Episode 88: Gaelle Dudley | Residential Interiors & Design Studio

Apr 28, 2021


"Never cease to dream." - Gaelle Dudley


Laidback coastal vibes meet timeless chic living! I have the pleasure of knowing Gaelle personally.  She was one of my first friends when we moved to Connecticut from NYC. I've watched her journey unfold and I have been so inspired as I’ve watched her and her company's growth! 

Inspired by a childhood spent on the coast of France and a wanderlust fed by New England shorelines, California dreams, and Florida pastels, GLDESIGN founder Gaelle Dudley weaves beach living into each client's lifestyle. As a residential design and marketing leader in the global hospitality industry for renowned Starwood Hotel brands for over ten years, Gaelle brings her design pedigree to each home with style. 

From interiors to exteriors, renovation to new construction, the coast is never far from the heart in every project. Each vision comes to life using the finest quality materials, bold splashes of color, and dynamic textures. A busy mom of two boys, Gaelle's own home reflects the balance of timeless chic living and family-friendly spaces combined with laid back coastal vibes.

When she's not designing, you can catch Gaelle surfing with her family, running with her dogs on the beach or travelling the coasts in search of new inspiration.

You can find Gaelle at gldesignhome.com and follow her on Instagram.



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