Episode 56: One Year Down!

Nov 24, 2020

November is my one-year anniversary of launching my podcast Next Stop Crazytown! One f*cking year! When I decided I wanted to start a podcast, I didn’t know where it would go, but I did know I wanted to share my life stories with other people! I could never have predicted coronavirus and quarantine. So I changed my focus 5 months in for a bit and did an interview series called “All Things Quarantine.” I loved getting to know my guests! Then I went back to single stories with an interview here and there.

I love reliving and telling my stories, I love coming up with the name for the episode, I love finding the picture to go with my story. Recording my podcast every week is such a blessing! I won’t lie, some weeks are easier than others! When I first started I had about 2 months prerecorded!! Crazy!  I cannot believe it’s been one year! I want to thank all my guests, my family for always supporting me, my friends, and of course my editor! Here’s to another year of Next Stop Crazytown!



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