YNS Live with Daniel Felt

Jun 30, 2022

Listen to a new episode of Your Next Stop recorded live on Fireside with host Juliet Hahn featuring Daniel Felt, founder, and CEO of Kura Home.


Daniel Felt is the Founder and CEO of Kura Home. Since starting in 2016, Kura Home has grown from Daniels garage to four different states and 32 employees. Focusing on high-quality work at a fair price, Kura Home services over 600 homes on a quarterly basis completing their routine maintenance needs. In his free time, Daniel enjoys being a husband, and father, camping, hiking, marathons, ultra-marathons, and Ironman triathlons. He is also a private pilot and certified home inspector. 


Daniel's goals for 2022 include selling 10 franchises, reading (listening to) 52 books, and servicing a total of 1000 homes' routine maintenance needs.


Visit Kura Home at KuraHome.com. Follow through on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Remarkable Quote:

The coolest way to raise your children to have confidence is to let them safely fail. Let them make mistakes, but still love and nurture them through it.”


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 Episode Transcript

Juliet Hahn  00:01:34 

We're gonna be starting in five minutes or no. Two minutes.


Daniel Felt  00:01:39 

Sounds good.


Juliet Hahn  00:01:43 

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Daniel Felt  00:02:42 

Very relaxing, setting the tone.


Juliet Hahn  00:02:43 


It very relaxing thing.

Alright. Look.

Get this started.

Hello, everyone. Welcome to why Live. We have another great story. I'm really excited to introduce you guys to Daniel Felt. He is the founder and really the the man boss of kurt Kira Holmes. How are you, Daniel?


Daniel Felt  00:03:23 

I'm doing great. How are you today?


Juliet Hahn  00:03:25 

I'm good. So, hey, Dave. How are you? So if you guys are listening here on Linkedin, if you on

Youtube, if you were on Facebook or Twitch or you're here on Fireside or you're listening to the replay. Welcome. My name is Juliet at Han, and I am the host of Y live. I also have a podcast called your next stop. And if you're familiar with my shows on way live, I also have Y live with Nfl thread and Y live with Nfl thread pivot, which is our new show. So we have some really exciting things coming up in the next week. We're starting off, you know, ending June, which I'm really happy to have Daniel on. We met

what was a bunch of months ago now was was it Linkedin?


Daniel Felt  00:04:03 

Yeah. Yeah. Not too long ago.


Juliet Hahn  00:04:05 

Yeah. And so when we connected, Daniel started telling me my his story, and I said, you gotta a pause because you guys know that I only like to listen to a little bit. And his story was really of someone that has really turned kind of pivoted turned his life around followed the passion and then created this really great business, and he is here to kinda give us a little bit of insight, especially for anyone that's out there right now that's thinking

I hate my life. I hate my job.


Daniel Felt  00:04:31 



Juliet Hahn  00:04:31 

I wanna do something different. Listen how Daniel

really just kind of pivoted his life. So welcome again to y Live. And daniel, I would love for you just to give us a little background

on who you are. You know, if you went to university, you you been... Where where you start and didn't know how you created

cure home?


Daniel Felt  00:04:49 

Yeah. For sure. I I have started the beginning because I learned so much for my parents. I'm one of six kids. My parents are entrepreneurs. They were not college educated, but they

they know... They have a lot of wisdom, and they to this day sell golden sugar puppies and do it quite well.

From there. I was very competitive at high school. A lot of sports a lot of board games at home with six kids as you imagine and ended up swimming in college,


Juliet Hahn  00:05:11 



Daniel Felt  00:05:13 

went to a state school here in in Minnesota. Went there for a little bit, and then

just felt really led to go to a finish out at private school that two of my older siblings had Went to, so studied business marketing,

from there, I always wanted to invent something or or start something, but I never really quite had the confidence, but it was just really incredible to be at that school University in saint Paul, and the be Having mean, like, lunch with the professor or something that I was... I was that kid. I was in nerd and and i'd say, like, oh, you'll be like a ceo of a big company one day, and and no had ever spoken

words like that to me, and it was really, really cool to see that. And also, they would say, hey, you should really read this book. And even though they weren't, like, taking the time to, you know,


Juliet Hahn  00:05:47 



Daniel Felt  00:05:55 

go out to a lunch or whatever, just reading that book would be really impactful, like, how win friends and influence people that was one of the first books that anyone ever told me to read. So really impactful

from there, I started working for in a agricultural company, and they sell a casual six million chicken to a day and was really in the systems The process there. And


Juliet Hahn  00:06:10 



Daniel Felt  00:06:14 

after about two years, my brother called me and said I need you to help me run my company. And he cleans windows and installed hollywood's. One of the most successful entrepreneurs have ever met in my entire life, and we grew really fast. We went from acres of sixteen crews in two years, which was a lot of fun. Yeah. Really impactful, but


Juliet Hahn  00:06:28 



Daniel Felt  00:06:31 

there came a moment when I was

excited to take a one week vacation, and it was our supposed time the year and I asked, hey, can I take a vacation? He said, no. I I need you here. And I said, well, I have a keep... Yeah. This is my brother. And I said, well, I have a vacation time built up. I really wanna take it, and it just so happened that this idea for Secure home came up right on the same time. To start maintaining people's homes for them. No one else was offering it. No one was doing it. And


Juliet Hahn  00:06:42 

And that is your brother.



Daniel Felt  00:06:56 

just between wanting to be my own boss and being charge my own schedule and this new idea And Everyone who I told they're, like, that's the best idea i've ever heard. And so,

again, just speak people speaking into my life. I had the confidence to go out and start my own company in twenty sixteen.


Juliet Hahn  00:07:12 

I love that. So there's there's a... I mean, a few things I wanna touch on I think when you grow up in a big family, I grew up in a big family you learn skills but not everyone does. And sometimes their skills of survival, like, Oh, I need to get that last piece of bread, you know? Or someone else is gonna get it or there's that snack that I really want. So I've to, like, hi it, you know, hide didn't you know, so things like that, But were your so your brother became an entrepreneur and I know you send your parents, you know, and college is so


Daniel Felt  00:07:18 







Juliet Hahn  00:07:38 

I believe, you know, everyone has a path. Right? And sometimes colleges for some people, sometimes college is not, but you can be successful with or without it. You know? It doesn't... You know, there was a period of time. I think when we were younger, that it was, like, if you didn't go to college, you know, you weren't successful, but there were so many people in my life, you know, that... I was, like, wait. They didn't. And it was like, well, yeah. Yeah. But, you know, now now you have to. And it's like, well, Do I...


Daniel Felt  00:07:40 



For sure.


Yeah. Right.


