S2E7: Self-Esteem: The Key Ingredient to Addiction Recovery

May 30, 2024


Self-Esteem: The Key Ingredient to Addiction Recovery

Are you ready for a jaw-dropping revelation? In this emotional and eye-opening conversation, Juliet Hahn and Brent Sopel share personal stories that will leave you stunned. From overcoming addiction to dealing with family trauma, their experiences will challenge everything you thought you knew. But that's not all – they delve into the unexpected impact of dyslexia and the emotional effects that come with it. And just when you think you've heard it all, they uncover the crucial role of self-esteem in recovery. Stay tuned for the surprising insights and strategies that will change the way you view addiction and trauma. You won't want to miss this. Keep an eye out for the upcoming updates as their journey unfolds.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover how individuals have overcome addiction through powerful personal stories.

  • Explore the profound impact of family trauma on addiction and recovery.

  • Learn effective strategies for dealing with family addiction and fostering a supportive environment.

  • Uncover the emotional effects of dyslexia and how it relates to addiction.

  • Understand the vital role of self-esteem in the journey to recovery.

The key moments in this episode are:
00:00:01 - Overcoming Trauma and Dyslexia

00:00:36 - Dealing with Family Trauma

00:06:27 - Understanding Addiction and Trauma

00:11:33 - Self-Love and Healing

00:14:52 - Understanding the Root Cause of Behavioral Issues in Kids

00:16:06 - Dealing with Personal Trauma and Family Addiction

00:20:45 - The Connection Between Addiction and Trauma

00:23:20 - Escaping Trauma Through Substance Use

00:24:56 - The Dangers of Opiate Addiction

00:29:00 - Understanding Physical Addiction

00:29:43 - Unforeseen Medical Discovery

00:32:48 - Refusal of Painkillers

00:34:41 - Personal Experience vs. Medical Advice

00:39:35 - Misguided Medical Treatment

00:40:06 - Personal Experience and Knowledge

00:40:35 - Importance of Quad Muscles

00:41:09 - Empathy and Understanding

00:41:43 - Sharing Personal Stories

00:42:12 - Encouraging Support and Connection

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