Episode 79: Jennifer Eden, Founder & CEO of Tampon Tribe

Mar 28, 2021

Always believe in the beauty of your dreams.

Jennifer Eden and her business partner had a mission, and it was an important one! This company blows me away!!

Jennifer says of Tampon Tribe:

Our mission is to make organic tampons and pads affordable and accessible for everyone. So we do everything we can to keep our prices as low as possible. No woman should be forced into using toxic products because she can’t afford or doesn’t have access to an organic option. For every month bought, we give a day pack of feminine hygiene to homeless women on our streets. Can you imagine getting your period while being homeless? We are also creating an awesome team by employing people who haven’t had the same access to education or opportunity in our community. Underserved populations need our help, and we are better thanks to them.

Be a part of the Tribe and do your part at TamponTribe.com

Today’s episode is sponsored by Aura Merchandising, a proud women-owned full-service brand marketing, and global sourcing agency. Visit them at AuraLimited.com



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