Juliet Hahn  00:08:00 

I did, but it was because I played sports, you know it was really because I wanted to follow that. So what were... What did your parents do? Like, where did you guys see that entrepreneurial


Daniel Felt  00:08:02 



Juliet Hahn  00:08:08 

mindset. The fact that your brother also became an entrepreneur. I mean, you guys were definitely... You were given confidence

as you said from your family. So you can take us through a little bit of that,


Daniel Felt  00:08:18 

Yeah. I asked get my sister's credit too because I have four sisters, my brother and I split, and four of are three of the forces are also entrepreneurs. So


Juliet Hahn  00:08:26 



Daniel Felt  00:08:26 

so very, very

strong, and I think it came from really... Like my parents didn't hiding things from us. I remember as the twelve year old helping my parents do taxes and having a receipt from town and knowing that, hey, that was an eight mile trip to get into town. So we write that off, and and here's what we bought materials for the business on the strip. And and as a twelve year old, starting to understand a concept of, this is how a business works. And really understand the concept that the harder you work, like, when you want things, my parents were like, the most typical Mid midwestern, like, pay off the farm as quickly as possible, like, anti, You know, so I we'd work really, really hard and and just the my parents pay off their farm and, like, records feed somehow. I mean, just really frugal people. And so i it was really a lot of different things in that. We had... As a I remember being about eight years old. I had to clock in by eight Am, and My dad from town had this little punch thing like, you punching on time card. It would stamp it. With, like, an ink stamp, and it made, like, the good two noise. I mean, you had to clock in by eight Am, and I'm sure there will could have been away that we could have changed that time rep sure we been thrown up my dad, what a hear it out. I'm sure. But we clocked in. We worked really, really hard in the mornings, but then as the family, we weren't super wealthy. We... I mean, we lived off for Ramen Noodles, and I remember buying ten for ten most pizzas that you could get, but we worked really hard in the mornings but the afternoon, we would go to the beach. And that was our thing like get all you're stuff done. Work hard than you got your reward. So just growing up with that, the harder you work we saw the benefits, you know, all of a sudden, hey, the business now afford to buy a nicer formula wheeler because the one that we have for all these foreign purposes is a piece of junk, and it doesn't start. Right? So we just saw that that reward time and time again.


Juliet Hahn  00:09:02 





That's amazing. And so I love that from so really from, you know, a young age, your parents really instill that and it's it's interesting because I have two teenage boys right now, and my daughters soon to be a teenager, but they... You know, every summer really you guys gonna get a job. And we... My husband mind just the other day.


Daniel Felt  00:10:10 




Juliet Hahn  00:10:23 

We're, like, okay, boys. Like you you had a job, but then they realized


Daniel Felt  00:10:25 



Juliet Hahn  00:10:27 

the pay and then the timing. You know, it was, like, okay. You can accept this job, but I said to them, you need to have four other, you know, four others in the backup because you get to pick. Like, that's the thing. You don't have to take any job. You wanna know your worth. You wanna know your strong points, but you also wanna know. Okay. I do have Tv basketball, and I do have Vars soccer.


Daniel Felt  00:10:36 



Juliet Hahn  00:10:45 

Right? And you wanna make time for that. So let's think about this and I have to tell you they really screwed it up to summer.


Daniel Felt  00:10:45 




Juliet Hahn  00:10:50 

They do not... I mean, it's learning which is thank goodness, but we are like,


Daniel Felt  00:10:54 



Juliet Hahn  00:10:55 

hello. You know, my my oldest... Worked in a restaurant.


Daniel Felt  00:10:56 



Juliet Hahn  00:10:59 

That's a pretty famous restaurant in our area and that has shut down because it will changed hands. The the owner passed away and they sold it. He's like, I'll be able to get a job anywhere because I work you know, I worked at Starbucks,


Daniel Felt  00:11:04 



Juliet Hahn  00:11:10 

and we're like, okay. But


Daniel Felt  00:11:10 



Juliet Hahn  00:11:11 

you need to do it, like,

you know, three weeks ago. Like, now people are coming in for the summer. People are getting, you know, and he didn't... He didn't listen he didn't listen. And now they're having a hard time of and we're like, you know, the gas station of the street looks like they need a pump you guys have to get a job. Like, there's no...


Daniel Felt  00:11:15 




Juliet Hahn  00:11:25 

You know, friends and butts and now all the good jobs, the ones at the beach club, all the ones that you could gotten three months ago that, you know, mom and dad really k, You might wanna look into it. So it is something really important because it teaches you


Daniel Felt  00:11:35 



Juliet Hahn  00:11:39 

you know, about life because as you get older, these are the things. You know? And so, I think it's amazing that your parents really instill that and you guys when you're young, So your four sisters are also entrepreneurs.


Daniel Felt  00:11:40 


Yeah. They all have some sort of. It whether be a side gig or full time job, they


Juliet Hahn  00:11:54 



Daniel Felt  00:11:55 

there's... I don't know I... There's only a few of us in our media family that get a regular paycheck on Fridays. It's that's very common in my family. Which I'm I'm thankful for. I I think, you know, to that... When you speak for raising kids, I have a young son almost too. And and you and you look at, how do you raise these people have confidence? And I think the the coolest thing that my parents wanted us to do is to safely fail, you know, we we would make mistakes, but it was we were loved and we are nurtured through it, and and we are allowed to make mistakes. And I think that's so important, you know, in a in a time where, you know, you have always phrases of like, helicopter parents or things like that. It's okay for your kids to get a few scratches and bruises in the in the business world. Like, let them set up a lemonade stand and not sell a single one. Like, your fault... There wasn't demand here. Right? Moved on the street. So all those things and I had my my versions of that, I was really no... Like, big time in horses. I'd buy horses that meet market price and I train them and sell. And there was times I didn't make money on it. And one time I trained a horse for three hundred dollars per month, and my at the end of the month my dad, you know, I had my three hundred dollars and he's like, how much would it be if she would've have boarded that horse somewhere? And I'm like, I don't know Probably, like, two hundred fifty dollars. He's like, so for an extra fifty dollars, you just train this laser horse, and you spend, like, an hour to two hours a day. Doing it. What's your time worth? You because you made, like, ten dollars a day. And I'm like,


Juliet Hahn  00:12:04 

Right. Which is...






Daniel Felt  00:13:10 

oh was good. He didn't tell me how to be beginning. Going at the end. And then I never made that mistake. Yep. Exactly.


Juliet Hahn  00:13:10 


Because he wanted you to learn it.

Well, and I think that's what's so important is that the failure. I mean, we talk about this all the time on the podcast.


Daniel Felt  00:13:20 



Juliet Hahn  00:13:23 

Failure is so important in so many people shy away, They don't want their kids to feel the failure. And like, the opposite I'm like, no. No. No They need to fail more as kids


Daniel Felt  00:13:28 



Juliet Hahn  00:13:32 

because them they you become adults. They know how to handle it, You know? And and we know as adults. I mean, you get things thrown, you know, And and every day can be different. And sometimes it's not what you expect. But it is so important for that failure. And as you said the safe failure. Right? The things and it's like,


Daniel Felt  00:13:35 





Juliet Hahn  00:13:48 

okay. Because we all know, you know, when I started this business,

I said to my family, I was like, I'm gonna make some some mistakes because that's how I'm gonna learn and i you you have to make mistakes to grow.


