Episode 96: Beth Salyers | Ph.D. & Entrepreneur

May 25, 2021


"Where we experience dissonance, there's room for growth." - Beth Salyers


There’s one recurring theme in this episode. It also comes up in other episodes that I have done. It’s so important to listen to your gut! Listen to how my next guest found her passion and turned it into a career!  

Beth Salyers, PhD (she/her) is Founder + CEO of Custom Learning Atelier (CLA). She likes to describe CLA as a regenerative power company because learning is the most powerful human-designed force on the planet. Her life's work is a continual answering of the question: How can we use the art x science of teaching and learning to generate an increase of sustainable agency of change-makers and their organizations? Beth is Ohio-born, NC-raised, and New Orleans living. She digs music, playing outside, reading, and travel. And her family and friends are the best. 

Find Beth here:

Custom Learning Atelier

LinkedIn Personal

LinkedIn CLA

IG personal: @beth_salyers

IG CLA: @customlearningatelier

CH: Beth Salyers, PhD

Twitter personal: @bethsalyers

Twitter CLA: @LearningCustom


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