever back in the day took birth control, I was at 1% that Always had the weird side effects. So I never took a traditional, like, I didn't take birth control. Cause I was like, this is weird for my body sensitive, but not, sensitive. Like I also know myself and so I know, exactly what's going on, I'm very intuitive to my own body, which is, which is important, but it's also a gift of mine. So when you guys, when I, when we connected and then you had sent me some products to try, I was like, I think I. um, emailed Someone. I was like, okay, well, if it's is it okay, like I'm not in menopause.

[00:15:06] I know, I always like say I am, but I'm like really not in menopause. is it okay that I start using this and the description and everything was so great. And I just, I love, I mean, literally everything I'm one of, I think my favorite one is the, let me sleep. And that is, I mean, it's great. So tell us a little bit about that. cause That's one of your newer, products and then I would love for you to talk about the line I mean, you guys can hear how excited I am.

[00:15:28] because this is really well, well, I was excited cause it was like, okay, I have something. So When I do start going through menopause, I can try these products and see if they work for me. And if they don't, then I can go and work, or if I need extra support right. Because I'm sure there's going to work to at a level. And then, and and they might be the thing that I only need now that I have it. before is So, kind of 

[00:15:52] Sally Mueller: absolutely. And you know, we want to make sure and tell the, the message that it's good to be prepared.

[00:15:59] You know, it's really good to be prepared cause I didn't feel like I was prepared. So I was just kind of stumbling through menopause and um, had I known that, you know, so many things are affected by the loss of estrogen. I would have been more on top of it, you know, right now. Like osteoporosis runs in my family.

[00:16:20] So I'm definitely now unfortunately suffering from that. Had I really been on top of it. I would have been taking more bone, you know, supplements to really help with, you know, protecting my bone growth, bone health, even in my thirties, you know? So our messages, we really want to make sure that women are not afraid, like being educated.

[00:16:44] And empowered around this. This transition really makes you go through it with a more positive attitude. There's so many good things that really come out of it. Um, you know, not just the physical things, like I don't have a period anymore, but women feel very, um, creative very wise as they go into the stage.

[00:17:03] Like. We call it the no bullshit, no bull shit stage where women are like, I don't have anything to prove. I am, you know, if they're unhappy at a job, they leave it. They're kind of done proving everything. And it's a very exciting, um, transition. Again, it's a physical transition, but it affects you and, and mentally in a lot of ways.

[00:17:26] So.

[00:17:27] Juliet Hahn: And Right. And, and the thing that I think is so important too, because again, I mean, we're in, you know, in, in 2022 and there's things that people don't talk about because it's like, Ooh, don't talk about that. Or, oh, you know, and I've had, you know, friends or whatever say, oh, no, I don't talk about menopause.

[00:17:42] They're doing their own thing, but it's like, I don't want to be there. And I know there was a period of time. This is actually probably a lot of information. but my listeners will laugh, but my daughter got her period and it messed my period.

[00:17:53] up, but I thought. Oh, I'm in the pause. Cause I, I was Like I'm starting it. And I said to her, I literally was like, I wanted to be period friends with you for at least a year. And She's like, I don't want to be period. friends with you. First of all. And second of all, you know, like, she kind of laughed at me, but it wasn't that I was going through. The pause is what I call it. It was that I was, my, my period got all messed up because of her period. and and I didn't know that.

[00:18:18] Right. Cause I had no idea Even I am very, very educated and I am very in tuned to my own body, but because I'm at that age, where it could happen, I kind of just keep thinking, oh, this must be that. And it's better to know. And it's really, I'm guessing. And it's, So it's, to your point it's better to be completely prepared and not just push it away. Cause you're like, I don't want to deal with that because I don't want, you know, to do that.

[00:18:42] I don't want to have to go through it, but also, you know, I think I said to my husband, like, no, I'm 48, so I'm not going to have a baby, but I don't someone did tell me I can't have a baby.

[00:18:51] Like I was kind of past when I missed my period.

[00:18:53] Like I was like, oh, I'm not ready if I want to have a baby. And he's like, we're not having 

[00:18:57] Sally Mueller: know it's closure it. And then there's a whole, yeah, there's a whole psychological. Uh, piece of this, you know, and we, we have a lot of empathy because it is kind of the end of the fertility stage. And if women haven't maybe had any children, it can be really a tough time, um, to accept it. So, um, You know, that's why, um, we created and, you know, a private Facebook group called the after parties so that women can really feel comfortable, um, really feel comfortable, you know, sharing, um, tips and stories.

[00:19:32] And we have. Fun on the after party. It's a lot of laughter and humor. Um, the woman on our team and global that leads, it is funny and, you know, cause menopause doesn't have to be so negative. So, and we don't just talk about menopause either. We talk about just this life stage. So, but back to the product, um, Michelle, my co-founder has done an incredible job.