Daniel Felt  00:13:56 



Juliet Hahn  00:13:58 

Hopefully, they're not so big that, you know, it's like, you know, detriment, but that's God's plan. So I have to kinda just go with it and listen to my gut. Listen see, you know what God telling me and all these different things. So I love that your parents instilled that at a young age. Now did their parents do the same to them? Or was it something that they wished they had as kids?


Daniel Felt  00:14:04 

For sure.


Juliet Hahn  00:14:17 

And so that's why they really,

you know, wanted you guys to have it.


Daniel Felt  00:14:22 

Yeah. My parents both had really stream events happening. She happens to them during their childhood, You know, from my...

My my grandpa my mom's dad passing away out a you in a very sudden farming accident. So she grew up on a farming and then ended up, you know, they had a sell the farm, and


Juliet Hahn  00:14:33 



Daniel Felt  00:14:37 

then the two oldest brother had to buy it back. I mean, extreme very emotional


Juliet Hahn  00:14:40 



Daniel Felt  00:14:41 

events in my and my grandpa grant, he... He changed his life in the one during the last five years of his life, but he was

a horrible alcoholic It really took over his life. And my dad

saying thank goodness for it, but he watched everything that my grandpa did and said, I'm just gonna father completely opposite. I'm gonna do everything the opposite the way you did it And I'm so thankful for that because my dad was a very involved parent and and very involved in our life. So my grandpa was very entrepreneur Had a...


Juliet Hahn  00:14:59 



Daniel Felt  00:15:09 

If I, do you love the you on a bar at a certain time, and he did all these things that...


Juliet Hahn  00:15:13 



Daniel Felt  00:15:13 

And and most more failures probably because of his drinking, but so my dad grew up seeing that my dad did have a normal job, but for sure, the main source for income was from that So you you kinda still had a safe haven of, like, I'm still getting this paycheck, and we still had some of the benefits of that. But the main comes us was that entrepreneur. So I think... I think it took them a long time in my dad and I will have conversations of, like, why why you wanna a grow this business? Right? Why are you franchising, Like, why isn't... Why are you happy with what you have here? And sometimes I don't even know the exact answer of it, but I I think it's a content thing, like, you know, it's not about the money it's about the game. Right? It's we're playing playing monopoly in real life and and I just wanna a one more property. Right? I don't think that's too much to ask. So it is a really fun game, and and I... But I do think it is for sure built into us that where we safely take risk and calculate risk and we ask a lot of questions, but through that childhood and and those people Have mentored us and all those things, I feel confident when... You, I still remember that just the feeling I felt when someone said, hey, you're probably gonna be a Ceo of a large company One day. I was like, there's no way, but maybe they saw something that I didn't.


Juliet Hahn  00:15:47 



Right. Which is so cool. And, you know, you brought such a good point up because there's so many people

that say, okay, If you're you were raised this way,

you're going to continue to do it to your family. It's just gonna be a generational


Daniel Felt  00:16:23 



Juliet Hahn  00:16:26 

thing. Right? It's just gonna be that circle. So your dad said nope. I'm not doing that. I'm gonna be do the complete opposite, and that happens in families too. So I love that he shared that with you guys and was like, okay. This is what, you know, grandpa did doesn't make him any worse and he lasts, but he did the best of he can, but I'm gonna do things different.


Daniel Felt  00:16:27 






Juliet Hahn  00:16:45 

So... And then so I would love for you to now about the franchises. So talk a little bit more about, you know, cure homes and then where you see, you know, where you see it going, and I know when we talks it was you could hear your energy and your excitement, You know, like, you're a big vision, which is really cool.


Daniel Felt  00:16:57 


Yeah. It is

I I love her home. Right? My baby started the garage in twenty sixteen, but as we we've grown since then,

what what's your home does? We are a home maintenance subscription for client's so typically point, we visit every ninety days and just take care of their home. And I love that. I love the relationship

relationship side of that business that we're we're to here take care of your home for you. And as we've grown over the years, we've added additional services, The olive card options, where you can pick about thirty two items, but people have asked us to do different things. So today about half our business is also here about cleaning. But

over time, we've have gotten a ton of feedback we've shifted we've changed just by asking for feedback and with that,

It got to the point where people from over over the country were calling us asking, you know, how how are you doing this home maintenance subscription? They love the thought process of that recurring revenue in that relationship side. Of the business. And so, even though I helped my brother franchise, and and we never sold one because we we would be so busy in the day to day.

I decided that it seemed like the right move for us, and we are

we are so close to awarding our first stop franchise we're, like, ninety nine on the way through that sales process

in Florida. So really excited about that. Yeah. It's boy, that is a completely different experience from selling like a, you know, a service like routine maintenance where, you know, that sales process can be, like, thirty minutes. And this the franchise sales process. I mean, this gentleman heard about us in November, and we're we're still going through it today. So...


Juliet Hahn  00:18:02 

So fun.



Daniel Felt  00:18:19 

Yeah, our our ultimate goal, there's hundred and ninety five metropolitan areas in the Us that have a million plus people in them. And I I believe that as homeowners, you know, the generation has changed people in their twenty thirties, forties are are buying homes and and things like that. I I think so the huge need for cure home and what we do, and there's barely anyone else offering the services that we offer today.


Juliet Hahn  00:18:40 

No. And I think when we touch base, I was like, you know, we moved

full time to our beach house, and we didn't have anyone. You know, when when anyone that, you know, this breaks you're like, who who do I call or who do I... You know, you need your ducks cleaned or you need this or you need that? And home ownership is a lot. And if you're not on top of it, it can actually go south. So I know when we lived in the city, you know, I loved having the super. Like, that was my my favorite thing because it was like, something broke, I could call someone and I knew I trusted that would fix something and you wouldn't give me, you know, the run around. So I know when we were moving out of the city and we were moving to a home, I remember saying to my husband, like,


Daniel Felt  00:18:45 







Juliet Hahn  00:19:16 

oh, this doesn't feel good. So I love that concept. I mean, that was one of the things when you told me about a concept of Pure. I was like, that is brilliant. And then when you said about the franchise, I said, I can totally see that going to all these different areas because you're right. There is not I mean, you know, I had to, like, reach out to everyone that I knew here, which was not a big because most of them were just, you know, summer people. So, like, who do you guys use to do some maintenance? Too do you guys use to fix x y z or we need like, you know, this thing done, I don't even know who to call, you know, And and so to have a a safe company that does it all is a really, really smart smart thing. So why don't you tell everyone right now? I know they can find, you know, on the website So you guys can kinda see this going through the scroll.


Daniel Felt  00:19:18 





Juliet Hahn  00:19:55 

Know, you can go to new Daniel's Ig, which is cure home, and that's k u r a

h u m e And then the website is cure dot com. And so they can find out information there.

