S1E33: From Strangers to Friends: Our Surprising Podcast Journey

word blindness Mar 29, 2024



From Strangers to Friends: Our Surprising Podcast Journey

If you're feeling frustrated because you've struggled to connect with meaningful conversations, then you are not alone!

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover effective strategies for overcoming the challenges of dyslexia and thriving in everyday life.

  • Explore the benefits and impact of starting a podcast focused on raising dyslexia awareness and empowering others.

  • Uncover personal growth opportunities through the powerful platform of podcasting and its positive influence on the dyslexia community.

  • Learn about the support systems available for dyslexics and how they can make a meaningful difference in navigating daily life.

  • Understand the profound impact of sharing personal dyslexia stories, and how it contributes to a more inclusive and empathetic society.

People don't like to talk about feelings. People don't like to talk about their weaknesses. They don't like to admit if they're wrong. - Juliet Hahn

Effective Dyslexia Overcoming Strategies
1. Discovering effective dyslexia management strategies is crucial for individuals facing challenges with the condition. 2. Implementing personalized tools and techniques can significantly improve daily tasks and academic performance for those with dyslexia. 3. By sharing practical insights and success stories, individuals can learn to navigate their dyslexia more effectively and build resilience in overcoming obstacles.

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Review, rate, and share the podcast Word Blindness Dyslexia Exposed to help spread the message and connect with others who may benefit from the stories and discussions.

  • Stay tuned for the upcoming season two of the podcast, which will feature new segments and guests, including a homeopath discussing how homeopathy can help with ADHD and sensory issues.

  • Encourage others to share the podcast with anyone who may benefit from the content, as stories and connections can make a difference in someone's life.

  • Look forward to future episodes of Word Blindness Dyslexia Exposed and continue to engage with the content to support the message and community.

  • Keep an eye out for the next 30 to 35 episodes of the podcast, as the hosts continue to share their stories and insights on dyslexia and related topics.


Timestamped summary of this episode:
00:00:01 - Introduction and Purpose of the Podcast
Juliette and Brent introduce the podcast and express their goal to change the narrative surrounding dyslexia. They aim to educate listeners and shed light on the experience of being dyslexic.

00:05:59 - Initial Contact and Idea for the Podcast
Juliette reaches out to Brent about the idea of starting a podcast together. They discuss their initial conversations and the nervousness and excitement they both felt about embarking on this new venture.

00:10:17 - Challenging Times and New Beginnings
Brent reflects on the challenges he faced with his career and housing situation, highlighting the lack of support he experienced. Both Juliette and Brent discuss the transformative and growth-oriented nature of the past year, including personal and professional changes.

00:12:22 - Year of Transition, Healing, and Growth
The hosts reflect on the past year, discussing the various changes and challenges they have encountered. They touch on topics such as job losses, career advancements, and the overall journey of growth and healing they have experienced.

00:13:27 - Importance of Support and Navigating Challenges
Juliette emphasizes the significance of having support when navigating challenges and pursuing new opportunities. The hosts discuss the impact of having a supportive network and the role it plays in personal and professional development.

00:13:49 - Challenges of Transitioning Out of the League
The conversation discusses the challenges athletes face when transitioning out of the league, especially those with dyslexia, and the lack of support and understanding in this process.

00:14:33 - Importance of Support and Understanding
The importance of having support and understanding, as demonstrated by the strong connection and collaboration between the two speakers, is highlighted. The use of technology, such as Voxer, is discussed as a tool for effective communication and collaboration.

00:15:27 - Embracing Growth and Uncomfortable Challenges
Both speakers share their experiences of embracing discomfort and challenges in their professional roles, emphasizing the importance of growth and the value of being hired for a reason to overcome discomfort.

00:16:28 - Healing Power of the Podcast
The surprising healing effect of the podcast for one of the speakers is discussed, along with the recent tragic events in the sports world, highlighting the lack of support and transition assistance for athletes after their careers.

00:21:47 - Importance of Understanding and Adaptability
The use of Voxer as a communication tool for dyslexics, the need for understanding and adaptation in the workplace, and the mission of the foundation to promote understanding and support for dyslexia are emphasized.

00:25:27 - Understanding Each Other
Juliet reflects on the depth of understanding she and the co-host have developed about each other, their families, and the world. They discuss the impact of their conversations and the unexpected connections made through the podcast.

00:28:01 - Surprising Success
Reflecting on the journey, the co-host expresses surprise at sticking with the podcast for a year. Juliet highlights the personal growth and the impact they've had on their listeners as reasons for the podcast's success.

00:32:12 - Reasons for Staying
The co-host shares how enjoyment, personal growth, and the impact on listeners have kept him committed to the podcast. They discuss the unexpected healing and purpose they found in their conversations.

00:36:46 - Unanticipated Healing
Juliet and the co-host delve into the unanticipated healing and personal growth they experienced through the podcast. They discuss the impact of their conversations, sobriety, and the deeper connection they have found.

00:38:37 - Cosmic Connections
Juliet shares her belief in soul connections and the impact of cosmic events on individuals. They reflect on the uncanny relevance of astrological events to their lives and the deeper meaning behind their interactions.

00:39:13 - The Universe and Shit Storms
Juliet and the guest discuss the current events and the energy in the universe. They talk about the lunar eclipse and the impact it has on people.

00:40:24 - Lack of Interest in Lunar Events
Juliet expresses disinterest in the lunar eclipse and her avoidance of negative news. She reflects on her past experiences with eclipses and her reluctance to engage with current events.

00:41:43 - The Importance of Real Conversations
The conversation delves into the significance of discussing feelings and weaknesses. Juliet highlights the need for deeper conversations and the impact of surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals.

00:45:32 - Surface Level Relationships
Juliet discusses the prevalence of surface-level relationships and the reluctance of individuals to address their feelings and vulnerabilities. She emphasizes the importance of authentic connections and meaningful conversations.

00:49:10 - Support and Guidance
The conversation shifts to the lack of support and guidance for individuals navigating life's challenges. Juliet reflects on her experiences in New York City and the contrast between her own journey and that of others.

00:51:22 - Early Parenthood and Family
The hosts discuss their experiences with early parenthood, with one of them having four kids before the age of 27 and the other celebrating their youngest child's 20th birthday.

00:52:27 - Gratitude for Friendship
The hosts express their gratitude for their friendship and the growth of their relationship over the past year, despite knowing each other for a relatively short time.

00:53:52 - Staying on Track
They talk about their ability to stay focused during the podcast recording, acknowledging their experience in public speaking and the importance of maintaining a consistent flow of conversation.

00:55:20 - Wrapping Up Conversations
They discuss their ability to bring the conversation back to the main topic, even when going down rabbit holes, attributing it to their experience and practice in podcasting.

00:57:31 - Sharing Stories and Messages
The hosts encourage listeners to share the podcast with others, emphasizing the power of storytelling to connect people and spread important messages about dyslexia and ADHD.


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