[00:19:56] She's really taken the lead. All the product development. And, you know, we said from the beginning, we want to make sure our product is really useful. And that was the number one criteria. We, every product we decide to bring to the market had to really help women. And then once we decided on the product, then what will make it useful?

[00:20:18] Like, is it clinically proven ingredients, um, at active levels. So we're not just putting in, you know, a great ingredient. That's clinically proven at a low level. We have to put it in at the active level, so we can even refer to the clinical data. That's available. So we really worked hard on all of our products.

[00:20:39] So, you know, we have 15 about to launch the 16th product and each one really serves a purpose and really addresses the major symptoms of menopause from line changing skin. Um, to libido, to obviously hot flashes and night sweats. We have a supplement for that called me and L pause, um, and, um, sleep. You mentioned sleep.

[00:21:03] So I'll touch on that in a second, but just, you know, we really wanted to. The major symptoms from, you know, head to toe and everything in between. So, um, and make our product affordable because woman told us early on that, you know, they wanted to buy multiple products because as, as you said, everyone's experiences unique.

[00:21:23] And one product might not be all they need, right? They might, you might need a supplement. You might need a skincare product and a sexual wellness product. So we wanted to make sure it was affordable. So, um, but to answer your question about the sleep supplement, because I know you're obsessed with that, um, the biggest issue in menopause is not necessarily going to sleep.

[00:21:45] It's staying. that was my biggest issue. And you know, it's like that 3:00 AM board meeting in your head where you start to ruminate about the dumbest things and you try to solve the world's problems. And then you usually go back to sleep, but you've lost like two hours. Precious sleep. And it's just, it makes you exhausted.

[00:22:08] I'm so weak. Um, Michelle really signed, worked with some scientists to devise a formula that used a time-release melatonin and. Three milligrams of melatonin, which is really the ideal amount of melatonin you should have. You could have too much melatonin. So you gotta be really careful, um, with that. So, you know, we really, that's kind of the hero ingredient in that, and it's a time-release so that it really does help you stay asleep and, um, you know, not just go to sleep.

[00:22:42] So I've been using it, you know, you don't have to use it every night. Um, it's not obviously habit forming, but, um, you know, it's Dr. Sleep experts would tell you that it's probably good to use it as needed. And, um, when I was in Nashville last week, you know, we had a, uh, event in Nashville, which was really fun.

[00:23:04] I did bring, let me sleep because I thought, you know, with all the excitement of the event and what being with the team, I'm probably not going to get a lot of sleep just mentally. You just are so stimulated and it really did help me. Get a decent night's sleep. Those two nights that I was there. So, um, I really encourage people to try it.

[00:23:22] It's um, you know, it's really good. 

[00:23:25] Juliet Hahn: yeah. And I've told, I've told a lot of my friends because I don't have sleep issues, but as you said, there's times, and I'm not, you know, as, as we just talked about, I'm not in menopause yet. However there's times where, you know, my kids have late practice. and I'm not on the same schedule. as I normally am.

[00:23:42] And I'm such as I've gotten older, I've realized I, you know, when I was younger, I needed. Five hours.

[00:23:48] And I was okay. So I was like that person that five hours. I was good. I could do it now that I'm older, I really need six to seven. And seven, is like my ideal. And so it was, you know, my kids were later later a practice, I knew that I was going to be stimulated. And so it was like, you know what, let me just try this to see. And when I say I got like such a solid, night's sleep and I also have two boxer dogs that one sleeps in our bed, one sleeps next to us who sometimes jumps up. So it literally what, and my husband comes to bed after. I do, Did not wake me up, And I, but I didn't feel groggy, which was great. Like I felt, I felt great when I woke up. And then it was, it's just a good thing. And as you said, you don't use it all. I don't use it all the time. I use it when it's needed, but it also has camomile in it. 

[00:24:30] Sally Mueller: So it's, it's a whole, you know, it's a very clean formulation.

[00:24:33] Obviously we chose very specific ingredients, but it's not just the time-release melatonin. So. So 

[00:24:41] Juliet Hahn: Right. I love it. I love it. So I love what you guys are doing. So can you take us? Cause I'm now very curious when you created the line, did you have like one product that you started with and then you built on it or was it like, okay. No, let's create like.

[00:24:54] five or six 

[00:24:54] Sally Mueller: Yeah. I mean, we knew we wanted to address the major symptoms that I mentioned because we didn't want to, we really want to own menopause and we can own menopause if we had like one product. So we started with, you know, keeping the line super tight, but what within skincare and body care, what are the must haves?

[00:25:14] And then what were the must haves within, you know, sexual wellness? You know, like vaginal dryness is a really key issue. And so we came out with a water-based, um, lubricant with hyaluronic acid, very, again, very clean formulation. And it was, it was really devised as, you know, vaginal moisturizer. You can use every day, it can prep for intimacy.