We write. I mean, is there anything? Any other place that you hang out that is


Daniel Felt  00:20:12 

Yeah. Well, we're kinda doing all the things. We're doing little dance take talk and things like that too instagram for sure i primary. Our goal is just to educate people on how to become better homeowners for sure, and we know that ninety nine percent of our followers are are just gonna go and do this in also for super happy for... The always of people were, like, all things aren't built the way they used to be. Yeah. You're right. But also, we don't maintain things the way that we're supposed to and all these things now have filters and all that stuff. I mean, there's there's a reason why we have thirty two services first your normal everyday home. So


Juliet Hahn  00:20:16 





Daniel Felt  00:20:41 

so, yeah. So follow us on there. You your dishwasher have a filter. Watch machines have filters. Now all these things filter their filtered filters. We love to clean and provide and change all stuff. And and it's people sometimes are like compared to to Doctor Pimple Popper, like, with like before and after and some of the satisfying cleaning. So if you if you're at all social media person, check this out on there, I'm available on Linkedin to... If you're interested, it... Just Daniel felt on Linkedin and I I love connecting with people across the country.


Juliet Hahn  00:20:54 


And, you know, what's so funny as you said? Because it is filter filter when we moved to from out of a city to Connecticut,

we we bought a house from an older family. They were the only ones that had it. And they had the old old washing machine. And I remember the...


Daniel Felt  00:21:16 




Juliet Hahn  00:21:21 

The realtor was like, oh, you can get new and I was like, no. I was like, I'm keeping that washing machine. And she's like, oh, I mean, in the town we lived a know home and it kept the washing machine. She's like, no. Really? And I was like, yes. No. The I remembered this my parents had it. It was the best, and it literally did small loads. It was quick and it cleaned better than anything else. So when we moved from Connecticut, I tried to I was like, I wanna take that my husband was like, Honey, but we... We cannot take it, but I found a appliance guy that was like, oh, I'm so glad that you kept that because I did work for, you know, the couple that we bought it from. He's like, I've kept


Daniel Felt  00:21:24 





Juliet Hahn  00:21:57 

motors and all these different things for of this washing machine so when we did move because the new people were, like, no. We're gonna get a new one. And I was like, alright. Wrong. I'm telling you it's so wrong. This is the best one. And so we gave it to that appliance guy because he was like, I have all the stuff probably to keep it running for the next twenty years,


Daniel Felt  00:22:13 



Juliet Hahn  00:22:13 

and it was so good. It was so good.


Daniel Felt  00:22:15 

Folks. Yes. I... Yeah. Highly recommend. And we've been in homes at, like, some of the stuff like the refrigerator and the washer and the dryer, they're, like, forty years old, and they're like, yep. Never had a single issue. I'm like, you're so wide. You're so smart that, like, when you've updated your stuff, you made this in, bed. Now it's like now it looks stylish It's like, coming back. it looks good it... Yeah. That's it's an awesome look for sure.


Juliet Hahn  00:22:30 


No. I love that. So I do wanna go back when you told your brother.

That you were going to leave. What was his


Daniel Felt  00:22:39 



Juliet Hahn  00:22:40 

with say?


Daniel Felt  00:22:41 

Yeah. So that's such an interesting story. So I should fast forward that we're like best friends today. Right? We we get along. We were best friends than two we... I relationship... The older we get the better it is we're... Our relationship was like a fine wine, but I originally gave him a four month notice, and he's like, okay. Yeah. That's you know, whatever. And then I gave him a three months notice. And, like, just so you know, July, you know, I mean, we got in July i. And then, like, a two month and he still was kinda like, whatever, I think he had had had had so many people, I think in his life i've been, like, hey, at some point, I'm gonna be leaving, and then I finally purchase my own vehicle because he had graciously provided me a company vehicle. And he's like, what do you why you buy that? Like, you have a company truck. I'm, like, because I'm sorry. My own company in a month. Like, I... I have filed the Llc. This is this is happening. And he's like, oh, I thought you're kidding. And and I don't know. But eventually, he found someone who to replace me, and I think back... That drone is still there today, and probably doing a way better job than I ever could have. So


Juliet Hahn  00:22:46 





Daniel Felt  00:23:35 

So he's been just fine. But that originally, he didn't believe me until finally, you know, it's like, okay. Well, here is here's a pickup truck. I mean, I... And I'm giving yours back at the end of the month. So

So like I said, luckily, today, I we have an awesome relationship, and

his his kids, my nieces and nephews. We I adore those kids and and his wife were all great friends. So we have good relationship.


Juliet Hahn  00:23:55 

Right. And you... I mean, you said you learned so much from him as well, which is really cool for him to see. Okay. I gave him kind of the confidence in the feet to be like, I can do this on my own as well.


Daniel Felt  00:23:58 


For sure. Yeah. And that's, you know, yeah. You grew up in family, but now you grew up in someone who's he had started a company in a recession in of the seventies thirty cleaning windows installing hollywood and grew that And so now you see here's how someone properly services all these residential homes. And our companies even always service homes differently, We're doing almost the exact same thing. And so to learn, which, I took a lot of things. The most frustrating part for me though is that his company can advertise one way I tried to, like, copy and paste, and it it's a complete fail, and we've done vice versa He's tried things that work really well for me. And they don't work at all and. I'm like, I don't get it because we're servicing the same client. Like, we both do the same thing. So very interesting lessons along the way.


Juliet Hahn  00:24:06 



I was gonna say that it that has to be really cool. Right? Because now you can support each other


Daniel Felt  00:24:47 



Juliet Hahn  00:24:48 

and and be like, okay. This is worked, but if it doesn't work because and that's what's so interesting about

entrepreneur world, but also social media and how people take in messages


Daniel Felt  00:24:56 



Juliet Hahn  00:24:58 

and how words can you know, really, you know, if someone needs their windows cleaned, it's like,

that... You know, that's what they're looking for when someone needs maintenance their house. It can be a very different way that they're looking and searching for help. So that's a... You know I love that point because that's a really cool point to think about.


Daniel Felt  00:25:09 



Yeah. It's it's really incredible to see the differences and and and It's too... Like, the thing of the cleaning windows is, like, when they're done cleaning your windows, it's like there's like, it's almost you turned up the tone of light coming in your home. It's, wow. This is so beautiful looks great. Well, when we clean your dishwasher filter, believe or not, people aren't, like, jumping for joy that their dishwasher you know, it it feels good, but there's not, like, any obvious things and, you know, routine maintenance is not as sexy as some people think. I mean, I get really excited about it, but most people have don't. So that's... Yeah. I'm same with Christmas lights. I mean, you've got a billboard on your neighbor's house and keeping up with the Jones is a real thing in that industry. So, yeah. It's it's too very differences, but it's it's just continuous where, you know, six years in a business now. And and I'm still feel like I'm learning just as much every day today, as I did when I was you know, getting that first website up and and starting our social media accounts and all those things.


Juliet Hahn  00:25:34 



Right. And so this is why I want anyone that's listening. We still have a bunch of people on Linkedin listening here in Youtube and Twitch, if you guys are listening on Facebook, if you're here live on Fireside or if you're listening to the,

you have to go back because Daniel's really left some really big nuggets on

how to kind of, like, what where he started in his entrepreneurial world. So I do have a question for you. So what if someone's out there right now because so many people

you know, are sitting at desks, and they're just getting paychecks and they're getting up getting in their car, and they're pretty miserable people.


