Episode 85: Sujata Eyrick | Designer, Entrepreneur, and Creator

Apr 19, 2021


Just do one thing!” – Sujata Eyrick


Sujata started her “Sujata New York” fashion accessories line back in the 1990s, which is also when she and Juliet first crossed paths. Juliet was an instant fan of the creative freshness of Sujata’s custom handbag collection. Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar showcased her label, while music & fashion icons such as Prince commissioned custom pieces.


Sujata has been involved in many unique and exciting projects that she has started on her own with a curiosity to learn and execute. Driven by passion, purpose, enthusiasm, and boundless curiosity, she never fails to excite her audience!


Sujata’s latest dream project is  “SUJATA Beauty,” a Blue Bio Tech Marine stem cell face cream that is made in Germany, and formulated in collaboration with brilliant skincare chemist Bernd Kuhs. SUJATA Beauty is driven by science and embodies the deep connection that Sujata has with the island of St.Barths.


“Beach Sandy” is the current “family friendly” beach company Sujata is building. Beach Sandy grew from Sujata’s passion for beach life, and her embrace of the wellness benefits the sea provides.


Sujata’s perspective:

“I don’t know what the magic key to life is, but I do know that I love to wake up with a smile on my face and search for joy, color, and deeper meanings, in everyday activities. I value solid relationships with family, friends, and everyone who flows through my life with a good vibes. I like to include all in my world of fun where anything is possible. Tell me your dream and I will help, encourage and support you on your way there!”


Find Sujata online at

Instagram: @beachsandybrand

Facebook: Beach Sandy

E-mail: [email protected]

Amazon Store: Beach Sandy Coastal Lifestyle



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