YNS Live with SUGARED + BRONZED Founder Courtney Claghorn

Nov 04, 2021


Listen to a new episode of Your Next Stop recorded live on Fireside with host Juliet Hahn featuring SUGARED + BRONZED Founder Courtney Claghorn.


Be focused on your business but don’t be consumed in the textbook way of doing everything. A lot of people are so caught up in doing things perfectly instead of the core business. - Courtney Claghorn


From a young age, Courtney Claghorn always felt her best with a tan. Ironically, she was the only Italian family member who didn’t tan easily! While she used to find this frustrating, she later realized it was a blessing not to have spent her younger years baking in the sun. For her, a faux glow was the way to go.


Before opening the OG Santa Monica salon, Courtney attended the University of Colorado at Boulder, where she met boyfriend and Co-Founder, Sam Offit. Shortly after graduation, they landed in Santa Monica.


When Courtney found herself overpaying for spray tans at underwhelming locations, Sam encouraged her to find a better solution — and SUGARED + BRONZED was born! Word spread quickly. The growing client base encouraged Courtney to spread her wings from her short-lived corporate life and refocus her energy toward growing her business full-time. She soon became a 4th generation female entrepreneur, so perhaps her Italian half gave her good genes after all!


So why sugaring and bronzing? Concocting the perfect recipe for her business, Courtney, a longtime skincare fanatic, decided to add a little sugar to her sunless tanning idea.  While sugaring has ancient Egyptian roots, it felt relevant to the modern world as a natural, eco-friendly way to remove hair. While developing her business, Courtney quickly realized that sugaring was not only the new waxing but also the perfect complement to a spray tan. Both services were often relegated to the bottom of long spa menus when in actuality, both techniques deserved finesse and attention for clients to receive consistent and optimal results.


Courtney's vision brought the two popular services side by side. SUGARED + BRONZED quickly became a uniquely synergetic space for those seeking a little extra pep in their step. No matter the occasion, SUGARED + BRONZED promises that you’ll leave with immaculately smooth skin and a natural faux glow. We believe that “flawless” is a feeling and we’re just a vehicle to help you get there.


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