Daniel Felt  00:26:31 


For sure.


Juliet Hahn  00:26:35 

Because they hate what they're doing. And to me,

that is the worst, like that, like, hurts my heart to think that someone's just like, okay. You know what? This is it. There's nothing better. I'm just gonna sit here and and take it and be miserable and kinda be out there in the world miserable and make other people miserable, You know,


Daniel Felt  00:26:40 




Juliet Hahn  00:26:52 

there's so many things that you can do with your mind,


Daniel Felt  00:26:55 



Juliet Hahn  00:26:55 

and there's so many things that you can do. You know, I talk a lot about daydream daydreaming and how important it is and how to find that time to do it some people call it meditation. I call it day Dreaming because meditation to me is, like sitting on a mat and, like, trying not to think about anything. And I can't do that ever. I need to be moving. So, no, I walk my dogs and I create my mind


Daniel Felt  00:27:01 




Juliet Hahn  00:27:14 

when you came up with the home meet, can you just take us through little little about those steps? And then while was... Like, black listeners know, what were the first two things that you did that you feel like we're right. There was a really, like, the first two right steps.


Daniel Felt  00:27:27 

Yeah. For sure.

Why while I was still working for my brother's company, I did take a reverse equity line and gets my house just to have a chunk of of cash. I I never wanted to, like, I... I think bringing on partners is totally fine, but for some reason, I'm, like, really stubborn about it, and I don't want to. And I don't I don't know why. but I like, I'm like... I'm gonna do this alone for some reason so I took out a reverse equity against my house while I still have that proof of w two income and the same with my vehicle. So so you don't you you don't don't like, quit your job, like, like, okay yeah. I'm done today, and I'm out, like, plan ahead. Right? And there's so many people out there that wanna give you free advice. I could do not use sending message on Linkedin daniel you have, like, twenty minutes for a phone call. I will make time for you. I promise, like, I love helping other people. So do... There's people out there to do with so financial wise. I took a reverse equity lining against my house, and I the pickup truck when I still had that w and I could get proof because once you start your own company, the bank, like, you could be making a million in your first year of the bank. Like, no. You have to prove that you've doing this for, like, two years straight. So so that that gets challenging. So... Yeah, plan ahead right there. Filing an Llc is so simple. I've done it in several states. It's it's really simple. It's not as meaning you think. Call your, you know, call the state and ask them, what's the rip operates do this here's when I'm thinking talk to your accountant, you know, ask hey, what do you recommend? And i'll tell people offer you do this, but you can do yourself. She cost like, hundred, two hundred dollars in most states and do that. But


Juliet Hahn  00:27:42 









Daniel Felt  00:28:49 

I started doing that. And then I also while I was doing that, I was renting on base my house. So I have that income, and I was boarding and training dogs as a side hustle, which were actively passive. Jobs. I could still work on cure home during the day and four dogs at my house and those two combined actually made forty five k year and as a single value in your twenties. That was more than enough for me to not be on the street. So that's what I did. And... But in the beginning, it was a complete failure. We were offering monthly visits, and no one going was signing up. We had eleven customers. And that's why I I talked to a gentleman. He lived in a really nice health. He went into my church. His son was in my bible study. The trust... Trusting is not a factor here. And I just... Yeah. I'm like, i I just... I need to know Joe. I I wanna know why you're not a customer. And it's totally fine that you're not. I just wanna know why. And we sat down for a cup of coffee, and he said if if you were offering


Juliet Hahn  00:29:00 



Right right. Right.



Daniel Felt  00:29:37 

quarterly visits rather than monthly, I would signed up immediately. Now It took, like, a million questions to get that out of him. But on January second, twenty seventeen, I followed up with all the people that I've given an estimate to and and they didn't say, like, no. I don't need to. They were just like, yeah. I don't know It's just not right for us. And I... And I said, hey, if I change it to quarterly but i'll come, you know, four times, year twelve. Would you sign up? And it just happened that morality eleven more people sign up that a day. So Cure home doubled on January second, twenty seven teens. So listening to your customers getting a ton of feedback because


Juliet Hahn  00:29:42 




Daniel Felt  00:30:08 

every single person that I ran into was like, give me, that's the best idea. Go start this company

but they didn't sign up. So making sure you're really wrong careful about that. So just being really really aware from that, but I... But I think one of most things


Juliet Hahn  00:30:14 



Daniel Felt  00:30:21 

the thing that I implemented that was that was most impactful is in the beginning of twenty eighteen, I hired a business coach, and having someone, they don't take a commission off my business for anything like that. I pay them a set monthly fee and their job, and it's not a contract. I can fire him whenever I want, but their job is a coach me and I still work with the same one today, and they push me really hard to go out and do big things. So


Juliet Hahn  00:30:35 



Daniel Felt  00:30:42 

being set up for success, there's a lot of things that you can do so many things while still working at your job. Over your lunch break after work before work, whatever it is, I would say up to about eleven o'clock, and Granted, I didn't have a get her wife at the time, so I had a little more free time, but

at the time, I could I could do it and I spent about five monks, five months getting everything ready to go. I built a website at night by myself and and all that stuff.


Juliet Hahn  00:31:04 

I mean, so that's an and so, again, you just touch on so many brilliant things, and I know everyone right now is like very happy what you're saying, everyone in the audience. Thank you for being here.

What I love is that you do two other things to bring in income. And so we brought me back when I started in my podcast,


Daniel Felt  00:31:19 



Juliet Hahn  00:31:21 

there was a family that needed

someone to puppy set. There boxer, and I was like, Yeah. And they're like, well you have two other dogs. You have kids. You're starting a business. And I'm like, yeah. But that's just gonna give me


Daniel Felt  00:31:25 



Juliet Hahn  00:31:32 

more money to put back into the business, and it's easy for me. Right? So even though yes, it was chaos to have a puppy and my other two dogs, I was able to get that puppy and good routine. We had them for a year, and it was awesome. But it it gave me that income to be able to put back into the business. So that's when people were like, why don't have the money to start a business? I don't have you need to be creative. You need to step out of the box and think just like you did where you were like, okay. I know then I'm I can do these two things to then you know, keep putting money back into the business to let them in the business grow. And that's what's important because people sometimes think I have this idea. I don't know where to start. So I love that you talked about, you know, the finance part and then the Llc part because those are two steps that you guys can start doing right now. You can start taking that time to find where you need to daydream.


Daniel Felt  00:31:34 









Juliet Hahn  00:32:19 

Right? Where you need to create because I talk to so many people that are, like, I have this idea. I have that idea. I just who wants to hear my idea or I don't know where to start. There's people out there that your idea is actually gonna help or change. You just have to put the consistent steps into

every day to make that dream come true. And so finding that space to be able to create in your mind, whether it's walking the dogs, whether it is, you know, true meditation sitting on a mat and just letting your mind wander.


