Episode 128: Leeanna Gantt | Founder of TookTake

Nov 01, 2021


I've always thought if I started a business, it would be a product that can help people.” - Leeanna Gantt


Leeanna is the founder and inventor of TookTake dosage reminder labels. She didn’t just come up with TookTake because she wanted to start a company and thought it was a good idea that might help a few people, it was more than that.


In 2017, a few weeks after Leeanna’s daughter was accepted to the college of her dreams and three days after Christmas, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. 

2018 started with her facing one solid year of treatment starting with 6 rounds of chemotherapy, followed by another 7 months of infusions, along with surgery, and 31 radiation treatments. 


Leeanna’s husband and daughter were there to make sure that she ate as best as she could and took all the medications that the doctors and nurses asked her to. In her case, all of the medications she had were to try to help with the side effects of treatments. She had medication that she needed to take for 4 days after treatment, one once a day and one twice a day to minimize bone pain, had other pain medication, anti-nausea medication, cough medicine, heartburn medicine, and many, many lotions and creams for rashes and reactions. They were all on different schedules, it was ridiculous!


So Leeanna started to make little labels out of sticky notes to remind her to take medications. There were different colors for different schedules: daily, twice a day and hourly. Eventually, it became a really easy-to-use system that made things easier for everyone.


One day, Leeanna grabbed her laptop and looked online for a pre-made version of something like what she had been making and she couldn’t find anything like it, nothing even close. Just old-fashioned plastic pillboxes in various shapes or really complicated apps and electronic devices which didn’t work for what she had going on.


Leeanna decided that these labels had helped her so much that they should be available to everyone. That’s when TookTake was created. 


Prior to TookTake, she helped lead the 501c3 charity, Rainbow Pack, which provided backpacks full of homework supplies to economically disadvantaged elementary school students in The Los Angeles Unified School District. Going back a bit further, Leeanna created the award-winning community art and craft studio, Tinker, which brought people together to create and make in an inspiring and judgement-free space. All of this was preceded by a celebrated career as a creative director at several notable advertising agencies where she created award-winning work for clients such as Lexus, Wells Fargo, Acura, Yonex Tennis, and Hartford Insurance. Above all, she is most proud of her family.




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