Episode 83: Stephanie Roman | Psychic Trainer & TedX Motivational Speaker

Apr 12, 2021

Excitement and magic passion is where money and all abundance flow from.

Stephanie Roman is a proud Psychic Trainer and helps her clients take bigger and bigger leaps of faith in their life by empowering them to know that THEY have all the answers. One of her Divine gifts is the ability to accelerate all experiences with your abilities and hearing the Divine while she works with you. She feels strongly that she isn’t here to be the person you have to see over and over to get those messages from, but teaches you how to remember to hear the answers yourself.

Stephanie channels the Divine to give you messages that resonate in helping you remember your most authentic self and path. She lovingly holds a magic mirror up to you so you can see how wonderful and beautiful you are in the eyes of God. This seemingly simple process helps you feel that connection to something bigger that sometimes becomes lost by our society valuing external direction over your own.

Find Stephanie at PsychicTrainerStephanie.com


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