Daniel Felt  00:32:37 



Juliet Hahn  00:32:46 

It's really important. We think so many people

don't do that because they're scared first of all,

you know, because it makes them depressed to think what could be, and they don't know how to get there or they're scared to let their mind wander because you know, they don't wanna feel that excitement because they're so stuck in life, but those two are so important, and then you just gave them two concrete things to think about like, here or two things that you guys can do right now to put the steps in and it's the consistency.


Daniel Felt  00:33:03 

For sure.



Juliet Hahn  00:33:14 

So I love that you had those two like, wins off the bat. Can you tell us some, you know, things that you thought were really gonna work and they tanked big time. I and I know you touched on the either the advertising.

You following you some of the stuff that your brother did. Can you think of any other things that it was like, yes this is gonna be the best and you're like, holy crap.


Daniel Felt  00:33:31 

Yeah. I will tell you, like, the... Yeah, Like, the largest failure of my all time life actually was last year.


Juliet Hahn  00:33:31 

That... That didn't work.


Daniel Felt  00:33:37 

We... So, you know, we've got about six hundred people set up on this on these reoccurring visits every quarter. That's going nice and smoothly. We've got people had are referring us in higher for cleaning going really smooth and

old weakness for our company. Is a lot of people don't Google routine home maintenance, we don't get a lot of people organically through that way. However,


Juliet Hahn  00:33:52 



Daniel Felt  00:33:55 

millions of people Google handy man near me handing service So were like, hey, why don't we... We have all the systems. We have always processes. Let's start handy members this. So in January,

start, you know, trying to figure find this out. We hire a guy, and we sent on our first newsletter in in February of twenty twenty one.

Were, like, instantly book out, like two months. I mean, I was just like, yes, Everyone's like, we want. We want handmade services so bad. And one thing turns in another we're running, like, eleven handy man in, like, six months. Like, it was just like, Boom Boom boom by buying another vampire another band bio, but, you know, so... And and i say, hey, we're not really making money on this, but, like, know, next month. Right? Next month next month. And


Juliet Hahn  00:34:16 





Daniel Felt  00:34:32 

unfortunately, we we try to do so many things you need to to get the handyman man stuff rocky Rolling and we have, like, large accounts contact us. And, hey, we wanna sign like, we we we flip twelve hundred homes a year. I mean, like, just crazy numbers crazy, and and we are rocking and rolling. And we just couldn't make money on it, and we tried everything from like, getting guys set up on commission, you know, charging customers every every way that you could think to pay someone and to charge a customer and every makes match, we tried it, and we just cut into it. So,


Juliet Hahn  00:34:45 



Daniel Felt  00:35:01 

unfortunately, in November, we we had through all that, We did, like, four hundred and twenty four thousand dollars worth of handyman man in in that time span. But just in labor and materials, we spent four hundred eight thousand,


Juliet Hahn  00:35:10 



Daniel Felt  00:35:13 

so that doesn't include, like... I mean, you don't have to be in a accountant to be like, okay. There's a little bit of margin there, but, like, all the other things, insurance and band payments and all that stuff. I we we lost a lot of money on that. So I think the biggest thing is when you're when you try something, it... I think rather than try to, like, take off like, crazy, like, people always refer, like, the hockey stick curve, like, out nice and slow really watch your numbers. There's a ton of books profit first is a really good book. If you're thinking what's starting out your business, to make sure that you're actually running a profitable


Juliet Hahn  00:35:13 



Daniel Felt  00:35:41 

thing And for us, we're like, let's just go with gang buster. I'm I'm like, the Cannonball

guy. You know, I I can't into the pool. I don't like walking on the steps. And and that's that's how we did it with the business. And and unfortunately, we learned a really, really expensive and valuable lesson and that. Hey, you... Just because everyone wants it, you can't be everything to everyone and we really have say our next. So we have... We have failed miserably on on on a few things, but that's for sure the handy man stuff and but on the plus side, several titanium men were working for us, I actually able to help them start their own company and and walk through that process and they're all still doing really well just being one or two man shows. I I think that's if you wanna be handy man, I think it's... You can do really great as a one or two man operation.


Juliet Hahn  00:35:48 

Yeah. Me you do.

That's so... You know, that's that is, like, that totally fascinating to me, because you would think it would make sense. Right? That it would just make sense for you guys to do that, but you're right. Because we're I'm always googling handy


Daniel Felt  00:36:26 




Juliet Hahn  00:36:32 



Daniel Felt  00:36:32 

For sure. Yeah.


Juliet Hahn  00:36:33 

because I'm like, I just need this light put in, but I don't need an electrician.

My husband's like can, Not touching that. I'm like, I'm not touching in either. And it's... You can't find. You know, It's like, you you you don't find them. So I love that that... You know, that's such an interesting thing. I think what you brought that point up is just because it seems like it makes sense, It's not always gonna make sense. It it could be your market. It could be, you know, there's so many different factors and I love that. You were able to help those guys kinda start their own.


Daniel Felt  00:36:39 




For sure. There so many things if if you're listening and you're, like, trying to think of like, oh, I... You know, I'm not ready go full time. There's so many things that you can do on the side while still being honest and ethical with your employer. And and you can start, you know, sell design the wrench in your garage, sell the wrench out your garage. Right? Start selling a few before you go full time. There's so many things that you can tip toe into you don't have to cancel all the way in and and you hear these success stories on on the shark tank and whatever. But you can tip toe in to so many different businesses,


Juliet Hahn  00:37:11 




Daniel Felt  00:37:29 

very, you know, and you're and you're totally fine, It's... Like I said, you don't have to, like, steal our korean employer, anything like that. There's a lot of things that you can do on the side to just take a nice and easy, make sure there's demand because, you know, you might call someone and They're like, this is the best idea I've ever heard. And then really good question is, well, do you wanna buy one or do you wanna sign up? And and if they... If they're not... They're not signing up, you guys are asking what why not?


Juliet Hahn  00:37:40 



Daniel Felt  00:37:51 

You think this is a great, Why are you signing? Well, it's not for me it's for my neighbor. I've heard that a million times. So yeah make sure people want it.


Juliet Hahn  00:37:56 

But and that's so

Yeah. And I love that you said that and I love that you sat down with someone that was comfortable.

And was like, well, this is why I'm not, but that's what's so smart because I think so many people missed that.


Daniel Felt  00:38:02 




Juliet Hahn  00:38:06 

Right? You don't do the market research before, because either they're nervous that, you know, they're gonna tell a friend the idea and the friends gonna steal it. Right?


Daniel Felt  00:38:14 

Right. Yeah.


Juliet Hahn  00:38:15 

They think that or they think,

you know, no one wants it or they... You know, but Google is another place. Like that who was tell people you start talking. And you start asking me around. And if you're surrounded why people that say, that's the stupid as I idea ever. And you're... You know, I feel like some people are thin skin so they can't handle that. Find other people talk to strangers. You know? Like, you need to find and and test because some people might just not wanna see you succeed if you're not in the right. And so... And, you know, and as sad as that is, that does go on. So it is important to do that market research before, is there a need for what I have and and it could be a need you know, for


Daniel Felt  00:38:21 



For sure.