[00:25:39] So, you know, each, each item was really thoughtfully. Considered and, you know, we wanted to make sure that we could stand behind, behind each item because there's so many products out there there's just, it's a sea of products and you walk into all of these retailers and there's so many new brands it's so overwhelming.

[00:26:02] So we wanted to make sure, you know, a, we stand for menopausal skin. And, you know, the menopause transition, which a lot of women really do see a dramatic change to their skin. I mean, it's, it's shocking how dry your skin becomes during menopause because of the loss of estrogen. So it's a good time to kind of reassess your own routine and really hone in on gentler ingredients.

[00:26:28] Um, you know, hydration. You know, it's not, you know, we're not here to say we're getting rid of your wrinkles, but we definitely want to protect your skin, hydrate your skin, your skin, you don't plump it up almost. Um, so, um, so that's, that was really the, you know, we didn't want to have 20 products, so we really scrutinized each product and got it down to 13.

[00:26:53] So we did launch with 13.

[00:26:57] Juliet Hahn: Oh, that's amazing. And I know cause you guys sent me some of the lotions too, and they're great. They have a great smell, great scent, but not too overpowering, you know? And then the 

[00:27:05] Sally Mueller: Yeah. Let's 

[00:27:05] Juliet Hahn: your neck with the, with the cool roller and then under the eye. Yeah. 

[00:27:10] Sally Mueller: really is

[00:27:11] Juliet Hahn: I mean, it really is And cause that's one of the things you always hear, You know, I remember my mom and her friends talking about, oh, my neck got wrinkly before anything else. And So you guys really, really were thoughtful of it. And what I love is, and this is what I think my favorite, like people that I speak to in entrepreneurs and businesses, you were going through it. So it literally was solving a need for yourself that you were able to say, Hey, look at this, this has worked. we're going to now help you. And so I think that that just also makes so many more women relate like, okay, it worked for her. Let me try 

[00:27:44] Sally Mueller: We're one of, you know, Michelle and I are in this phase of life. So we can personally relate to. You know what women need and we're creating products that not only we want to use, but we think our friends and our community want to use.

[00:27:59] So.

[00:28:01] Juliet Hahn: Right. So.

[00:28:02] please tell everyone where they can find you. Cause I know if everyone's like me, they're like, okay, okay. Okay. 

[00:28:07] Sally Mueller: Yeah. So 

[00:28:08] Juliet Hahn: it is. Where can we find you? Where can we find you? 

[00:28:10] Sally Mueller: um, we're in select target stores, target.com, amazon.com. And we have a few products in GNC that we just launched. Um, so you can find our supplements in GNC, which is really great.

[00:28:25] Juliet Hahn: oh, that's amazing. Amazing. Well, I just have to say thank you so much for joining your next stop And sharing your journey because I think it's so important for people to hear it wasn't that you were You know, feeling kind of stuck and not wanting to, do, but it was like a path that you just kept following.

[00:28:41] You kept following where your mind was going. And you were curious and you were, you know, you weren't nervous. Oh, I don't want to do that. I want to do that.

[00:28:50] So that is like such a Testament. Um, and I think I love how you set it up with being with your mom as she started, what she was doing.

[00:28:58] that obviously gave you a lot of your confidence in that area. 

[00:29:04] Sally Mueller: My dad is honking out there. 

[00:29:06] Juliet Hahn: So the no worries. 

[00:29:08] Sally Mueller: Well, thank you again. 

[00:29:09] Juliet Hahn: so well, thank you again so much. 

[00:29:12] Sally Mueller: that 

[00:29:13] Juliet Hahn: Yes for joining your next step guys, you know what to do. So here's the thing. If you're listening to this and you're like, oh, I'm not in menopause yet. relisten to this. because remember we talked about giving yourself the ability to kind of know what's going to happen.

[00:29:25] or know that you have products that you can. try, But you also might be like, oh, you know what mean.

[00:29:30] My neighbor. I have a friend that just talks about how they were waking up because the menopause share this episode because they need to hear it. They need to hear that there's something out there that's clean. they can try it. It's not scary. They can do it, And you know, really go to all the places that Sally told us We go to 

[00:29:45] Sally Mueller: Hey, I want to try this 

[00:29:47] Juliet Hahn: research.

[00:29:47] Okay, Hey, I want to try this product. I want to try that product, but it's important to get this message out just because you think it doesn't relate to you and if you're a man listening to this and you're like, oh, forget it. No, don't forget it. Send it. to someone that

[00:29:59] Sally Mueller: thank 

[00:29:59] Juliet Hahn: So again, Sally, thank you. so much for 

[00:30:02] Sally Mueller: you, LAN. 

[00:30:04] Juliet Hahn: All right. That was great.

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