Podfest 2022 Recap with Fran Racioppi and Juliet Hahn: Laura Davidson, Market Development Manager at Shure

Jul 21, 2022

Podfest is the world’s largest community of podcasters. This year, host Fran Racioppi was invited to speak, and emcee so he invited fellow Podfest speaker Juliet Hahn to co-host a combined Jedburgh Podcast - Your Next Stop series of Podfest Episodes. 


Sound quality is the lifeblood of podcasting. Podfest finally gave Fran Racioppi the opportunity to meet someone from Shure in real life; even though he chose to exclusively use Shure products for The Jedburgh Podcast.


Fran and special guest co-host Juliet Hahn not only interview Shure’s Laura Davidson, but they also bought Shure’s newest portable microphone, the M88+.


Laura shares the history of the company, how they are leading in microphone design, and gives an inside look into what equipment is used to produce The Jedurgh Podcast and Your Next Stop. 



Remarkable Quotes from Laura:


”Got our start making radio parts and microphones that then went into fighter pilot microphones.”


”After World War II we actually continued building to military spec…that’s kind of what sets us apart.”


”It’s just become kind of the standard for vocals, and speech, and music…Michael Jackson’s Thriller was recorded on an SM7.”


”The MV88+ is great for content creators, run and gun interviews, or podcasting from the studio.”


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