Juliet Hahn  00:38:52 

you might be in the wrong area. Right? There might be, like, a a a need in California, but you live in New York. So you have to kinda do that that research. So I love all those points that you touched on because it's really, really important.


Daniel Felt  00:38:54 



Juliet Hahn  00:39:04 

And so

now when did you get into the whole... Like, when did the franchise

idea come and then take us through that and then take tell, you know, tell the listeners where they can find you if they're interested in learning more about that.


Daniel Felt  00:39:15 

Yeah. For sure. We... You know... We're were getting honest this demand. People calling us, sitting got the point really... It was, like, once a month, and I took I have a pretty good gate gatekeeper that your home our client care coordinators are awesome. And it takes quite a bit to Like, get through to to me and but these people were at least monthly contacting us saying, could I, like, come, you know, just hang time be your shadow for a week. Can I pay you to teach me what you're doing with this through routine maintenance because

little humble brag. I I believe we're the largest routine maintenance company. In the country on a residential

level. I think that it...


Juliet Hahn  00:39:44 

And no no humble. Bra away, please.


Daniel Felt  00:39:46 

Yeah. Yeah. So so... Yeah. So pretty proud of that. And so there's people that they're starting to hear about us. And so, you know, hey, how can you meet the demand? Right? People are asking for it, People need it. People want to pay for this to they wanna run this company. And what we found is we... We've opened a few markets and we're running successfully right now in Minneapolis and Denver. But a few other locations through personnel,

it's so difficult to have someone on the ground to be managing from like, a thousand miles away. It's it's really really challenging and to keep your quality up. So we're really, really picky about that stuff. And so ultimately,


Juliet Hahn  00:40:10 




Daniel Felt  00:40:16 

what I feel that there's... In order to be... I think a successful service based business, I think you can do it one of two ways. You could you can find someone and go, like, fifty fifty with them and say, like, hey, You you own have. I wanna have you do the operations and I'll be the guy behind the scenes or you franchise


Juliet Hahn  00:40:30 



Daniel Felt  00:40:31 

And and for us at the rate that I believe that we're gonna be growing. I I think franchising was best. So you can find us on care dot com. You can submit inquiry on our franchise side there. K you are a at dot com, and and you can really contact us just about anyway. And we'll we'll get in touch with you, but we'll will give you all the information, you know, buying a franchise. That's it's a really... We already have an answer key for you on the way to do. We have bought a six hundred page manual. How to answer every question, it even tells you that the garbage full wasn't been in receive Wisconsin in nineteen twenty seven. So every little minor detail you've ever wanted about routine maintenance. We've got it for you ready.


Juliet Hahn  00:41:07 

I above it. I love that. I I think it's so brilliant. So I have two questions that Have been, like, spinning in my head. I'm like, oh, don't forget to ask don't forget ask. And they're kinda random but from beginning of the conversation, what

stroke did you swim?


Daniel Felt  00:41:20 

Oh, I was a free seller phi it was primarily fifty and two hundred, and then our excuse me fifty that in the two hundred four on relay, plus on fifty and hundred and that, And then my individual events were two hundred five hundred.


Juliet Hahn  00:41:28 



Daniel Felt  00:41:32 

So... Yeah. Were you...


Juliet Hahn  00:41:32 

Interesting. So I

I was a back,

and I'd probably hit my peek at twelve, but I played, like, you know, I in college, I played phil across when those in my love. But I swam through... I think my freshman veneer when I was like, okay. I'm done. But, like, you know, when I was five, all, you know, pretty...


Daniel Felt  00:41:35 





Juliet Hahn  00:41:48 

Maybe mean we we we were swimmers in our house. And then the second question is where do you line up in the sex?


Daniel Felt  00:41:50 



Juliet Hahn  00:41:55 

Sex kids.


Daniel Felt  00:41:55 

Oh yeah. So that's this is super interesting because I am I have number four of six. However, there's a large gap. There there's four and a half year gap


Juliet Hahn  00:42:01 



Daniel Felt  00:42:05 

between the the the between my brother and I. So it's Girl boy, and then me, and so I have a ton of tendencies in my personality where I am a really good rule follower. And I do... I do as I told all those things, but then I have a ton of leadership you know, traits where because I was the oldest at home for five years. So it's it's like this really weird. Like I I feel like I'm I'm like, this really weird person. I like, I can follow the rules. The second that someone isn't taking leadership, I like, I grab the mega phone. I'm like, alright. I've gonna up Here's what we're doing. And then it's it's really interesting that I but it took me a while to get there. Because for a long time, I was like, I'm gonna lead no matter what And that's what I am. So it's okay to be a follow every once in a while.


Juliet Hahn  00:42:08 




But I love that because when you were saying about the cannonball ball, I was like, how I'm very curious, Like, where he is in in the bunch. So then it was you and then


Daniel Felt  00:42:47 



Juliet Hahn  00:42:51 

two more sisters stars,


Daniel Felt  00:42:52 

Yes. Correct Yeah. Yeah. So so my brother and I are sandwich between four girls.


Juliet Hahn  00:42:53 

Okay. Yeah.


Daniel Felt  00:42:56 

So stuck in the middle.


Juliet Hahn  00:42:56 


So I was one of our I m one of five, and the youngest is a boy. So he was the youngest guest. And so it's really interesting. Like, you know, as you see him get older,


Daniel Felt  00:43:00 



Juliet Hahn  00:43:06 

he got his own kids, but he's got some straight, you know, traits that people are like, oh, you were totally raised by women. He's he's like it's kind and soft And then I have my daughter who has two older brothers. We just came back from


Daniel Felt  00:43:10 


Yeah. For sure.


Juliet Hahn  00:43:19 

look across every weekend across tournament, and she is, like, a beast on the field. I mean, when I say, like, she runs and people fly off of her, and all the girls are like, so you... You... You know, just like, no. She's like, first of all, I I have two older brothers that when we played sports, they were, like, you're not our... You know, they they didn't say this, But they didn't treat her, like, assist little sister. They were, like, you're the third. Let's go. You gotta, you know, you gotta play and they did not take it easy on her, and she's like, so I just


Daniel Felt  00:43:20 






Juliet Hahn  00:43:46 

she's like, balls to walls, but it's really fun to kinda think of

where you are in your family. And you know, I mean, obviously, there's tons of research and book on it, but it is really fascinating when you really get down to the human person, and then you see where they are in in the family chain and it's like,


Daniel Felt  00:43:57 



Juliet Hahn  00:44:05 

interesting that you know, that trait is always like the second kid or that's always the youngest kid are always the oldest.


Daniel Felt  00:44:05 




Juliet Hahn  00:44:11 

So I, you know, it's super curious about that. Well, Daniel, this is amazing, and I love it. And so


Daniel Felt  00:44:11 



Juliet Hahn  00:44:16 

where I wanna kinda take you now,

you have because there's people out there, like, I'm just getting married or I'm just starting a family, and you kinda did this


Daniel Felt  00:44:23 



Juliet Hahn  00:44:25 

before you were married and before you had kids, how did you


Daniel Felt  00:44:27 



Juliet Hahn  00:44:30 

kinda manage that


Daniel Felt  00:44:33 



Juliet Hahn  00:44:33 

growing a family.


Daniel Felt  00:44:34 

Yeah. For sure. My my biggest thing that I really appreciate one thing that I grew up with my dad was always home for dinner, and that was really impactful for me, and that's that's a rule for me that I I never missed in with my family. And unless it's something like that's scheduled for, like, a work in or something like that, But so, like, ninety nine percent of the time, I don't I don't just work late. So I'm always home for dinner. I'm i'm I'm really fortunate that as a as a business when I have a team of people that really handle a lot of things. My phone isn't supposedly have to hook while I'm, you know, on this call with you. Things are just kinda handled and that takes a little bit of time but you're always continuously working on creating systems and processes so that...


Juliet Hahn  00:44:41 

I love this.


Daniel Felt  00:45:09 

Yes, I wanna work on the business I wanna be there doing that. But I also want to be gone and take a week or or be gone. So I've tried to create systems and processes that I'm allowed to leave, but I'm... I really really love being a dad. I I love being in home my wife and I we have... Like I said, a a two year old here, and we've got one due in August, So we're we're super excited, but family to me is just, you know, when you're when you're sixty five, when you're seventy when you're eighty, who's gonna be there is gonna be the the person from work, maybe, but I know for sure, my family gonna be there. And so that's that's number one for me, for sure is, you know, my face and my family, and and work is is always gonna be there. When I'm there, I even it a hundred and ten percent. Like, my wife, you know, she looks at my schedule. And if I'm in a meetings show call me and and we've really figured that stuff out, but I think my family knows that they're a huge priority, and and so with that, they're... They can do things at home so that like, when I get home, there's there's usually a really nice meal, and that's that's really nice. So we support each other we work as the team to raise, raise our family and and that works out really well for us.


Juliet Hahn  00:45:46 


And I love. And I remember that was one of the things that you said when we first met, you said, when to start out, like, I started this business, but for me, to be home for dinner. And so that's another thing I want the listeners to really take,


Daniel Felt  00:46:15 



Juliet Hahn  00:46:18 

set up things that are, like, a non negotiable you know, when I started in my podcast, it was like, I'm giving it a year. There's I'm not stopping this for an entire year That's a non negotiable.


Daniel Felt  00:46:20 



Juliet Hahn  00:46:27 

You know, Daniel, when you started your business and then starting your family, was like, I need to be home. So how can I do that? What can I put around in as you said, the systems?


Daniel Felt  00:46:27 




Juliet Hahn  00:46:35 

What can I do in place to make sure that happens? And so I think that's such a special thing, but it then brings us back to the beginning about how you spoke about your parents.


Daniel Felt  00:46:38 



Juliet Hahn  00:46:44 

And how they raised you. And I think that that's a really cool thing that you're dad


Daniel Felt  00:46:46 



Juliet Hahn  00:46:49 

instill that and your mom instilled that in you, and it was like, okay. This is I'm gonna take this from what how I grew up, and I wanna bring it to my family and, you know, it'll be really cool to see where that goes. And if that's a, you know, if you're son and your new baby, you know, it's it's it's a special thing to think about,


Daniel Felt  00:46:51 




Juliet Hahn  00:47:04 

And that's why when I talk about storytelling,

you know, you just really painted your picture. We can all see you guys on the farm we can have a eight o'clock, you know, doing the punch card.


Daniel Felt  00:47:12 


The health.


Juliet Hahn  00:47:14 

You know, it's a really special thing because you connect through storytelling. People tell their stories and you're gonna be like, okay. So someone might be listening to this, and they might be, like I don't you know, not an entrepreneur and farming. But then you talked about swimming and they're like, oh, I'm... you know, I was, you know, I was a career swimmer, and so they connect with it there, and so their heart opens up a little bit more their mind opens up their ears up a little bit more, and that's why it's so important for people to be able to share their story. That's one of the things that I love teaching


Daniel Felt  00:47:18 




Juliet Hahn  00:47:42 

is you need to know your story. So thinking back to those times when you're young and, you know, I talk about this often. There's memories that we have, but there also the memories that we feel and we don't really remember the images,


Daniel Felt  00:47:51 



Juliet Hahn  00:47:54 

but we remember the feelings whether they're good or bad. You know, we all didn't have, you know... We've all had experiences some worse than others.


Daniel Felt  00:48:01 



Juliet Hahn  00:48:01 

It's really important to know those differences between a memory and a feeling, but then take those and add those to your story. Because when you get that feeling, if you think back, like, I can remember things. You know, when I was five or six. I don't remember. I remember my parents talking about it. But I remember feelings of. oh, and we used to go to the beach, You know, every August. Like, we stopped swimming and it was like, okay. You're packing up the car. You're getting in the you know, the station wagon and I might not have the vivid memory, but I remember that feeling and then this smell as you go over the bridge and you. So those things are really important for people to connect with. And you really do it beautifully, and I think that's gonna


Daniel Felt  00:48:20 



Juliet Hahn  00:48:35 

build your business even more because people that are gonna work for you are gonna connect because you're gonna tell your story how you started your business.

People are gonna want part of that. How, you know, now you're franchising,


Daniel Felt  00:48:44 



Juliet Hahn  00:48:46 

people are gonna want to hear that. You know, this is how Daniel started it. So I love that.


Daniel Felt  00:48:48 


Thank you. Appreciate it.


Juliet Hahn  00:48:53 

Yeah. And and guys, again, please go follow, Daniel.

Ask them questions,

You might be less into to this and be like, I don't know. you know I'm happy. I have my thing, but you might not know that there's someone in your life that right now is not happy and this franchise business what Daniel doing is actually the perfect thing for them, and it might be something they need. So take this episode share. You know, it's gonna go out on the Rs feed probably in the next couple weeks, and then you'll be able to share it even more. But, you know, Daniel, again, thank you for connecting. I'm so glad that, you know, you reached out on Linkedin or I reach Out don't remember, who reached out to you. But that you took the time to join us on why live.


Daniel Felt  00:49:06 



Well, definitely, it was a pleasure meter.


Juliet Hahn  00:49:30 

Alright, guys. So, again, go follow Daniel k

k u r a home dot com or k u r a home out on Instagram, He is also on Linkedin it's Daniel Felt.


Daniel Felt  00:49:37 



Juliet Hahn  00:49:44 

This will be on all the show notes when this goes out.

But, again, share this because someone needs to hear it. Make it a wonderful day, and we're almost in July. I can't even believe it. Thanks everyone for joining. And thank you guys on Linkedin. I know there's a lot of you that hung out here, so I'm sure Daniel, you're gonna get some messages in Facebook and Youtube,

and wherever you are listening,

thank you again for joining.

Happy, Monday.

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